Civic Holiday in 2019

In 2019 Civic Holiday is on Monday, August 5.

The Civic Holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of August and it's a public holiday in some provinces and territories. The civic holiday is not a statutory holiday although it's a day off for many employees across the country. Do you get the day off? Let us know.

The Civic Holiday is commonly referred to as the August long weekend. It is probably the busiest day on highways as tens of thousands of families go camping, to cottages etc this weekend.

It is known by many names in different provinces and municipalities.

It's called Regatta Day in Newfoundland, Terry Fox Day in MB, Saskatchewan Day in SK, British Columbia Day in BC, Natal Day in Nova Scotia and PEI, Simcoe Day in Toronto, New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, Heritage Day in Alberta and Joseph Brant Day in Burlington, ON. It is called Benjamin Vaughan day in the City of Vaughan, Ontario.

What is it called in your region?

If you can, take Friday off and leave for your holiday on Friday morning or Thursday night and come back Sunday morning or early afternoon to avoid mile-long traffic jams on Monday.

Correction sent in by a visitor: Civic Holiday is not called "Simcoe Day" everywhere in Ontario, only in Toronto. Each municipality that opts to declar the holiday can give it a unique name. It's called the "civic" holiday because it's the holiday that cities have authority to declare.

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What will you do on the civic holiday long weekend? What did you do last year? Do you have any good tips for others?

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Posted by Sheri:

In Newfoundland, the civic holiday is only called Regetta day in St. Johnís, where the long running sporting event has meaning. Other parts of the province do not refer to the civic day as Regetta day. Therefore I donít think you statement is correct for all Newfoundlanders.

Posted by Paula:

We did get the day off but when Heritage Day was made statutory our employer took away the civic holiday.

Posted by Rob York:

This is a state holiday in Manitoba

Posted by Paul:

Boxing Day should be a stutory holiday for everyone... the elected officials that our wages go towards paying make sure itís a stat for themselves ... I donít see why such discriminatory behaviour is still allowed and tolerated ... i am fortunate and receive this stat,but my wife does not so how is that bringing families together over the holidays ... this needs to be changed by the people we vote into office with the power to change ( and do not ).... shame on them for enjoying There families while we cannot

Posted by Deborah:

Why are you talking about August? The question is what do you do on Boxing Day & here in BC people are still confused as to is it a stat or not., well it's not unless you are union, bank, or government., So to work we minions go.

Posted by April Bailey:

I had no choice but to take it off. I missed a days pay. Working at minimum wage I cannot afford this. This should be statutory for every one.

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