Family Day 2019 in Canada

Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February.

In 2019 Family Day is February 18.

Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday.

Since this is not a federally established holiday all federal workers work on Family day including post office employees and public servants. (It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off.)

Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.

As mentioned above, unfortunately, not everyone gets Family Day off, which makes it a debatable holiday in many provinces. Why can't the whole country simple agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays remains a mystery and a good indicator of just how overcomplicated our laws are.

Common Family Day activities include skating, playing hockey, snowboarding/skiing and going to various winter festivals. But the best thing about Family Day must be beaver tails and stuffing ourselves silly with pancakes with maple syrup!

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Posted by Chas Niven:

If Ontario is unwilling to honour Remembrance Day in addition to the Family Day I would rather have November 11th off each year to attend memorial services instead of just a minutes silence. How disrespectful it is to our war dead for Ontario to ignore the sacrifices of so many in all the wars Canada participated in but are willing to honour a queen that has been dead for 117 years. As far as federal workers not getting Family Day they do get Remembrance Day and Easter Monday. They also will get (and this is ironic) a holiday for them screwing up the residential school system.

Posted by Richard G.:

“Family Day” is merely some BS holiday designed to coincide with the USA’s Presidents’ Day... makes it easier for the bigwigs to conduct business among themselves. Wouldn’t want the Canadian subsidiaries to be open while their US counterparts are open, and vice versa.

Posted by mitch:

To the person who said teachers have the friday off for they don't. They go to professional dev seminars all day. Don't be so obtuse.

Posted by Patricia Casillas:

To all of you complaining, you should br grateful that they consider the family unit and that some can spend time with their loved ones. If you dont enjoy days off and act like its a privilege to have a life outside work, you should come to America. They like to work us like slaves here. Barely anytime off, no consideration for families, punished when needing emergency days off. If working and being unappreciated is what you are into, you will love it here.

Posted by Eric:

Not a gift to employee when small business have to pay unwillingly. Just another taxation burden on small business. Now min wage going up to $15, the ongoing scam of WSIB, absolutely ridiculous labor rights laws, all small business should declare themselves non profit foundations!

Posted by Jayna:

"I work and live in Ontario but the company I work for has it's head office in Quebec. Because of this we are told that we are to take the Quebec Holdays and not Ontario." You're holidays are not based on where your company is located but where YOU LIVE. Tell your "Quebec" based company to read the law's first. Not only are you entitled to family day off, they are obligated to pay you for it...

Posted by Kosta:

Family day is a total joke. I agree with the statement above. You’re with your family every day, just another reason for a day off and for more laziness and people to spend more money to go out and do things. A day off in between New Years and Easter?, really???Yes that’s pretty dam sad reason to have a long weekend. People work 5 days and most people have weekends off anyways. The laws here are really poor, so is our government unfortunately and the silly decisions they agree upon. All about the $$$$. A great example of silliness and stupidity is changing the words of the national anthem to”all of us command “. This is our national anthem of our country Canada and should remain how it is

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