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Hello, I have worked Boxing Day, today (New Years Eve) and i'm working tomorrow (New Years Day). Do I get time and a half for any of these days? Thanks.

I would like to know how much is paid on new years eve? double time o time and a half? My other question is, i am working in two stores same company but two different incomes. I do get two different paid checks, but because of boxing day and chsitmas day being paid holidays, would i get paid holiday pay fom both stoes?

Germany and France have 30+ vacation days. Denmark - 25 days UK - 25 days paid time off

Good day, My query is regarding the January 2nd holiday? It would appear that my workplace is either unaware of the recent Québec statutory holiday, or they are simply not advising me that they will be compensating me accordingly. I am scheduled to work on January 2nd 2014, but I have not been advised as to whether or not I will be remunerated time & 1/2. As is customary upon working a statutory holiday right? Can you please advise me as to whether it is optional for an employer to either provide their employees with the statutory holidays of the 26th Dec. &/ Jan. 2nd? Or is January 2nd meant to be a Québec Statutory holiday in its own right? Please advise. Thank you.

Whoever in our BC Government decided that family day should be the 2nd Monday every February screwed this up! As we are next door to Alberta, they should have co-ordinated with their already established Family day many years ago!!! Ie Monday Feb 10 in BC and Monday Feb 17 in Alberta. At least that way we can visit family in both provinces! Shame on you Christy Clark, more thought should have gone into this statutory FAMILY day!!!

I think it is shameful that Boxing Day is not a Statutory Holiday in B.C. Bah Humbug Canada.

We don't use the same format in the 2013 and 2014 pages because the pages are now responsive (look good on mobile devices) and the old format won't fit on the small screens well. We will look into changing this. Thank you for your feedback!

I love the new look of the site, though, I miss the comparative view shown in your "Past Holidays" pages: Why don't you use the same format for the current and future years ex:

i am employed with a bookkeeping company in Grande Prairie, Alberta for seven months now and have every wednesday off. This year Dec 25th and Jan 1 are on wednesdays do i still get paid for those two stat holidays?

My boss closes the office for 2 weeks over Christmas. I am full time and only get 2 weeks paid vacation, which I have to use during summer closure. Is this allowed?

If u take vacation and vacation pay are they considered part of your 15 days worked

PEI does have Victoria and Thanksgiving Day as a Stat holidays. Can you please correct this on your page? The 2014 list isn't up yet but I am including the government link for 2013 for validation.

"Are you American or something?" No, but please note the difference between a statutory holiday and a public holiday. A statutory holiday is regulated by law, while a public holiday is often considered optional. More often than not a public holiday is observed but different regulations apply.

Victoria Day, Civic holiday in Aug, Thanksgiving, and Remembrance Day are, in fact, stat holidays for Nova Scotia. And Boxing Day is a National holiday. Are you American or something? Perhaps you need a difference source to get your information from.

Hi there, A lot of these are incorrect. I see a lot of holidays, Remembrance Day for one, that says NS doesn\'t observe it but we do. Not sure where you get your information from but you may want to consider a different source.

Christmas Eve should be a stat holiday in my opinion!

Christmas Eve should be a stat holiday in my opinion!

You have Rememberance Day listed on your website as Monday Nov 11th 2014 when infact Nov 11th is a Tuesday in 2014. You might want to update your website to reflect

Just want to point out that you have made an error in listing 2013 Ontario Family day. Should be Monday Feb 18

My boss is making us work boxing day. We are in Ontario and not retail (manufacturing). Is boxing day not a stat holiday. Why do we have to work it. Is it against the law for the boss to make us work it. What do we do in this case?

I work 3-5 days a week have been employed for 3 months and yet didn't receive stat. pay for thanksgiving or remembrance day neither did any of my other co-workers (no time and a half for actually working on these days)-- we don't get breaks either nor do we get paid for the extra 15-20minutes/day we stay which adds up over time...I know if I say anything I'll probably just get replaced by somebody else as this is just a minimum wage job- makes it kind of worse, I get paid very little and am made to work that extra 15-20 minutes for free ontop of missing out on stat holiday pay that I know I am entitled to....sigh

Re: Alberta General Holiday list. I see that I have mis-interpreted the legend so please disregard my earlier question :)

Your page listing general (statutory) holidays for Alberta is a little confusing. It lists that November 11 is a holiday for government and banks only, however, under the Government of Alberta HR website it lists November 11 as a general (statutory) holiday.

If your boss isn't paying you then you can contact the Ministry of Labour (if you are in a Union, than your Union steward)

Who can I contact if my boss isn't paying me for stat holidays

Thanks everyone for sending in corrections - we make updates on an ongoing basis. Some changes that are for past holidays will not be made as quickly since it's no longer as important as it is for future holidays.

Tracey: I believe you can switch Canada Day to Monday at your business but only if all of your employees agree. You can't make anyone change stat holidays but if you get agreement from your workers than you should be fine.

Hello, I am writing as a concerned citizen. I noticed that Father's Day is not considered an official holiday. This is outrageous. Fathers all around Canada have given this country their blood and sweat to continue repopulating what once belonged to the Native population. KONY2012 Regards, Wilfred Jenkins

I have a small business with 14 staff. I noticed that Canada Day stat for 2014 is on a Tuesday. Can I give my staff the Monday off instead and stay open on the Tuesday?

In Ontario, I believe that the Civic Holiday on the first Monday in August is a stat holiday. Your spreadsheet does not have it ticked.

For 2013, Newfoundland, On the downloaded version of your holidays, shouldn\'t Remembrance Day be listed as a stat holiday as it is listed on your main web page.

People or place that do not take time for rememberance day are people that do not apreciate the sacrifice many people did to allow us this buitifull free country we live in CANADA SHAME ON THEM

The Federal Government should make Remembrance Day a National Holiday across Canada so everyone has the opportunity to pay tribute to our war veterans and the men and women in our Armed Forces who continue to serve and protect Canada.

I was not aware until recently that Ontario does not recognize November 11th as a Statutory Holiday. Unbelievable that they hold the very impressove remembrance day ceremony in Ottawa in honor of our veterans when most Ontario residents would not be able to attend as they have to work. Shame on you Ontario!

The holiday matrix does not show Boxing Day as a BC Stat Holiday.

If only we could remember and not repeat. It would be beneficial for all of us if we took, say an hour, to become mindful of what Remembrance Day is all about. To recall all those young people who fought and many who died for us. To wear a poppy - a very Canadian experience as it is not done elsewhere. Think about war and how we must stop feeding the tank. And give a moment of grace to those involved in wars right now. While we are fairly safe in Canada it would be brilliant if we could find world peace without resorting to war again and again. If only we could remember and not repeat.

You say: "In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday (except in NL, NWT, ON and QC) etc etc" But IT IS a Holiday for Fed employees like myself in Ontario. You are wrong. There are 6 public holidays throughout the year. These are: New Years’ Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day (Canada Day), Labour Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day.

I think Canada should make remembrance day a holiday. it is shameful that don't. these men and women fight and die for our country and we don't even honour them with a holiday.

Hi, I have recently been hired by Wal-mart Canada. I ahve also found out they do not give the August stat or boxing day stat. I am not familair with retail and how they work stats and would like information on this. If I work Boxing day do thet need to pay me? I am Monday to friday and on a salary..Any help information would be great. Thank you

I start work on October 7, 2013. Would I be entitle to pay for the Thanksgiving statutory holiday?

why does British Columbia have 10 statutary holiday, and Nova Scotia only has 5??????

Is thanksgiving a statutory holiday? most of my web search do not have s straight answer, I want to make sure, because I want to park my car on a meter for free for the day

How is it that I cant shop or visit retail malls on thanksgiving or boxing day? The folks working in these placea are forced not to work and do not get any compensation for it because its not a stat? In New Brunswick I can not shop on either of these days because the stores, as well as every other busniness is closed...can somebody explain?

Jimmy: Search online for "Labour standards act" - there is a different act for each province so find the one for where you live. The Act includes in detail all your rights as an employee.

I work for.non union company. They made a mandatoey shift for thxgiving oct 14 2013.i want to know my rights because I dont wanna go in

The Canadian government should be ashamed of itself for not making Remembrance Day a stat holiday across the entire country. If there was going to be only one stat holiday a year it should be Remembrance Day. This day is more important than Christmas!

Optional holiday means that the holiday in question is not a federal holiday in that province or territory. In the case of the Atlantic Provinces thanksgiving is not a federal holiday. Just like remembrance day is not a federal holiday in Ontario but it is elsewhere in Canada.

What do you mean by optional holiday because in our policy Thanksgiving was always a statutory holiday now reading this you saying it's not. Thanks Darla Dunston (Little Tykes Learning Center) 120 Lorne st Moncton, NB E1C 0J3

for NWT and NU they celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21st. In 2014 this day falls on a Saturday. In the past our company has provided this as a paid day off. If we wish to continue in 2014, would be be customary to provide the next working day off (Monday) or provide the closest working day off (Friday)?

Hi. I was checking the 2013 Stat Holidays for NL. It shows a check mark on the main screen for Remembrance Day. However, for the Printer-Friendly or Download as PDF attachments there is no check mark. I think this holiday is new for NL, so maybe the 2 other links were not updated? Thanks!

What about thanksgiving for New Brunswick? You list NS, PEI and NFLD as not a stat but not NB even though there is nothing checked for it. Please update :)

Do longhaul truck drivers get paid for Statutory in New Brunswick Canada and overtime

Stat falls on a Monday. Staff works Tues - Sat. Does the fact that they are getting stat hours put them into weekly overtime situation? Do I need to pay any hours over 40 (weekly maximum)at the overtime rate? They didn't work on the stat.

Apologies, I was looking at my 2014 calendar. Your date on the BC Stat. holidays is correct.

March 29th of 2013 is a Saturday, not a Friday. The error was made on the BC Stat. holiday page.

If an employee is full time and their employment ends the day before the statutory holiday, do we owe them the statutory holiday pay? Does the same rule apply to Part time employment?

How far can you go back, to receive unpaid statutory holidays? Does your company have to pay them, if they were not paid?

For the civic holiday in August is the employer obligated to pay employees stat pay for the holiday.

If a person works in a different province that gets a stat, but gets paid in the province that does not have the stat. Does that worker get paid for the stat?? Does this even make sense? haha

Are Family Day and the civic holiday in Alberta considered stat holidays. We are a trucking company and are governed Federally.

refering to quote from your site "Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday in Ontario, making it the most controversial non-stat holiday in the province. Many people think (see the forum) that is should be a statutory holiday all across Canada." I agree... IT WOULD BE if the ONLY people aloud to vote for Remembrance day to be a STAT HOLIDAY were THE PROUD CANADIANS who RESPECT AND HONOUR the men and women who fought, suffered, and lost their lives so we can enjoy freedom today...Canada has changed,as it seems the true canadian is now the minority. By the way I got fired from a company in Burlington, Ontario years ago for having a poppy on my shirt on Remembrance day, a sad day for me and the country

TO: "val bourque" RE: "Where is Newfoundland?" Your ignorance is not appreciated on this website.

To the user who claimed the Gov of Ont site said Civic Holiday was a stat day: ", such as Civic Holiday, Easter Monday or Remembrance Day. However, these days are not public holidays under the ESA. " <- From , pretty sure it's not.

Hello, On your chart, it is written that the civic day for Quebec is an optional holiday. It is not the reality, In Quebec there is no Civic Holiday. Please update your Chart. Best regards JP

Where is Newfoundland? I\'ve heard of Newfoundland and Labrador, but I don\'t think newfoundland exists except to identify an island, like rabbit island for example.

Civic Day (August 5th) is a holiday in Alberta. It doesn't have a check mark in the main holiday page. Boxing Day is a holiday in Alberta as well.

champagne is spelled wrong on your website

UMMM, we don't call them COTTAGES in BC we call them CABINS.

I work in a dental office and did not receive any pay for stat holiday as I was on vacation when stat holiday fell. I now understand I should have been paid. Thanks google for answering that simple question.

The civic holiday weekend is not known as "Simcoe Day" in Ontario. This name is used only in the Toronto area. For example, in Ottawa it's sometimes termed "Colonel By Day". Elsewhere in Ontario, it's simply called Civic Holiday weekend.

You have Alberta as NOT getting the August Civic holiday. This is wrong. It is Heritage Day in Alberta on August 5th.

Why is it that Nova Scotia has the least number of stat holidays. Who can we contact concerning this? Those days are often time used as family time or much needed breaks from work as well as celebrating the holiday.

Stat Holidays page. what does * mean, I seems not to be explained. You just wasted 5 minutes of my time. Does Ontario get Aug 5th off or not?

Hi are stat holidays required to be paid to full-time employees. Are there businesses that ate not required to pay employees for those holidays, like Canada Day?4

Any holiday for Muslim people on Eid day

I don't work Mondays and just found out that I am not initialed for a extra day off or pay for the day. I was given the Sunday off by Hopewell in lei of the Canada day, but ended up loosing a days pay, their is something wrong with this.

Hey Stephanie - we'll add the 2015 holiday calendar sometime early 2014, not just yet. The previous years (as far back as 2009) are available from the bottom of the 2011 page - look for the Archives section.

Will you be posting 2015 dates soon? Also, can I see previos years calendars as well? Thanks.

FYI: the civic holiday is called Simcoe Day in Toronto and area

If you work/live in BC but the company you work for is in another province (Ontario), which provincial holidays are you entitled to? Are they obligated to give time off for BC Day and Family Day? If so, paid or unpaid?

Can't believe I'm looking for summery holidays for 2014 already! Hehe:)

I went to see the fireworks on Canada day yesterday and saw the one in Burlington (Ontario) from the hill and saw another fireworks in the distance. Just wanted to let you know whoevre's interested that if you go up to the Kind Rd. park you can see several fireworks at once on major holidays around 10pm. Cheers!

i drive truck in ontario.i get paid buy the do they pay stat holidays and if i work should i be paid miles and a half

why is Bell Canada not respecting Federal Stat holidays? I work for a Satellite installation company that is subcontracted by Bell to install Bell TV. We are required by Bell to work 365 days a year and not entitled to any stat holiday. Is Bell somehow exempt from honoring Federal holidays?

You guys are wrong about civic day being an optional holiday in Ontario. It is a statutory holiday. Please correct it as some employers may be using you as a reference. Confirmed with government of ontario website.

I applaud you British Columbia for recognizing all holidays as stats. I am in Nova Scotia, don't misunderstand, I love my province, however there are only 5 statutory holidays. Come on Nova Scotia get with it.

Trying to find out if national aboriginal day is a paid stat. Conflicting information out there..

Hello, happy holidays everyone!

As an employer can I just pay my employee 8 hrs pay for a Stat holiday they don't work or do have to calculate out 5% of what they earned over the 4 weeks before that holiday?

Canadian's don't refer to May 2/4 (two-four) because us (hard working Canadians) drink 2 - 4 cases of beer. It's called May 2/4 because of the association with the weekend closes to May 24th and as the start of the cottage season (open up) ... Canadians who love their beer often take a case or more of beer (cases in Canada contained 24 beer bottles). Hence, May 24th and 24 beer ... party ... the 2/4 ... get it?

hello when i am on afternoon shift we work a 4 day 10 hour shift total 40 hour week and have fridays off. when a stat holiday falls on my afternoon work week i am only paid for 8 hours for the holiday ...does my employer have to pay me for my 10 hour shift or does he only have to pay for eight because i loose two hours of pay for a total of 38 hour week insted of a 40 hour week . only happens on afternoon shift day shift is a 8 hour 5 days a week

Who is responsible person or organization for setting dates of some statutory holidays. E.G. How come May 24th holiday this year is celebrated on May 20?

if your store should be closed but they open,do they have o pay you time and half....this is for victoria day

Your description of BC Day must be wrong. If it's the 'Monday after the 1st Sunday of August' then it could never fall on Aug. 1, which it did in 2011.

How is it even possible that Rememberance day is not a Sat Holiday? What shame...

In Canada, we have the least national holidays of any western nation. Yea us!

It saddens me to inform you Easter Monday is not a statutory holiday in ontario. -happy holidays

FYI I work at a bank and Easter Monday is NOT a holiday for us

How stupid - words describe Good Fridat and Easter Monday as religeous holidays and you have a. Picture of a bunny. How stupid can our government be?

I just thought you should know that Easter Monday is not a statutory holiday in BC.

The term "day offs" is incorrect, the proper term is "days off" even a Newfounerlander can under stand that. Well done oh great educated person. Doug Goodyear The Pearl Newfoundland

Why is everything closed on Easter Sunday when it is not a stat holiday???

I believe the question may have been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer. I'm aware of how the stat pay is normally calculated ... 8hr X pay/hr but for people that normally work a 10hr shift, should the stat pay be 10hr X pay/hr?? The labour board website uses 8hrs as an example and mentions collective agreements, but doesn't specifically state if the stat pay is always 8hrs, or if its supposed to be based on your shift length.

Hello I had a couple of quick questions. How many hours are considered to be a regular work day in order to receive 1.5 pay ? My son works 5 hours a day for a food server, he has been asked to work good Friday, they may not want to pay him 1.5. He has the # of days but they are not 8 hour days, they are 5 hour days. Thanks Darren

Hi on holidays my workers are paid time and half to i hv to pay them also a prorated. Amount too?

On the Easter activities page, you don't list anywhere that Christian people go to the Easter sunrise service and then to the full Easter service celebrating Jesus' resurrection. You mention Lent but not Easter itself. Thanks.

In Quebec, the St.Jean Baptiste holiday is not optional, it is statutory. You may want to adjust your table. R.

Some genuinely great information , Gladiola I detected this. is blank

ding weeks being the same week as the public school spring break would be nice too.

Thank you for another really good article. Where else may everyone have that kind of facts in created in such a crystal clear way. I?ve a presentation in a few days, and I had been on the look out for exactly the advice you?ve just given me. Cheers.

I am just wondering why Victoria day is an optional holiday when the Holidays act specifically says:VICTORIA DAY Marginal note:Victoria Day 4. The first Monday immediately preceding May 25 is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of "Victoria Day". R.S., c. H-7, s. 4.

The calculation for the date of Easter is indeed complex. It\'s the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon following the March equinox, reckoned to be March 21, not 20. This Paschal Full Moon is not the moon in the sky, but a calculated position that involves Golden Number and Computus. The date of Easter varies between March 22 and April 25 on the Julian calendar, with a nearly 4% probability of April 19.

Apostrophes in the previous post: "Your a bunch of Turkey's" should be "You're a bunch of turkeys". It is a seemingly small thing but these and many other seemingly small things add up and we wonder why our kids don't use proper grammar.

Save a turkey on thanksgiving? Your a bunch of Turkey's

o discuss holidays, share your thoughts and provide feedback/comments about anything related to statutory holidays in Canada. We are unable to answer questions related to employment by-laws; if you wish to find out if you are entitled to (extra) pay on certain holidays under certain circumstances please contact your HR department or consult the official Canadian Human

I worked for 12 years for a federally regulated company. I had accumualted several vacation days so on my retirement, I was able to get paid vacation for the month of Dedember and the first week in January. I was not paid for the Stat Christmas & Boxing day. I did receice a Christmas bonus. Is this legal/

Easter is indeed the most important religous holiday for Catholics......also for Protestants and actually, I think perhaps you could broaden that to encompass all Christians.

Thanks everyone for sending in corrections. It really helps. Keep them coming!

Check your spelling on hte site and dates for 2013 Easter Monday

I believe you've made an error on dates. When you click on 2013 Easter Monday, you have noted March 29th as Good Friday but Easter Monday as "March 01"

My Husbands work does not give them the family day off,said that there already get all the legal stat holiday do not class family day as that is that allowed

Hello, I am confused, isn't Boxing Day a National Holiday for the whole coutnry? On this page I noticed a mistake and thought I would pass it along to be corrected. It does not list NL as taking Remembrance Day as a Stat holiday, however on this page ( it indicates that Remembrance Day is indeed a stat holiday in Newfoundland & Labrador.

You have Labor Day for 2013 on a Sunday. It is Monday, September 3rd. You have the 2nd.

Hello, my question is for the new BC family day. My company says they will not pay us because they are a federal company. Are they allowed to? Second is they took our BC day August 1 2 years ago and gave us a .25$ raised, should they have to do the same?

Why was Feb 11 chosen this day to be the Family day when all other provinces that have it are scheduled on the same weekend of FEB 18, why did BC have to be different. We all have families in other provinces we would like to celebrate with and they have their holiday a week later. This just didnt make sense to me.

On the statutory holiday tables, you might want to include a column for the feds [federal services]. Federal service employees don't get provincial holidays off that don't correspond to federal holidays [i.e. "Family Day/Louis Riel Day/Islander Day"], but they do get Boxing Day off which [with the exception of Ontario] no other province/territory gives their citizens. Cheers!

Note that BC has a stat in February now

Regarding provincial paid holidays vs jurisdiction you work in. How are they determined? If you work/live in BC but the company you work for is in Quebec, which provincial holidays are you entitled to?

Boxing Day is a statutory holiday in Canada. Many thanks Mark

Wrong year in the last sentnece of your table footnote ... We hope that this 2012 holiday calendar helps you plan the year better.

I own a small restaurant and we are open on certain stat holidays. When we are open the people that work those particular shifts are paid according to the stat holiday/public pay etc. If the remainder of the staff does not work, do they still get paid despite the fact that we only need so many people in working?

Please be aware for the bc statutory holiday page, the table is misleading because it seems to read that both goof Friday and Monday are stat holidays. But on your home page you correctly state that only Good Friday is a stat in bc. A foot note would be recommended. Perhaps an addition to the tables instead of by province, by jurisdictions.

You must mean 2013 on your page Family Day - Canada?

You have the wrong day for the BC Family day stat. It is February 11th not the 18th. The 18th is only for Alberta, Sask and Ontario

You have one statutory holiday for British Columbia incorrect. Family Day in BC is the second Monday in February, not the third as stated on your web page. Just want to let you know. Thanks Your table is missing Lois Riel Day (Feb 18th) which is observed in Manitoba.

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We are unable to answer questions related to employment by-laws; if you wish to find out if you are entitled to (extra) pay on certain holidays under certain circumstances please contact your HR department or consult the official Canadian Human Resources website.

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