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My employer has a rule that you have to work 15 shifts in the last 30 days in order to get paid for any of the holidays. Is this right or are you supposed to get paid for statutory holidays no matter what?

Lynn, yes you lose it if it was not a direct family member. ORGIN MESSAGE December 30, 2015 , posted by Lynn , If I am scheduled to work on a holiday and I work it, and take the day after the holiday off for a funeral, do I loose my stat pay for working the holiday?

I would like to ask if i called in sick on the 24th of dec, i wont be able to get stat pay for dec 25?? And on That Dec 24 i was scheduled only 3 jours, was it legal??

If I am scheduled to work on a holiday and I work it, and take the day after the holiday off for a funeral, do I loose my stat pay for working the holiday?

Can an employer give employees 2 HALF days off in lieu of Boxing day in Ontario (the only Province that has Boxing day as a stat) i.e; employee works Mon - Thurs... Friday is regular day off (happens to be that Christmas day fell on Friday this year) Saturday was Boxing day, the office is normally closed on Saturdays. The employer required the employee to work a regular shift Monday, advising that the employee left work at noon on Thursday (Christmas Eve). and the employer is now saying that the employee can leave at noon on new years eve day... and that this then substitutes the Stat day of Boxing day! Is this permitted?

I have regular day off that is Friday and Sunday. Dec 25 falls on Friday May regular off, I'm i entitled to 1 day off in exchange of dec 25 which is May regular off?

If to qualify for stat Pay in Ontario you have to work your regular scheduled shift before and after the stat and I don't work Dec 24th (a scheduled shift). Do I loose my Stat pay on the. 25th and 26 ? I work the 26th so I know I get time and a half for it but do I loose the extra stat pay because of the scheduled shift before and after rule? Would make sense I guess just want to confirm.... Thanks

I live in Ontario. My usual days off are Saturday and Sunday. We had the 25th off of course, but I was wondering the same as a few of these people. Do we get Holiday pay for today if we are working?

I live in Ontario, is December 28, Monday a day off in lieu of Boxing Day landing on December 26, Saturday?

I have a friend who works for a retail company in BC. She is a full-time Assistant Store Manager. She has never been given a day lieu for stat holidays. So Christmas is this Friday. She had Sunday off at the beginning of the week and Christmas day...and no other day off is this legal.

What happens if your work shift is Monday to Thursday 10 hours a day 40 hours a week. How are the stats prepared in that case?

I am taking vacation in February and will miss family day (Ontario) does the holiday carry over to when I return to work and will I still be paid for it?

You forgot Patriot Day (Quebec only) 23rd of May... makes me wonder what else you forgot.

Our company working 24/7. So employee working on 26th Dec and 28th Dec 2015 are eligible for vacation pay or only who work on 26th are eligible?

Good Morning I work 3 days a week Mon, Tues and Wed. Where Christmas lands on a Friday do I get paid an extra day that week or do I get an extra day off. Thank you Christine

I work as a permanent part time in a hair salon for almost 2 yrs and they do not pay me for the stat holidays when it falls on my working days. Aren't we entitled to holidays stat holidays pay, if you are perm part time

I work in Ontario full time 5 days a week. It's Xmas. We are supposed to have 25 and 26 paid day off. If a stat holiday falls on a regular day off, I get a day off in lieu. So my understanding was that I should still have my 2 day weekend, plus my stat days off should I choose not to work them. The same thing new years day. I work 5 days full time. New years day off paid, and only one other day off that week. It seems I am losing my weekend in lieu of having the stat days off. Am I wrong? My employer says the holidays don't count as work days and I can lose my weekend due to having a paid holiday day.

I work in Ontario full time 5 days a week. It's Xmas. We are supposed to have 25 and 26 paid day off. If a stat holiday falls on a regular day off, I get a day off in lieu. So my understanding was that I should still have my 2 day weekend, plus my stat days off should I choose not to work them. The same thing new years day. I work 5 days full time. New years day off paid, and only one other day off that week. It seems I am losing my weekend in lieu of having the stat days off. Am I wrong? My employer says the holidays don't count as work days and I can lose my weekend due to having a paid holiday day.

I work in Ontario full time 5 days a week. It's Xmas. We are supposed to have 25 and 26 paid day off. If a stat holiday falls on a regular day off, I get a day off in lieu. So my understanding was that I should still have my 2 day weekend, plus my stat days off should I choose not to work them. The same thing new years day. I work 5 days full time. New years day off paid, and only one other day off that week. It seems I am losing my weekend in lieu of having the stat days off. Am I wrong? My employer says the holidays don't count as work days and I can lose my weekend due to having a paid holiday day.

I go to school for a trade for 2 months on january 4th so my company will be laying me off so I can go on E.I. Does my company have to pay me for the stat holiday on Jan 1 or could they put my last day as Dec 31 in order to save money? I would normally work on the 1st as it falls on a Friday.

For Retail stores in Ontario because Christmas is on Friday and Boxing day is on Saturday and they are both statutory holidays, and we typically have those days off, then are we suppose to get the following Monday the 28th off? Thank you

I work for a private employer in Ontario and would like to know if Boxing Day falling in Saturday should be compensated by Monday as a compulsory holiday or we get nothing off in lieu of Saturday Boxing Day

I find your website very useful, thank you. One comment I have is, I'm wondering why you include St. Patrick's Day. What is the significance of it really? If it is going to be included, then for consistency shouldn't the other Saints' Days be listed, i.e. Saint David's Day March 1st (Wales), Saint George's Day April 23rd (England), and Saint Andrew's Day November 30th (Scotland).

You must have something wrong on your holiday schedule. We here in Manitoba do get Civic holiday First Monday in Aug. Your web page for 2015 doesn't list Manitoba but the PDF for 2015 does.? Also, for 2016 you don't list Manitoba at all.????

Is December 26 Boxing Day a holiday for caregivers?

The company I work for DOES NOT PAY ANY STAT the legal ? I work in Blind River Ontario ......I have been there 6 years and have not been paid for 1 stat holiday......if this is not legal am I entiltled to retro or how do I stop this from happening

Hi I work in a continuous operation , salaried at 40 hrs pw . If a holiday falls on my day off should I get another day off in lieu .Also should i be paid extra on a week that includes a holiday

Remembrance day and Boxing day are not official holidays but many people take the time off anyway. If they are required to work - for example: retail sector employees - than 1.5x salary may be paid for that day. If these day aren't worked then extra pay is not given. This states that 1.5x salary MAY BE paid. Does this mean it MUST BE paid or is it optional to pay 1.5x salary?

Remembrance day I believe they pay us regular time for this day. is this legally allowed?

I don't think it is a good deal,having to work 12 hours before getting the higher rate of pay for working on a public holiday. In Civilised countries you get double time when you work more than 4 hours for a public holiday. Who would be able to work more than 12 hours and be able to go to work the next day. The person who taught that up should try working a 12 hours shift or more on a public holiday and how they will feel the next morning.

I often wondered why certain provinces get Rememberance day off. Did no one from Ontario fight in any WW's?

Why does Ontario not have Remeberance Day as a Stat Holiday?!? I live in BC and I think it's disgraceful that Ontario does not give November 11

What year did Remembrance Day become a stat holiday in Alberta?

Hi, I want to clarify what provinces recognize Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday. At the top of your page it states: "The next holiday is Remembrance Day - Stat holiday except in NB, ON, QC & MB. in 2 days." However, in the chart, on the same page, it states: "Remembrance Day November 11, Wednesday National except MB, ON, QC, NS" Which is correct? I look forward to your reply. Cheers, Todd Levy

"Lest we forget"

Newfoundland is stated on your website as being a Maritime Province but it is not. It is an Atlantic Province.

I actually sent a message enquiring about picking up a car rental over the Victoria holiday weekend in 2016 as we have a cruise booked which arrives back in Vancouver on 05/21/2016. We were hoping to explore VIctoria on the Saturday as the cruise returns very early in the morning. We were also wondering about spending Sunday soaking up the festivities and hopefully picking up a rental car on the Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning. As this is a public holiday weekend we are not sure what is open and whether we are able to do this. As we are limited to only 20 days and we spend two days travelling to and from Australia we would appreciate any helpful tips you can provide.

I am a full time, none unionized worker in NB. My employer has just explained to me that all stat holidays will not be paid during regular work schedules, but will be held back and included with our Accrued vacation pay. is this legal? or do they have to pay it as it comes? Thank you. please let me know via email if possible. thanks

If you are full time staff and STAT holiday falls on your normal day off do you get a day in lieu of.

WHY??? on this site, when I went to look for Alberta Public Holiday - - you have a comment: "Do you support Trudeau's Plan?" Shame - and only one reply YES. Where is the NO? I would press that right away!!!!!! What about the other 2 parties????

Why is it that NL only has 6 paid stat holidays and most provinces has 10-11 paid stat holidays. Also NB and NS only have 7 paid stat holidays. Some business in NL do give their employees other stat holidays off with pay but for those business men that are not so generious does not. Thanks Giving should be a paid stat right accross canada. Also Who ever is responsible for making the rules for NL paid stat holdays should get with the times. Increase our paid stat days to reflect most of canada's stat days which are between 10-11 paid stat days for most provinces. How does NL employees go about changing the number of stat holidays for all of NL employees and not just those who have a generous boss that give the day with pay anyways. Most of us do not have that previlage. Can someone please get back to me as there is a need for change.

Why is it that NL only has 6 paid stat holidays and most provinces has 10-11 paid stat holidays. Also NB and NS only have 7 paid stat holidays. Some business in NL do give their employees other stat holidays off with pay but for those business men that are not so generious does not. Thanks Giving should be a paid stat right accross canada. Also Who ever is responsible for making the rules for NL paid stat holdays should get with the times. Increase our paid stat days to reflect most of canada's stat days which are between 10-11 paid stat days for most provinces.

This year 2015 Christmas day and boxing day fall on my regular days off (Friday and Saturday) What days should I get off from employer and how would I get paid? Than you

I worked for a company For over 25 years and when they announced the stat holiday in Feburary they took all the non stat holidays away. Boxing Day, Thanksgiving, Victoria Day and Natal Day. Three of these we should be getting back. This is the time I take to travel to see my family 5 hours away. I don't understand why NS is not on board with the other provinces in Canada. Take that February holiday back and give us back the ones we had. I was happy with them. Now they found out Remember day is not a stat so they will be taking that away soon as well. I don't care if I don't get it on the exact day as long as I get to travel to be with my family. Very disappointed in our Province and the company for taking time away from my family. Please make them stat holidays right across Canada.

Hi, I'm just wondering if I book a weeks vacation but during that week there is a stat holiday, how does that work? Does my one vacation day get bumped to the next work day? Or do I lose it, along with my one day of vacation pay? Thanks.

Do you have to work for 3 months to qualify for stat holiday pay?

Can a stat day be moved into another calandar year. ie: my company is proposing they move Boxing day into Jan 2 2016. I work a continental shift. I believe a company cannot move a stat from one year to another due to payroll rules. Please help

My son works for Walmart Canada. He works all holidays and doesn't receive any overtime. Is Walmart required to pay overtime if he works a holiday or if a holiday falls on a day off, doesn't he get another day of in lieu of?

I own a regular retail shop in Quebec, as the owner am I allowed to work myself on labor day to keep my store open? I'd like to hold a sale while my competitors are closed.

Very informative site thank you ! And I must say I was impressed by your humane and avant grade note in bringing attention to the unnecessary slaughtering of the poor turkeys and I hope one day to be looked back as barbaric behaviour ...

If I work for a business and they give us the civic holiday as a holiday day off should you be paid for that day if it is a day in which you would normally work? My employee is saying that it is not a statatory holiday which I know so we won't be paid. My argument is she told us we would not be working because it was a holiday!

Thank you for bringing inaccurate information to our attention. We will review details of these holidays in question and correct the website shortly.

Someone really has to start to ensure the accuracy of this site... In one place it says Manitoba observes Remembrance Day and the Civic Holiday, and in another place it says Manitoba does not (PDF does not match what website says). Realistically, I have to now consider this website littered with incorrect information, making it completely worthless to use as a guide. There is enough dis-information and miss-information on the internet already.

Your PDF version of the statutory holidays does not match your website. The web page says that civic holiday is for the following prov - Civic Holiday August 3, Monday AB, BC, SK, ON, NB, NU However your PDF you can print says:Civic Holiday August 3, Monday BC, SK, ON, MB, NB, NU. Please correct. We use you as our source.

Most statutory holidays can be substituted for a mutually agreeable alternative paid day off in lieu or employers can require employees to work at a premium rate of pay.

I am new in Canada and I am surprised when my employer force me to open showroom and all other employees were on Civic holiday with paid. I did work and got only normal pay. It is really unfair with me, but I was new and I needed job so I couldn't speak anything. Any way, I know now. Other unfair with me when my employer and his bookkeeper devided my wages by 44 hours weekly and for other employees they divide 40 hours.

Believe it or not, comments are hardly ever censored. Only comments that contain course language, all-caps words, gross disrespect for other people and hate speech are rejected. As long as your comment is relevant to the topic of the page / website and it fosters a healthy debate as opposed to hatred your comment will be posted. The fact that there are so few answers only highlights the nature of the internet: many more users are here to take, very few are here to give.

Why are people asking QUESTIONS that will never get answered? Umm! I thought this was to leave just a comment about holidays in Canada. Love the comment about comment censorship!!!

If I wanted to take Friday September 3rd 2015 as a vacation day/holiday, and return back to work on September 8th. 2015 would I still be paid for the holiday (labour day) September 7th. I started my employment on December 8th 2014 so I have worked for more then 3 months.

To the Aboriginal dad raised in white society, I support you. What a perfect idea. Given Thanksgiving is a holiday, all the more reason for Aboriginal Day to be declared a holiday for all Canadians. Let Canada lead? For North America, all the Americas - having travelled in all three continents I feel society could benefit from education of our collective history. This is our heritage, and it merits celebration. Every citizen deserves an opportunity to be educated to understand and appreciate, what better way than through collective celebration? Education begins at home. Aboriginal Day: Invite the media outlets to cover celebrations. Lets begin that discussion on National media as well as in Parliament. The sooner all Canadians can join together to embrace our heritage the better we all will be. At the end of the day, is this not the objective?

Hi. I was wondering what the rules are with the Civic Holiday and Retail workers. If they are required to work, do they get paid extra or if they are on salary, do they get a day off?

Sundays and Mondays are my weekly days off based on my contract. If Monday August 3rd is a stat, does my day off transfer to Tuesday August 4th? I am full time.

I am shocked and surprised that we in Alberta or all of Canada for that matter have not adopted National Aboriginal Day as a stat holiday. I am a young aboriginal father raised in a white family in a white community. I have to take a day off work to take my children to any aboriginal day celebrations. I know its minor and not everyone will agree with me on this but I think if we have that day as a stat that would be beneficial to our youth actually learning about our aboriginal heritage in this county.

I'm surprised this link says that Alberta recognizes the Civic Holiday as a statutory holiday. All your other webpages indicates that their are only 4 provinces that consider it an official statutory holiday. I'm wondering if one of your links is incorrect. I've read the wording over a few times so now I'm quite confused.

Just wondering why Newfoundland & Labrador celebrate St Patrick's Day and St George's Day as holidays, but not St David's Day (March 1) or St Andrew's Day (Nov 30)? Why are the Welsh and Scottish considered second-class citizens?

How long do I have to work for a company before they pay time and a half for stat holiday..?!

love the screening of comments and questions, etc. makes me think of the canadian parliament and how it went from being an open and interesting institution to what it is today - a secretive, manipulative, self-interested, despotic and unfeeling cast of plastic and suspicious twits who dance the choreographed laps of spinning music box people who will never be truly alive and spontaneous all the while socially sucker-punching everyone(except themselves)and everything

Hi I want to know in Toronto, Concord is civic holiday is statuary holiday?

How long do you have to work with a company for them to pay 1.5x on a stat holiday? Also if I work shift work in a camp do I have to be in a union in order to receive 1.5x wages on the stat holiday?

What about National Aboriginal Day??

Hi I would like to know if it is illegal to work on Canada day if the workers would like to work. Wondering as per noise etc?

My employer is switching the stat holiday for Canada day. Giving us Friday instead of Wednesday. I didn't not agree to this is this legal to do????

Why is Remembrance Day not a statutory holiday? Government employees have the day off with pay. Why are non-government employees singled out? Many services take place on this day to honour our soldiers who fought for our country and most of us that work are unable to attend these special times.

Is the Civic holiday a paid holiday (statutory)

is the government taking the July 1st holiday on the !st or will they be closed on the previous Monday or the following Friday?

Hi if Canada day this year is Wednesday and the employer give the Friday off not the Wednesday is that with in the rights of the employer and if we work Wednesday dose the employer have to pay 1.5 or 2 any in site would help

If I was given the day off by my employer on a statutory holiday such as Good Friday and Victoria Day is my employer required to have provided payment for those days, because I have not received any and wanted to double check the requirements prior to contacting my employer.

why are stat holidays different in different provinces.Is Victoria day not celebrated nationwide,and if so statuatory. should be statuatory

How to report an employer which does not pay employees statutaries holiday.

I worked the Saturday after May long weekend my employer said it was not overtime because I did not work six days in a row it was only five because I had Monday the Stat Holiday off is my employer correct.

Hello. I am thinking of visiting Quebec August 1-4 and I know that August 3 is a holiday. Will all shops and restaurants be closed?

Sheesha with the family at the park

Who would pick May 17 as the 2015 national Victoria Day holiday? A full week before the traditional May 24 weekend in a country where spring weather is unpredictable. Sure made camping in Alberta uncomfortable when next weekend (the real May 24 weekend) is supposed to be in the mid 24 degree Celsius.

Some of the rules are total BS. I work shift work, and many times a stat holiday falls on my regular day off. Here in Alberta, if that happens, the holiday does not exist for me. I don't get any extra pay for that day, and I don't get a different day in it's place. Meanwhile, government employees (paid with my taxes) get 3 stat holidays a year than private sector employees.

If an employee works for a company and their head office is in Ontario but the employee works in Nova Scotia, does the employees get the same stat holidays as the head office province?

With the winters we have in Canada. Every weekend should be a long weekend from May-September!!

You might want to fix your reference on Victoria Day when you refer to pulling out the "Barbie". That's a doll. And we aren't Australian so the reference is wrong. I also gather you are a vegetarian and hence the reference to not killing the bird on Thanksgiving ... Really? Putting your personal preferences aside, I think if you are going to refer to Canadians, you need to keep it on a level playing field. Just saying

My parents and older sister were all killed in a car crash last Thanksgiving at the hands of a drunk driver who had a few too many beers. I am repulsed by your suggestion for people to get drunk instead of hosting a family dinner, perhaps you will understand how ridiculously idiotic your suggestion is and choose a turkey sandwich over dead relatives next holiday season.

My company is taking the day off July 3rd which is a Friday and asking us employees to either take a vacation day or banked time or unpaid day. Is this correct and can they legally do this?

I think the statutory holidays should all be federally governed. As a payroll professional, working with several provinces, it would be much less work!

Can an employer switch the day given as paid time off from Good Friday to the Easter Monday if it makes more sense for his/her business to be open on the Friday than the Monday without having to pay the employees anything more than the holiday pay? Thank you.

If Good Friday is a Statutory Holiday,in Ontario, why did Sobey's Supermarket stayed OPEN for business during Good Friday and Easter Sunday (in Oakville) when Fortinos Supermarkets stayed closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday?????

I work Monday-Thursday. Do I get paid for the Good Friday holiday or can I take Easter Monday off in lieu of?

It states on your page that in BC on Stats we get time and a half on top of our regular days pay.. In all my years working, union and non union jobs I've never heard of this. I think the information is mistaken. Cheers, C.

I don't understand why the federal government and agencies get Easter Monday off paid, when the people who pay their wages don't. Isn't Good Friday enough...??? Browse the link and you'll see why this country is suffering so much debt...or Ontario Canada !!!

Easter Monday should be a holiday for all, or not at all.

Easter Monday as a stat holiday in QC only yet schools are closed on Monday in Ontario... Easter Monday April 6, Monday QC

There is a mall at the corner of Middlefield and Finch, 5215 Finch Avenue East, that does not adhere to statutory Ontario holidays. They are currently open on Easter Sunday with all their stores open with a school inside, which is also open. Why they are allowed to do this? Why is this mall exempt from Ontario statutory holidays?

if an employee works 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) and there is a stat holiday that falls on the Friday, do they get a day in lieu of this holiday even though they don' work on the Friday anyway

Good friday is paid staturory holiday but every friday is my off, can i ask from my employer to have my easter monday off?

I see that Most employees have the right to get the public holiday off and get paid public holiday pay. (Some employees may be required to work on a public holiday. See Special Rules for Certain Industries. Special rules apply to employees who work in the following types of businesses: • hotels, motels and tourist resorts; • restaurants and taverns; • hospitals and nursing homes; • continuous operations (which are operations, or parts of operations, that do not stop or close more than once a week -- such as an oil refinery, alarm-monitoring company or the games part of a casino if the games tables are open around the clock). I work for a telecommunications company is a customer service capacity, and often am scheduled to work on Stat. holidays even though I did not volunteer to work. we are told the staffing levels require it. Yes we get remunerated, but I'd rather have time off with my family than work on these special occasions. Are they allowed to force schedule us? it is not a 24/7 operation but we are open 7 days a week 9am till 9pm.

why is it that Easter Sunday is not a federal holiday as well? I work for a big national company and I have Easter Friday off, Saturday off, Work Easter Sunday at regular pay, and off Easter Monday. Why is it that I have to work Easter Sunday in the first place and if so why is it not holiday pay?

Can a company request it's employees work Canada Day to get Friday, July 3rd off in lieu? I work for a government/education organization.

Here is a link to see the correct variable periods for March Break which differ by province/territory

Can a company ask staff to work on Canada Day (2015 a Wednesday) and let them take Friday off? I don't think it is right. Canada Day is Canada Day and it is on the 1st of July. I know everyone wants a long weekend but... would you move Christmas?

My wife got paid only 3 hours for Louis Riel Day in Manitoba. Company said that is because she didn't work the 15 days prior to the holiday. She worked 10 days prior, as she had just returned from being on disabilty ins. due to surgery recovery. What is the standard in Manitoba / Canada to get the full pay for this holiday? Or any stat for that matter. Used to be you had to work the day before.

There are multiple links online, two which state that victoria is a nation wide holiday and one that shows exceptions to victoria day as a stat holiday as in NS.... is Victoria Day actually a stat holiday in Nova Scotia?

I work in Alberta but my head office is in Quebec they aren't paying me for Family Day because it is not recognized to them, Can I fight this and get paid for it? And also our office was closed for Family Day as well they didn't tell us they weren't paying us for it until 2 days later should I be getting paid for this or no?

I like the simple explanations given, and the verbiage being written as a person would speak, with helpful hints like spelling for a word in the US vs. Canada. Good job!

I am an employer in Nova Scotia, on Monday February 16th, Nova Scotia has a new holiday ( Viola Desmond Day). Is this a paid holiday for my employees? If they don't work on that day do I have to pay them their regular wages?

Hello, I keep getting mixed answers is February 16 a statutory holiday in N.S.?

I want to work on family day in Ontario but my boss says I have to take it off. We are open on Family Day and it is my regular shift. Am I allowed to work my regular shift and be paid accordingly?

Why is it that all provincial, banks, etc. have Family Day on February 16, 2015 off as a holiday but Department of National Defence (Federal Government) employees have to work. They do not get this holiday????

is it mandatory for an employer to pay time and a half on Family day????

is it true that in Canadian civil aviation a maintenance company in British Columbia can declare that they only observe national statutory holidays because of Transport Canada regulation and adherence to national policy and therefore not payout stat pay for Family Day?

Is Viola Desmond Day a paid statuatory holiday in the provinc of Nova Scotia?

Haha, so true - the laws are publicly available for anyone to take guesswork out of the holidays. If you care about your time off you read the relevant sections of the law and your employment contract carefully instead of wondering about eligibility for years.

I love reading this....piles of questions and nobody is ever going to answer them for you. Read through the Canadian Human Resources website and interpret it for yourself relevant to your location by-laws and subject to any hiring contract you may have signed.

I work in retail in Nova Scotia, New years day was my scheduled day off, my employer says that I am not entitled to another day off with pay because we are continuances operation

I live in ontario I'm a full time employee, I work 40 hours a week in a pharmacy my boss had the pharmacy closed on Boxing Day am I entitle to be paid Boxing Day, he told me no I remember always being paid for Boxing Day has this changed.

Hi, my wife works in a company that said they pay salary....anyway, she could not work on January 2nd, and they did not pay her the holiday Jan that right, legal?

i booked off on 4 january 2015 and i had stat holiday 01 january on the same period. i asked my employer to pay me for sick day pay for january 04 as i was too sick and they answered that you are getting a stat holiday in your pay chque and it means you are not losing any hours and they denied to pay me sick day pay. is it fair or they just made excuse not to pay me the sick day pay.

Is there a link to explain why not all provinces have family day. Why is it more important in some provinces then others?

I work for a company in Nova Scotia that has a presence across Canada, they say we don't qualify for Viola Desmond stat holiday in February because they follow the national calendar, is that the case? that we must work at regular pay even if it is a stat in Nova Scotia?

I work at a pet store part time. They are a Canadian store so I would assume they follow the same holiday pay as every other company. But I was not paid for christmas or new years day, however i did go work for 1 hour each of those days to check on the animals. Should I be concerned. And if so, who would i talk to about getting it fixed

I work part time at a daycare. I worked my scheduled shifts before the holidays, except for the thursday before as they cancelled my shift due to low numbers. We were closed from Christmas Day until January 5th. I was not scheduled in for the week after the holidays as I am part time. They are telling me that they do not need to pay me for the holidays. Is this correct. Thank you for your time.

We are working in hotel which is american brand and we have noticed that they removed our Good Friday holiday are they allowed to do that?

If I have just realized that my employer has not been properly calculating stat holiday pay for the last four years, can I ask for back pay? Is there a time limit?

I called in sick for dec31 but worked jan 1 will i still get paid for the stat holiday

Can an employer in Alberta force you to take an unpaid day off?

Hello I am now on a Salary and was wondering if I still get paid for working Stat holidays in BC. Thanks

At the text at the top indicates family day is feb 10/17 but the table below correctly indicates feb 9/16

I worked on Dec 24, 2014 NIGHT shift( Dec 24 2300hr-Dec25 0700hr), then My employer HR sent email to me for explanation the reason why I didn't get 1.5 pay for the 6.5 hour ( Dec25 0001 hour - 0700 hour)- They don't pay 1.5 depend on the shift started at Dec 24 which the date is not STAT Holiday)

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