Father's Day in 2020

Father's day is on the third Sunday in June. In 2020 Father's Day is on June 21.

Father's Day is an unofficial holiday to celebrate fathers around the world - although the date for celebration varies. It's an emerging holiday as it's celebrated in more and more countries nowadays as fathers are more and more involved in raising children and are recognized for their efforts.

Like many other holidays, however, this holiday has lost its real meaning over the years among the myriad of ads leading up to the 3rd Sunday of June. Online and offline we are bombarded by special offers to buy dad a smart phone, a home theater system, gift cards, golf clubs or clothing. It's a highly commercialized holiday - just like other holidays.

We encourage you all forget about gift cards, leather wallets and greeting cards that cost $ and spend time with your father instead. It's free. Take a walk. Talk. Reminisce. Tell him you love him. Give him a hug. As years go by both of you will fondly remember the great times you spent together on father's days, long after the gift card is forgotten.

Cheers to you, daddies!

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Posted by Darcy Drysdale :

I became the Father I wished I could of had , I treated my Son with respect, I raised him in the Church, I gave him the best education, and there hasnít been a day that has gone by, that I havenít told him that I love him , and given him a hug , my Son is now 31 , and I have no regrets.

Posted by Robert :

Let's remember dad's we're also involved with their kids by providing home and security, food, clothes, camp costs, maybe higher schooling, boundaries, a model of male responsibilities, taking care of mom so she could look after kids, etc. Etc.

Posted by Dad:

I don't want gifts. Just give me a hug every now and then. Worth more than beer or a new tie or BBQ gear and whatever else are the cool gifts according to Amazon.

Posted by Manny Lovas:

We didn't celebrate father's day when i grew up - it wasn't very common for fathers to be involved with kids beyond manly activities like fishing or riding a bike.

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