Boxing Day in Canada

In 2017 Boxing Day is on Tuesday, December 26th.

Boxing Day is a day after Christmas Day. It is called "Boxing Day" because - starting in medieval Britain - servants had a day off and would receive a gift box on this day.

I think Boxing Day should be a quiet day spent with family. There are plenty of shopping days in the year to spend your money but your kids grow up too fast.Anonymous visitor comment

There are many other explanations and theories about the origin of this day - which explanation do you favour?

Is Boxing Day a stat holiday?

Our readers often ask and leave comments to find out whether Boxing Day is a statutory holiday. It is a provincial stat holiday in Ontario only - in other provinces and territories it's not a statutory holiday. It is, however, a stat holiday for federally regulated workers and banks across the country.

Retail stores will open early on Boxing Day and you can expect large discounts and large crowds. If you don't like large crowds and parking lot battles then try shopping on the 27th - the majority of stores will still have discounts and a good selection of merchandise to choose from.

Share your holiday story, idea or comments

Share your Boxing Day traditions with us - what do you do on Boxing Day? Do you stay-in? Go shopping? Visit relatives?

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Posted by Zeke:

@Dan In any service industry the highest cost is salaries. It's normal. The percentage of revenue going to salaries at doctor's offices are 46% and daycare services are 51%!

Posted by Dan:

Do you know that over 50% that Ontarian pay in taxes goes towards the salaries of Ontario public workers. If I worked at a company where 50% of revenue goes towards salaries I would not be working.

Posted by Blinky:

This is in response to Edith Colpitts comments. Would you be willing to give up Remembrance Day as a stat holiday? I would think that the people in Ontario would rather have Remembrance Day as a stat over Boxing Day. My God some of you people's comments are stupid.


I read all the comments for all holidays.Very interesting info. Unfortunately it seems that the comments/stories are listed in reverse orders, i.e. newest first and oldest last. It would be nice if the people managing this site could set it up so the the oldest messages/ storied appears from oldest to newest, that way we do not red answers first without knowin the questions.

Posted by mike :

i live in California , and reading this makes me laugh, congrats to that proposal story and for those that complain about a holiday , relax!! lol , those business owners that cant afford the $5000 you lose in one day off, maybe you can raise your price or change some business aspects and try to profit more

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