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On your comment in regards to turkeys on thanks giving , and everyone is entitled to there opinion but my argument to killing of so many turkeys is it's better than killing that many pigs for just a couple hams ? Isn't it.

If your payday falls on Christmas day is there a set number of banking days needed for that pay. For eg christmas day is Wednesday when are you supposed to get your pay check and what date should it be dated for. This is for an independent store.

I started working on november 26. Am i elegible to be paid for boxing day

If you work the stat holiday, does the employer have to pay time and a half? Eg. holiday falls on the Monday, but the employer states they will give the Sunday before off but you must work the holiday at straight time.

November 11, 2019 is not a public holiday in Ontario, Canada

Can a BC Employer decide what stats I am allowed?

Hello, Can an employer deny the statutory holidays because I missed half a day the day before or half a day after the statutory holiday? There is a policy in place where I work and I have had many statutory holidays denied to me for this reason.

I believe November 11th.should be a Stat holiday.There are people,families and traditions that are respected and past on by many. Our children have learned more about their heritage and history than in any Ontario school.My husband's employer does not acknowledge the 2 minutes silence which is very important to him. People state it would be wasted on TV, drinking, games etc.It depends on those and what they teach their children. In Ontario " Lest We Fotget" 🌺 is our heritage, our right.

I love that your site covers all statutory holidays in Canada - it is surprisingly very difficult to accurate information about this online. Even the Government site has errors or outdated info. I noticed however that the nationwide list seems to be outdated. Nova Scotia Heritage day isn't listed. Thank you.

If you work on a Statutory holiday, and it is the company policy for you accumulate time-off in lieu, is time-off calculated at regular hours worked or at 1.5?

Hello, This page is misleading when it comes to Rememberqnce Day’s status as a statutory holiday. The title states it is a list of Ontario statutory holidays with a list consisting of Rememberance day. Only by reading the entire page will you know it is not one. It should just not be put in the list at all.

BC Day is indeed a stat holiday.

If I gave my employees the civic holiday as a day off, am I required to pay them in lieu? I see on the website that this day is an optional holiday. I take that to mean that an employer can schedule their employees to work by law. But there is no detail about what to do if the day was given as a day off.

Hi there. On your BC Provincial Holidays page there's a note under BC Day that it's not actually a stat. Nationally, it isn't, but according to the BC government website, it certainly is.

Hi i think your comment about not having a turkey on thanksgiving is uncalled for and unnecessary. I appreciate the information about the holidays but i dont need to be insulted about how i choose to celebrate them. And if thats not enough for you, ill pick apart the judgement youre making. First of all, most people only eat turkeys during one season. What about the animals that are killed and eaten all year round? Are you going to also give your judgement on peoples entire diet? Most of the world eats animals so insulting the majority of people isnt really a smart thing to do. If you choose to never eat animals thats cool for you and i would never go around posting things against you, even though youre probably eating too many vegetables and therefore depriving the animals of having more to eat, but i wont say anything because there are no laws on what you can and cant eat. But not only is what you posted ridiculous and nonsensical, its also very unprofessional. Thanks again for the stat holidays chart, and your welcome for the much needed feedback

Is Bc day and actual paid stat day. Your website says no. But other websites say it is a paid stat

I think the perspective you are using is very central Canadian. Maritimes do not travel North, to cottage country for holidays.

Hi there, I would like to ask if Toronto Island ferry will be open on Canada day?

What is the policy reason behind having businesses pay employees for a day to do nothing? I understand an extra day off here or there is a good thing, but being paid to do nothing is not good for small business owners who rely on productivity to make ends meet. If the government likes them so much, perhaps stat holidays should be paid by the feds. Could be used as a foray into universal basic income.

National Aboriginal Day is also a Stat in the Yukon as per:

Since July 1, 2020 falls on a Wednesday, what is the weekend it will be celebrated?

you have a * next to Boxing Day indicating that it is not a stat holiday for Ontario. Which is wrong, Boxing Day is a stat holiday in Ontario. Also you forgot to put the * next to Civic Holiday indicating that it is a stat holiday when in fact it is not a stat holiday. You need to take the star away from Boxing Day and put the star next to Civic Holiday.

Do American companies in Canada have to follow Canadian stat holidays rules? Xerox is not giving their employees our stat holidays.

Hello, I wanted to note that Yukon also recognizes June 21st as Aboriginal Day and is a Stat holiday. The website only lists NWT.

On this page: It says "is not an official stat holiday in Manitoba" which is correct. However, August long weekend IS a holiday in Manitoba nonetheless. Always has been. I know, I've lived here my whole life. Every first Monday of August has been a holiday. You should probably indicate that on the site. MB is also excluded from the list of holidays where this holiday is concerned on other pages of your site as well.

My question: to receive pay for a stat holiday, does the employee have to be working the day before the stat and the day following? I have been led to believe that if an employee does not work the day before the holiday, or the day after the holiday, then the employer is not obliged to pay the employee. Please let me know if this is factual.

What is the matter with people complaining about acknowledging the atrocities WE inflicted in Indigenous peoples. Shame on you all, especially the faithful Catholic and Anglican devotees who gleefully raped children. We need to recognize our blame in this. At least understand our true Canadian history.

I think we should keep about half or so of the stat holidays we currently have and cancel the rest, but make it mandatory for employers to start giving employees the number of cancelled stats as days they can choose when to take off., So 10 set in stone stats and 10 paid days off for any employee that they can use any time they choose, and those days are seperate from holidays and other priviledges one may have, but only so long as a brief notice prior be given to avoid any hassles like shift issues/no shows, miscomunication leading to either an extremely slowed down,or busily hectic scramble to keep up or continue due to some sort of stoppage or problem creating an overwhelming and sometimes unsafe workplace both mentally and physically. Even if we kept 15 stats and gave 5 days of choice or 15 days of choice and 5 stats either or would be really nice , the perfect number would be 12 days of choice and 8 stats, Christmas eve day, boxing day new users ev AMD day , Canada day, Thanksgiving and Halloween are only stats we need, rest are choice meaning you get 1 day a month to get off

Perhaps someone has mentioned this in an earlier post, but here goes. time and a half is a rip off heres why. if my employer gives me a stat off I get paid regular wages, nice, but if I work the stat I'm paid regular wages plus half, So when I work a stat I'm only getting half wages over and above what I'd receive for sitting at home or whatever. Stat pay should be 2 times.

It's too cold to even enjoy any holidays lately. Maybe having no holidays and time off in the winter is OK and we should all have more time off when it's warm

If you work Remembrance Day in Manitoba, is it considered a statutory holiday where you should receive stat pay (time and a half) etc? The company I work for told me it’s not recognized as a Statutory holiday and they have a list of stat days that they recognize and Remembrance Day isn’t one of them

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