Canadian Statutory Holidays in 2012

This page is a calendar of holidays in Canada in 2012 including stat holidays and other unofficial celebrations such as St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day.

2012 is a leap year, (a leap year is a year that can be divided by 400 or 4 but not by 100) but this has no effect on holidays because fortunately no holiday falls on February 29th. On second thought...maybe it has an effect on holidays: we have to wait one more day for St. Paddy's Day, which is on a Saturday! How great is that?

Some holidays in 2012 are on weekends so they will move to the following Monday or the preceding Friday. For example Canada Day will be observed on Monday, July 2 and New Year's Day will be observed on Monday January 2.

Good Friday this year is on April 6, three weeks earlier than last year. Christmas day and boxing day in 2012 are on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. It's a safe and comfortable bet that on Monday the 24th, an awful lot of people will take the day off. Make sure to secure your day off for this day well in advance beacuse there will be many of your co-workers who'll want to take time off, too, and sometimes this is decided on a first-come first-serve basis. Check with your emplyer to avoid chirstmas-time disappointment.

Halloween is on a Wednesday. Bummer. It won't be until 2014 when it's on a Friday - in the meantime enjoy all the mid-week cookies!

Holiday Date in 2012 BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL YT NT NU
New Year's Day January 1, Sunday
Islander Day February 20, Monday                        
Family Day February 20, Monday                    
Valentine's Day February 14, Tuesday Not an official holiday
St. Patrick's Day March 17, Saturday Not an official holiday
Good Friday April 6, Friday  
Easter Monday April 9, Monday                        
Mother's Day May 13, Sunday Not an official holiday
Victoria Day May 21, Monday        
Father's Day June 17, Sunday Not an official holiday
St. Jean Baptiste Day June 24, Sunday                        
Canada Day July 1, Sunday
Civic Holiday August 6 , Monday                
Labour Day September 3, Monday
Thanksgiving October 8, Monday        
Halloween October 31, Wednesday Not an official holiday
Remembrance Day November 11, Sunday          
Christmas Day December 25, Tuesday
Boxing Day December 26, Wednesday                        

Each year the annual holidays date page (such as this one) is the most popular page on this website and receives over 3000 visitors daily. Many visitors also send in comments about these holidays - if you have something related to share you can send it in on the forum page. We hope that this 2012 holiday calendar helps you plan the year better.

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