Mother's Day is on the second Sunday of May.

In 2020 Mother's Day is on May 10.

Mother's Day is not a stat holiday in Canada. It is celebrated in many countries around the world but not on the same day, although most countries celebrate Mother's Day in May.

It is a day meant to honour mothers and appreciate their role in society and their role in families.

In the weeks prior to the second Sunday of May flower sales spike, chocolate shops sell tons of cookies and Hallmark makes a fortune from card sales. We're not agaist flowers, cookies and cards but on this website we'd like to promote something else other than the obvious, materialistic aspects of holidays. (See thanksgiving and Father's Day.) How about on Mother's Day we spend some extra time with our moms, give them a hug and tell them how much we love them. Thank them for their efforts and time -- and don't forget breakfast in bed!

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Posted by Ken Chartrand:

My mom is gone to Heaven but I still can feel thankful to her as love continues.

Posted by Debbie:

We used to get coupons on the box of cereal for free ice cream from Dairy Queen. So we would all get together for ice cream on Mothers Day. Now it has just become a thing that we do. My Dad used to take us. Now they are gone. I take my family. Happy Mothers Day MOM!

Posted by Shrikant Potnis:

My mother was a really wonderful woman. She used to be busy all the time doing something either for my father or sister/s or for me. Extreme hard worker and loving human being. She was having a very kind heart for poor. Invariably she used to give cloths or food or whatever she can to a poor who used come to our door. God bless soul of my dear mother.

Posted by Keith:

Visit the cemetery with flowers and supper at her favorite restaurant we always took her to

Posted by Lisa:

We are a large family of 10 children now all grown-up with each our own children and grandchildren. This day is all about Mom. The family has always celebrated Mothers Day together in one location. All the Moms may go to a movie or spa provided by the children/husband/grandchildren. They all get together make a menu together and cater to the Moms. We all get a rose or carnation at the start and onwards to appetizers wine, main meal and desert. Afterwards the Dad's and children clean-up. The same goes for Fathers Day.

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