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BC Day is a civic holiday and it IS a stat holiday.

I worked Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year. How many lieu days am I entitled to for each? From Ontario.

I just started an office position in October. Only work a full day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Do you have a 3 month wait still got to get paid for stat days and how does the 2 days affect Christmas and New Years as trey fall on a non working Monday.

I work 2 to 3 part time shifts a week in retail. One of those shifts gets taken away from me because of the Stat Holiday. In 2017, there will be 2 stat days in one pay period. In which case I am only receiving one shift. Is this permitted in Ontario?

If I work in a call center, and work on remembrance day do they have to give me the holiday they told me because they are an inbound call center then it don't count.

Rememberence Day is a stat holiday in NL. Newfoundland and Labrador Govt. Monday, November 13, 2017 When the paid public holiday falls on an employee’s scheduled day off, the employee should be given off either the first working day after the public holiday or an alternate day off agreed to mutually by the employer and employee. This day will be paid day for the employee.

Both NS and NL observe remembrance day as a statutory holiday!

My company gives July 7 in lieu of Remembrance day. In their policy manual it says "will arrange to trade Remembrance day for the Stampede parade day if acceptable to its employees" I was hired after July 7 so did not the in lieu of day off. Am I entitled to the stat or not?

I was off for 13 weeks on full pay medical leave with a broken ankle I've been a full time employee with this company for 11 years and in this time there were 3 statutory I entitled to be paid for these days Thx scott

November 11/17 is a saturday. Do I have to give my staff Monday off because the stat is on a Saturday?

If Remembrance Day falls on a weekend, and the company is normally closed on the weekends, is the next work day given in lieu? If so, what is the pay schedule for employees who work that next scheduled work day?

I think Canada has Thanksgiving in the wrong month. I can't figure out how to Make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and still have the pumpkin for Halloween.

Which day is used when a Stat is on the weekend

Do most companies give employees a day off if the stat holiday falls on the weekend?

Why is Canadian Thanksgiving so early in October? Who is responsible for setting the date and why wouldn't the end of month be considered in cooler temperatures, in a much more appropriate time frame?

You have noted that BC day is not a real stat. This is incorrect. see below link

To get paid Statutory holiday do you have to work the day before and after? If I take a vacation day after the Holiday my employer thinks that is not working. I think that is incorrect. Everybody stretches holiday to save vacation time.

lets talk about new brunswick day , the website clearly state this is 1 of seven paid holidays, but your site says it is not , is goverment website correct or you guys? my boss does not pay us because they went on your site and read it was not . please clarify this..also starting 3 rd week of february there will be a new stat holiday, family day , clearly marked on government site , please rectify this argument i am currently in with my employees

My work shut down for the civic holiday on august 7th, 2017 we were not given the option to work and we were not given the holiday pay. Is that legal shouldnt my employer have to pay us for that day?

The entry for Canada Day 2018 is incorrect. While it is true that July 1st falls on a Sunday in 2018, the Holidays Act 1985 stipulates the following: Canada Day 2 (1) July 1, not being a Sunday, is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of "Canada Day". Marginal note:When July 1 is a Sunday (2) When July 1 is a Sunday, July 2 is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of "Canada Day".

The company that im working for operates mon-fri Is you're a full time employee with benefits and the stat holiday falls into the weekend we dont work on monday. And we get paid for that 1 day stat if the holiday fall on weekdays..we get the day off and paid holiday BTW i love in BC

Is August 7 2017 B.C. day a paid stat holiday?

You should update the stat holiday for 2018

We need more Holidays, life is to celebrate, we work hard enough , let us enjoy it a bit. It will be nice to have at least every month a day off.

Hi There. I am an employee of a company in Toronto who has businesses in Canada and U.S and the employees in the company work on all the businesses in various positions. Are we allowed to take Civic Holiday as a Paid Day Off?

Should we be paid for the Civic Holiday if the Employer chose to close the office?

I've been wondering why we (Canadians) don't celebrate Flag Day on February 15th?? Perhaps it doesn't rate a stat. holiday, but It never seems to be mentioned at all.

Boxing Day is a holiday in MB

Aug 7th Civic holiday includes MB Nov 11th Remembrance day includes MB

My question is regarding an hourly employee observing Canada Day Holiday. July 1 was a regular work day but she observed the holiday. Does she get paid for that day?

The company I work for does not recognize Easter Day (Sunday) as a stat holiday as it is not on the list you provide for Holidays. This company is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Could you please explain why if a holiday is on a Sunday why its not a stat.

work for the same company now for over 12 years since the owner changed they been cutting off paying stats i am working full time 40 hrs weeks that starts on sundays through thursday off friday and saturday any stats holidays that is not during my days of work they will not pay me is that legal

my employer will not pay me stats holiday for canada day causw she says it was on a saturday i dont work saturdays is that legal i work full 40 hrs weeks sunday to thursday and any holiday that is not on my working shift she wont pay me stats

When Canada Day falls on a weekend (Saturday) as it did this year, are employers required to give their employees another day off in leui of it (Friday or Monday)? We are trying to clarify this within our office

so why is it that mothers day is "Not a stat holiday" and fathers day is just "Not a holiday"

Is my employer responsible for paying me time and a half on Monday July 3 2017

If a business is regularly closed on Mondays and a stat falls on a Monday do the employees still get stat pay? Thanks

Canada Day falls on a Saturday this year. 2017. I get the Saturday off. Is that my stat? I always work Saturdays. Also, if someone works Mon - Fri and the stat is on a weekend, do they get an extra day off? Fri or Mon?

Good Morning, I wanted to confirm for Canada day this year since it falls on a Saturday. By law do we have to have the Monday or Friday off or is having only the Saturday enough?

My workplace in usually opened 7 days a week. So this year Canada day lands on a Saturday. We are closed that day however, by law, should we be closed another day? Or staff be given another day off? Thanks

What day is observed for Fete Nationale day on Quebec? Are they off on Friday and get paid for that since it falls on a Saturday?

what day are they putting the stat on for Remembrance Day? Firday or Monday. My guess is Monday.

hi, thank you for sticking up to Canada's cultural percentage makeup to Anon Aprils complaint. :) kam

Since the Canada day falls on Sat 1st July, Mon 3rd July is the official day off, should that not be paid as the stat holiday working? Don't tell me to go to HR as they keep stonewalling because they have a whole lot less people working on Sat Than they do Mon!

If an employee switches his/her shift prior to a statutory holiday, is the holiday still paid to the person who switched their shift?

I find it very offensive that you promote anti-agricultural sentiments on this page. The writer is pushing a personal agenda to not eat turkey - that is completely wrong. I am appalled. Please fix this immediately. This is a government web site and it should be neutral. This is on the same lines as discriminating against LGTB community. I am a turkey farmer and am appalled that you have allowed 1 person to try and destroy an industry.

I believe that Easter Monday should be a statutory holiday; instead of 'Good Friday'. It celebrates Christ's resurrection; not his death.

In response to the post by "Anon" on April 5, 2017: You must first understand that statutory holidays in Canada consist of a variety of cultural, nationalistic, and religious holidays. I imagine the same goes for any other country in the world. As of the last National Household Survey, Judaism accounts for just 1.0% of the total Religious makeup in Canada, whereas Christianity accounts for 67.2% of the Religious makeup of Canada (23.9% noted they did not practice any religion). This is why a country, that is predominately Christian, recognizes Christian holidays. The reality is, it's not discriminatory, it's reflective of Canada's religious makeup. You simply choose to see it as a personal affront to you. With that said, I'm willing to bet your employer would be more then happy to accommodate your religious holiday should you wish to take a day off. I would recommend you simply talk to your boss.

My place of employment is open on Saturdays for half a day. we as a staff rotate to work those Saturdays. with Canada days falling on a Saturday, what would be the law for a day off in lieu?

I am still confused your site indicates that Easter Monday is not a provincial stat holiday in ontario that is incorrect I just telephoned a Ontario provincial ministry and the office is closed today!

Is there a way to have Easter Monday as a statutory holiday? is there a formal process?

the 15 and 30 are my pay days. In April it falls on the Saturday after Good Friday should pay be made on the 13th?

What about other holidays for people who are not Christian such as Passover, Yom Kipur and Chanukah. This is complete discrimination and I am just as much entitled to a day off from work and or school to celebrate major holidays with my loved ones.

In regards to Canada Day this year falling on a Saturday, is it mandatory to give employees a regular work day off with pay?

If i work for a federally regulated company not in the government but in the transportation industry why do we not get Easter Monday off? And why do we not get the provincial holidays off as well?

My caregivers work on Easter Sunday. Is this considered a holiday such that I have to pay the day salary plus extra holiday pay?

My employer has asked me to work on Easter Sunday. I was wondering if I'm entitled to Time And A Half or Double Time? Thanks

To get pay for the stat holiday in Ontario do I have to be 90days employed with the company?

Note on your commentary for Father's Day (not a holiday) and Mother's Day (not a statuary holiday). There is a subtle inference that Mother's Day is an implied holiday nonetheless. Please treat Father's Day with the same feeling. Tnx

What are the requirements to be paid for a Stat Holiday in Ontario? I took some time off for a mini vacation (Feb 11 - 18) and now was wondering if I am entitled to be paid for Family Day

My husband hasn't been paid for his statutory holidays. He works for a logging company and wonders what's the law regarding this?

Canada this year falls on a Saturday. We are open 7 days a week and plan on closing Saturday July 1st. Do we have to offer staff who typically do not work on Saturday the Friday or Monday?

They should make Family Day a Federal holiday. Its too long in between from Christmas to the next holiday which is Easter. Days are long and i do think that everyone deserves this break

We have a small business where the employees select their working hours. None of the employees choose to work on Mondays which is the day that most statutory holidays fall on. Is there any ruling that says that if the employee never works on those days they do not have to be paid. Thanks

if I give permission for a staff member to take a day off on a Friday and Monday is a stat, do I have to pay that employee for the stat?

Why is the Civic Holiday in Ontario scheduled on Tue August 1st this year.... 2017 ?

July 1st, 2017 falls on a Sunday which is not a normal work day for me. Is my employer required to either pay me or give me a day in lieu?

Jan 1st 2017 was on a Sunday, so does that mean Jan 2nd 2017 which is on a Monday counts as a holiday pay as well?

Hi If you work Mon - Thursday 20 hrs a week in a permanent position do you get another day off if the stat holiday falls on a Friday.

Good Afternoon. Can we, as a company, elect to Observe Canada Day & Remembrance day on the Fridays preceding the actual Holidays? Many of our employees would prefer to do so.

you are missing a holiday for the nunavut on July 9 which is Nunavut day.. You can confirm this information on CRA web site (Canadian Revenue Agency)

Good morning, in 2017 Remembrance Day falls on a Saturday. On what day will the Statutory Day be taken, on Friday November 10th or Monday November 13th? Thank you, Jo-Ann Hébert-Jensen Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique

I have been working at the same job for 26 yrs I work every Monday 10 hour days when it is a stat holiday do I still get paid for my 10 hours.

why isn't Easter Monday and Boxing day statutory holiday in British columbia? is there a petition I can sign? I think we could use more holidays. In Europe they have lot more days off and also 4-5 weeks holidays after first year.

Yes! If any stat holiday falls on a weekend, the day prior (weekday) or day after (weekday) MUST be acknowledged by your employer.... In Ontario. If you're employed by a unionized company, it may differ. It may be incorporated within the week of shutdown. Most manufacturering companies do recognize the stat on the 2nd of Jan./17. If your day off was the Sunday, and you work full time, You may want to ask your Adminsitrator.

If Christmas is on a Sunday with the Boxing Day Stat on the Monday, is the Christmas Stat observed on the Friday before or the Tuesday after the 25th?

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