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Is Boxing Day Dec 26, 2016 a statutory holiday because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year?

Hi, since january 1st falls on sunday,is january 2nd is holiday?

Good afternoon, I was wanting to know how it works. This year xmas is on Sunday which is my day off but work want me to work on Monay. They stated they will pay straight time for Sunday and only pay straight time for Monday. Do they not have to pay time in a half for the Monday?

In consideration for stat holidays...if the holiday (Christmas, New Years, Remembrance Day, ect...) lands on the weekend is it false to assume that employees would get the following Monday off?

am working for a clothing importer in Montreal (needletrade) I need to know since christmas day is on a sunday and boxing day is on a monday are employees entitled to the 26th and 27th off as paid holidays? and for Jan 1st since it is a sunday are we entitled to the Monday Jan 2/2017 off

January 1, 2017 falls on a Sunday. Normally in Ontario stat holidays that fall on weekends are observed on the preceding Friday but the employer may choose to give employees the following Monday. As January 1st is on a Sunday but the preceding Friday is technically in the previous year, shouldn't the observation of New Year's Day be on Monday January 2, 2017?

If Saint Jean Baptiste day in Quebec is on Saturday June 24th 2017, is Friday June 23 off for most people? And also, are kids off school on Friday June 23rd 2017?

Staff does not work Sundays. Christmas and New years are on Sundays. Do they get paid for it in BC

Hi, Because this year the 1st lands on a Sunday, does that mean Jan 2, 2017 becomes a statutory holiday?

Will January 2, 2017 be considered a holiday as January 1, 2017 falls on a Sunday

In Alberta, as per the AB Labour Board, if a Stat falls on a Sat or a Sun & those days are NOT working days or regular days there is NO day in lieu of. So no extra day for 01 Jan, 01 July & 11 November. Calgary 403-297-4334.

We are trying to find out if we need to stay open for our clients on December 26th 2016 since Christmas falls on a Sunday. Across Canada, are employers required to extend the statutory Christmas holiday on December 26th or can they can move it to another day too? If everyone is required to move it to the 26th, we know that we can close our office that day because our clients will not be opened. Otherwise we will need to have a minimum amount of staff. Please kindly advise by writing at the email below thank you

With Christmas Day falling on Sunday this year 2016) are we entitled to have a day in lieu of off?

Will January 2, 2017 be considered a holiday as January 1, 2017 falls on a Sunday

I started a new job Sept 2016 am I entitled to the statutory pay holiday for Oct 2016

So with Jan 1st, 2017 being on Sunday this year, can the employer move it to Dec 30th, 2016. This is for Alberta residents.

With New years day falling on a Sunday this year, does the following Monday become a statutory holiday because of this?

I wanted to know the stat holiday time off we're entitled to in Ontario for 2016. Since Christmas falls on the weekend this year, does our work place still have to give us paid time off during the week for "Christmas"? Christmas day is on a Sunday, and Boxing day is on Monday...would the "Christmas day" paid stat holiday jump to the Tuesday after Boxing day?

Hi Shouldn't Jan 2, 2017 be the observance stat holiday for New Year's Day ? Thanks !

As New years Day lands on a Sunday, is there a requirement for the employer to close on the monday and make a long weekend? I run a business that is normally open Monday through Saturday and the plan is to close the Saturday Dec 31 and be open on Monday Jan 2. From a payment perspective, will I pay holiday pay to employees if they do not normally work on Sundays?

Hello, if Christmas Day and New years day fall on a sunday, do we get another day off in lieu of?

If an employee does not qualify to be paid for a statutory holiday but works on that day, should they be paid 1 1/2 times their regular pay?

New Years 2017 falls on a Sunday this year. Can the company move the observed day backwards to the Friday December 30, or does it have to stay in the same year as the holiday. Say Monday January 2.

Hi there, I have a major concern about Remembrance Day not being a stat holiday in Ontario. Out of all the stat Holidays, I truly believe this should be more recognized, as people gave their lives for our freedom. If you could give me more information on this subject as to why this is not recognized as a stat holiday, or point me to someone who can give me more information that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Is 27th December 2016 a holiday in Ontario?

I work full time and were sick on sept. 6. The company did not pay for the holiday because I was not working the day after the 5th, is this legal?

Hello. Wanted to inquire if an "in lieu" of day is required for Canada Day and Remembrance Day 2017 the Friday before the holiday or the Monday following the holiday?

Hi Shouldn't Jan 2, 2017 be the observance stat holiday for New Year's Day ? Thanks !

Hi Shouldn't Jan 2, 2017 be the observance stat holiday for New Year's Day ? Thanks !

If Christmas falls on a Sunday, can my employer move it to Monday? I don't think that it's fair that my work is doing this. I am going to have to work on Christmas day for regular pay while senior staff get the day off to spend with their families and then get the statutory pay plus 1.5 times their hourly wage.

I booked holidays on boxing day and Christmas day lands on the sunday. What days am I entitled to having off as lieu days?

My work week consists of Tuesday to Saturday with Sunday and Monday my days off. It is a 40 hr work week. If a statutory holiday falls on a Monday (ex. Thanksgiving Monday) do I get another day off in lieu of this so I also receive 3 days off with pay?

We are normally closed on this year's New Year's Day so we are tentatively scheduled to take Monday Jan 2 2017 as New Year's Day observed. Can we use another day instead of Monday Jan 2? For example, could we close on Easter Monday instead?

Since Christmas in 2016 is on a Sunday and Boxing Day is on a Monday, does an employee get December 27 off in Lieu of Christmas being on Sunday? Please do not post my name or email in this on your website.

I didn't work on Friday September 2nd 2016. Because of that my employer doesn't want to pay me for the actual statutory holiday which is the following week Monday September 5th, 2016? Is that possible and true?

My husband is a super visor and worked the Friday and the Monday of the labor day weekend.... Does that mean that the company owes him money or a day off.... He gets paid salary as far as I understand that means he doesn't get overtime pay.

I've worked for 10 years at park seasonal work I have never got paid for July 1'..May 24 or Labour Day..Am I entitled..

Hello, I normally work Monday to Friday however as Monday coming up is a holiday I am being told I have to work Tuesday to Saturday for hours purposes. I am salaried if that makes a difference Am I entitled to a Day in lieu?

i work for a pool supply company at there retail store ,they tell me i am not entitled to holiday pay of any holidays as they are a seasonal employer the store is open only 10 months a year

For Jan 1, 2017 stat holiday, would that be officially on Jan 2 2017 since Jan 1 is on Sunday? Thank you

I will be working Monday to Thursday am I entitled to pay for the stat holidays that fall on Friday?

I was looking at this page... specifically at this "To get paid on a BC statutory holiday an employee must have been an employee for at least 30 days" and realized that new hires don't get paid, seems unfair.

If Family Day is not a national holiday, and public servants still have to work, why does it take extra time to process and pay out?

If I am a part time worker, do I get stat pay for the civic holiday today. Mon, August 1st. Or is there a reason I didn't?

Why is Manitoba not included in your list of holidays for August 1? Is this terry Fox day? Civic hioloday?

I too live in Nova Scotia and it is deplorable that the Government workers get more paid stat holidays than the private sector. Ironic that the people (Government Workers) who make these Labour Laws for the private sector have ensured they have look after themselves - gotta love Government.

Is August 1, 2016 a paid day off in Ontario? or is it the employers option to give it to the employee's. I am an employee

I have a full time employee that has taken voluntary time off June 24 until July 13. He is asking for stat pay for July 1. Am I required to pay him?

Remembrance Day, November 11 is most certainly celebrated in Ontario which is contrary to your website information. (I've lived there since 1985)

I have an employee that has worked here 3 days before the July 1/st Holiday, Are we required to pay him for that day? Thanks

The two letter abbreviation for Nunavut is NU. THe two letter abbreviation for the Northwest Territory is NT. You have the wrong abbreviation for Nunavut day. You used NT which is incorrect.

For Jan 1, 2017 stat holiday, would that be officially on Jan 2 2017 since Jan 1 is on Sunday? Thank you.

Our company is located in MB. We have 5 employees that work from home & reside in Quebec. Our pay date is June 24th, 2016. Their stat holiday (St Jean Baptiste Day) is June 24th. the employees are saying we have to pay them on June 23rd because the banks in Quebec are closed on the 24th. All other employees reside in MB. Our payroll provider cannot help us. Is it a law that we have to pay them on the 23rd as our company is located in MB. Can you help me

I know that aug. long is not a stat holiday. If we take that day as a stat can we open nov 11th? If so how do we go about it? What do we have to pay our staff? Also we are open 7 days a week. Christmas is on a Saturday this year. For our staff, do they get a day in-lue of the Saturday? the staff that work monday-friday?

My next pay day lands on July First and I get paid biweekly every Friday do I get paid Thursday or Monday cause of the Satutory holiday

I noted that summer students at StatsCan are not being paid for their federal statutory holidays. Are these hard-working young people being deprived of their statutory rights?

I live in b.c and I am first nations with a status card . Do I have to work on aboriginal day .

If I give notice that my last day of work is a stat holiday (IE July 1st falls on Friday) does the company (BC location) have to pay me for that holiday

We love to go tubing/camping/partying in Red Lake Falls, MN on any summer long weekend and go to breakfasts at Memories Cafe! They are awesome!!

Hello, I need advice on whether an exampt (salaried) employee I managed is entiteled by law to take unused 2015 Stat holidays in 2016?

I apologize if the answer is posted somewhere but I unfortunately cannot find it... Does a (scheduled)floater day count towards the calculation of a statutory holiday? Further information/clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Is there a waiting period for a new employee before they are eligible to be paid for a stat holiday?

This is mind blowing...Stat holidays should be the same no matter what province you live in...I work in NS but I contact Alberta, so when Alberta observes every Stat holiday I'm forced to use vacation if I want that time off despite it being a waste of a day if I was to come into the office...NS is brutal...on top of one of the highest tax rates in Canada, they also screw us out of holidays...shame shame..what a wonderful place to live eh..

Canada is not a good country anymore. It was great bevor 1982. After that the greedy government introduced to raise taxes,making it the highest taxed country in the western world. Creating homelessness and poverty for many good people.

I work 5 days a week-6 hours a day -my boss doesn't have me work on a holiday as he has to pay me overtime-he has never paid me for stat. holidays at all even when I'm not working which I understand he has to but never has -can I collect retroactive pay for the past stat. holidays that I never got paid for

What is the regulation of working hours for the day before Holiday in order to get paid? And non-paid holiday like victoria day would be still considered as sat holiday if the employer pays for those non-paid holidays?

Why do Nova Scotia have the least amount of Stat holidays? Why does half the province get the first Monday of Aug and the rest don't we work hard and deserve all the Stat holidays the rest of the country gets too

July 1, 2017 is on a Saturday. When will the holiday be observed in terms of day off from work-- Friday or Monday?

i worked on good friday i got an extra day off with pay but am i still entitled to time and a half for my hours i worked on good friday in bc?

I work for for the government of Canada and have a question about stat holidays. I was off on Good Friday and Easter Monday. I am at work now on Tuesday, but have a fever and would like to go home. If I do, would I still get paid for Friday and Monday?

Can I open my hair salon business on a statutory holiday? What if it's in a long term care owned by the city of Hamilton? It there information I can print out?

Wow, if you don't normally work on a day that a stat holiday falls on, of course you wouldn't get paid for it. "Fair"? How fair would it be for the people who do work it to see you get paid a regular 40 hours week and then an extra 8 hours on your day off. Use some common sense, but not too much since it is such a rare quality. Wouldn't want to use it all up. Really unbelievable.

If an employee is terminated one day before a stat holiday, is that employee entitled to that stat holiday

If i am employed in a job that is considered "continuous duty" and if a holidays falls on a day off, am i entitled to time off or compensation.

Re: "censorship not appreciated". Comments that are offensive, all uppercase, racist or irrelevant won't be posted. Obscene language also won't be posted. If you post relevant comments to the discussion on any given page and find a way to do so without swear words and unnecessarily offending people then your comment will be posted. Use comments on pages for a debate or as an outlet for your thoughts about holidays, not as an outlet to express your hatred in offensive ways.

Neither Easter Sunday nor Easter Monday are stat holidays. If you don't normally work on Fridays then you won't get an extra day off for not working Good Friday, but you will get paid for 10 hours of work for it.

You censorship of your page is not appreciated.

Why is Easter Sunday not a stat holiday if it is considered a more important day than Christmas ?

Is Easter Sunday also a stat holiday I normally work on Sundays . If I am required to work what is the normal rate to work on Easter Sunday .

i have a question. if we are welcoming the Syrians over to Canada.. are they bringing any holidays with them.. cause we could use a few more. hahaha

Is Easter Monday to be paid as a stat?

You have the Civic holiday listed as a stat holiday in Ontario. It is not.

hi, I worked 10 hrs a day Mondays-Thursdays that's why I have my Fridays-Sundays off, my question is what if the statutory holidays falls on Friday which is my day off, it means I have my extra day off, all in all my day-offs would be thursday-sunday, am I correct? thank you

When a stat holiday falls on a day you would normally have off, do you get the next work day off?

I have a small business and when a stat day like Canada day falls on a Saturday or Sunday... am I required in Nova Scotia to close my shop a day? SO for instance.. in 2017 it falls on a Saturday. Am I, by law, to close that Friday if I am closed on weekends normally? kris

Because Christmas Day falls on the Sunday, is the STAT considered Friday the 23rd or Monday the 26th ?

whats the board of labor law when it comes too, if your normally scheduled to work on sundays and your work is closed for easter. would i still get paid

Since when is Easter (the Sunday), not a Stat?

I run/own a licensed daycare. If a stat like Christmas and new years this year , fall on a weekend... am I allowed/entitled/can take the Monday off in lieu of it? Thanks

I have every Friday off as my regular day off. This not a paid day just my day off. Good Friday is a paid stat holiday, but I don't get paid for it because I have that as my day off. What is that. It is a paid holiday but I don't get it cause it is my day off without pay, so what do I get for a stat, nothing is that fair

Are Superintendents allowed to take lieu days when they have to work on statutory holidays?

So- we have two classes of citizens. The "comons"- that get significantly less number of holidays unless employers are so great that they grant them the additional ones and- THE HIGHER CLASS citizens, who besides number of other benefits get also more days off in form of special "statutory holidays for high class citizens". What a democracy and what a justice in country called Canada? So- comment added- where does it go and what is it going to change?

Nunavut Day in Nunavut is a Holiday July 9.

I am an employer, is it a requirement to pay time and a half for Family Day in Alberta? TIA

Can you tell me please, is Family day a paid holiday?

I work for a company that just recently has moved to different shifts other than the Monday to Friday 9-5. We just had a stat on Feb 8, 2016. One crew works Monday thru to Thursday and the other works Tuesday to Friday. We asked both crews to work their stat holidays. Crew on Monday received Stat plus time and half. Crew on Tuesday received stat and only straight time. I know we are meeting the minimum requirements. In 20 years of management I have only experienced treating both crews the same. Both would have received the stat and time and a half pay. Needing some advice on how I can convince the executive team that both crews should be treating the same.

If I am sick after a statutory holiday and take that day as sick-off, does that effect my weekly pay?

I think that June 21 should be made a National Statutory Holiday for Aboriginal Day.

Nova Scotia has family day in Feb. It is mentioned in one page but not in the table that has all the holidays

Under the Family Day page, the following statement is made: Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday. There is a 3rd Province celebrating a Stat Holiday today - Heritage Day in Nova Scotia (started in Feb 2015)

Hello I am not sure where you aquire your information. It is unfortunately out dated Thanks

Hi, On the Nova Scotia Page, Heritage Day has been added. However, the table of national holidays still does not list Heritage Day in Nova Scotia as a statutory holiday. Please add Heritage Day (the third Monday in February) to the table. Thanks, Todd

Some of your information on stat holidays and which province observes them is incorrect.

damn only in Canada are the statutory holidays vary from province to province . why the hell cant they be consistent all the way across the country

My husband works for Canada Post and because it is not in the "book" he was told he must work on Monday when everything else is closed. Does it need to be in Canada Post "book" to be statutory?

if I work for a private placement and it's located in Ontario but the contract is on Quebec side is it true that we don't get the day off but employees that are with them and work in Ontario are off ... do you find that fair or is that the law...

if the company is in Ontario, but I work/live in BC, do I get the BC family day or the Ontario Family day (or both)?

If Im A Slaried Employee In Ontario, Am I Required To Work The Day Before And After The Holiday To Collect Stat Pay?

my employer has never paid me for any stat holidays since I've been employed there, 10 years. I have brought it to his attention and he says he only has to go back 2 years. Is that right???

I work for a Canadian employer with employees located in multiple provinces. Currently, our understanding is that Boxing Day is a federal holiday as well as a stat holiday in ON. Some of my regional leaders are saying that it is common for businesses in provinces outside of ON to observe the holiday. Does anyone have a ballpark figure regarding what percent of the workforce has Boxing Day off in the provinces where it is not a stat holiday? I'm particularly interested in BC, AB, MB, and QC.

If a company works inter provincially and the payroll office is based in Alberta does the company fallow provincial or federal holiday guide lines.

I am a Personal Support Worker and i will be working with my client on Family Day. Should I be paid regular hourly fee or time and half ? Thank you for your time and enjoy your day!

In Ontario, there are several cities that force retail stores closed on Dec 26. Two examples come to mind, Sault Ste Marie, and Sudbury. This may be worth a mention on, near the bit about easter sunday.

I live in ns and I was wondering if I don't qualify for stat pay because I haven't worked 15 out of the last 30 days but I did work on Christmas Day would I still get paid time and a half for the hours I did work

Hello, I just wanted to say that February 15, 2016 is Nova Scotia Heritage Day. Last year honored Viola Desmond, 2016 is Joe Howe. for information. Thanks, Lisa

I am hourly pay based on 30k salary annually. Out stat holidays were Christmas and Boxing Day. I was sick the day before so I missed the stat pay. Because we are based on salary out hrs per pay period are 81.25 always because we are paid bimonthly 1st and 15th are the pay days. I calculated 9 work days in December excluding the stat olidays bc I didn't qualify. So 9 x 7.5 hrs/ day @ 15.39 =1038 gross pay I missed 2 days but was paid vacation pay for 2 days so cancel put. Then they took 2 Days off my followin pay in which they said was for the 2 stat days in December I missed even though by my calculation was never paid. Thy said bc we are hourly based on salary I was technically already paid for that one stat day even though bc we have 81.25 hrs every pay period even to we technically work 75 on average. Pay period fluctuated between 10-12 days. Does this make sense? What I was paid in December reflects the 9 days excluding the stat day that is apparently included. I feel like they are ripping me off

do you have to work the day before the holiday and the day after the holiday to qualify for payment.

Hello. I appreciate being able to print your annual Statutory holiday sheet for all provinces. I've noticed an error for the August 1 Civic holiday (Heritage Day in Alberta) listing observance in AB. According to Alberta Employment Standards this day is not recognized as a statutory holiday in Alberta but employers have the option to designate it as one. Thank you so much, Pat

I gave four weeks notice to my boss Dec 4 and started my new job January 4. I was salary and had been at that job full time for 4.5 days- I am entitled to be paid up to Jan 1 correct? She cant just not pay me Jan 1 because my actual last day of work was Dec 31

this does not say anything about when the stat. is observed; e.g. Christmas 2016 is on Sunday; I am certain that would be observed on Mon; then Boxing Day on Tue. Is this correct? Is there another website that includes the actual days people get off work? This is a question, NOT a post. Please respond.

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