National Statutory Holidays in Canada

This page includes a list of statutory holidays that are celebrated in every province and territory. Select a province or territory from the menu to view stat holidays celebrated in your area.

Canadian stat holidays can be pretty confusing because of differences in the federal and provincial regulations - you can read about user posted comments about this in the Canadian Holidays Forum. In many countries outside Canada there is one single list of national holidays observed everywhere in the country by every employee, federal or not. In Canada it's up to provinces and territories to adapt federal statutory holidays and to create their own holidays.

Why can't we all commemorate Remembrance Day? How come Quebec celebrates Easter Monday instead of Good Friday? Who knows, but until the country has one unified list of national holdiays for everyone here is a list of federal Candian statutory holidays for 2018 and 2019.

View all national and provincial holidays combined.

Holiday 2018 dates 2019 dates Observance
New Year's Day Jan 1 Jan 1 January 1st
Good Friday March 30 April 19 Friday before Easter Sunday
Canada Day July 1 July 1 July 1st or July 2nd if the 1st is a Sunday
Labour Day Sept 3 Sept 2 First Monday of September
Christmas Day Dec 25 Dec 25 December 25

These are holidays observed across Canada. For provincial and territorial holidays go to the corresponding province/territory page.

* There is new, proposed statutory holiday to remember residential schools.

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