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Posted by Aarti :

In my opinion Remembrance Day should not be announced as statutory holiday. People go to work, students go to school, colleges and universities where we acknowledge this special day with honor and respect. We get to know the contributions of the veterans and their roles to our country. Otherwise people would misuse this day and spend it as a vacation time. I believe, we need to acknowledge this day and stand together in silence for those who lost their lives in war.

Posted by Ita:

Remembrance Day should definitely be a stat holiday! The veterans deserve to be remembered. After all, Canada would not be a free country if it weren't for the brave soldiers who fought for independence. I think it's very disrespectful to think, that at the very least, they don't deserve a holiday just for them.

Posted by Bob McKerracher:

In our small Alberta community we have three schools that have annual Remembrance Day ceremonies, usually the last day of school before 11 November (this year it is 08 Nov). They usually have a member of the Canadian military and a Legion member attend. I have had the honour of attending every year as a veteran and Legion member at one of my grandchildren's schools. They are solemn and well organized ceremonies in which the children and youth participate. The students also participate in the art, poetry and essay Legion annual contests with monetary awards and a possible trip to Ottawa for the winners.

Posted by Devin:

Some people have commented that people use days off to just relax, drink beers, etc. as reasoning as to why we should not make Remembrance Day a stat holiday in Ontario and other provinces. It might be true that children could learn about it better in school than at home, but that's true of many things yet we usually leave that responsibility up to parents. I respect the veterans and what they sacrificed for us as much as the next guy, but this seems like state imposed ethics/ideology in school instead of from the parents, and I don't think I agree with that. But I understand some disagree and I will assume for the moment that they are right. That said, you could make the same argument about every holiday, at least the classic ones that we didn't come up with more recently. Why do we think those days are better spent off work/school, but not Remembrance Day? It really doesn't make much sense, and I'm not sure how you could argue that without being hypocritical. By that reasoning wouldn't it be best to stay in school and work to learn about giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day? What about Canada Day, shouldn't we respect that by learning about our country at work and at school? do you see what I'm saying here? Either you are for holidays or you aren't. I'm for holidays, and thus just as I stay home on Canada Day, I should also stay home on Remembrance Day. We should treat it like other holidays and teach kids about it on the days leading up to the holiday. Easy solution. Now give us that holiday government!

Posted by Bethany:

I think Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday to allow families to attend memorial services together and spend time with each other, celebrating the fact that they are able to spend time with each other because of the freedom we have, thanks to those who have sacrificed themselves and fought for our country.

Posted by R W:

I find the "random dad" comment quite troubling. It sounds QUITE clear to me that the kid in this case, is largely being parented by the school. If "random dad" was involved with the kid and taking her to these events, then she'd have a stronger understanding of their importance, and not default to the just stay home and play auto-response. At age 8, she can still be given some important tools, but not with the mentality that the school should be doing it all. My 19 year-old son, who is in university, has been going with me since he could walk, and knows the actual value of what is right in front of him at these events. Don't let school interfere with your learning "random dad". Get involved and teach your kid something.

Posted by Lubna:

Remembrance Day should be a holiday in Ontario as well for everyone

Posted by Gary:

Being the 3rd generation soldier in my family,grandfather in ww2,dad in korea and the cyprus 64 war,and myself 3 un tours including bosnia,,i honestly believe that a holiday is a waste of productive time and is looked forward to by many as a drinking say.In my heart i believe that the government should not waste money on full days loss of productivty on a national scale,,and put way more moneys towards supporting our wounded warriors,,homeless warriors, families of soldiers lost to ptsd and other fatal injuries.It happened to my family and hurts badly but i prefer to look forward,,not live in the past but rather move on with head up and verbally,mentally and physically assist any soldier and they're familys in any way i can whenever called upon.There is a never ending supply of documentaries on tv showing the horrors of war,,and the memorials,,parades etc for all to see all year long.Let the Canadian public support our armed forces,,present and retired by donating their time ,donations and even by joining us in uniform perhaps,,,not by just giving a full day off for a 1 hour parade.World peace has not yet been achieved but many a good soldier has suffered trying to achieve it,,lets celebrate by continuing to work together,,live together,,support each other in times of need,,,not by days off,producing nothing.

Posted by Civilian Doe:

What a shame and matter of disgrace that we can't take one day out of 365 days to remember,honour and celebrate lives of the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect ours and are the keepers of our freedom, security, safety and dignity. Salute the heroes!

Posted by Scott Austin Smith:

I think it's disgraceful that any Canadian would disagree that our veterans deserve to be honored. They willingly risked their lives to protect our freedom. They are all heroes.

Posted by Logan:

What is wrong with this province of Ontario!? I think indeed it should be a status holiday in Ontario. As a matter a fact it should be across the country. This is an important time in the Canadian history and I think adults and children should assist and watch the remembrance ceremony. It would be a great experience for everyone. Also doing something positive for the good of the province like planting trees as an example... Appreciating time together as a family,because if it was not for our soldier who fought for our country who knows what would of happen. If there is only 4 provinces that are not considering Remembrance a Holiday shame on them. At least province like BC as my respect for making this such a big event unlike Ontario! Change this absurdity in Ontario please!

Posted by Nicky:

I believe Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. However I believe every household should be required to pay a small fee (Ke. $3) for a poppy o some form of regarding and appreciating the work of our soldiers. Hopefully this act will also instigate children to learn about this day. I think children, who are too young to understand war, are no more likely to understand the importance of Remembrance Day than children sitting at home possibly being taught more about it from family. But I found it learned more about war and appreciating our soliders from family more than I ever did sitting in a long assembly at school.

Posted by Adnan:

It should be a STAT holiday in every province including Ontario, so we can learn and teach our future generations about the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Posted by Nav:

Rememberance Day should be a day to reflect on the history of the world. We should remeber those individuals who have lost their lives. The sadness of the loss of lives should resonate in our solidarity to demand peace for all of mankind. Please recognize the importance of this day for all of Canada.

Posted by Carlos:

This day represents the many men and women that fought or are ready to fight for us and it should be represented with same respect as everything else, this day should be observed in all Canada.

Posted by Karen :

Remembrance Day should be a statutory day but the stores should actually be closed like they were years ago. You could only buy bread, milk, eggs, etc and gas at the local convenience/gas station.


I couldn't avoid to smile (to say it nicely) reading that Remembrance Day should nod be statutory holiday because people will eat, drink and watch TV instead of thinking at it. Do they think that when I am at work, dealing with customers, having to fix their problems, do I have time to think at this holiday? For sure, NO! At home, eating, drinking and watching TV is much more likely to see and listen to information about this. At work, no way!

Posted by Wilson Prathama:

I truly believe we don't put much importance to Remembrance Day as we should. Just like how we celebrate Christmas with all the festivities, we should also do so with Remembrance Day all throughout Canada

Posted by Lynn :

All of Canada should be observing Rememberance Day as a stat holiday. We should never forget that we are still here because of their sacrifice.

Posted by Sean Brace:

It is very sad our country does not recognize remembrance day with the same importance as other days marked having a statutory holiday.

Posted by Teresa:

Absolutely Remembrance Day should be a Statutory Holiday!! Already the younger generation is out of touch with the number of people lost world wide in these last two world wars, and that is largely without nuclear weapons. A third world war would devastate this planet and most probably all of mankind! We all need a huge "time out" to remember the past and to pay our respects to those who lost their lives in order to give us an opportunity to have a free and hope filled future.

Posted by Jaqui:

Remembrance Day, as per the wishes of the word war 1 veterans in their own decision prior to it's first celebration: We fought for our way of life, the best way to remember the sacrifice of our fallen is to have a normal work day. I have nothing but contempt for anyone who promotes it as a holiday directly counter to the wishes of the veterans it honours.

Posted by Alex:

I believe it should be a stat. Too many of the “ceremonies” I saw growing up in school were just disrespectful. Often the soldiers were vilified rather than celebrated. The school should educate students regarding the significance of the day, but the day itself should be a stat.

Posted by Madhvee:

All of us respect this day and our special respect go to our soldiers. To make it more special it should be commemorated as a national holiday throughout Canada which also show our Canadian values and kindness

Posted by Dana:

Remembrance day should be a Statutory Holiday all across Canada. It doesn't make any sense that there is a Statutory Holiday in Ontario called Family Day. It's pretty sad when you have to appoint one day a year as a family day. Remembrance Day has been in observance for years. It's to honour the veterans and the people who fought for our Country. It's a shame that we only have one minute of silence when the other provinces do so much more, especially since the capital of Canada resides in this province.

Posted by Kelly:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for all provinces! Close stores so that people can’t go shopping. Really, asking an 8 year old if they would “just sit at home and watch movies and play with your little brother?” Maybe the question should have been from the 8 year old to the parent “ Would you take me and my little brother to a Remembrance Ceremony and teach us about honouring Canada’s fallen heroes? Since I am 8 years old and can’t get to one on my own”. Also, they are now thinking of once again making it a statutory holiday after surveying the school ceremonies and find them extremely lacking. Maybe people should think of it like they do with Family day. Spend the time with your family, attend a ceremony together and talk about the significance of remembering!

Posted by Deb L:

I live in BC, so I’m lucky I am able to attended services at the cenotaph every year. In 2017, we went to Ottawa for the services at the Parliament then to the War Museum, an incredible trip. To say young people don’t appreciate, in my opinion, is not true. My son read each and every panel at the museum over two days. It is just how people are raised and what is important not to forget, even when we are far removed from the wars.

Posted by Guy:

Remembrance day should be a stat holiday in Ontario. In fact in should be a all over Canada just like many other countries. Children's could learned the day before at school, and assist the memorial on the actual day. Of course there will be some that may travel or use it as another day off. It's not such a big deal in this day and age we are living in. Does not mean that there's a lot us who would assist at the ceremony and take time to reflect and learning. To me the real experience is much better in real live then sitting down at your desk at school and learning about it without assisting in a real setting. Look at the other provinces that is a holiday, I think it's a success. I lived in BC before and it was nice to know that people cared. Here in Ontario it's a different vibe and more conservative and it's as to change.

Posted by Lina Masci:

Rememberance Day is observed by all Canadians, unfortunately only the Federal level are privileged to honour the Canadian soldiers who fought for Canada and died for all Canadians from all provinces. Ottawa is Ontario. The Federal gov't is Canada! Many Canadian soldiers include Ontario as their birthplace. Ottawa the Federal gov't, excludes Ontario as stat holiday but welcomes recruitment from all provinces, including Ontario. The dead and departed Canadian War Heros deserve all of Canada's respect and observance. One day in November will never equal 100,000 Canadian Soldiers who died for you. Rememberance Day should be for ALL of Canada.

Posted by Mike Almasi:

I am a Canadian Citizen living in Canada for over 25 years. I lived in U.S. before as I remember Veteran's day. I was an Air Force Officer back home. I think Armed Forces sacrifice their lives for our freedom & democracy. Thant's why their sacrifices should be appreciated by a stat holiday. I am lucky I was born on November 11 and ironically I was in the Air Force for many years.

Posted by Laura starcevic:

I attend services to honour or veterans sadly only when they are held on weekends. I would love to attend them all the time.

Posted by Rezleigh JV.:

I am a Canadian. I've been in Canada for 19+ years. I have always payed my respect to everyone in Armed Forces. Those who have sacrificed their lives and those who continue to sacrifice their lives for our freedom of life. I speak to my kids about Canadian Solders and reflect on stories from the past. I never forget my Poppy. When I get my opportunity to speak to a Veteran or solder I really enjoy it and make sure they know as a Canadian how thankful I am to their service. We need to give more respect to them. We should never forget what they have done. Never ever Forget. As Canadians we have a responsibility to keep them alive. We need to take responsibility to teach our own kids, go for a memorial service even for a short period of time. It's our responsibility. Some Canadians talk about freedom of living, freedom of speech, freedom of travel, how great it's to be a Canadian but forget how they came about it. I believe our Veterans and Solders deserve more respect. Giving a day for them, for their memory, for their sacrifice shouldn't be a burden for us, when they give their lives 365 for us.

Posted by Holly Gehue:

With all due respect, Remembrance Day should be a Stat. Holiday for ALL Provinces. Why do some get it off and not all? Not having the day to remember like the Ontario government employees get off (whom I know quite a few don't even go to the service - they go shopping - shame) sends me the message that our government does not care enough about our veterans to give all people the chance to go to the services and pay our respects (one minute of silence at our desks- if the employer remembers to give it- is a laugh). If ALL the people in Ontario can't have it off - then government employees should not have it off either. This topic of discussion keeps coming up by our government but no one will actually do anything- time to act.

Posted by Larry :

This is the dumbest comment I have seen in my entire life and it goes for the owner of this page and Jason. Obviously, you two have some misguided and misinformed views on the meaning of Remembrance Day!! It's not about you! It's not your families suffering during a long depressing winter. It's about the soldiers that fought and died for your freedoms to post your liberal views! Speaking of schools Jason. You should have stayed in longer so you could learn proper grammar. Thanks for allowing my post! "Recently we received a comment from Jason and would like to post it on this page because we think that Jason makes a very good point in his message: "Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observered in a ceremony at your school, community centre or place of work.""

Posted by Dad:

I asked my 8 year old: would you learn anything about remembrance day if you stayed at home or would you probably just watch movies and play with your little brother? Her answer was: "No, I would just play and watch movies - at school at least I don't forget to talk about why we should try and not go to war anymore; well I can't forget because the teachers tell us all sorts of things and we have to listen."

Posted by afshin rabbani:

It's not fair, The Government employees has a good wage and safe job they are not work but other employees must work . If remember day is for respect to Canadian soldier has to be for all not a part of people .

Posted by Cheryl :

Yes my father and my grandfather both fought as Canadians in ww1 and ww2. It used to be a stat. And we used to have honor for those fought in the war. Now we work and shop. Stores should be closed and it should be aff with pay. I would like to teach my children and theirs to honor those who were forced to fight

Posted by Tina Wall:

I believe remembrance day should be a statuatory holiday because government businesses are closed. The people that died in the war for our freedom should be remembered. when people have to go to work, that 11th hour gets missed by millions of people because they are working. They deserve to be remembered, do they not?

Posted by Victoria Tremblay:

No. it should not be a stat holiday because then it diminishes the value we should place on it and just becomes another shopping day, or just loafing around. The school children should be in school learning about the true meaning of this day. Not at home playing video games.

Posted by Carole-Anne Armstrong:

Of all of the stat holidays, Remembrance day is the most meaningful because without knowledge of our past, we are in danger of repeating it. This is the lesson that history has to teach us. We should always honour those that risked their lives for our country, those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and they came from EVERY province in Canada. War is simply not an option and without honouring and remembering those that sacrificed to maintain our freedom, we could be in jeopardy of losing it. Peace should never be taken for granted. We need to protect it and work hard for it, always. There are other stat holidays far less important (like Family Day for example, or even the Civic holiday in Aug). We should be unified as a country on this subject.

Posted by Nels Jacobson :

I totally believe that Remembrance Day should be a stat and I further believe we are not treating our vets properly. More resources and money should be used to let them live in dignity. It is an embarrassment of how Canadians treat our Vets. Case in point not enough money for Service Dogs for Vets suffering from ptst It is shameful. Not proud to be a Canadian.

Posted by J. Brewer:

I agee with the people that think that Armistice Day should be remembered in ALL provinces and territories in the Dominion of Canada.

Posted by Amelia:

Then why are some of us working and government workers not? Defeats all the arguments.

Posted by Therry Lauzon:

We most definitely need to make this a Stat holiday. The fact that we have choices on this day to attend a ceremony or spend time with family or catch up on life, represents all that was fought for...our freedom to do so. This is becoming an unimportant day and we need to fight to change this. We are taking our fallen soldiers and all the war casualties for granted in our haste to make money. It always comes down to money doesn't it?

Posted by John:

Remembrance Day should be observed right across Canada as a Statutory holiday. The war was fought by veterans from right across Canada and not just certain provinces!

Posted by Paul B:

My father was in the war my brother died in a war two of my uncles were in the war I cannot understand people who say it is a waste of time to celebrate that we have the freedom we have because of all of these people who were fighting for what we have now. Get your heads out of your backsides and think about what they have done for us so that we have the freedoms we have now.

Posted by Chris:

Remembrance Day should absolutely be a statutory holiday in all Canadian provinces. One day to reflect on what our war dead and wounded did for our freedom is the least we can do. I find it disrespectful that hundreds of people are waiting at the front doors of retail stores for 1:00. I’m sure you will all survive an extra day without the malls!

Posted by Denise Beauchamp:

Those men gave their lives for our freedom . They do not get them back. Their families do not get to say good bye. Many of them tourtured. Many of them died in stench in battlefields on foreign soil...agonizing deaths. I do not care how much time how many decades centuries go by ...soliders should never ever be forgotten and whatever measures necessary that need to be so that people do not forgot... I believe all stores should be closed all services but hospitals and there should be zero cars allowed on the roads except tanks and military vehicles. There has never been a war fought on Canadian soil ...canadians take for granted the peace that we have known our whole lives....this may not always be so....we need to be grateful and we need to remember and we need to learn from our mistakes. History tends to repeat itself. Humans need to pay attention observe learn and change and maybe one day there will be no more wars..but even then it won't hurt anyone to learn to respect and to remember.

Posted by margaret findlay:

Here in New Brunswick it is a statutory holiday. I live in Saint John and we have a huge service at our local hockey arena. It seat over 6,000 and there is seldom too many empty seats. People of all ages from babies to octogenarians and older attend every year. We respect our veterans. Our veterans have their own march past after all others and they do it each year to standing ovation.

Posted by Elaine Casselman:

Why should government and other corporations be off in Ontario on Remembrance Day but retail and restaurants stay open? Do you not realize our parents, grandparents and great grandparents also fought in the wars to give us a free country? Ontario is greedy for profit, never mind us low life who work in retail or service industry!

Posted by Mussie:

Remembrance day is for remembering those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of peace, stability ,protection and safty of the country and the people. They did not fight for specified group or province.therefore I suggest it should be concidered the same as canada day because Canada they passed for this country. Remembrance day is actually first of all the stat holidays and the base for freedom.

Posted by Lorinda C.:

I think Remembrance Day should NOT be a statutory holiday, as I am not convinced that most people would use the day to seriously remember the value of Armed Forces or the sacrifices that people have made. I suspect that with a day off, many people would be inclined to sleep in, take care of errands & otherwise innocently or carelessly ignore the purpose of the day. I find that there are more structured opportunities in schools and workplaces to have Remembrance Day ceremonies, watch the coverage, or have peace-building exercises. Perhaps it could be legislated that workplaces & schools be required to have a moment of silence at 11am with some kind of message (maybe that is already legislated?) AND be required to give employees the option of watching remembrance day coverage - either live at 11am or at another point in their shift (e.g. for workers in health care or emergency services or safety sensitive positions) if it is important to the conscience of the employee.

Posted by Mike Connolly :

It never made any sense to me why November 11th has never been a national holiday, or more like a national day of mourning. As I thought a very very long time ago, and as I still think today. It is something that is becoming just a passing thought for a lot of Canadians at this stage in the game. As I have read and heard in the media from veterans themselves, that comment such as, why should we bother with it it was so long ago. Even trying to get the day off work to go to a cenotaph is almost impossible. Some companies no longer take that one minute of Silence anymore. Children are in school on that day, and I wonder are they really getting the point that we are trying to teach them while in school. As opposed to going and seeing for themselves, and hearing the veterans. There are just so many reasons I can think of that this day should be a national statutory holiday. I'm not sure of the facts, but my guess would be the numbers are dwindling at cenotaphs around the nation. Not to mention the veterans themselves.

Posted by Cameron :

I believe Remeberance Day should be a statutory holiday. While I agree students should not get the day off school - I do appreciate the idea that students should attend their Remeberance Day ceremonies at their school - I believe working adults should have a holiday so they may attend ceremonies as well. As it stands, I will unfortunately not be able to attend any ceremonies as I will be working, which upsets me (especially since this year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War).

Posted by Bill S:

"If an organized observance was held at schools and workplaces people would be much more likely to spend time participating and keeping the importance of Remembrance Day top of mind, won't they?" Answer: NO. They will be more concerned about the order that has to be shipped, or deadline that has to be met, or the customer complaining on line 1. New comers to Canada, will ask "Why is this a stat day?" People will research and google to find out. It is not a celebration, but a commemoration of the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice. It has since been expanded to include those that served and in doing so I think it loses its meaning.

Posted by AL:

TOTTALLY AGREE --- "we should spend more time preventing future atrocities and less time looking back: Let's use Remembrance Day as a reminder to all of us that for the remaining 364 days we need to focus our discussion and actions to ensure that future generations won't have to fight in wars at all."

Posted by Jinny Mari:

would it be celebrated on a monday? not on a sunday right? for a long weekend

Posted by James:

I am actually shocked that it is not a Stat Holiday in all Provinces and Territories. We have Family Day. Why would that be preferred over something as important as Remembrance Day?

Posted by Sandra:

Our veterans have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom. They are our heroes. Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. It should also be observed in schools and with other ceremonies. I agree with the previous comment. If we forget the atrocities of the past, then history is bound to repeat itself.

Posted by Uniac:

I find it rather disrectful that these 4 provinces aren’t on board. Soldiers both men and women of all races and orients have fought, and died or been injured for the sake of our future and our way of life. I don’t care if people get paid extra to work the day, but every citizen should be entitled to have the day off to mourn and show respect for those fallen.

Posted by Ken House:

It should be a National Holiday everywhere in Canada. The government writes off billions of bad debt loans to major corporations, yet can't seem to make it a priority to look after veterans. I am the son of a deceased veteran of WW2, and am disgusted on how today's veterans are treated. At least give the Nation a day to allow all families to spend time and a day of reflection and remembrance of the sacrifices made by all the brave men and women of today, and from the past.

Posted by Antoinette pepin:

Every year, in honour of those who have ensured my freedom by fighting in the past, and to honour my father, an armed forces career man, I get up and watch every celebratory thing I can find on TV and give silent thanks for my status as a proud and free Canadian. My work place makes us come to work if Remembrance Day falls on the weekend and doesn't even observe a minute of silence to honour our brave ancestors. I think that's reprehensible. A minute is all it took to kill one of our soldiers; you'd think we could give up a single minute of our time to remember that.

Posted by Ashley:

I believe that it should be. Not for the sake of having a day off, but because working on a day set aside to remember those who fought for our freedoms tends to work against it. You get busy, you don't think about what the importance of the day is. The people who defended our freedoms deserve to be remembered for everything they have done for us, not have their memory set aside while we do something we are most likely going to do the next day! Lest we forget!

Posted by Karin:

Yes it should be a National Holiday. No explanation required. If we don't take the time to remember those who have fought along with those who are still fighting for us we will repeat the mistakes over and over again.

Posted by Dan:

1000000%%% yes! I should be a stat holiday! Why is this not done yet!

Posted by Sher Khan:

It is an absolute shame that we do not remember and honor those who fought for Canada and died for Canada. We would not be where we are today if not for those brave men and women!! I am discussed by the lack of respect Canada is not showing for these brave people!! It should be a statutory holiday in every province, territory in the entire country!!! Shame on all of us!!

Posted by Ron:

Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday for Canada province wide. Two world wars and millions dead along with thousands of brave Canadian soldiers mostly in their teens or twenties !! Lest we forget !!

Posted by GM:

Yes, we need a holiday on the Rememberance Day. I cannot afford a vacation day on that day. I really would like to attend events that take place in Toronto/Ottawa.

Posted by Craig Williams :

Dear fellow Canadians, My lineage in Canada dates back to the 1850's. As a born & raised humble Canadian, I am of the opinion that Armistice Day should have been declared a national holiday back in 1918. If everyone single person in this country was made aware of the enormous contributions, victories and sacrifices Canadian men and women made over the course of the First World War,I am certain November 11th would be a more important holiday than Christmas. It is truly embarrassing, as a Canadian, that this date isn't being recognised in the manner it so rightfully deserves. The Maple Leaf Forever. Respectfully, Mr.C.W. Williams

Posted by John Kendall:

It makes no sense to me that Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday in all provinces. I don't understand how businesses are allowed to operate on a day that should be spent paying respect to those who served and still serve this country with their lives. I think it is ignorant and disrespectful of politicians and the business community as a whole. Also, while I understand that the Royal Canadian Legions want children in the school system to understand and attend events commemorating Remembrance Day. Most Canadian families recognize what it means to observe this day with respect and admiration for those who have dedicated their lives to this great country. I believe if it was a stat holiday you would actually have more people attend public events held throughout the country. Where I live they hold a large event at the local arena and it has an amazing turnout with locals bringing their entire families to pay their respects.

Posted by Viren lad:

Yes, Remembrance Day must be made a national statutory holiday. We must honor the men and women who gave up their lives to give us our freedom and for those who continue to do so.

Posted by sandibird:

It is an absolute shame that we do not remember and honor those who fought for Canada and died for Canada. We would not be where we are today if not for those brave men and women!! I am discussed by the lack of respect Canada is not showing for these brave people!! It should be a statutory holiday in every province, territory in the entire country!!! Shame on all of us!!

Posted by Cathy Davidson:

Remembrance Day needs to be a Stat holiday in Ontario. It is a day to honour those who fought for our freedom. My grandfather was one of them. It makes no sense to be a stat holiday in some provinces and not others.

Posted by BCardenas:

Yes, Remembrance Day must be made a national statutory holiday. We must honor the men and women who gave up their lives to give us our freedom and for those who continue to do so. But we must also truly honor them by attending the events that take place in various parts of our great nation and to actually interact with veterans and active soldiers to say the two words that mean the world to them - "Thank You".

Posted by Guy Le Ny:

I am outraged that Remembrance Day in Ontario is not a stat holiday! I lived in BC and I love that they make this important day for or fighters who fought for our country. A lot of people march on that day and assist in ceremonies. On a personal level my grand dad was involved in the war, therefore I am able to think of him. Also,it was great to be able to relax from this fast paste environment we are living in and remember our ancestors who helped us to be who we are today.Canada is not a perfect country but I am proud to be Canadian. It would be great to stand up as country together and people that don't like it; do something pleasant with your families. We get so little of it. I personally like to go to the cemetery and walk in the woods, disconnect from my every day life and be thankful for the country I am living in and what have today; freedom!!! When you work on Remembrance Day and go with your busy life, you forget, you come home after work, your tired! It's not the same. My approach to this is more from the heart and not so much about politics. Is it not the whole point!!!! Thank you!

Posted by Jen:

Absolutely Remembrance Day should be a Stat holiday. It isn't right that people are forced to take a vacation day to participate in Remembrance day Services!

Posted by Andrew Knoll:

Remembrance Day should always be a Stat Holiday. Veterans and current serving members should be able to honour this day without taking time off work. We do it not for ourselves, but for those that have gone before us giving their all so that we may be here and now. I will be in uniform on November 11 and remembering them. Get out of your house and attend a Remembrance Day ceremony to show that you are truly thankful.

Posted by DAVE:

we used to have no Sunday all the stores are open. 7 days a week. Soon all the stat holidays will be open. New years first. July 1 then May 24. I will take time but it will happen. Border towns are open because of "tourist" zones. What a lame excuse. All the new multicultural holidays will slowly creep in. Pick a day one day. Canada. November 11, Shut EVERYTHING down. a memorable day off..REMEMBER.

Posted by Marnie:

Absolutely! Remembrance Day should be a stat. holiday. I would love the opportunity to be able to every year, attend a service to remember and show my appreciation for those who made sacrifices. At work, we do not truly acknowledge this day - we might take a minute of silence but that is about it. As far as those who would just use the day for other purposes, unfortunately, we cannot control what choices people make but remember - pretty much everyone gets 'Christmas' and 'Boxing Day' off and we know, without a doubt, not everyone make use of these days as intended.

Posted by Connie:

Yes we must continue to remember the sacrifices of those who have served our country. It's not about the weather being nicer in a different month, it's about paying tribute and remembering what did and can happen.

Posted by Eleanor Fernandes:

Yes, most fervently, Remembrance Day must be a National Holiday in all provinces of Canada. Those veterans made the ultimate sacrifice and their families suffered too. None of the current immigrants have had any hardships in comparison. So out of respect and gratitude, I certainly feel that Remembrance Day should be a National holid

Posted by Jake McMorran:

I believe that rememberance day should be a stat holiday. I know many families that have had grandparents, as well as even mothers and fathers to children today in the army. Not everyone makes it back. The troops do a lot to not only keep this country safe, but also to fight for rights of people across the globe. We have labour day to commemorate the day to day employee, rememberance day should be as well. Troops to just as much if not more than the average employee and should be comemerated by turning it into a stat holiday

Posted by Kendra Blues:

It should be a statutory day to pay our respects and gratitude to those who have served in the past, present and future. Many paid the absolute highest price with their lives.

Posted by Tyler Morin:

It should be a holiday. This is one of the most important dates in all of Canada in remembering our heritage and how many people were lost. Its a shame that it isn't a holiday. We need to show that we appreciate our armed forces and veterans.

Posted by shandra:

We should have Remembrance Day as a statuary holiday in all province,respecting the fallen soldiers who put their life to protect the people and country.

Posted by Erick Gelsinger:

As an ex member of the armed forces I had the pleasure of serving overseas, where in fact I participated in celebrations with other nations on remembrance day. We celebrated what many during the world wars gave freely of their lives to protect and uphold peace withing the world. The least we could do is once a year recognize their efforts and sacrifices through the recognition of a nationally recognized holiday. It is honestly amazing to visit Legions across the country and talking with older veterans about their efforts during the wold wars.. it would be sad when we as Canadians cannot appreciate the giving they gave to this country, in celebration for them a veterans day in my view is mandatory and the least we can do to keep their spirits alive.

Posted by Tricia :

I am a Canadian Vet and I do feel this should be a holiday for all Canadians. If not us Vets 🙏

Posted by James:

I don't see the relevance of a holiday for celebrating war, especially when we consider the roots and foundation with which this country is built. Very hypocritical in many ways.

Posted by Amanda:

I believe Ontario should have this as a stat holiday. Kids do learn more about this day in school, but they can learn leading up to the holiday. Canada needs more paid days off like other countries in the world. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so long and is often the time people require breaks due to the busy time of year. Although, that is not a reason to make the stat remembrance day, because it then sounds like its an excuse. However, for those who are out of school, don't have family left who fought in the world wars, and do not listen to the radio, they often don't do anything celebratory either because the offices and workplaces do not acknowledge it. The day will then go un-noticed. If we had the day off, it would be an obvious reminder and would help to keep the memory/ honor live on.

Posted by lana gordon:

We need to put more focus on this day, remembering and respecting our fallen soldiers.

Posted by Optomistic:

I agree that if Remembrance day was a holiday it wouldn't be celebrated as it should be and kids learn more about that day in school then they do at home. However, I believe that those wanting this day to be a holiday, really just want another holiday added to the calendar. Most of the world has more paid holidays than in Canada. We are hardworking people and deserve some additional paid holidays to spend quality time with our families. Weekends are chewed up by house chores and kids activities, which for parents never seems they get time off. A holiday every month or every other month would likely decrease sick calls, and personal days taken by employees to just catch a breath.

Posted by Janet Lambert:

Remembrance Day should be a holiday for ALL of Canada. it seems crazy that government employees get the day off, and most provinces, but other provinces do not. lets get Canada in on all the same holidays throughout and be uniform. Family day should be the same. The people that are fighting this state that people would not recognize the day correctly. They would not like to have to work Christmas day!and everyone one knows that it is still recognized. so that point is mute. please make it a holiday for ALL!

Posted by Thomas bowset:

We should also have this as a stat holiday for the common population not just government, our brave men fought for all , not just those of a hiarch, , we the common man should have the pro ledge to celebrate their lives also

Posted by Phil MCcabe:

Really remembrance day should be a holiay not only to remember the fallen but to also celebrate the freedom they gave this good country we live in because I had family who fought in WW2 and my uncle spent his remembrance day with celebrating happiness and sadness we should make this day a national holiday.

Posted by Kathleen:

I think Rememberance Day should NOT be a stat holiday. When I was a child it was a big deal to celebrate and have 2 minutes of silence in school to remember our fallen. To me it left a much bigger impact than having a day off and sleeping in etc. I know also that anywhere I ever worked, did a Ceremony of sorts.

Posted by Sandra:

I think that November 11 should be a stat holiday. The next generation is already forgetting about why we stop at 11am it should be a time we spend with family be abel to go to these memorial events and honour those who fought and died for us. we need to put more focused on this day.

Posted by Ruth Wheeler:

At first I was outraged by Rememberance Day not being National (like here in the states) but after some thought and some of the comments, I've completely reversed my view. Almost no one down here "remembers" on either Veterans Day (11/11) OR Memorial Day - which congress even changed from 31 May to the last Monday of May so as to guarantee a 3-day start of summer long weekend party! Both are just disgusting holidays here now that have almost forgotten our military. I need to move north...

Posted by Howard McGregor:

Yes, definately Nov. 11th should be a stat holiday. Forget some of the other trash holidays like family day and pay tribute to the ones who made us free and have the lifestyle we have today. Put Xmas on hold till at least Dec. 15th, to much hoop la with this holiday.

Posted by Maria Silva :

I think Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. Even if people consider it a day to sleep in, men and women fought and died for us to do so. Everything we have today from our jobs, to sleeping in, to our way of life, is because people fought for us. Religious holidays are just because the lawmakers of the time were Christian. If we allow holidays solely based on religious beliefs then we should certainly be allowing a holiday to recognize those who fought and died so we could even have those religious days. And let's not pretend that the genuine meaning behind those religious holidays have not been significantly dimmed by commercialism. There are kids who don't know why they are celebrating Christmas or who Jesus is. That's not to say that everyone has to be Christian and teach their kids to be the same. It means that if you're going to celebrate a religious holiday at least know what you're supposed to be celebrating. The war was real, the people in it were real. There's no belief involved. The fact that our society will focus on religion rather than something solid right in front of them is another post topic. But the fact that people left to fight for us and a lot never came back? That's real and that deserves recognition, a national holiday is a high form of recognition and our veterans deserve no less. It's terrifying to me imagining what our life would be like if the war was lost.And that's why our thanks and recognition as a nation are so important.

Posted by Nicole Byres, QC:

I believe that Remembrance Day should be a national (not selected provinces) statutory holiday. Of course some people will simply regard the day as another day off, however that does not mean commemoration of the meaning of/reason for the day will not also occur - whether that means a personal/private reflection time, or attending one of the public ceremonies. I grew up in BC where it was always a holiday. We learned about and first started to commemorate Remembrance Day in school - now in my late 50's I can still recite Dr. John McCrae's 'In Flanders Fields' by heart. Making November 11th a statutory holiday across Canada would be a good first step in recognizing the importance of remembering the sacrifices made during the wars; how well we then make use of the day and the opportunities it provides, is still (as always) up to us as teachers, parents, and citizens.

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