Family Day 2018 in Canada

Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February except in BC where it's the 2nd Monday of February.

In 2018 Family Day is Feb 19 (Feb 12 in BC)

Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday.

Since this is not a federally established holiday all federal workers work on Family day including post office employees and public servants. (It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off.)

Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.

As mentioned above, unfortunately, not everyone gets Family Day off, which makes it a debatable holiday in many provinces. Why can't the whole country simple agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays remains a mystery and a good indicator of just how overcomplicated our laws are.

Common Family Day activities include skating, playing hockey, snowboarding/skiing and going to various winter festivals. But the best thing about Family Day must be beaver tails and stuffing ourselves silly with pancakes with maple syrup!

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Posted by James Colwell:

I do not believe in paying or getting paid for any day that is not worked. I strongly believe that is a serious problem on our country. People getting paid for doing nothing. Iím 57 years old and have never peen paid to sit home and rotate nor would I except it.

Posted by Brad H:

The reason Public Servants don't complain about Family Day is because that they also get Remembrance Day (which the Private Sector doesn't get). So basically, Private Sector employees get one less holiday than Public Servants.

Posted by Justin Trudeau:

Its a miracle Government Workers don't have Family Day off. Go figure?

Posted by Cheryl:

Can someone answer this question for me......My husbands company, always makes him take family day later on, excuse is because it is an American owned Co and they do not have the same holidays....but where he works is in company gives it on the day it is supposed to be.....shouldn't they give it to the employees on the correct can we spend family day together if his company is not giving it to him on that day! Is this illegal? Or do they have the right to do what ever they want?

Posted by Aggitated:

If we cannot have the same stat holidays nationally, then I wish the provinces would legislate that no matter where the "head office" is, that the employees within each province be allotted that provinces "stat" holiday. IE Ontario company not allowing NB employees the new family day.

Posted by Dave Noble:

You mention Federal employees but you say nothing about Provincial employees such as city workers, garbage collectors etc etc.

Posted by L Gorrill:

In my house every day is family day. I donít need a faceless nobody to tell me I should spend and enjoy any certain day with my family as I love every day above ground spent with family. As for the aboriginal injections, get over it. Nothing was done to you by me and if our ancestors played not nice it their problem. You want retribution? Seek it another day. Politicians being bullied buy big biz? Youíre kidding right? Politicians are owned by big biz. And we freakin know it. But about all itíll get is some folks off their couch fattened asses to the computer chair to blurt our idiocy they believe makes them involved participants in our world affairs. Yea right. Family day is every day of our lives. The holiday was a weak attempt to gain our favour. Period. What family day should be, once a year our should have to CEMENT in place a new law favouring the reparation of families destroyed by our dropping the ball and allowing our families to be destroyed by drugs, violence, racism, bad governing in general. That would be a day worth a nations celebration.

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