2020 and 2021 statutory holidays in Quebec

The following holidays are observed in additon to the national holidays in Canada.

In the province of Quebec either Good Friday or Easter Monday must be given as a paid statutory holiday, however many businesses will give both days.

Victoria Day coincides with National Patriotes Day.

Fête Nationale (St. John the Baptist Day) - June 24

Construction Holiday takes place during the last two weeks of July — while it applies officially only to the construction industry, many other Quebecers arrange to take their vacations during these two weeks.

Quebec holiday calendar for 2020 and 2021

Holiday 2020 2021
New Year's Day January 1 January 1
Good Friday * April 10 April 2
Easter Monday * April 13 April 5
Victoria Day
National Patriotes Day
May 18 May 24
Fete Nationale
Jean Baptiste Day
June 24 June 24
Canada Day July 1 July 1
Labour Day September 7 September 6
Thanksgiving Day October 12 October 11
Christmas Day December 25 December 25

* either Good Friday or Easter Monday is a holiday.

Employees of the clothing industry (excluding retail store employees) are also entitled to a holiday on January 2nd. This is not a statutory holiday so please check with your employer before making plans to take this day off.

Note that the National Patriotes Day used to be Dollard Day before 2003. Dollard was a colonial garrison commander responsible for the deaths of several hundred Iroquois. Now it is a day to celebrate the leaders of the 1837 Rebellion, such as Papineau.

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