Victoria Day in 2020

In 2020 the Victoria Day holiday is on Monday, May 18.

Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honours Queen Victoria's birthday.

In Quebec this holiday is called "National Patriotes Day" (Journée nationale des patriotes).

Victoria Day is also commonly referred to as the "May two-four weekend" or the "May long weekend" and it marks the unofficial start of the cottage season where cases of beer* are consumed by hard working Canadians. That's what we heard anyway. Or maybe it's called May two-four because May 24, 1819 is Queen Victoria's birthday :-)

FYI: Prince Edward (1767–1820) after whom PEI was named was Queen Victoria's father.

Victoria Day is a non-statutory "general" holiday in the maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. In Quebec the National Patriots' Day is commemorted on this day.

*A case of beer containing 24 bottles or cans is called a two-four.

Victoria Day Observances

May 18May 24May 23

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Posted by Sage:

Yeesh. We don't all drink beer, you know.

Posted by John Cox:

I remember Canada from the 50's and 60's when Victoria Day was a celebration of Canadians' special place among emerging Commonwealth Nations, and the Fourth of July was a celebration of U.S. independence from it. These days I really can't tell the difference between either and the ubiquitous North American Consumer.

Posted by Steve Orolin :

Living and working in Central Pennsylvania, I would always schedule Victoria Day Monday off as a "personal day" and in the 80s would leave Friday night after work and drive the 300 miles North on US219,and the QEW to go for a "long weekend" in Toronto to see 3 Blue Jay games. After the last pitch on Monday, I would head back to PA. Would listen to cracking and fading AM radio broadcasts on CFRB of Jay's games after sunset until the next Jay's home weekend or the Canada Day weekend to do it again. I remember one special weekend where I missed the last ferry from Toronto Islands and spent the night around a campfire on Lake Ontario with newly acquired friends until the first ferry back in the morning. Quickly shower, then take the subway and Bathurst streetcar to Exhibition for the next game. Weekend passes on the TTC,and great 5 dollar (2 dollars in the covered outfield seats) tickets even at par exchange rate was a deal. 30 games,one season. Tried for World Series tickets but had to settle to watch them on TV. Still love the Jay's, but miss the "EX", even in April and May sleet.

Posted by Marguerite G.:

I was born in Newfoundland in 1938. Prior to Confederation, on May 24th which we called Empire Day we celebrated with a grand parade in Grand Falls. I remember that one float held Britannia drapped in the Union Jack and holding a trident. At her feet sat a little blonde headed boy holding a symbolic stuffed baby seal Everyone got the day free from school and after the parade the Girl Guides broke from the ranks and went on their first hike of the season. I remember singing that little song, too... "May 24th is the Queen's birthday and if we don't get a holiday we will all run away". It was a wonderful parade with two bands, the CLB (Church Lads Brigade) and the Salvation Army. Anyone else from Grand Falls remember the good old days on High Street?

Posted by Hilary Dickson:

When I was a kid in Ontario we called the 24th of May "Firecracker Day". These days of course we know that colonialism and playing with firecrackers are both bad ideas.

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