Remembrance Day Canada 2019

In 2019 Remembrance Day is Monday, November 11.

On remembrance day members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) are commemorated.

The other common name for this day is Armistice Day which marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I. on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month). Some 100,000 Canadian soldiers died in the First and Second World Wars.

In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday - with a notable exception of NS, NWT, ON and QC - as it is in many other countries in the world where this day is observed on the national level.

All government buildings fly the Canadian flag this day and people remember those who fought for Canada during a two minute silence at 11am. Many people wear poppies before and on Remembrance Day to show their respect and support for Canadian troops. Poppies are generally handed out free but often a voluntary donation is given in exchange.

In the United States this day is called Veteran's Day and is also observed on November 11.

Should Remembrance Day be a stat holiday in every province?

We continue to receive lots of messages from people all over the country who are outraged why Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday everywhere in Canada. Indeed, it would make sense to make this a stat holiday in every province and territory - even in Ontario. But not everyone agrees. Send us your thoughts about this issue in the comment area near the bottom of this page.

Recently we received a comment from Jason and would like to post it on this page because we think that Jason makes a very good point in his message:

"Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observered in a ceremony at your school, community centre or place of work."

Could this be true? What would most people do with another day off work? Sleep in, watch TV, play video games or celebrate our war heroes? Compare to Thanksgiving Day when most people cook a turkey and drink lots of beer instead of being genuinely grateful about anything.

I asked my 8 year old: would you learn anything about remembrance day if you stayed at home or would you probably just watch movies and play with your little brother? Her answer was: "I would just play and watch movies. At school at least I don't forget to talk about why we should try and not go to war anymore. Well I can't forget because the teachers tell us all sorts of things and we have to listen."From a random dad

The comments at the bottom of this page overwhelmingly favour making this a stat holiday across Canada. Maybe it should be a stat holiday for adults and a mandatory school day for kids?

Bill C-597 aimed to make Remembrance Day a national legal holiday. It received a third reading but did not become law. Even if the bill had passed it would be up to the provinces to decide what days are statutory holidays. It's an often overlooked and little known fact that the Royal Canadian Legion does not endorse the bill out of concern that Canadians would not take time off to remember and would treat a day off as a holiday. They want the kids in school - so they can talk about it and learn about it - not sit at home and know nothing about it. It's about respecting the veterns and teaching about them not having a day off to do nothing.

If an organized observance was held at schools and workplaces people would be much more likely to spend time participating and keeping the importance of Remembrance Day top of mind, won't they?

Perhaphs we, as a nation, will never come to a consensus and agree that Remembrance Day should or should not be a holiday in every province but we should at the very least agree to the comments of a self-identified "Angry Canadian Preteen" who proposes that we spend more time preventing future atrocities and less time looking back: Let's use Remembrance Day as a reminder to all of us that for the remaining 364 days we need to focus our discussion and actions to ensure that future generations won't have to fight in wars at all.

P.S.: It seems disrespctful and outright greedy to stock shelves with Christmas gear before Remembrance Day. What do you think? When should stores start displaying Christmas decorations and gifts?

Share your holiday story, idea or comments

Send us your thoughts, comments and ideas about Remembrance Day in Canada. What should and should't be done on this day? How best to pay respect to current and past members of the armed forces?

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Recent comments
Posted by Scott Austin Smith:

I think it's disgraceful that any Canadian would disagree that our veterans deserve to be honored. They willingly risked their lives to protect our freedom. They are all heroes.

Posted by Logan:

What is wrong with this province of Ontario!? I think indeed it should be a status holiday in Ontario. As a matter a fact it should be across the country. This is an important time in the Canadian history and I think adults and children should assist and watch the remembrance ceremony. It would be a great experience for everyone. Also doing something positive for the good of the province like planting trees as an example... Appreciating time together as a family,because if it was not for our soldier who fought for our country who knows what would of happen. If there is only 4 provinces that are not considering Remembrance a Holiday shame on them. At least province like BC as my respect for making this such a big event unlike Ontario! Change this absurdity in Ontario please!

Posted by Nicky:

I believe Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. However I believe every household should be required to pay a small fee (Ke. $3) for a poppy o some form of regarding and appreciating the work of our soldiers. Hopefully this act will also instigate children to learn about this day. I think children, who are too young to understand war, are no more likely to understand the importance of Remembrance Day than children sitting at home possibly being taught more about it from family. But I found it learned more about war and appreciating our soliders from family more than I ever did sitting in a long assembly at school.

Posted by Adnan:

It should be a STAT holiday in every province including Ontario, so we can learn and teach our future generations about the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Posted by Nav:

Rememberance Day should be a day to reflect on the history of the world. We should remeber those individuals who have lost their lives. The sadness of the loss of lives should resonate in our solidarity to demand peace for all of mankind. Please recognize the importance of this day for all of Canada.

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