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I think the schools should have lessons on Remembrance Day in the week leading up to Nov. 11 and then everyone should have the day off so that instead of devoting one minute to remembering the veterans, we can actually go to a cenotaph ceremony to observe it properly. I remember going with my mother and watching my grandmother lay the wreath in memory of her oldest son who was killed during WWII.

Posted by jaseth wynter:

Yes this should be a because we are unable to go out and participate in such an important day .We should take the kids reflect on the sacrifices others have made so we can live the freedom we enjoy.


This should be a Federal holiday, with only basics services offered. We need some time to think about why they die, and where we are sending our world. Should be time to think, pray and love... Nothing to celebrate, but pay tribute. Yes, should be holiday.

Posted by Ken Campbell:

There is a recurring discussion about whether Remembrance day should be a holiday in Canada. I say yes. There is a rise in tension in the world and there are still wars happening. We need to remind everyone, especially the young, about the consequences of war and the freedom they are experiencing due to the sacrifices of others. We need to remember those Canadians that sacrificed their lives. We also need to recognize those that survived and lived with the horror of war all of their lives. There is a large decline in memberships at the Canadian Legion and this is due to the passing of many war survivors. This is also an indication of the growth in the lack of recognition that is happening. The Legion is now accepting applications from anyone who is interested in their cause, not just veterans and their families. There have been other days set aside to remember victims of Afghanistan and other wars. I think they should all be observed on Remembrance Day. With the inception of Family day in February that mirrors the U.S. Presidents day holiday, it becomes even more apparent that Remembrance Day needs to be a holiday here in Canada. Ken Campbell

Posted by Dale Hutchinson:

The day should be kept in whatever way best served as a way for people to remember.I don't believe it should be treated as holiday as such but needs to be held such high accord that time is taken people are obliged to stop whatever is at hand and come together as one people to honor, remember, and contemplate the horrible, almost inconceivable atrocity that is....war

Posted by Elizabeth :

I just heard a wwii veteran on the news say he is disappointed the crowd is so small but ontarions do not get the day off. Sad he thought people just did not want to be there


Hi I believe it should be holiday right across Canada like it was when I was growing up. What gets me is this family day holiday, which is only one day a year. I remember growing up that every Sunday would be family day. Stores would be closed and you would spend time at home cooking, cleaning and getting ready to have family come over to celebrate. Not anymore. We have gotten to busy with work and other things to have time to be with our families.

Posted by James Akers:

I think that it is absurd that Ontario ( where I live) dose not recognize Remembrance day as a Federal holiday. The idiots in power inserted a family day instead.


Remembrance Day should be a Stat holiday for sure in ALL Of Canada. We wouldn't have "Families" for Family Day or any other day to celebrate were it not for the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for our freedom. It is the priority!

Posted by Lauren:

A nice first step would be to align government and non-government holidays. As to Remembrance Day, the veterans' sacrifices for countries not even their own definitely deserve recognition. But why not add what our veterans stood for, the belief in peace and all the different ways this can be nurtured. It would be a great tribute to those who made such a difference for so many. Should all of us have this day off? Of course we should. It’s a day that stands for so much. It has the potential for activities and events in honour of our vets and Canada's dedication to peace keeping and everything that stands for.

Posted by Janine :

Every year on this day I'm deeply saddened that some provinces don't recognize Remembrance Day as a holiday. Every school that I have ever worked in in British Columbia has had comprehensive instruction the week of and assemblies on the day before Remembrance Day. Every student across our great land ought to have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies. It's flabbergasted me to think that veterans would not support the idea of students participating in their schools before this special day and be able to go to services with citizens of all ages. Support these brave men and women, respect them, remember them.


Those that do not feel the need for a Holiday w to respect those who gave up life, for their freedom These folks should book the next flight to Libia. Then distroy their Canadian passport. Try that freedom.


I believe that remembrance day should be a national holiday. I grew up in BC, and attended a remembrance day ceremony every year, as well as the ones held at school prior to the holiday. I moved to Ontario to attend university in 2013, and since then I have been unable to attend remembrance day ceremonies. My university (McMaster) holds a short remembrance day ceremony each year. However classes are still run during this time, which means that I am forced to choose between going to a class (that over the years has had a midterm, quizes, assignment deadlines, and inclass attendance marks), and going to a remembrance day ceremony. At the very least I believe that providing everyone with an equal opportunity to attend a remembrance day ceremony is necessary. I should not have to choose between attending a midterm and attending a remembrance day ceremony. If all work places, public schools, and post secondary institutions provided the time to go the remembrance day ceremonies this would help.

Posted by H S:

One cannot enforce virtue anymore than one can enforce patriotism and gratitude. What a sick world we live in, where gratitude for the Peace and Freedoms we enjoy with a rich and diverse population who it seems have taken all for granted and the precious gifts of our freedoms for which they came to this great country to enjoy - and which now are quietly being stripped from us one by one by. Government aquieses to lobbyist minority pressure wherein the masses are refused and debauchery of sound values and principles of freedom in mainstay society are taken and substituted and deemed good for all Canadians. Fathers of Confederation are ignored and visions of democracy for which a 100,000 Canadians have died fighting for are on a slippery slope of destruction.


Remeberance Day is and should be the time we acknowledge the efforts of veterans who have served our country proud and for the freedom of others. Most of us will never know the sacrifices the men and woman have endured for the well being of our country, so in having said all of this, please recognize a veteran today and put aside this day as their day!

Posted by Lou:

I DO NOT wish for Remembrance Day in Ontario to be a STAT holiday as people will not take the time to remember the soldiers who died for Canada. It should be taught in schools prior to the 11th and 2 minutes of silence observed as well. Otherwise children will think they have another day off and won't understand why.


I work in a school in Ontario and as nice as it would be to have the day off, after attending Remembrance Day assemblies I feel that our youth would not get the same experience if they were at home. I think it is important to continue to share with youth the importance of this day. Lest we Forget.

Posted by Mark Shackles:

It's not just another holiday! I think of our brave heroes, past and present, each and every day of the year. I think of their great sacrifice, each early morning, when I leave for work. The air is quite, peaceful, and calm. There is no gunfire about or shelling in the distance. I'm a proud Canadian, from eastern Ontario. I live directly on the U.S. border, and feel at peace here. It's sad that not everyone in the world can share the same. Thank you to all in our military, both past and present. Thanks to police, fire, paramedics, 911 dispatchers,and to all that keep us safe each and every day. Be thankful Canada. Everyday of the year. Holiday or not.


Yes, it most definitely should be an official holiday. If we cannot honour those who we are indebted to for our freedom, it is a poor reflection on our society.If not for those who fought and died for our country, we would not have any of those other holidays "we have too many of already". Too bad so few people do not have this in perspective.


Remembrance day should be a Statutory holiday in every province in Canada. Why do government offices in Ontario close on November 11th if the date is not recognized as a Statutory Holiday for the rest of the general public in Ontario?. Every federal statutory holiday has to be for everybody with no exceptions. I really love to spend more time with my family, for sure I can celebrate more if I have the day off. I really love the Family day.

Posted by Dennis:

I don not agree with Jason I think a National Holiday would be appropriate. Jason makes a good point, but not everyone would stay at home and chill I for one would go to whatever ceremony was being help in my area to honor the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM.

Posted by Terri:

Every school has a ceremony for Remembrance Day! As they should and if everyone had the day off I bet a million that our veterans wouldn't get the respect they deserve. The comment from Jason is spot on and people are too ashamed to be honest and admit that they would be sleeping in, watching video games....etc.


At work, it is just a normal day for us. There is no two minutes of silence or talking about Remembrance Day.


yes I agree it should be a statutory holiday. Great sacrifices were given to allow democracy. I'm sure many families would make an effort to watch and/or attend in person ceremonies.


I think that Remembrance day should be some type of holiday or maybe half a day off. I myself would love to be able to go and be part of the ceremonies in my hometown. I would love to be able to take my kids with me and be together on such a special day, remember together why we stand here free.. And yes your right in one of the comments below our kids should be learning about remembrance day and why its a special meaningful day for us weeks ahead.

Posted by morkman:

RE: "In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday - with a notable exception of NS, NWT, ON and QC ". I live in Nova Scotia where it is a Provincial holiday I believe. This comment in your intro is also factually incorrect, in that I believe that a "federal statutory holiday" applies to all provinces equally across the country. It may behoove you to state the facts correctly before you start to try to create a populist movement and groundswell. But of course that didn't bother Trump BTW I agree with your point and principal,but get the facts right to start with. Cheers Mark


Absolutely ridiculous. My kids cannot respect veterans whatsoever when they are at school doing work.

Posted by Dwhite:

Yes , it most certainly should be a stat holiday. For the comment that this page posted up top, the schools should be talking about this with the students more then just the one day, Projects , learning etc for the week of. They fought for our freedoms , why not have the day off, to be free. Most social media does the minute of silence on the minute. For the thanksgiving comment. it still usually brings family together the close family and the stranger ones aha, which is a key point to the day bringing people together . There are many productive things that could be thought of and organized to make it a very special day of the year.


It is a travesty and Ontarians should hang their heads in shame.


I think there are enough holiday's already. And the kids have like 2 1/2 months off in the summer. On top all the PTA day's.People should just have a little ceremony in school or workplace. To many holiday's already !!

Posted by Janis:

When I was growing up in Ontario, we had our two minutes of silence but we also always had an assembly so the veterans could come in and talk to us. That is how we commemorated remembrance day and learned about this special day. When I moved to Nova Scotia I was stunned that it was a day off. The kids thought of it as just another holiday to have off school. I never agreed with this and have always felt they should be in school on that day and learn about our veterans and what they go through. I think in every province, it should NOT be a holiday.

Posted by wynn:

It should be a federal statuory holiday because it the only day we officially remember and pay respects to past and present members of the armed forces.

Posted by carlotta:

we should have this as a in respect of the armed force members who fought and lost their lives for our country not a province

Posted by Zeta Rakocy:

It is ridiculous that not all provinces not observe this as a federal Do we not all benefit for the sacrifice these men and women made? To not give everyone the opportunity to pay homage for the sacrifices that were made so we enjoy our freedom is utterly disrespectful to their memory and sacrifices.


I'm torn on this. Observations in school is valuable, but I see how it can be treated just as time out of class as well. I grew up in Newfoundland and I was involved in Scouting and Cadet programs that held activities/observances with the Legion each year regardless of the day of the week. The general public showed a lot of support as well. In short affording a day off so that those interested can participate would be my preference, as long as the day off is the actual Nov 11 and not the adjacent Monday/Friday ... and close the malls. If some/most people do not want to observe, it's not a big deal. However as a counterpoint, many people take time off work to observe days important to them that are not stat holidays and it is not too much to ask those of us who care about this to do that same.

Posted by Cathy:

I do wish for it to be a Stat holiday as I run a home daycare and I can not go the Remembrance day Parade in our city as I have to work. I would love nothing more then to go and be at the parade and take the time to honor all current and past member of our armed forces. I have taken the children when I don't have a house full. I do make them sit for the 2 minute silence. If it was a holiday all around then I could attend each and every service and see my wonderful father in law lay a wreath at the cenotaph.


I believe it should be a national holiday. I live in a Province that it is a provincial holiday. I have no family that has served but I honour this day as if I did, as all Canadians should. There is an argument that it should not be a holiday because children should be in school and learning about the day. My daughter’s school still has the Remembrance assembly on Nov 10th, they talk about it and read stories. On Remembrance Day we will attend the local ceremony afterwards we will celebrate the day with a family day because it was these rights that so many men and women have fought for us to have. I argue that the provinces that do not have the day off forget. I work for a national company. I do not get Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday and I have to take a vacation day. When I told my new manager that I was taking the day off she said “What holiday is it any ways?” She is very well educated, active in her community and has young children in school, but because the day is not a holiday she forgot. Her children’s school doesn’t make a big deal about it. If it was a holiday she would have never forgotten. Lest we forgot.

Posted by Scott:

I plan on using the time to spend with my young family, starting with a visit to a Remembrance Day ceremony @11a. The freedom to pursue whatever activities, is available to Canadians because of the sacrifice made - remember AND enjoy.

Posted by Rob Haines:

I'm torn on making it a stat holiday for the simple reason I'm not sure as many others have stated that the day would be used as intended and honor our fallen soldiers and service people. Personally I would take my daughters to a service as my wife and I talk at length to our daughters about the sacrifice that has been made by others for our freedom and the way of life we enjoy and most take for granted. We need to not lose site of the reason for this day and keep the message alive so others may not have to fight in wars. I pray for the safety of our people abroad keeping peace in other countries and keeping us safe at home.

Posted by Renata:

Here's the deal, I agree remembrance day should be observed. But being at work definitely does not allow for that. All the jobs I've had, it's a day like any other. I don't get to go to any ceremony to remember our valiant soldiers. I like that the kids have assemblies to go to. Couldn't it be just that... a holiday where we would have a chance to take our kids to remember and celebrate the lives of our courageous soldiers at school assemblies, and other events around town? For that, it would have to be a holiday or a civic duty imposed by the government on businesses.

Posted by Sukhdev Singh Riar:

A poet has said, "God and soldiers all men adore, in time of danger and never before ; When the danger is passed and things righted,God is forgotten and soldier slighted ." It is the prime duty of every country man /woman to pay homage to the past heroes of the nation and give respect to the living soldiers and their families.Ways may be different,but in educational institutions of all levels, should celebrate this day in their respective premises,may it be for few hours to inculcate national spirit in the students of all ages. Submitted with best wishes !


With regards to previous comments I fail to understand then why the double standard. Why do government offices in Ontario close on November 11th if the date is not recognized as a Statutory Holiday for the rest of the general public in Ontario? Especially since the nation's capital is in Ontario... I would attend ceremonies at our local cenotaph with my family (currently I take time out of my work day if I can, and attend alone.) When November 11th falls on a Friday or Monday I would even consider planning a family road trip to Ottawa. It should be a National holiday. Schools can still discuss the importance of the date during the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. Simply because the kids are not in school, does not mean the schools will not have a chance to discuss the topic. They can hold an assembly the day before if they like. I do not see the point of some provinces recognizing it and others not, and then to add fuel to the fire, the double standard that lets employees of the government and banks in Ontario attend ceremonies but not the rest of us.

Posted by Equal Treatment for all:

I do not work for the government/bank and therefore do not get to participate in any remembrance activities. When I watch the evening news recaps of the remembrance events around the city I wonder how many government/bank employees actually attend. Today while I'm at the bank I will ask the person what they are doing this weekend and for their day off. I wonder? I too have family that fought in both World Wars and do think about them. I don't understand why a holiday exists for reflection for some people and not others. Am I being discriminated against because I'm not a "government employee". But then again, I'm not happy on our current provincial government anyway. May we all remember the Canadians who fought not only for Canadian freedoms, but freedom for other countries as well.

Posted by M. C.:

All people should remember those who fought for others' well being. Stop and remember. Honour the veterans for a day.

Posted by Georges Lehner:

As a former Royal 22e Regiment member (yes French Canadian «VAN DOOS») this should be a national holiday. We must never forget what happen and NEVER forget those who fought for.... May these guys (girls) rest in peace in the poppy field. Thanks to all of them... Georges Lehner

Posted by Margarita:

I agree with "God Bless our soldiers who give us our freedom every day" and all similar sentiments. I also believe Ontario should NOT make this a statutory holiday because with both parents working therefore children being in daycare etc they would not get exposed to the real meaning of Rememberance Day. We cannot expect every person looking after a group of young children to make a formal setting to take a moment at 11:00 to remember. Schools have the opportunity on that day to turn every class into one wherein the soldier's and their families' sacrifices can be remembered. Best for Ontario to have FAMILY DAY in Ontario and demand our schools in Ontario have formal recognition of Rememberance Day and to include it in part of the curiculum. The Great War and World War II had hundreds of thousand and a great percentage of our male population give their lives (the women were home looking after the farms, factories and families proving they could do the job the men usually did). Such history lessons for this day.

Posted by Canada woman who cares :

I grew up know that Canada had seen so many people go war. Some came home alive some not. It hurts me when we as country dont all just sit remember why we don't live in a place of war. We live canada that why we all should have nov 11 to give thanks. Hold our family stories and go visit old war vets and keep our land feel safe. My kids all show love we are born raised in Canada. This to me is my land my home to show we are proud no war is happen at our country. How can we let kids know family who stood to help keep us safe.. then why should I or any say to new comers welcome to Canada were you not have war or all problem from your country.

Posted by susan:

Every province should be offered the respect to our military and vets We need to keep this day sacred to all Canadians and soldiers. Make it mandatory!!

Posted by Karthi:

Yes it must simply be a National Holiday, nobody needs any explanation for this, of course we have to salute those who served our country.

Posted by Sara:

Rememberance day can be celebrated with kids during the course of the week that leads to Rememberance day just like we wear poppies for almost a week before the day. Since it's a holiday in other provinces it should be one in Ontario too. The children don't learn anything specific only on that day..teachers talk to students in classes and assemblies about remembering our soldiers during the course of that week..not necessarily on Remeberance day just having an assembly on Rememberance day no kid will understand the importance of that day


By not having all of Canada observing November 11th as a stat holiday, we are telling our troops that we don't care about their efforts and the thousands that give their lives for our freedom


Family Day is a B.S. excuse for a day off. Remembrance Day is a much more important day which should be a Stat Holiday for people to show their respect those who fought for our freedom and to show support for those who still do. If you want a day with your family it's called "Saturday" and you can do it once each week.


Remembrance day should be a holiday every province in Canada with no exceptions. The Canadian government should make it mandatory that every province honor this day by having a holiday! We all owe a debt to our soldiers who given their lives for our freedom. We in Canada are lucky enough to live in one of the best countries in the world, thanks in part to the brave women and men of our armed forces.

Posted by Tony:

I find it appalling that some people are against Remembrance day for financial reasons! If you are a business owner, then holidays are simply a cost of doing business. Putting profits before people is morally bankrupt. Please make this a stat holiday so that families can honor the vets together, as a family, the way it should be.

Posted by dave:

Pitting Family Day against Remembrance Day is absolutely ridiculous! Family day is Family day, not relevant to the question of making 11/11 a national day! Shake you head!!! Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday, and Canada should get its act together to make the day/sights/memorials something respectable. It saddens me to no end that we have a tiny monument here, and a little one there. Put some damn effort into it and make it worthy of the respect of our veterans observe.


Moved to Ontario from BC 3 years ago, in BC the stat was spent at one of the many events in our city with a parade, fly overs, speeches and canon fire. My children learnt more by participating and speaking with vets than would be learnt in another day of school with a small ceremony in the gym. We must also remember this day is about the vets who cherish this day to don their uniforms and mingle with an appreciative public. Now that I am in Ontario an announcement comes over the PA system and we observe a moment of silence before going back to work.....we can do better.

Posted by Kevin:

Remembrance day has so much significance for a stat holiday. It is a huge honor for me as a Canadian to remember, respect, and celebrate our freedom fought for by the brave soldiers who risked their lives to make this happen. This is the single most serious and sad day of the year in my eyes, and I think our vets deserve so much acknowledgement and respect for their service so what better honor than a Canada wide stat holiday.


I do not agree that Remembrance Day should be a holiday. When I was a child, the children from our school were marched to the arena, where the ceremonies were held. We were taught in school what Rembrance Day was. After that we were allowed to go home. (Maybe that is what we did regardless). Children today do not recognize the horror and loss of people in WW11, or how our fathers and fore-fathers suffered, how they fought to defend our country. Our children(excluding mine, who attends services without fail) and their children have not been taught in schools and that should be more of a priority than a day off.


it is absolutely ridiculous that every province in Canada doesn't hold this holiday !! the federal government should make it mandatory that every province hold this holiday ! God Bless our soldiers who give us our freedom every day!!

Posted by Megan:

As an Albertan who observes the day as a day away from work, my family and I attend the parade every year - arriving at the venue before 10 am to get our seats, and leaving after we've had time to mingle with the service members afterwards. As a day at work, dealing with international companies, I wouldn't even be able to count on the "moment of silence" to observe the sacrifice made by service members past, present, and future. Sure, not everyone will observe it, but even if it is "enforced" at schools etc not all the children are thinking of things other than what they will soon find in their lunch kits. As a day away from work/school, those who are civic minded can and do make a ritual of honoring service members.

Posted by Angus Walker:

Remembrance Day should not be a stat in any province. I agree with the Royal Canadian Legion that we should show our respects by stopping work/school and standing in silence for 2 mins. This day has stopped being a day to remember and just become another day to go out and do stuff or for the kids to sit at home playing video games. Making this a stat has actually had a negative effect and ruined this day as a day of respect.


Outrageous. The day we remember our troops and all those who served the country during war time should be respected. It should be a country wide statutory holiday.

Posted by Shirleygail:

we go to the cenotaph and I am often heartened by the crowd there for the service here in CCNV (Corporation of the City of North Vancouver). I think it tasteless and a commercial grab to show Christmas décor prior to Remembrance Day. gh

Posted by Jean-Marc Veilleux:

I love your page, but I have many freinds that are uniquely French Canadian. Do you know if at one point your page will be translated in French for all to see? I am a retired Sergent from the erra 1974-1996 I did most of my time in Canada being a Radar technician by trade. hope this will reach a sympatetic ear. PS People of all ages should go see a parade it is a very proud moment for those who served. Bring your Canada flags.

Posted by Jaykumar Mungra:

Remembrance Day should be statutory holiday throughout the canada. Every single person of every single province should get equal chance of celebrating this day. The provinces, where it is not a stat. Holiday seems that they do not consider this day even.

Posted by Y. Cranddent:

Hello, I strongly, whole hearted and sincerely in my mind that "Canada's Remembrance Day/November 11 Of Every Year" Should be DECLARE as a "Stats. Holiday With Pay" for all level of employment. Regardless, IF you are a Government Employees, Crown Corp, or Private Sectors Employees." For once a year WE should pay a respect to those known and unknown soldiers or our country. We are living in the modern World but we should NEVER, EVER forget who made us today and how we got here! It is selfish to IGNORE this issue. . . Make it Official effective in 2017. Thank You, Y.Cranddent. Ottawa, ON Canada

Posted by Bruce :

Why do we the Canadian poeple allow foreigner to control our Country after so many Canadian fought for this Country and Died .The Canadian Flag and Remembrance Day should be an honor for us not about money or someone Who was never born in this great Country .I say Yes to an National holiday for everyone thoughout Canada.Don't let the memory of the fallen? Be forgotten ? Two Great wars How our family fought to save our freedom Dont let this happen because of foreigner who came here for their freedom . Repect our forces and give this Day to everyone in this Great Country of Ours.

Posted by Mike:

I'm 73, 5th generation Canadian - my late dad was a brigade commander in WWll, my younger brother is a retired senior officer & my son is active officer. In Quebec I'm concerned that a holiday would be just that. To have time to go to a cenotaph should be accepted as normal - like vote days , ie 2 hours off - or even 2 minutes at school or work. I'd be happy to keep as is.


We used to go to ceremonies, but now all kids do is play video games!!


As most stores and business are open on stat holidays anyways, it would not matter if it was made in to a "stat" holiday

Posted by Lorne:

I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg at the end of 2015. I'm a little appalled at the fact that Remembrance Day is not properly observed here. In my younger days, I remember when you could only buy milk, eggs, or bread on Remembrance Day...nothing else. Greed trumps respect. The Fallen are forgotten. It's shameful.


it is absurd that remembrance day is not a statuary day as it is "only" to remember the men and women who fought and lost their lives for us, but we have no problem with a statuary day for Victoria day, queen Victoria who ?


According to the Holidays Act, Remembrance Day is not a LEGAL holiday, it's just a holiday. Not all government agencies take a day off. It's a day to celebrate Canada's victory in WW1. The 2 minutes of silence is the only part of the parade meant to commemorate those who fought and are still fighting. The victory is tainted by the anglo-Canadian enforced conscription of French Canadians. ON, QC, NS and NWT represent more than half the population of Canada, and do not recognize Remembrance Day. So not only is Remembrance Day not recognized as a Statutory Holiday by law, nor is it recognized by a majority of the Canadian public, but even its true meaning as a day of Victory in WW1 is forgotten. Let's stop telling ourselves the story that feels good and let everyone appreciate Canada's WW1 contribution in celebration or commemoration as they see fit.


Of all the holidays that we as Canadians have, I feel that Remembrance Day should be observed as a National Holiday. After all these men, boys and women gave their lives so we could have the freedoms we all enjoy today. I just don't get it.


I personally think that Remembrance should be recognized as a Statutory Holiday all across the country. After all it's not necessarily to or implement so do something in particular on that day. But just to highlight the fact that lots of people got killed saving our country, should we at least acknowledge the facts, because we would not be where we are today if it was it because of are soldier. A day off would be a force to be recognized the sacrifice made and also to some of us who had ancestor who died in their families, because of the war. If BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and some other provinces can acknowledge this why can the the rest of Canada can't? It's beyond me.

Posted by Cal:

My thought on the topic as a compromise is that employers should be required Nationally to provide Nov11 as a holiday for any veteran in their employment (if it falls on a work day). A holiday for all is just another day off; but a holiday for veterans has meaning. One, it highlights to coworkers that they work side by side with a veteran and helps bring that recognition into the workplace that Nov11 we acknowledge all those who have served their Country. Two, it then allows veteran employee to go to their local community ceremony and pay their respect to the memory of comrades past and present, as we have many many modern day vets still in the work force who have personally been touched by horrors of war, or have buddies touched by war. Rememberance Day is NOT just a ceremony for the aging WW2 and Korea soldiers, 1000's of working men and women are veterans too, yet for Employers Nov11 is just another work day. Nov11 should be a Veterans Day. Thx


Not having Remembrance Day a nationally recognized holiday across ALL provinces in Canada is an affront to the memories of those who served. Think of what they sacrificed and what we gained. The fact that Easter and Christmas ARE recognized as holidays, despite being religiously affiliated holidays, makes one wonder what the reasoning is. How does one justify this disparity, considering there are Atheists and non-Christians across Canada?


My son's schools, Elementary and Secondary, have always done a Remembrance Day assembly. They will have art they have made hung in the classrooms and hallways, have a Veteran speak to the children and to answer any questions they may have. So keep Remembrance Day a Stat holiday so families can go to the ceremonies in their cities.


I agree with the young person who said we should focus our attention on preventing the horrors of war. Full stop.

Posted by T. Groves:

Although I personally would like to see Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in order for me to have the opportunity to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa, I first want to respect the wishes of The Legion. As an alternative, how about providing guidance to businesses, that where employees express the desire to observe the day, that time be allocated to watch the televised Remembrance Day Ceremony, conduct their own ceremony or show their respects with a moment silence.

Posted by Mexican Rose:

To "Anonymous" regarding Nov. 11 being a financial loss to companies if Nov. 11 were declared a stat holiday. Why is it something as importance as Remembrance Day boils down to money? Would you have thought of money if the clocks were turned back & Canada was involved in war? What about your employees who voluntarily joined the militaries in order to protect YOU & the rest of the country? There's more to life than money. Quite frankly, I have the feeling that the moderator of this forum will not publish this comment, perhaps because I hit on a nerve.

Posted by Mexican Rose:

I do believe that Nov. 11 should be a statutory holiday..NATIONALLY, & should never take a backseat to anything. People lost their lives for our country in order that we may live in freedom, free of oppression. There shouldn't be anything else overseeing Nov. 11. Where Family Day is concerned, THAT's the biggest joke ever. "Family Day" is not given to services, such as Police, Fire, etc...While we know they are a necessary service, they do not even get any retribution whatsoever. If you're working, you don't get time-and-a half..if you're off, you're off.


I believe Remembrance Day should be given as a holiday with a twist that each individual do something charitable for part of the day. God knows people have become selfish and too self absorbed and money hungry. As students are required to do some charity work as part of their graduation diploma we should make ontarians do 3 hrs of charity to get paid that day, possibly the ont govt could offer some incentive to get behind this. People get out and help others out.


I believe Remembrance Day should be given as a holiday with a twist that each individual do something charitable for part of the day. God knows people have become selfish and too self absorbed and money hungry. As students are required to do some charity work as part of their graduation diploma we should make ontarians do 3 hrs of charity to get paid that day, possibly the ont govt could offer some incentive to get behind this. People get out and help others out.


Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday nation wide. We should honour and respect those who have sacrificed. Ontario only cares about the economic impact of having another holiday as they do with Boxing day. Our children can still learn the value and importance of this day in school prior to the holiday and at home with parents. I respect that people appreciate Family day but this day is a part of Canada's history. Both holidays should be valued.

Posted by Ross Rou:

Quite disgraceful that Remembrance Day is not properly recognized across the country. It's far more significant than others-Heritage Day, Labour Day etc. It's a shame.

Posted by Ken:

Jason needs to strap on some combat boots and go sit in a trench in the rain with little food and have people shoot at him and watch best friends die around him. The reason we can even have a family day is because of the people who served. So please, shake your head and show some respect.

Posted by Rhonda:

It should be a nation wide holiday. In my home we remember by either going to a service or on TV. Then family games and a big family supper. They served for our freedom. And we should make a big deal out of it. Be thankful.

Posted by Brian:

I am a veteran of many missions overseas and do not wish Remembrance day to become a stat holiday. I have attended and spoken on a couple of occasions at high schools. It is a much better way to advance knowledge. Lest we forget.

Posted by Shirlee Fraser:

I was very surprised to find out this was not a Statuary Holiday in all of Canada... All Canadians participated in some way to the wars of past... This is my option!! This should be corrected as soon as possible. ❤️

Posted by SG:

First, it is not a holiday and nor should it ever be termed as a holiday as it gives the wrong message. It should be a Statutory Day of Observation and Remembrance, for that is what it truly is. Calling it a vacation or holiday looses the respect it deserves. Lest We Forget.

Posted by TS:

I myself can not believe November 11th is not a statutory holiday across Canada and the world this would be the perfect way to show our vets our appreciation for laying down their lives defending our Country please Mr prime minister Justin Trudeau make this happen in Canada show our vets past and present how we look after our vets make it happen honor them before there are all gone,Those that remain would love to see that day and how they sacrifice their lives fighting for our country

Posted by Pamela Devine:

It is deplorable that the province the houses our House of Commons does not recognize Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday.This is a national disgrace. I really look forward to attending Remembrance Day services in my home city out of respect for all of our Canadian Service men and women. The sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made deserve our respect on one day of the year at the very least. Shame on those who disagree.


If it were not for school plays an being at school I never would have been taught about it an I beleave if the veterans wanted it a holiday it would be but they want us at school to learn about the war an how many people lost there live So it's my belief that if the people who died for are freedom want us in class then we should respect there wishes not the wishes of those who want another day off

Posted by M R :

Give all of the one that give freedom and lost life respect and also the one alive the respect on this day to remembered that is an obligations holiday for freedom respected.

Posted by Doug:

my father was a war vet. I personally think to remember is great but not just another holliday. there should be something to do like cleaning a cemetary, spending time with seniors, cleaning city streets in memory of. making the day a learning experience for the young. rededicate a park or a street or a memorial.

Posted by Susie:

Remembrance Day is to remember all the fallen soldiers, people. families. who sacrificed there lives for us. How is it logical that only government officials, offices, banks get the day off to participate and attend ceremonies and all other hard working citizens of this beautiful country we call home. the land of freedom still have to go to work.. Its not enough that working class citizens don't make what government workers make and work double the time and hours to make ends meet. Why is always government workers who get the break from it all. I don't quite understand the logic behind all of it. I am a citizen of this country just like them.. Give us the opportunity and the equality they have to attend and respect our fallen soldiers.


The idea that people will only view Remembrance Day as a "day off" without respecting those who gave their lives is simply not true. I grew up in BC where Remembrance Day is a stat holiday. Schools would simply move school Remembrance Day ceremonies to the day before and children still learn its significance as well as the learning the songs, poems, and speeches about the horrors of war and those brave enough to lay down their lives for the greater good of the world and in service to their country. On Remembrance Day itself, the freedom of the stat holiday allows families to attend local Remembrance Day ceremonies as a family unit or they can watch such ceremonies from home as they are broadcast from Ottawa or local news outlets air the ones in other major cities. I grew up watching the ceremonies broadcast from Ottawa with my family since I was free from school and my parents were free from work. Imagine my excitement when I moved to Ontario at being close enough to drive to attend the Ottawa ceremony. I had always wanted to attend the one in Ottawa to show my respect and be privileged enough to partake in the annual laying of poppies on the Unknown Soldier's grave. Now imagine my shock at finding out Remembrance Day isn't a stat in Ontario and I couldn't attend. Instead, I had to settle for my boss announcing a moment of silence for one minute at 11:00AM over the announcements. That was it. No poems, songs, speeches, trumpet solo, or other aspect associated with the significance of the day. I can only attend a Remembrance Day ceremony if it falls on a weekend or I take a vacation day. If anything, I argue that NOT having Remembrance Day as a stat is far less respectful because people cannot partake in or watch Remembrance ceremonies and therefore the significance of the day is lost when they are busy at work and it's just another workday. I can't even imagine how terrible it must be for those who lost loved ones to war and peacekeeping efforts and are not granted the stat holiday to visit those loved ones' graves. Family Day is something completely different and BC and Ontario now have both. The argument for Family Day OR Remembrance Day holds no water. Do you know the current difference in stat holidays between BC and Ontario? While Remembrance Day is a stat holiday in BC, Ontario chooses to have Boxing Day as a stat in Ontario (it is not one in BC). That's right. Ontario places its commercial interest as being more important than remembering the lives and sacrifices of veterans. I'm simply appalled.

Posted by Terry Chisholm:

I think that Remembrance Day should be a holiday to remember the men and women who served, and still serve our country. My dad served in the Canadian Army from 1939 to 1972, and out of respect and admiration of his service to our country, I am a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion now going on 40 years. November 11th should be a statutory holiday all over the world to remember our fallin troops as well as the troops who still serve. A day to reflect and appreciate the freedom that we have because of what our troops have done, and still do to keep this country safe.

Posted by Michelle:

Why do certain provinces want to be excluded from this stat? I live in BC but my company is a national one and denies statutory holidays that are not federal. Veterans Day is federal in the US. Let's get on board already!

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