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Stats should be the same across the country and Stat holidays should mean all store are closed. I us a shame retail workers etc., cannot join their families in celebration.

What was the first province to legalize Christmas as a holiday? and in what year?

WE have a collective bargaining agreement(CBA), with Christmas eve and boxing day as negotiated(paid)holidays. Our company now has decided to use what govt. calls general holidays not stats, a clause in our contract that states if you are required to work so the company can start up you will be "forced" to work your shift, even though its a negotiated holiday with pay. Sounds to me like this is the start of very bad relations between Company and the Union. I'm not looking forward to going to the table(negotiations)in April of 2016.This is just another example of Union busting and demoralizing of our work force.

Hi, just randomly came across this website trying to figure out whether boxing day should be a paid stat and was happily surprised to see your comments regarding turkey slaughter on Thanksgiving. So I thought I'd send you a message of appreciation. Celebrate compassion!

From the start I have been getting a paid stat holiday for Boxing Day in BC. Now this year my employer informed me that they would no longer recognize it as a stat, no day off, no stat pay with less that a months notice. Can they do this?

we are a small business and my boss decided to close the office this year on the this is her choice do i get paid or must i use a vacation day

can a public holiday count as your day off for example i work at a call center and our schedules are different each week we usually have the schedules one to two weeks in advance for christmas week i work so i work a full week and have the two holidays off. is this legal? many people are questioning it

Can a company stop u from having a vacation during christmas

I started a petition to send to the Federal Government to introduce the 3rd Monday in February (Family Day) as a national holiday, please sign:

does anybody think shopes should be closed on statoury holidays e.g. Victoria too? Everybody desreves time with family.

Is it legal for an employer not to pay/accumulate vacation pay or do anything for stat holidays during the first few months of employment as "incentive"?

Hi I have worked remberence day 4 a extra day off that Is Boxing Day do I get time and a half all day today I am being told no by co wookers and there are being told no by boss that the exsuse is it is not a stat holiday are ether of the true should I be Geting time and a half 4 all hours I have worked today Nov 11 2014 is the date today I live in Alberta

Good for Ontario for NOT making Remembrance Day a Statuary Holiday. As a former Ontario resident (although born in BC), I recall that at 11AM people stopped whatever they were doing, traffic stopped, etc.,etc, and just about everyone observed two minutes of respectful silence and reflection. Here in B.C., other than those who attend formal services - usually at a Cenotaph - most people appear to carry on with their usual activities. Remembrance Day and those it commemorates deserve more. I write as a person whose grandfathers both served in the First World War, one of whom was gassed and died as a young man after the War. My father died as a result of his Service, fourteen yeas after the Second World War,at age forty-two. Neither of these men and many, many thousands more (millions world wide), do not appear in the statistics. Nor do those men and women who were and still are irreparably damaged both mentally and physically. The sacrifices made by all these people deserve more acknowledgment than a day off school and a trip to a local mall. Bravo Ontario!

In Alberta why do Government employees get Remembrance Day and Family Day off as a Stat holiday and the rest of us don't. I don't think it is fair for us to work and pay provincial taxes so Alberta Government employees can have days off. These days should be Stat days off for everyone, not just Government employees. Either everyone gets them off or no one does. I should not have to work in order for the Government employees to have days off.

When did Remembrance Day in Alberta stop being a Stat holiday. Isn't it a shame that now a days money comes before remembering those that fought for our freedom. Remember without our vets this world would be a different place and the right to start a business and make money may not exist.

Everyone in Canada should be able to celebrate and remember our fallen hero's. Remembrance Day needs to be a Nationally celebrated holiday for all not just certain Provinces. Thank you, Michael Guest

Are employees on probation eligible to get statutory holiday paid?

If your head office is in Ontario and you live in Alberta and work in alberta are you intital to statutory holiday pay. Remembrance day

My employer is telling me that where I don't work Tuesdays, if a stat day is on a Tuesday I don't get my stat. Is there any truth to this

We are a dental office and we are wondering about the stat that was recently changed for Remembrance Day this year. My understanding is that is became legislation August of this year, not leaving us much opportunity to change. Being a dental office, we schedule our patients 6 months in advance not leaving us with much notice for closing on November 11th with a notice of August. We would like to request to be exempt from this law for this year as we have patients scheduled and staff scheduled to work. By all means, we plan to recognize and observe the holiday for the 2015 calendar

I work at a restaurant in bc,my boss didn't pay me on statutory holidays.then what should I do?

When I was a kid in the 70s in Sudbury, Ontario, Remembrance Day was a holiday. Schools were closed that day. When I was in high school in the 80s in Sudbury, Remembrance Day was no longer a holiday. I had to go to school, but I can't remember exactly which grade I was in when it changed. Can you please tell me exactly which year that Remembrance Day stopped being a statutory holiday in Ontario? Thanks.

When did Remembrance Day stop being a Statutory holiday?

where can I find information on how many consecutive days a bank or credit union can be closed for in Canada? for example Christmas is a Thursday.

Good Morning, If you have an employee that works only 2 days a week, 4 hours on Monday and 2-3 hours on a Wednesday and the holiday falls on a Monday do they get paid for that 4 hours that they would have worked? Never had this before so I am lost. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for pointing that out. On the 2014 Printer Friendly page for Remembrance Day the exceptions should be NB, MB, ON and QC (and not NS).

On the list of 2014 Statutory Holiday's it lists Manitoba falling under for Remembrance Day. However when the print icon is clicked and the new page is opened, the MB is switched to an NB. This is very confusing, due to the fact that we are unaware of which province actually gets this day as a holiday. Thank you.

What are 5 jobs that are not entitled to take a public holiday off or to be paid public holiday pay. Does anyone know? Thank you, Charles

I work for Accounting Staffing Halifax Nova Scotia and they will not pay me for Thanksgiving Oct 13 and my office was closed where I work

I work in a medical office as a relief secretary 2 days a week. I have been employed for over 3 months. They would not pay for my Stat Thanskgiving holiday, which fell on the day that I was scheduled to work. Are they right?

@Martine: If in your contract it says that you are to be paid for whatever days and that parent signed that contract then you are entitled to that pay. It's exactly for cases like this that contracts exist.

I am an independent daycare provider and in my contrac it does stipulate paid time off for stat holidays. Now I have a parent that comes 2 times a week and is refusing to pay the holiday saying that I'm in the wrong for asking since i am an independent worker. Could you please tell me if I'm in the wrong for asking to be paid stat holidays? Thank you

I work a night shift which starts from 11:30 Pm to 7:30 Am. Last holiday September 1 which was Monday (labor day),I have worked on my regular overnight shift from 11:30 Pm to 07:30 Am and had worked the following day which was Tuesday for the same hours, but I did not work on Sunday August 31. How many hours of paid statutory should I get from company. Thanks.

Labour Day fell on 1st Sept. I took a week off in August which means I didn't work 15 shifts (only worked 14) because BC Day fell on August 4th so I didn't get paid for Labour Day. Does BC Day count as a day towards the 15 shifts requirement?

In the Yukon, we do not celebrate 'Family Day' in August. Instead we have "Discovery Day" on August 18. It is a Territorial holiday.

Hi, If I work the day before and day after a holiday, then quit, do I still receive stat pay? For example, I worked the friday prior to labour day weekend, then worked the tuesday following labour day. That Tuesday was also my last day(I gave my 2 weeks notice prior).... Am I entitled to my stat pay?

My question is if im working for a bc company in alberta. I pay bc tax . And I reside in bc . What stat holidays do I get bc or alberta . Dosnt realy matter except for august long .

I work a part time job. Every holiday the full time employees work 32 hours because of this part time people like me get scheduled 40 hours each holiday week with the holiday as one of my days off. Throughout the year I may be working more days total than actual full time employees.

If someone is hired the day after a stat holiday is the employer obligated to pay for that stat? Conversely if someone is laid off a few days prior to a stat holiday is the employer obligated to pay for that stat day?

this rule To get paid on a BC statutory holiday an employee must have been an employee for at least 30 days before the holiday out of which he/she must have earned wages for at least 15 it for new employees or all employees even if you have worked ther for 2 years

Thanksgiving is not a mandatory stat holiday in Newfoundland, PEI and Nova Scotia. It is observed by many but it isn't mandatory by law.

Under your National Holidays you did not include Thanksgiving Day which is observed on the 2nd Monday in October all across Canada.

Should all employees get paid for Family Day?

Is an employer responsible to pay an employee for a stat holiday, if the stat falls on a day that the employee does not normally work?

I was told that employer does not pay overtime rate for stat, but when calculating the stat and the person worked 11 hours, which 2 of those would be overtime. Now what I would like to know is if that person is entitled the 11hrs at regular pay for a stat instead of just 9 hrs. Thanking you in advance

My employer is saying that anyone who doesn't stay late loses their holiday pay. Two questions. Is that legal and what if it is a farm?

Lucky us we get the civic holiday off but without pay. No choice in the matter hardly seems legal

Why is it if July 1st falls on a Sunday the stat pay day moves to Monday. But if Christmas falls on a Sunday it does not get moved. It's all fine your business is closed on Sundays, but in the retail world you can work the July 1st Sunday and get paid regular pay and then not work the Monday and the people who do get the stat pay and you do not. Doesn't t seem fair. If the business is opened on Sundays the stat pay should be given that day to workers.

In Ontario if a company doesn't give you Family Day off do they have to give you Civic Holiday or vice versa? I have company that is saying they don't take either day off.

Correction: Civic holiday is observed in NB on Aug 4, called New Brunswick Day.

Are you sure that August 4th is not a stat holiday in NB. All other sites are confirming that it is.

i am wondering if my Manitoba employee works in Nunavut on July 9th which is a holiday in Nunavut if they are entitled to the Nunavut holiday Pay.

national aboriginal day should be a national holiday. we as canadian owe much to aboriginal culture which is part of us and should be honored in a much bigger way.

Sorry, the format of the holiday charts had to change because the old format doesn't display well on mobile devices :(

Does everyone get August 4 off? Aside from restaurants and theatres.

Could you please change the format of the Canadian Statutory Holidays per province/territory as it used to be, see 2012 and before. The way it is formatted now, it is very hard to follow when you have facilities in 6 provinces. Thank you in advance!

OK, one more time: "We are unable to answer questions related to employment by-laws; if you wish to find out if you are entitled to (extra) pay on certain holidays under certain circumstances please contact your HR department or consult the official Canadian Human Resources website."

I work, part time (Saturday & Tuesday), at Canada Bread, and they tell me, that the Union, & Company, agreed, to change CANADA Day, from July 1st, to June 30. I was under the impression, that July 1st, was a Stat Holiday, that you could not move? Is this true? Thanks, George Paul

civic holiday august 4th 2014 - you have that this IS a stat holiday in MB - Manitoba it is not! please change this!

If your company gets consensus from workers you can do pretty much whatever you want -- as long as everyone agrees why not? But one person can crash the party, so be careful there.

If we don't have Remembrance Day, How can we have Canada Day??

Can our company change the Remembrance Day statutory holiday to be observed by our staff on Boxing Day, since Boxing Day is an optional stat holiday? (Providing we poll the employees and obtain consensus?)

Hi! Nice site, useful for the dates in a particular year, but your information on the "Civic Holiday" (first Monday in August) is inconsistent - your 2014 pages lists it as applying to Manitoba (id doesn't), though your Manitoba page is accurate on that point. Note that the 1.5 x pay part about Remembrance day and Boxing day isn't right, either - in Manitoba, the law DOES require 1.5 x pay for Remembrance day, if it's worked, though it isn't a general holiday and isn't paid if it's not worked, see:,remembrance-day,factsheet.html#q108 Also, I find your description of "Civic Holiday" off; it's not called "Civic Holiday" because individual cities get to decide... In fact, your own onfo shows it's not a stat holiday in Ontario, where it has been given various names in various cities (so there's no authority involved, and the description is wrong in that point). It's gets called that on calendars because it has various names in various provinces, and calendar-makers don't want to print them all. "Civic" not only pertains to cities, but to citizenship/nationality in general. See more at : Cordially, David

I was asked to work 12hrs on Canada day it is on a Tuesday. I always work Wednesday to Saturday at 44hrs a week. I know I get paid 1.5 for coming in since it is a holiday and normal time on top of that, but do I also get another 1.5 since it is overtime for me? A total of 4x pay just for coming in? I've looked online but can only find normal working monday-friday situations and nothing on overtime on a holiday. I live in Ontario.

Can someone tell me if an Ontario employee is eligible for July 1st holiday pay when her hire date is June 23?

To the person who posted "Get off social assistants all you bums", just wanted to say that both my boy's are on welfare and have been active in there job search and well educated, being on social assistant is not a choice it's about survival. The allowance is not big enough for them to be excited about staying on social assistant.... there are one million people with no job's in Ontario, do you have a solution rather than being part of the problem and demining these people on the system...yes you go ahead and keep on kicking them while there down, karma has a funny way of teaching life's lessons.

Can a large company (400 employees - 65 at our division) force their employees to take Monday, June 30, 2014 off for Canada Day instead of the legal statutory holiday on Tuesday, July 1, 2014? Our company is not giving the employees a choice right now.

No, employers can't change Canada Day to Monday unless employees agree to do this. You can complain to the Ministry of Labour here:

Hello, I would just like to say how impressed i am that you commented about saving Turkeys in "Turkey Season". I completely agree and hope more people will follow your lead. The amount of animals slaughtered in our world must be slowed down at the very least and stopped outright if possible. Hopefully one day there wont be any need for commenting about it! Thank you again for your amazing comment and thank you for helping to raise awareness, the Turkeys of the world appreciate your kind words! :)

Hi there, I am curious. Can an employer change a stat holiday from Tues July 1st to Monday June 30th. This is against one of the employee's wishes as the rest of his family has the 1st off. Thank You.

My employer, in Quebec, decided to change our Canada day holiday from July 1st to June 30th. Normally I'd have no problem with this, but I have plans to be in Ottawa on Canada day. My employer never took a poll of the employees to see if we are in agreement and also did not post this change until June 20th (less then the required 30 days prior). My problem is that I don't want to lose a days pay because of this last minute change on their part. What resolution would be best?

Those of you on social assistance. Get off of it before Canada loses everything to you bums

Can employer changes the Canada Day holiday from Tuesday To Monday? Means July 1, we have to work.

will social service cheques be delivered on Canada Day or the end of June 30

Manitoba does not differentiate between full time , part time or casual employees getting general or stat holiday pay. Professionals covered by an act of legislation are excluded as the association named in the act already gives them superior benefits. Not true as there are also unions for these professionals who have this sole right. In Manitoba all professional employees receive it anyways, however the exclusion is used on all Casual professionals ( I am a casual nurse). They use the exclusion. Only for casuals, stating we don't receive it as we are professionals, despite the other aprox 94% of professionals do. Only government uses the term casual, so they are the only ones who use the exclusion. Discriminatory for sure, and our union doesn't fight it as we are a minority in our union. Human rights is the avenue to go here, as permanent casuals are exclusively women, mothers, care givers, or uprooted by spouses jobs.

If I am of Native decent (I have a sworn Affidavit stating I am of Native blood), am I entitled to a paid day off to observe National Aboriginal Day? I reside in Ontario and the law firm I work at is in Mississauga, Ontario. Please advise. Thank you very much, A.Whiteloon

St. Patrick's Day and Remembrance Day shall be national to all Canadian holiday. We are still not understanding why only government job can have such benefit in Ontario. It shall be fair to all Canadian

It appears from your website that Manitoba observes Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday, however when I check the Manitoba website it indicates that it is not a holiday.

So have I missed a page somewhere? I always thought the Queens Birthday was a holiday. Guess I missed something somewhere. Must be my old age creeping up on me. June I thought there was a holiday........

As Canada day falls on a Tuesday this year, are most companies giving their employees the Monday off in lieu?

As soon as I win the big lottery, I'm gonna take a forever holiday!!!

Hello, my office has put up a notice to see if people wanted Monday instead of Tuesday off for Canada Day. I did not want to as my husband can not change his dates at his work. my question is: Can they make me take the Monday of Most of the office wants it?

why is it new brunswick is not getting a stat holiday for victoria day , this really angers me , as we are the poorer province we deserve a day off with pay.

Canada needs more holidays. EU nations have more holidays than Canada and most nations and their population are generally more happy.I think. We should have four work days per week. Or maybe two holidays per month. Which would mean more internal tourist industry, which would mean more hospitality business of recreation, and restaurants. Of course, there is always some down side associated with such vision, like extra services required in policing, and extra workers required to service this many holiday's. But I suspect that it would end up creating more "fun jobs and some other serious jobs" in this way of existing." The way the society is structured, in fact, world over-is a mess. I'd have to create a new nation based on these days, that many people would also want to exist in. But in practical terms, there definitely needs to be bit more holidays. The real tragedy is that "there is no celebration of this planet-earth" -that is just shocking in this age of awareness of "all the problems we humans have caused on this planet Earth." I just have the gut instinct that if "Earth day" become a permanent holiday in Canada and world over-everyone of this planet's citizens would begin to take their personal actions in contributing to this planet's well being more seriously.So we should just start this campaign to have "Earth day" world over. I know there is a 'arbour day-where we are suppose to plant trees" but this isn't enough. Earth day will make this more serious.It's time to do this, world over.

Victoria Day is a stat holiday in NB ( ... in the chart labeled "Statutory & Public Holidays" > "the day fixed by proclamation of the Governor in Council for the celebration of the birthday of the Sovereign")

@Matt: Victoria Day is a statutory holiday across Canada for all fedeally regulated employees and for all other employees in every province except in NS, NL and NB - in these provinces it's a prescribed day of rest, not a stat-holiday, that's why it's listed as an exception.

FYI, Victoria Day is a holiday in all provinces - you currently have excepted NB, NS, and NL.

To answer all of the people who are confused about why Federal Government employees get Easter Monday as a paid holiday, it's because they do NOT get Family day (AB, BC, ON, SK), also known as Louis Riel Day (MB), and Islander Day (PEI) which are all observed on the third Monday in February,

When did Easter Sunday stop being a stat holiday? I thought Christmas & Easter were the two days that were always stats, regardless of day of the week?

I wonder why government employees get paid for a non-statutory holiday, (a day off in lieu) for Easter Monday?? Not very fair in my opinion. Maybe on The next long weekend, all the "non-government" workers of the country should get a day off with pay from the government and the government works have to go to work, see how that works out for them!

Good question, Daphne! I never thought of it that way but you're right: if Sunday is the "official" holiday then how come Friday and in some cases Monday is the stat holiday? Don't think though that it'll change any time soon.

I was wondering if you could advise why Easter Sunday is not a Stat Holiday? Gone are the days of not working on Sunday. Has a revision been considered? It seems ridiculous to me that Good Friday is a Holiday, but Easter is not. Please let me know if I should be presenting this to someone else.

The Government should not get paid for Easter Monday period, and should haft to work like everyone else. If no one else does what makes them so special and this is coming of our tax dollars!!?? Time to make a petition, we either get that day off with pay or the Government does not get that day with pay, and works? What say you? I myself do not want to haft to pay for people to just sit around on a day we haft to work?!

Why is almost everything closed on Easter Sunday when there is no mention on your site of Easter Sunday being a statutory holiday?

Maybe you should indicate that Easter Monday isn't a stat holiday for everyone in bold or in red -- the asterisk is OK but many people may miss it and then not show up for work on Monday and get in trouble. Just an idea?

Complaints aren't filtered our. What's filtered out is inappropriate language.

Why do you filter out comments that complain about your site?

Happy Easter everyone!

No, Remembrance Day in NS isn't a stat holiday:

If you are going to put up a site like this which is clearly to generate income through ad revenue, etc., you should check your data. It is very incorrect. Correct data is easily discoverable on the internet. People will not continue to use your site as a resource if they find they get wrong info.

About Easter Monday. Many people have pointed out that Easter Monday is not a stat holiday for everyone - only for government workers. If you notice the asterisk next to "Easter Monday" on the holiday listings pages for Ontario, BC and Alberta you'll see that the note below the table says just that: "Easter Monday is only a holiday for the government".

You should research the information you post about statutory holidays in Ontario. Contrary to your posting, Easter Monday is NOT a stat holiday and no one gets premium wages for working it, unless they work for the government.

I would like to comment about this (2014) Easter Monday having it only being in Quebec. I would like to say that Monday is a Stat holiday across canada. Thank you

Victoria Day 2014 happens on Sat May 24th this year, however whatever dept. of the government responsible in assigning the date it is observed has decided Mon May 19th is the date to observe this stat holiday??????

April 21, 2014 is NOT a stat holiday in Alberta.

I don't think it is fair that government employees get Easter Monday and other holidays that everyone else doesn't get paid for. They are no different than anyone else. I can't think of one reason except that they are too pampered. Really bothers me.

Stat holiday for BC (at least) is for Good Friday, and not Easter Monday

Hey, As a beer drinking Canadian, I can very safely say that it's called a ''two-four'' (under Victoria day), not a case of two-four. It'd be like saying ''I bought a pair of shades glasses''...

Easter is NOT good Friday, but Sunday or Monday, depending on dénominations. On your easter page, you have that right. On your 2014 Page, you have it wrong. just letting you know

Hi. As a public servant I refer to your site often (for ON). But the link to Quebec stat holidays no longer works.

This is off the Ont, Ministry of labour website Qualifying for Public Holiday Entitlements Generally, employees qualify for the public holiday entitlement unless they: fail without reasonable cause to work all of their last regularly scheduled day of work before the public holiday or all of their first regularly scheduled day of work after the public holiday (this is called the "Last and First Rule"); or fail without reasonable cause to work their entire shift on the public holiday if they agreed to or were required to work that day. Most employees who fail to qualify for the public holiday entitlement are still entitled to be paid premium pay for every hour they work on the holiday. Qualified employees can be full time, part time, permanent or on contract. They can also be students. It does not matter how recently they were hired, or how many days they worked before the public holiday. The "Last and First Rule" The "last regularly scheduled day of work before the public holiday" and the "first regularly scheduled day of work after the public holiday" do not have to be the days right before and right after the holiday. For example, an employee might not be scheduled to work the day right before or after the holiday. As long as the employee works all of his or her last regularly scheduled shift before the holiday and all of the first one after it, or provides reasonable cause for not working either of those days, he or she meets this qualifying criterion. Reasonable Cause An employee is generally considered to have "reasonable cause" for missing work when something beyond his or her control prevents the employee from working. Examples include, but are not limited to: absences related to personal emergency leave (i.e. personal illness, injury or medical emergency, and the death, illness, injury, medical emergency or urgent matter relating to certain family members and dependent relatives) as well as absences for family medical leave. Employees are responsible for showing that they had reasonable cause for staying away from work. If they can do so, they still qualify for public holiday entitlements. Go to the ontario ministry of labour rules its all there!

Trying to plan a holiday in BC and just realised the day we are leaving is Canada day. Will all the buses and ferries still run or do we need to alter our plans

re: spelling mistakes thank you for noticing the typos / spelling mistakes. "champagne" and "vice versa" have been corrected. if you notice more please send it in. not asking to proofread the entire site...but if you notice a typo pls let us know. thanks again!

There are so many spelling and grammar errors on your site! "champaign" "vica versa" to name just a couple. I am a proud Canadian and this is not how I would like to be represented.

*** WE DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD GET PAID *** We get it, it's important, very important to everyone when and how much they get paid. But please understand that we don't provide legal advice. Sometimes we can provide an educated guess to employment related questions but we aren't able to say with authority whether you are entitled to a certain amount of salary on a certain day in certain circumstances. Please talk to someone at the Ministry of Labour! This is indicated about an inch above the "contact form" but so many of you don't read that stuff and then we feel bad because you spent time contacting us and we don't respond :-(

I work full time at this company and because it has slowed down in the winter, the receptionist and myself have been told that we will get an extra day off due to being slow! First the office manager said that one will take a friday and one a monday, and switch, because she wants someone to answer the phones when the other is gone. (This is a family run business and is still run with all labour standards etc). I am hourly as is the receptionist. The office manager came back and told us that we both will have Mondays off. Now for this past Stat holiday "Family Day" they are not paying us as we now get Mondays off. But these Mondays off aren't all the time, it started Jan 1 till Mach 31, or we may be back sooner if it starts to get busy. So my question is, Do we get paid the stat or not??

Re: Why isn't a page for Mother's Day but there is a page for Father's Day? A page for Mother's Day will be added shortly. Nothing against mothers, it just never made it to the website due to oversight or some other error. Sorry moms!

To Julie: You should get in touch with someone at the Ministry of Labour because Family Day is a stat holiday in Ontario - your employer can't just ignore it just because they are not a Canadian company. This is the website of the Ontario ministry of labour:

NB also has a stat holiday on the first Monday in August...their civic day (New Brunswick Day) and they also have Remembrance Day as a stat.

U forgot Mothers Day on your list .. I see Fathers Day in June but what about the moms day in May ??

My employer which is an international automotive manufacturer, with a factory in Ontario does not observe the Family Day holiday. They do not offer it, or offer time off or overtime pay. Are they not legally required to observe this holiday? Or is it just Ontario registered companies that have to observe it?

Victoria day description: Not a "case of two-four". A case of beer IS a two-four. As in 24 beer, eh?, Hosers! :)

Are seasonal employees working on a golf course entitled to be paid for statutory holidays and if so, what are the rules for this? Are there any rules regarding overtime in this field?

RE: Civic Holiday in Ontario. Civic Holiday in Ontario is not a Stat Holiday. It is indicated on the Ontario page twice. Once in the text above the holiday chart where it says "Civic Holiday on the first Monday of August is an optional holiday" and again in the chart, under Civic Holiday there is a note that reads "not an official stat holiday."

Info about Islander day is fixed (corrected to say it's the 3rd Monday in February, not the 2nd) - Thanks for pointing this out!

Conflicting information On your page listed Holiday info you have listed Islander Day PEI as the 2nd Monday of February, but when you look at 2014 holiday list you have it listed as the 3rd Monday of February. Could you please change your information to reflect the correct information.

Recently i just found out the reason i didn't get paid for Christmas. boxing day, or new years was because i didn't work a total of 12 shift leading up to those holidays. Are they allowed not to pay me? If i recall you used to have to work a certain amount of hours to be paid for the stat holidays but suddenly they changed it to how many days you worked and it doesn't matter how many hours you put in. Is this is just at my place of employment, because I'm pretty angry at the fact that they aren't paying me for three stat holidays.

Your info for Ontario is WRONG. Civic Holiday is NOT a statutory Holiday. With respect to other days - your list is misleading at best.

When is Mothers' Day in Ontario?

How is it that you have Father's Day listed under Holiday Info but not Mother's Day? And did you know that Mother's Day was originally supposed to be a day that mothers of all sons around the world came together to call for an end to wars? (Because no mothers, no matter what side you're on, wanted their sons to go to or die in a war.) But then Hallmark took over. Shame there's not more about origins of Mothers Day around.

Victoria Day has always been celebrated in Newfoundland, pre- and post-confederation. "The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday. If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away!" It's the first long weekend on which most people go out of town every year ... and has a reputation for being colder, rainier and snowier than all the surrounding days ... but people rough it anyway. :-)

Hi, This section is a bit Vague.. "Pay eligibility and holiday payment To get paid on a BC statutory holiday an employee must have been an employee for at least 30 days before the holiday out of which he/she must have earned wages for at least 15 days. If an employee is required to work on a stat holiday he/she must be paid 1.5 x wages for the first 12 hours and 2 x wages afterwards in addition to the regular day's wage. Not a bad deal at all." I get that, BUT what if the employee hasn't worked 15 days in the previous 30. Does that still entitle One and a half times pay, or is it only regular pay for those days? I ask, because i worked christmas day and new years day nuder the impression i was getting time and a half, but then now find out that i oly get regular pay, and i dont quite understand how someone has to work these days for absolutely no extra pay at all.. Thanks for reading. Justin

We asked the Ontario Ministry of Labour about the differences between public and statutory holidays. their answer was "A statutory holiday is a public holiday". There, now we all know.

Seems like there is a great deal of confusion because statutory and public holidays are different. Statutory holidays are mandated by federal law and are required to be given as a day off. Public holidays are in addition to stat. holidays and aren't a paid day off by default unless they are included in your employment contract.

So many legal questions posted here (despite the website saying they won't answer legal inquiries) -- seems like a great place for a paralegal or lawyer to pick up new clients ;-)

Heritage Day isn't included on the National Holidays page because it's not a national holiday:) It's specific to Alberta and it's included on the Alberta page only and on the aggregate 2014 holidays page.

Is there waiting period for new employees in order to be eligible for statutory holidays payment? If yes, does it matter if employee is temporary or permanent? Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your families!

I am contractor am I paid for new years day off

On your calendar of national holidays i wonder why heritage Day in AB is not included?

If I am normally off on Wednesday and Christmas is on a Wednesday should I still get paid? How do you decide who gets paid.?

It's not very clear in the pay eligability for statuary holidays that someone only gets paid x1.5 if they qualify for stat pay. I just says that if you work on a stat you get paid x1.5 for the first 12 hours.

my son in law works only 16 hrs per week and they all fall on Sat and Sun. Should he get paid for the stat. holidays?

A correction is needed to 2014 Canada. The August civic holiday is a NB paid public holiday but your national chart doesn't say that.

I have an employee who is entitled to pay for Christmas day and new years day and understand how that works but I need to know if I pay her 4% for those two days as well as her regular pay?

We only get paid for christmas day where I there other holidays that we should be getting paid for?

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