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December 25, 2008 , posted by Dennis ,

can someone tell me? Is meter parking free on the 25th and 26th at downtown Victoria, BC? Thanks!!!

My wife was just told that she has to work Christmas Day & Boxing Day 5am to 1pm at the Airport. Should she have got more notice that 3 days? Tim

If my company is closed on Boxing Day, Newfoundland. Should I get paid for this day?

Neil, you are entitled to a another day off since Christmas Day falls on your day off.

Jennifer - Boxing Day is a National Holiday so you should be getting paid for it.

Christmas falls on a Thursday this year... I work 4 x 10hr shifts with Thursdays off... Anybody know what I'm legally entitled to working in Ontario?

The reason some provinces do not have a holiday on Remembrance Day is because too many people did not observe remembrance Day Activities on that day but treated it like any other holiday. Ie. lets have some fun. Remembrance day services are held in our schools on that day and people actually observe the minute of silence.

The Family Holiday in February is so confusing, I think everyone should have a paid \"Family day\" I know here in Ontario half of the population works on that day and the rest are government (Provincial) that get it off (Federal does not) Are you totally confused too?

As a Canadian citizen I cannot believe that we have provinces that DO NOT have Remembrance Day as a holiday!!! How can we continue to teach our children to respect and remember when governments are not willing to do the same???? THIS IS A DISGRACE to the men and women who serve and have served for our freedom! DO something about this NOW!!!!

This is a reply to Mr. John L. Whelan:
The page about Remembrance Day indicates that it is not observed in NL, NWT, ON and QC - that is why Remembrance Day does not appear on the list of Canadian national holidays.

My company is closed for Boxing Day because our clients are not open. However, we will not be paid for this day even though we are forced to have it off.... I am not sure if they are able to do this. I am in NB

Dear Sir or Madam: Under your section on Remembrance Day, you say that it "is a federal statutory holiday", but you do not list it under "National Stat Holidays". Can you clear up this confusion? Thanks in advance. John

My message is simple....Didn't all canadians from all provinces go to war? For us? Rememberance day should be Canada wide for all of us to remember them. Therefore, should be considered a stat holiday. I am from Nova Scotia where there are only 5 regulated stat holidays.

I think that Rememberance Day should be considered a national holiday before Boxing Day. I live in Saskatchewan, and my husband works for a federally regulated business, while I work for a provincially regulated business, and our stat holidays are really different. Since he works for a federally regulated business in Saskatchewan, he still gets all of the Saskatchewan stats off, but doesn't get paid stat pay for them. How complicated is that? By the way, for the person complaining about it being illegal to be made to work on a holiday, it's definitely not as long as you have ample notice for working the stat and are compensated correctly. I work in Human Resources for a continual operation, and almost all of our employees, including myself, work on stat holidays. Look at your provincial rules to make sure that you are being compensated correctly, because you should be getting time and a half for the holiday, and stat pay calculated based on your province's regulations. I used to do payroll for a company that paid employees in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario which all have different rules. Talk about confusing!

How come Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday nationwide. This is a day all Canadians need to take the time to remember the reason why we are able to live so freely today. The people who have died for this country and continue to do so today, especially with the current war on terrorism taking place in Afghanistan. Every year I attend remembrance day ceremonies (at my own expense and those of my children) in order to remember the sacrifices our soldiers have made and to educate my children. My husband is in Canadian Forces and has served in Afghanistan for one tour with another just around the corner, not to mention my grandfathers who were both in WWII who all lost good friends to war. If any day has any significance to be statutory holiday in the year, I would have to say its this one.

Anybody ever wondered how come holidays are at such random times? I mean between thanksgiving and christmas there isn't a single holiday while during other times of the year there is a holiday every month. The government should look at the holiday schedule of european countries and add more day offs for canadians - for example every 4th friday is off and forget about calling it labour day or civic holiday just call them the "June holiday Friday" or the "March holiday Friday". This schedule would also make it easier for people to plan their free time because they wouldn't have to figure out each and every single time what day the queen's birthday falls on:) Anyhow, just a thought, not likely it will happen but I didn't have anything better to do so I though posting on this message board can't hurt. Cheers!

My boss wants me to work on a holiday, which I think is illegal. Where can I find out about my rights to make sure he is not taking advantage of me. He offered double money for that day but my point is that I shouldn't work on a holiday period. It's not about money, it's about taking a day off and relaxing with my family!

How come Remembrance Day is not a paid holiday (or a holiday) at all in Ontario? Ontarians also want to remember their veterans. They should have made Remembrance Day a holiday instead of Family day - or both

you missed st. jean babtist day in quebec, on june 24

Here's the recipe for the best Canada day long weekend: Buy a 24 case of cold beer and 5 pounds of beef. Get drunk on the patio with your friends while barbacuing the meat. Can't beat the experience.

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