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Do American companies in Canada have to follow Canadian stat holidays rules? Xerox is not giving their employees our stat holidays.

Hello, I wanted to note that Yukon also recognizes June 21st as Aboriginal Day and is a Stat holiday. The website only lists NWT.

On this page: It says "is not an official stat holiday in Manitoba" which is correct. However, August long weekend IS a holiday in Manitoba nonetheless. Always has been. I know, I've lived here my whole life. Every first Monday of August has been a holiday. You should probably indicate that on the site. MB is also excluded from the list of holidays where this holiday is concerned on other pages of your site as well.

My question: to receive pay for a stat holiday, does the employee have to be working the day before the stat and the day following? I have been led to believe that if an employee does not work the day before the holiday, or the day after the holiday, then the employer is not obliged to pay the employee. Please let me know if this is factual.

What is the matter with people complaining about acknowledging the atrocities WE inflicted in Indigenous peoples. Shame on you all, especially the faithful Catholic and Anglican devotees who gleefully raped children. We need to recognize our blame in this. At least understand our true Canadian history.

I think we should keep about half or so of the stat holidays we currently have and cancel the rest, but make it mandatory for employers to start giving employees the number of cancelled stats as days they can choose when to take off., So 10 set in stone stats and 10 paid days off for any employee that they can use any time they choose, and those days are seperate from holidays and other priviledges one may have, but only so long as a brief notice prior be given to avoid any hassles like shift issues/no shows, miscomunication leading to either an extremely slowed down,or busily hectic scramble to keep up or continue due to some sort of stoppage or problem creating an overwhelming and sometimes unsafe workplace both mentally and physically. Even if we kept 15 stats and gave 5 days of choice or 15 days of choice and 5 stats either or would be really nice , the perfect number would be 12 days of choice and 8 stats, Christmas eve day, boxing day new users ev AMD day , Canada day, Thanksgiving and Halloween are only stats we need, rest are choice meaning you get 1 day a month to get off

Perhaps someone has mentioned this in an earlier post, but here goes. time and a half is a rip off heres why. if my employer gives me a stat off I get paid regular wages, nice, but if I work the stat I'm paid regular wages plus half, So when I work a stat I'm only getting half wages over and above what I'd receive for sitting at home or whatever. Stat pay should be 2 times.

It's too cold to even enjoy any holidays lately. Maybe having no holidays and time off in the winter is OK and we should all have more time off when it's warm

If you work Remembrance Day in Manitoba, is it considered a statutory holiday where you should receive stat pay (time and a half) etc? The company I work for told me itís not recognized as a Statutory holiday and they have a list of stat days that they recognize and Remembrance Day isnít one of them

Great website! So helpful and hilarious (see May Long write-up).

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