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January 1, 2011 , posted by tb , tim

By now this should be completely evident to Political Powers in Canada during and post the latest economic global crisis where we've watched manufacturing jobs leave Canada and the US by the 10's of thousands. I sherk and become nausiated when I hear that it is because China, and Russia, and undeveloped countries, and child labour....that is one of the largest misconceptions that North Americans have been led to beleive. Plain and simple we've unknowlingly become the most spoiled civilization in the history of life on this planet. North Americans are still living off the riches gained from World War II, the convenience of rich natural resources namely water and fuel, and this false "US currency printing" system that is prolonging the enivetable crash of western society. The baby boomers have been allowed to live a dream, and what they have and are raising here in generation X is a system dependent society who has been brain washed to beleive that no matter what happens there is a safety net for them. I shirk to think what will happen when China decides to collect. How bad should we feel for the "poor" Autoworkers, or Inco employees, or the vast majority of public employees who have the choice and freedom to abuse tax payers with no consequences AND AT AN INTERNATIONAL DEFICIT that latest history has shown to be unreconsiliable, and the general public shows little serious thought about. With the developement of human rights and labour laws to their current status, unions have long outlived their usefullness, but we just will not beleive that we're spoiled. Heavy favoritism to the rich will force global corporatisation....and although I am working 90 hours a week to sustain a modest living, at the very least I know I will have an advantage when it comes time that the only person left to depend on is myself, and when a spoiled race has to be accountable for themselves. Tim Bryson P.S. I don't want to hear the B.S. environmental argument. We waste and expend more $ in fuel and vehicles for workers who have the most job security in the history of civilisation for the least calories/$ and with the least responsiblity (most namely in the over 2 000 000 government jobs) than is ever in the furthest stretch of the imagination conserved at a savings to our environment. In fact, the general public would not have to consume such a great deal at a detriment to the environment if it was not for unreasonable expectations of the people I.E. building permits, legal due dilligence, TAXES. Laws have been created by lawyers to keep lawyers rich.

if jan 1st is a sat, does it get pushed to mon... and is it paid?

When New Year's Day falls on a weekend, is the employer required to give a day off?

Its a good thing Canada somewhere has the guts to force a business to close on what you call statutory holidays. In America we allow anarchists to say you don't have to close on respectful what we call Federal Holidays. In America these Federal Holidays a business loses more money then a non Federal Holiday.

I recently started my new job... Do i get paid for boxing day or xmas n how much?

@ Phil Venoit - you would have to check your collective agreement. Each and every one can be different.

I work at a carwash in Southern Ontario and asked my boss if i can have Friday (december 31) and monday Jan 3 off. He said he didnt see a problem with that. Next day i ask him if me taking Friday & Monday off will not get me from getting paid. He said it might because you didnt give 30 days notice. I gave 2 weeks notice of this and now he is telling me this. Now i looked on the labour website but couldnt find anything about my prediciment. I dont think it should be 30 days. It should be the before that pay so they can compensate for the holidays. Is my boss right on this??

Does anyone know if a collective bargaining agreement can observe a Holiday from one calendar year in another calendar year. We have New Years Day landing on a Saturday January 1, 2011 can this Holiday be observed on the Friday December 31, 2010?

In Saskatchewan, can a company force an employee to take a regualr work day off without pay if they feel that the company will not be busy?

To get paid for a stat holiday you must work your scheduled shift before and after the holiday. If you call in sick to extend you holiday you will not get paid for christmas or boxing day and depending on wht shift you have before and after new years you may not get that either.

Why do I have to work on Boxing day; and for no extra pay at that? I work in a store and the employer says I am expected to work it because all the big box stores open that day. Is it not illegal for shops in Ontario to open December 26 or can the big box store operate with impunity to the laws?

As a salary based manager in Toronto, ON who is temporarily working Mon- Fri hours through the Christmas season at a corporate office, am I entitled to take the Monday and Tuesday lieu days off after Christmas and boxing day this year? 2010. I've been told I will have to work the Monday and Tueasday( no negotiations) and want to know what my rights are on this matter. Also, the Monday following New Years I entitled to get that off if I don't go in on New Years Eve and Day.

As a salary based manager who is temporarily working Mon- Fri hours through the Christmas season, am I entitled to take the Monday and Tuesday lieu days off after Christmas and boxing day this year? 2010. i've been told I will have to work the Monday and Tueasday and want to know where I stand.

I just want to ask.. what if i took vacation time before and after xmas (which falls on saturday 2010) do i still get paid? coz in my case i took 22, 23 24 and 28 for my vacation this december.. im thinking of calling in sick to extend it to visit my family.. is that possible? and would i get paid if i call in sick? is that going to affect it?

Does payroll have to be done for work in December and paid before the new year? If you are paid in January you would be deducted for EI and CCP which currently you wouldn't have to pay since it is maxed out. Therefore you would be getting a smaller cheque if paid in January than in December.

Since the stat holiday Jan 1, 2011 is on Saturday, does anyone know how do we get compensated as we don't work on Saturday? Thanks, YC

Thank you for this web site! I especially appreciate seeing the "minority" opinion that killing animals doesn't have to be a part of any celebration; thanks for saying it "out loud"!

The requirements are: Employees are to be paid for the Stat Holiday (Christmas and New Years Day) no matter if it their regular day off. All Employees should be getting paid for it. If you take the 24th Friday off in lieu it would either be 1) paid for as a Stat or 2) not paid for and you would be paid for the Stat on the Saturday. Either way you are paid for the stat.

I am a caregiver,working here in Edmonton,I would like to know,if Christmas day and Boxing day plus January 1, considered as my statutory holiday,and these days will fall on saturday and sunday.shall I have the right to take monday and tuesday as my holiday?

If you know the answer to a question please post it here. Questions are nice but answers are even nicer! Thanks!

New Year's Day is observed on January 3rd in most companies, so unless you are told otherwise by your HR folks that's the stat holiday but please do double-check, this is not a law, this is what most companies do.

I work for a private training institute, they close for two weeks during Christmas, am I entitled to pay for Christmas day and new years day if I work the scheduled shift befor and after the school closes?

Hello: New Years Day falls on a Saturday this year. When is the official day off - Friday the 31st or Monday the 3rd Please advise, our office is a little confused. thanks

Hello, My question is: My boss is telling me that because I work in an office and my regular days off are Saturday and Sunday,but because Christmas lands on a Saturday this year he is saying that he doesn\'t have to pay for a stat holiday pay on the friday. We are taking the Friday off but he is saying without pay. Is this true?

I am a part time worker for my company over 2 years, 3 days a week, I need to work on Jan 03,2011. Do i entitle one and half pay?

What day is New Years Day celebrated as a day off? December 31st or January 4th?

If you are a part-time employee and work a stat holiday (which is a regular work day) are you intitled to time and a half pay

It's said that Remembrance Day is not considered a statutory holiday. What's a disappointment to our canadian soldiers. I think this should be put on the list of statutory holidays for all employees who work in canada. What a shame!

Since Jan. 1, 2011 is on a Saturday, what day will most businesses have off - Dec. 31 or Jan. 3rd?

Hi, Just a quick question. Seeing as Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years falls on the weekend this year, are full time employees entitled to the Monday and or Tuesday following the weekend a day off as the Stat. holiday? Thank you.

I am a caregiver,working here in manitoba,I would like to know,if Christmas day and Boxing day considered as my statutory holiday,and these days will fall on saturday and sunday.shall I have the right to take monday and tuesday as my holiday?

my work is trying to manipulate our stat holiday for christmas by making us work half day on christmas eve and half day on the 28th. as well they are trying to get people to come and work on monday, if everyone says no they want to make a pool and draw a name and that person has to work. Is this right or is my company being greedy???

I have to work Dec 25, 26, 27, 28 29 30 & 31. Do i get paid double time of 1.5 for coming in on Stat days. the 25, 26 27 28 are all stat days.

Since Jan. 1, 2011 is on a Saturday, what day will most businesses have off - Dec. 31 or Jan. 3rd?

Please add Louis Riel Day for Manitoba. Thanks

I work for courier company in Calgary, STAT for Nov 11th NO. I have asked for 20 yrs about this and get political correct answers. you are right shut the country down, without this day we would not have a free country, sad to read comment from PQ that family day is more important, you would not have family day, if not for remembrance day. I see fallen soldiers from Quebec, don\'t you ?? FRUSTRATED...

I work between days. So right now, I\'m working from 9pm to 6am. If my shift starts on a Stat holiday, am I paid time and a half for my whole shift, or just the three hours of that day?

I think it is disgrace that Ontario does not honour our veterans with a stat holiday, however, I wass very pleased to see , I believe approx. 30 thousand people attend the rememberance service in Ottawa today. Also especially proud of our own Vancouver Canucks for giving up their practice with the Ottawa Senators today in order to participate in the ceremony. From a proud BC resident

Legislate a new national statutory holiday to be November 11 for all of Canada to celebrate our freedom and honour our war dead from all wars. This must finally be done. Make it so that all work and services be closed under penalty of fines.All the Prairie provinces honour this day as well as the Maritime provinces. Why do Quebec and Ontario NOT celebrate this day!!!

It is a disgrace that Ontario does not consider Remembrance Day a Hoilday. How quick we forget those that fought for the freedoms we enjoy.

Remembrance day is a Stat Holiday in some provinces and should be in Ontario as well. Family Day Smamily Day....What is wrong with spending quality time with your kids on a day off or weekend instead of spending it in front of a TV watching Football or hockey. Remembrance Day is all about remembering the vets who fought so we could be a free country and enjoy what we have. It is time for people to step up to the plate and teach their kids what it is all about INCLUDING new immigrants, without said vets, would not have the luxiury of living in a country such as ours. I saw a mother today in the subway with three small children, ALL of whom had poppies on their jackets. Good for her. My dad is an 82 year World War II Vet and I am proud of him as I am my uncle who is a Korean War Vet..

what year did British Columbia start observing Remembrance Day as a Stat? I remember going to school on November 11th but my children do not?

Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observered in a ceremony at your school, community centre or place of work.

I am a quebecer and am questioning why St. jean-baptiste is considered optional when we all know in fact how strict the quebec government has considered that this holiday be taken. Please let me know

What province do you live in? In some provinces, such as Alberta it IS a stat holiday! You should check the labour standards for your province.

Ontario needs to make Remembrance Day a stat holiday. Who in heavens name decided that we needed a long weekend in February so just created one no one with total disregard to the vets that fought for us to even have a country.....Lest We Forget.

When was November 11 - Remembrance day recognized as a Stat holiday?

Remembrance Day needs to be a Stat Holiday!!!!! To remember all those who fought and died for us to live free! Substituting it with Family Day is a stupid idea as well! Why is it that Canadians have the least amount of holidays when compared to other economical countries?

I would like to inquire to see if the following Monday December 27 is a considered a holiday since Christmas and Boxing day fall on the weekend. Is Monday a paid holiday?? Thanking you in advance. EJ Yoo

i work at a hair salon, we are not open mondays and i do not work saturdays, if a stat falls on one of those days, do i get paid because it is a holiday?

You haven\'t provided statutory holidays of federal employees. See . Federal employees include those who work for chartered banks, airlines and railways. Please add a column to your chart!

Because Christmas and Boxing Day are on Saturday and Sunday this year, what days will be given in lieu?

Great website. Very Useful. Thank you for doing this

I am a customer service rep in the manufacturing industry. I have been with the same company for 11 years. Just this week the relatively new Supervisor advised that if we need an hour off for any reason, we must take it as 1/2 a day. So, in snow storms etc. should we arrive to work late we would then lose 1/2 day pay if we have no time to use against it. Is this even legal? I can see docking the hour but a full 1/2 day even though we\\\'re here? I have asked the manager for clarification but he has chosen not to respond, as is usual for him. I would like to know my rights please.

I work a night shift that starts 1hr before a Stat holiday (a 11-7am shift), Should I still get paid 2.5x on the 7hrs that I work from midnight on? I think my boss has not been paying me for working on the holiday itself, he has been paying me in the past my 8hours for my shift, and then the 8 hours for the paid holiday..... Please inform me!

just writing as a correction to your holidays posted for Newfoundland. Regatta Day is not a paid holiday across all of Newfoundland. Businesses close during the occasion in St. John\'s only. All other communities within the province do not observe the day as a holiday. As well the event in question falls as tradition on the first Wednesday of August; not Monday.

Do you have a french version of the National Statutory Holidays in canada?

How about Christmas and Boxing Day in addition to New Years Day: Christmas is Saturday, Dec 25, Boxing Day is Sunday, Dec we get Monday and Tuesday off in lieu of?

when a holiday, such as Jan 1, 2011, falls on a weekend, does our employer have to give us another day off, if we only work monday to friday?

New years day falls on a Saturday (Jan 1, 2011) Does Monday have to be observed as the holiday ??

Hello. I would just like to point out that the Civic holiday in NL is only Regatta Day in St. John's. Other municipalities across the province have different names for their holiday so it should not be listed as simply regatta day.

Can you tell me, if there is a law, rule or regulation on calling for collection for people on sundays and statutory holidays. My daughter works in a payday loan place, and she was told that she can\'t call on sundays or holidays to people reminding them of their loans, but now has gotten into trouble because of this, and I would like confirmation.

@labouractivist Majority of Government employees are not entitled to Family Day (perhaps you are talking about PROVINCIAL Government Employees).

From what I remember in College only the Federal Government can legislate additional statutory holidays - they also allow each province ONE (1) DAY to be considered a statutory holiday - any more, then there is a concern. You will notice on the Ontario provincial website that the Civic Holiday (first Monday in August) no longer appears in the list - it has been replaced by the Family Day in February.

You forgot to mention that Federal Government employees also get Remembrance Day off too.

Hello - I also want to know how companies should allocate these statutory holidays since they are falling on the weekend? My company says we are taking off Dec 24th and 27th in lieu of the 25th and 26th as christmas and boxing Day falls on the weekend. However my husband\'s company says they are closed the 27th and 28th. Please confirm for me which ones are the designated lieu days. Thank you.

Can you please confirm the sources of the summary table where you list which holidays are statutory and optional by province?

There are much erroneous comments on here about stat holidays. For example, if you work a statutory holiday, your employer must substitute another day off for you. If you have reasonable cause to be absent the shift before and the shift after the statutory holiday, you are still entitled to the holiday pay. Government employees are entitled to all statutory holidays, including Family Day. Some Collective Agreements also add Good Friday and Remembrance Day as statutory holidays. I suggest contacting the Ministry of Labour in your provice to get the right answers or contact your union steward.

Yes, Dec 27 and 28 are the stat holidays this year since 25 and 26 is on the weekend

Are Dec 24th, 25th and Jan 3rd holidays in lieue of Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st respectively? Since stat holidays fall on weekends...

I would like to know why November 11th has never been considered a statutory holiday? Everyone I know thinks it should be. When you think of it and perhaps no one has ever done that, it really should be a holiday in respect of all the solidiers who died and went to war so that we could live as freely as we do. I believe that if we have any holidays then one of them should definitely be November 11th REMEMBRANCE DAY!! Please reply.

does salary qualify for NON stat holiday pay. If they do not work that day ?

I work in Ontario but my sales territory is the US. I am being given US stat holidays, but am I also entitled to Ontario Stat Holidays.

Very important: the Fete Nationale in Quebec is NOT an optional holiday. It is more thanobligatory to provide this holiday on the day it falls. Please verify your sources.

I am currently working as a caregiver for almost 11 months in my employer. On monday, August 2 which is a civic holiday, my employer told me that I am not entitled to that holiday. Is it true that the caregivers are not entitled to this holiday? thank you! (

I started a new job Sept 28, 2009. I was not paid for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and Boxing Day Stat Holiday. Is this right?? Am I not entitled to receive payment for those days?

The Civic Holiday of the first Monday in August is not a statutory holiday in Manitoba. See the Employment Standards Website for the province of Manitoba here:,gen-holidays-after-april-30-07,factsheet.html

Canada Day is ALWAYS July 1st, cannot be substituted just like Christmas.

i worked 12 hour shift starting a 7 pm june 30th til 7 am the 1st what am in entitled to for pay

Does anybody know if Canada Day this year can be substituted by Friday the 2nd July?

Can your employer reduce your hours on a statutory holiday? I am a perm part time employee almost 10yrs with company. This has never happened b4 . I have always worked my regular hrs and got paid time in a half. If I work I will be paid for the hours I work. I want to work my regular hours. Help!

How Long do you have to be working for an employer, before they have to pay you for the holidays?

That's right Meagan, I agree. And we should also have a 3 day celebration for people whose name starts with an "A". Then another week off for everyone who has ever met a mother or father in their lives. And of course another week off for people who have seen a moose, and everyone's birthday should also be a stat holiday - for the entire office where they work:-) Keep the ideas coming, if we collect enough signatures we may be able to submit the request to the Senate!

I think that there should be two days a year dedicated to aunts and uncles and would like to know who I would have to talk to make it an official holiday we have granparents day family day and mother and fathers day why dont we have an auntie and uncle\'s day it would make sense to me

how many days does it take to qualify for a stat holiday do you have to be with a company for 90 days or is it mandatory now likwork the day before and after to qualify or is it both in ontario

if you are scheduled off the day before and the day after a stat holiday and happen to be sick the second day after the stat---does the company have to pay you for the stat?

2010 x'mas day and boxing day both fall on a non-working day - saturday and sunday, so which days will be a statutory day in Ontario???

Hi...I am trying to schedule for Victoria Day and I am unsure if it is a stat holiday in NS or not. At the top of the page it said it was not a stat but yet it is included in the stat holiday list for NS. Can you clarify this for me so I can finish my schedule? Thanks

Hello friends, people in Ontario don't want businesses to be allowed to open on STAT. holidays and I cannot figure out why! I am small business owner who is FORCED to close and this is unfair!

Nope, Canada Day in 2010 is Thursday so if you want to take Friday off you'll need to use a vacation day for that.

Does anybody know if Canada Day this year can be substituted by Friday the 2nd July?

In Ontario, if you work Easter Monday, are your employers supposed to pay you 1.5 times your regular pay?

I work in the retail business and the company cut one of my days off because the already gave me the Easter sunday off. In that way a got my 40 hours. Is that correct?

your list doesnt show Louis Riel day in MB which is same thing as family day in ON.

just wondering why easter sunday is not considered a holiday but everything is closed

Good Friday (Alberta): If an employee usually doesn't work a Friday, does the employer still have to pay them for Good Friday? What if they work some Fridays?

How do I figure out what I have to pay my employee . I have just started and am confussed as to how you figure out Stat pay

If an Incorperation hire some one who will be starting on a statutory holiday, What is this company required to pay the new employee for working this Statory Holliday.

Please go to the official site regarding public holidays for federally regulated employees. Nowhere does it state that Easter Monday is a federally regulated public holiday.

When I contacted the government of Ontario they said only Good Friday is a statutory holiday and not Easter Monday? I live in the Province of Ontario? Please advise

On February 28, 2010 Canada won its 14th gold medal by beating the USA in men's hockey! I therefore have created the Facebook group "Let's Petition The Canadian Government To Make Feb. 28 Hockey Day In Canada" as well as an official petition online that will be given to the Prime Minister! In order to bring attention to this issue there will be a hockey game played on the sidewalk in Vancouver during the CTV news Monday Mar. 15 at 5 p.m. Links:!/group.php?gid=335902042204

Hmm...we can't find which page has the Easter dates wrong for 2010 - please send a link. Thank you!

Your Easter Holiday date is wrong. Good Friday is April 2nd and Easter Monday April 5th according to every other web site. Perghaps you should consider correcting it!!

if you work for an American Canada...dont they have to follow Canadian rules? we got paid for the holiday and the ppl that worked it got reg rate..should we not have gotten 1.5 if worked on top of the holiday rate???...we were told since the co. is American they do not have to recognize the 1.5 rate...

I would like to know how stat holidays are calculated. I'm getting conflicting information. I've been told it is calculated by the lenght of time employee has been employed and if they worked the day before and after. Then I was told that it's calculated on the four weeks prior and divide that amount by 20.

What are the rules surrounding workers with head offices in other jurisdictions? Are we not entitled to the stat holidays in the province in which we work?

Family Day in Ontario and Alberta is a statutory holiday. Only federal government employees are exempt in these provinces. Should an employee voluntarily accept to work he or she is entitled to x2 holiday rate wages.

How can Saturday April 10th be Good Friday?

I'd like to know to what extent does the family day has to be off. Is it mandatory for employers to give us the day off or is it up to them to decide?

Sorry. Jan 1st is a new year so it's actually 2011. You are correct in your comments.

Please note that New Years is on a Saturday this year and not Friday as stated in your comments.

Government employees have a bargained union agreement to get 10 paid holiday days per year. That is why they were not able to take Family day off, where the rest of us were. That would make 11 days for them - to which they are not entitled. Personally, I think that ALL business should be required to be closed ALL statutory holidays.

In Ontario, can I get pay on my work in the family day in February ? Or optional by the compamy? Thanks

Are bar tenders and servers supposed to be paid for stat holidays

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