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January 1, 2012 , posted by Jamie

I worked the week before Christmas 19th <-> 23rd. Had 25/26 off (as per stat day) And worked 27th <-> 31st. Had the 1st Jan off (as per stat day) I am scheduled to work this Monday the 2th <-> 6th Jan. My question is: with the 3 stat holidays that have passed, is my employer obligated to pay me 1.5x pay for them and how many hours should be calculated per the stat day? The week of Christmas would also push my hours past a 44hr week schedule with the 2 stats. Does this means I\'m also entitle to overtime pay?

You are no longer required to work the day before and after the statutory holiday as was previously the case in order to receive holiday pay. It is now based on your average day\'s earning during the previous 20 days.

I am not a goverment employee and I am wondering if I have monday off? I worked friday and my boss has told us we have to work monday.

can a company shut down for christmas break and not pay salary employees in bc?

I work at a coffee shop in a mall that is usually closed on Sundays. With New Years Day falling on Sunday this year, should we not be entitled to be closed on the following Monday? A few weeks ago the mall sent out a memo saying that the mall IS closed on Monday, Jan 2, however just yesterday a revised memo was circulated stating that we must be open for business. It doesn't seem fair.

couple of typos in your texts - \\\"emplyers\\\", Chirstmas\\\"

My wife worked Christmas day and was suppose to work boxing day as well but she honestly came down with the flu and has been in bed for the last two days. If she gets a doctors note can her employer still not pay her for the holidays?. Thank you

Boxing Day is a stat. holiday

You are entitled to 2 days off for Xmas & Boxing day.If they fall on the weekend (like this year) you can get the Friday & Monday or the Monday & Tuesday. There is no set date, its up to your boss. Most employers will give Monday & Tuesday but it's up to the employer and which day suites them and their holiday plans better.

As an employer, our normal work week we are closed Sunday and Monday. But open Saturdays. With Christmas falling on a Sunday do I pay my staff for the Monday even though we are already closed that day regularly?

If a shift starts at 8pm on Dec 24th, and ends on Dec 25th at 8am, does the employer have to pay STAT pay for the whole 12 hours? My employer is telling me that they only have to pay 12 hours at regular pay, even though 8 of the hours were worked on Christmas Day!

I live in Alberta. Do I have to be with a company for 3 months in order to get stat days? I'm working xmas, boxing day AND new years day and I'll be quite bummed if I don't get stats for any.

Is it an official in lieu of Christmas Holiday for Dec 28, 2011 in Ontario?

Hi, I have just been informed that I will be laid off as of December 29th. My question is, am I still eligible to receive statuatory holiday pay for January 1st?

If Christmas day falls on a Sunday. Does a company have to give the Monday off paid?

this year's holiday - you can be given Dec 23rd and Dec 26th off work or the 26th and 27th to cover Christmas day, and from my understanding you can be given either the Dec 30th or Jan 2 off work for New Years. Many companies that close for the work week of the 26th to 30th expect people to be back to work on the 2nd.

As an employer do we give our employees Monday, January 2, 2012 off with pay, because Jan. 1 falls on a Sunday? Ontario has nine public holidays: Follow the link and get informed, too many opinions (confusing) •New Year\'s Day •Family Day •Good Friday •Victoria Day •Canada Day •Labour Day •Thanksgiving Day •Christmas Day •Boxing Day (December 26). Most employees who qualify are entitled to take these days off work and be paid public holiday pay. Alternatively, they can agree in writing to work on the holiday and they will be paid: •public holiday pay plus premium pay for the hours worked on the public holiday; or •their regular rate for hours worked on the holiday, plus they will receive another day off (called a \"substitute\" holiday) with public holiday pay. If the employee has earned a substitute day off with public holiday pay, the public holiday pay calculation is done with respect to the four work weeks before the work week in which the substitute day off falls. Some employees may be required to work on a public holiday. (See Special Rules for Certain Industries later in this Chapter.) While most employees are eligible for the public holiday entitlement, some employees work in jobs that are not covered by the public holiday provisions of the ESA. To determine whether a job is covered, or if special rules apply, refer to the Special Rule Tool. The amount of public holiday pay to which an employee is entitled is all of the regular wages earned by the employee in the four work weeks before the work week with the public holiday plus all of the vacation pay payable to the employee with respect to the four work weeks before the work week with the public holiday, divided by 20. Regular wages does not include any overtime or premium pay payable to an employee. While some employers give their employees a holiday on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, the first Monday in August, or Remembrance Day, the employer is not required to do so under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA).

"my boss closes the store on every staytory holiday, is that right, can they do that?" What's a staytory holiday? :) If your boss closes up shop on days that are federally regulated to be non-work days then I guess that's OK. If your boss closed up on non-holidays they can still do that. Only they would make less money :)

New Year's in Monday Jan 2. If a holiday is a Sunday it will pushed to Monday and not brought forward to Friday.

Answers are posted by visitors - the same people who post the questions. Most visitors only post questions and never an answer even if they know the answer. This is called being selfish. I run forums on my sites too and sadly this is the case. C'mon people! Collaborate! Share!

Is the New Years Day Holiday on Friday Dec 30 or Jan 2?

In Quebec, what are the laws regarding giving a full-time employee days off during a work week in a retail establishment? Also, does one get paid in full for taking Sunday afternoon & Monday off at Christmastime this year (2011)?

my boss closes the store on every staytory holiday, is that right, can they do that?

What happens when civic holiday falls on a stat holiday in Ontario?

I see a lot of questions in here. Where are the answers posted?

re: sunny. i am a bookkeeper and payroll clerk, so i deal with this on a regular basis.. my office is also closed for the whole week but open again on monday the 2nd.. the employer has the option which day to give as a stat.. my company is giving paid time off for monday dec 26 (for cmas) and Friday Dec 30(for new years) the other 3 days are time off without pay.. and we are expected back at our regular shift starting January 2nd. so if you are a full time employee you don\'t necessarily get the monday as a stat, but you should get at least two days out of the week the office is closed with pay. my husband\'s company is giving the 23rd(friday) the 26th (monday) and the 2nd(monday) as the stats as they give 3 paid days off during the holidays.. so again, it depends on the employer, but you are entitled to at least 2 days off with pay. (also, this is only for hourly employees.. salary are just entitled to the days off and paid is implied by the nature of salaried employment.. if you are on salary you will not be entitled to 1.5x regardless)

how long after a so called infraction has occured does the employer have to write up the employee?

What are the rules for the two Stat holidays that are on a Sunday this year. If your office is open Mon - Friday and Sunday is a normal day off are employers suppose to give another day of in lue of?

In Southern Ontario where I now live and the UK which is where I am from, Boxing Day is and always will be a paid public holiday.

so ruth, if I work 10hrs per day, do I get 10hrs for the holiday

I use to work 8hrs/day, so when it landed on a holiday and if I worked I got time and a half - my 8hrs for which I worked and 4hrs then another 8hrs for the holiday (total 20hrs for that day), however if I did not work on that holiday, I would just get 8hrs for the holiday. My question is my shifts have been changed to 10hrs/day. So do I get 10hrs for the holiday or still just 8hrs?

Manitoba - Louis Riel Day Third Monday of every February

I work in a small office. It will be closed for the holidays from Dec 26 until Jan 1, 2012. My boss wants to open on Monday, January 2nd. I thought that i would be entitled to a day off since January 1 falls on a Sunday? If I have to work am I entitled to time and a half?

@ Ginger , If you worked 8 hours on stat. day you are supposed to get regular hours times 1 1/2 and you also entitled to get stat not worked. Ex. If your Total hours you worked is 80 hours. And you worked 8 hours on stat day. and your rate is 10 ,This is how it\'s calculated. 80 hours - 8 hrs(hours you worked on stat day) = 72 hrs X 10/hr = $720.00 stat worked 8 hours X $10/hr. X 1.5 = 120.00 plus, stat not worked - usually your regular hours you worked times 1 X 10/hr = 80.00 Total = 920.00

My employer wants me to work on Dec. 26 this year and Jan.2nd, 2012 at the regular pay. Since both stat holidays (Christmas and New Year\'s day) fall on Sundays, I thought the following days are considered as stat holidays... am I wrong???

I work for a Winnipeg trucking company,all company truck driver employees will be paid $198.85,for Dec 25th, Dec 26th, Jan 1st as is all holidays. regular days pay is 141.68 per day. If I'm forced to work on a stat should it not be 1.50 times regular pay, and a day in lieu is not offered, I have had to work the last 5 stats in a row, morning shift gets this day off, my work load is doubled due to no morning shift on these stat holidays as no one else, 2 working 4 hours later but they don't help me as they have deliveries to do. where do I stand as I'm requesting boxing day off,company said you get paid 198.85 as stat and now you work a regular 8 hours at 141.68 THIS DOES NOT SEEM FAIR hope to hear from you soon

I hate to tell you but New Year's Day 2012 is Sunday so will be observed on MONDAY not Tuesday. For 2013 it will be observed on Tuesday which actually is January 1.

Boxing Day is not a stat holiday. It is given as a holiday by a lot of companies but is not a stat.

Just wondering if you work more than the average 8hrs a day and that day lands on a holiday do you still only get the 8hrs? I work 10-12hr shifts everyday, so am I suppose to get 10hrs for holiday or is it max 8hrs?

You can have this (or any other page) translated to French - go to Google translate and paste in the URL

When New Year's day is on a Sunday then the day off is the following Monday.

What day is off when New Year's day is on a Sunday?

Would it be possible to get this page translated in french

Easter Sunday 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after spring equinox ONLY IN - Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador* *according to Trip Advisor website...

What about Easter? Easter Sunday that is...with all the 24/7 businesses where does Easter fall as far as a Stat or non stat holiday? You identify Good Friday and Easter Monday, which is helpful. Please clarify Easter Sunday. Thank you.

All the men and women who have give their time and risk their safety to enrich our world, only deserve two minutes of our time All the men and women who have come home wounded so we can have and enjoy the right to pray the right to speak and the right to an opinion, only deserve two minutes of our time Every family that has lost a loved one so our family could be safe, only deserve two minutes of our time All the men and women who have lost their lives in the name of freedom, those whose bodies where too mangled to identified and were buried under nameless crosses in an unknown field, only deserve two minutes of our time DISGRACEFUL! I have family in the military past and present and I am required to ask permission to be away from my desk in order to pay my respects

Years ago it used to be a holiday and the schools closed but most people who got the day off did not do anything to mark the day for the purpose it was intended and the school children simple looked upon it as a day to play so it made more sense to open the schools back up and hold services instead

It's sad to see our Veterans are not worth Ontario declaring Remembrance Day a holiday. It's no wonder we are raising a "me" generation. Our children should be taught to attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies and to have respect for the older generation and especially for those that have lost their lives to enable them to live so freely and without the cares of past generations.

My work says they don't have to pay christmas or new years day cause its on a sunday this year is this true? I live in calgary alberta.

It is discraceful that boxing day is a stat holiday but Veterans day is not...who do we complain to about this??

Remembrance Day November 11 each year should be a Statutory Holiday in ALL OF CANADA. We should all contact our Members of Parliament. REMEMBER THE PEOPLE WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!!!

Remembrance Day shoould be a Civic Holiday if not a Statutory Holiday to honor all who has died for us. If the Government both Fedreral or Provincila wanted to do something great should give those who have fallen the Hnor of a special day. This day would have been preferred over Family Day

So let me get this straight: don't kill a bird to feed your family; spend the money on beer instead??!! I don't really need a reply...

I have worked in a Grocery store since the end of August & they say Im not entitled to get paid for Remeberance days , they said I have to be there 3 months that dont seem right , I thought it was work 30 days there, & work ur Scheduled shift before & after I live on Prince Edwards Island is this right or wrong?

im workin in new brunswick doing roofing and the only holliday that i had payed was canada day. Can someone tell me if im geting riped off or is this legal?

Why isn't Rememberance Day not a holiday in Ontairo. Is it not a part of Canada. Kind of makes it disrespectful in some ways. That's may thought.

Victoria Day is a statutory holiday, but remembering our young men and woman , on \"Remberance Day\" ,who died in war for Canadians and Canada is not!!! That is simply foolish and disrespectful to our young war dead. cdb

Christmas is on a Sunday this year , is it still a paid stat if you don't work on Sundays?

What is the number of days a new employee must work prior to receiving Statutory Holiday pay in Ontario?

Just a thought, but you may want to check this page for typos and grammatical errors.

RE: September 23, 2011 , posted by Gord MacLean , If you were employed in Ontario and worked your scheduled shift before and after the holiday, you are entitled to pay regardless of how long you were employed. It is based on your previous 4 weeks of work. Total hours of work in the 4 weeks preceding the week of the holiday divided by 20.

I started a job with a non-union company in August of 2011 and worked there for2 months. When my hours of work became so sparce I was forced to find other employment,so I did and I quit . When I reacived my pay stub I noticed they had not paid me for the stat holiday (Labor Day). When I questioned them on this they claimed I was not elegibile becuase I had not been there long enough, is this corect.

Our office staff work 8.5 hours a day and get paid for 8.0 hours a day. So basically we do not paid for lunch. I can appreciate this. But when we have a Statutory holiday are we not entitled to 8.0 hours pay for that holiday? Where we work they keep trying just to pay us for 7.5 hours. Can anyone help me out here and let me know what we are entitled to?

I live in Ontario and have been a fulltime dispatcher for over 2 years. do i qualify to get paid for the labour day holiday if my holidays fall on it I worked the week before and then the holiday fell on the following monday. do i get paid for it. and do partime employees get paid for a full 8 hours?

I see a lot of questions here and no answers which doesn't make for a forum, LOL. So, here are some quick answers. For accurate information you must access your own province's employment standards web site. Go to Different provinces have very different rules - just compare Ontario to BC, for example. Claire wrote on Sept 1 about wanting time off and employer said not qualified for another year - employer was talking about vacation period, but you are basically asking for a Leave of Absence which your employer has the right to refuse. You of course always have the right to quit if that suits you. Amber said she gave notice and a stat falls before her last day - if you were eligible to be paid for the stat, you will be paid. Susie was told that because she did not work the Friday before the holiday, she was not eligible for stat pay - however, in Ontario, if you work your last scheduled shift before the holiday and your first scheduled shift after the holiday, you are eligible for pay - since she was not scheduled to work on the Friday, she would still be eligible for stat pay. There was a question about a company asking employees to vote on which stat days they wanted to observe - yes that is allowed if all agree. Another question was if you are not qualified for stat pay, and you work on the holiday, do you get time and a half - no you do not get any more than your regular pay. Another question on calculation of how much stat pay you get - in BC you are entitled to an average day's pay which is calculated by taking the total wages earned in 30 calendar days before the stat divided by the number of days worked. Please people, refer to your provincial employment standards web site for your answers.

Hey, I work 24hours in my job a week and I\'m wanting 2 weeks off but they say I don\'t get any time off until I have worked for a year. I don\'t want paid time off I just want 2 weeks off to go home as I\'m on a working holiday visa. Is this legal because I know it definitely is not in the UK, and how would I go about getting this time off?

I am putting in my week notice to my employer, a holiday lands between (2 days prior), do I get paid for the holiday?

I work in Ontario.I am going to take vacation from Sept.01 to Sept.05 (Labor Day). I will be back to work on Sept.06. Could I get pay check for Labor Day because I will be off on Friday(Sept.02)? I heard from my friends that if someone is off on Friday, he will not get Pay for Monday which is public holiday. Is this true?

Why some holidays are \"For banks and government offices only\" which indicates on bottom of Alberta Statutory Holidays 2011 and 2012. Is Canada\'s Constitution based on \"Equal Oppertunities, Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities\"? So, why are some holidays only for banks and government offices? Why are those people so \"special\"?

Hi, Just wondering why Remembrance Day is not ticked as a stats Holiday in NL yet when I go to Printer Friendly version or PDF it is?

August 1st - Saskatchewan Day is a government legislated Stat Holiday. Please correct this on your site. You can check with Saskatchewan Labour Standards to confirm this. This is misleading many people and people are not getting paid for a stat holiday.

If an employee has worked 15 of the last 30 days they are entitled to stat pay, my question is if they only worked 15 days for a total of 120 hours do you divide by the 15 for average time worked, or by 22 if that was the number of work days in that period if they were to be full time?

My husband is working for a company that is saying they are going to have the employees pick and vote for 5 out of the 11 stat holidays allowed and have them work the rest. Is this allowed?

I have read the notes on stat holidays and i totally understand that you have to work 15 out of the 30 days to qualify for stat pay but can you tell me if you work on that day regardless of working the 15 out of 30,you must get paid out at time and a half?

It looks like the first Monday in August (civic holiday) is NOT a paid holiday. Employers do not have to pay this day. Refer to:,gen-holidays-after-april-30-07,factsheet.html

I am working 6 to 7 hours a day but my employer is not paying me for the statutory this mandatory?

I have a question if you are a salary employee and your reqular day falls on a stat holiday are you entitled to another day off in lieu of..

Just added 2012 holidays - the page is accessible from the top menu bar!

BC Day is August 8th, not August 1st for 2011.

when are 2012 stat holidays to be posted?

I am on salary, but I am not management, I worked Canada day. do I get double time and a half or am I to get a day off instead?

As far as I knkow, Good Friday has always been a holiday in Ontario. As far back as I can remember and I am 73 years old.

I asked to have Canada Day off and was told I couldn\'t have it(I would get double time and half if I work it) but was instead told that if I did want that day off I would have to cover the following Sunday shift for someone else. Is this right? Am I not entitled to have it off with normal pay and not have to cover someone else\'s shift?

I work part-time. One of my steady days is Monday. If the stat falls on a Monday should I be paid for that day or does the 15 day within previous 30 days still apply to part-time???

I think we should get a holiday each month of the entire year - some employers live to work, the rest of us work to live. We want more time with our families. Shame on those who only offer 2 weeks annual vacation and further shame on those who calculate by fiscal instead of calendar year - you are cheap, cheap, cheap.

my off day are Monday and Tuesday,May 23 was a STAT for who is not off at monday, i should have Wed off but company schedule me to work, on the paycheck, i got 40 hrs regular hour and 8 hrs STAT pay,all regular rate , is it correct calculation?

It would be nice if they would add Saskatchewan Day to the list on the first Monday of August. Just as they list St. Jean Baptiste Day, Easter Monday , Islander Day, & Boxing Day.

I agree with Aug, and Veterns have said that its important for Rememberance day is not a stat holiday because it keeps kids in school so they can learn about the important role our Vets and others around the world played.

I work for a large retail company, my reg day off was monday which was Victoria day, so my manager gave me saturday off as my stat day but I had requested that saturday as a personal leave day way back in January. I was feverish thursday night and had to call in sick on the friday. Can i lose my stat day or should it fall on another day because of the PL day.

Regatta Day in Newfoundland is the first Wednesday of August, not the first Monday.

Must a company post the stat holiday prior to it being observed?

Greetings! I was looking for the official date of Victoria Day and followed a link from the Canadian Government site to your site. I found that your two definitions of the holiday differ from each other: Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 24. Victoria Day: Monday preceding May 25th The definition from the Canadian Heritage site matches the second definition above: An amendment to the Statutes of Canada in 1952 established the celebration of Victoria Day on the Monday preceding May 25. Regards, Kevin Ahern Campbell, Calif., USA

rememberance day is observed in ontario i beleive.

JP makes a good point- Teachers and students are excluded and all others should have the day as a stat.

I strongly believe that remembrance day should NOT be a stat. holiday. If children attending school had the day off they would not be observing the importance of the day - 2 minutes of silence at 11am etc. Making it a holiday would make it just another day off school.

I strongly believe that both Remembrance Day and Easter Sunday should both be made statutory public holidays.Easter Sunday, the same as Christmas Day, are both Christian holidays; so if Christmas Day is a public holiday (and we get an additional day off if Christmas falls on a weekend)what is the difference? To Christians both days are important holidays. The government employees get both days off.But it is not fair to others. As for Remembrance Day, it is also not fair to the non public sector to have to work on on this day; after all other provinces (except Ontario and 2 other) have the Remembrance Day off. It definitely should be made a public holiday for all provinces.

Am I remembering right? As I recall, Ontario public schools used to get Easter Monday off, not Good Friday. When did it change?

Easter Monday is not a federal statutory holiday. Check for correct list.

I work for a retail chain and although the store is closed on Easter Sunday, those employees who would normally work on a Sunday are required to do their shift regardless. I know that Sunday isn\\\'t a stat holiday, but i was just wondering if there\\\'s anything in labour law about choosing not to work that day (if that is indeed an option). Or to be given the opportunity to move shifts around so that those wanting/needing the Sunday would have that option. Does the employer have an obligation to make employees aware, if that\\\'s the case? Thanks for any feedback.

Just reading all the comments about wanting more Stat holidays....etc. etc. Have just read our local newspaper where we in retail jobs are hanging on to our present stat holidays by a thread....\'one step closer to statutory holiday shopping exemption\'. In other words a large percentage of the population wont even have these stat holidays that we have at the moment and if you think for one minute that you will be able to apply for the job position and expect the stat hols....forget it, you wont get passed the interview. It all makes me so mad....unions evolved to make the working mans life better, better hours, better life, more time to be with their families amongst other things.....where are we going? We are reverting back to where we have come from.

It seems that eventhough stores are closed on Easter Sunday, there are many business that continue as usual on this day. Convenience stores, gas stations, call centers, to name a few. It is then safe to say that many people are required to work on this day. I believe that Easter should be a statutory holiday for people who are required to work on this day or compensate by having Easter Monday a statutory holiday in Ontario. It seems to me that eventhough Government business are closed on Easter Sunday, they also provide their employees with a holiday on Easter Monday, in Ontario.

What is the deal with Easter Sunday? All stores and businesses seem to be closed but it is not on the list of holidays???

We have a part time employee who has another part time job at a different office. She does not work the amount of days before a stat holiday that is required but my question is do the days and hours she works at the other office count some how? I didn't want to tell her she was not eligible for stat holidays until I checked. thank you Lisa Kennie

On your stat holidays in Canada page you are missing BC Day. On the BC holidays page the discription for when BC Day falls is listed as the first Monday after the first Sunday in August. For 2011 August 1st is the first Monday is August (therefore not after the fist Sunday of August)....I\\\'m confused. Thanks

As per Canadian Constitution, all Canadian Citizens have "Equal Right", "Equal Opportunities" and "Equal Responsibilities"; WHY ON THIS WEBSITE FOR SOME STATUARY HOLIDAYS ARE "FOR GAOVERNMENT AND BANKS ONLY"???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't St. Patrick's Day a holiday in NL? Thank you

Why is it the only response you post on the main page is a negative comment about making Remembrance Day an official Stat Holiday. Look at all the Stat holidays and tell me why the rest are more important than respecting the people who have died fighting for our freedom.

Hey there, PEI also has Family Day as a STAT. Thought you may want to update.

If I am a part time worker and I work only 4 hours on a holiday, do I get 1.5 for the holiday and then another 8 hour day off with pay?

I think it is very sad that the government doesn't recognize that our fathers, grandfathers, gave up so much for our freedom. Rememberance Day should be a statutory holiday for all of Canada.

As a Canadian I believe we should observe Rememberance Day as a Holiday our ansesters fought for our rights to be free and we just dismiss this as a holiday.In my opion it is more important than family day the gov gave family day because it was to long between holidays please Rememberence day it much more important I think it is being passed by because they are to many ethnic groups who don\\\'t care about it. As for Family Day? It should be family day every day. Since when does a family need a a special day other than the Sunday, which was to be the actual resting day and family day of the week and not the year? If we absolutely need another holiday day in the spring, call it the Personal Day.

Re- Fed up. He talks of biting the hand that feeds it.The employee is not getting a hand-out, but works for it. If the employer was not getting his money's worth, the employee would not be working.Everyone knows that the majority of the Offshore products are inferior, yet they dont mind fleecing the customer, but call the employees whiners. The employers are the whiners. It is like the pot calling the kettle 'black'

Remembrance Day should not be a stat holiday....another drain on employers. Employees would not observe it as such.

Just wanted to comment on Fed Up. Do you realize that in Asia and Europe, they have more time off than we in North America? I work hard for my money. I don't whine about working. And I am not uneducated or ignorant. The statements that Fed Up makes shows a level of ignorance on their part. To think that it is too much to ask for a long weekend every now and then is ignorant. Fed Up sounds suspiciously like an employer. And to call all citizens of this country "a bunch of whining spoiled children" is disrespectful and down right rude. Consider that in many European countries there are 4 day work weeks always and the workers get a month off each year, then Fed Up's comments border on stupidity. It seems that Fed Up is doing more whining than anyone else I have seen.

As a Canadian I believe we should observe Rememberance Day as a Holiday our ansesters fought for our rights to be free and we just dismiss this as a holiday.In my opion it is more important than family day the gov gave family day because it was to long between holidays please Rememberence day it much more important I think it is being passed by because they are to many ethnic groups who don't care about it.

RE: FED UP I would never consider most Canadians to be lazy,ignorant whinning spoiled children. Yes there are those who are but they are the minority. As for taking employers to court, the Ministry of Labour won\\\'t touch and issue unless there are grounds to do so. Outsourcing\\\" of Canadian jobs is stickly for corporate profit. Why would a company close prodution in Canada & outsource to China when they\\\'ve increased profits from the previous year by double digits? Yes it happens all the time!! It\\\'s pure greed. Lets outsource to China & make even MORE MONEY!! Who cares if they have a dismal human rights record?? Who cares if they make inferior products. Look at the Matel issue a few years back. It\\\'s all about the money!!!

HI This Christmas Day falls on a Sunday and I wanted to know what most companies are doing with regards to the day they will observe this Holiday?

I whole heartedly agree with January 1, 2011, posted by tb , Tim, the last poster, Citizens of this country are a bunch of whining spoiled children, the people do not know what hard work is, we live in a false economy, people are more and more uneducated and ignorant, they want their days off, stat holidays, severance pay, overtime pay, sick days, on the backs of others that they call evil. Employers are taken to labor boards and courts and being treated like criminals by employees for petty reasons, but the fact that that the employer has given them a job and a means to support themselves and their family goes unnoticed and un-thanked by these spoiled people. Biting the hand that feeds us has become the norm, so the hand that feeds moves to more friendly territory, i.e. china, Mexico etc. and the whiners and lazy asses here in this spoiled workforce can stay home and complain about being unemployed because the evil employer will not give them jobs on their lazy union terms because they will have taken the show to another country where people appreciate their jobs. Civic Holiday on the first Monday of August is an optional holiday - provincially regulated employers are not required by law to give this day off. It's called Simcoe Day in Ontario. Just because Toronto passed a bylaw naming the holiday "Simcoe Day" doesn't mean it has that name throughout the province. In Newmarket, where I live, it remains "Civic Holiday".

Rememberance Day in Canada.....what does it mean ? 2 minutes of silence at 11 am. to remember and pay respect to all the Canadians (and allies) that fought for freedom (in other countries no less) on foreign soil and all our continued support of peacekeeping on the planet......or should it stand for more than that ?? Don\\\'t want to have a holiday just to have a day off, but to truly reflect on HOW we got to be where we are and that respect should reflect more than 2 minutes......everywhere across this great country and across all races and religions, whether you are a 10th generation Canadian or a first generation Canadian...

Salaried employees that work a four day week (9.5 hrs/day)Monday-Thursday....What happens when there is a stat holiday that falls on a Friday? Do they get paid?

I gave 2 weeks notice to my company of which the last two days were January 1st and 2nd, both holidays. I was, however, paid only until December 31. Is this correct under the labor law. I did follow up on a number of handover tasks in the last two days via e-mail.

I was just wondering about the Islander Day holiday for PEI. On your site it states for 2011 that it's to be Feb 14th (the 2nd Monday of Feb). On other sites it states that the Islander day holiday is Feb 21st. Did the Islander Day holiay change from the 2nd Monday of the month to the 3rd. I am trying to schedule office closures.

When christmas day fall on a weekend, and the stat. holiday is Monday, if you work on the Monday shouldnt you receive double for that day? Thanks N.L

Jan 3rd was not a stat; but since the stat fell on a weekend; if this is your regular day off you must be offered a lieu for the stat..being the Monday Jan 3rd

Ontario stat holiday is not called simcoe day everywhere - that's only true in a few regions. Guelph, it is called John Galt day - and other regions have various names for it. Oshawa named it stephen colbert day one year, I believe.

January 3rd is confusing. Banks are closed, Canada post is closed, the TSX is closed but schools are open. Canadian holidays must be one of the most confusing in the world. Federal holiday. Provincial holiday. Statutory holiday. Yada yada, greerrrrrehh :)))

Dear Peter, I'm not a vegetarian, nor do I want to convert anyone to be one. What the "turkey comment" is really about is that most Canadians forgot the true meaning of thanksgiving and instead of sincerely "giving thanks" we make this day a party where eating a turkey is considered the norm and during dinner we don't even go as far as giving thanks to the turkey that gave its life (involuntarily) for us. I'm not against eating meat. I'm not against eating a turkey. I am however, against not giving thanks on the day of thanksgiving. And also against people who compare myself to Islamic fundamentalists for no good reason.

While I found your website useful, I think the anti-turkey comments were not needed nor helpful. You are welcome to your opinion. I don't feel any need to change vegetarians. Why do they feel the need to change omnivores? It shows intolerance and disrespect for others. Your feelings of superiority are best kept to yourself. Drinking beer instead of eating turkey is an absolutely stupid suggestion that shows a lack of thought on your part. fortunately, I did not go to your site for culinary advise. We all have strengths and flaws. The need to make everyone else be just like you is a flaw. The islamic extremist terrorists that plaque our planet have this same flaw. Do you really want to be like them?

Regarding the Civic Holiday, this has a different name in each municipality. Where you say "known as Simcoe Day in Ontario" that's actually specific to Toronto. In Guelph it's known as John Galt Day for instance. Cheers

So many questions. So few answers.

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