Canadian Stat Holidays Website Statistics

Ever wondered if you're the only one looking at this website or is this a place where millions come to check out Canadian holiday info? We thought it might be of interest to our visitors to see some stats for this website and get a glimpse of just how many people are using it every day trying to figure out when is their next day off in Canada's confusing statutory holiday system.

Average monthly unique visitors: 210,000


The most popular page is current annual holiday overview page, followed by the Ontario holidays page, then the home page, Alberta and BC.

On average people spend one minute and fourty seconds on the website and look at 2-3 pages.

People tend to look for stat holiday info most on Mondays then the number of visits steadily drops until Saturday and then starts to pick up again on Sunday.


Canadian visitors make up 95%+ of all visits. The rest of the 5% are from primarily the US and the UK.

In total, residents of over 1300 cities/towns from Canada visited our site!

Thank you all for visiting, we hope you found everything you were looking for. For advertising inquires or general comments please don't hesitate to contact us.

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