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December 31, 2009 , posted by fai ,

our office is close mondays, do we get paid for stats which are on mondays? we are not working on saturdays, do we get paid for boxing day?

I work in retail business and our companyis open every day of year except christmas day. I didn\\\'t work on the 26th (boxing day), but have to work on 28th Monday. Does Monday become the statutory holiday and if so what is the compensation for working on a stat holiday

after having read some of these posts I also find it odd that Rememberence day is only given to government employees while the rest of the province is scheduled to work. Clearly if the government is off then why should they make it a statutory holiday? there is no incentive since the government is off anyway. We have a lot to be gratefil for in this country and remembering and honouring those who have sacrificed so much so that we can be free deserve more then a select group of politicians and bank employees who stay home to watch tv while eating chips. I know this because I have friends who do work in government and at banks and they do take advantage of the day off to shop and chill out.

If an employee never works on a friday, do they get paid for stats that fall on a friday?

I work in an office, we are off on Dec 26, however we do work some saturdays. Does this enitle us to be off on Dec 28, as of now the office is open on Dec 28. If we are paid for boxing day, are we entitled for time & half on the 28th? thanking you in advance for some clarity

Does an employee have to work 3 months before they get paid for stat holidays

hi good evening!i just want to ask regarding about this coming christmas holidays;boxing day falls on saturday;as one of the nannies under the live-in caregiver program,are we entitled for the 28th as an exchange of the 26th statutory holiday?thanks and hoping for your answer...God Bless!

We are a sales office open from MON - Friday 8:00 - 17:00. Boxing Day (Jan. 26th), It falls on a Saturday this year. Do we have to be closed on the following Monday the 28th?

In Ontario, for 2009 Christmas Stats, (Dec 25 & 26) considering the 26th falls on a Saturday. Do employees receive both days of stat pay even if they don't work Saturdays?

I wonder what entitles Government and Bank employees to get Nov. 11 off whilst the rest of the province works - are we not the ones that pay govt. salaries - curious!! I don't understand the rationale. They should work like the rest of us!

if an employee works on a stat does he get 8 hours at reg wage then get 8 hours at 1.5 for working. Then anything over 8 hours do we pay 2 x ?

For 2010 my understanding was that Islander Day in PEI would be moving to the third Monday in February. CHAPTER 76 An Act to Amend the Islander Day Act (Assented to May 15, 2009) BE IT ENACTED by the Lieutenant Governor and the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Prince Edward Island as follows: 1. Section 1 of the Islander Day Act R.S.P.E.I. 1988, Cap. I-10.01 is amended by the deletion of the words “second Monday” and the substitution of the words “third Monday”.

Hello! Since Boxing Day is on a Saturday this year, and since it is a stat holiday in Ontario, does that mean we get Mon. Dec. 28 gets to be the holiday? Or, did we just not get lucky this year? Thanks!

For the 2009 Boxing Day - December 26, it falls on Saturday. According to the Canadian Statutory Holiday Rules, the preceding Friday becomes the day off. However, that Friday is Christmas Day. Should we give off December 24 or December 27 as the day off?

Thanks everyone for their feedback about spelling errors, they are being corrected as the comments come in! Cheers.

Obviously in Canada, there is a two-tier system. Rememberance Day should be a Canada-wide holiday and not cherry-picked province by province as to who gets to acknowledge this day. The government staff in Ontario take this as a paid day off, why is it the rest of the province are told to work on this day of observation. This is just not right and needs to be corrected immediately.

Thanks for the very helpful information in an easy-to-use site. I have just one request: Could you change "anyways" to "anyway," please? Thanks.

On behalf of I'd like to take a moment to remember those who gave their lives for our country. Let's hope that in the future mankind finds a way to live together in peace. Lest we forget.

What I do not understand what makes the people that work for the goverment special. Did our war heros only fight for them. I do not think so. Common Harper make it a stat holdiday for everyone to honor the fallen. Be like some of the other provinces.

I think it is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard, that the province that is home to our nation\'s capital does not consider November 11th, the day we hounour the men and women who have fought and died for our country, and still do!,important enough to be reconized with a stat holiday so that people may attend the many ceremonies around the province. I am now embarassed that I was born the the province of Ontario and happy that I have spent the past 30 years in British Columbia, where we do have November 11th as a stat holiday.

Why is Remembrance Day not a stat holiday in 4 provinces? I am in Ontario. What makes us any different than the rest of the country? We respect and honour our fallen soldiers too!!

Every year my whole family, from grandparents to aunts and uncles, all the way to my cousins and our kids, have a huge weekend long family reunion. We get a big group campsite and build tent city and spend the whole weekend partying and having fun. It has kept us close over the years and we all look forward to it all year. Seriously give it a try.

Hi I live in Alberta and I work at costco they are making us work on Remembrance Day and they told us that its not a stat holiday I have looked it up and its is in Alberta. what should I do?

As I have seen, and agree with,the fact that WE as CANADIANS, have stat holidays for CANADA as we are in CANADA,things that I and some of my forefathers have joined the CANADIAN forces to uphold, IF people from other country's want to observe there holidays THEN GO BACK to your country and FIGHT for your right's to have stst holidays. You people from other country's should be happy to be in a GREAT country such as CANADA. SO if you don't like it in CANADA go back to your own country!!!!

RE: In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday (except in NL, NWT, ON and QC) as it is in most other countries in the world where this day is observed on the national level. but on the list what prov. observes a stat day or, Manitoba is marked off as NOT have a stat holiday for Remembrance Day? Can someone clarify what provinces have a stat holiday for Nov.11?

Is boxing day a legal paid day off? What if it falls on a Saturday? Does the employee have the monday off?

re: Ahmadi's comment: if you wish to have a Muslim statutory holiday in Canada then why don't your country observe Canada Day or Victoria Day as a statutory holiday? This is the problem with immigrants: they come to Canada and EXPECT everything to be as it is in their home country; when will you realize that you are in another country and instead of demanding that we adjust to accommodate everything on your wishlist how about you make some adjustments yourselves and learn to speak proper English. You could start by learning this idiom: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

In Newfoundland and Labrador, Regatta is NOT a Statuatory Holiday, The first Monday is August is NOT a Statuatory holiday either. (

I have a question, can you send me the legislation that shows that Newfoundland and Labrador has 6 Statuatory Holidays. I have just visited the Labour Canada webpage ( they are listing only 5 Statuatory Holidays, can you explain? What is correct?

Great site. Very useful, well organized and easy to use. One small note: I found your information on 'cottages' in B.C. interesting (i.e. that they are more popular in Ontario, but B.C. is catching up), BUT...I've lived in B.C. all my 52 years of my life, and no BC'er calls their small summer home on the lake a 'cottage'. They are 'cabins' (whether they look like it or not). Cottages are in Ontario (and the U.K. I imagine), and with little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. Here in B.C. we definitely have CABINS. You might want to fix that, as B.C.'ers are reading that page and the cottage reference won't make sense to them. THANKS!!

I m surprising to see the list of the stat holidays .....its totally unfair that there is not Muslims Festival* EID * ( like xmas ) in the list. Country like canada must deal with equal rights and respect to each relegion.

On your Remembrance Day web page: The second paragraph reads "On remembrance day members of the armed forces (soldiers)...". Members of the armed forces are not just soldiers; Included should be sailors and airmen. Kevin Mooney, Surrey, BC

What year did Remembrance Day become a statutory holiday in BC and New Brunswick?

If you work Labor Day, you must be paid double time and 1/2. I ran a restaurant so I am familiar with this law in Ontario. If your employee does not work and stays home he gets paid as though he worked the entire day. He will get time and 1/2 if called into work, so when you combine the two it is technically double time and 1/2. Hope this helps. (smiles)

My employer believes that if you work on Labor day, you get paid time and a half. They believe that the laws are different for hospitality workers (I work in a restaurant) My co workers are insisting that you get paid double time and a half for working the holiday. My boss is giving the girl who brought this up a hard time, and I would love to know who is right!

The Yukon does also celebrate National Aboriginal Day. It is not just \'Provincial Holidays\' there are territories as well, don\'t forget. I would like to see in the future a updated Yukon territorial holidays. Thank you.

People! On the bottom of the forums page, just before you post a comment, there is a notice in BOLD LETTERS that clearly indicates that we can't and won't answer any questions related to legal matters and whether or not you're entitled to pay on any day of the year or not. You need to contact your HR department or the Government of Canada's Human Resources department. If you have problems understanding this then we have no sympaphy for you and may as well not get paid.

All other comments, feedback, etc. is welcome as always.

Thank you for your contribution to the Stat Holidays Discussion Board.

We employ a live-in caregiver. Is she entitled to the august 3 2009 holiday as a paid holiday? Please email me directly!

Thank you for the correction RE: civic holiday in Ontario. We have updated the site.

Just so you are aware the civic holiday in August is not classified as a sat holiday according to the governement of Ontario. Please update your site accordingly Thank you

I am a live in caregiver am i entitled to august 3,2009 civic holiday,i'm confused because my employer said i am not entitled for that

Does anyone know if a quebec resident, working in ontario qualifies for stat holiday pay for St. Jean Baptiste Day? thx

Can an employer force an employee to take all of his/her statutory holidays at one time. For example, if an employer does not need his caregiver for the month of August, can he force her to take her two weeks vacation and then to add on the statutory days to that totalling approx one month paid time off.

We took a survey of area industries and the majority are taking July 1st,some are taking June 29th and some July 3rd. Who knows what day we should take.

Canada Day is the only holdiday "July 1st" that is always held on it original date.

When July 1st falls in the middle of the week can it be worked and take of the Friday with out any legal complcations to the employer?

Is the August 4 /2009 a STAT holiday or not? Very confusing. Stat means Retail workers get paid. Civic .. we dont.

I refer to Remembrance Day. How cavalier of many people to discount this day. We enjoy the freedoms we have thanks to the many who fought in the two major wars, many dying at a very early age. What life did they have to enjoy for their efforts. Perhaps those who discount this day should do a little reading/research and discover the history of these wars and what we could have lost. Sadly, it seems like \\\\\\\"if you can\\\\\\\'t see it, feel it, touch it\\\\\\\" it wasn\\\\\\\'t worth noting.

Can our company take June 29th off instead of July 1st, for Canada Day?

Can anyone tell me what day the Canada Day holiday is going to be as it falls on a wedensday, will it be the previous monday or the folloing friday????????? thxs for the help

In regardds to your query about a day off before or after a holiday and how that effects your stat pay, your employer is incorrect. It used to be this way but was updated years ago. Check out your rights by searching \'Canada Labour Board\' on goggle.

You state that Civic Holiday-first monday in August-is a statutory holiday in Ontario. It is not according to employment standards. Do you have some info that the government does not have. If so, please email it to me. If not you should update your web site to disclude this date as a statutory holiday. Thank you.

I think a lot of you guys are crazy. Saying that Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday in Ontario. In fact, it shouldn't be a stat holiday anywhere in Canada. Holidays aren't celebrated for what their initial purpose was, they are just enjoyed as a day off. With kids having to go to school, and listen to the ceremony that they inevitably have every year, it teaches them why the day is there. Around 11 a.m you get to pause for a few minutes to remember the soldiers (or are supposed to), and that is far more likely to happen if you are at work.

My employer thinks that if I take a vacation day before (or after) a Statutory Holiday, that I am not entitled to the Stat pay. Is this correct? And where can I find information on this? Thanks.

Hi, I live in NL I work 39 hours a week am I still entitled to get paid for the stat holidays.

You have Rememberance Listed as an optional Holiday in NS. This is incorrect. In NS we have "The Rememberance Day Act." which states that unless your business can run with less than 3 employees, or you are performing a required service such as repair work to power, phone, or water services, then you are to be closed. I believe you need to re-label Rememberance day for Nova Scotia.

I was born and still live in Quebec. The St. Jean Baptiste public holiday is actually a "paid holiday" for every single salaried worker in Quebec, just like Canada Day, Labor Day, and Christmas. Any civil servant / bank worker must take the day off. Other than restaurant & retail workers, it is a day off for most working citizens. I wonder why you've listed it as "optional" rather than statutory.

Nope, Mother's Day is not a statutory holiday. Neither for government workers nor for anyone else. Especially that it falls on a Sunday every year...You have to wait 'till the May 2-4 weekend to get a day off.

hi there is mothers day considered as a holiday for Gov workers? thanx

IN response to Yukon who feels \"as a taxpaying citizen...\" When you get for not working on a stat holiday, the pay comes from your employer, not the government. Is your employer a small employer that perhaps cannot afford another day in which he/she pays the employee for not working? As for \"We all work hard...\" perhaps you do, but you shouldn\'t generalize like that.

Thank you Ken for your message. We have marked the Ontario Civic Holiday as an unofficial holiday, meaning it's not a statutory holiday where employees may not get a paid day off (we recommend that you check with your employer).

You have August 3rd, 2009 (Civic Holiday) listed as a statutory holiday in Ontario. This is not the case. It is indeed a civic holiday, but not statutory. As such, employees are not entitled to a day off or holiday pay.

Cool site.

Hi I work in Alberta and I am wondering if it is law that we get paid for family day in February? My employers say that we follow the federal holiday schedule, so therefore we don\\\'t get paid for it. Also, if we work in Alberta for a local company, do we follow a federal or a provicial holiday schedule? or is it up to the employer?

I feel that every Tax paying Canadian citizen should get the same holidays as the Government workers. With Easter Sunday being one of them, the Monday should be a holiday. If you do not get the Monday then you should beable to take the day off some other time. What\'s good for one is good for all!! We all work hard...

Rememberance Day should be a national holiday, over the century canadians have splilled their blood for all of us to have the freedoms we cherish. It\'s a disgrace that some have this time off to remember & others don\'t.

I understand that, traditionally, Sundays are days of rest, but for those who do work on Sundays, shouldn\'t Easter Sunday be a holiday? I\'m so disappointed that my husband won\'t be home to celebrate with us.

Please confirm if the August holiday is a stat. I don't think it is.

Hello! I am looking for a list of all holidays and special days within Canada. Is there an online calendar somewhere? Thank you for your help.

i'm wondering if easter monday is a a stat holiday...i read on canada website that easter monday is considered a stat holiday in most parts of canada except bc, so my question is does retail stores have to close, just cuz i remember working for a company who would close the fri & the I'm a bit confused, as to if a store should close or is it an option for easter monday?

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your feedback/correction. The Victoria Day page has been corrected.
This site is not operated by the Canadian Government, it is operated by one guy from Western Ontario...the government doesn't put ads on their sites:) They have other sources to make money - from us:)

It is incumbent upon the Government of Canada to take care when writing text for web sites, and indeed all official documents. On the link you have the following explanation... Victoria Day is also commonly called the May 2-4 weekend and it marks the unofficial start of the cottage season where 2-4 cases of beer is consumed by hard working Canadians. Cases is plural. The correct construc is cases of beer are... (But I do like your explanation...)

Manitoba now celebrates Family day on the same Monday in February, but I believe they call it Louis Riel day.

Ontario needs a long weekend in June! Start a petition.

How come BC doesn't have Family Day in February? I also think that all the provinces should be the same for all stat holidays they could be named differently but it would still be a stat holiday across Canada just like Christmas and New Years Day are....

Can anyone tell me why Ontario gets 10 paid stat holidays compared to Nova Scotia's 5? Something just doesn't seem right here. If the other holidays are listed as "optional" you can bet that most companies won't give the day off with pay. This really ticks me off. NS is getting the shaft.

Hi i am a truck driver based is calgary and my company is saying that ihave to work FAMILY DAY because my company is federal and the holiday is provincial,Do they still have to pay me or do i get the day off with pay?

Can anyone tell me which year Saskatchewan instituted Family Day as a stat?

Hi we are looking to verify if Islander Day in PEI which is listed as a statutory holiday is manadatory and must be paid to all employees. Including contractors. Thank you,

To quote you: "Civic Holiday on the first Monday of August is an optional holiday - provincially regulated employers are not required by law to give this day off. It's called Simcoe Day in Ontario." No it's not. It is a different name by municipality, not province necessarily. Wikipedia (for a change) has it right:

Greetings. I feel it is a disgrace that Ontario will not recognize Remeberance day as a holiday. Soldier fought for our freedoms to have unions, free choice jobs, and decisions. We recognize the labor force with a national holiday but not the men and women who gave their lifes for the these rights. Not acceptiable.

Hi Lyne,
Thanks for your comment. It seems like we simply 'forgot' to list Jean Baptiste Day on the 2009 holidays page.
It's added now.

Hi, I was looking at your 2009 Statutory Holidays in Canada table and was wondering why you don't list the St. Jean Baptiste holiday in Quebec on June 24th. Regards,

What happens in the case of December 26th/09 when it falls on a Saturday, does that mean the Monday is the stat holiday? Does the same apply to December 25&26 2010?

I live in Alberta, I just got my stat pay for the past 2 holidays and it was a total of 14 hours, shouldn't I have gotten 16?

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments and corrections! Your ideas/messages help us constantly improve the website.

Hello,I was alerted to your website today. I note your website has Victoria Day listed as a statutory holiday on PEI. This information is not correct as Victoria Day is not a statutory holiday on PEI. Please refer to the PEI Government Employment Standards website for more information or contact Robert at (902) 368-5552 for details. Many thanks,

Hi - The Civic Holiday is a municipal holiday, and so the name varies according to municipality within a province. In Ottawa, for instance, the holiday is Colonel By Day, not Simcoe Day.

PEI has a new stat holiday from 2009. It is Islander Day and is on the second Monday of February.

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