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Posted by GERRY BARON:

if it wasn't for the veterans we will probably not have any of our holidays.they deserve more than some moments of silence

Posted by sandy granville:

Without a question this day should be a stat holiday all across Canada! These Vets fought for our country and our enlisted soldiers are still representing our country. I cannot believe this day is not acknowledged in every province!!

Posted by Mary Ellen:

It is very confusing Why some provinces , hopefully participate in Rembrance day events across those provinces. I live in Ontario, one of the province's not inclusive In the stat day. Each year if the date falls on a Monday to Friday, my traditional work days, I book a vacation day to attend the parade. And the cenetaph event, the back to the legion. To have a beer or a ginger ale with the veterans , that are still with us. My dad was a vet , and was very proud of it. I believe. It should be a stat day on the actual date , as that is when the events do happen.

Posted by Mike:

I absolutely believe this should be a national holiday recognized and appreciated by all who are now able to enjoy the freedoms that people gave their lives for .

Posted by Val :

I absolutely believe that this should be a stat holiday. We seem to forget those that fought for our freedom.

Posted by Taylor:

If your worried about kids not learning in school about Remembrance day, make it a half day. Thus in the morning they can learn about Remembrance day and in the afternoon they can attend real ceremonies to respect the vets. This would enforce adults and parents who do not participate in any Remembrance day ceremonies to be able to get out and be apart of them- its too difficult to get the time off work to visit a ceremony but with half day everyone is happy. Children still get to learn in school about the day (not that they couldn't in the days leading up to it) and adults get to attend respectful ceremonies to give their respects.

Posted by Thats all I ask:

An ‘Ode’ to a veteran. He was getting old and crotchety And his hair was falling fast, as he sat in the Sienna lounge, Telling stories, of the past. Of a war that he had fought in And the deeds that he had done, of his exploits with his buddies all heroes - every one. And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors His tales seemed just a joke, yet All his buddies listened quietly For they knew where of he spoke. But we'll hear his tales no longer, For ‘ol' Joe has passed away, And the world's a little poorer For a Veteran died today. He won't be mourned by many, Just his children and his wife, For he lived an ordinary - simple - quiet sort of life. When a politician leaves this earth, his body lies in state, Where thousands note his passing, And proclaim that he was great. Papers tell his story From the time that he was young, But the passing of a Veteran Goes unnoticed - and unsung Who gave the greatest contribution To the welfare of our land? A bigs-shot who breaks his promises And cons his fellow man? Or was it ‘joe’ a nameless Vet Who in times of war and strife, Goes off to serve his country And offers up his life? The politician's salary And the style in which he lives, Are often disproportionate, To the service that he gives. When, countries are in conflict, We find that a Veteran's part Is to clean up all the troubles That the politicians start. While the ordinary Veteran, Who offers up his all, Is paid off with a medal And perhaps a pension - small. If we cannot do him honor While he's here to hear the praise, Then at least let's give him homage At the ending of his days. just a headline In the press, that might simple say: “Our country is in mourning “For a veteran - died - today.”

Posted by Diane LeBlanc:

Shame in Quebec! Remembrance day ua Canadian!!

Posted by Debbie Sigfusson :

It does not seem right that some provinces observe this holiday and others do not. This needs to be all or none. Given the huge significance of our forefathers paving the way for our freedom, it should be observed by all Canadians.

Posted by Martha:

I think is should be a holiday as well. People think that during a work day you will have the minute of silence..... Not in my case. It's a go go all day and even though the president sent an email first think in the morning saying that at 11:11 we should you a silent moment in my 11 years working in this institution I have never done it. I would rather go to a commemorative ceremony that all the city halls have in their cities and honor and remember that people died for our freedom and to remember the ones that are in a hostile territory. I took a vacation day once and went to Ottawa, that was an amazing commemoration... And it is up to the parents to make the holiday a day to remember...

Posted by Cynthia Eyre:

My first reaction was that yes, of course it should be a national stat day but there is a very good point in NOT making it a stat, in that most people would not bother to observe unless they had been TAUGHT to... in schools growing up - every year. This creates an in-grained emotional response that is very difficult to ignore as an adult. If children have the day off, most do not have parents who have the means (many will still work and take a lieu day) to take them to memorial services whereas schools hold them or, bring the children to them. I believe that the best way to keep the history alive and to prevent war is to ensure that all children are educated in matters of the human cost of war - rather than have them sit on the couch playing war video games with no consequences. So, NO - November 11 should not be a statutory holiday.

Posted by Cathy:

Yes there is no more important day to have as a Stat holiday than to remember and Thank all those men and women who fought for our freedom. Take away the Queen's birthday...if you think we have too many holidays...but to say that Remembrance day is just another day to sleep in...that is an insult to all the men and women who went days, weeks, months and years "not sleeping in" but to fight for us...all of us. Show some respect....and each Province should be showing the same respect to this is not a matter of having another holiday it is a day to show respect to those who fought for us...and who continue the fight for us.

Posted by Jason:

If it does not become a stat holiday I would think it is not to much to ask for us to get 2 hours off from 10 to noon to get to a cenotaph to pay our respects.

Posted by Aden:

I think Remberance Day ought to be a national stat holiday. I live in BC and the turn out for the ceremonies is huge. There is also a tv audience. This notion of kids in schools talking about is so quaint but fails to include most of the population. Make it a national Statutory holiday. Especially in view of the fact we have veterans of latter conflicts such as Afghanistan

Posted by Wayne:

Since when did the word 'Holiday' have such a negative connotation? A day 'off' wouldn't necessarily be a for sure 'end' to 'remembering' our fallen soldiers... It's a perk, that we should be exercising. I'm very productive on my days off - don't bash or blame others because you are NOT. That's not part of what being a Canadian is about -

Posted by Tiffany wirth:

Considering we are recognizing the men And women who fought for our freedom you would think Ontario would be just as concerned about recognizing this as other provinces. It says something about our leaders and their lack of respect for those who gave them the freedom to be in the powerful positions they are in. I’m sure it has something to do with money as it always does with these people.

Posted by Trevor:

Remembrance Day should be a STAT holiday to remember those who have fallen in the face of war, we owe it to them! they have given us everything we have in this world today and it should be imperative that we honour that. We should take the time to pay our respects to those who have lost their lives for this country. If we look at what is happening in the world today, we are not that far away from another world war.....maybe taking the time to honour and listen to those who have experienced it will turn a light on and wake the country up to avoid it happening again.

Posted by Valerie Crebo:

Canada has lost a lot of traditions and values over the years that we once practiced without thinking. Remembrance Day is a value everyone should be grateful for because without this value being recognized we are ignoring the cost of all the past, present and future soldiers that fought to protect our country to ensure we have the freedoms we have today that we take granted and we shouldn't. Is one day too much to give up to remember the brave men and women who have protected us. Look at what most of them gave up. Thousands and thousands gave their lives, others gave parts of their bodies, while others still combat PTSD. So how can 1 day to honor these people be ignored by tasking people to work when they should be remembering and giving thanks? How did the all mighty dollar become more important than our freedom? My Great Uncle died in WWI at the age of 21. He believed in what he fought for. My Grandfather fought in WWI and because of the gases used he had lung problems for the remainder of his life and unable to work to support his family as much as he would have liked. My father fought in WWII for 6 years returning to Canada with PTSD and health deterioration over the years. You wonder why the solders do not talk about their experiences. It is because what they saw was so horrific they did not want to put the pictures they have in their heads in ours. Every province in Canada should be standing up for our soldiers, past and present, protecting them and their memory instead of standing up for the companies that only care about "How much $$" this will cost them. I can guarantee it will not cost the companies anywhere what it has cost our soldiers and their generations of families. So YES, Remembrance Day should be a Stat day to remember and to celebrate our courageous soldiers and our wonderful country, Canada, that we call home.

Posted by Felicity Martin:

I think that remembrance day should be a holiday all over Canada as there was Canadians from all over that died or still living relatives of people that died . I hear the Legions complaining about people not remembering or caring any more; but perhaps if they did this, & had a program for people to attend that was available & interesting: people might attend more. I'm not talking just a parade or standing at the citidel (monument) but a real program that was almost mandatory. I think you know what I mean & it would help educate the world & the kids. My father & grandfather both served in the previous wars. Thank you very much.

Posted by Kelly Jamael-Zach:

Without these brave men and women, we wouldn't be even celebrating the civic or Canada day so I think Nov 11 is more important

Posted by Victor C Craig:

All of us in NORTH AMERICA are alive, breathing, thriving and not living under Nazi or Communist rule because of the dedication and sacrifices by those of us who served in military. Tomorrow, I will proudly wear my still-fitting uniform as I teach immigrants to speak English

Posted by Rita Gravina:

Remembrance Day is taught in or schools and will continue to be taught, whether it is statutory holiday or not. I am a history teacher and feel a great need to have this taught. Each and every school should commemorate this so that students at all grade levels can understand why soldiers sacrificed their lives in the name of democracy and freedom. Perhaps this is where government needs to step to ensure that programs exist on this day, services are happening in community centres and churches, museums and archives are kept open, libraries are running programs and showing films and documentaries about war etc so that families could observe this day of remembrance with their children. If it is to be made a statutory holiday then something needs to be put in place in our communities so that parents and children can participate in these events and activities as a family. This by no means should mean that it should not continue to be commemorated in schools. Our school service is unbelievable with staff, students, parents, the community and alumni all being involved. I am proud to be teaching at my school which dedicates so much attention to this day. Our veterans deserve one day of commemoration for a life of sacrifice.

Posted by Wendy rejesky:

I remember a time when it was a holiday i could join my comrades in arms and give thanks to those that died and served now i work and take i minute of silence this year thankfully on a saturday i give thanks to all who fought so i dont have to

Posted by Ryan Hirji:

Ontario should have Remembrance Day as a stat holiday. Do these idiots who don't want it as a holiday even know what our soldiers have gone through? Everyone should be watching or taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies. If you don't, go to a different country.

Posted by Darlene:

It should be a statutory holiday for many reason. We take a moment of silence for those who died for us. How do expect people to be honor these fellow people if you don't make it a stat holiday around the world. These men and women went to war on our behalf we should be taking the day and honoring them for what they have done.

Posted by markb:

I own a company that supports about 60 other companies. I have no choice but to open Remembrance Day as half of the companies take the day and the other half work. Both my grandfathers and my father in law were in the army during world war II and one grandfather lost his life. I think it is a very important day to reflect. Look at all the turmoil in the world during this time. Fighting and War are not the answer, we have to remember that.

Posted by Shirley Nolan:

I think that Remembrance Day should not be a holiday, it is meant to be exactly that- a day of remembering those many men and women who lost their lives for our freedom, which we have. They did not fight so that there could be another holiday. Many people, especially this year, will treat it as a long week-end and will not even think about the meaning of this day. It is not a HOLIDAY.

Posted by Joe:

In my opinion Remembrance Day is only second to Christmas. I cannot believe this is still up for debate. So many people lost there lives fighting for our country and allowing us to have the lives and privileges we have now. This is a no brainier and it is not a holiday but a day of remembrance of the men and women that went thru hell to defend our way of life. I have nothing but respect for those people and I hope we never go through it again.

Posted by Canuckle:

Remembrance day needs to be a national holiday, while there is any semblance of Canada left. Schools today are a Liberal joke, only nobody is laughing. Remembrance Day is in danger of not being mentioned at all soon, what with all the left's politically correct nonsense. The education system has turned Canada over to new immigrants and like true Liberals are apologizing to all newcomers and ignoring Canadian citizens. I welcome all to enjoy this great country, but I am against Liberals erasing our Canadian heritage and embracing other country's heritages to replace ours. Our forefathers fought and died for our freedoms. Do not let the lunatic left sell us all downstream. I wish we had President Trump in Canada. He would protect our heritage. God bless our veterans both alive and passed. God bless Canada.

Posted by Sunshine Day:

I feel that it is very important to recognize the beautiful men and women that fight to keep our country safe. I feel it is very disrespectful to say family day is more important than Rememberance Day. These men and women sacrifice not being with there families on Family Day to keep Canada safe so give them that respect by us as a nation taking the time to thank them and pray for them.

Posted by Denise :

Yes Rememberance day should be a stat all over Canada.The day and time is celebrated while working so it should be recognized as such.And for those that want the opportunity to do more /partake in city events -they will have a chance too fonso.

Posted by James Watkins :

As a someone who has served this country and whose family has also had veterans for generations I believe this should be a statutory holiday nationwide. I do, however, take exception with those who have commented that certain groups of people, (those who did not serve, those too young to understand, even military spouses), should not speak about the topic. I served to protect freedom, not to limit it. If someone disagrees with the topic, then let them speak. We have that freedom because people serve and have served. Remembrance Day starts at home and with friends. If you are having a day off, take the time to remember and talk about it. Go to a memorial, wear a poppy, lift a beer to the fallen, say thanks to a veteran. But do it from a sense of freedom, because you want to, not because some politicians got together and made it the law. Some of them will only support that because they will get positive spin.

Posted by Fran:

Yes Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. The importance of the day needs to continue to be taught in school along with more of the Canadian history of the wars. We need to remember and honour all those who made sure our country is safe and free. Freedoms that many of us take for granted everyday, without a second thought, was paid for with a very high price.

Posted by siva:

I think when some province are not given stat holiday it appears that those province not fought war.

Posted by Wendy Hicks:

I believe Remembrance Day should be a recognized statutory holiday in every Province in Canada, out of respect for our veteran's who fought for our freedom. I mean common Govermen....lets get our priorities straight!!!

Posted by Mark:

Hey Cathy, how about taking some responsibility for YOUR kids education at home. Maybe less tv and video games might be a good place to start, rather than blameing educators who have to deal with your snotty kids..... hmmm, just a thought.

Posted by Jeremy Dunlop:

"Compare to Thanksgiving Day when most people cook a turkey and drink lots of beer instead of being genuinely grateful about anything." Do you have statistical evidence to support this claim? I can't believe this was part of your commentary. And to the person who says Family day is better... you might not have family day if not for the sacrifice of those great men and women who gave everything for our freedom.

Posted by Abdi :

Yes it should a statuary holiday through the country, this is the least we can do for our heroes who fought for this country and the freedom we enjoy today. Workers,students and everyone should be off this day in order to participate celebrations and remembrance activities for our fallen heroes.

Posted by M Medeiros:

Remembrance Day should most certianlly be observed in all provinces in Canada. How is it possible that we celebrate 'labour day' when we do not observe all those who gave thier lives for our freedom (to labour). We pause for a moment at 11:11 AM. Parliament puts on a 'show'. Veterans across the country honour those who died in 'Remembrance'. This should not be up to the provinces. We should unite as one country and all have the opportunity to remember.

Posted by Beverely Hipolito:

I believe that Remembrance Day should not be a vacation or day off. It should be acknowledged and honored across Canada through all schools, workplaces and on media not just for a few minutes but like other holidays, an all day event. How many people know about "The Last Post". I do, my mother served active duty in England and The Last Post was there for her when she passed. I believe education is the key to peace, let's spend that day showing, caring and teaching all across Canada. Other countries will watch and hopefully follow.

Posted by T.E. Snow:

As the daughter, granddaughter, niece and sister of Military Veterans, I fully support the idea of Remembrance Day being a Statutory Holiday. Our veterans deserve to be honoured for more than an hour or two on November 11th. They - at the VERY least - deserve a full day to be dedicated to them, their families and their fallen comrades. Instead of shoving all ceremonies into a 2 - 3 hour period, the full day could be used for parades and ceremonies. This is not about "another day off - YAY!" It is about acknowledging and respecting our Military.

Posted by D. Lavallee:

It should be a National Holiday for the entire country. This is a day where we all give THANKS to those who sacrificed for us. The issue is more on employers who are to cheap to pay us a day off.

Posted by B. Smith:

I totally agree with Cathy Mackinley's remarks. See Below Posted by Cathy MacKinley: Remembrance Day should be a Holiday, if it were not for the brave men and women who chose to fight for our country so we could have the freedom we do today, there would be nothing to argue about. What would we have? My grandfather served overseas and has since left us, but I know he would want us to remember all the fallen soldiers as well as the veterans who are still with us. It bothers me to no end that already Christmas decorations are all ready up in most stores and peoples homes to me give some respect to those who died so we could be free and wait until after November 11 for her Christmas decorating to start

Posted by Darren:

What difference does it make whether you live in Nova Scotia or Alberta. You are still Canadian. That's the government for you. Idiots !!!!

Posted by tom:

Dave R Paquette, I apologize to you. the poster's name is above the line and I was mixed up. My comment was to Peter, who said we should bet rid of all Stat holidays, etc.

Posted by shazia arif:

Here in Quebec we should have also statutory holiday in remembrance day

Posted by Charles Tackett:

Certainly Veterans Day should be a national ceremony Certainly, folks like Justin need a holiday from their labor and the cold, I'm sure the children could as well. I would propose that both days are worthy to be enjoyed by all. 😎🇻🇳♠️🇺🇸

Posted by M. Belille:

I am apalled that someone would say that Family Day is more important and is a much needed break after a long depressing Winter. The assumption that everyone would sit around and drinks beer and eat on a this holiday is ridiculous. There would be no Family Day without the sacrifices of those who fought for this country. Regardless of whether Remembrance day falls on a school day I can assure you it will be commemorated celebrated and respected in schools as always. For schools, Remembrance Day is not a single event celebrated in one day. We teach, learn, reflect and present and come together to honour the contributions of those who fought for our county. A long depressing winter should not even be discussed as a factor for a Holiday. Maybe schools should shorten summer and extend the winter break but that is a separate issue. Please do not be self-involved and make assumptions about others because that is the way you think. Celebrating Remembrance Day as a Statutory Holiday should have been put into place long ago. I completely agree with those who understand the seriousness of this day. Perhaps certain museums and community organizations would still be open on that day and it would give parents and families an opportunity to participate in celebrating this day with personal family traditions.

Posted by Darryl:

Who cares what some preteen says, maybe if they were correctly taught by our educators, they would understand why people die in these wars.

Posted by Cathy MacKinley:

Remembrance Day should be a Holiday, if it were not for the brave men and women who chose to fight for our country so we could have the freedom we do today, there would be nothing to argue about. What would we have? My grandfather served overseas and has since left us, but I know he would want us to remember all the fallen soldiers as well as the veterans who are still with us. It bothers me to no end that already Christmas decorations are all ready up in most stores and peoples homes to me give some respect to those who died so we could be free and wait until after November 11 for her Christmas decorating to start

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