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Posted by Harshdeep Virdi:

I think it should be in June as there is no stat in the month of June.

Posted by Glenn:

Yes Remembrance Day, should be a national holiday, whether paid or not.

Posted by Jacob :

Remembrance Day should definitely be a statutory holiday

Posted by Ted:

I highly recomend.we should have 'Remembrance Day' as statuary holiday to remember all people fought in both world wars and give us freedom and speech.

Posted by Anna:

Last Remembrance Day it truly saddened me to see that I was the only one wearing my puppy on my uniform at work to honor our Veterans that gave up their lives to keep us safe and free. Not only most of workplaces are filled with newcomers and immigrants, but nobody seems to care about them showing respect to the matters that are concerning to Canada as their new country that can call Home (instead of calling their respective country of origin!) Shall the government teach them the concepts of becoming a Canadian. Speaking not other than English and /or French as the daily language, leave the tongue clothes and traditions to be followed in the intimacy of their private lives. Canada deserves respect, please....

Posted by Keith M.:

It is very sad that this is not a stat holiday throughout Canada but it is disgraceful it is not in Ontario. Every year there are Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa that I am unable to go to because I must work. My great great uncle served and died in WW1, and I have a great uncle who served in WW2, and finally my father served in Korea and multiple peace keeping missions including Cyprus. It would be very nice if I could go to the ceremony in the nation's capital in honour and thanks to them.

Posted by Daniel MacNeil:

Remembrance Day should be a Federal Statutory Holiday so all Canadians can honour and remember the sacrifice of others for our Freedom. This day is needed so we never forget.

Posted by Dave Green:

I strongly believe it should be a holiday, My family has fought in both world wars securing our future and I can't even get a day to spend with my family to teach them what their great grandfather and great great grandfather has done for them and this country protecting our future. even writing this makes me sick to my stomach because I can't believe how many lives were lost and we can't even mustard up one single day for the country to reunite and celibate it off with ceremony and parades and give our heroes the right to be remembered properly and not just with a whopping couple min pause of silence that not every place even honors. So from the bottom of my heart and the souls of my departed family that fought and served for peace in this world, lets take one full day to remember these heroes.....

Posted by Ursula :

Remembrance Day should be definitely a holiday. TV could have more documentaries about WWI and WWII. Canadians know a lot about WWI but not much about WWII. Why not have a day off to be able to spend time with children and grandchildren, walk around cities, show them monuments, talk about those who fought for our freedom and to be able to celebrate in the cities around the City Halls?

Posted by Mstk Astoforoff:

I think everyone should have Remembrance Day as a holiday to honour the brave men and women who have served to protect us. My grandfather fought in WW2 and it would be nice to honour him and visit his grave on that day.I don't think it's fair that the only people who receive this holiday are government employees. If only one group of people are allowed that day it should be the men and women who are or were part of our military.

Posted by Sean:

Make remeberance a stat holiday EVERYWHERE they fought for everyone not just certain provinces. This is ridiculous.

Posted by Jeff:

I think it should be a stat holiday but worked holiday not a day off as the soldiers who fought for our freedom didn't get the day off as we shouldn't but we should be paid for it as a holiday

Posted by Dano:

only these useless politicians can change it, and make it a country wide stat holiday (it is unfair)

Posted by Nancy:

Remembrance Day should absolutely be a Stat Holiday! Why on earth are our veterans not recognized?! I also further believe that holidays noted as a Stat for some and not others should also be changed, everyone no matter which province or if you are a government worker! Everyone should be treated equally.

Posted by Kinga Barwig:

I think a half day holiday is what is needed. Offices and retail would be allowed to open for business after 1 pm, and retail stores after 1:30 pm to give all those who want to, a chance to go to ceremonies and services. 50% of a day's stat pay would be paid. School boards can choose to hold 1/2 classes and perhaps have a morning assembly which is optional for kids to attend (or they can go with their parents to another ceremony) or they can give the day off.

Posted by Logan:

After reading this article and some of the comments I feel I have to object respectfully to some of the views on this topic. I’ve always believed that Remembrance Day should not only be a nationally recognized stat holiday but also the most celebrated. It’s great that we have Christmas, New Year’s Day, family day etc. But reality is that every holiday we have and celebrate would quite possibly not exist without the sacrifices that were made by the people we honour on Remembrance Day.

Posted by Linda O'Brien:

Please do not make Rememberance Day a stat holiday, just the act of taking 1 or 2 minutes of silence out of our work or school day on November 11 keeps the reason for Rememberance Day alive. If we make it just another holiday the reason for remembering will be lost. It is very important that every man, woman and child in the world remembers what was lost and what was gained in WWI and WWII.

Posted by Howard Munn:

I'd guess its the businesses that don't want Remembrance Day as a holiday, not the people.

Posted by Walter Matchett:

It is absolutely wrong that Rememberance Day is not a stat holiday in Canada. Why are certain people like govt employees and chartered banks have it off?? Are these people special or something? Compared with everyone else? Seems to be discrimination to the rest of us isn't it!!!!! We should all have the same rights to honour those who sacrificed their lives for our peace!!!!

Posted by Pat Daoust:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday in all of Canada. I remember when I was a Cub leader bringing my pack to the cenotaph in our town. We marched with members of the Legion and other groups who would participate in the parade. I am not saying that all those people who be off work would participate, but I feel that people should have the chance to participate.

Posted by Donny Beltran:

I am certain those veterans came from all parts of Canada to answer the call and fight for our freedom. And what’s the best way to honour them for what they have done? Declare “Remembrance Day” as a National holiday throughout Canada!

Posted by Manda:

It is absolutely absurd that Remembrance Day is not a national holiday. How are we supposed to get out and honor and partake in the festivities if we have to work??

Posted by D. White:

Remembrance Day should definitely be a statutory holiday in every province across Canada. Exchange Family Day for Remembrance Day allowing families of today who live freely pay their respects to all fallen soldiers. So they can acknowledge, remember, and give thanks to all those “who fought never to return and for those who returned never to be the same”. In the name of freedom!

Posted by David Solway :

It would be up to the parents together the kids to a remembrance day service. You don't let an 8 year old decide if they want to play video games or go. Remembrance Day should absolutely be a stat holiday. Family day should be every day.

Posted by Kevin Sachs:

While I can see how some people might disrespect the great gift these soldiers died for some is not all. It is unjust that government offices and banks have a day off to acknowledge the sacrifices they have given us. Schools teach about Remembrance day and it's importance long before November 11.most work place don't even observe the 2 minutes of silence. If business won't take 2 minutes we should require them to shut down for the day. Our veterans deserve more than that.

Posted by Steven J Malm:

I believe; the ultimate sacrifice paid by all of our Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Friends, Neighbors, and millions of strangers we will never have the honor to meet, was not merely a gesture to grant us the privilege of having the right to choose. Rather, it drew the line in the sand that said "Oppression stops here! Never Again will we permit the use of military force to be used as a tool to simply control people, in ways that are inhumane and utterly unthinkable. I believe, saying "We will remember" is not enough, it is merely a promise that does not have the strength to be effectively passed down to our children's children. "Lest We Forget" imparts a sense that we should be fearful to forget the sacrifices that have given us an edge in maintaining our rights and privilege of freedoms in our day to day lives. I believe, the fact that we are debating on whether it should be a Statutory Holiday or not, and using the sacrifice of our ancestors, as a tool to get a day off from work, misses the point. Normalcy includes that we all must do "something" every day to preserve the human existence. If that means, taking pause from what I need to do, to both educate myself on what really happened and why, and to reflect on how much nicer my life is because of it, I don't need time off work ... but we can all benefit from gathering together for the common purpose of being graciously thankful that from their sacrifice, we may yet still live. I believe Cliff Chadderton, of Canadian War Amps group said it best, "Never Again".

Posted by Penny:

Parents appear to want to pass up their responsibility of being a parent, & of also teaching & informing their own children. Parents can have a talk, read some literature, watch a tv show about war(s), about the Canadians that fought for all of Canada. To do otherwise is selfish & near sited. What is wrong with a National Holiday for something major that affected & was for the whole country? Nothing I say.

Posted by Terri Millard:

I feel same as the Royal Canadian Legion does, as already mentioned in the article. I kno personally, if it wasn't for the schools yearly holding a 2 minutes of silence at 11am, I wouldn't have learned a thing on my own about it! And I was raised in a city with a base, but I wasn't anywhere near the base! But born in '65, I still remember hearing the air raid sirens whilst in grade school and we'd all have to get under our desks. But yes, no for me to Stat Holiday bc I do think that too many ppl WOULD treat simply as a holiday and not what it's meant for, Remembrance.

Posted by Barb:

I think it's a crying shame that the government believes that family's cannot be trusted to show gratitude to brave men and women, all of whom came from a family, without being supervised. Time to grow up Canada.

Posted by Lucie:

Having Remembrance day in one province and not in an other is more the topic which should be debated. In a united Canada it would be best to have it all or neither at all. Right now in some provinces it is partially and in other provinces not at all while in some if is a holiday. How confusing. This doesn't help us to think as one country. What people do on this day or any other day is a sterile debate. How we honour the holiday is still in this country a right of every individual. Right ?

Posted by Teri :

There’s no reason why not and I don’t see why Rememberance day and family day would be an either or choice either. I believe it should be a stat in all provinces since it pays respect and should also be a united observation. We would certainly be remembering if it was our own sons and daughters sacrificed.

Posted by Marilyn peladeau:

It is sad there is such a debate. People do not like it when they must work and can not attend a ceremony or observe Remembrance Day. They should be able to observe any holiday the way they wish to. I grew up outside Victoria B.C. As soon as I was old enough I turned the ceremony from Ottawa on the radio myself. Live there now.

Posted by Hassan K :

Remembrance day should be considered the most by all Canadian with no exception. On this day, let's not forget that each and everyone of us had lost a relative, a friend or a neighbor. If we have a conscience and dignity we should all pay tribute and salute our fallen soldiers. But unfortunately, the majority of people did not read or didn't want to know what history mean for everyone. Why most of us stand up for a minute of silence in front of a turkey and a bottle of wine or alcohol instead of going to pay respect to our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the rest of the nation? They were brave soldiers and they deserve the highest level of respect on this earth.

Posted by Prince Costa:

It should be a Stat holiday to remember and respect war veterans. A holiday should be for all and not only for Govt and Banks observe in Ontario. It is a clear discrimination. Either for all or for no one.

Posted by Never Forget:

I have read a lot of comments where people from other provinces are ashamed of Ontario for not making Remembrance Day a Holiday. Saying that Ontario should make this day just as "big of a deal" as their province does. I feel like this does not at all represent how Ontario views this day. Growing up there was always an assembly for remembrance day. Providing longer then 2 minutes of silence for students to reflect on the sacrifices that people made to protect our freedoms. Veterans would come to the ceremonies, stories would be told, and videos would provide children a means of understanding war. People from other provinces... are you telling me that 98% of school children in your provinces spend at least an hour on the 11th thinking about our veterans? I believe that would be a no. My university offered similar ceremonies, my university had a much larger population then my small town school, and yet there was fewer people present. This shows me that given the option people will not give the reflection that our soldiers deserve if it were a holiday. At least if people are in Universities or places of work they will at the very least, give 2 minutes of silence. I think the provinces where Remembrance Day is not a "Holiday" are doing more to respect veterans then ones who give the day off. In Ontario every city that I know of holds a ceremony, and many cities hold two, the second later in the day for people to attend. There are others who have made comments along the lines of "not giving us a holiday is disrespectful to the soldiers who fought for our freedoms". Those soldiers were not fighting so that you could have a long weekend. And something does not need to be a statutory holiday to give it importance. Remembrance day is a day to Remember, not to do what you want, but a day to respect those who fought for us.

Posted by David Organ:

Remembrance Day is about the thousands who died fighting for democracy and continue to put themselves in harm's way on our behalf. The least we should do, in fact, must do, is properly honour it as a truly national holiday in all parts of Canada. The world is slipping back to attitudes, fears, emotions and measures that lead to both World Wars I and II. Democracy is a fragile social contract that is under threat again, and a national day set aside for Remembrance Day is our opportunity, our obligation, to remember, learn, and recommit to freedom, liberty, and democracy. Those who died or were injured on our behalf deserve no less.

Posted by Ron:

In my humble opinion Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday. I believe it is our responsibility as Canadians to be grateful to the men and women that have served and continue to serve our country and to show that gratitude by attending any of the various ceremonies in whatever community they reside. Part of that responsibility is to also educate our children and bring them with us to the Service. It is the school's job to teach the history of our nation and that should continue. I believe Veterans can still attend schools and educate our youth on the meaning behind Remembrance Day and the great sacrifice made so Canadians can be free. They do not need to do so on the day itself. As far as "spending more time preventing future atrocities and less time looking back", if you don't know your history and learn from it, you're doomed to repeat it...

Posted by Najma Zuberi:

Remembrance day is the most important day anywhere in the world. In this day Soldiers lost their life at the sake of country. We should respect and observe a holiday. Countries like In India they gave stat holiday for Independence day and remember the lives lost in war for the sake of freedom. This is a very big day. I don't understand why we are not getting stat holiday in Toronto, ON. I know some of the provinces are having stat holiday. It should be country wide holiday in the remembrance of Soldiers lost their precious life for the sake of country. Happy Remembrance day! My Dad served in Indian Army he was Major. I truly respect Armed Forces. Military, Airforce & Navy.

Posted by Charles Altiman:

In my opinion, Rememberance Day should be a mandatory holiday right across the entire country. My comment is based on the fact that I have interviewed many veterans of first nation status. They, in their effort to defend this country, put their lives on the line by volunteering their fighting services. This is something they did not have to do. Instead, they chose to become warriors for Canada. That, in itself, speaks volumes of heroism which should be respected at the national level.

Posted by Gary:

Making it a Stat doesn't mean people will just take the day as a holiday and sleep in. It does however give you the opportunity to take in a parade and service as a community. In our community of 100 Mile House people line the street to watch the veterans march. And then they fill the community hall until it's well past full and spill over outside near the doors so they can hear. It's a powerful statement about honoring our heroes

Posted by Sarrah:

It should be a stat holiday across Canada. If everyone is forced to go to work, Novemeber 11th will slowly just become another day at work and not seen as anything special. The importance of it will slowly diminish and if its taught in school on November 11th, as soon as children enter the workforce they will stop particiapting as well because they have to go to work.

Posted by Richard:

There are many who feel we would like to honour those who sacrificed their time and lives to peace and justice. Not all are at school or work or a member of any large organization. So I would like to suggest remembrance day be best organized just as it is, with no stat holiday but as a personal quiet remembrance. Justice and peace is not only served through war, we need to remember that many alive today are successfully living lives of intentional honesty and service to others, of caring and of peace seeking in situations where this is extremely difficult to do. I honour these people in my thoughts too as they also are in a similar way giving of their time building a good future for us all.

Posted by Gerard Martins:

No it should not be a stat holiday it loses its value people will forget for example Christmas is so commercialized people forgot its meaning at least when our children go to school they are reminded of that day if it was holiday it would be forgotten

Posted by Jennifer:

My grandfather faught in World War 1. He lived with pain from shrapnel his whole life. My grandmother's brother died at Vimy Ridge. That the US has 2 days that they Honour their soldiers as a day off to remember and learn of the sacrifices they made to keep the country safe. That we only take 2 minutes our of the day to remember makes me upset. Schools does a little but what do we do as adults. I know I have spent my day watching movies about the war and history, speaking to veterans and also traveled to Europe to learn more. That has given me more appreciation for what they went through and sacrificed. A day off work to take the time to find out about this very important day is the least our country of Canada could do.

Posted by Marina:

When I was a child, I remember that we celebrated Remembrance Day in the Gymnasium. We would all file in and it would be a big ceremony, there would always be a lucky student that got to recite the poem, "In Flanders Fields".It was always held on November 11.Remembrance Day should be observed,it should be talked about,the people that fought for this country be respected and remembered. I do not believe that it should be a Stat Holiday, make it a civic holiday. Also I do not think that "Family Day" should be a Stat, Family day when I was young was every Sunday,we used to visit family or they would visit us.Then box stores decided to be open on Sundays and people ended up working on them and so now they do not end up spending any time with each other.Get rid of the box stores being open on Sundays and you'd have family day every week, and wouldn't need it to be a "Stat". Men and women fought for their country and to protect their families, now most families don't know each other.

Posted by Joel:

What is most important, is to remember... We will remember them! I fully understand the comments about what would people do if they had a day off, and the kids in school not being taught what it's all about. Therefore, my suggestion would be to make it a National Statutory Holiday for adults only (with the kids still going to school), and only with the condition that you attend a Remembrance Day ceremony somewhere. Perhaps this could be done with the Legion handing you out a card or something that you could take back to your employer. And maybe there would even be more people that attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Posted by Paul Hattie:

I believe rememberance day should be a and there should be a law preventing any Christmas decorations before nov.11. People must realize there would a much different Christmas in this country if not for our veterans. People today seem to forget the pride the veterans felt fighting for our future,we should have given them their from the very start to show our appreciation.

Posted by Goldie Parsons:

I think Remembrance Day should be a holiday! We need to have the option to honour our veterans and not lose a days pay! When i grew up everything was closed on Remembrance Day so we could honour or veterans who died for our freedom!

Posted by Fiona Johnston:

Remeberance day. The day that we remember the fallen men and women that fought for our country so we can be free to celebrate all the holidays that mean nothing as much as this holiday. These men and women died, lost friends and family members. They where never the same when they came back. We need to Remember these Men and Women. When they all have passed will we forget. Then we will forget what this day stands for. But we will have Canada Day, Labor Day, Christmas, New Years and Family Day. All stats. But without Remeberance day we would not have these. Just remember that!!!

Posted by Tony:

I think the debate about what people would do with the day off is irrelevant and utterly disrespectful to the people Remembrance Day honors. It is the very freedom to celebrate in whatever way your conscience leads you to that our soldiers fought and died for. For this reason I believe the day should be a stat holiday all across Canada.

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