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Send us your thoughts, comments and ideas about Remembrance Day in Canada. What should and should't be done on this day? How best to pay respect to current and past members of the armed forces?

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Posted by Joy:

Of Course it should! Some of these people gave their lives. Others whose lives were changed forever due to injuries and we can't take one day out of 365 to remember and honour them. Not to mention the sacrifices their families made. We need to take lessons from our neighbours to South who have Veterans and Memorial Day!!

Posted by Elizabeth Filipchuk:

I would like to see "Remembrance Day" as a Stat holiday. For me, it is a Day that I Rememeber my Father who fought in the 2nd World War. My Father fought in the 2nd World War and after the war he came to Canada. I feel fortunate that I have been in Canada since a child. On the day, I give Appreciation and Gratitude to my Father.

Posted by Fiona:

I believe it should be a stat holiday. The younger generations have to remember these fine soldiers fought and sacrificed so much for us. Parents would be able to take their children to some of the events so that they can learn and remember the dedication and love these men had for our country.

Posted by Shiara:

It should be. Parents will be able to bring their children to museums and other events. Also Canada has too away less statutory holidays than other countries.

Posted by Nadine:

I agree that Remembrance Day should no doubt be a Statutory Holiday. We honor birthdays and other celebrations, we should keep aside a day to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and to all who have sacrificed for us. More so our children should learn what it is to pay honor and tribute and learn to respect the real meaning of remembrance day.

Posted by Ricardo Lyn:

Should remembrance day be a holiday absolutely but a day taken off amidst a month of veteran support all over the country like black history month in the states with a day off somewhere in the month....we performed too well and took too little praise on the world stage to have our small but terrifying heroes not worshipped. However I agree with the rcaf which is the reason I would like the month rather than a focused day.

Posted by Cheryl :

Remembrance Day should without a doubt be a Statutory Holiday. So many have and no doubt will die so we can enjoy our freedom. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for us so the least we can do is honour their memory by attending Remembrance Day ceremonies and teaching our children to be respectful and be thankful to all who have died for us.

Posted by Edison:

Absolutely.....this day has been a very emotional day for my family who had to grandfathers serving in the WWII. The only day in which we actually reflect and come together with other family members to honour their service as well as others.

Posted by Caroline Clarke:

Remembrance Day should definitely be a statuary holiday.

Posted by S Whiteside:

Remembrance Day should definitely be acknowledged nationally. If not for those who have fought for our safety and our rights we may not be here to celebrate any of the other national holidays.

Posted by Marina Fleming:

Millions of people were scarred for life either physically or emotionally and millions more lost their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom that we have today, my father being one of the wounded. We certainly should have a stat holiday to commemorate the sacrifices made by all of those brave young men. While the teacher makes a good point about the history lesson on that day in school, this is not a standardized by all teachers in all schools. This very important history lesson could and should be taught in all schools, all classes prior to the holiday, November 11th. Perhaps this might help today's young people to have more respect for the day and appreciate the sacrifices made on their behalf. LEST WE FORGET!

Posted by Anita:

Because the veterans have fought for us, Remembrance Day in Canada should be a stat holiday for everyone. It is a day of remembrance and to respect the soldiers who dies for us.

Posted by John:

So why can't we have both - Family Day and Remembrance? This site states it would be like having Thanksgiving Day "when most people cook a turkey and drink lots of beer." That could be said for all the other holidays. The point is, if one province has the day as a statutory holiday, we should ALL have it. You can always learn about it the day before in schools.

Posted by Mary Petrie:

As an primary teacher in elementary schools in Ontario for many years, staff taught the history of Canada's participation in the wars with activities appropriate to the age of the children but they all developed a level of understanding and empathy in preparation for Remembrance Day. We always had an assembly on Nov.11th with appropriate readings and poems by students, songs, bugle calls and representatives from the forces. The students participated fully in a vey solemn event and even the youngest kindergarten children would be still and attentive. Parents and neighbours attended. How many of those children would have been taken to a Cenotaph ceremony or so involved in it. I strongly support children being in school on Remembrance Day.

Posted by Jeff Benninger:

Do we forget that all these human beings lost there lives for us. Anybody that thinks family day is more important , needs to see a doctor. One lousy minute of silence is how we show are appreciation for all who died. Family day isn't even family with all the stores that are still open. Remembrance day should of always been a holiday , it's no wonder our vet's go to Europe , they truly appreciate what these men did for them , and we should do the same , but we don't. Shame on this Country and the people in this country that doesn't think this is an important day to show our appreciation for our war vet's. ONE LOUSY MINUTE P.S. It sure makes me want to fight for this country , I know I would be appreciated. NOT

Posted by Dixie:

I would like to go to the Remembrance Day service at the local cenotaph, but instead I'm at work where all we do is a get an email at 11 am with In Flanders Fields in it. I don't see how this is preferable. When my sister was on mat leave she took her baby to the local remembrance day service and this seemed a lot more respectful and appropriate to me than an email.

Posted by Greg :

It should be a holiday. It's up to parents to teach their children the respect and meaning of the day. I shouldn't have to take a day off of work to honour veterans when it should be a Stat, over family day!

Posted by Laura:

How can we celebrate Remembrance day each year when we have to work. All the government employees get to go down town to the festivities, but the rest of us are stuck at work. Great that the schools all do something, but do you think I remember 1 school activity now that I did 35 year ago to celebrate remembrance! all it meant to us in school was that we didn't have to sit in a stuffy classroom for a few hours. It should be a stat holiday nation wide!

Posted by Christine:

When I was in elementary school, Remembrance Day was a Stat. Holiday. We treated as a holiday (i.e. not thinking about the reason for the holiday). Around the end of elementary school, it stopped being a Stat. Holiday. Instead, schools switched the day off school to February (pre-Family Day).The schools would hold an assembly at 11:00 on November 11 (or closet week day) to commemorate the significance of the day. I agree with Royal Cdn Legion that it should remain a non-stat holiday. Every company that I have work for has had a small service on Nov 11 at 11:00.

Posted by Candice:

Out of all the holidays Canada has, Rememberance Day should be a stat holiday across Canada period.

Posted by Coleen:

In Alberta the children get to have a service at their school. Then on the holiday they can attend other services that they would not had the chance to see if it were not a holiday


I live in Ontario and Remembrance Day is not a holiday. Due to it not being so, I went to school and learned a lot about what earlier generations fought for. There was always a ceremony to appreciate what the veterans had done for our country. We would hear actual stories about the war from actual veterans and even though I was young, they would bring me to tears. I respected the moment of silence and the ceremonies every year. If this was a holiday...I would have slept in, sat at home and watched mindless T.V. Don't make this a national holiday.

Posted by Sacha:

I think everyone should be able to attend the amazing services that are held for the men and women who have fought, and are still fighting for us. I think it is important for the children to see and hear the stories from the solders as well. Please make this a national holiday.

Posted by Anonymous::

I believe Remembrance Day should be a national legal holiday. If it was not for the sacrifice of brave men and women fighting for our freedom life in Canada could be very different, and not for the good. Think about it. Yes I see what others are saying about other days being stat holidays and shouldn't. Are we not saying that other religions no longer matter? Think about it. We really don't have a lot of stats. People will use their stats in the way they want. Some will have their moments of silence, some won't. Can't make a person remember. It's just a shame they don't. As for the children... Teach them the importance of Remembrance Day. That should be part of their jobs. Less We Forget.

Posted by Paul Brown:

Remembrance Day should be the ONLY mandatory and legal stat holiday in Canada. It is sad that all the other stat days have been obscured by consumerism and gluttony with little regard to the reasoning behind them (which honestly are mainly based on Christianity and we have become much more than an old world way of thinking country). Remembrance Day where I live brings out thousands of people to multiple places of memorial so it appears to have a strong backing of like minded individuals. Schools need to commit the week leading up to this day to educate the youth that over 100 years ago young men and women sacrificed their lives to give us the lives we live today. Anyone who thinks Family Day is more important is a selfish individual in my eyes.


In Nova Scotia ,schools are,in fact, closed on Nov 11th. So the argument of not making it a stat. holiday so that the kids will be in school at a service ridiculous .


This is not right I don't care what any Canadian thinks I am a Canadian soldier ppcli my brother died from a IED in Afghanistan... If you don't stand behind us feel free to stand in front of us. All Canadians who fought and lost there life's as well as those who served and still serve is the most important day in the world. These man and woman gave there life's so people citizen like you can have a family day and live in peace can have a life can live free.

Posted by Tony of Rexdale:

We put on a good show on Rememberance Day, but isn't it time we stop talking and get the the job done by listening to the people of Canada and make Nov 11th a holiday for all of Canada not just Federal we all should hang our head in shame for not doing this already.these men and woman serves us well lets do the same for them maybe, if it's observed all across Canada more people would be off work to attend the ceremonies

Posted by Ron MacLeod:

In Nova Scotia you are encouraged to go to work and forget about and get a day elsewhere off. How much more encouragement to forget it do we need. I am shocked at this contradiction. As far a schools they close so makes no sense to have the law construed this way.


It should be a holiday and schools should focus on rememberance the week leading up to it. Children will better understand why we have Remembrance Day and better appreciate the 'freedom' of the day off. Soldiers fought for our freedom so we should be free on the day. When you only stand for a moment in a busy work day you will not be able to appreciate the sacrifices of the soldiers the same as a person who watch 6+ hours of war documentaries and movies on rememberance day (like I do).

Posted by McKelvey:

Should it be a stat? I don't know. But it should not be a holiday!! It's a National day of mourning. Personally, I have always taken this day off and taken my son to my local Legion so that he can lay his Great Grandda's wreath. My son never got to meet him and it's a point of pride with my boy, a connection to his Great Grandda.... I'm the proud Grandson of a FSSF Vet... I loved my Grandda, and know how he suffered after the War.... "Respect all that passed, but honour also, those that in daring to die..... survived...." Most consider me some kind of tough guy.... but I cry for two minutes on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.... I and my son remember....... respect

Posted by jim ferren:

Remembrance Day should be a Federal statutory holiday in all of Canada.We must and future generations must always remember the men and women who fought for freedom of our country. Men and Women gave their lives so we and future generations could live in a free country and we must never forget. My father fought in World War Two. We owe these brave Men and Women one day a Year to say thankyou.


Remembrance Day should be observed by all of Canada on November 11th each year. This is the day on which the Armistice was established to stop WW1. We should never forget that. This should not become a "moveable holiday" to create convenient fun-filled long weekends. This was never meant as a day of celebration. It should be a somber day of respect & reflection. All across the country Canadians should observe a minute of silence on the 11th hour of this day.

Posted by Proud Mom and Daughter:

To "morkman", I also live in Nova Scotia and Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday here. Most institutions are closed, but that is not a requirement. Also, a federal stat holiday is a stat holiday for federal government employees so you should probably check the facts and educate yourself before posting. As the daughter of a WWII veteran and the parent of a young reservist, I believe this should be a stat holiday for everyone! All people should be able to attend services and not have to book vacation time (which I did) so I could attend the Halifax Grand Parade service. Happy to see so many people (young and old) attend this service.

Posted by Doug Ridgway:

It should be an national holiday, this day will never be forgot, we should have the right like other provinces in Canada to go too the memorials for that day. They us the excuse that this should be for kids to learn in school, the kids should go to the memorials and see the veterans live. They can learn is in school anytime, but nothing prepares kids better than being their live. I have all those nay Sayers stating that people with use that as a holiday well it should for people to remember what this country would like it was not for our fighting soldiers from world war 1. This day should be a national holiday no if ands or buts.


I think the schools should have lessons on Remembrance Day in the week leading up to Nov. 11 and then everyone should have the day off so that instead of devoting one minute to remembering the veterans, we can actually go to a cenotaph ceremony to observe it properly. I remember going with my mother and watching my grandmother lay the wreath in memory of her oldest son who was killed during WWII.

Posted by jaseth wynter:

Yes this should be a because we are unable to go out and participate in such an important day .We should take the kids reflect on the sacrifices others have made so we can live the freedom we enjoy.


This should be a Federal holiday, with only basics services offered. We need some time to think about why they die, and where we are sending our world. Should be time to think, pray and love... Nothing to celebrate, but pay tribute. Yes, should be holiday.

Posted by Ken Campbell:

There is a recurring discussion about whether Remembrance day should be a holiday in Canada. I say yes. There is a rise in tension in the world and there are still wars happening. We need to remind everyone, especially the young, about the consequences of war and the freedom they are experiencing due to the sacrifices of others. We need to remember those Canadians that sacrificed their lives. We also need to recognize those that survived and lived with the horror of war all of their lives. There is a large decline in memberships at the Canadian Legion and this is due to the passing of many war survivors. This is also an indication of the growth in the lack of recognition that is happening. The Legion is now accepting applications from anyone who is interested in their cause, not just veterans and their families. There have been other days set aside to remember victims of Afghanistan and other wars. I think they should all be observed on Remembrance Day. With the inception of Family day in February that mirrors the U.S. Presidents day holiday, it becomes even more apparent that Remembrance Day needs to be a holiday here in Canada. Ken Campbell

Posted by Dale Hutchinson:

The day should be kept in whatever way best served as a way for people to remember.I don't believe it should be treated as holiday as such but needs to be held such high accord that time is taken people are obliged to stop whatever is at hand and come together as one people to honor, remember, and contemplate the horrible, almost inconceivable atrocity that is....war

Posted by Elizabeth :

I just heard a wwii veteran on the news say he is disappointed the crowd is so small but ontarions do not get the day off. Sad he thought people just did not want to be there


Hi I believe it should be holiday right across Canada like it was when I was growing up. What gets me is this family day holiday, which is only one day a year. I remember growing up that every Sunday would be family day. Stores would be closed and you would spend time at home cooking, cleaning and getting ready to have family come over to celebrate. Not anymore. We have gotten to busy with work and other things to have time to be with our families.

Posted by James Akers:

I think that it is absurd that Ontario ( where I live) dose not recognize Remembrance day as a Federal holiday. The idiots in power inserted a family day instead.


Remembrance Day should be a Stat holiday for sure in ALL Of Canada. We wouldn't have "Families" for Family Day or any other day to celebrate were it not for the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for our freedom. It is the priority!

Posted by Lauren:

A nice first step would be to align government and non-government holidays. As to Remembrance Day, the veterans' sacrifices for countries not even their own definitely deserve recognition. But why not add what our veterans stood for, the belief in peace and all the different ways this can be nurtured. It would be a great tribute to those who made such a difference for so many. Should all of us have this day off? Of course we should. Itís a day that stands for so much. It has the potential for activities and events in honour of our vets and Canada's dedication to peace keeping and everything that stands for.

Posted by Janine :

Every year on this day I'm deeply saddened that some provinces don't recognize Remembrance Day as a holiday. Every school that I have ever worked in in British Columbia has had comprehensive instruction the week of and assemblies on the day before Remembrance Day. Every student across our great land ought to have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies. It's flabbergasted me to think that veterans would not support the idea of students participating in their schools before this special day and be able to go to services with citizens of all ages. Support these brave men and women, respect them, remember them.


Those that do not feel the need for a Holiday w to respect those who gave up life, for their freedom These folks should book the next flight to Libia. Then distroy their Canadian passport. Try that freedom.


I believe that remembrance day should be a national holiday. I grew up in BC, and attended a remembrance day ceremony every year, as well as the ones held at school prior to the holiday. I moved to Ontario to attend university in 2013, and since then I have been unable to attend remembrance day ceremonies. My university (McMaster) holds a short remembrance day ceremony each year. However classes are still run during this time, which means that I am forced to choose between going to a class (that over the years has had a midterm, quizes, assignment deadlines, and inclass attendance marks), and going to a remembrance day ceremony. At the very least I believe that providing everyone with an equal opportunity to attend a remembrance day ceremony is necessary. I should not have to choose between attending a midterm and attending a remembrance day ceremony. If all work places, public schools, and post secondary institutions provided the time to go the remembrance day ceremonies this would help.

Posted by H S:

One cannot enforce virtue anymore than one can enforce patriotism and gratitude. What a sick world we live in, where gratitude for the Peace and Freedoms we enjoy with a rich and diverse population who it seems have taken all for granted and the precious gifts of our freedoms for which they came to this great country to enjoy - and which now are quietly being stripped from us one by one by. Government aquieses to lobbyist minority pressure wherein the masses are refused and debauchery of sound values and principles of freedom in mainstay society are taken and substituted and deemed good for all Canadians. Fathers of Confederation are ignored and visions of democracy for which a 100,000 Canadians have died fighting for are on a slippery slope of destruction.


Remeberance Day is and should be the time we acknowledge the efforts of veterans who have served our country proud and for the freedom of others. Most of us will never know the sacrifices the men and woman have endured for the well being of our country, so in having said all of this, please recognize a veteran today and put aside this day as their day!

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