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Canada day is July 1st not 2nd

WHY is Easter Sunday not a Stat Holiday?? It should always be. People should not have to work and business's should be closed. This shouldn't be negotiable ever.

I work 40 hours a week and am paid hourly. when a stat holiday falls on a weekday, I get a lower cheque because of it because we are paid out holidays and vacation pay on each cheque. Is this's not a holiday if my cheque is less. who can I contact regarding this...I think we should get 8 hours on a holiday day.

With Good Friday and new laws are all employees paid Time and a Half if the are working that day we are a restaurant?

Thank you so for summarizing the Canadian statutory holidays. Just wanted to point out that your PDF download doesn't indicate Family Day in New Brunswick.

If i am working 4 days ON and 4 Days off, am I eligible to get stat holiday. My days of work different every week depends on my off's. What happens if I am working on Stat holiday and what will happen If I am not working on Stat holiday

I believe the rule with statutory holiday pay is that as long as you work your SCHEDULED day before and your SCHEDULED day after the statutory holiday you can't be penalized by not getting paid for the stat day. On another note, my workplace pays statutory holiday pay based on totalling the hours you worked in the preceding month, (excluding Saturdays & Sundays), and dividing it by 20 to get average number of hours worked. (As there are a minimum of 20 days in all months). I'm not sure how they came up with this formula but thats how they do it.

I have question in calculating the annual leave pay. Starting from this year, the employee works for the same company for over 5 years will entile to enjoy the 15 days annual leave. If he/she takes the annual leave by 5 days in 3 times in Mar, Apr and May (That means not contineously in 15 days). How I calculate his/her daily annual leave pay ? The last year income to divide 15 days or ?? Please educate, thanks in advance.

We do not automatically get the stat holidays...we need to put in a request for a specific stat off....otherwise we work all stats

Where did you get your information for your Canadian Holidays? Several of them are wrong. Boxing Day, for instance, in stat nationally, not just in ON. Victoria Day is stat in NS (and likely nationally, given that the whole country is 'The Colony) QC does not celebrate Easter? That is not likely true either.

I have a couple questions about family day. I know we aren't Americans, but we do cater to them in many ways. My qquestions are, why don't we have family day the Monday following the Super bowl? Just like thanksgiving, football is a great time to be with family and friends. If we did the holiday the week after, people won't be as willing to travel to see family. Also, why are we different days from other provinces? This holiday needs to pick it's game up. It's out of sync and misplaced.

If this is a public information page written by a public servant of Canada, all personal comments should respectfully be omitted. (Ie. turkey). Thank you, respectfully Dennis M.

I reside in Ontario. I found out recently that my employer has decided not to pay for stat. holidays if you add days to the stat holiday to make a week long vacation . Can they do this? I also heard that they said it's a new government law in 2018, haven't found anything on this yet to say its possible . Is this correct or is this a company not wanting to pay out.

Hello, I can not seem to wrap my head around this so sure would appreciate some help!. Up to December 11th I have worked Monday to Friday for 2 years.(last Monday worked was December 4,2017). Our office has since closed on Mondays and I was wondering if I still qualify for the stat pay for December 25th or Jan 1st now that they are regular days off. ??? (Dec 11th office hours changed to closed Sunday/Mondays. I work in a RV Park and storage lot.

Re Anon's message on Apr 5, 17, Israel observes holidays based on the cultural majority, Judaism, and if I chose to live there, I would need to accept and tolerate the practice, regardless of my own beliefs. People of religious minorities in Canada should have the right to negotiate reasonable accommodation of their varying days, perhaps by swapping days. (If they feel entitled to time off on their days, they should not claim days of a different faith, of course.) Re May 16, 17 by Believer, the death of Christ on Friday is at least as important as His resurrection, because the death is the atonement and without that death, there would be no resurrection. I count Good Friday as at least as important as Christmas, if not more. As to Easter Monday, that's a non-sequitur, because Christ was resurrected on Sunday, by Roman count the third day after dying. Also Easter Sunday is ALWAYS on a Sunday, so it doesn't need a stat holiday; most other holidays migrate around the week, so they are given the following Monday so that they aren't "lost" as a day off.

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