Alberta Statutory Holidays 2019 and 2020

Here is the list of stat holidays in Alberta that are different from the national holidays in Canada celebrated across the country.

  • Boxing day is not a statutory holiday in Alberta but many non-retail businesses treat it such.
  • Remembrance Day is observed in Alberta.
  • Family day, third Monday of February, is a statutory holiday
  • Boxing Day is optional - ask your HR department or boss about it
  • Heritage Day, first Monday of August, is officially not a statutory holiday but some people and businesses take the day off anyway. This is the equivalent of Civic Holiday in other parts of Canada.

Site usage stats and search history for the keyword "statutory holiday Canada" show that the residents of Alberta are more interested in learning about their stat holidays than people in other parts of the country. Albertans are also more likely to search for "Alberta statutory holidays" than other provinces for holidays in their respective regions.

Alberta statutory holidays for 2019 and 2020:

Holiday 2019 2020
New Year's Day
January 1
Tue, January 1 Wed, January 1
Alberta Family Day
Third Monday in February
Mon, February 18 Mon, February 17
Good Friday
Friday before Easter Sunday
Fri, April 19 Fri, April 10
Easter Monday *
Government employees only
Mon, April 22 Mon, April 13
Victoria Day
Monday before May 25
Mon, May 20 Mon, May 18
Canada Day
July 1
Mon, July 1 Wed, July 1
Heritage Day **
First Monday in August
Mon, August 5 Mon, August 3
Labour Day
First Monday in September
Mon, September 2 Mon, September 7
Second Monday in October
Mon, October 14 Mon, October 12
Remembrance Day
November 11
Mon, November 11 Wed, November 11
Christmas Day
December 25
Wed, December 25 Fri, December 25
Boxing Day *
December 26
Thu, December 26 Sat, December 26

* For banks and government offices only.

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