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Posted by Eugene Adamson:

Remembrance Day should not become a statutory holiday as it would then be treated the same as the rest of our holidays

Posted by Marsha:

Yes I think we should have a holiday for remembrance day it’s only right the men and women that fought for our country die for our freedom it should be mandatory to show our respect for those who have fallen for us

Posted by C.Joan post:

Yes it should be a stat holiday to remember the fallen and serving military and mandatory for school going children to attend so they learn the sacrefices made by many

Posted by Jordan:

This is outrageous that rememberance day is not a holiday. Just think about it: we get a holiday on Christmas Day to celebrate the Christian holiday, and how we would not be be here if it weren’t for Jesus’ great sacrifice. Now who do we Canadians owe all of our individual lives too? That’s right, to each and every brave soul that was lost fighting for our Country (RIP), and to each and every warrior that is still fighting for our country, and as well as each and every veteran that served our country. Look at the rest of the holidays in Canada; if there are any events worth taking real time off and participating in, then in my Canadian opinion, that is Rememberance Day.

Posted by John Armstrong:

Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt! My Father, and many others, died in the war for Canada and Us!! The least we could do is "officially" remember them!!

Posted by Mary-Ann Gibson:

I recommend Remembrance Day be designated a stat holiday across Canada, and that it be expanded to include honoring police services and firefighters for their service.

Posted by Natasha Landry:

I think it should absolutely be a stat holiday. Being afraid that some people spend the morning in their pyjamas is not a valid reason to not make it a stat holiday. After all these same people could stay in their PJs on Easter or Good Friday and not partake in the traditional ceremonies. But no one ever said we should not make Good Friday a stat holiday because of it. And this, despite the fact that not everyone is Christian. I am. But I was just using this as an example. IN the past I used to think that with most Veterans being dead that the Holiday was becoming a moot point *but that's when I was younger. With a new generation of soldiers fighting to protect Canada from terrorism and modern day threats and with a lot of young soldiers coming back with PTSD. Spending Remembrance Day working like any other day and not celebrating our heroes would be a grave injustice and a huge insult to our brave soldiers.

Posted by Rick:

I believe that Nov 11th should be a holiday, absolutely everything should shut down except for essential services. It should not be a paid Stat. The day has already been paid for by those who made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless those men and women who fought for our freedom, those men and women who died for our freedom, and those men and women who wear the uniform today and are willing to do what must be done to maintain our freedom. Don't forget to wear red on Fridays to show your support for the troops.

Posted by Irshad Mahmood:

To avoid discrimination with MB, ON, QC, NS provinces, it MUST be a National Holiday

Posted by Wayne:

At some point I changed my mind, I do not think it should be a stat holiday. If it was then you won’t get many more people involved in the services. At least being a work/school day means that kids have not choice but to observe it. I think more companies are allowing workers to take some of the day off to partake in the commemoration which is commendable, hopefully many more do. They would rather workers leave for an hour or two than leave for the day. If the government could mandate community involvement on that day then great, otherwise a stat holiday just says the family can stay in their PJs in the morning - which defeats the whole purpose.

Posted by larry Milman:

We are expressing gratitude for someone who gave their life/lives for us. Why is that different than Good Friday, or Remembrance Day?

Posted by Deryk Upton:

Fellow Canadians, I disagree with most comments I reviewed. I think there is a middle ground, that has not been advocated. It is a very unique day and thus should have an equally unique observance. Half day for those who attend the ceremonies, schools closed until post ceremonies,same for all non essential services and businesses, parents encouraged to introduce this part of our history to children, resist the temptation to treat yourself to a lazy morning and really and truly think about the desperate and horrible many endured, in all actions - on our behalf.

Posted by Natalie:

Remembrance Day is a misnomer in Alberta. As a teacher we, once again, pick up the slack and ensure students have a Remembrance Day ceremony at school on the last schoolday before Remembrance day, as the lion's share of students do not attend community services on Nov. 11...that way students can stay home and have a holiday...what a bastardization of what the day was intended for...we should be laboring as hard as possible to recognize the hard work and valiant efforts and sacrifices of our war veterans...instead we lounge around like the entitled miscreants we have become

Posted by Vicky Jones:

I strongly agree that Remembrance/Armistis Day be a Statutory Holiday Canada wide as a show of our deep respect to those men, women & families who sacrificed so much for all we have today! As a disabled member of Society, I encounter daily struggles & complications just trying to exist. I can only imagine what those men & women endured with the primitive medical care they would receive in the field. Also how much pain they suffered even without injury just trying to exist in extreme heat, freezing cold & pouring rain! Afghanistan,Iraq & Syria with their 40 degree heat, Vietnam with the swamps & all of the other natural disasters in different countries are all a testament to their internal fortitude & dedication! My grandfather was a Sgt in the 2nd war & my moms only brother a Sgt in Korea. Let's hope & pray this immature word war between Trump & Un doesn't bring us to a 3rd war!

Posted by Pierre Major:

All Canadians should be off on Novemeber 11,I don't know many people who go to church on Good Friday, so the argument saying that people would treat it as only a holiday, is ridiculous. When I hear that government employees, Banks,7 provinces and 2 territories receive it and the balance do not, its preposterous.You either treat all Canadians equally or you do not give it at all.

Posted by Ibrahim Khaldon Al-kawwaz:

I absolutely believe that this should be a stat holiday. We seem to forget those that fought for our freedom.

Posted by GERRY BARON:

if it wasn't for the veterans we will probably not have any of our holidays.they deserve more than some moments of silence

Posted by sandy granville:

Without a question this day should be a stat holiday all across Canada! These Vets fought for our country and our enlisted soldiers are still representing our country. I cannot believe this day is not acknowledged in every province!!

Posted by Mary Ellen:

It is very confusing Why some provinces , hopefully participate in Rembrance day events across those provinces. I live in Ontario, one of the province's not inclusive In the stat day. Each year if the date falls on a Monday to Friday, my traditional work days, I book a vacation day to attend the parade. And the cenetaph event, the back to the legion. To have a beer or a ginger ale with the veterans , that are still with us. My dad was a vet , and was very proud of it. I believe. It should be a stat day on the actual date , as that is when the events do happen.

Posted by Mike:

I absolutely believe this should be a national holiday recognized and appreciated by all who are now able to enjoy the freedoms that people gave their lives for .

Posted by Val :

I absolutely believe that this should be a stat holiday. We seem to forget those that fought for our freedom.

Posted by Taylor:

If your worried about kids not learning in school about Remembrance day, make it a half day. Thus in the morning they can learn about Remembrance day and in the afternoon they can attend real ceremonies to respect the vets. This would enforce adults and parents who do not participate in any Remembrance day ceremonies to be able to get out and be apart of them- its too difficult to get the time off work to visit a ceremony but with half day everyone is happy. Children still get to learn in school about the day (not that they couldn't in the days leading up to it) and adults get to attend respectful ceremonies to give their respects.

Posted by Thats all I ask:

An ‘Ode’ to a veteran. He was getting old and crotchety And his hair was falling fast, as he sat in the Sienna lounge, Telling stories, of the past. Of a war that he had fought in And the deeds that he had done, of his exploits with his buddies all heroes - every one. And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors His tales seemed just a joke, yet All his buddies listened quietly For they knew where of he spoke. But we'll hear his tales no longer, For ‘ol' Joe has passed away, And the world's a little poorer For a Veteran died today. He won't be mourned by many, Just his children and his wife, For he lived an ordinary - simple - quiet sort of life. When a politician leaves this earth, his body lies in state, Where thousands note his passing, And proclaim that he was great. Papers tell his story From the time that he was young, But the passing of a Veteran Goes unnoticed - and unsung Who gave the greatest contribution To the welfare of our land? A bigs-shot who breaks his promises And cons his fellow man? Or was it ‘joe’ a nameless Vet Who in times of war and strife, Goes off to serve his country And offers up his life? The politician's salary And the style in which he lives, Are often disproportionate, To the service that he gives. When, countries are in conflict, We find that a Veteran's part Is to clean up all the troubles That the politicians start. While the ordinary Veteran, Who offers up his all, Is paid off with a medal And perhaps a pension - small. If we cannot do him honor While he's here to hear the praise, Then at least let's give him homage At the ending of his days. just a headline In the press, that might simple say: “Our country is in mourning “For a veteran - died - today.”

Posted by Diane LeBlanc:

Shame in Quebec! Remembrance day ua Canadian!!

Posted by Debbie Sigfusson :

It does not seem right that some provinces observe this holiday and others do not. This needs to be all or none. Given the huge significance of our forefathers paving the way for our freedom, it should be observed by all Canadians.

Posted by Martha:

I think is should be a holiday as well. People think that during a work day you will have the minute of silence..... Not in my case. It's a go go all day and even though the president sent an email first think in the morning saying that at 11:11 we should you a silent moment in my 11 years working in this institution I have never done it. I would rather go to a commemorative ceremony that all the city halls have in their cities and honor and remember that people died for our freedom and to remember the ones that are in a hostile territory. I took a vacation day once and went to Ottawa, that was an amazing commemoration... And it is up to the parents to make the holiday a day to remember...

Posted by Cynthia Eyre:

My first reaction was that yes, of course it should be a national stat day but there is a very good point in NOT making it a stat, in that most people would not bother to observe unless they had been TAUGHT to... in schools growing up - every year. This creates an in-grained emotional response that is very difficult to ignore as an adult. If children have the day off, most do not have parents who have the means (many will still work and take a lieu day) to take them to memorial services whereas schools hold them or, bring the children to them. I believe that the best way to keep the history alive and to prevent war is to ensure that all children are educated in matters of the human cost of war - rather than have them sit on the couch playing war video games with no consequences. So, NO - November 11 should not be a statutory holiday.

Posted by Cathy:

Yes there is no more important day to have as a Stat holiday than to remember and Thank all those men and women who fought for our freedom. Take away the Queen's birthday...if you think we have too many holidays...but to say that Remembrance day is just another day to sleep in...that is an insult to all the men and women who went days, weeks, months and years "not sleeping in" but to fight for us...all of us. Show some respect....and each Province should be showing the same respect to this is not a matter of having another holiday it is a day to show respect to those who fought for us...and who continue the fight for us.

Posted by Jason:

If it does not become a stat holiday I would think it is not to much to ask for us to get 2 hours off from 10 to noon to get to a cenotaph to pay our respects.

Posted by Aden:

I think Remberance Day ought to be a national stat holiday. I live in BC and the turn out for the ceremonies is huge. There is also a tv audience. This notion of kids in schools talking about is so quaint but fails to include most of the population. Make it a national Statutory holiday. Especially in view of the fact we have veterans of latter conflicts such as Afghanistan

Posted by Wayne:

Since when did the word 'Holiday' have such a negative connotation? A day 'off' wouldn't necessarily be a for sure 'end' to 'remembering' our fallen soldiers... It's a perk, that we should be exercising. I'm very productive on my days off - don't bash or blame others because you are NOT. That's not part of what being a Canadian is about -

Posted by Tiffany wirth:

Considering we are recognizing the men And women who fought for our freedom you would think Ontario would be just as concerned about recognizing this as other provinces. It says something about our leaders and their lack of respect for those who gave them the freedom to be in the powerful positions they are in. I’m sure it has something to do with money as it always does with these people.

Posted by Trevor:

Remembrance Day should be a STAT holiday to remember those who have fallen in the face of war, we owe it to them! they have given us everything we have in this world today and it should be imperative that we honour that. We should take the time to pay our respects to those who have lost their lives for this country. If we look at what is happening in the world today, we are not that far away from another world war.....maybe taking the time to honour and listen to those who have experienced it will turn a light on and wake the country up to avoid it happening again.

Posted by Valerie Crebo:

Canada has lost a lot of traditions and values over the years that we once practiced without thinking. Remembrance Day is a value everyone should be grateful for because without this value being recognized we are ignoring the cost of all the past, present and future soldiers that fought to protect our country to ensure we have the freedoms we have today that we take granted and we shouldn't. Is one day too much to give up to remember the brave men and women who have protected us. Look at what most of them gave up. Thousands and thousands gave their lives, others gave parts of their bodies, while others still combat PTSD. So how can 1 day to honor these people be ignored by tasking people to work when they should be remembering and giving thanks? How did the all mighty dollar become more important than our freedom? My Great Uncle died in WWI at the age of 21. He believed in what he fought for. My Grandfather fought in WWI and because of the gases used he had lung problems for the remainder of his life and unable to work to support his family as much as he would have liked. My father fought in WWII for 6 years returning to Canada with PTSD and health deterioration over the years. You wonder why the solders do not talk about their experiences. It is because what they saw was so horrific they did not want to put the pictures they have in their heads in ours. Every province in Canada should be standing up for our soldiers, past and present, protecting them and their memory instead of standing up for the companies that only care about "How much $$" this will cost them. I can guarantee it will not cost the companies anywhere what it has cost our soldiers and their generations of families. So YES, Remembrance Day should be a Stat day to remember and to celebrate our courageous soldiers and our wonderful country, Canada, that we call home.

Posted by Felicity Martin:

I think that remembrance day should be a holiday all over Canada as there was Canadians from all over that died or still living relatives of people that died . I hear the Legions complaining about people not remembering or caring any more; but perhaps if they did this, & had a program for people to attend that was available & interesting: people might attend more. I'm not talking just a parade or standing at the citidel (monument) but a real program that was almost mandatory. I think you know what I mean & it would help educate the world & the kids. My father & grandfather both served in the previous wars. Thank you very much.

Posted by Kelly Jamael-Zach:

Without these brave men and women, we wouldn't be even celebrating the civic or Canada day so I think Nov 11 is more important

Posted by Victor C Craig:

All of us in NORTH AMERICA are alive, breathing, thriving and not living under Nazi or Communist rule because of the dedication and sacrifices by those of us who served in military. Tomorrow, I will proudly wear my still-fitting uniform as I teach immigrants to speak English

Posted by Rita Gravina:

Remembrance Day is taught in or schools and will continue to be taught, whether it is statutory holiday or not. I am a history teacher and feel a great need to have this taught. Each and every school should commemorate this so that students at all grade levels can understand why soldiers sacrificed their lives in the name of democracy and freedom. Perhaps this is where government needs to step to ensure that programs exist on this day, services are happening in community centres and churches, museums and archives are kept open, libraries are running programs and showing films and documentaries about war etc so that families could observe this day of remembrance with their children. If it is to be made a statutory holiday then something needs to be put in place in our communities so that parents and children can participate in these events and activities as a family. This by no means should mean that it should not continue to be commemorated in schools. Our school service is unbelievable with staff, students, parents, the community and alumni all being involved. I am proud to be teaching at my school which dedicates so much attention to this day. Our veterans deserve one day of commemoration for a life of sacrifice.

Posted by Wendy rejesky:

I remember a time when it was a holiday i could join my comrades in arms and give thanks to those that died and served now i work and take i minute of silence this year thankfully on a saturday i give thanks to all who fought so i dont have to

Posted by Ryan Hirji:

Ontario should have Remembrance Day as a stat holiday. Do these idiots who don't want it as a holiday even know what our soldiers have gone through? Everyone should be watching or taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies. If you don't, go to a different country.

Posted by Darlene:

It should be a statutory holiday for many reason. We take a moment of silence for those who died for us. How do expect people to be honor these fellow people if you don't make it a stat holiday around the world. These men and women went to war on our behalf we should be taking the day and honoring them for what they have done.

Posted by markb:

I own a company that supports about 60 other companies. I have no choice but to open Remembrance Day as half of the companies take the day and the other half work. Both my grandfathers and my father in law were in the army during world war II and one grandfather lost his life. I think it is a very important day to reflect. Look at all the turmoil in the world during this time. Fighting and War are not the answer, we have to remember that.

Posted by Shirley Nolan:

I think that Remembrance Day should not be a holiday, it is meant to be exactly that- a day of remembering those many men and women who lost their lives for our freedom, which we have. They did not fight so that there could be another holiday. Many people, especially this year, will treat it as a long week-end and will not even think about the meaning of this day. It is not a HOLIDAY.

Posted by Joe:

In my opinion Remembrance Day is only second to Christmas. I cannot believe this is still up for debate. So many people lost there lives fighting for our country and allowing us to have the lives and privileges we have now. This is a no brainier and it is not a holiday but a day of remembrance of the men and women that went thru hell to defend our way of life. I have nothing but respect for those people and I hope we never go through it again.

Posted by Canuckle:

Remembrance day needs to be a national holiday, while there is any semblance of Canada left. Schools today are a Liberal joke, only nobody is laughing. Remembrance Day is in danger of not being mentioned at all soon, what with all the left's politically correct nonsense. The education system has turned Canada over to new immigrants and like true Liberals are apologizing to all newcomers and ignoring Canadian citizens. I welcome all to enjoy this great country, but I am against Liberals erasing our Canadian heritage and embracing other country's heritages to replace ours. Our forefathers fought and died for our freedoms. Do not let the lunatic left sell us all downstream. I wish we had President Trump in Canada. He would protect our heritage. God bless our veterans both alive and passed. God bless Canada.

Posted by Sunshine Day:

I feel that it is very important to recognize the beautiful men and women that fight to keep our country safe. I feel it is very disrespectful to say family day is more important than Rememberance Day. These men and women sacrifice not being with there families on Family Day to keep Canada safe so give them that respect by us as a nation taking the time to thank them and pray for them.

Posted by Denise :

Yes Rememberance day should be a stat all over Canada.The day and time is celebrated while working so it should be recognized as such.And for those that want the opportunity to do more /partake in city events -they will have a chance too fonso.

Posted by James Watkins :

As a someone who has served this country and whose family has also had veterans for generations I believe this should be a statutory holiday nationwide. I do, however, take exception with those who have commented that certain groups of people, (those who did not serve, those too young to understand, even military spouses), should not speak about the topic. I served to protect freedom, not to limit it. If someone disagrees with the topic, then let them speak. We have that freedom because people serve and have served. Remembrance Day starts at home and with friends. If you are having a day off, take the time to remember and talk about it. Go to a memorial, wear a poppy, lift a beer to the fallen, say thanks to a veteran. But do it from a sense of freedom, because you want to, not because some politicians got together and made it the law. Some of them will only support that because they will get positive spin.

Posted by Fran:

Yes Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. The importance of the day needs to continue to be taught in school along with more of the Canadian history of the wars. We need to remember and honour all those who made sure our country is safe and free. Freedoms that many of us take for granted everyday, without a second thought, was paid for with a very high price.

Posted by siva:

I think when some province are not given stat holiday it appears that those province not fought war.

Posted by Wendy Hicks:

I believe Remembrance Day should be a recognized statutory holiday in every Province in Canada, out of respect for our veteran's who fought for our freedom. I mean common Govermen....lets get our priorities straight!!!

Posted by Mark:

Hey Cathy, how about taking some responsibility for YOUR kids education at home. Maybe less tv and video games might be a good place to start, rather than blameing educators who have to deal with your snotty kids..... hmmm, just a thought.

Posted by Jeremy Dunlop:

"Compare to Thanksgiving Day when most people cook a turkey and drink lots of beer instead of being genuinely grateful about anything." Do you have statistical evidence to support this claim? I can't believe this was part of your commentary. And to the person who says Family day is better... you might not have family day if not for the sacrifice of those great men and women who gave everything for our freedom.

Posted by Abdi :

Yes it should a statuary holiday through the country, this is the least we can do for our heroes who fought for this country and the freedom we enjoy today. Workers,students and everyone should be off this day in order to participate celebrations and remembrance activities for our fallen heroes.

Posted by M Medeiros:

Remembrance Day should most certianlly be observed in all provinces in Canada. How is it possible that we celebrate 'labour day' when we do not observe all those who gave thier lives for our freedom (to labour). We pause for a moment at 11:11 AM. Parliament puts on a 'show'. Veterans across the country honour those who died in 'Remembrance'. This should not be up to the provinces. We should unite as one country and all have the opportunity to remember.

Posted by Beverely Hipolito:

I believe that Remembrance Day should not be a vacation or day off. It should be acknowledged and honored across Canada through all schools, workplaces and on media not just for a few minutes but like other holidays, an all day event. How many people know about "The Last Post". I do, my mother served active duty in England and The Last Post was there for her when she passed. I believe education is the key to peace, let's spend that day showing, caring and teaching all across Canada. Other countries will watch and hopefully follow.

Posted by T.E. Snow:

As the daughter, granddaughter, niece and sister of Military Veterans, I fully support the idea of Remembrance Day being a Statutory Holiday. Our veterans deserve to be honoured for more than an hour or two on November 11th. They - at the VERY least - deserve a full day to be dedicated to them, their families and their fallen comrades. Instead of shoving all ceremonies into a 2 - 3 hour period, the full day could be used for parades and ceremonies. This is not about "another day off - YAY!" It is about acknowledging and respecting our Military.

Posted by D. Lavallee:

It should be a National Holiday for the entire country. This is a day where we all give THANKS to those who sacrificed for us. The issue is more on employers who are to cheap to pay us a day off.

Posted by B. Smith:

I totally agree with Cathy Mackinley's remarks. See Below Posted by Cathy MacKinley: Remembrance Day should be a Holiday, if it were not for the brave men and women who chose to fight for our country so we could have the freedom we do today, there would be nothing to argue about. What would we have? My grandfather served overseas and has since left us, but I know he would want us to remember all the fallen soldiers as well as the veterans who are still with us. It bothers me to no end that already Christmas decorations are all ready up in most stores and peoples homes to me give some respect to those who died so we could be free and wait until after November 11 for her Christmas decorating to start

Posted by Darren:

What difference does it make whether you live in Nova Scotia or Alberta. You are still Canadian. That's the government for you. Idiots !!!!

Posted by tom:

Dave R Paquette, I apologize to you. the poster's name is above the line and I was mixed up. My comment was to Peter, who said we should bet rid of all Stat holidays, etc.

Posted by shazia arif:

Here in Quebec we should have also statutory holiday in remembrance day

Posted by Charles Tackett:

Certainly Veterans Day should be a national ceremony Certainly, folks like Justin need a holiday from their labor and the cold, I'm sure the children could as well. I would propose that both days are worthy to be enjoyed by all. 😎🇻🇳♠️🇺🇸

Posted by M. Belille:

I am apalled that someone would say that Family Day is more important and is a much needed break after a long depressing Winter. The assumption that everyone would sit around and drinks beer and eat on a this holiday is ridiculous. There would be no Family Day without the sacrifices of those who fought for this country. Regardless of whether Remembrance day falls on a school day I can assure you it will be commemorated celebrated and respected in schools as always. For schools, Remembrance Day is not a single event celebrated in one day. We teach, learn, reflect and present and come together to honour the contributions of those who fought for our county. A long depressing winter should not even be discussed as a factor for a Holiday. Maybe schools should shorten summer and extend the winter break but that is a separate issue. Please do not be self-involved and make assumptions about others because that is the way you think. Celebrating Remembrance Day as a Statutory Holiday should have been put into place long ago. I completely agree with those who understand the seriousness of this day. Perhaps certain museums and community organizations would still be open on that day and it would give parents and families an opportunity to participate in celebrating this day with personal family traditions.

Posted by Darryl:

Who cares what some preteen says, maybe if they were correctly taught by our educators, they would understand why people die in these wars.

Posted by Cathy MacKinley:

Remembrance Day should be a Holiday, if it were not for the brave men and women who chose to fight for our country so we could have the freedom we do today, there would be nothing to argue about. What would we have? My grandfather served overseas and has since left us, but I know he would want us to remember all the fallen soldiers as well as the veterans who are still with us. It bothers me to no end that already Christmas decorations are all ready up in most stores and peoples homes to me give some respect to those who died so we could be free and wait until after November 11 for her Christmas decorating to start

Posted by Judy Graves:

As the granddaughter of a World War 2 Veteran I would love to see Rememberance Day as a Stats Holiday here in Nova Scotia.

Posted by Dave Young:

Yes it should for all business not just banks and government offices

Posted by Vicky40:

Remembrance day would be nice if it was a stat holiday in every province. We celebrate Victoria Day Simcoe Day Family day Easter Christmas why not to respect thosexwho gave us our freedom and sacrificed their lives for us and the the military, navy and officers who are still working to make our lives better.

Posted by tom:

I didn't serve but I sure respect those that did and do. Father in WWII and moms brother killed WWII. Nephew served Afghanistan. Yes, Remembrance Day should be nationwide. I've been in a job site where there was a meeting to determine which day to add at Christmas and work Remembrance Day instead. Sadly, some men don't even take their hats off at a hockey or football game. Dave Paquette, I feel sorry for you. Perhaps there is a country out there for you somewhere. Colleen and others, you are right.

Posted by Michele:

I am a VET and live in a Province that provides us Remembrance Day as a holiday. I have taught my children, Scout Troops and Girl Guide units over many years why we have Remembrance Day and why it is important to observe it. It is the adult’s responsibility to pass on these teachings. I do not want my children in school; I want them out on Nov 11 to see, to remember and to enjoy the freedom we have because of the sacrifices of many. Should you choose to do nothing on Nov 11 that is your choice; a choice you have because of the sacrifices of others. We do not always attend a ceremony but we make sure to take time and Remember, this is all we can really ask. I support the choice to have Nov 11 as a Statutory Holiday, and to let everyone make the decision on how to honour those who fought and those who have fallen in their own way.

Posted by Allison Star:

I have great reverence for the fallen soldiers in past wars, especially the second world war which was truly a fight against tyranny. But I don't feel it is disrespectful in any way to go to work or to school on the day that marks the end of WW1.

Posted by Alex:

Most of the people who commented didn't serve their country. They have no right to be complaining or even commenting as far as I'm concerned. Remembrance day should not be a holiday. When I was in school we visited plenty of ceremonies to remember fallen soldiers. Many Canadian adults are looking for an excuse to get the day off work for services they took no part in. I feel I must express myself fully. Military spouses did not serve. Military children have some degree of "grandfathering" as they lost a parental figure for months at a time for sometimes years on end, however, military spouses chose their commitment and have no right to speak on the issue. I assure you it bothers the members who served more than you could possibly know.

Posted by Andrea:

If any day in Canada should be a stat holiday, it is Remembrance Day. As our spectacular country becomes more & more diverse, I can see Christmas being axed (why are we only celebrating a Christian custom?), but not honouring a day that honours those who worked, and still work, to ensure our country remains glorious and free is unbelievable!!

Posted by J B:

Remembrance day is so important and I see less and less people wearing poppies. Perhaps if it was made a stat holiday for all Canadians, hopefully many could take the day to become more involved in veteran affairs and history. It would at least show to all that the government acknowledges its importance and so should we all. My thoughts thx

Posted by Debbie Moores:

It should be very surprised that the Capital of Canada does not observe this special day. Without the sacrifices that so many made so we could live free it is disgraceful for the government not to make this a Stat day across Canada. God bless those who did and still do service and protect us.

Posted by Peter:

I believe that Remembrance day should be a national statutory 'holiday'. Remembrance should be a more important day to us than, for example, Victoria Day. We can enjoy what we have today because of the efforts of people like my parents, grandparents, uncles and great-uncles who sacrificed a lot for us in two world wars, as well as the UN peacekeepers. It shouldn't be too much to ask all Canadians to take time every year to think about those who served and to demonstrate our support for them.

Posted by Miroslawa Jaremus:

What if Remembrance Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, should the Friday before or Monday after be also acknowledged as a day off observed as well? When I was younger, we went to school and observed 1 minute of silence at 11:00am with a ceremony in our school church. Also Christmas season was prepared around beginning of December or after the Santa Claus parade in Toronto.

Posted by Lisa Lindsay:

As a vet I strongly agree that Nov 11 should be a Stat holiday. An entire countries recognition of all the lives lost for our freedom should be recognized. As a vet now working in the civilian world I can only have the time off if they can spare me. It's the same for many vets. So we pay our homage to our fallen brothers in silence. Doing this takes away the feeling of support and understanding from others who have served. With the amount of PTSD that many retired and serving member are dealing with the last thing they need is to feel segregated and not recognized for their efforts for our country.

Posted by Roy :

They made a holiday in Feb.{Heritage Day} a couple of years ago for NS. Meanwhile Remembrance Day is of yet not a statutory holiday. Also, other holidays the stores are closed but on Remembrance Day they are open. This to me is not right when my father was in war and I was in the military myself (26 1/2 years). So I believe Remembrance Day must be a statutory holiday to remember those who sacrificed and those that are still fighting, military & non military, to keep Canada that way it is today.

Posted by Heather:

Remembrance Day is more important to recognize than Victoria Day. This is to honour our veterans and Victoria Day is to recognize the Queen's birthday and it is not even our Queen's birthday. It is much important to honour Veterans.

Posted by Herbert Leung:

I am a Canadian Chinese. This is one day in the year that I will remember those young brave Canadian soldiers who marched up Pokfulam Road in Hong Kong in 1942. They were killed or captured by the Japanese. They died to defend a place they hardly knew. I was born and bred in Hong Kong. I was only 2 years old then. I thank them for their sacrifice and for one day in the year, I will always remember them.

Posted by Stephen Scott:

Absolutely.. why did It ever change. It disrespects those who served and those who sacrificed every thing for freedom and did not survive

Posted by Taylor:

There are still people in this country dying to keep us safe, and yet this holiday is somehow less important then Victoria Day? I don't understand the logic. It just feels like we care more about a long dead queen then we do about thousands who have, and will continue to, lay down their lives. People have family in the military and it would be nice to have a full day dedicated to them.

Posted by Kathy:

I grew up in Ottawa and celebrated Remembrance Day in which it fell. Everything had to be closed until 1:00 pm. People should be be are aware of those who that sacrificed their lives for us. I have not missed watching the Remembrance Day ceremony. It’s just not be just another day off. All provinces should be on the same page kids just look at it as another day off. Everyone should learn what it means. There should be no Christmas shows or Christmas lights turned on.

Posted by Ginnie:

A remembrance day holiday should be nationwide so people can take the time to go to one of the many ceremonies across the country to recognize the sacrifice our servicemen and women make for all of us in the country.

Posted by Sara Woolman:

Every year I hope that Remembrance Day will be Stat Holiday. Here in North Bay Ontario it is not. My husband every year puts on his steel toe boots and gets under a hot greasy engine and fixes Transmissions. He is a Ret. Veteran who served in the RCAF in combat as a Peacekeeper. He suffers from PTSD and has lost a few buddies since than. My Dad, a Retired Brig General served in the Cold War. No one should ever have to see or live what they have. Our Veterans are slowly disappearing and it is us that should stand up and give thanks to these brave soldiers and Remember. Every month has a holiday but November. Even February got a family day. How does this rate over Remembrance day ? I am thankful everyday for what our Military has done for us. I just wish I could not be working and sharing this day with my husband who is also working. And with my Dad who turns 90 this year and may not be with us much longer. Godspeed and WE WILL REMEMBER! LEST WE FORGET

Posted by Chantal Paquette:

Ok well here it is...I live in Ontario and we don't get Remembrance day as a stat holiday. In Brantford,we have a beautiful celebration on that day and not everyone can be there they r working. Every one would love to be there but can't afford or able to take the day off. It is in respect and honour to our wonderful veterans that this day exist. It would be nice for all the provinces and territories to be able to have that day to " remember". So why only some provinces and not our?

Posted by Trudi:

It is unbelievable that the major part of our glorious country chooses to commemorate this day- but Ottawa is our Nations Capital- and Ontario chooses not to -What's up with that

Posted by Frank:

The spirit of the people sacrificing life for the country needs to remembered. Kids can get this from both school and family. a holiday is just a mark that remind us the spirit regularly. It might not ruin a holiday mood. Plus for the long time working class, without a public holiday with a coming winter worry in November it could be a depress.

Posted by SS:

Isn't it an insult to members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) who are commemorated on this day if the rest of the country with the exception of these few provinces chooses to recognize their contribution and these 4 provinces for probably commercial reasons choose to invalidate their sacrifices and ignore this day in their honor?

Posted by W. Martin:

My grandfather died to defend your freedoms. If you do not enjoy the freedoms you have in this country perhaps you should go to a country where you would not have to put up with the democracy and freedoms that you are able to enjoy here. I will remember my grandfather, my father-in-law, and the many others who have stood in harms way to give keep harsh ideologies away from our great country. Their memory deserves a nation holiday.

Posted by Adele:

Outrageous, there should be no debate to this issue at all. Absolutely it should be a statutory day. They gave their lives to this country not to selective Provinces. People show respect no matter where they are, they don't need to be at work to remember to give honor. Just like to don't need to be in a church to Pray.

Posted by Matt R.:

Of course this should be rewarded as a "day off". To say that people wouldn't remember or it would lose it's significance is obseen. There is a reason why you're not at work or school this day, you can ask any child why aren't you going to school the full 5 days this week and they will explain to you what the purpous of this day off. A work enviroment will treat this as any other business day if it stays open and you most likely won't have the time to appreciate and remember what our soldiers fought for if all you're thinking is getting the workload done and heading home for supper. Work and school remain open during National hotdog day and National puppy day, now we just add Remembrance day to this list due to it's importance? I don't think so.

Posted by Patricia Todd:

My Grandpa, Capt. John Todd, came home from The FIRST World War, alive and mentally strong. He would NEVER talk about the War. Only my Grandma would tell us some things. My Dad, Capt. William Todd, was in The Second World War and he ALSO came home to us, alive and mentally strong. My Mom, Dorothy Todd (Henham) was a Lieut. in the Navy and took the first load of Wrens from Halifax to London in 1943. She also came back alive and mentally strong and would only tell us the humorous parts of her adventures. Talk about LUCK!

Posted by Hilda Hardy:

I do NOT think Remembrance Day should be a Statutory Holiday. I believe it would lose it's meaning & significance. How likely is it that people would actually stop what they are doing to observe two minutes of silence at home? When you make an effort to do something, it is more meaningful to you. eg. The Royal York Hotel has a ceremony which is well attended by the working force of surrounding buildings, shoppers, pedestrians etc. ...and it is an extremely heartfelt occasion. I have seen construction sites blow a air horn, and every worker stop and reflect for two minutes. These people MADE THE EFFORT to stop what they were doing to remember. If this was a Statutory Holiday, how many people would actually turn off the TV, or whatever they were doing at home to observe two minutes of silence? They sacrificed their lives....the only sacrifice we are asked to make is two minutes of our time, out of our REGULAR day...not benefit by an extra Stat Holiday, which I predict would result in society slowly minimizing the significance of Remembrance Day. We would simple forget.

Posted by Deryl Henderson:

I cant believe this has not been dealt with yet. Of course Remembrance day should be a national statutory holiday in Canada. As the spouse of a veteran I am deeply hurt and offended that it is not. They represent and protect our country not individual provinces. How sad and disrespectful is it that we cant acknowledge this as a country.

Posted by Peter:

Get rid of all stat days. They are either religious or culturally based. With Canada increasingly becoming multi cultural, multi ethnic, multi religious, and none of these people can take the day off that suits them. Or none.

Posted by Dave R. Paquette:

My dad was in the forces and so was my grandfather. I for one regardless of it being a national holiday or not will take it off.

Posted by Myra Ladeza Moussa:

It is applauing that Remembrance Day is not a Statutory Holiday, a lot of soldiers fought & died on this day to make the world a better place, to have freedom & peace & for these reasons it should be honoured as a Statutory Holiday.

Posted by Jody Ethridge:

I firmly believe Nov 11 should be a national statutory holiday. Soldiers, Sailors and Aircrew deserve it.

Posted by Candace:

It actually disgusts me that Remembrance Day is not a holiday in all provinces throughout Canada, ESPECIALLY in Ontario, the province of our capital, Ottawa. I find it really disrespectful to our Veterans and all that they fought for. There's not much point in celebrating our Veterans by having parades or any other ceremonies if we can't attend them.

Posted by Michael A. Waite :

Albert William Waite PFC died March 25,1942 I am Michael Albert Waite it should be Remembered The Service to Canada !

Posted by Katherine:

I have had experiences working in customer service call centers where it is encouraged to take part in the 2 minutes of silence on Rememberance Day, however it is extremely difficult to make sure you are done your call in time, and knowing if you should take another call, not knowing how long the next call will take. I have sat on the phone while others around me were taking their moment of silence, and I was being screamed at by a lady who had no respect for the importance of that day, or any consideration that I wanted to pay my respects. I could have just told her I am partaking in a moment of silence, and that I was going to put her on hold, but then she can complain about me, and I didn't want to put my job at risk. Other's were stuck in calls as well and it was just a horrible feeling. I do not work in a call centre anymore, but those experiences will always be on my mind when I think of how lucky I am in my current position to be able to properly take this time as I know that not all people are so lucky.

Posted by Thomason:

I think it should be day off for all Canadians. What will be the meaning of it if people still go to work, kids go to schools , and other to the universities. Come on our government! Think on this.

Posted by John:

In Russia V-Day is celebrated on 9th of May and people take their kids and loved ones to war memorials to lay down flowers and pay their respects to fallen soldiers and civilians. It is a great tradition that bonds people together and makes them remember the atrocities and sacrifices of war. Because I have to work on Nov. 11, I cannot do the same and spend the whole day dedicated to Remembrance day. I would gladly go to a war memorial in the morning to pay my respects and then spent the rest of the day at various activities that Canadian government can organize

Posted by Eileen :

Remembrance Day should be a stat day of observance in "ALL" provinces. Schools in Nova Scotia hold events honouring our veterans leading up to November 11th. We have well attended events where so many young people attend. I throughly enjoy watching the events in Ottawa every year but am dismayed & annoyed to realize our grandchildren are in school that day.. .... our nation's capital. Shame on you! It has always been a tradition in our family to always watch an old war movie together that day as well. All schools in Canada should hold events in schools to teach children why we have Remembrance Day & students should be encouraged to partake in any event on Remembrance Day. It should also be mandatory for all children to write or talk about what they did on November 11th. If we don't keep this up with our young people today then who will remember? The stat day should not be called a "holiday" in my view but an "honouring" day! Offer students extra credits or points for attending & writing/talking about the purpose of Remembrance Day! We shall remember. ❤️

Posted by Ang D.:

I grew up in NL where Remembrance Day is a stat holiday. I always went to the wreath laying ceremony at my local war memorial. When I moved to ON, I was shocked to discovered it wasn't a holiday. I worked in a tech park. The only observance my company did was to make an office announcement at 11:11 and request a minute of silence. In later years, they streamed the national ceremony in the conference room and you were welcome to watch it on your own time. I now work downtown and my entire office bundles up and goes out to watch the ceremony at the national war memorial. I appreciate this way more. I wish every company gave employees an hour of the day to go to a local remembrance ceremony.

Posted by Cheryl:

My father volunteered just as he graduated from high school. He was with the RAF from age 18 (Aug 1939) until the end of the war (Sep 1945) and stationed for some of his service in Egypt. So just a boy when he joined and very much a man at the end of the war. Returning servicemen had a rough time finding gainful employment and certainly had to shelve any notions they may have had in terms of studies (my dad had planned to study medicine). if "Jason's" only worry is fun time with family on a wintry day, I would suggest he did not learn much at school or within his family unit about the sacrifices made by those who served and deserve to be honoured and remembered.

Posted by Tena Boivin:

Remembers day should be observed in all province. What is the matter with the others do they not remember the veterans who fought for there freedom

Posted by Joy:

Of Course it should! Some of these people gave their lives. Others whose lives were changed forever due to injuries and we can't take one day out of 365 to remember and honour them. Not to mention the sacrifices their families made. We need to take lessons from our neighbours to South who have Veterans and Memorial Day!!

Posted by Elizabeth Filipchuk:

I would like to see "Remembrance Day" as a Stat holiday. For me, it is a Day that I Rememeber my Father who fought in the 2nd World War. My Father fought in the 2nd World War and after the war he came to Canada. I feel fortunate that I have been in Canada since a child. On the day, I give Appreciation and Gratitude to my Father.

Posted by Fiona:

I believe it should be a stat holiday. The younger generations have to remember these fine soldiers fought and sacrificed so much for us. Parents would be able to take their children to some of the events so that they can learn and remember the dedication and love these men had for our country.

Posted by Shiara:

It should be. Parents will be able to bring their children to museums and other events. Also Canada has too away less statutory holidays than other countries.

Posted by Nadine:

I agree that Remembrance Day should no doubt be a Statutory Holiday. We honor birthdays and other celebrations, we should keep aside a day to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and to all who have sacrificed for us. More so our children should learn what it is to pay honor and tribute and learn to respect the real meaning of remembrance day.

Posted by Ricardo Lyn:

Should remembrance day be a holiday absolutely but a day taken off amidst a month of veteran support all over the country like black history month in the states with a day off somewhere in the month....we performed too well and took too little praise on the world stage to have our small but terrifying heroes not worshipped. However I agree with the rcaf which is the reason I would like the month rather than a focused day.

Posted by Cheryl :

Remembrance Day should without a doubt be a Statutory Holiday. So many have and no doubt will die so we can enjoy our freedom. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for us so the least we can do is honour their memory by attending Remembrance Day ceremonies and teaching our children to be respectful and be thankful to all who have died for us.

Posted by Edison:

Absolutely.....this day has been a very emotional day for my family who had to grandfathers serving in the WWII. The only day in which we actually reflect and come together with other family members to honour their service as well as others.

Posted by Caroline Clarke:

Remembrance Day should definitely be a statuary holiday.

Posted by S Whiteside:

Remembrance Day should definitely be acknowledged nationally. If not for those who have fought for our safety and our rights we may not be here to celebrate any of the other national holidays.

Posted by Marina Fleming:

Millions of people were scarred for life either physically or emotionally and millions more lost their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom that we have today, my father being one of the wounded. We certainly should have a stat holiday to commemorate the sacrifices made by all of those brave young men. While the teacher makes a good point about the history lesson on that day in school, this is not a standardized by all teachers in all schools. This very important history lesson could and should be taught in all schools, all classes prior to the holiday, November 11th. Perhaps this might help today's young people to have more respect for the day and appreciate the sacrifices made on their behalf. LEST WE FORGET!

Posted by Anita:

Because the veterans have fought for us, Remembrance Day in Canada should be a stat holiday for everyone. It is a day of remembrance and to respect the soldiers who dies for us.

Posted by John:

So why can't we have both - Family Day and Remembrance? This site states it would be like having Thanksgiving Day "when most people cook a turkey and drink lots of beer." That could be said for all the other holidays. The point is, if one province has the day as a statutory holiday, we should ALL have it. You can always learn about it the day before in schools.

Posted by Mary Petrie:

As an primary teacher in elementary schools in Ontario for many years, staff taught the history of Canada's participation in the wars with activities appropriate to the age of the children but they all developed a level of understanding and empathy in preparation for Remembrance Day. We always had an assembly on Nov.11th with appropriate readings and poems by students, songs, bugle calls and representatives from the forces. The students participated fully in a vey solemn event and even the youngest kindergarten children would be still and attentive. Parents and neighbours attended. How many of those children would have been taken to a Cenotaph ceremony or so involved in it. I strongly support children being in school on Remembrance Day.

Posted by Jeff Benninger:

Do we forget that all these human beings lost there lives for us. Anybody that thinks family day is more important , needs to see a doctor. One lousy minute of silence is how we show are appreciation for all who died. Family day isn't even family with all the stores that are still open. Remembrance day should of always been a holiday , it's no wonder our vet's go to Europe , they truly appreciate what these men did for them , and we should do the same , but we don't. Shame on this Country and the people in this country that doesn't think this is an important day to show our appreciation for our war vet's. ONE LOUSY MINUTE P.S. It sure makes me want to fight for this country , I know I would be appreciated. NOT

Posted by Dixie:

I would like to go to the Remembrance Day service at the local cenotaph, but instead I'm at work where all we do is a get an email at 11 am with In Flanders Fields in it. I don't see how this is preferable. When my sister was on mat leave she took her baby to the local remembrance day service and this seemed a lot more respectful and appropriate to me than an email.

Posted by Greg :

It should be a holiday. It's up to parents to teach their children the respect and meaning of the day. I shouldn't have to take a day off of work to honour veterans when it should be a Stat, over family day!

Posted by Laura:

How can we celebrate Remembrance day each year when we have to work. All the government employees get to go down town to the festivities, but the rest of us are stuck at work. Great that the schools all do something, but do you think I remember 1 school activity now that I did 35 year ago to celebrate remembrance! all it meant to us in school was that we didn't have to sit in a stuffy classroom for a few hours. It should be a stat holiday nation wide!

Posted by Christine:

When I was in elementary school, Remembrance Day was a Stat. Holiday. We treated as a holiday (i.e. not thinking about the reason for the holiday). Around the end of elementary school, it stopped being a Stat. Holiday. Instead, schools switched the day off school to February (pre-Family Day).The schools would hold an assembly at 11:00 on November 11 (or closet week day) to commemorate the significance of the day. I agree with Royal Cdn Legion that it should remain a non-stat holiday. Every company that I have work for has had a small service on Nov 11 at 11:00.

Posted by Candice:

Out of all the holidays Canada has, Rememberance Day should be a stat holiday across Canada period.

Posted by Coleen:

In Alberta the children get to have a service at their school. Then on the holiday they can attend other services that they would not had the chance to see if it were not a holiday


I live in Ontario and Remembrance Day is not a holiday. Due to it not being so, I went to school and learned a lot about what earlier generations fought for. There was always a ceremony to appreciate what the veterans had done for our country. We would hear actual stories about the war from actual veterans and even though I was young, they would bring me to tears. I respected the moment of silence and the ceremonies every year. If this was a holiday...I would have slept in, sat at home and watched mindless T.V. Don't make this a national holiday.

Posted by Sacha:

I think everyone should be able to attend the amazing services that are held for the men and women who have fought, and are still fighting for us. I think it is important for the children to see and hear the stories from the solders as well. Please make this a national holiday.

Posted by Anonymous::

I believe Remembrance Day should be a national legal holiday. If it was not for the sacrifice of brave men and women fighting for our freedom life in Canada could be very different, and not for the good. Think about it. Yes I see what others are saying about other days being stat holidays and shouldn't. Are we not saying that other religions no longer matter? Think about it. We really don't have a lot of stats. People will use their stats in the way they want. Some will have their moments of silence, some won't. Can't make a person remember. It's just a shame they don't. As for the children... Teach them the importance of Remembrance Day. That should be part of their jobs. Less We Forget.

Posted by Paul Brown:

Remembrance Day should be the ONLY mandatory and legal stat holiday in Canada. It is sad that all the other stat days have been obscured by consumerism and gluttony with little regard to the reasoning behind them (which honestly are mainly based on Christianity and we have become much more than an old world way of thinking country). Remembrance Day where I live brings out thousands of people to multiple places of memorial so it appears to have a strong backing of like minded individuals. Schools need to commit the week leading up to this day to educate the youth that over 100 years ago young men and women sacrificed their lives to give us the lives we live today. Anyone who thinks Family Day is more important is a selfish individual in my eyes.


In Nova Scotia ,schools are,in fact, closed on Nov 11th. So the argument of not making it a stat. holiday so that the kids will be in school at a service ridiculous .


This is not right I don't care what any Canadian thinks I am a Canadian soldier ppcli my brother died from a IED in Afghanistan... If you don't stand behind us feel free to stand in front of us. All Canadians who fought and lost there life's as well as those who served and still serve is the most important day in the world. These man and woman gave there life's so people citizen like you can have a family day and live in peace can have a life can live free.

Posted by Tony of Rexdale:

We put on a good show on Rememberance Day, but isn't it time we stop talking and get the the job done by listening to the people of Canada and make Nov 11th a holiday for all of Canada not just Federal we all should hang our head in shame for not doing this already.these men and woman serves us well lets do the same for them maybe, if it's observed all across Canada more people would be off work to attend the ceremonies

Posted by Ron MacLeod:

In Nova Scotia you are encouraged to go to work and forget about and get a day elsewhere off. How much more encouragement to forget it do we need. I am shocked at this contradiction. As far a schools they close so makes no sense to have the law construed this way.


It should be a holiday and schools should focus on rememberance the week leading up to it. Children will better understand why we have Remembrance Day and better appreciate the 'freedom' of the day off. Soldiers fought for our freedom so we should be free on the day. When you only stand for a moment in a busy work day you will not be able to appreciate the sacrifices of the soldiers the same as a person who watch 6+ hours of war documentaries and movies on rememberance day (like I do).

Posted by McKelvey:

Should it be a stat? I don't know. But it should not be a holiday!! It's a National day of mourning. Personally, I have always taken this day off and taken my son to my local Legion so that he can lay his Great Grandda's wreath. My son never got to meet him and it's a point of pride with my boy, a connection to his Great Grandda.... I'm the proud Grandson of a FSSF Vet... I loved my Grandda, and know how he suffered after the War.... "Respect all that passed, but honour also, those that in daring to die..... survived...." Most consider me some kind of tough guy.... but I cry for two minutes on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.... I and my son remember....... respect

Posted by jim ferren:

Remembrance Day should be a Federal statutory holiday in all of Canada.We must and future generations must always remember the men and women who fought for freedom of our country. Men and Women gave their lives so we and future generations could live in a free country and we must never forget. My father fought in World War Two. We owe these brave Men and Women one day a Year to say thankyou.


Remembrance Day should be observed by all of Canada on November 11th each year. This is the day on which the Armistice was established to stop WW1. We should never forget that. This should not become a "moveable holiday" to create convenient fun-filled long weekends. This was never meant as a day of celebration. It should be a somber day of respect & reflection. All across the country Canadians should observe a minute of silence on the 11th hour of this day.

Posted by Proud Mom and Daughter:

To "morkman", I also live in Nova Scotia and Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday here. Most institutions are closed, but that is not a requirement. Also, a federal stat holiday is a stat holiday for federal government employees so you should probably check the facts and educate yourself before posting. As the daughter of a WWII veteran and the parent of a young reservist, I believe this should be a stat holiday for everyone! All people should be able to attend services and not have to book vacation time (which I did) so I could attend the Halifax Grand Parade service. Happy to see so many people (young and old) attend this service.

Posted by Doug Ridgway:

It should be an national holiday, this day will never be forgot, we should have the right like other provinces in Canada to go too the memorials for that day. They us the excuse that this should be for kids to learn in school, the kids should go to the memorials and see the veterans live. They can learn is in school anytime, but nothing prepares kids better than being their live. I have all those nay Sayers stating that people with use that as a holiday well it should for people to remember what this country would like it was not for our fighting soldiers from world war 1. This day should be a national holiday no if ands or buts.


I think the schools should have lessons on Remembrance Day in the week leading up to Nov. 11 and then everyone should have the day off so that instead of devoting one minute to remembering the veterans, we can actually go to a cenotaph ceremony to observe it properly. I remember going with my mother and watching my grandmother lay the wreath in memory of her oldest son who was killed during WWII.

Posted by jaseth wynter:

Yes this should be a because we are unable to go out and participate in such an important day .We should take the kids reflect on the sacrifices others have made so we can live the freedom we enjoy.


This should be a Federal holiday, with only basics services offered. We need some time to think about why they die, and where we are sending our world. Should be time to think, pray and love... Nothing to celebrate, but pay tribute. Yes, should be holiday.

Posted by Ken Campbell:

There is a recurring discussion about whether Remembrance day should be a holiday in Canada. I say yes. There is a rise in tension in the world and there are still wars happening. We need to remind everyone, especially the young, about the consequences of war and the freedom they are experiencing due to the sacrifices of others. We need to remember those Canadians that sacrificed their lives. We also need to recognize those that survived and lived with the horror of war all of their lives. There is a large decline in memberships at the Canadian Legion and this is due to the passing of many war survivors. This is also an indication of the growth in the lack of recognition that is happening. The Legion is now accepting applications from anyone who is interested in their cause, not just veterans and their families. There have been other days set aside to remember victims of Afghanistan and other wars. I think they should all be observed on Remembrance Day. With the inception of Family day in February that mirrors the U.S. Presidents day holiday, it becomes even more apparent that Remembrance Day needs to be a holiday here in Canada. Ken Campbell

Posted by Dale Hutchinson:

The day should be kept in whatever way best served as a way for people to remember.I don't believe it should be treated as holiday as such but needs to be held such high accord that time is taken people are obliged to stop whatever is at hand and come together as one people to honor, remember, and contemplate the horrible, almost inconceivable atrocity that is....war

Posted by Elizabeth :

I just heard a wwii veteran on the news say he is disappointed the crowd is so small but ontarions do not get the day off. Sad he thought people just did not want to be there


Hi I believe it should be holiday right across Canada like it was when I was growing up. What gets me is this family day holiday, which is only one day a year. I remember growing up that every Sunday would be family day. Stores would be closed and you would spend time at home cooking, cleaning and getting ready to have family come over to celebrate. Not anymore. We have gotten to busy with work and other things to have time to be with our families.

Posted by James Akers:

I think that it is absurd that Ontario ( where I live) dose not recognize Remembrance day as a Federal holiday. The idiots in power inserted a family day instead.


Remembrance Day should be a Stat holiday for sure in ALL Of Canada. We wouldn't have "Families" for Family Day or any other day to celebrate were it not for the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for our freedom. It is the priority!

Posted by Lauren:

A nice first step would be to align government and non-government holidays. As to Remembrance Day, the veterans' sacrifices for countries not even their own definitely deserve recognition. But why not add what our veterans stood for, the belief in peace and all the different ways this can be nurtured. It would be a great tribute to those who made such a difference for so many. Should all of us have this day off? Of course we should. It’s a day that stands for so much. It has the potential for activities and events in honour of our vets and Canada's dedication to peace keeping and everything that stands for.

Posted by Janine :

Every year on this day I'm deeply saddened that some provinces don't recognize Remembrance Day as a holiday. Every school that I have ever worked in in British Columbia has had comprehensive instruction the week of and assemblies on the day before Remembrance Day. Every student across our great land ought to have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies. It's flabbergasted me to think that veterans would not support the idea of students participating in their schools before this special day and be able to go to services with citizens of all ages. Support these brave men and women, respect them, remember them.


Those that do not feel the need for a Holiday w to respect those who gave up life, for their freedom These folks should book the next flight to Libia. Then distroy their Canadian passport. Try that freedom.


I believe that remembrance day should be a national holiday. I grew up in BC, and attended a remembrance day ceremony every year, as well as the ones held at school prior to the holiday. I moved to Ontario to attend university in 2013, and since then I have been unable to attend remembrance day ceremonies. My university (McMaster) holds a short remembrance day ceremony each year. However classes are still run during this time, which means that I am forced to choose between going to a class (that over the years has had a midterm, quizes, assignment deadlines, and inclass attendance marks), and going to a remembrance day ceremony. At the very least I believe that providing everyone with an equal opportunity to attend a remembrance day ceremony is necessary. I should not have to choose between attending a midterm and attending a remembrance day ceremony. If all work places, public schools, and post secondary institutions provided the time to go the remembrance day ceremonies this would help.

Posted by H S:

One cannot enforce virtue anymore than one can enforce patriotism and gratitude. What a sick world we live in, where gratitude for the Peace and Freedoms we enjoy with a rich and diverse population who it seems have taken all for granted and the precious gifts of our freedoms for which they came to this great country to enjoy - and which now are quietly being stripped from us one by one by. Government aquieses to lobbyist minority pressure wherein the masses are refused and debauchery of sound values and principles of freedom in mainstay society are taken and substituted and deemed good for all Canadians. Fathers of Confederation are ignored and visions of democracy for which a 100,000 Canadians have died fighting for are on a slippery slope of destruction.


Remeberance Day is and should be the time we acknowledge the efforts of veterans who have served our country proud and for the freedom of others. Most of us will never know the sacrifices the men and woman have endured for the well being of our country, so in having said all of this, please recognize a veteran today and put aside this day as their day!

Posted by Lou:

I DO NOT wish for Remembrance Day in Ontario to be a STAT holiday as people will not take the time to remember the soldiers who died for Canada. It should be taught in schools prior to the 11th and 2 minutes of silence observed as well. Otherwise children will think they have another day off and won't understand why.


I work in a school in Ontario and as nice as it would be to have the day off, after attending Remembrance Day assemblies I feel that our youth would not get the same experience if they were at home. I think it is important to continue to share with youth the importance of this day. Lest we Forget.

Posted by Mark Shackles:

It's not just another holiday! I think of our brave heroes, past and present, each and every day of the year. I think of their great sacrifice, each early morning, when I leave for work. The air is quite, peaceful, and calm. There is no gunfire about or shelling in the distance. I'm a proud Canadian, from eastern Ontario. I live directly on the U.S. border, and feel at peace here. It's sad that not everyone in the world can share the same. Thank you to all in our military, both past and present. Thanks to police, fire, paramedics, 911 dispatchers,and to all that keep us safe each and every day. Be thankful Canada. Everyday of the year. Holiday or not.


Yes, it most definitely should be an official holiday. If we cannot honour those who we are indebted to for our freedom, it is a poor reflection on our society.If not for those who fought and died for our country, we would not have any of those other holidays "we have too many of already". Too bad so few people do not have this in perspective.


Remembrance day should be a Statutory holiday in every province in Canada. Why do government offices in Ontario close on November 11th if the date is not recognized as a Statutory Holiday for the rest of the general public in Ontario?. Every federal statutory holiday has to be for everybody with no exceptions. I really love to spend more time with my family, for sure I can celebrate more if I have the day off. I really love the Family day.

Posted by Dennis:

I don not agree with Jason I think a National Holiday would be appropriate. Jason makes a good point, but not everyone would stay at home and chill I for one would go to whatever ceremony was being help in my area to honor the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEDOM.

Posted by Terri:

Every school has a ceremony for Remembrance Day! As they should and if everyone had the day off I bet a million that our veterans wouldn't get the respect they deserve. The comment from Jason is spot on and people are too ashamed to be honest and admit that they would be sleeping in, watching video games....etc.


At work, it is just a normal day for us. There is no two minutes of silence or talking about Remembrance Day.


yes I agree it should be a statutory holiday. Great sacrifices were given to allow democracy. I'm sure many families would make an effort to watch and/or attend in person ceremonies.


I think that Remembrance day should be some type of holiday or maybe half a day off. I myself would love to be able to go and be part of the ceremonies in my hometown. I would love to be able to take my kids with me and be together on such a special day, remember together why we stand here free.. And yes your right in one of the comments below our kids should be learning about remembrance day and why its a special meaningful day for us weeks ahead.

Posted by morkman:

RE: "In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday - with a notable exception of NS, NWT, ON and QC ". I live in Nova Scotia where it is a Provincial holiday I believe. This comment in your intro is also factually incorrect, in that I believe that a "federal statutory holiday" applies to all provinces equally across the country. It may behoove you to state the facts correctly before you start to try to create a populist movement and groundswell. But of course that didn't bother Trump BTW I agree with your point and principal,but get the facts right to start with. Cheers Mark


Absolutely ridiculous. My kids cannot respect veterans whatsoever when they are at school doing work.

Posted by Dwhite:

Yes , it most certainly should be a stat holiday. For the comment that this page posted up top, the schools should be talking about this with the students more then just the one day, Projects , learning etc for the week of. They fought for our freedoms , why not have the day off, to be free. Most social media does the minute of silence on the minute. For the thanksgiving comment. it still usually brings family together the close family and the stranger ones aha, which is a key point to the day bringing people together . There are many productive things that could be thought of and organized to make it a very special day of the year.


It is a travesty and Ontarians should hang their heads in shame.


I think there are enough holiday's already. And the kids have like 2 1/2 months off in the summer. On top all the PTA day's.People should just have a little ceremony in school or workplace. To many holiday's already !!

Posted by Janis:

When I was growing up in Ontario, we had our two minutes of silence but we also always had an assembly so the veterans could come in and talk to us. That is how we commemorated remembrance day and learned about this special day. When I moved to Nova Scotia I was stunned that it was a day off. The kids thought of it as just another holiday to have off school. I never agreed with this and have always felt they should be in school on that day and learn about our veterans and what they go through. I think in every province, it should NOT be a holiday.

Posted by wynn:

It should be a federal statuory holiday because it the only day we officially remember and pay respects to past and present members of the armed forces.

Posted by carlotta:

we should have this as a in respect of the armed force members who fought and lost their lives for our country not a province

Posted by Zeta Rakocy:

It is ridiculous that not all provinces not observe this as a federal Do we not all benefit for the sacrifice these men and women made? To not give everyone the opportunity to pay homage for the sacrifices that were made so we enjoy our freedom is utterly disrespectful to their memory and sacrifices.


I'm torn on this. Observations in school is valuable, but I see how it can be treated just as time out of class as well. I grew up in Newfoundland and I was involved in Scouting and Cadet programs that held activities/observances with the Legion each year regardless of the day of the week. The general public showed a lot of support as well. In short affording a day off so that those interested can participate would be my preference, as long as the day off is the actual Nov 11 and not the adjacent Monday/Friday ... and close the malls. If some/most people do not want to observe, it's not a big deal. However as a counterpoint, many people take time off work to observe days important to them that are not stat holidays and it is not too much to ask those of us who care about this to do that same.

Posted by Cathy:

I do wish for it to be a Stat holiday as I run a home daycare and I can not go the Remembrance day Parade in our city as I have to work. I would love nothing more then to go and be at the parade and take the time to honor all current and past member of our armed forces. I have taken the children when I don't have a house full. I do make them sit for the 2 minute silence. If it was a holiday all around then I could attend each and every service and see my wonderful father in law lay a wreath at the cenotaph.


I believe it should be a national holiday. I live in a Province that it is a provincial holiday. I have no family that has served but I honour this day as if I did, as all Canadians should. There is an argument that it should not be a holiday because children should be in school and learning about the day. My daughter’s school still has the Remembrance assembly on Nov 10th, they talk about it and read stories. On Remembrance Day we will attend the local ceremony afterwards we will celebrate the day with a family day because it was these rights that so many men and women have fought for us to have. I argue that the provinces that do not have the day off forget. I work for a national company. I do not get Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday and I have to take a vacation day. When I told my new manager that I was taking the day off she said “What holiday is it any ways?” She is very well educated, active in her community and has young children in school, but because the day is not a holiday she forgot. Her children’s school doesn’t make a big deal about it. If it was a holiday she would have never forgotten. Lest we forgot.

Posted by Scott:

I plan on using the time to spend with my young family, starting with a visit to a Remembrance Day ceremony @11a. The freedom to pursue whatever activities, is available to Canadians because of the sacrifice made - remember AND enjoy.

Posted by Rob Haines:

I'm torn on making it a stat holiday for the simple reason I'm not sure as many others have stated that the day would be used as intended and honor our fallen soldiers and service people. Personally I would take my daughters to a service as my wife and I talk at length to our daughters about the sacrifice that has been made by others for our freedom and the way of life we enjoy and most take for granted. We need to not lose site of the reason for this day and keep the message alive so others may not have to fight in wars. I pray for the safety of our people abroad keeping peace in other countries and keeping us safe at home.

Posted by Renata:

Here's the deal, I agree remembrance day should be observed. But being at work definitely does not allow for that. All the jobs I've had, it's a day like any other. I don't get to go to any ceremony to remember our valiant soldiers. I like that the kids have assemblies to go to. Couldn't it be just that... a holiday where we would have a chance to take our kids to remember and celebrate the lives of our courageous soldiers at school assemblies, and other events around town? For that, it would have to be a holiday or a civic duty imposed by the government on businesses.

Posted by Sukhdev Singh Riar:

A poet has said, "God and soldiers all men adore, in time of danger and never before ; When the danger is passed and things righted,God is forgotten and soldier slighted ." It is the prime duty of every country man /woman to pay homage to the past heroes of the nation and give respect to the living soldiers and their families.Ways may be different,but in educational institutions of all levels, should celebrate this day in their respective premises,may it be for few hours to inculcate national spirit in the students of all ages. Submitted with best wishes !


With regards to previous comments I fail to understand then why the double standard. Why do government offices in Ontario close on November 11th if the date is not recognized as a Statutory Holiday for the rest of the general public in Ontario? Especially since the nation's capital is in Ontario... I would attend ceremonies at our local cenotaph with my family (currently I take time out of my work day if I can, and attend alone.) When November 11th falls on a Friday or Monday I would even consider planning a family road trip to Ottawa. It should be a National holiday. Schools can still discuss the importance of the date during the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. Simply because the kids are not in school, does not mean the schools will not have a chance to discuss the topic. They can hold an assembly the day before if they like. I do not see the point of some provinces recognizing it and others not, and then to add fuel to the fire, the double standard that lets employees of the government and banks in Ontario attend ceremonies but not the rest of us.

Posted by Equal Treatment for all:

I do not work for the government/bank and therefore do not get to participate in any remembrance activities. When I watch the evening news recaps of the remembrance events around the city I wonder how many government/bank employees actually attend. Today while I'm at the bank I will ask the person what they are doing this weekend and for their day off. I wonder? I too have family that fought in both World Wars and do think about them. I don't understand why a holiday exists for reflection for some people and not others. Am I being discriminated against because I'm not a "government employee". But then again, I'm not happy on our current provincial government anyway. May we all remember the Canadians who fought not only for Canadian freedoms, but freedom for other countries as well.

Posted by M. C.:

All people should remember those who fought for others' well being. Stop and remember. Honour the veterans for a day.

Posted by Georges Lehner:

As a former Royal 22e Regiment member (yes French Canadian «VAN DOOS») this should be a national holiday. We must never forget what happen and NEVER forget those who fought for.... May these guys (girls) rest in peace in the poppy field. Thanks to all of them... Georges Lehner

Posted by Margarita:

I agree with "God Bless our soldiers who give us our freedom every day" and all similar sentiments. I also believe Ontario should NOT make this a statutory holiday because with both parents working therefore children being in daycare etc they would not get exposed to the real meaning of Rememberance Day. We cannot expect every person looking after a group of young children to make a formal setting to take a moment at 11:00 to remember. Schools have the opportunity on that day to turn every class into one wherein the soldier's and their families' sacrifices can be remembered. Best for Ontario to have FAMILY DAY in Ontario and demand our schools in Ontario have formal recognition of Rememberance Day and to include it in part of the curiculum. The Great War and World War II had hundreds of thousand and a great percentage of our male population give their lives (the women were home looking after the farms, factories and families proving they could do the job the men usually did). Such history lessons for this day.

Posted by Canada woman who cares :

I grew up know that Canada had seen so many people go war. Some came home alive some not. It hurts me when we as country dont all just sit remember why we don't live in a place of war. We live canada that why we all should have nov 11 to give thanks. Hold our family stories and go visit old war vets and keep our land feel safe. My kids all show love we are born raised in Canada. This to me is my land my home to show we are proud no war is happen at our country. How can we let kids know family who stood to help keep us safe.. then why should I or any say to new comers welcome to Canada were you not have war or all problem from your country.

Posted by susan:

Every province should be offered the respect to our military and vets We need to keep this day sacred to all Canadians and soldiers. Make it mandatory!!

Posted by Karthi:

Yes it must simply be a National Holiday, nobody needs any explanation for this, of course we have to salute those who served our country.

Posted by Sara:

Rememberance day can be celebrated with kids during the course of the week that leads to Rememberance day just like we wear poppies for almost a week before the day. Since it's a holiday in other provinces it should be one in Ontario too. The children don't learn anything specific only on that day..teachers talk to students in classes and assemblies about remembering our soldiers during the course of that week..not necessarily on Remeberance day just having an assembly on Rememberance day no kid will understand the importance of that day


By not having all of Canada observing November 11th as a stat holiday, we are telling our troops that we don't care about their efforts and the thousands that give their lives for our freedom


Family Day is a B.S. excuse for a day off. Remembrance Day is a much more important day which should be a Stat Holiday for people to show their respect those who fought for our freedom and to show support for those who still do. If you want a day with your family it's called "Saturday" and you can do it once each week.


Remembrance day should be a holiday every province in Canada with no exceptions. The Canadian government should make it mandatory that every province honor this day by having a holiday! We all owe a debt to our soldiers who given their lives for our freedom. We in Canada are lucky enough to live in one of the best countries in the world, thanks in part to the brave women and men of our armed forces.

Posted by Tony:

I find it appalling that some people are against Remembrance day for financial reasons! If you are a business owner, then holidays are simply a cost of doing business. Putting profits before people is morally bankrupt. Please make this a stat holiday so that families can honor the vets together, as a family, the way it should be.

Posted by dave:

Pitting Family Day against Remembrance Day is absolutely ridiculous! Family day is Family day, not relevant to the question of making 11/11 a national day! Shake you head!!! Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday, and Canada should get its act together to make the day/sights/memorials something respectable. It saddens me to no end that we have a tiny monument here, and a little one there. Put some damn effort into it and make it worthy of the respect of our veterans observe.


Moved to Ontario from BC 3 years ago, in BC the stat was spent at one of the many events in our city with a parade, fly overs, speeches and canon fire. My children learnt more by participating and speaking with vets than would be learnt in another day of school with a small ceremony in the gym. We must also remember this day is about the vets who cherish this day to don their uniforms and mingle with an appreciative public. Now that I am in Ontario an announcement comes over the PA system and we observe a moment of silence before going back to work.....we can do better.

Posted by Kevin:

Remembrance day has so much significance for a stat holiday. It is a huge honor for me as a Canadian to remember, respect, and celebrate our freedom fought for by the brave soldiers who risked their lives to make this happen. This is the single most serious and sad day of the year in my eyes, and I think our vets deserve so much acknowledgement and respect for their service so what better honor than a Canada wide stat holiday.


I do not agree that Remembrance Day should be a holiday. When I was a child, the children from our school were marched to the arena, where the ceremonies were held. We were taught in school what Rembrance Day was. After that we were allowed to go home. (Maybe that is what we did regardless). Children today do not recognize the horror and loss of people in WW11, or how our fathers and fore-fathers suffered, how they fought to defend our country. Our children(excluding mine, who attends services without fail) and their children have not been taught in schools and that should be more of a priority than a day off.


it is absolutely ridiculous that every province in Canada doesn't hold this holiday !! the federal government should make it mandatory that every province hold this holiday ! God Bless our soldiers who give us our freedom every day!!

Posted by Megan:

As an Albertan who observes the day as a day away from work, my family and I attend the parade every year - arriving at the venue before 10 am to get our seats, and leaving after we've had time to mingle with the service members afterwards. As a day at work, dealing with international companies, I wouldn't even be able to count on the "moment of silence" to observe the sacrifice made by service members past, present, and future. Sure, not everyone will observe it, but even if it is "enforced" at schools etc not all the children are thinking of things other than what they will soon find in their lunch kits. As a day away from work/school, those who are civic minded can and do make a ritual of honoring service members.

Posted by Angus Walker:

Remembrance Day should not be a stat in any province. I agree with the Royal Canadian Legion that we should show our respects by stopping work/school and standing in silence for 2 mins. This day has stopped being a day to remember and just become another day to go out and do stuff or for the kids to sit at home playing video games. Making this a stat has actually had a negative effect and ruined this day as a day of respect.


Outrageous. The day we remember our troops and all those who served the country during war time should be respected. It should be a country wide statutory holiday.

Posted by Shirleygail:

we go to the cenotaph and I am often heartened by the crowd there for the service here in CCNV (Corporation of the City of North Vancouver). I think it tasteless and a commercial grab to show Christmas décor prior to Remembrance Day. gh

Posted by Jean-Marc Veilleux:

I love your page, but I have many freinds that are uniquely French Canadian. Do you know if at one point your page will be translated in French for all to see? I am a retired Sergent from the erra 1974-1996 I did most of my time in Canada being a Radar technician by trade. hope this will reach a sympatetic ear. PS People of all ages should go see a parade it is a very proud moment for those who served. Bring your Canada flags.

Posted by Jaykumar Mungra:

Remembrance Day should be statutory holiday throughout the canada. Every single person of every single province should get equal chance of celebrating this day. The provinces, where it is not a stat. Holiday seems that they do not consider this day even.

Posted by Y. Cranddent:

Hello, I strongly, whole hearted and sincerely in my mind that "Canada's Remembrance Day/November 11 Of Every Year" Should be DECLARE as a "Stats. Holiday With Pay" for all level of employment. Regardless, IF you are a Government Employees, Crown Corp, or Private Sectors Employees." For once a year WE should pay a respect to those known and unknown soldiers or our country. We are living in the modern World but we should NEVER, EVER forget who made us today and how we got here! It is selfish to IGNORE this issue. . . Make it Official effective in 2017. Thank You, Y.Cranddent. Ottawa, ON Canada

Posted by Bruce :

Why do we the Canadian poeple allow foreigner to control our Country after so many Canadian fought for this Country and Died .The Canadian Flag and Remembrance Day should be an honor for us not about money or someone Who was never born in this great Country .I say Yes to an National holiday for everyone thoughout Canada.Don't let the memory of the fallen? Be forgotten ? Two Great wars How our family fought to save our freedom Dont let this happen because of foreigner who came here for their freedom . Repect our forces and give this Day to everyone in this Great Country of Ours.

Posted by Mike:

I'm 73, 5th generation Canadian - my late dad was a brigade commander in WWll, my younger brother is a retired senior officer & my son is active officer. In Quebec I'm concerned that a holiday would be just that. To have time to go to a cenotaph should be accepted as normal - like vote days , ie 2 hours off - or even 2 minutes at school or work. I'd be happy to keep as is.


We used to go to ceremonies, but now all kids do is play video games!!


As most stores and business are open on stat holidays anyways, it would not matter if it was made in to a "stat" holiday

Posted by Lorne:

I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg at the end of 2015. I'm a little appalled at the fact that Remembrance Day is not properly observed here. In my younger days, I remember when you could only buy milk, eggs, or bread on Remembrance Day...nothing else. Greed trumps respect. The Fallen are forgotten. It's shameful.


it is absurd that remembrance day is not a statuary day as it is "only" to remember the men and women who fought and lost their lives for us, but we have no problem with a statuary day for Victoria day, queen Victoria who ?


According to the Holidays Act, Remembrance Day is not a LEGAL holiday, it's just a holiday. Not all government agencies take a day off. It's a day to celebrate Canada's victory in WW1. The 2 minutes of silence is the only part of the parade meant to commemorate those who fought and are still fighting. The victory is tainted by the anglo-Canadian enforced conscription of French Canadians. ON, QC, NS and NWT represent more than half the population of Canada, and do not recognize Remembrance Day. So not only is Remembrance Day not recognized as a Statutory Holiday by law, nor is it recognized by a majority of the Canadian public, but even its true meaning as a day of Victory in WW1 is forgotten. Let's stop telling ourselves the story that feels good and let everyone appreciate Canada's WW1 contribution in celebration or commemoration as they see fit.


Of all the holidays that we as Canadians have, I feel that Remembrance Day should be observed as a National Holiday. After all these men, boys and women gave their lives so we could have the freedoms we all enjoy today. I just don't get it.


I personally think that Remembrance should be recognized as a Statutory Holiday all across the country. After all it's not necessarily to or implement so do something in particular on that day. But just to highlight the fact that lots of people got killed saving our country, should we at least acknowledge the facts, because we would not be where we are today if it was it because of are soldier. A day off would be a force to be recognized the sacrifice made and also to some of us who had ancestor who died in their families, because of the war. If BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and some other provinces can acknowledge this why can the the rest of Canada can't? It's beyond me.

Posted by Cal:

My thought on the topic as a compromise is that employers should be required Nationally to provide Nov11 as a holiday for any veteran in their employment (if it falls on a work day). A holiday for all is just another day off; but a holiday for veterans has meaning. One, it highlights to coworkers that they work side by side with a veteran and helps bring that recognition into the workplace that Nov11 we acknowledge all those who have served their Country. Two, it then allows veteran employee to go to their local community ceremony and pay their respect to the memory of comrades past and present, as we have many many modern day vets still in the work force who have personally been touched by horrors of war, or have buddies touched by war. Rememberance Day is NOT just a ceremony for the aging WW2 and Korea soldiers, 1000's of working men and women are veterans too, yet for Employers Nov11 is just another work day. Nov11 should be a Veterans Day. Thx


Not having Remembrance Day a nationally recognized holiday across ALL provinces in Canada is an affront to the memories of those who served. Think of what they sacrificed and what we gained. The fact that Easter and Christmas ARE recognized as holidays, despite being religiously affiliated holidays, makes one wonder what the reasoning is. How does one justify this disparity, considering there are Atheists and non-Christians across Canada?


My son's schools, Elementary and Secondary, have always done a Remembrance Day assembly. They will have art they have made hung in the classrooms and hallways, have a Veteran speak to the children and to answer any questions they may have. So keep Remembrance Day a Stat holiday so families can go to the ceremonies in their cities.


I agree with the young person who said we should focus our attention on preventing the horrors of war. Full stop.

Posted by T. Groves:

Although I personally would like to see Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in order for me to have the opportunity to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa, I first want to respect the wishes of The Legion. As an alternative, how about providing guidance to businesses, that where employees express the desire to observe the day, that time be allocated to watch the televised Remembrance Day Ceremony, conduct their own ceremony or show their respects with a moment silence.

Posted by Mexican Rose:

To "Anonymous" regarding Nov. 11 being a financial loss to companies if Nov. 11 were declared a stat holiday. Why is it something as importance as Remembrance Day boils down to money? Would you have thought of money if the clocks were turned back & Canada was involved in war? What about your employees who voluntarily joined the militaries in order to protect YOU & the rest of the country? There's more to life than money. Quite frankly, I have the feeling that the moderator of this forum will not publish this comment, perhaps because I hit on a nerve.

Posted by Mexican Rose:

I do believe that Nov. 11 should be a statutory holiday..NATIONALLY, & should never take a backseat to anything. People lost their lives for our country in order that we may live in freedom, free of oppression. There shouldn't be anything else overseeing Nov. 11. Where Family Day is concerned, THAT's the biggest joke ever. "Family Day" is not given to services, such as Police, Fire, etc...While we know they are a necessary service, they do not even get any retribution whatsoever. If you're working, you don't get time-and-a half..if you're off, you're off.


I believe Remembrance Day should be given as a holiday with a twist that each individual do something charitable for part of the day. God knows people have become selfish and too self absorbed and money hungry. As students are required to do some charity work as part of their graduation diploma we should make ontarians do 3 hrs of charity to get paid that day, possibly the ont govt could offer some incentive to get behind this. People get out and help others out.


I believe Remembrance Day should be given as a holiday with a twist that each individual do something charitable for part of the day. God knows people have become selfish and too self absorbed and money hungry. As students are required to do some charity work as part of their graduation diploma we should make ontarians do 3 hrs of charity to get paid that day, possibly the ont govt could offer some incentive to get behind this. People get out and help others out.


Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday nation wide. We should honour and respect those who have sacrificed. Ontario only cares about the economic impact of having another holiday as they do with Boxing day. Our children can still learn the value and importance of this day in school prior to the holiday and at home with parents. I respect that people appreciate Family day but this day is a part of Canada's history. Both holidays should be valued.

Posted by Ross Rou:

Quite disgraceful that Remembrance Day is not properly recognized across the country. It's far more significant than others-Heritage Day, Labour Day etc. It's a shame.

Posted by Ken:

Jason needs to strap on some combat boots and go sit in a trench in the rain with little food and have people shoot at him and watch best friends die around him. The reason we can even have a family day is because of the people who served. So please, shake your head and show some respect.

Posted by Rhonda:

It should be a nation wide holiday. In my home we remember by either going to a service or on TV. Then family games and a big family supper. They served for our freedom. And we should make a big deal out of it. Be thankful.

Posted by Brian:

I am a veteran of many missions overseas and do not wish Remembrance day to become a stat holiday. I have attended and spoken on a couple of occasions at high schools. It is a much better way to advance knowledge. Lest we forget.

Posted by Shirlee Fraser:

I was very surprised to find out this was not a Statuary Holiday in all of Canada... All Canadians participated in some way to the wars of past... This is my option!! This should be corrected as soon as possible. ❤️

Posted by SG:

First, it is not a holiday and nor should it ever be termed as a holiday as it gives the wrong message. It should be a Statutory Day of Observation and Remembrance, for that is what it truly is. Calling it a vacation or holiday looses the respect it deserves. Lest We Forget.

Posted by TS:

I myself can not believe November 11th is not a statutory holiday across Canada and the world this would be the perfect way to show our vets our appreciation for laying down their lives defending our Country please Mr prime minister Justin Trudeau make this happen in Canada show our vets past and present how we look after our vets make it happen honor them before there are all gone,Those that remain would love to see that day and how they sacrifice their lives fighting for our country

Posted by Pamela Devine:

It is deplorable that the province the houses our House of Commons does not recognize Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday.This is a national disgrace. I really look forward to attending Remembrance Day services in my home city out of respect for all of our Canadian Service men and women. The sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made deserve our respect on one day of the year at the very least. Shame on those who disagree.


If it were not for school plays an being at school I never would have been taught about it an I beleave if the veterans wanted it a holiday it would be but they want us at school to learn about the war an how many people lost there live So it's my belief that if the people who died for are freedom want us in class then we should respect there wishes not the wishes of those who want another day off

Posted by M R :

Give all of the one that give freedom and lost life respect and also the one alive the respect on this day to remembered that is an obligations holiday for freedom respected.

Posted by Doug:

my father was a war vet. I personally think to remember is great but not just another holliday. there should be something to do like cleaning a cemetary, spending time with seniors, cleaning city streets in memory of. making the day a learning experience for the young. rededicate a park or a street or a memorial.

Posted by Susie:

Remembrance Day is to remember all the fallen soldiers, people. families. who sacrificed there lives for us. How is it logical that only government officials, offices, banks get the day off to participate and attend ceremonies and all other hard working citizens of this beautiful country we call home. the land of freedom still have to go to work.. Its not enough that working class citizens don't make what government workers make and work double the time and hours to make ends meet. Why is always government workers who get the break from it all. I don't quite understand the logic behind all of it. I am a citizen of this country just like them.. Give us the opportunity and the equality they have to attend and respect our fallen soldiers.


The idea that people will only view Remembrance Day as a "day off" without respecting those who gave their lives is simply not true. I grew up in BC where Remembrance Day is a stat holiday. Schools would simply move school Remembrance Day ceremonies to the day before and children still learn its significance as well as the learning the songs, poems, and speeches about the horrors of war and those brave enough to lay down their lives for the greater good of the world and in service to their country. On Remembrance Day itself, the freedom of the stat holiday allows families to attend local Remembrance Day ceremonies as a family unit or they can watch such ceremonies from home as they are broadcast from Ottawa or local news outlets air the ones in other major cities. I grew up watching the ceremonies broadcast from Ottawa with my family since I was free from school and my parents were free from work. Imagine my excitement when I moved to Ontario at being close enough to drive to attend the Ottawa ceremony. I had always wanted to attend the one in Ottawa to show my respect and be privileged enough to partake in the annual laying of poppies on the Unknown Soldier's grave. Now imagine my shock at finding out Remembrance Day isn't a stat in Ontario and I couldn't attend. Instead, I had to settle for my boss announcing a moment of silence for one minute at 11:00AM over the announcements. That was it. No poems, songs, speeches, trumpet solo, or other aspect associated with the significance of the day. I can only attend a Remembrance Day ceremony if it falls on a weekend or I take a vacation day. If anything, I argue that NOT having Remembrance Day as a stat is far less respectful because people cannot partake in or watch Remembrance ceremonies and therefore the significance of the day is lost when they are busy at work and it's just another workday. I can't even imagine how terrible it must be for those who lost loved ones to war and peacekeeping efforts and are not granted the stat holiday to visit those loved ones' graves. Family Day is something completely different and BC and Ontario now have both. The argument for Family Day OR Remembrance Day holds no water. Do you know the current difference in stat holidays between BC and Ontario? While Remembrance Day is a stat holiday in BC, Ontario chooses to have Boxing Day as a stat in Ontario (it is not one in BC). That's right. Ontario places its commercial interest as being more important than remembering the lives and sacrifices of veterans. I'm simply appalled.

Posted by Terry Chisholm:

I think that Remembrance Day should be a holiday to remember the men and women who served, and still serve our country. My dad served in the Canadian Army from 1939 to 1972, and out of respect and admiration of his service to our country, I am a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion now going on 40 years. November 11th should be a statutory holiday all over the world to remember our fallin troops as well as the troops who still serve. A day to reflect and appreciate the freedom that we have because of what our troops have done, and still do to keep this country safe.

Posted by Michelle:

Why do certain provinces want to be excluded from this stat? I live in BC but my company is a national one and denies statutory holidays that are not federal. Veterans Day is federal in the US. Let's get on board already!

Posted by A parent, a citizen:

Let's find the time to teach our children the meaning of the words "Lest we forget." And hold our government accountable to keeping our country strong and free and aid other countries do the same.

Posted by JMK:

Today I was notified by email that our school principal is denying access to the Remembrance Day ceremony to our senior level students because there just isn't room to accommodate all the students at our school. I teach grade 11&12...I'm being denied access to attending a ceremony that honours my own military family and friends. I'm so ashamed of my government again this November 11th.


Remembrance Day is much more important than family day and our future generations need to know about this very important day inhistory.


Though it is called Remembrance Day - it is also called Veteran's Day in some countries. This is not only about World War 1 or World War 2 but about all the armed service personnel who still sacrifice their lives in service to their country.

Posted by steve:

Never again! Our fathers and grandfathers fought for the freedoms we have today and its so sad that we can't have Nov 11 commemorated as a statutory holiday, to those that never made it back .a sacrifice that should never be forgotten for as long as we live and breath.

Posted by BM:

It should be a mandatory stat holiday. Other provinces have both Family Day and Remembrance Day, so why not in Ontario(Regarding that other gentleman's comment)? How else are we going to make sure that children learn and remember what it is all about? It is a very important message. Something they should also be learning at home. Not just left up to the schools to educate them.


Stat holidays are not free. Employers wind up having to pay all employees for doing nothing. This is easier for governments to handle because they don't need to generate revenue, they simply add the losses to the tax payer's deficit debt. For private employers it becomes a straight loss to them.


If it wasn't for the bravery of the Canadian soldiers overseas, I would not be here. Of course they should be remembered especially on the day when it was declared over.

Posted by JM:

It's disappointing and sad that Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday. I come from a family of individuals who fought in the wars, and honor and respect those who have contributed to the protection of our country. Every year there are a number of events which occur on this special day, and I would like to be able to pay my respects to the veterans who attend, and those who have passed. While I understand the reasoning behind having children in school on this day to learn about the meaning of Remembrance Day, it could certainly be done leading up to this day, as it was when I went to school. Learning about the history of war shouldn't just be a one day event. I really wish that all provinces would provide the acknowledgement and honor to those who fought, and continue to fight on our behalf.

Posted by D. James:

Talk for yourself if you are going to stay home and waste 'Remembrance day. Who are you? Are you God or what to know the future that people will not be observing Such honorary day?! Maybe you are an employer why you would be negative to a remembrance holiday. Remembrance day should be a holiday and the most important of holidays.

Posted by Joanna Kurtz:

It should be a manditory stat holiday. The argument that it should be a stat because we need to keep kids in school to ensure they attend a ceremony marking the day we need to remember shows ignorance towards every other province which honours our soldiers on this day. It also shows significant ignorance in our school system. Schools celebrate every event on the calendar. When Halloween falls on a Sunday, do the decorations and candy fail to flank the walls and hallways of our schools? Of course not. Why would Rememberance day be treated any differently? It will be honoured. As the granddaughter, daughter, sister, and friend of those who have served or are serving, I want to go to a formal service and be with those who know why I cry every year during the service, and not have to suppress my pain because I'm with my student. As a teacher in Ontario I have been denied this right for the past decade. I feel somewhat failed by my own government.

Posted by Frank:

Despicable!!!! Left leaning Liberals that know nothing about the real world. Idiots of the highest order and Insult to all our brave warriors that gave so much so these ungrateful creeps could be safe and sound

Posted by Kerry:

Rememberance day needs to be a statutory holiday in all provinces. Why the divide? Are we a unified country? Speaking of United, this holiday is recognized in America as a statutory holiday. If it's good for them it should be good for us.

Posted by BES:

This day should be a stat holiday everywhere, I am sure that people in Ontario have family members that are active or have been active in military deployments. I know that I am the mother of an active member of the military who went to Afghanistan and would like attend Remembrance day ceremonies but have to work. If other areas of Canada have this as a stat holiday and Federal have this off what makes everyone in Ontario any different. We should all have the same ability to Remember. it is not the same when we have to do it during work it is not given the respect it deserves.

Posted by kb:

Remembrance Day should be celebrated across the country. It is not just for Canadian soldiers but also for soldiers all over the world. Reflection day is a must and must be taught. Someone mentioned here that FAMILY DAY is a more useful day.... Well, sorry, that is the most ridiculous invention. Guess what: The original family day used to be SUNDAY (or Saturday, before it was taken away from us.


did Ontario not participate in the War, that's why we're not given a stats holiday.. is Ontario not part of Canada? it should be given the same holidays as that of other provinces and other provinces should be given the same. I don't understand why one is treated differently than the other, they're all in CANADA after all ?

Posted by Ed Hamilton:

There are those who never participate on Remembrance day. They never did nor will they ever. There are many of us who do. My father passed this year. He was a soldier for 33 years. Many of my relatives fought in all the wars. They deserve to be remembered by those of us that will. The Legion does not speak for many of us including my father. He did not agree with many of their thoughts, they speak for a select few. Its long past time Remembrance day was made a holiday.

Posted by Emily:

As previous comments have suggested, outside of assemblies at school when you are a kid, there is no time in a work day to really pause and reflect. As a young person in the work force the amount of time and effort expected and expanded at work superceeds most things in life. To have a day to reflect on the privilage of not living through the World Wars but remebering the people who did whether they lived or died would be a good thing for our society. In my family I know there are great-unlces I will never meet and grandparents I will never meet because of those wars.

Posted by MJ:

I agree... this should of been made the number one day off for EVERYONE! I am an "army brat" so are my kids and grandchildren. I have lost friends and loved ones. Yes we remember them everyday. But the 11th of November is the only day we can come together as a country to honor them. And working on that day makes it hard to due just that. Myself and many others need that time to shed a tear together...

Posted by Nadia:

I think it should be a statutory holiday all over Canada. To be honsest with you, it is not celebrated at all by it being a normal work day. Do we have time to celebrate anything during the work hours - not at all is the answer. On the other hand, if it is a stat, then more people will have time to think and observe it for what it really is. Once it is a stat, provide more activities such as TV and radio discussions, broadcast films ect, on it so that people can enjoy litening to the history and knowing the importance. Otherwise, we don't even remebmer it is such a day - people are just engaged in the normal rat race of daily living. So give people the time off to think and celebrate.

Posted by Blair Anderson:

It should be a national holiday, without those who sacrificed their lives people wouldn't be able to go to work or school. A day should be taken to pause and remember those who had the incredible courage to fight for our free country.


Financial companies are taking advantage of this day as the markets are open. Before it was double time, then it was time in half pay AND now, there giving one day in lieu. It should be a mandatory holiday for all regardless which financial sector you work in.

Posted by Jerry Thomas:

Remember - it's good. But practice - it's better. So remember to do good on Remembrance Day!

Posted by Jeff:

I am a Veteran and also a Legion member. I have thought about this question a lot here and whether this should be statutory holiday or not. In my view, when I have gone to many Remembrance Day services, I still see people walking about or by our parade or driving by. Obviously they do not have the time to remember our fallen. I feel that making this a statutory holiday, you would not see anymore come out to the parade. I know a lot of friends who take the time off from work to attend, but a lot if given the day off would not. It would be just another holiday for them to have. It is the sad reality that this would happen. I know someone will say here, I would go...I am sure you would. I would think that we would see a little increase in numbers but definitely not in the hundreds. If it were to be made a stat holiday...would love to be proved wrong on this. As for your work not observing the time, maybe that should be brought up to your supervisors, managers, owners of your company to maybe observing two minutes of silence at 11am on November 11th.

Posted by Geneveive:

I think Remembrance Day should be an observed holiday. My workplace has never taken the time to recognize Remembrance Day during our workday, yet growing up in Newfoundland it was always a holiday my family made a point of taking time to recognize. We would always visit our local Legion for their service and memorial, but since being in Ontario, I've only been able to attend on Remembrance Day service when my friend and I took the day off work last year to go to a service and honour those who gave their lives for our freedom and country. Both of us had family who were involved in the wars and wanted to honour them. It seems sad that some provinces don't recognize this day as a holiday when so many Canadians fought and died for the liberties we have today, the least we could do is take a day to remember them.


Why any province is exempt, is an obvious oddity. The entire country was and continues, to be affected by this historical occasion. not just select provinces within Canada.

Posted by Adam:

I don't agree that giving people the day off work will mean they "sleep in, watch TV or do nothing." No workplace I've ever worked in has "observed" remembrance day - so giving people a day off would allow families (children included) to go to their local cenotaph together and talk about what Remembrance Day means to them, to their parents, grandparents, etc., just as it does on the occasions when Nov 11th falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Those people who would "sleep in or do nothing" on Remembrance Day aren't getting anything out of mandatory observance anyway - so it's a bit ironic that people can argue against allowing folks to decide how to honour war veterans who themselves died for our freedom.


Ottawa shame on you for not making this a STAT Canada wide holiday in honour of everyone's freedom - You are 150 years old now and you are 100 years overdue for this recognition. Of all the STAT holidays this SHOULD have been the 1st one on the list of approved STATS.


If government employees get the day off with pay, so should everyone else. Period.


I agree that Remembrance Day should be a stat. holiday. Kids can learn about it the day before or the day after when they return to school. Also, this article could really use some editing.

Posted by Shan:

I don’t really understand why the government in Canada not allowed all provinces to have this as a holiday. It’s called National holiday, except some provinces (It’s not National holiday). All government employees have holiday on that day even though they’re on the excepted provinces…why???? If that province is accepted, government buildings should open and process their duties as normal day.


With regard to your actually pointing out that "Jason" made a very good point, how dare you! Out of all the messages shown in your Comments section pushing that Remembrance Day should be a Statutory holiday across Canada instead of just the 6 provinces that include valid reasons why we should and you feel that he makes a very good point?? He's basically saying let's just not think about the depressing things in life and instead have a fun family day!! Nothing wrong with Family Day, but Jason is not realizing because of Remembrance Day, he gets to have Family Day. Enough said.


I live in Ottawa, the city where one of our soldiers standing guard 2 years was shot to death for no apparent reason. I still cannot believe that the request to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday throughout all of Canada has not been passed. 6 provinces out of 10 already have it as a Stat holiday commemorating this important day. And in response to "Jasons" genius comment, the reason that we are able to have Family Day is because of the soldiers who lost their lives and those who were fortunate enough to return suffered emotionally afterwards. I am originally from New Brunswick where the entire province is shut down for this day, the stores do not open at noon so that "some individuals that have the day off" can start their Christmas shopping. My mother was a teenager during WWII so I was drilled as to how important this day is and will always be.

Posted by Chris:

As a Canadian that has served, had relatives who served and died and other that survived I feel troubled about this. I agree that some may see this as a holiday and choose to make merry. On the other hand if it is not a stat how do we take the time to look back and remember. How do we make the time to look forward in remembrance of our history and prevent. To say that family day is more important is not quite right. Family day is important but for other reasons. We spend so much time working to earn a living and buy things, do we really need to do this on a day we are supposed to be remembering those who sacrificed their lives so we could live ours? With respect comes trust, do we trust ourselves to remember the past and not make the same mistakes in the future? Do we trust that we will not forget if it is not a stat holiday? I for one think it would be a travesty to forget our past mistakes, that leaves us open to repeat the mistakes of the past. A stat holiday would just help people spend that time, or at the least have the ability to spend that time in remembrance.


It is inexcusable and shameful that we do not honor our fallen heroes with an across the board holiday in Canada. To the detractors who say we should focus on the schools honoring on that day,I say yes of course but why not also a holiday to give it extra resonance.Most civilized countries treat this day as a public holiday and there should be no reason Canada doesn't do the same.What people do that day is there own business but I believe the symbolism of a national holiday is a great way to pay respect to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Posted by Tara:

I'm absolutely disgusted at some of the comments written and posted. To this Jason that says family day is more "appreciated" after a long weekend, maybe he should "appreciate the men and women that died trying to protect this great country of ours. My work place has silence for 2 minutes and then carries on like any other work day and I for one think that is shameful. It should be a holiday, I don't care if it's paid, I'd rather take my children to a memorial site so I can look at them and give thanks to the lost lives that made it possible for me to bring them into the world.


I think Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for everyone. It's a day of remembrance and a day to celebrate our freedom. It should be a holiday for all not just government. It is disgusting that we cannot attend events but the government can.

Posted by Jeff Grevstad:

I see reason on both sides of this debate. My assertion as a veteran is that it isn't a holiday; it is a duty day! However, that duty isn't to profit or other agenda. People have to be afforded the opportunity to respectfully, ever so solemnly, reflect on those within our society that serve that society for our collective benefit. That means, should they choose, they have a legal right to not work on this occasion and to say "no" to expectations that might apply the other 364 days of the year. As previously mentioned, for remembrance is a double sided coin: What will you do differently in the future? What lessons may have been learned from others' sacrifices? This agenda is no less important. If some come to see it as a holiday, I and the many who choose to see it as an ethical duty, will be both saddened and happy. They enjoy the freedom of that choice because someone fought to defend that choice from those that might not have been so tolerant. That is the paradox of Remembrance Day in my humble opinion and this issue will likely never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. In my case, I will be standing guard, on my time or the provisioned time of a statutory holiday, to remember and think of sacrifice for others and the choices we are all called to make to put our self-interest on the shelf from time-to-time. If others do not see it this way, I and my colleagues have fought to afford them that choice.

Posted by Aram Roshani:

This day is a symbol of the courage and bravery of Canadian soldiers who defended the liberty and democracy in the world. Most of them never returned back to home, some of them backed but rested invalid for whole of their life and fortunately some of them had the chance to see their relatives again. Then by a ceremony in our city, in our quarter, in center education and everywhere that we are living we can show our respect to them. As a new Canadian during eleven years that I am living in Quebec I have never seen (around me) at least one minute silence for glorifying this day. Probably new generation prefer to forget this huge historical sacrifice.


Yes I believe Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday in Ontario so we all can be there to remember why we celebrate and remember all who faught for our freedom on this glorious day ..Yes make this a stat holiday please we can afford for everything to be closed for that day ..

Posted by wc:

First off Shame on Ottawa you have our National War Memorial and not hold a Day of Respect for all the people to partake. My Father was a WW II Veteran ...he was shot down and was a prisoner for 2 years. Only at Special Moments would he share some details of what he went through. It openned my mind to the terrible loss and sacrifices made by thoseBRAVE MEN AND WOMEN. I feel ashamed waiting so long to understand what our Heros did for us.Why was this Unforgetable Tragedy not a mandatory subject taught in school? So many gave so much in WW I &WW II and iam so sorry I wasted a lot of years not Honoring and Thanking the people who Fought To Keep Our Country Free. At the going down of the sun... I will RememberThem and give Thanks.

Posted by Serge:

If this is one country, statutory holidays should apply across the nation. I believe provincial governments should stop taking 'exceptions' from federal statutory holiday laws.

Posted by bing bong:

I would like remembrance day to be a holiday in Ontario. We don't have any holidays on September. I just want to stay home on remembrance day.

Posted by Calladis :

We wouldn't have families we do, families we had, and families we will have if it wasn't for our soldiers ensuring we have the ability to live as we do. Hang the selfish day. Remember those who had families and those who families had and lost for our safety.

Posted by twalters:

Having had many relatives fight for the freedoms we enjoy, I wish we had this day off to pay respect. we get many days off for a fictional character (dec 25 & easter). I have memoprie of my family members who risked their lives for mine. Recounting the tragedies that they endured for their country to indicate that this means less than a day off in the winter (Family day) is ludicrous. There are many ways that Armistice day can be celebrated and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their countries remembered. We have a full day of television programming around New Years day celebrations would it not be just as easy to have the same dedication to a programming schedule to show the sacrifices that were made by so many individuals over the years as well as the men and women that continue to do so in the name of honor pride and country. I believe for them recognizing Remembrance day would be greatly appreciated. Sorry Ontario for your Family day, but lets face it without the sacrifice of our vets none of us would have families, I live in Ontario and can honestly say I would rather honor our veterans then have a day in February called family day that most people do not spend with their families anyway.

Posted by Slim Spady:

Having had many relatives fight for the freedoms we enjoy, I wish we had this day off to pay respect. we get many days off for a fictional character (dec 25 & easter). I've never met who those holidays are for, and I doubt I ever will. I have however met my family who risked their lives for mine. Also NS has the least amount of STATS, Remembrance day would be greatly appreciated. Sorry Ontario for your Family day, but lets face it without the sacrifice of our vets none of us would have families.

Posted by Helen:

We are all remembering the people who fought and died to save our country. This is why we have freedom! Shame on all of you that do not see what November 11 truly means! It is a day to honour and respect all of the people that gave their lives for all of US! Indeed November 11, 2016 should be a Stat holiday and recognized by all in Ontario! Family Day shouldn't even be a topic of conversation! See below---And truly READ IT! In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.


I know there are a lot of people who love family day, but what about those like myself who don't have family. What is family day anyway???? No I'm sorry, it should be replaced with Remembrance day lets not forget we would not be in this great county with all the liberties that we have if it wasn't for all the brave men and women and they deserve more than a minute of silence. Family day???? I personally think its a joke.


I know there are a lot of people who love family day, but what about those like myself who don't have family. What is family day anyway???? No I'm sorry, it should be replaced with Remembrance day lets not forget we would not be in this great county with all the liberties that we have if it wasn't for all the brave men and women and they deserve more than a minute of silence. Family day???? I personally think its a joke.


Absolutely it should be a stat holiday. Get rid of family day and make remembrance day a day to reflect. I think its appalling that nothing is done other than a minute of silence. Oh and not to mention the veterans that are still alive get to ride free on the TTC....REALLY????? disgraceful. They should ride free everyday if that's all that can be done for them.

Posted by Douglas:

The Toronto District Schoolboard does not even teach Canadian-Europian History anymore because these cowards are afraid it will offend a new Canadian. I love the USA's approach to new Americans and that you are American. Pierre Elliot Trudeau screwed this country with the "multicultural" ideology. And of coarse made billions of dollars for his lawyer connections. In most schools in Toronto can you believe this, Christmas is now Red and Green Day and if you can believe it Halloween is Black and Orange Day. Good luck even thinking about these cowards talking about our veterans let alone discussing matters that they run away from.

Posted by Morgan:

Uhhh, lol @ the comment that says "Don't add Remembrance day as a national holiday because we like family day more" Uhhh, x2. BC has both. What's stopping your provinces? Remembrance day should be a stat holiday. We're remembering the people who fought and died to save our country. Every other day is a family day.


Whether anyone served in the armed forces or not (and of course for the ones that did) I find this very unconceivable that this could have come about to be in Canada in the provinces of (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Manitoba) that Remembrance on Nov 11th is not observed, are we not a nation collectively and with respect to our armed forces that all fought to keep this a nation.

Posted by Proud Daughter:

My Father served in WWII and I think it is a travesty to not observe this holiday in every province in Canada. I have to take time of work to go to the service held in Niagara Falls where my Dad spent his last 49 years working and raising a family of 5. If it were not for those brave men and the women who had to hold the fort down at home, where would this country be. Come on Prime Minister the right thing! We should all be able to celebrate this day in history without being docked pay at work.

Posted by Steve Donovan:

Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces and paying homage/respect throughout the years on Remembrance Day, as Canadians we MUST NOT forget all those who have fallen before us in the sacrafice of our great Nation! Reference to those who have thoughts that children will learn more at school of this significant day if not out, I believe in a different "school of thought". In my children's school here in Alberta, the teachers organice a special ceremony typically the last day of school prior to Remembrance Day. All the kids are engaged during this ceremony. I truly believe that as parents we then have a responsibilty to talk to our children about this day and make the effort to bring them to the Remembrance Day ceremony in our local area. "Least we Forget" starts at home and must be passed down from generation to generation so our future leaders and citizens of Canada will always remember how our country came to be.


Unfortunately the majority do not realize the importance of this day and would not attend services therefore they do not deserve this day off. People like myself who would be attending services but they are working, have to miss them because of the ignorance of the majority.


I think it is up to the parents to teach their children about rememberance day. Take the time to take them to rememberance day to teach them about repecting the men and women of our country who have died fighting to make this a better place to live in.


I think it's a disgrace and a disservice to our men and women who served are serving and fallen to protect our rights and freedom, that Rememberance Day is not observed nationally as a stat holiday. I am so proud of our military and the job they are performing and sadden for the fallen. Shame on our government for not making November 11 a national holiday to honour our men and women in uniform.

Posted by maple:

Myself and my coworkers have to work the civic holiday even though we are not busy at all. We all would prefer a nice sunny day off to attend local festivals than have a day off in November that we do nothing with except stay home. I think we can remember our fallen and those who sacrifice daily, each and everyday of the year.

Posted by Colleen Sparks:

This is a terrible disrespect of our veterans and soliders that fought to keep this country free. We should make Rememberance day a National holiday.


100% it should be but everyone should be made to attend a Remembrance Day event. Not just to have the day off & and be able to tell anyone what this day really means.

Posted by Annabelle Moore:

With respect to the Legion's position, as someone else said, it is up to families and individuals to decide how to use their free day. School assemblies on November 10 would honour our fallen as well as those harmed by battle, both physically and mentally. The Calgary Board of Ed when our children were in school there used to put on wise and sensitive services, that remembered the victims of the wars on both sides, Allied and Axis. There are really no winners and losers. Canadian servicemen and women are renowned worldwide for their high calibre and professionalism. Americans honour their fallen; we need to do the same. We are too modest about our achievements. Countries, when it comes to looking at national unity issues, would do well to get together to offer their gratitude to the people and their descendants who gave the ultimate sacrifice. WWII veterans in the UK have mentioned that when they returned from the war they felt more equal than they ever had before - the old class system was meaningless to them. They then wanted to become part of rebuilding the nation with adequate safeguards to prevent future wars. These feelings change over the years as we all get influenced by politics and the media - thus an annual reality check is a great idea.

Posted by Proud Canadian:

We absolutely MUST have Remembrance day as a holiday in Ontario. It is a crime not taking this day to honour our fallen men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we may remain free. Posted by Traditionalist: "They will sleep in and get drunk and not show proper respect for our war dead." Excuse me? Rather than paint everyone with the same brush stroke, perhaps you should take the time to rethink just what freedom means. In China and North Korea they are forced to work hard BECAUSE they do not have individual freedoms as we do here in Canada. What we choose to do with OUR freedom is just that. Whether we visit a legion to talk to a veteran, attend a Remembrance day event, or even stay home to drink a beer, THIS is what our hard fought for freedom is FOR. There is no greater honour to bestow upon the fallen than to celebrate our freedom however we choose to. THAT is freedom. Please make Remembrance day a national holiday, especially in Ontario. It is overdue and would be very appropriate. Thank you and God bless.

Posted by Traditionalist:

This absolutely should NOT be a public holiday. People today are so ignorant that they cannot distinguish between a holiday, which is festive, and a day of remembrance, which is commemorative and mournful. The way to honour (not 'honor') our war dead and our veterans is not to take the day off and sleep in but to work all the harder in thanksgiving for their sacrifice. In this way, we make a sacrifice ourselves to honour their sacrifice for our freedom. Make this day a holiday and too many people will 'celebrate'. They will 'party'. Bring out the balloons and the fireworks! They will sleep in and get drunk and not show proper respect for our war dead. Too many people want a holiday at this time simply to fill in a gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And what happens when 11th November occurs on a Sunday? Do we all get the 12th off and yet the cenotaph is approached on the 11th as usual? It cheapens the day. There should be three minutes of silence in which everyone stops work and stands at attention to honour our fallen heroes. What is the effect if this is done at home? There is then no sense of communal respect. If 11th December is not a public holiday, in five years out of seven, most people will honour the war dead and the veterans together as we should. In addition, when a military parade marches by, we are supposed to stand at attention to show respect to their fallen comrades. We should not clap. It is not a circus or a ball game. It is a moment to show respect in silence. It is the moment for the dead to speak to us. Traditionalist


I sit here and watch the Memorial Day celebrations in the U.S. and wonder why we do not treat our Military with the same honor. If it were not for them we would not be enjoying the freedoms we have. How selfish are we????


I am a 6th generation canadian and I do not know why all canadians do not get this holiday it wasnt just a few provinces that fouhgt in the war, it is an insult to the rest of Canada

Posted by Mike:

Being the son of a soldier that gave almost 30 years of his life to the Canadian army and the grandson of soldiers who fought in the great wars it makes me sick to my stomach when I can't attend a remberance day ceremony on a weekday because my boss thinks it's a waste of time..True Canadians won't make it another day off they will come out and honour the men and women that died for us or still serve us..If it can't be a holiday make it leagal for workers to leave their jobs for 2 hours to pay their respects at ceremonies and memorials on November 11...

Posted by debra:

remberance day should be made a STAT holiday all over Canada. My compnay does not see it as one so i work will my husband attends services which i would to be a part off. when

Posted by C.:

It absolutely should be a stat holiday. It is crazy to me that only certain provinces are excluded, it should be Canada-wide. There is no reason why schools couldn't simply teach students about the importance of this day, hold assemblies, etc, the day before. Then, the next day, families could actually attend services held in their community together, instead of having to be at work during them. Every single year my workplace (and many others) simply stop work for the "moment of silence". As it stands, only retired, disabled, and otherwise unemployed people can attend the services held at their cenotaph. People act as though future generations will not be taught about this special day if it's a holiday...if they learn all about it the day before, they will understand the significance of honoring fallen veterans with a day of rest and reflection, a day to be with family and appreciate what freedoms we have been given because of these men and women. If the whole point is that they died for our freedom, it makes sense to have a day of FREEDOM to appreciate! I do believe that one day, the powers that be will embrace the decision that other provinces have made, hoping it is sooner rather than later. Since I haven't been able to attend a ceremony in years, I guess I will have to book the day off work this year since I'd really like to experience more than a paltry two minutes of silence before work roars back into gear again like nothing significant even occurred.

Posted by Scott:

If it was Not for the men and women of this country you would not have anything to be thankful for. The least we can do is have a holiday in remembrance of them.

Posted by tony:

yes .respect for all the soldier that have fallen to give us a better life all store and amusement park should be closed .all should pray that day including new people that come in this country for a better life and thanks the lord

Posted by Phyllis :

At the school where I teach, we take Remembrance Day very, very seriously. Students prepare plays, poems, and readings to be performed at our school assembly. We watch moving videos and listen to appropriate music in addition to having our period of silent reflection and a wreath laying ceremony. We always have a member of the Canadian Armed Forces come as a speaker too. I seriously doubt that the children would get as much out of staying at home on this important day as they do by being at school and participating.

Posted by J Schmidt:

I was a high school teacher in a rural community and for a number of years the schools had a holiday on Remembrance Day. We always had a ceremony at school on the day before. However community ceremonies on Remembrance Day usually did not have many youth attending.The next day they came back to school telling about shopping in the city. There were always stories about all the shoppers in the stores on Remembrance Day. In fact many stores already have their Christmas sales underway by November 11th, and that is a real temptation for families on a Remembrance Day holiday to start their Xmas shopping. Now that Ontario Schools do not have a holiday on Remembrance Day, the students take part in a school assembly, often including veterans, on that day, and in some communities they go to the community Remembrance Day activity at 11 A.M. and often some of them assist in laying wreaths. Those are commemorations that our youth will remember - but going shopping or watching T.V shows will not help our younger citizens to understand the significance of Remembrance Day.

Posted by Andrea:

This is one of the more important dates to have as a Stat. holiday and the reason I believe so is because families need to be able to take the time to remember those soldiers who gave their lives for the freedoms we have here in Canada....even in Ontario and the whole country. We have lost our heritage if we fail to remember....


As a child of wartime parents, I heard all about their struggles and what it meant to fight for the country. I know this is an old adage, but we really wouldn't be here today if things had worked out differently. We owe the veterans, past and present, to remember who they are and how they fought for our freedom. The entire day should be devoted to this special event and not just 2 minutes of silence.

Posted by Jacek Laszkiewicz:

Absolutely! The 11th of November should be a National Holiday. No matter where you live in Canada. This is a day to tribute our respect to those who laid their lives for us all who harvest the beauty of this land and in peace raising our families. Without THOSE SOLDIERS, those heroic individuals most likely we wouldn't have the family days or any other stat holidays some trying to promote. THINK PEOPLE, THINK! In fact, gathering at the WWI or WWII or Korean memorials or, or, or became to be nothing but connecting a local communities - those with strollers and those with canes. It is magnetic to see whole spectrum of our community to flood the memorials like the one in Victoria Park of North Vancouver this past November. There were at least five thousand people, some poppies, some without. It doesn't matter they were still here. This honestly couldn't be more connecting our 'never have time' neighbourhoods than any other holidays. Next month I, personally, will be celebrating 30 years when I set my foot on Canadian soil. I am so grateful for THOSE in uniforms and without who gave their lives for you and I. Thank you!

Posted by Perry:

What better way to remember why we have this day, to respect this day and all of the brave soles that past away for us and the freedom it gave us all, to the memories that we share with family and friends as that is why we have days off right, to spend them with our loved ones and this includes that ones that didn't make it back to us.

Posted by Lisa:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. I have a few friends who work for the Federal Government. They are entitled to this day. None of them shop, they attend the ceremonies. If it did become a holiday, maybe just maybe more citizens would attend the ceremonies. I just wonder if it did become one, would all malls,grocery stores etc be forced to close. And not have the big corporations deciding to open. It is also up to parents to explain about our Veteran's.Not just schools.

Posted by Steve D:

Remembrance Day is a Sat Holiday in our province. Our kids in school will have a service typically the day before Remembrance Day, thus they are educated on what the significence is on this special day. ON Remberance Day, as a family, we attend the Remembrance Day service. In response to the "Angry Pre-Teen", if one fundemently understadns the sacrifices our service people made to make our Country what it is today, we can then truly reflect better on current issues in the world. It is a recognized fact that fewer and fewer vets of WWII are still with us. Even our Korean Vets are dwindling in numbers. It is definitely nice to see that those who have done service in some recent events such as Afghanistan and Iraq are now being recognized on this Day. I believe whole heartedly that we as Canadians, we need to get educated, educate our chidlren and others, and where possible, to honour our fallen service people (both Military and Police) to attend a Remembrance Day ceromony each and every year. When new people immigrate into our wonderful country, the Government should also be educating them on what this day means to so many of us. By education, a Government who puts the effort through media, schools, etc, and by attending each year the Remembrance Day service, we as a whole can reflect on why Canada is such a great place to live in today (Least we Forget). As a former military serviceman and where I've also lived and worked for many years in the Middle East and I do not take lightly what this day means to me and my family. Thus, in response to this debate, we need each and every province to have this day as a National holiday.

Posted by LK:

Yes - Stat holiday on Nov. 11th for all provinces. The armed forces fight for all of us, not just some of us. Therefore eveyone is to show their gratitude and respect those that fought from every province, for every province.

Posted by Dave:

In response to Jason, Family day is not a true Family holiday. I, as does my wife and many other people in Ontario, work in the retail industry and have been on most of these holidays obligated to work on this day. Until all retail stores are closed on this day it will never be a Family Day for me.I would much rather see Remberence day as a National holiday.

Posted by Daphne:

I live in Alberta and we have Remembrance Day as a stat holiday but my place of work has switched it in there contract with another day in June! I don't think that is right and it should be mandatory to keep Remembrance Day as a stat holiday!!

Posted by J:

I grew up in a province where Nov 11th is observed as a stat. We still did something in school (usually the day before) and on the day of I was off and attended the ceremonies in my town. Now I live in Ottawa where it is not a stat and since I work in an office building and not a store they are not required to close until after noon. It upsets me every year that while thousands of other people are filing towards parliament I'm waiting for a bus to go to work as if it's just any other day. I maintain that I shouldn't have the choice of whether or not I attend the remembrance day ceremonies taken away from me by the fact that I have to go to work like it's any other day, because it's not any other day.

Posted by claudia:

I believe Nov 11 should be a Stat everywhere in Canada. It is a day to remember all the men and women who gave their lives so we can have the life we have today. After all these women were and are from all over Canada.


I live in the United States but work for the Canadian Division of our US-Based company. Here in the US we observe Veterans Day on November 11th as a Federal Holiday to honor those who served and are serving in the Armed Forces. Ceremonies are held across the country at Veteran's Hospitals, cemeteries, and National Monuments. It's a way of saying "Thank You" to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and to those who continue to defend our nation.

Posted by Carol:

I'm disappointed with those that believe it's better for kids to be in school that day and for people to be at work. Here's a wakeup call for the Canadian Legion. I purchase a poppy (or two) every year as soon as they are out and proudly wear it because that time leading up to the 11th is also a reminder. You know the kids are reading the poems and drawing poppies well before the actual day. Here is the problem, without real time, one minute of silence at 11am (if you aren't in a 'ran-long' meeting or on an assembly line) just isn't enough. Sure, government employees get a day off but where are they - a few politicians laying wreaths (most are real happy they have a day off while their kids are in school)! It's easy to understand how adults, once they are out of school, don't remember much of the 'why Nov 11th' (did anyone hear some of the answers to basic questions in the TV/radio interviews). We don't get to go to the war memorial presentations. The Royal Canadian Legion should be having parades in every town in Canada. Have parades with school bands, marching bands, and today's soldier right beside those of yesterday. I know it's not a party but we should be celebrating them and celebrating their victories that bought us our freedom. Perhaps someone thinks it should 'just' be a somber occasion. I dare anyone not to choke up watching a tear fall from a vet who is remembering what they went through and the friends they lost or when they see the ‘missing man flyby’. It is possible to be happy and sad at the same time. But, as time passes so too will those who fought the World Wars, I just hope that doesn't mean one day we won't bother with all of those since, who, even today fight and give up their lives for our freedom. It is sad that we still need them to do this but I'm so grateful they are there. Perhaps if this day were 'more', we could see better days ahead rather than worse. So wakeup Canadian Legion - this is your day !!! I hope Remembrance Day - November 11th will soon be a statutory (mandated for all provinces) national holiday.

Posted by Vicki:

Would be nice to have it be come a Stat Holiday. Then business "should" be forced to be closed and not force staff to work on this day that has so much important to our country. Also employers should be forced to pay for a stat holiday even if you don't work.

Posted by Maria:

The kids learn about Remembrance Day whether they are in school on the 11th or not. My kids do crafts and other activities for at least a week before the 11th. Also, adults who are at work on the 11th do not even get a chance to take a moment of silence to reflect. I constantly hear our phone lines ringing at 11 a.m. every Remembrance Day. If it was a statutory holiday, we would have that opportunity for a moment of silence or to attend an event.

Posted by Chris:

The one issue I have with Remembrance day is that the Armistice treaty was ready to be signed at 5 in the morning, but Marshal Ferdinand Foch wanted it to be the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and many troops lost there lives during those 6 hours that should not have. In the name of what? A poetic treaty signing time?

Posted by peter harrison:

I am just shocked to find out that this is not a Stat across Canada. This is a National disgrace. I now am even more assured that BC is where I want to be!

Posted by joe:

I personally would take the time to go to my local seontaph, and not go shopping as many attest we would.

Posted by Stephanie:

I've lived in provinces/territories that did have school for Remembrance Day and did not. I prefer it to be a Stat. Day so we can attend our community service as a family. In some small communities we've lived in, school children meet at the local cenotaph and perform In Flanders Fields as a class with their teachers and the older children stand guard as cadets or Junior Rangers. Families attend the service together and then socialize in the local library afterwards for hot chocolate and to see the school children's Remembrance Day projects/artwork which is displayed there. On November 10th, when school is still in progress, there is always another Remembrance Day school assembly which is also attended by parents and community members who can come. So the argument that it is ignored at the schools when there is no school happening on Nov. 11th does not stand, in any of the communities I've lived in. When my children were younger, along with discussions about members of the family and community that have fought in wars, we usually watched a family wartime film such as Mrs. Miniver, Mr. Tom, Hope and Glory etc. I am definitely in support of all provinces having November 11th as a stat day.

Posted by Allison #disappointedinontario:

Disappointed that I've never been able to attend a remembrance day service due to work; the two minutes moment of silence does not cut it. There's an impact to our National business as the majority of the country is out. My opinion is biased as I've had a personal impact due to a loss. Ontario is 1 of 4 provinces that does not allocate this as a stat holiday; exceptions are only for Federal government agencies, Banks, Service Ontario, LCBO...- Am I the only one who thinks that's a gap? The 401 is named the HWY of Heroes, there is a cost to planting the trees along this highway...move forward with making it a National holiday. How did this Bill get stalled in the house of commons last April? Canadian Apathy at its best, be forthright and do the right thing make it a Canadian stat Holiday.

Posted by John O.:

The word "Remembrance" is defined as "the act or power of remembering or the state of being remembered". It is a day set aside to reflect, honour and remember the sacrifice of over 100,000 Canadians who gave their lives or the thousands who were wounded or permanently injured to allow all of us to enjoy the freedom far too many take for granted. It is not and should not be made another holiday. War is hell, not a holiday! The true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten and was lost years ago and has now become nothing but an over hyped commercialized, marketing machine . Likewise those saying to make Remembrance Day a Stat Holiday are the same people who are only thinking of themselves and another day off. The true meaning of the day will over time be forgotten. If you can't find the time NOW once a year to talk to and thank a veteran, buy or wear a poppy and observe 2 minutes of silence to reflect honour and give thanks to all our veterans than you don't need another day off. Period. This day is about them,the veterans, their bravery and sacrifice NOT YOU!

Posted by Confused Worker:

Rememberance Day should be a country wide statutory holiday. In Ottawa their is a Bylaw 2008-355, that states "that no retail business is to done until 12:30 pm, November 11th". I was trying to abide by the law when my employer supended me for 2 days without pay, for doing so. I called Bylaw and they said I was right about the law but won't do anything about it. The Ministry of Labour will not protect me because it is not recognized as a Federal Statutory Holiday. City Council says they also can't do anything about the matter, yet they are the ones who pass these Bylaws. Why not eliminate all this confusion and just do like most other countries and make it a country wide Statutory holiday.

Posted by Bonnie :

I believe it should be a holiday so families could take children to the ceremonies that take place across the country. It is up to us as parents to teach our children about wars, soldiers and the day. Many people must leave work to go to a ceremony as it stands now and it would be nice if that didn't have to happen. Similar to Thanksgiving, only we are giving our thanks to all veterans everywhere. What a wonderful way to celebrate them.

Posted by Linda C.:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday, to honor the veteran who died so we can be free. Hopefully Bill C-597 will go through before the last of our Veterans pass on. I believe the Veterans will be honored to have a “special” 1 day out of 365 in their honour. I read prior posting they are all great. However, yesterday, at work I had to send away employees during my moment of silence, unfortunately, not many people take just “two minutes” out of their busy schedule for this great moment. Remembrance Day is in the heart of those who cares, my family, children will respect those who fought so valiantly so that Canada can be what it is today. Remembrance Days as a statutory holiday will just make it more special, so YES it should become a statutory holiday!

Posted by kimberley:

Remembrance should be holiday in all province. There are lots of us has a family member who fought for our freedom today. The are a lot of us want to go to remembrance ceremony in memory of our fallen soldiers.


We should be doing what we want to do at our work or activity of choice with family and friends and to be thankful and remember those who gave their life so we can do exactly what we want.

Posted by Larry:

I agree don't make November 11th a holiday...we have enough holidays as it is...schools, place of work do more for veterans than those at was never a holiday in the 70's and 80's when we were in school we learned about the war more on the November kids today just stay at home don't know why....

Posted by Mr.X:

it should be a stat holiday its like saying its not important that the 11th is an ordinary day that its not a holiday yes we do a minute of silence but thats not the same thats not really us remembering theirs a difference between remembering and honoring are we honoring them properly by just doing that i mean most people consider it a holiday anyways unofficially why not make it official it should be considered a holiday we are celebrating life and we are honoring the lives who were lost so we can enjoy our freedom isnt that reason enough

Posted by Melanie:

I'm sort of torn. Here in NL, the children had the day off of school, but at 11:00 am both my son and I had shown up to the War Memorial to be there for the Rememberabce Day Service. We're there lots of traffic on the road near the service? Yes...and did it irritate me that they couldn't park their butts for 45 minutes to an hour to show respect? You bet!! But this is about values..... No doubt, there's going to always be those neighbours that pack up the quads and take the children and go off to vacation or drink beer, but let's remember, it's not all about the school teaching the children values either, they have to learn it at home and it has to be followed through, or what's the point? If the schools teach it and the parents don't preach it, guess what??! You got it, the kids throw the papers they got at school in the corner when they get home and forget about it. But yet, my son came home yesterday with a Rememberance day handout from his school with activities (which was NOT homework, might I add), and me and him sat together for almost an hour doing the activities and game that were in this. It was educational and he enjoyed doing it. The school can only reach out so much, parents have to do their part too.

Posted by Pauline:

Having moved to BC from ON I too am surprised to learn that it's a Stat holiday. I believe the structured approach in schools and places of work are more effective in encouraging rememberance. Looking to future means to achieve peace in our many troubled lands should be our focus.


I think that instead of making remembrance day a statutory holiday, it should be mandatory for everyone to attend a remembrance day ceremony at their school or workplace. As a university student myself, I don't see many young people understanding the sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms today and I believe that if everyone had to attend a ceremony they would be able to better appreciate all of those who have fought for our country.

Posted by Odessous :

Maybe if in Ontario Remembrance Day was a holiday families would at least have the opportunity to go to a ceremony as a family instead of sitting at a computer desk or driving on a highway alone...coordinating two minutes of silence at work is a poor attempt at showing respect for the the lives that gave us the freedom to become slaves to industry...


no it should not be a holiday you can still pay respect standing for 2 min silence

Posted by Anne:

Yes, Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday in Canada., and please, keep all businesses closed. I work retail and we have two minutes of silence to remember all those who lost their lives.I am outraged when I see people rushing and giving us attitude, because we stopped for two minutes ...their time is more important.Sad that they are calling themselves Canadians


family day wouldn't exist if it wasn't for why we honour remembrance day. it should be a stat


Remembrance Day...if there was any day more important for our country and peace in this world, could you please name it? The day should be a National Holiday. I am dismayed that Ontario and a few other provinces would not make it a holiday as it is here on PEI. If you believe it shouldn't be a National holiday what you are really saying to me is that "Freedom isn't a Canadian value and is not worthy of 24 hours of our time".

Posted by Anonymous:

I think it should be a statutory In every province. Have your kids watch ceremonies from Ottawa no matter where you live and even better take them to your local city or town ceremonies if any are planned. And whatever people do with the rest of the afternoon is up to them. Yes I understand where you are coming from Dan. We are from Quebec and after 15 years in BC are still at odds with Western behaviour!

Posted by Louise Manley:

November 11 should be a stat holiday in every province and territory in Canada. Whether or not people actually observe it is up to them. After all not everyone observes Christmas but it is a stat right across the country. It is a show of respect for those who have served and are still serving in our armed forces.


I remember it being a holiday as a child, and being able to go to the cenotaph to observe and remember our veterans. I miss that we do not have that opportunity in Ontario, and believe every province in Canada should have it as a holiday. Rather that than Family Day. It would probably bring a lot more meaningjul family conversations to the dinner table.


Businesses don't want it because they have to pay their employees double time and a half...the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Governments cater to Big Business..

Posted by Nick:

After reading some of the comments on here my answer to some is - Remembrance day is more important then family day - I have a family - Even though Family day is great and it's time well spent with your kids etc, when I think of the sacrifice made and still being made, that tends to put Family day on the back burner for me. One comment put this all too clear - if it wasn't for those fighting for our freedom - THERE WOULD BE NO FAMILY DAY - because there would be no families to support it. I would never of thought that after all these years of having remembrance day - which came well before Family day, that people have come to expect Family day as more important. Perhaps parents should do what I done, get the kids off the school and walk them to the remembrance day display to see the wreaths, the family pictures of lost ones, the old solders sobbing on their own now the crowds have dispersed, the deadly silence - it makes you think ! and yes the kids learn very quickly, it's up to us parents to teach them - that's what family values are all about, knowing where they come from, and not where there going for their family day out ! Schools can't teach that, only past family members have the knowledge - So I say make remembrance day a holiday, or better still combine the two holidays, and teach your kids what life is really about !


Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday nation wide in Canada!!! would be nice to have the opportunity to go to the ceremony in Ottawa.

Posted by Gordon M.:

So I have to work on remembrance day, pay taxes to the government from my pay for that day, not have a chance to honour my grandfather who fought during the war, all while those same government officials and employees who are taking my taxes get the day off and in most cases paid for it... gotta love our democracy huh?


Yes, it should be a national holiday. We owe it to all veterans to honor them for their sacrifices both at war and at home. But, please restrict commercial activity. If not complete closure, why not shortened hours.

Posted by Roy J. Van Luven:

This is a wrong that must be remedied. The National Holiday of remembrance Day must be "National"

Posted by Kenn Harper:

The last thing we need is another statutory holiday. Remembrance Day should not be a statutory holiday - the tragic events of the past should be remembered in a 2 minute observation of silence and meditation at 11 a.m., as always used to be the case. Otherwise it becomes meaningless - just another day to sleep in and not spend any time reflecting on sacrifice and war and peace.


I live in BC where it is a holiday a lot of people here use it to go xmas shopping in the USA I would rather have it the same as Ontario where you stop work at 11am and think what this is all for and show respect for those who served.

Posted by Annoyed:

Not having it be a holiday is all fine and good for most people who have structured activities. But I always have to work it and I would like to attend the ceremony. Not be in a place where people don't give a crap about it. Everyone should be allowed to attend the ceremonies. Only way this will happen is if it becomes a stat holiday.

Posted by Worker:

I believe it should be a holiday so people remember. They don't remember the day . government employees don't either they go shopping instead of respecting the vets. I think most people who don't want it a holiday are government employees cause they are selfish and want to go shopping instead of teaching their kids about the meaning of the day or for themselves and not others most are rude expect people to cater to them

Posted by Will:

Remembrance Day should be a National Statutory Holiday recognized by all. Having worked in office and manufacturing stopping at 11am on Nov 11 turning off machinery and standing at your work station for one minute to me does not constitute paying respect. Many businesses go through the motions of a minute of silence and that is all the time they give. Many schools in provinces where schools are closed on Nov 11 have ceremonies the day prior. Most companies on this day have minimal business, therefore it seems some companies are trying to gain an extra buck when all should be honouring those who gave. On Remembrance Day communities should be gathering in the places where those who serve, have served and gave their lives are from. Which in this country is all.


I am a Vet, but I served in the Commonwealth Armed Forces, so unlike Canadian Vets, who my Employer gives a day off work to attend Remembrance Day services, I must sneak out of the office for an hour to pay my respects to those who have fallen; and hope that nobody recognises me. Canadians, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis and more have always stood shoulder to shoulder, but our administrators do not appreciate that we all served the Queen and thus should be treated equally. So I beieve that Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday.


It should be a holiday because people don't get the real meaning of it. The government employees are rude and expect everything for them like shopping that's not showing respect just ignorance if the day was a holiday people would get it and teach their kids about it. I work in retail see it all the time they think of themselves and not others. Family day not as important as this day. Family day was Sundays when I was young but people got greedy and everybody works expect government employees. Most want this holiday and Sunday shopping should have never been around. No morals anymore.


This is a day to honour all the young men and women that sacrificed their life and limbs for all Canadian's freedom. YES Remembrance Day should be a National stat holiday ! I have fond memories of my mother and all of my siblings stopping everything at the 11 th hour of the 11th month and saying a silent prayer. It was very emotional and now in my 60's I still tear up to think of the selflessness of our vets


It is so disrespectful to our veterans that their families and loved ones can not participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies. They have to go to school or work. My son is off today, he is 10, his school celebrated Remembrance Day together prior to having the holiday, today he can again remember with his family,community and country. I am so grateful I live in Alberta where they respect those who fought and died for us.


Absolutely, Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. As a child, I was routinely taken out of school to observe this day with my family at our local legion. Many students were. We still learned about Remembrance Day in school during days leading up to November 11. It would be wonderful for families to be able to pay tribute to our veterans together on this day instead of attempting to catch glimpses of ceremonies when possible at work. My father in law is 90 and a veteran. We have never been able to spend this day with him as a family due to work and school obligations. Not all bosses are willing to give staff time off. Please make Remembrance Day a time when we can all say thank you to our veterans and members of our armed forces.


Remembrance Day should have been a holiday a long time ago. It's SAD that the government hasn't done this already. Still keep Family Day a holiday as well. Every month has a holiday except November.


I live in BC where Rememembrance Day is a stat. I am a teacher, and in every school(Kindergarten to Grade 7), students do listening, reading, writing and art activities in the classroom and in the library starting a few days before November 11. There is a school assembly in the gym every November 10. All these activities help children to reflect on the importance of not repeating the past (WWI and WWII)and to live in peace.

Posted by Mel:

I believe it should be a state holiday. They can do activities the days leading up to it at work and school (just like Christmas) to teach the importance of it. Then on the actual day, the family can honor it together and do community things together honoring it if they wish. I think it would be a great way to honor our veterans who fought for us. Also, there is many community things happening that people cannot attend because of work or school, etc.


I should be a stat holiday, especially in Ontario, we host the Capital!!! I agree that having the day off, more people will forget to stop and reflect, so i propose at least a mandatory hour of stoppage to watch/listen to the proceedings in Ottawa or wherever you choose. I makes me VERY angry being at work and no one around me respects me or the day enough to even pause for a minute, let alone shut up for two! is two minutes of an entire year too much to ask, really????

Posted by Darcy:

With respect to the designation of Remembrance Day as an official legal holiday, my observation is that as a nation such a holiday should be of higher significance of such days as Christmas, Easter/Good Friday and other religiously based affairs that are legally sanctioned. If anything, Remembrance day should be instituted while Christmas and Good Friday should be dropped. Although we may not all be Christian in this country, we certainly are Canadian and such sacrifices as those made by our veterans and war dead should be commemorated properly ahead of arbitrarily chosen religious beliefs.

Posted by Richard Banks :

One of my great grandpa's was a fight pilot war hero, and the other was a tank commander. I do not think it is fair that government employees like the ministry get the day off while people like myself half to work. I bet my forefathers would be appalled, and call it a disgraceful decision by the oppressors.

Posted by Shannon:

I think that it is ridiculous that the federal and provincial government employees all get to close their offices for Remembrance Day, however average joe has to go to work. If the province of Ontario does not count Remembrance as a stat holiday for everyone, I feel like their offices should be at work like everyone else. How is it honouring the veterans in Ontario if Joe Veteran, who works for Walmart say, has to work all day, while any government of Ontario employee (in every sector) has the day off?

Posted by Linda:

It should definitely be a stat holiday so that families can participate in community activities in their local community to show respect and honour for our Canadian soldiers and veterans!


I think that it should be declared an national stat holiday as well. Especially in this day in age where most workplaces feels that time is money and there for it is frowned upon to get up from your desk and not work for the two minutes of silence. If we had the day off we would be able to observe the holiday guilt free.

Posted by Sharon:

There are two sides to this debate. Firstly, I believe all of Canada should be the same and unified in whether this is a statutory holiday. It would seem that with the Federal government and most of the other provinces, this leans towards a positive vote. My only concern is that with all other statutory holidays, stores are open, people shop or do any other tasks they usually do on Family Day, Victoria Day, etc with nothing to remind them of what this day is about. Even though I am at work, and will carry on with my other duties, we stop and If Remembrance Day was, like Canada Day, used for public involvement then I would say the day was well served. It wouldn't take much for ALL television broadcasts to insert a dedication, for stores to play it over their speaker system and promote that their staff stop and observe a minute of silence; this would certainly remind the public wherever they are what is to be remembered. I don't want the significance of Remembrance Day to get lost in Walmart shopping; for now if kids are in school taking part in special ceremonies this promotes that future generations will not forget. I'm afraid if they have the day off very few parents will take up the banner of discussing the impact of what was and the significance of peace-keeping and it will be lost in morning cartoons.

Posted by lorraine :

I would love to see this as a Stat day. It was relevant when I was in school it is relevant now. Work places are giving the one minute of silence less and less importance. We are seeing the times changed to be accommodated into our lunch periods rather than stop production for one minute. It is a disgrace, and it sends a powerful message as to what we hold truly dear Our Fallen Soldiers Our Freedom Or Their Profits.


Think about this, you wouldn't have any of these other holidays, family day or thanksgiving if it wasn't for our veterans fighting in the war for our freedom. What's wrong with people.

Posted by Ethan:

Remembrance day should be a holiday in every province and territory so that it may allow us to go to remembrance day ceremonies in our cities to respect the fallen troops and veterans who fought for our freedom. We should attend these ceremonies as well as go to war museums and thank any veterans who are there for their efforts to protect our nation and allow us to have many benefits living in this country presently. These values should be expressed to children and adults alike since they shouldn't just focus on work the whole day ignoring the sacrifices our troops for us as citizens and our nation.


to those that say they can't go to a ceremony because of the cost of taking time off I say think at what the veterans paid for our rights and freedoms.


Unequivocally YES. What a disgrace for our country not to have a national day to honour our fallen heroes and those who serve.

Posted by keith hoekstra:

If it wasn't a day off from work. To me it would just feel like any other work day in the year and a lot more easier to forget. Making it an event that is looked forward to by many makes it something to be remembered in my opinion

Posted by Paul B:

In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal statutory holiday - with a notable exception of NS, Who wrote this? Remembrance Day is the only day of the year when it is legislated that non-essential services in Nova Scotia "cannot" work.

Posted by Lynn:

I went to school in Quebec from kindergarten to C.E.G.E.P. to university. Never once at any of those institutions, did we have a ceremony on Remembrance Day. I do remember teachers not even stopping at 11 for a minute of silence. I used to try and race home at lunch to catch the end of the CBC special and that would be my Remembrance Day. I moved to Alberta to find work 30 years ago and have been to every ceremony held over the years, regardless of which city, or town I was working in. I am proud of my grandfather (WW1) my uncles (WW2) and my cousins (Korea). I pass that pride and respect on to my students every year.

Posted by Richard:

This is a National Holiday in other countries. Are they forgetting the significance of these events? Kids can learn all about these events on the days leading up to Nov 11th. Comments like Jason's in the article above make my blood boil. "Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families...". Are you kidding me? I don't celebrate Family Day in February. I celebrate it every day I get a chance. And I get to celebrate it because of those that laid down their lives.

Posted by dan:

Please do not make Remembrance Day a stat in Ontario. I moved from ON to AB a few years ago, and in my opinion people showed more respect for the meaning of the day from their places of work and school because of the structured activities. Here in AB, where it is a holiday, I am watching my neighbors load up their quads and packing their kids into the big trucks for a day out in the bush. What value of reflection is that teaching our youth? What values will they bring forward to their children when they grow older?

Posted by Carolyn Burton-Owen:

I can think of no other events in our Country's history that has unified the country then the collective loss of life for the gain of freedom then war. The sheer magnitude of the direct carnegie to every Canadian, and the subsequent years of scarring (remains to this day)of our families is indescribable - the Value and freedoms of all human life was measured by its loss.In this spirit our Armed Forces continue as Peacekeepers -- Protectors of ALL life, knowing that the cost may well be loss of theirs. A Statutory Holiday doesn't begin to do honour to this, "Our Best Selves", but it due. Lest We Forget.

Posted by Heather:

Honoring our veterans is way more important than some family day. They fought for everything we have today and for people to forget that is a crime. We owe them at least that much respect. Without their sacrifce your family days and more importantly our freedom would only be a dream. Homour our veterans.


I think it is just not right that people in the capital of our country do not have the opportunity to attend the memorial service on capital hill because hey have to work or go to school. Whether families attend a service or not , I do believe the children learn at school and respect the reason they have a day off. I think it impacts our school children more to have a day off no matter how they spend the day. My 7 year old grandson understands why he is free to do what he wants on this day.

Posted by Joan Snyder:

Absolutely it should be declared a Statutory Holiday in Canada!

Posted by Nedd:

It was before! we need to reflect and give respect to those heros you gave their lives for us.

Posted by Heather:

Honoring our veterans is way more important than some family day. They fought for everything we have today and for people to forget that is a crime. We owe them at least that much respect. Without their sacrifce your family days and more importantly our freedom would only be a dream. Homour our veterans.

Posted by Lynn:

I believe that we should do more to show respect to those that have served our country. One way is to make this a statutory holiday nationwide. This is so much more important than a civic holiday (even though we do all enjoy a day off)it should be a day of importance like Remembrance Day. I want those who paid the greatest sacrifice for our country to know that we all support and recognize what they have done. It is hard to show them from my office chair. I believe we all should be able to look a soldier in the eye and let them know we remember and honour them.


Either everyone has the day off or no one has it off.


I believe that Remembrance Day should be observed as a national holiday. We are expected to honour our veterans and to remember the sacrifices they made for our freedom. Personally, I have always attended a Remembrance day service because my past employers have always covered that. Today, unfortunately, I work for a company that does not feel that the day should be a paid day off from work. Unfortunate for people like me who would still like to attend a ceremony but would have to do so at my own cost.


There shouldn't be preference in where one works, i.e. Federal holiday only. There are many people in all walks of life in Canada who were/are in the Canadian Forces and deserve this special day.

Posted by Michael:

It most definitely should be a stat holiday everywhere,especially in our countries capital. If not for this day our country and world might have been a much different place for our families and kids.


I would not like to see it as a holiday anywhere. Remember why we are free and have what we have........... We owe our lives to the people who made the sacrifices for US.


I am sorry, family day might be better appreciated but I am sorry our veterans deserve to be remembered everywhere in Canada not just some areas. I am pretty sure the whole country benefited from their sacrifices.

Posted by Liz:

Yes, it should be a holiday. People would like to go to Remembrance Day Parades. As for that ridiculous comment above about Thanksgiving! No most people do not just drink beer and cook a turkey. They spend time with thier family and are thankful. Also we can have Family Day and Remembrance Day ! And yes we should look back and honour our fallen soldiers for one day!

Posted by Gustavo:

Remembrance day is a day to remember the sacrifice that men and woman made for our freedom; they didn't die resting in comfort, they die fighting in the mud and in pain, we should therefore work and remember, sacrifice at least for our families. I am handicap and gratefully and thankfully will go to work (on my bike) remembering their sacrifice.

Posted by Dawn Buller:

I think if it is a Federal Stat, it should be mandatory for every province and Territories or none. Federal means ALL OF CANADA. We already have our provincial Stats.

Posted by BobinSudbury:

The only way November 11 should be a stat holiday is if all businesses have to close as well. The very notion that the day be called a holiday is wrong. It's not a holiday, it is a day of remembrance, a day to honour those who fought for our freedom. Not only those that died but all those who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. Truly honouring their sacrifice is not a pause in a day of shopping. Holiday and Nov 11 or Remembrance Day should not appear in the same sentence. However, I do think that every citizen should have the right to attend a ceremony, that employers be obligated to let employees attend a ceremony. 2-3 hours is not a lot to ask for once a year.

Posted by Christina:

I would also like to see Remembrance Day recognized as a statutory holiday. It is near impossible to leave work to observe or attend Remembrance Day ceremonies so I would take the opportunity to do so if the day was a holiday.


If Rememberance Day is important enough to be a federal statutory holiday, then why is it not important enough to be a provincial statutory holiday- win all live in the same country.

Posted by Andre:

Some get confused about the meaning of Remembrance Day... Nothing to do with holidays with your family!!! It about remembering why you live in a free country. Stop thinking about yourselves and think about the great men and women that have given their lives so that you can enjoy the life you have in this great country of Canada.


I agree Remembrance day should not be a statutory holiday, it is best observed in institutions, the work place, and at school. On the other hand we obsoletely need as many holidays as we can get. Most of us are overworked , overqualified, and underpaid, not to mention the tax burden that we carry. We therefore, need more time to spend with our FAMILIES!!!!!

Posted by Cathy:

Going to work means I can't go to the events planned for Remembrance Day to honour our veterans.


Canada is one of the only Countries in the world that does not celebrate it as a Federal Holiday, and these assholes say they respect our VETS. Guess as long as u work for the government or a bank u get it off but the rest of us have to work. The Canadian Government sucks and if anyone in ontario does not think it should be a national holiday then get the hell out of canada and go back home to where u came from


Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday because it's already meant to show respect and honour to our brave men and women who continue to risk their lives for our sake, so it makes that such a day should be a national holiday in Canada. It's stated that Remembrance Day is for the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen), so why can't it be observed for family and friends to spend that day with fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunties, brothers and sisters, and other relatives who make so much sacrifices to keep our country safe; Therefore, I think remembrance day should be a statutory holiday for all Canadians and throughout Canada because it would show a huge respect for our armed forces.

Posted by Lin:

Whatever the decision it should be for everyone including all provinces and government employees. Why should federal civil servants get a holiday that the rest of taxpayers pay for while we go to work. I have always respected our vets and take the two minutes of silence. I am noticing a big difference between the Great War vets and new war vets. The older generation was proud of their service and if they were lucky came back and carried on with their lives. The younger vets seem to have many more problems and a very difficult time getting back into life. Not sure why and it's just an observation.

Posted by Molly:

Remembrance Day should be a Stat Holiday all over Canada as it's a Important event in History (remembering the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty). Parents should have an opportunity to take their children to the ceromony which commemorates the sacrifices of the Canadian people. Children as well as adults will be more appreciative of the History of Canada.

Posted by Stewart Savard:

Canada as a nation should be embarrassed that Nov. 11th is not a National day for remembrance. All of North America will have a statutory day for Nov. 11th except for 4 Canadian provinces to remember all the brave military men and women. It's disgusting to think all the lives that were taken during any of the wars, World War one, World War II, Korean war and all Peace Keeping Canada has done up to now is not honored. I feel ashamed as a Canadian.

Posted by Barnaby Jones:

We are a nation of peacekeepers. Glorifying the military is not the way to go.

Posted by Maria Iulianella:

I really am surprise that Ontario does not recognize this as a holiday . We are trying to teach our children about the sacrifices that our men and women who serviced this country selflessly for our freedoms, then now and in the future . And please don't speak about people only stay home and watch TV. We in British Columbia respect rememberance day and teach our children the same . You all have a responsibility as a nation to support our Vetrans and our soldiers sacrifice there lives for all of us . How can a province Ontario not support this when The RMC is in your back yard . For those who do not know what that is , well Google it .. Maybe we should ignore you when something Horific happens there and you need military support . To all the Vetrans and to all the men and women who protect our Country every day . I will never forget

Posted by Maria Iulianella:

I really am surprise that Ontario does not recognize this as a holiday . We are trying to teach our children about the sacrifices that our men and women who serviced this country selflessly for our freedoms, then now and in the future . And please don't speak about people only stay home and watch TV. We in British Columbia respect rememberance day and teach our children the same . You all have a responsibility as a nation to support our Vetrans and our soldiers sacrifice there lives for all of us . How can a province Ontario not support this when The RMC is in your back yard . For those who do not know what that is , well Google it .. Maybe we should ignore you when something Horific happens there and you need military support . To all the Vetrans and to all the men and women who protect our Country every day . I will never forget


I think it should be a holiday. After all, Canada Day being a holiday has not caused it to lose national significance. If we chose to continue to leave it a non-holiday, I feel then no one should get it off unless they are involved in ceremonial duties.

Posted by sam:

I'm with Jason on this case. Especially students have better understanding and respecting this important day while in school. In addition, work place is same as the school. In shorts everyone behave decent and respectful in public.

Posted by Kel:

I feel that Bill c597 should be passed. You cannot observe remembrance day at work. I live in B.C. and work for an Ontario company. The stock market is open we have to work and not be able to observe this with my family. We cannot attend anything downtown. In addition, B.C. family day is not the same as other provinces. I've already expressed my opinion to the province.


I can't believe that Ontario don't celebrate Remembrance Day ...... Canada had so much to do with liberating the world.... It's time you took your head out of your ass and paid tribute to those who give their lives for your freedom

Posted by Dieudonne Lomamba:

For the love of Canada and respect for Veterans, Remembrance Day should become a Statutory National Holiday. Sometimes Canadians take things for granted because it has been a long time since they have experienced any kind of war in this country. There is no greater sacrifice than giving your life to your country or to others in the name of your country. When our soldiers go to war, they know very well that they may never come back again to their families to see their wives, husbands, brothers, sisters or parents but they still go to fight for freedom either abroad or at home so that we, Canadians, can have the freedom we love and cherish so much. There is nothing that Canada can pay to these men and women in uniform that will equal the service that they render to their country. They are brave and they deserve better. So, let us together as a country honor them for they sacrifice and service to Canada by making Remembrance Day a National Holiday. Suggestions: -Maybe we should all ask our MP to introduce a motion for vote in the House of Commons so that Remembrance Day can become a Statutory National Holiday. -Or put "Remembrance Day" on the ballot during the next federal elections and let the people vote on it.

Posted by Natalka:

Rememberence day should be a holiday for everyone Not just Government employees and random others. Is this FAIR for the rest of us that have to work!! Make it the same for all (day off to remember). NOT some having day off while others work to remember. Be Fair to ALL is what I have to state. You cannot compare family day off with rememberance day off because you will still witness parades and commemorances on television. Who cares if some will sleep in or play video games.....people state strange opinions..


I believe that it should be a national holiday. Its not just the one minute of silence involved, its the various memorial services that are planned, and the time to ENABLE people to actually meet and see (in person) some of the very the veterans whom they are commemorating. It is an opportunity for parents to take the time to spend these commemorative events with their children / and or other family members in the spirit of togetherness(rather than leaving it up to teachers, or work places who may not share the same values. I think it is important, especially in today's times for families to remember together and interact with veterans in person..... far more impactful and appreciative of their service for our country ...lest we forget.


Nova Scotia and Ontario are predominately Liberal. Liberal governments always try to dis banned the military, it is now wonder they don't respect the people who died for their freedom. The main employer in Atlantic Canada is DND.


This is not a matter of holiday for the sake of holiday. We need to make it statutory holiday in order to pay homage and TRIBUTE to fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives serving to Canadians and helping other nations.

Posted by Carol:

It should be a holiday for everyone. Both Provincial and Federal employees get this day. Why them and not everyone; what about equality? Pretty difficult to make the argument that you observe it more when you are at work when those who make the rules are not working on this day.

Posted by Scott Gillis:

I don't expect many businesses actually observe this sacred day and time in provinces where they are not mandated to. Whether individuals attend the service or not should not be the basis of this decision and schools are a place to educate students about the importance of this special day ahead of time. I want to attend the service with my children as I did with my parents and siblings when I was young. Bring the veterans to the schools ahead of Remembrance Day so that the children want to be at the service. H

Posted by Scott Gillis:

I don't expect many businesses actually observe this sacred day and time in provinces where they are not mandated to. Whether individuals attend the service or not should not be the basis of this decision and schools are a place to educate students about the importance of this special day ahead of time. I want to attend the service with my children as I did with my parents and siblings when I was young. Bring the veterans to the schools ahead of Remembrance Day so that the children want to be at the service. H

Posted by Carolyn:

I really don't think it should be a holiday. I agree with Jason that the true meaning of this day would slip away from society. It needs to stay as a priority of importance in the community and schools. Our children need to be able to acknowledge the great sacrifice from our fellow men and women. I think of so many elderly people that are now alone with only thoughts of those times spent in the fields, fighting for our country. If they could fight everyday for us, we can continue this day as an important day. Holidays are days to shut out the world. This is not the day to tune out but to tune in and listen and be thankful.

Posted by Bruce:

I believe it should be a statutory holiday in every Province in Canada. This is a recognition of our military members that gave their lives for us to prosper as a Country, not as individual provinces. I truly believe if this is not awarded as a statutory holiday, the respect given to the members who gave their lives is completely vanished. While everyone is at their desks or job sites during this day, we do not have a fair opportunity to give thanks and honor our respect to the troops who gave their lives for us to be here today. I truly believe this is very disrespectful towards our Canadian Military and what they have done for us, to not have this as a celebrated day in Canada.

Posted by Jay:

If there was a way to make remembrance ceremony attendance mandatory then I would say make it a holiday. I definitely don't believe work places (generalizing) observe remembrance day to an acceptable extent, but at least in school kids are taught what the poppy means, what our troops fought for and what so many made the ultimate sacrifice for. Without remembrance, we are doomed to keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

Posted by Linda anderson:

I am so disappointed that people in Canada cannot stop shopping One day to honour those who went to fight for this father, father in law, uncles etc all went to serve this county. No province should be exempt ...shame on you


It should be a statutory holiday everywhere in Canada. Think of all the soldiers have given their lives so we can be free. Surely one day a year is a reasonable show of thanks and respect?


I completely agree with the legion's point, but not everyone works in an environment where you can have an organized observance. I notice especially living in Ottawa. They have the ceremony downtown every year, but nobody that works can go because they wouldn't make it back to work on time afterwards. I know lots of people who want to go, but are never able to. And I personally work retail where the stores are open at noon and you need to be there by 11:00 to get the store ready, so even though the stores open late, you still can't observe it very easily. But I agree that kids should be in school for it every year unless they are involved in rememberance somewhere else.

Posted by R. Whitman:

Like it matters.. The only people that get the holiday are Government workers and bankers . We the real people and the ones that served and are serving our great nation will have to work anyway.

Posted by Paulette Paquette:

Remembrance Day. A day to remember WHY we have the freedoms we have and WHO ensured we have them! Should it be a statutory holiday? Probably. Rather than viewing it as another "holiday" though, wouldn't it be a fitting honour to devote that day not only to our veterans and military, but also to messages of peace?

Posted by Andrea:

Yes Remembrance Day should be a stat all across Canada. Men and women fought and continue to fight for all of Canada not just a few provinces.

Posted by Augustus:

November 11 should be a Stat holiday and should be observe nationwide. We should pay our respect to our war veterans as they are living heroes of our country. Other countries observe it as "National Heroes Day" and it's a legal holiday.


As a person who has lost friends in Afghanistan and witnessed sacrifice first-hand, the day has special meaning to me. I've also served in the CF; they do not get the day off, nor would they if it was a holiday for everyone else. We generally are sent to a school or cenotaph to participate in a service. Regardless of where I'm sent, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I hope that the police officers and other people I see working at these services feel the same. There is no good answer, really. I want people to have a day to pay their respects, remember, and think forward without worrying about how that impacts their income, but I also don't want people to just rack out and relax the day away the way they get to for most other holidays. I suppose, in the end, what I want them to do isn't important. That's sort of the point of the ongoing sacrifice of those who dedicate themselves to the nation: freedom. For what it's worth, I say Ontario should give the day off - those that want to remember are free to do so, those who don't care are free to not care. I might be disappointed that someone choses not to mark the day at all, but I'm proud that they have that choice. As for me, I'll be at a cenotaph somewhere doing something I'm thankful I can do.


My work does nothing on this day. I would like to opportunity to attend the ceremonies but as we don't have the day off being in Ontario, I cannot. Government offices are closed but no one else is. It should be a stat holiday and those who are respectful of our soldiers sacrifice will make the effort to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies. Those that don't, well that is their poor ignorance then.


I think it should be a nation holiday to honor those who fought for our freedom, some people have this day off and they do not understand and they do not honor those who fought for us, good example I was born in Nova Scotia, when I went to get my passport the lady asked me if I was a Canadian citzen this is how much they know


I would definitely like to have the Remembrance holiday. I do a lot of volunteering at the Legion I belong to in Quebec and yet we don't even get the holiday to show our respect to the veterans.


It should definitely be a statutory holiday across Canada. it was when i was growing up why did it change? we are so cognoscente of remembering the contribution of the armed forces etc. why don't we take a day to honour them?

Posted by Barb Magarvey:

Remembrance Day is one for all to reflect on what it means to be a "free" country and who served / who returned / who passed in order to keep our country free & strong. it is through their sacrifice & courage that we are able to remain free and enjoy the freedom that is bestowed upon us. God bless our troops who serve to protect us - may they all be remembered - past present & future.


Remembrance Day November 11th is to remember all the soldiers that fought for our country and this is the day that we should all pay respect to them to celebrate with all our families and remember our loved ones. Hope that our New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make this happen for all of us in NS, NWT, ON and QC.

Posted by Cheryl:

I would like it to be a stat holiday because I work in a federal government office through a temp company, the office is closed no one can work in there on that day even if they want to. Office is closed I can't work I don't get paid and because I am a temp worker I only get minimum wage so I need every nickel I can get. If it was a stat holiday I would get paid. We always go down to the war memorial on rememberance day anyway, my dad was a WW11 vet, that would not change.

Posted by Dave:

As a business owner, all I need is another Stat Holiday to pay for. I have to pay everyone 8 hours plus I lose all revenue for the day as I am closed - If I stay open - I pay 2 1/2 times regular rate. In these times I simply can't afford it. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the sacrifice, however I observe it year round, not just on one day! We should all teach our kids this and show them that our soldiers need our support always and not just once a year.

Posted by Neil:

In New Brunswick where it is a Holiday. Cities see Huge Crowds are Remembrance Day ceremonies. Seniors, Middle Aged and kids. The idea, that people would waste the day makes no sense. The only reason Ontario and Quebec won't make the change is corporate greed in my opinon. They'd lose a day of work. If there is any day we should have off, it's this one, because without the men and women who gave everything for this country, we would not have the Canada we are so blessed to call home today.

Posted by Scott:

I wish the provincial government in Ontario would make November 11th a Holiday for the people of Ontario. I think it is a disgrace that it is not.

Posted by me:

As per Jason.. "Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observered in a ceremony at your school, community centre or place of work." Hello, Msr Jason...what about the other people who have day off on this day?? Looks like discrimination or the people who are working on this important day for the nation are stupid??? Please respond to tye nation.

Posted by John Weir:

Both "Jason" and the "Angry Pre-teen" have good, valid points. However, in response to "Angry Pre-teen"; you are absolutely right that we need to work harder to prevent war, but it has been said that - we can't possibly know where we are going (in the future) unless we know where we have been (in the past). We can never have the opportunity to prevent disaster unless we know how it comes about in the first place. The "Treaty of Versailles" is a case in point (WW 1). I'm not sure I agree with Jason that November 11th should not be a National Holiday. Many, many people now attend Remembrance Services across the country to show their respect and support for our armed forces - their service and their sacrifices. Without the holiday, it would be impossible for most working people to be able to attend those services. Yes - I agree - there are many would not bother and "sleep in" but I do believe that the majority of Canadians welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their respect at their local cenotaphs for those men and women who sacrificed their lives or their health to preserve our way of life.

Posted by DBH:

As the proud daughter of a WWII R.C.N.V.R. Veteran, I would like to see November 11th made a Stat holiday so that everyone can pay their respects. My late Father was worried if it was made a stat holiday, the children would not take in the ceremonies as they do now via their schools. I emplore everyone take the time out to pay your respects by attending Remembrance Day ceremonies. Lest We Forget.

Posted by Corinna:

Shameful on Ontario, the Nations Capital - Really? What kind of example does this give the rest of our Country? What are you telling all future generations.....


My father served on a mine sweeper and the only time I get to observe at the cenotaph is when the 11th falls on a weekend.

Posted by Linda:

Our veteran soldiers put their lives on the line so we could live safe and free. If it were not for them who knows how we would be living today. If all they did doesn't commend a stat holiday then their is something wrong. Schools can teach our children the mass importance of this ceremonious day spelling out that it is because of the soldiers that fought for us that they have this day off to remember and attend ceremonies with their families. As for the adults they may or may not choose to pay respect to this day but again our soldiers fought for us to be free to be able to do what each of us thinks best. This subject could be argued all day with no resolution. I think we need to put some faith in people to respect this day and to take part whether it be going to a formal ceremony or watching one on TV or just by paying one minute of silence out of all our busy days. Thoughts of a World War 2 Veterans daughter.


It's simple why Remembrance Day is not a holiday, and that's because if you remember the previous so called leader of Ontario who the spineless courts let walk away and till this day has never apologized to the people of Ontario for the mess he left this province in was nothing more than a bully and knew he could intimidate people so when people asked for remembrance day as a holiday he'd talk out of the side of his mouth sweep it under the rug and forget about it for another year and because most of ontarians are bullied by our provincial government no one says anything. Now that Kathleen Wynne who by the way I didn't vote for is in charge expect the same treatment talks out of the side of her mouth uses bully tactics. Now that some not all of Ontarians are realizing the mistake in putting Kathleen Wynne or should we call Her McGinty2 in power we might get Remembrance day as a holiday because she knows most people want her out so she wlii be looking for votes but don't count on it. And remember politicians and government employees have it off so the really don't care

Posted by Peter:

It definitely needs to be a day where people can choose to attend a community ceremony. Those who don't attend will likely never attend - It's for the adults and youth who understand just how important it is. If we just go to work and school like another day the respect is lost, I believe. I lived in Ontario and could not believe the lack of interest in the day. It's not like that here in Nova Scotia. People are given the opportunity to pay respects if they so wish. I take my 3 sons every year to the community ceremony that is put on and organized directly by the military not a high school principal.

Posted by Maryl Clyke:

I would really appreciate the opportunity to observe the Remembrance Day ceremonies, either on TV, at kids school, or even the with the legion in my hometown. It is something we grow up doing and then we have to stop because we are grown ups and work is more important. I don't feel that pausing for 15 minutes in the workplace is a fair display of the respect that is due for our soldiers, fallen soldiers, their families and the sacrifices they have made to make our country what it is today.


It should be a national holiday so we all can pay respects to our armed forces.

Posted by Len:

It should be a fully paid statutory holiday. It's important to remember those that kept our country free, to honor those that serve and sacrifice for our presence around the world. We should never forget and some will always need the reminder. Both of my grandfather's served in WWII and spent years away from their families in far off lands in a time when communications was not immediate or even quick. They lost brothers, friends, and other family over there. My grandmother raised almost a dozen children on her own while one of my grand fathers served. Everyone sacrificed for the great wars and today our soldiers still sacrifice not only their lives but we have to remember the friends and family that through their support sacrifice along with them.

Posted by Joe:

I would like to see it as a holiday in ontaio . Yes we have faimly day but it not a holiday everything is open that day and still have to work it how is that a faimly day . Make Nov 11 th a hoilday for everyone .... sorry for the spelling. Joe

Posted by Anna:

Remembrance Day to me, is every time I look at my 19 year old great grandfathers photo proud to be dressed in uniform, proud to be a soldier in the Nova Scotian armed forces. Remembrance Day to me is when I look at my dad wearing that same boyish smile dressed in the same uniform proud and ready to fight for his country, for me and for you. We are free because of each man and women like them, free to vote, free to write our opinions on debates like this, free to take a day off to honour our loved ones and others that fought for our freedom, it would be great if we got out of our beds on this special day and made our own discussion to go to our closes celebrations which are listed on line and do what we feel is right for us, everyone will never be on the same page with this issue, politicians will have mtg after meeting about this being a holiday or NOT , so my advice to you is if this day is meaningful to you and your family organize a day off and a day out to your closes ceremonies and honour your loved ones and your country by giving YOUR respect. The boss will have to live with it. As I grandchild and daughter off passed soldiers I order you.

Posted by Janet:

Most places of business do no more than observe the two minutes of silence and some don't even do that. We should be able to go to a real ceremony where we can really hear and think about what happened and why. As far as schools not observing it - most schools spend weeks learning about the significance of Remembrance Day and if it is a stat day, children can join their parents in attending local ceremonies.

Posted by elisa:

My place of work used to close on Remembrance day. This was always a very special day for grand father was in the first world war, my father in concentration camp in WW2. I used to watch ceremonies on TV in other countries, and attended my son's school ceremony, which is the most beautiful and moving ceremony I have ever attended. Then my employer decided to take that day away, as it is not a statutory holiday in Ontario. how can we go tot he ceremony in downtown Ottawa when we have to be at work? someone mentioned "honoring it at work". How ridiculous is that? if I decided to go watch the ceremony on TV at work, I know what would happen: I'd be given a warning that we do not watch TV at work. Right so. So let's make this special day a day for every one to remember, and if a few decided to just sleep in, then be it. But for the sake of those who truly want to take the time to remember, we need this Day.


I think that we should have a holiday on November 11

Posted by Ian:

People around me are talking about how remembrance day should be a statutory holiday. And while I like the idea of people having the day off, I don't care for the government forcing these things on people. I believe we should have ten 'personal' days per year that we can allocate as we see fit. If someone wants good Friday and Christmas off. Fine. If someone wants Orthodox Easter and Orthodox Christmas. Fine. If someone wants remembrance day off. That's fine too. I know I would.

Posted by james:

it is also importan the remembrance day is a statutory holiday in Ontario for immigrants because how would they even know such a day exist if it is not a holiday.


rememberance day should be a national holiday,it is an outrage that many people have lost there lives and yet ontario continues to do work.Shame on the government


First off, Remembrance Day is not a holiday! Nor should it be treated as such. It should be a national Statutory day off so every Canadian citizen can attend their local parade, cenotaph or legion to pay there respects to those who have and continue to serve. What better way to remember than stand out in the cold to observe or participate in the ceremony. I started playing the bagpipes when I was 9 and have carried on playing over the last 33 years. In that time I have not missed playing at the local parade, legion, mess hall on the air base and 888 wing (all in one day) very many times. Thankful it is a stat day in B.C. We get a great turnout every year which wouldn't be possible if the kids were in school and parents had to work. I myself refuse to work this day under any circumstances. I also believe it should be essential services only. Let's make it happen. LEST WE FORGETFirst off, Remembrance Day is not a holiday! Nor should it be treated as such. It should be a national Statutory day off so every Canadian citizen can attend their local parade, cenotaph or legion to pay there respects to those who have and continue to serve. What better way to remember than stand out in the cold to observe or participate in the ceremony. I started playing the bagpipes when I was 9 and have carried on playing over the last 33 years. In that time I have not missed playing at the local parade, legion, mess hall on the air base and 888 wing (all in one day) very many times. Thankful it is a stat day in B.C. We get a great turnout every year which wouldn't be possible if the kids were in school and parents had to work. I myself refuse to work this day under any circumstances. I also believe it should be essential services only. Let's make it happen. LEST WE FORGET

Posted by Barbara:

Why not have Remembrance Day as a stat holiday it makes more sense to show our veterans that we appreciate them. Just because it's a holiday don't mean you have to sleep in do nothing drink beer get real it may just give people young and old the opportunity to go and visit and remember these brave and honourable veterans just my two cents worth.


I would like to bring attention to the word holiday. When this is said it is often associated with feasting, family and good times; however I believe this is the problem that most people have when this is brought up regarding this "holiday". I do not think that the word "holiday" should be associated with Remembrance day. It is not a holiday, but a day to reflect the sacrifices that were made by others. These individuals who fought both past and present did so for any number of reasons each as important as the next, and their actions should not be sullied for forgotten. They chose to stand when others would bow, and for that they have my gratitude. The day should be recognized for what it is. A day to show that we respect our soldiers, not with lifted bottles or shopping, but with compassion and thanks. I would hope that everyone would be able to attend ceremonies so that families would be able to give this day the proper respect that it deserves.

Posted by Tom Sawyer :

It s a national discrace to the veterans who gave their lives for our freedom That s what s wrong with this country The provinces have too much power. The municipalities have too much power They all need a wake up call Get real Canada Your not a real country if you can t even get this right Remembrance Day. Should be without a question a national holiday Give your head a shake people I m embarest to be called Canadian When things like this are allowed to be

Posted by Jon:

It is absolutely ridiculous to paint all or even the majority of people with a brush saying everyone would stay home and not observe Remembrance Day. I know I for one would trade family day in a heartbeat to take my sons down to the cenotaph and stand with them paying respect to those who fought and died for our country.


I can't believe that it is not a stat in Ontario... I've NEVER missed a ceremony until I moved to Ottawa.. Pisses me off..

Posted by D:

It dosent have to be a holiday but I would like to be able to get out of work for an hour and go to the Legion


Remembrance Day should definitely be a statutory holiday. The vets deserve to be recognized and not just for the 2 minutes of silence. On another note why do the banks receive this holidays? Does remembering not affect all Canadians?

Posted by Rosebud:

I feel that November 11th should be a national holiday for everyone. Why should just people that work for civil service have the holiday when all of us have family members that fought in the war. We're all very thankful for our freedom and how these people fought for us.

Posted by David :

Hello All you folks who want this to be a stat. I can't afford any more days off where I pay ppl to shop and or simply not work for pay. The government of the day gets hero status and I get one less day to pay the bills, larger and larger bills every time the government opens its mouth. Want the day off without pay still bad for business but at least more fair.

Posted by Ryan O.:

We love our long weekends, especially the fact that there are so many. Seems a lot of, "Canadian Citizens", fail to realize why we have frequent days off. Maybe they would prefer that our holidays were determined by the, "Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda". That's the government department in Nazi Germany responsible for stat holidays, such as, April 20 - the Fuhrer's birthday, plus a few others commemorating political and military victories. We don't celebrate April 20 thanks to many brave and determined people. Observing Nov. 11 shows respect and gratitude to those people - the ones responsible for the most important thing that has happened to us in the last 100 years - our FREEDOM....!


I believe that Remembrance Day should not be a day off. In school, we had really meaningful, impactful Remembrance Day ceremonies, and in most of my workplaces we have observed a moment of silence at 11am. I worry that if everyone was just "off", it would LOSE its significance, rather than gain significance. Many people would simply look forward to the day and give no thought to the significance, rather than using it as a time of reflection. At least in school things are done.

Posted by Darryl:

Having Remembrance as a Stat holiday in Ontario makes perfect sense...the Capitol is here in Ontario where we have one of the largest ceremonies in Canada and with people not working many would attend these ceremonies for our Vets. I think its also an honor to our Vets to make it an official stat we do with Christmas and Thanksgiving where are families get together to give thanks. This crap about our kids not recognizing Remembrance if theyre not in school is ridiculous, we are their parents and we should be the ones to tell our children. It doesnt make Ny sense to have it in one Province and not the other...wake up Ontario.

Posted by Katie:

In Australia they have Anzac day on April 25 to commemmorate soldiers who lost their lives. Everyone goes to pubs to play a game called "2up" and the money raised goes towards the welfare of seniors and elderly folks. Canada needs to get on this train.

Posted by Michael:

I would like it to be a mandatory holiday, I have to use a sick day to spend time with my grandfather and his buddies. I always make it a point to visit the Legion on this day, the stories and wisdom is only match by the humor. I belive everyone can be nifty from something similar.

Posted by Ian McLean:

Remember one thing folks.......if it wasn't for those brave souls who gave their lives, and those who put their lives on the line we would not have this opportunity to discuss what days should be recognized as statutory holidays. Lest We Forget; shame on us as the province to our nations capital not to recognize Remembrance Day.


This is absolute travesty that Remembrance Day is not already a stat holiday across Canada. Why is it such an issue? Plus why should it even be a question? We have two stat holiday's for a religion. Christmas and Easter. If Christmas and Easter can be so important holidays than why not Remembrance day? "Oh people won't celebrate it", "people won't honor the veterans" etc. Reality check not everybody honors the Christmas/Easter holiday either. Does everybody go to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday? NO. Does everybody go to church on Christmas eve and Christmas day? NO! Some might but not all. So that argument is not relevant. We have NEW Years as a Stat. To what celebrate a New year?? Most people go out get drunk and party till the wee hours of the night. Then take the first of January to recover from a hangover or lack of sleep. Sounds important doesn't it?!! That's ok having a stat for that is more important than our fighting men and women. More important than honoring the families that sacrifice everyday to keep us safe. Makes sense to me. I remember the ceremonies in the gym as a kid and honestly I didn't really care till I started understanding it in grade 10. That was when they taught you about the wars in history. WW 1, WW 2, Vietnam all that should be Remembered on this day. A kindergartner to grade nine don't care, trust me I was one whom through those times hated those assemblies. Do people that go to work stop what their doing and stand at their desk at 11 pm and remember? I doubt it. In a world that's ruled by the all mighty dollar it just not done. Most places are not even allowed to be open till 1pm so what's the point. Business can't be open till 1pm, people can't go to work till 1pm, so we will be closed but we won't pay you. How much sense does that make? Sounds like a lot of red tape and Rhetoric to me. As every other "Stat holiday" let people do or not do what they want. To honor our veterans with a day that is recognized with more importance than New Years Day is the absolute least Canada could do.


Definately Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday! What's up with Family Day over our vets??!! REALLY!!! Because of them every day is family day now! Terrible we all can't take time off work to thank thank them and pay our respects!

Posted by Janet:

I am SHOCKED!! I thought SURE it was a mandatory stat holiday ALL across Canada. I am even more shocked that NS is on the "no" list. Very sad indeed. Where is the respect? I am ashamed. Please Mr. Trudeau.........FIX THIS!


To think that Remembrance Day can be replaced by Family Day or any other holiday is an insult to the hundreds of thousands of people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. If you are cold in February and need a break, use your vacation days and thank those who fought to give you a free country to live in. Be with your family on Remembrance Day, inform and teach our children what it means to be a protect our country and our sovereignty: The True North strong...we stand on guard for thee.


Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday in ALL Provinces...not just a select few. What's up with that....are we not all Canadian Provinces...we were the last time I checked. Government Offices already receive far too many paid holidays that the taxpayers pay for so all Canadians in all provinces should have the day off to remember our relatives who fought in the war.


Yes, Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. It is important to acknowlege and remember people who serve and have died for our country and our freedoms. Oh my goodness, if we did not have stat holidays, or maybe a sabbath/church rest day, we would become workaholics. Families already ar so busy with so much stuff going on that we hardly take the time to sit down and have a meal together, much less spend quality time together. MOst people love Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, because these are times for people to slow down, get together, unwind, reflect on whats really important in life. Put some thought into how to spend your Remembrance day. Maybe go to a local community event celebrating Rembrance Day, then spend time together with friends and family. Have a festive meal, say a prayer for our troops, be thankful for this great Country we live in. Make it a special day for your family, like you do with Christmas, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, Easter.


To remember and honour those who risk(ed) their lives to protect Canadian borders and freedoms is something that should affect ALL Canadians, and everybody living in Canada. You only have to travel to other parts of the world, and then return home to Canada, to appreciate the incredible freedom and relative safety that we have here. This is something we should never take for granted. We have Christmas and Easter as statutory holidays nationwide, when these holidays are religion-based; even those who do not subscribe to the Christian religion are given these days off, so it's just a day off for no reason for those who are non-Christian. I can't think of a more deserving national holiday than Remembrance Day. Government employees, Canada Post, Banks, and other services are closed across the country on November 11, even in the provinces that do not observe this day as a holiday. Since many other businesses rely on banking and mail delivery, their operations are affected, so it would only make sense to be closed anyway. It just makes no sense why it would be a day off for some, and not for others.


I guess no people in Ont fought in the wars, really, like really,how could we not respect the soldiers that fought for this Country

Posted by Kathy:

I am 56 years old and through my own ignorance I always presumed all Provinces observed Remembrance Day. Through a discussion I had today with friends I am shocked to here that Ontario do not. Of all Provinces Ontario, which has our Capitol City of Canada - Ottawa, should be the one to observe this more than any other Province. How hypocritical of Representatives in Ottawa. This should be a mandatory Holiday for all Provinces, but most of all Ontario. I am disgusted, and more ashamed knowing this to be a Canadian, I just can not believe it.... For those who say na to the holiday for what ever selfish reasons more shame to you.

Posted by Gayle MacDougall-Bercarich:

'Remembrance Day' - words that denote action, personal action and History. To require attendance by our children and their families is to recognize the importance this day should have in our families history. To 'have a day off, because someone else has it off' is such an insult to the people who have served supporting our country's freedom. And that self-centered comment by our educator I find comical considering all the PR Days already a part of their curriculum (our educators need More Education?) Remembrance Day needs to be formal, unchanging and forever - so we teach our children to Never Forget. We never need a World War III!

Posted by Wayne:

Jason doesn't respect the sacrifices that his previous generations made or didn't depending on his heritage but if he truly is a Canadian then there should be no debate. Respect is earned and not up for debate. Family day is every day but we are free becaus of our forefathers and foremothers. Do something to respect the veterans Jason not make excuses.

Posted by Ainsley Moore:

Remembrance Day absolutely needs to be a statutory holiday. Many people are in the same position that I am in. We are not able to take that day off work - my company always schedules a mandatory training day on November 11- but would very much like to commemorate and remember those who fought for our freedom. I would like to go to the service to make a special point of remembering my father and uncles who served, but can not do so. If we had a holiday, we could all do so.

Posted by Karen Abbott:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. In the early 1980s I used to take my children out of school on Nov 11th and we would go to the National War Memorial in Ottawa where we lived. At that time very few people attended the Remembrance Day Service and we could stand right on Confederation Square behind the veterans. Today if you go there on that day you can't get anywhere near the Memorial; there are crowds everywhere. Perhaps because we have been involved in conflicts in the Middle East in recent years, and lost too many, the idea of war is more real now and we do want to honour the war dead.

Posted by Ruth Crego:

I say it should be a holiday for the whole world for the people that have fought for their Country's should not be forgotten


For the Legion not to endorse the day as a statutory day is absurd. Schools could devote Nov 10 to the reason for Nov 11 being a day to remember those who paid with their lives and in many other ways. We live as we do today because of those who sacrificed and those who still are giving,for us to enjoy our lives as we are.

Posted by Daughter of a 92 yr old War Vet:

Family Day is everyday, its personal. Remembrance Day is a specific date and time in History. If it weren't for this important significant day, we may all not be here. To add, Every corporation should recognize this day each year nationally. Not just union employees, but across all management professionals as well.

Posted by Raul :

I cannot think of a more important time then now to remember our war heroes of the past wars that fought for our freedoms that we take for granted. I've been in the retail business for over 35 years and i remember when people literally stopped in the stores, stopped in the malls to pay respect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November. Today you will be hard pressed to see anyone stop or at least take a moment of silence to remember our fallen soldiers. Has consumerism become more important than remembering why we have the freedom to live in this wonderful democracy? I truly hope for the sake of all future generations that our government (us the people) take the right fork in the road and make Rememberance Day a stat holiday for every citizen of this great nation. Furthermore what happened to family day should not happen to Rememberance Day. Legislate that ALL shopping centres be able to open only by 1pm until what ever time they so desire. The 1pm restriction will really stand out to consumers and will cause them to think and Remenber. This will give all Canadians the chance to visit an epitaph or just to stay at home and contemplate why we are so blessed.


I believe it's very disrespectful to our veterans, & those that lost their lives & their families to not recognize this as a stat holiday. When I was young it was a holiday, our family always went to the cenetafe & placed a wreath to mark our thanks for the freedom & bountiful country we live in. Too bad more people living here now don't appreciate this privilege


I started school in 1961 and graduated in 1972 I can remember services being held on that day of remembrance but don't recall it ever being an actual stat holiday ? I am all for a long weekend every month of the year for all us working drones and even though we put such precedence to remember those fateful days of human history it has not stopped war and may never!it seems to have been turned into a day for opportunistic vultures to profit potential resources, more fools all of us


Remembrance Day should not be a national holiday as kids would just be playing on their x-boxes etc. Instaed of at school where as they will respect the Day and receive an understanding of the sacrifices which occurred on there behalf. Mike D


Remembrance Day should not be a statutory holiday soldiers did not have this day off to do what they please so why should we ? They fought and some lost their lives for our country ! Wear the Poppy in remembrance of our soldiers and take a two minute Silence

Posted by j:

Of course it should be for all of Canada, our soldiers came from every corner of it.


If it's a federal holiday, it's federal holiday, provincial governments should not opt to it.

Posted by Yelena:

I absolutely sure that it must be statutory holiday in Ontario too.


Why isn't Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario yet? I though the Bill passed three readings already and it would have been a holiday by now. People cite the excuse that schools won't honour it but that argument is flawed. Schools celebrate eeeeevery holiday in the several days leading up to it. As a Grade 2 teacher myself, I honour holidays by reading books to my students, creating word lists, making crafts to take home as keepsakes, students write in their Journals, not to mention the decorations, decorations, decorations. So ya, what's the hold up?


our provinces are so diverse, so many will not know HOW to celebrate this day properly BUT that doesnt mean that we cant have that day to honor those who gave their lives. perhaps our communities could help with putting on festivities in their areas so we can help others give thanks and respect to this day

Posted by TruthTeller:

I think that not treating Remembrance Day like any other statutory holiday that is off is degrading the importance of that day. the day that should be receiving the most respect is overlooked. With this little of importance given on this day I wouldn't be surprised if in future it was not celebrated by our younger generation

Posted by Linda Pouliot:

"Family Day" in some provinces and other 'calendar days' are nothing more than that; days taken off work. There is only one other holiday that represents a Canadian institution and that is the Queen's birthday reflecting respect for our monarchy. Almost all other 'days off' are made up calendar dates. We, as Canadians, have ONE historically recognized day yet there are still these provinces that do not recognize this fact. We have much to be proud of in Canada. Would we have it if not for the veterans input in war efforts? That will never be able to be answered. But the fact remains that 'Canadians' stood together and fought and gave their lives for what we do have today. Look to your left or right at your mother, father, wife, husband, sister or brother and ask yourself- If they were not here due to factors of war supporting the country you live freely in, would you want them recognized? I'm guessing most would say yes. In today's society our sensitivity to loss and other issues has been so demoralized that we no longer feel compassion like those of the past. It is for this exact reason that we should have this day of rememberance to 'enlighten' this and future generations so that history is not repetitive. In my own city I approached our then premier Bernard Lord and asked why this was not a provincial holiday. I also asked local representatives during the provincial election the same question. All answered similar in the fact that they did not know why and the premier advised that he would 'look into it'. My point in this mention is that it was during a Remembrance Day celebration that he was approached as the attendance was extremely poor. One reason being is most working parents living paycheque to paycheque cannot afford that day off. The following year the promise was kept and my heart swelled with pride when I arrived at the celebration to find that our coliseum was completely filled. Its unfortunate that many don't have the choice to pass on this experience to their children and offer the exposure to this one particular event which may affect their decision about how history may affect their future and events, including voting for a government based on their views of military missions. My wish is for those that don't see the value in this day, not have any of their loved ones affected in any way by events that occur due to war. Lest We Forget! PLEASE make this a National Holiday. (Just a note to mention that this is entirely just my opinion and not intended to offend anyone)


If government employees have it off then why not the rest of us. It is a day of Remembrance and it should be observed and made Stat. holiday for ALL Canadians not just a chosen few or by a few provinces but by all of Canada. After all does or did not all our military members come from each province?

Posted by Kim:

Remembrance day should be a national stat holiday for sure. In NS schools and most businesses including all stores close out of respect. I feel that all provinces should be on the same page when it comes to Remembrance day. Why should only select provinces pay respect to members of the armed forces? In my opinion if your work place is closed and you don't have the option of working than they should have to pay you for that day.

Posted by terea:

We SHOULD have MORE stat holidays. And hold ya hat- I'm an employer- no really. Armistice Day of all days should be a break for all workers or a day in lieu with pay. It was the common working man & woman who suffered the most when it came to world wars. Too many small time employers are too tight-fisted and it shows in the success of their companies.Share the wealth and it will bounce right back at you in successful sales or whatever your business.

Posted by G J Quong:

ok first of all if you feel so strongly about making it a holiday and commenting then sign yourname and dont leave it anonymous,secondly like everything else in todays schools celebrations and ceremonies are changed or cancelled so as not to offend our "new canadians"they show no gratitude for what our country offers andthey recieve,. i dont expect anything different from them for the sacrifices made by our soldiers. we will never forget them or the sacrifices.


I think Rememberance Day should be a "STAT HOLIDAY" for all Canadians to honour our Brave Soldiers who have fought for our Country and be thankful for what we have today and spending that time with our loved ones.

Posted by ray mcmullen:

It is a disgrace that this is not a holiday in Ontario. Family day is a joke and only resulted in my losing a floating holiday. This says that we have no desire to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


How quickly the "ME" generation's feelings of entitlement scream for attention. If not for the efforts of over a million Canadians who fought for your right to freedom, you might very well not be here today. While some of you will opt to work to grab a little more income for some materialistic toy from your lengthy want list, and some will kick back a spew their dribble on social media. Some will be hunkered down in front of their favorite video game, but my family and I will ,as always, be at the local memorial paying our sincere respects to the people who laid their lives down for "ALL" of us.


Rememberance Day should definitely be a national holiday! I think it is a shame some companies have a problem stopping work for two minutes to honor our vets while others continue to pause but have shortenened the time to one minute! Really!! Also it seems fewer places support poppy sales. Our government closing Legions is a slap in the face to our vets. That is probably one of the few places they recieve the support, respect and assistance they deserve. It's time we step up and do what is right instead of what's profitable. Some Korean vets didnt live to recieve their recognition or medals. Shame on us!!!

Posted by Douglas:

Remember the Veterns, they paid dearly for our freedom. Close everything on this day so people have no distractions other than to remember why we have the freedom we have today. Thank you

Posted by Brant Strum:

To those who think we should not remember all Canadian military veterans on Remembrance Day? Veterans who have served and protected our country around the globe, serving on our behalf in the interest of preserving our way of life, our very freedom, those who willingly gave their lives, those who have bled on battlefields on land, sea and air, those who have returned from combat theaters around the world alive but scarred for life. To those people who don`t care or understand the meaning of the requirement of our combined ``Remembrance`` of veterans on November 11 every year ,,, ask yourself the following: Would Canada be the same right now if currently under Nazi rule, or perhaps under a Communist government, or under the control of groups like the Islamic State? Unless you have lived under oppressive rule, or have been in combat against an oppressive government or fascist regime that is totalitarian, you have no idea what it is like. You would not have the freedom to live as you do right now in Canada. Everyone in Canada should stop at 11:00am on every November 11th and take a moment in silence and remember those who have served this country in the name of freedom. I am very proud of all our family members who have served and fought for Canada at places like Vimy Ridge in WWI and Normandy in WWII. If you love freedom, thank a veteran, remember the fallen, they deserve our utmost respect, our enduring admiration, and especially our solemn Remembrance on November 11th - To those who have served Canada, we thank-you for your sacrifice, we will always remember you.

Posted by J:

To be blunt, if we were in a War as serious as WWI or WWII right now then a lot of us would be drafted. Why is it that we need a day off to remember those who expired? The remembrance comes from the 2 minutes of silence or ceremonies taking place across Canada. There is no need for this day to be a holiday because that is very contradictory to the lives is a day off because people lost their lives. OR Hey, lets commemorate and have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. The later is the one that makes sense so why should we get a holiday so that we can remember? Didn't the people who lost their lives sacrifice themselves? Why aren't we sacrificing a vacation day to take November 11th off in observance. Although War is wrong, how fair is it that we cannot sacrifice to take the day off without it being a holiday and lose vacation time or even our job when those who fought lost their lives. Shame on any of you who want it to be a holiday and shame on the government for making it a holiday in some regions and not others. Get rid of the holiday aspect of Remembrance Day completely.

Posted by Carol Moran:

I think that Remembrance Day should be recognized in all provinces. Family Day is nice, however, you can celebrate Family Day 365 days of the year - remember you can celebrate this day because of the sacrifices made of our War veterans and all civilians who also sacrificed, at home, to help our troops overseas. It is a shame that people are so complacent about the efforts required to ensure that we have our freedom to choose - it is also a shame that some people take their freedom for granted. I seriously think that my generation forgot that the free-love days were a drug-induced haze where they chose to listen to 'Soap-boxers' tell them that they wanted 'Peace not War' - giving the illusion that there is no injustices, terrorism or human suffering, whether at home or abroad. Don't get me wrong, there are good, responsible and very entrepreneurial young people, who are trying to make a difference, and I am sure they understand who defends their freedom so they can help others. Let's not forget who is important in our lives. I think taking your family to a Remembrance Day ceremony would be more educational than other activities - let's not confuse the reason for a Stat holiday. My grown children were part of the Remembrance Day celebrations and now share the same experiences with their children.

Posted by angry:

You wouldnt have a family if it wasnt for those who served in the great war

Posted by sergio martinez:

A historic date of such a magnitud and national pride is must to make it a National Holiday. I hope politicians and the private sector would listen to the people of Canada.


Be thankful for your freedom. Warmth in your home. Food in your bely. A smile of your face. Without the sacrifice of our soldiers: women and men - we would have none of this. Out of respect, appreciation and love - we should all celebrate Remembrance Day. It should be a National Holiday commemorating those who helped fight for freedom. Freedom of Canadians and of all people - throughout the world.

Posted by sergio martinez:

A historic date of such a magnitud and national pride is must to make it a National Holiday. I hope politicians and the private sector would listen to the people of Canada.

Posted by Maureen:

All of Canada should take this day to remember those who have sacrificed for our freedom. Justin Trudeau will make this a National Stat for all provinces !!!

Posted by Tara:

You can make up a holiday like "family day" a made up nothing day that we don't even get off work ( nothing closes') so you can actually spend time with family ! BUT you won't make Remebrance day a holiday to honor the very people who fought and gave their lives for us to have such rediculous made up holidays like family day! For our freedom , our rights, our families and entire way of life!! This day should be spent honouring such people and it should also be taught in schools so the younger generation learns of their sacrifice and to respect and honour it also! The government not making this a holiday for all is simply another slap in the face to our veterans! And their families who would love to spend such a day with their family and doing some real quality family time together for a true honourable reason ... A true family day if you will!! Not a made up nothing day... LEST WE FOREGT!! We have but it seems you " our government , our politicians " have! Shame on you!! I will never forget .. My grandfather and his brothers sacrifices for our great country ! and hopefully I will see the day soon where Nov.11 becomes a true honourable holiday all over Canada like it should be!!


Make Rememberance Day a Stat Holiday in the Province of Ontario. I think it seriously should be a National.


The Brave men and women who fought for our freedom, did not have a paid day off. You should have to go to work. Maybe give up your pay for the day and donate it to a Veterans Foundation. After all they gave their lives for our freedom while working......


I think Remberance day should be a stat holiday for all provinces in Canada and if that isn't possible then it should not be a holiday in the other provinces either. I think while making a decision on this fairness and equity needs to be taken into consideration.

Posted by NGScott:

So many have said it so eloquently, I simply want to add my voice. If we can't take one day to remember the men and women of Canada who have served, and those who continue to serve our county, in order for us to enjoy the life and freedoms we have, then SHAME ON US!!! This day should be about respect, reflection and REMEMBRANCE.

Posted by Bryan:

Can't understand why Remembrance Day is now a Stat. holiday in most of the country, but is not in some provinces? If this is a National holiday it should be country wide.

Posted by Westley:

Sure, it's my birthday ;)

Posted by Tamara Hall:

In Saskatchewan, Remembrance Day IS a stat holiday. Schools have services/programs the day before Remembrance Day, and then the city has a program on the actual day of. In our small city, the program gets larger and larger each year. We have the elder Legionaires, the cubs, scouts, and brownies, the cadets, RCMP, militia, firemen, school children and families. It IS a time of remembrance, and having the day off to go to a well-planned ceremony helps us all to take the time to honour the past AND present men and women - armed forces, volunteers, and victims of war. I feel it is disrespectful to NOT take the time on an official day.

Posted by Lidia:

Definetely Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. On private companies nobody cares about ceremonies, even the employees would like to attend. Families with children may enjoy this time as a family together and participate at community ceremonies; As now, the children should take day off to attend to the ceremony, as well as a vacation day from the workplace... It should be our right as citizens to commemorate the people who served this country and to celebrate with the family and not at the workplace in the cafeteria...


this holiday is always chaos, why? Some people stay home, some offices are close some are open, Why not make everything the same for everyone, closed like thanksgiving, or easter monday etc.


YES!! Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday - we would not have what we do today, if it were not for the soldiers that gave their life fighting for our country. I think it is very disrespectful that we do not take the day to celebrate them. People that do not agree have not had any family member that fought in the war, or died fighting for what they have. I would hope government should embrace this day, make it a most celebrated day we have all year. Anonymus:

Posted by Brian Cotter:

Remembrance Day is to honour the men and women who served this country to ensure that the individual rights of all its citizens could be respected. We owe these individuals the respect that they have earned. It is not just a day of relaxation. It is a day to tell these soldiers past and present THANK YOU for putting your life on the line without hesitation. If not for these people and their sacrifices your freedoms that you enjoy would not exist. It was and is a National Military and should be honoured Nationally.


Remembering those who risk their lives for our freedom should be must in all countries. That Ontario has opted not to observe this holiday is a travesty.


Ahh yes, what a wonderful way to honour the sacrifices of those who died for our freedoms. 'Workplace ceremonies'. Perhaps gathered around the office photocopier. What dignity.

Posted by Peter Hillier, CD:

Regardless of the fact that I'm a veteran and have to take a vacation day to observe, I do think Remembrance Day should be a national holiday. Growing up in Newfoundland, I recall a full week of activities prior to Nov 11th. The curriculum was quite full of history and the W5 around the importance of the observation, culminating with a long walk to our cenotaph in St. John's, on the holiday! Yes, we had to go with out class on the day off school. I've attended every year since, including while at sea, in the arctic or abroad. I've spoken at my children's schools on a myriad of occasions. The education and awareness around the importance of Remembrance Day is quietly waning. It takes a village to raise a child, so it's up to us all to ensure the knowledge I received as a young boy resonates with generations long after me.

Posted by Hanna:

YES!! Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday - we would not have what we do today, if it were not for the soldiers that gave their life fighting for our country. I think it is very disrespectful that we do not take the day to celebrate them. People that do not agree have not had any family member that fought in the war, or died fighting for what they have. I would hope government should embrace this day, make it a most celebrated day we have all year.


Rememberance Day should be a statutory holiday. Citizens would do better by having the time to attend ceremonies, rather than ho on with their daily work schedule. Realistically it is only schools that take the time to organize assembly's aroynd remembrance day. The private sector will not have an incling to stope business at 11am for a min of silence. I think the city should do a better job at organizing a number of ceremonies, shows and presentations for people to attend, so people have the opportunity to pay their respects and educate the young.


Without doubt Nov.11 should be a National Holiday.It would in my opinion the best way to pay respect to all of our armed forces past, present and future.

Posted by The voice:

If a few people don't use the holiday for remembering our vets, lets not let them spoil it for the rest that do. lets think positive and not negative. Thank you and stop thinking about yourself people.


I think it is a shame that we in Ontario do not honour our veterans the same way as most of Canada. I guess that our Government feel that they are not worthy.

Posted by Dianna Knoll:

The stat holidays should all be national with no exceptions. This should a been a election discussion.

Posted by Sandy:

I totally disagree with the notion NOT to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Not everyone uses the time on Family Day to celebrate family, be with family anymore than not everyone observes Easter religious ceremonies with their day off. I grew up when Ontario observed Remembrance Day as a day for everyone to be able to attend services honouring our military and feel people would appreciate not having to take time off work as a vacation day so they can observe the day as they wish. We need to give everyone that time off, not just government employees.

Posted by Kathleen:

Remembrance day is more lmportant it is to remind us that it is because of all the soldiers that we have what we have today they should not be forgotten. The people who disagree to have this day a holiday have not been to war have no idea of what these men went through. The government people should be proud of this soldier and honey them. They are all hipocrits they lie and still from our vets they should be ashamed

Posted by Linda:

Remembrance Day not only should be a Statutory Holiday but should be remembered as the most important holiday of the year. The men and women that serve our country in the armed forces risk their lives everyday and sacrifice the time they spend with their families so that can live in this fine nation of ours. Family Day in February should not have been made a Statutory Holiday before our Service People were honored. You don't need or should not have a holiday so that people should spend time with their families, time spent with families should be throughout the year, not make a winter holiday out of it. Let's as Canadians Honor our Troops and give them the respect they deserve for the sacrifice they give to this country. Let's recognize Remembrance Day as a National Statutory Holiday to Honor our Troops.

Posted by SAM:

August Holiday civic Holiday ! Nov 11 ths is no holiday !! What a slap in the face to those who faught and fight to keep us in our safe little bubble here in Canada ! If anyday that should be a holiday is Nov/11th should. National Mandatory Holiday to be greatful of the freedom peace and clean living we habe in Canada !!!! We live Free / We live Peaceful / Our country is clean and of low Disease and sickness / food is always available / kids are Safe and parents Are happy ! Beleive me we are not a third world country and to keep the status and cleanliness of a developed country is to only be Greatful to those who have Died for all of us to walk/live/love peacfully for us not to take a full day to hault and be respectful and participate in activities to remember those who died is only the biggest disrespect a country and people could do ! We need to be More patriotic to the Red and White Flag


Remembrance day is probably the most important day to be a national holiday of all the national holidays. It is disrespectful of the sacrifice these people made to not take one measly day and make it a time to reflect as a nation the debt we owe these people

Posted by Jo :

I can't see more important day to celebrate as national holiday and completely close nationwide than Remembrance Day , to commemorate every man and women who sacrifice themselves for the freedom in the world and in their country. If we can add that day at least to substitute it with another holiday less important.


It should be a holiday here in Ontario. It should be recognized throughout all of Canada.

Posted by Debbie:

To Jason's remark that Family Day is a "more appreciated break", remember you get to spend that day with your family because of those who gave everything. EVERYTHING!! They didn't get to spend any more time with their families. Remembering those who gave so much for us, and continue to do so, is the most important thing we can do for them and for ourselves. Personnaly, to me, Remember Day is the most important day of the year, nevery mind the most important holiday.

Posted by Chris:

I take umbrage to the comment: "most people would abuse it, those that want it would NOT attend a service" I have missed a few services, when I have been unwell or looking after someone else. What else do we do as a Nation that is celebrating, yes celebrating, the value and respect we have for our country and those who believed in it so much, they put their lives at stake for it? For this who believe that those of us are able to take off work and go if we want to, I say this, "It is only a "choice" to attend a service if it is a stat 'holiday'." Many employers, especially for those in minimum wage jobs, look at you askance if you ask for the day off. There are some who cannot get the day off, because their employers would fire them if they did. How sad. On the bright side, I can't get a seat at any of our services unless I go early because they are so packed. When I think of my grandfather, my father and my husband, I am so pleased to see the many young families in the crowded arenas who come to honour and remember and celebrate our wonderful country. Remember, freedom is not free, it is expensive beyond most people's imagination, and paid for in the dearest currency known.


It should be a mandatory day off to remember those who fought to give the future generations the freedoms they have. Get rid of the stupid stats like family day, louis riel day, and so on. You want to have a family day, thank the veterans on remberance day for they are why you have one.


I find it very disappointing that so many are unable to partake in Remembrance Day ceremonies. As an individual who resides in Ontario, it saddens me that I will not be able to attend any events this year. As a young person with both parents currently serving in the military (50 combined years of service between them), this day has always been filled with emotion. This will be the first year ever that I will not be able to attend any events. I feel as I am living in our nation's capital, we, as Canadians, should have the option to attend these ceremonies without being punished for showing our respect to those who have served, and those who continue to put their lives toward our nation. Thank you to those who have made the sacrifices so that we are able to live in freedom.

Posted by Dean:

How are we to commemorate the dead if we are stuck in an office/warehouse/on the road, etc. for 8-9 hours during the day? Most work places just want you to work, nothing else. At least give people an option to go and do something.

Posted by Steve McKenzie:

Remembrance Day is a federal holiday, and therefore should be a Stat holiday to every province. Arbitrarily picking and choosing which provinces celebrate it as a Stat holiday is ridiculous and offensive. Regardless of whether I'm in Alberta or Nova Scotia should be irrelevant, it's a CANADIAN holiday; and should be treated as such. We can't pay our respects throughout the day and my fellow employees and I get shunned and disrespected as we work on Government buildings that are closed and have ceremonies taking place, even though we are required to work and are penalized if we request it off, as it's against Provincial legislation. I'm not opposed to Viola Desmond Day, but to implement that as a stat holiday over a day where hundreds of thousands died for our county is a shameful abomination.

Posted by Robert:

Whether or not there are those who would abuse the additional holiday the outcome is still the "Choice". Whether it's spending time with your family watching a movie or observing a Remembrance Day event to sleeping in ,etc, which are all reason our soldiers fought and still fight for, the freedom do so, in addition I can think of no better day then Remembrance Day to make a nation wide holiday.

Posted by NDP:

I can hear the ceremony with cannon from my office Downtown Ottawa but I can't go. What a shame for those who fought for us we can't attend because money is more important than life itself now a sad what we have become.

Posted by John Greenfield:

November 11 should not be a National Holiday because the majority of the people would abuse it. Those that want it would not attend a Remembrance Service they just want to get out of work for a day. Todays population is just not educated in what happened in the Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Peacekeepers and Afghanistan. The best way to respect our Veterans is to wear a Poppy.


Remembrance Day Should be a mandatory day off to remember, but I have a problem with calling it a holiday. With 27 million dead in the first war, and 100 million in the second war, and roughly 8 million dead in Korea, and Vietnam I think its worth remembering. After all the next war will kill us all. Think on it!!


It would've nice for it to be a statutory holiday. I would spend the day visiting my grandfathers grave and remember all the sacrifices he made for me and this country.


Definitely it should be a holiday nation wide, the soldiers who fought in the war and those who are fighting today are doing so to protect our country and not only the few provinces who have been granted the holiday,but for CANADA as a whole. My children every year in school have Soldiers visit their school, and the recite the poem to the veterans who visit. It would be a great experience for them to be able to actually participate in a ceremony honoring the heroes. I have yet to be able to participate in any of the visits from the veterans, because in Quebec only Federal employees have the right to the holiday.

Posted by Bob Taylor:

I have booked November 11 off as long as I remember. I have no idea why Ontario is against allowing schools and workers time to reflect and participate in remembrance services all over Canada. I make sure to invite my scouts to join me but many are unable to get permission from their parents as it is a school day. what a darn shame.

Posted by Neil:

I agree this should be a federally mandated statutory holiday in EVERY province/territory in Canada! It's absolutely ridiculous that people shouldn't have the opportunity to attend memorial day events! It's almost SICKENING! I haven't been able to attend any memorial day services in many years due to work, it's truly and deeply sad.


Every year I wish to bring my family down to Toronto City hall for my boys to participate in the Remembrance Day Ceremony and we Can not because schools are open and workplaces do not close down. This is not a good reflection of our patronage to our troops.


yes,i think remembrance day should be a stat holiday in ontario

Posted by Michel:

I believe as I am sure many others do, well hopefully they would that November 11th should be a statutory holiday to give the fallen soldiers, men and women who selfishly gave their time and lives to stand against tyranny for all the people of the world. If you look at the sheer scale of logistics for the amount of Canadians versus the rest of the world that gave of themselves and continue to do so, we should all be proud of those who stood up for us all.

Posted by Darlene:

My grandfather served, my husband is still serving. He spent a year in Afghanistan. I am insulted that only some of the provinces in our wonderful country observe this day for what it is. While there are services everywhere, they are not attended as they could be or should be. I live in Ontario now and have to take a day off with no pay in order to observe, which I do. I am certain that attendance would increase at these services if the day was a Stat, but I am not foolish enough to think that a LOT of people wouldn't abuse the day. It's sad really. Lest We Forget. Our Freedom isn't Free... All paid some and some paid all.

Posted by Karen :

In honour of our Canadian troops who have fought wars and lost their lives for us to have freedom and troops presently in other countries who could be sacrificing their lives..... YES we should have a day to honour them. Not all work places or schools take the time to have a two minute silence for our troops which I'm disgusted with!! The Canadian Government should be ashamed for not having this day as a statutory holiday for our troops who also protect our Government!! Come on Canada be true to our troops and other soldiers as well Amen to all those who have lost their lives, and those who have survived for CANADA!! I thank my TROOPS!!

Posted by anonymous:

I believe that November 11 should become a statutory holiday for everyone in honor of the veterans who fought for our country during the war. I don't get off work on that day which I should to pay respect and thank the heroes.


Remembrance day should be a stat holiday. Not every workplace take at least a few minutes of silence..which is discussing. I personally like to attend the services. I take a vacation day for it. Thank you for your services and protection.


Yes for sure Remembrance should be a holiday for everyone in Canada. I've had an uncle who died in the second world war. where I work we don't get off and all events are during the day.


Other than the birth of my children serving in the Canadian Forces overseas was the proudest moment of my life. I am now 43 years old and have seen the worst of what humans can do to one another and what us Canadian Troops will do to stop it is beyond description. The country should feel proud for those who have served and will serve with distinction, professionalism and most of all respect for human life... I takes a day a year to be thankful pay our respects to those who gave so much and asked for so little. We have rights and freedoms, like family day, because others sacrificed to ensure that freedom. Pay your respects... Just a short note but I served our great country for 5 years, here in Canada and abroad, and I wasn't even born here. DO YOUR PART, take the time to remember...


This day should be a statutory holiday in honor of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for "freedom", but this day does not make sense because no one is "free" to participate in a tribute to thank our heroes. We are all working or studying, in this way is not given the importance it should have. This celebration should be as large as Canada day because we are doing a tribute to our heroes who left us the legacy of life, liberty, democracy and establishing great nation. All these achievements and what our nation is, we owe to our heroes, so the whole nation should take a break in their work and pay them a real tribute establishing this day as a statutory holiday.

Posted by A school employee:

I agree that Remembrance Day should be a Stat holiday in Ontario and in all Canadian Provinces as from November 11, 2015. We, the Canadians, should pay special tribute to the Veterans, organize interactive activities to help and explain to the young generation that their beautiful life they enjoy today is partly inherited from the sacrifices of the Veterans. The young generation should be effectively educated to be respectful, appreciate today's freedom as an inheritance from our veterans,and they should be given lots of opportunities and time to watch movies, touch artifacts from the war, listen to the real life stories and past events as told and re-told by the elderly. The more our children learn about the past, the more they will appreciate the benefits/advantages of this present life, and contribute and be more respectful to the elderly and to the baby boomers generation who paved the way for their bright future. The behaviour of a considerable number of youngsters while attending Remembrance Day's assemblies in many public schools in Toronto, leaves much to deserve a better and more interactive way of getting everyone involved in some sort of interactive activity rather than sit and watch passively in the school gymnasium. This comment comes from self-eye witnessing the children while attending the above mentioned assemblies in several elementary schools for many uyears in Toronto schools.

Posted by Stan:

Yes it should be, but as Stat holidays are provincial regulated, each province has to deal with their respective politicians.

Posted by Brent:

I second and third the people with disgust that Remembrance Day is not a National Statutory Holiday. Were the men and women who served, fought and died only from the Providences that observe November 11th? I Hope that, before I die, our Government will have the Courage and Backbone to make Remembrance Day a National Holiday.


I think it's horrible that not all provinces "celebrate" remembrance day. As a proud Canadian and also someone who tried to become a military member but was injured, I got to see first hand how proud people are to put on that uniform and stand as Canada's guardians, The unsung hero's of this country. Has the government forgot how much soldiers and their families have given up to give us the life of freedom we have. It makes me sick....But what should we expect from a government that cuts programs to help our soldiers and veterans get past the horrors of going to war, or the injuries they received from going to fight the fights our government says we must fight.


Unless you have seen combat it is impossible for most to get close to a fair appreciation of what it is to forge freedom with terrible sacrifice. I have seen the worst of days and I am 41 now. How I abhor when my countryfolk bitch about nothing and don't appreciate what we have given .

Posted by Elizabeth:

Lest we forget. Remberance Day is of historical significance and the numbers of veterans and children of veterans is aging. When we forget history it is at risk to repeat itself. Family Day is only for those with family and only until the kids are about 12 years old, hanging out with family is EMBARRASING!!! Civic Holiday has become a vague holiday. My father served in WWII and was profoundly effected. My mother lost her eldest brother, no body found, and 2 other brothers grew up VERY fast in the Navy in WWII. People need to remember the genocide, half of the 12 million being the Jews of Europe and people also need to remember with humble gratitude how close the Nazi regime came to dominating the world. Our freedom was maintained because people like my father and 3 uncles fought for it and without that freedom Family Day and Civic Holiday might not exist at all

Posted by thomas:

i remember as a kid 1960's our mother used to hog tie the five of us and made sure we paid close attention to the B&W TV that celebrated our nations armed forces. Not a whisper could be heard for a lot longer than a couple of minutes. It's a day that should hold more importance than the civic, labor or family day stat. I guess we do not have enough VET's in politics to express this. Sad to see what little back bone our government really has


I think it is deplorable that it is not considered a statutory Holiday in the few provinces that it isn't. And even further deplorable that there are companies that even though everything is closed will force employees to work or take unpaid leave for the day. Our government at the provincial level should not be able to dictate such outcomes but rather at a national level so everyone is on the same page.

Posted by Rose:

I think they should remove family day and make Remembrance day a stat holiday. Not everyone has family to celebrate family day. That should never had passed!


Without question!!!!!

Posted by Sandy:

The Canadian Consulate General office in Guangzhou China is closed on Remembrance Day, taken as a statutory holiday. Why is it recognized in China as a stat holiday and not in Ontario? Sad commentary.

Posted by Sandy:

Everyone doesn't observe Family Day by spending time with their children, families. Many people work that day and others that have the day off do nothing with their children/families, go about their day shopping, etc. By the way, if the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country hadn't., we wouldn't have the businesses we have, lifestyle we have, we'd all be goose stepping to a different drum. Remembrance Day should be made a statutory holiday and every able bodied person, adult, child should be attending a memorial service somewhere.

Posted by Laurie Ann:

As much as having a paid day off work is wonderful & appreciated, it's not as appreciated as the fact that most of us who want to work, have jobs to go to. Nor as appreciated as going to the polls on election day or walk down the street without worrying about persecution for our beliefs, sexual orientation, the colour of our skin or our hair for that matter. The reason we have these very basic freedoms is because brave men & women left their families behind and fought for everyone back home, and everyone who'd yet to be born. Not being free to attend functions commemorating those generous souls, is not right. Giving them their 2 minutes at 11 am is a start, giving them the day is not enough but it is significant...and they more than earned enough to warrant 1 day....3% of the year. The fact that our country's capital doesn't deem it important enough to be national holiday makes me question those who make these decisions. I think it's disgraceful & disrespectful. We're one country, a free & pretty beautiful one at that as far as I'm concerned. It's not too much to stand together & say thank you to those who gifted up with it. Can we at least agree on that?


I think it is important that people who come here from other places in our world understand why it is such a great place to live and enjoy life freely. I am of Dutch and Polish descent, and I am grateful to be alive because of the efforts during WWII. I use a vacation day to attend the ceremony.

Posted by Laurie:

I think it is unfortunate that this is not observed in Ontario. My father fought in World War II and this is an important date for me. Because it is not a stat holiday and I work in a small office (under 3 employees), we are open and I am unable to observe until after work hours, when I can see just a brief glimpse of the remembrance ceremonies on the evening newscast.


I think it should be a national holiday as part of the country gets it and not Ontario... we want to be a part of this too so we can remember our soldiers who is fighting everyday for us to have a better life. We should get a national holiday on this day.

Posted by Ron:

I live in BC and every year I take my young kids (now 4 and 6) to our local Remembrance Day ceremonies. It's important to recognize and pay tribute to those that have served, and continue to serve our country. I choose to educate my kids on the importance of paying tribute to those that have made this country a place of individual freedom. This should be a national holiday.


As Canadians, we should all get this as a statutory holiday, we in Ontario are also part of Canada and deserves what other Providences are getting.

Posted by Jamie:

It is utter insanity that some would simply assume the majority of people would treat a day off for Remembrance Day as 'just another holiday.' Memorials, ceremonies and Processions take place all over the province. Do you have any idea how many more people would come out to these important events? It is enraging that the opportunity to show respect for veterans is being denied to so many. WWII veterens are at these events, they won't be for long. We deserve the right to show that respect by remembering publically. Yes, schools play an important role in remembering, but this should take place in the weeks leading up to Nov 11. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana

Posted by Barb:

Most people like myself have to work on the 11th. If given the choice due to my family's history of serving in various wars over the centuries and especially my uncle's service in WWII, I would love to have the opportunity to share with my children a service dedicated to respecting the sacrifices that all service men and women have made despite whatever politics have been involved. Children are not taught at school the meaning behind the sacrifices only a generalized expectation of "awe" and reverence. It's time we actually taught them the history. That would give more gravitas to the ceremonies and greater appreciation for the meaning of the holiday.


Buahaha! Well, that's a Soviet thought. What would people do with an extra day off, other than get drunk and vegetate on the couch? Why do people need holidays at all? For that matter, why do people need salaries?? They'll just waste them on booze and prostitutes. Shouldn't people work for the sake of productivity and enrichment of the economy? Work ennobles your soul. I can just hear Kim Jung Un saying this. I'm ashamed that such a comment shows up on a Canadian website.


I actually agree with all comments. People do not take the time to remember and be thankful. I do like the fact that the schools are still allowing the kids to learn and remember what has made Canada who we are today. what if it were somehow placed that 2 hours of that day there is a shut down at work places besides schools and it was governed and mandated by the Labour board? That would allow those who wish to pay their respects the time to do so.


It is disrespectful to the Veterans to know that what they have sacrificed is not worthy of a National Holiday! Without their dedication to our freedom there would be no Canada to celebrate any of our other holidays in. Last year I was given a hard time by my manager for daring to stop working to observe my moment of silence. One other person did it with me! The rest couldn't be bothered to participate... It disgusts me that a response to the holiday was posted stating that it's more important to have a break from the winter chill! Are you kidding? Ask any WW2 vet their response to that.

Posted by emily:

I honestly find it disrespectful that it is not a national Statutory holiday. We should be honouring the ones who fight to protect us and other nations. What makes Remembrance Day less important than New Year's Day where all it is is a calendar change and a day where people party?


I understand that there are people who would only use another Statutory day as a day to do what ever they want but for those who do take the time to go to the ceremony and pay our respects and appreciate the day for what it truly is then it is difficult to take time off work. Not all companies allow for this. Out of all of the holidays in the year this should be one to put on the calendar for sure. We are too diversified now, so many religions, traditions etc. But this event was of international proportion and should be mandatory for all of Canada.


Remembrance Day should be a day of remembrance of the sacrifices made during the past and present wars. Not a glorification as some suggest, not a holiday, a day when the nation sets work, play, aside to visit, console, remember what has been lost so that we could have what we do have. A Statutory day off yes. Not a holiday, simply time off to remember.


A day off is a good day in my books.

Posted by jacob:

When I was a cadet I had to miss a day of school to participate in remembrance day cremonies. Class continued and I had to catch up. I can only imagine how difficult it is for veterans who have returned home and now have new jobs outside the federal sector to participate. Remembrance day should not be a day where we punish veterans with more work in order to honour them. Remember with the recent wars Canada actually has veterans now of prime working age. Service should be honoured and respected...and this is regardless of political opinion of the wars themselves.

Posted by Céline:

Yes it should be a statutory Holiday across Canada ... I'd rather celebrate and remember those brave men that fought for our country rather than celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptist day in Quebec... this Holiday has become a sad excuse to get really drunk and most people don't even know what they are celebrating anymore on the 24th of june.

Posted by Donna:

Remembrance day should not be a statutory holiday in Ontario. Children need to be in school to particpate in ceremony's, listen to vetrans who make school appearances talk and learn about the significance of the day. If it is a statutory holiday they will be at home playing video games etc. The veterans need to be shown respect by all and this one one way to have children participate. The vetrans were the ones who wanted it not to be a statutory holiday for this reason. It was many years ago and that was stopped.


Yes i certainly believe that everyone deserves this day as a holiday. And when i say everyone that means everyone not just bank and government, that is certanly not fair to everyone else. so the message your sending is that we the rest of us are nothing because we don't work for a bank or a government office and we don't deserve the same rights as them. We should all have a right to respect all our devoted armed force soliders.


I think it should be a holiday, what better way to remember REMEMBERENCE DAY and the the sacrifices these brave souls did for us. That way everyone would remember.240

Posted by Pam:

Remembrance day should be a stat holiday as some daycares are closed but most work places are open. I really think it would be the best thing. I thought that with the shooting at parliament hill that they were going to change it to a stat holiday

Posted by L. Clark:

I would like for some Government person to explain why it is only a "Federal" Stat Holiday? Only federal employees have ties to all the men and women who sacrificed to make certain our freedoms and those of others were not taken from them? Only in Canadian government does that make any sense. If any day should be set aside as a holiday, this should be it. A day that many hold dear because they have a history of military in their family or those who had/have only memories of family that died at far off places such as Vimy. Yes even those who have great respect for those regardless of military affiliation or not. To suggest well most won't do anything but sleep, drink, play video games etc, who cares? What do you think non Christians do on Christmas day? What do those same do on Good Friday? We honour a long dead queen but who means nothing to most yet we shun our soldiers who freely gave their lives for us and others in the name of freedom. I personally find it very offensive that the one day we should be thankful for what we have in this country is not recognized as a stat. We would have nothing without those who sacrifice to make sure we have it.

Posted by Alan Newbigging:

I think every one should have Nov. 11 off, banks , government services are closed,a lot union workers have it off, I have to take a vacation day to go to the cenotaph Which I do, rain , shine or snow. There is always a large crowd but I think more kids could be there with parents or grandparents to get the real feel that a service at school never gave me. Thank You.


Observing a national holiday will give it the status it deserves. If education is the concern, then programing on radio and television can be an option, as it is now. Sitting in an office or school being forced to observe a moment of silence is no more a guarantee that people are truly engaged in the spirit of the exercise than having a holiday will be.


Well well it is so interesting to hear everyone's thoughts. Saying all should get all stats off is not well thought out my husband and many of our friends that work for essential services do not get the day off and it sucks but can you imagine what would happen if they were not all at work? We try to make sure we still spend as much time as possible on these days when he is home. As for the beer drinker that is your fault. We don't sit around and drink beer we get together and enjoy our family and take our kids out and have some fun extra time with them (fairs,skating,swimming,trailer etc). As for remembrance day I feel it should be a stat because we would be out at a memorial somewhere teaching our kids what remembrance day is but, not all would do that the beer drinkers of the world would drink beer and their kids would learn nothing.


Things should be unified accross the country. You remarks about Thanksgiving are terrible "at home drinking beer?!". I am much more thankful at home with my family than at work pluggin away at my desk. That also applys for Remembrance Day. The 1 minute of silence at the office really doesn't cut it. Have a day off, and have the whole day to reflect, remember and be thankful.

Posted by a servant of this country :

I remember the debate on this holiday and yes it was a way for employers to get out of paying there workers on this day. The government must have thought this was an important day because they keep this day for themselves and banks as well. I would take this day off even if employers do not want to pay us and take the time to go to a ceremony or parade and honour these men and women who fought and died, supported our troops and volunteered. This is a day to honour my family and relatives who have served and volunteered, died, lived. How they choose to spend this day or any other is up to them they fought for it! and still continue to fight. The Canadian people should observe this day any way they choose that's what they fought for FREEDOMS. The fact that so many people talk about this issue is a testament to the fact that this day and other days they are remembered! I for one believe that the country should have this day off. with or without pay!


They fought for our rights. We should Honour them as they do in the United States. Every stat holiday is equal to each other as its a day off even if you don't celebrate. How many of us celebrate Good Friday? How many of us celebrate Christmas? Easter?

Posted by Debbie:

Remembrance Day SHOULD BE a STAT in ALL provinces. most definitely. No questions asked. Family day should also be a holiday that all workers get off. There is too much confusion on this holiday for sure with some family members getting it off and others not because of the field they work in. And neither day should be thought of as just a day off. Both should be to respect what is important in life. Family and those of our families that because of what they do or have done make it that we can have a good life in this country we live in.

Posted by anant:

I do agree for stat holiday but do remember small business has to pay a lot


I think we should all take the time to be thankful for past and current armed forces personal. I work for a large Canadian retailer who makes us work most stat holidays including family day. I feel that the only people who don't want it a stat are companies who don't want to pay their employes for another day off or double time and a half. These brave men and women give their life so we don't have to against groups like ISIS. As a proud Canadian I think it should be Remembrance / buy a solider a timmies coffee stat. Least we forget!

Posted by D.Millan:

What disrespect to not have it as a national holiday. I cant believe this is even discussed in 2015. If you think other wise then you must not be from here or you are generation x or y with out a clue as to what this day is to represents. Two dam minutes of recognition. These men, women, and even some children gave their lives for this country. So that is the point. So buy not recognizing the importance of this day and running off to Costco or what ever else is open or anything else is like saying who cares. Who Cares? History has a way of repeating it self, just saying. Did we learn anything from past events? Again who cares or it was just way before your time, so why should you care. If your alive in this country then just maybe that might be a reason to think why should you care.

Posted by LMP:

How does anyone celebrate any of the stat holidays? I have sometimes missed the 11th hour - 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day, due to not being able to go to the Cenetaph. I know people who have Christmas Day off, and are not Christians, but they certainly look forward to time off, to spend with our family/friends the way we choose, it's personal and should remain that way, just like all the other holidays.


Yes, Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday in Ontario also. We have men from here that fought in the war too. 2 minutes is not much of a recognition. Some of us would like to attend watching the Veterans Parade. It is important that our young children go to these Parades and understand what they are about.


Remembrance Day is a very important day for Canada and each generation that passes seems to put this day a bit farther behind, except for those who participate in protecting this country and the ones who lost a family member. This day should a strong influence on all Canadians whether born on the soil or not, to reflect on those who gave up so much to give us the freedom we have. Conflict between countries will continue as long as greed will be around. If we lose the importance of Remembrance Day, we lose so much more. Two minute silence is not enough.


remembrance is by far the most important day of out of the year to recognize. as without the soldiers who fought and lost lives we would not have the freedoms we have in our country and the people from foreign countries to live here and still practice their own religions only can do that because of these men and women who fought for a free country! that is why this day should be more observed and recognized. even if i work for a company that is open on that day i take it off and go to the ceremony every year because i feel taking the time out to do remember is important!

Posted by Al:

Remembrance Day should absolutley be a (Day of Rememberance) not 2 minutes which most people don't even recognize. We need to think about the horrors of war more because We keep repeating War over and over. If we were more engaged we would care what our governments do to put us there (OIL, GREED etc.).

Posted by Dave Paulin:

Remembrance day should be a stat holiday if the federal government gets it at their level. The banks are closed as the post office. The general public should have it as well. I don't believe everyone would use it as it is meant, but a good number of us will. Both of my wife's grandfathers were in the world wars and we need time to reflect.

Posted by ken campbell:

There is a recurring discussion about whether Remembrance day should be a holiday in Canada. I say yes. There is a rise in tension in the world and there are still wars happening. We need to remind everyone, especially the young, about the consequences of war and the freedom they are experiencing due to the sacrifices of others. We need to remember those Canadians that sacrificed their lives. We also need to recognize those that survived and lived with the horror of war all of their lives. There is a large decline in memberships at the Canadian Legion and this is due to the passing of many war survivors. This is also an indication of the growth in the lack of recognition that is happening. The Legion is now accepting applications from anyone who is interested in their cause, not just veterans and their families. There have been other days set aside to remember victims of Afghanistan and other wars. I think they should all be observed on Remembrance Day. With the inception of Family day in February that mirrors the U.S. Presidents day holiday, it becomes even more apparent that Remembrance Day needs to be a holiday here in Canada. Ken Campbell


I feel as though Remembrance being a stat holiday would benefit so many - yes it would allow those who wish carry on with their day to do just that, but it would also allow those who wish to share the experience of taking their children to the Cenotaph or other memoriums can do just that... I think it would be a great time for Canadians to branch together and celebrate the lives of those who fought for our country... I say do it!


It is an absolute disgrace that we do not honour Remembrance day as a stat national holiday. This should be fixed immediately. If we can not take the time to remember and honour our past, our future surely has no hope.Our country was founded on the soldiers whom were wounded and died to protect it. Without them we would not be the true north, strong, and free Canadians that we are today.

Posted by Matthew Palmer :

I think remember day should be a holiday in Canada Because I think we should stand with our soldiers serving in the world


yes we should have nov. 11 off as a holiday. I may not go to a cenotaph every year at 11a.m. but I should have the right to do so, at present I can only go when nov. 11th falls on a weekend.

Posted by Farooque:

As a Canadian (born and raised), we all should be off to remember the fallen how they have paid with their lives so we can live this way. Everything should be closed as well, not another shopping day. This will also aid in teaching future Canadian generations, born or immigrated what this country stand for. Oh Canada! our home and native land...

Posted by Susan:

I have to say, by reading the previous comments, I think there are some that are missing the point of the day...not to have day off with pay or to have a convenient long weekend. The purpose of this day is to REMEMBER AND APPRECIATE those that have fought in wars to help keep our country safe and good. November 11th has always been the day we remember the fallen and the survivors of war because of the actual date and time (11am). Did you read the above that describes this day and the reason for it?.... ***The other common name for this day is Armistice Day which marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I. on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month)***... we should always continue to honour on this day, November 11th at 11:00am. I would love it to be a National day off, so that I am able to attend a rememberance ceremony. Thanks for asking for our opinion.

Posted by Mariana:

I personally feel Remembrance Day should be classified as a statutory holiday nationwide; we all should remember the soldiers who had risked their lives, so all of us can live in this prosperous country, the country which allows us to speak our minds and have opinions such as this particular topic. They fought for freedom for all of us and we all should take advantage of that. I’ve read a lot of comments regarding school ceremonies are the best way for the children to learn about Remembrance Day and I agree with that a 100%. But let’s think about this for a second, what do schools do when Remembrance Day falls on the weekend, they educate the students in advance. Similarly to that the education system can carry out the tradition by teaching kids about the past, hold ceremonies and assemblies a day prior to the stat holiday. All of us should be able to enjoy and reflect on this day with our families and loved ones, we all should be able to have our moment of silence with the people who matter to us. I personally believe a moment of silence, with your own family can encourage a greater sense of unity as compared to when you’re forced to do it at school. Children need to learn such values from parents; they need to know these values aren’t only taught in school but also at home.

Posted by Alie:

I think Remembrance Day should not always be the 11th of November. When this is a Wednesday and it is a STAT (I am in AB) working 2 days, then a day off, then working 2 days, then 2 days off is silly. If it is going to be a day off, I think it should be the x Monday of November for example. However I do like Jason's comment that a day off just gives people the opportunity to shop and do activities, not remembering those the day was create to remember.


agreed , if govt gets paid stat, we all should, equality for those who wish to show respect. it s a no-brainer whats the delay ? If you wish children to learn. teach them.


Until the " designated tourist area " power is taken away from municipalities in Ontario, workers in retail will be made to work on stat holidays by greedy employers and companies.


Remembrance Day I was not picked as a convenient time of year for a day off for people! It has great meaning especially to those who have lost a loved one


I think this should definitely be a Statutory Holiday for all of Canada including Ontario. We have to remember those who risked their lives for us to live in such a great country. Who fought for freedom to all. We should be able to enjoy this as a family and reflect on this sacrifice. School's and work places can still do activities to acknowledge this the day before or the day after. But family and a sense of community and respecting Canada is what is important. Creating pride in our country and re-enforcing this feeling among all.

Posted by Frankie:

absolutely it should be a federal stat holiday in all of Canada. I can't believe that it isn't we must never forget the men and women that we have lost in the wars. I also cannot believe that we do not have a better help system for the men and women that return from the wars. our politicians get a pension for life, but men and women who put their lives on the line for us do not receive anything near what a politician does!!! this makes me sick!! there is something totally wrong with this and I cannot believe that we as Canadians allow this to happen! we should never never never ever see one of these men or women on our streets. hey should be getting all of the help that they need. god bless each and everyone of these men and women. I think that the services we have are wonderful and should continue. we have to however, do more for these men and women when they return. they have given so much for our each one of us and our country.

Posted by RG:

If government workers, bank employees can have Remembrance Day as a paid holiday, then everyone should. If not, then it should not be a paid holiday for them either. It is a day for remembrance, not simply a day for some people to get time off. If it is a day for everyone, then proper services could be held that would involve more of the community.

Posted by Robin Peglar:

After reading many of these postings,it appears that we should not have any statutory holidays. Lets all work until we parish ! Remembrance day is one that I have never taken lightly, from my childhood to my age now at 65. My grandfather was a WWI vet and my father, who recently passed away on Victoria day, was a WWII spitfire ace. My children are also on the same page. I'm not sure that one minute of silence at work is enough. It would be more respectful to have the opportunity to participate as families in some of the tributes and services on that day. At the end of the day, it's all about what we were taught by our parents and how we individually pass on those values to our children.

Posted by Rick:

Family Day Is What the day for Some to work. Some to sit home and do nothing with there Family. It is a day that was given because One party wanted to get elected. And has no real meaning. If it where not for the War's and the many who died. YOU would NOT have the life you have today. The part about not doing anything on Remembrance Day that is your choice and yours alone. But again if not for the War's YOU may not have a choice to make


Our father spent 5 years of his life over seas during WWII and he lived with the affects of this all his life. He was an active veteran until the day he died but every year on Remembrance Day we participated and learned at ceremonies at school while he spent every Remembrance Day at work until he retired. Most veterans of the major wars are gone. Why a holiday now? It will be a sure way for the next generations to forget what it was all about.

Posted by Lorrie:

So I guess those who believe that Remembrance Day should NOT be a stat holiday in all provinces somehow believe that those provinces who do have it as a statutory holiday do not pay tribute to the fallen men and women who's sacrifice lead us to the freedoms we have today. As someone who has lived in provinces both with a stat holiday and also without, I see no difference in the behavior of families/children/individuals and their ability or desire to commemorate this day. It is not just up to our teachers to teach children about our history and how thankful we should is up to parents/families and individuals as well. Either you recognize this day or you don't...a stat holiday doesn't make a difference.

Posted by worker:

family day should be every sunday . not just in feb. but we could not do this because money more important than family. That,s why people are stress out people have no respect kid are messed up. the big companies make big profits. so if family is important they why do we have everything open on sundays. but some peopledo not get this because they don"t work weekends.

Posted by Kathryn:

As a child I remember having time off school for Remembrance Day. My parents were both in WWII and they took this day very seriously. We would watch the ceremonies on the television and they would teach me the responsibility I have growing up in a nation that has so much freedom because of what they and others fought for. I wonder if that same type of attitude would be taught to children today or if would be just another day off for other activities. I think that it shouldn't be a stat holiday but I also believe that all businesses should take time at the 11th hour to let their employees observe, schools should use it as a teaching opportunity to educate the young children and then have a special assembly for the fallen. It will take a generation of this type of teaching in order for the respect to continue. My boss let all the staff leave the office to walk down the street to a ceremony at the city cenotaph. THAT was what it should be like every year.


Definitely, no holiday on Remembrance Day. By not being a holiday, we do a better job of remembering and acknowledging the sacrifices made for us, and pay homage to the people who helped make Canada a great nation, while also remembering the soldiers who still fight to preserve peace all over.

Posted by ok:

The thing I remember as a child about Remembrance Day was having an assembly in the school and having a speaker talk about it and then a minute of silence followed by the National Anthem. I doubt if it was a holiday I would have been taught that at home. I do not think schools should have it off. Children probably won't be taught about it otherwise.

Posted by Brett H:

It seems that ignorance is bliss. Remembrance Day was an observed stat day up until the mid 1980's. The government of all people removed it. People of all religious backgrounds living in Canada are living here FREE as we all are for the efforts and sacrifices made by our Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles and any other family member. There is no question nor debate regarding this day should be observed and never should have been removed. The entire country should be " closed " to pay tribute and respect to all who have fallen, served and are serving this great nation. What these people had to do to protect our freedom would be horrible to most. What happened to our Vets upon their lucky return is disgusting. This is not a day that Government employees should only observe. The entire Nation should be observing. Anyone opposed to observing Remembrance Day, find yourself a new place to live where the freedom isn't as free.

Posted by Ian:

I am in favour of making remembrance day a holiday with large scale commemorative events where we celebrate the freedom that those who died fought for, by being free to not have to work!  We could use the day to spend time with our friends, family and community and honour those who died for our freedom! Obviously we can't make people participate, but are we really going to have that many kids who don't know what remembrance day is, if it's a statutory holiday in Ontario? The school boards should just do it a different day that week! It's a federal holiday, a holiday in a number of provinces, in several other countries. Should we in Ontario not have the right to enjoy that freedom too?


Realistically, every Canadian and business operating in Canada should work this day, and gladly donate the days' pay to support our veterans. That would be true gratitude. After all, we would all be slaves if it were not for their sacrifices.

Posted by Mary:

I do not think schools should be closed on Remembrance Day - I think the teachers should consider it a privilege as well as their "responsibility" to teach students the significance of this very important day. I agree that it is sad that a teacher would make this about themselves, rather than the students. If Remembrance Day was made into a stat holiday, I agree all the kids would be at home playing video games and watching T.V.

Posted by Marnie:

I remember my grandmother, a Veteran, would come to school with us that day. She would walk with us to our local church to have a service in remembrance. I would personally take honour in reading a poem as frightening as it was to stand in front of the whole school. Yesterday, while at work I stood for a moment of silence to reflect on the life my grandmother afforded me. Customers continued to shop and talk and I wanted to scream at them. I am 34 years old and would love the opportunity to go to my grandmothers grave and have a tea with her not stand here and listen to people chit chat. I see both sides....but as Jason mentioned needing a family day....shouldn't it be on remembrance we come together with our families and remember what the people before us sacrificed for us?? Can't you make your own family day some Saturday or anyway when you need a break from the cold mid winter??? Remembrance day is so much more then a day off.

Posted by Mark:

I think it's deplorable that Remembrance Day isn't a statutory holiday. Everybody should be given the chance to pay proper respect to our living veterans and to our military who lost their lives in the line of duty. They gave it all for us and we can't even provide our citizens a day to pay their respects? Sad.


Rememberance day should not be another has more significance. .hearing the sound on the 11th day at the 11th hour and giving silent pause wherever you are...we dont need a holiday to remember

Posted by Debbie:

It saddens me to read the comment from the teacher who felt that it is not their "responsibility" to teach students about Remembrance Day. Teachers are supposed to educate our children academically and historically. If you feel that you are a just "therapists, nurses, mothers, fathers, nutritionists and babysitters", you are definitely not worthy of being in charge of developing the minds of our children! In fact, your mind is in need of a little developing! Our children need to be educated in how thousands of men and women died to give them a better life. One that allows them the privilege of being educated and the freedom to be a child who will grow up to enjoy being an adult. I am so fortunate to have a son who was never drafted to go fight in a war that could take his life away. I am also so fortunate to have a son that, through being taught about the men and women who died so that he could have a better life, has such a HUGE respect for veterans and all who serve to protect us. He never hesitates to go up to a veteran just to say "Thank you." In my mind, Remembrance Day is far more important to acknowledge than "Family Day". Think about it.


The only reasons students will remeber it is because we don't have to go to school.


Yes, itshould be a statutory holiday, but not in the holiday sense, it should be comppullsory that all stores close, this day us not for shopping and indulgence and only essential services should be open, such as hospitals and clinics. No convenience stores, no shopping of any32 kind.. Those who died gave their lives, surrey swe can give one day.

Posted by Janine:

My feelings! I think it's fantastic this special day is celebrated in schools. But how long before this right is taken away as is everything else. Then what? A teacher commented why is everything left up to them? I agree. Another comment, "use your holidays to take a day off." Most ppl don't get a 'paid holiday." Then what? Most people honestly can't afford to take a day without pay. I have been working for 40 years, never has an employer done anything to observe Remembrance Day. I feel as a Canadian, (Ontario) I have a right to attend Remembrance Day services. Not just to sleep in, do laundry, but a choice. We are remembering what these men and women fought for. Our "freedom". So grant us the freedom. to make this choice. November 11th should be a Statutory Holiday!


If Remembrance Day was made into a stat holiday I think all the kids would be at home playing video games and watching T.V. They would miss out on the beautiful school ceremonies and not realize how significant the day is!


We take our children every year to the ceremony along with their grandparents, both in their 90's, who served in WW2 in the navy. It is a great opportunity to teach them what previous generations have sacrificed for us, and we all go out for lunch together afterwards and the kids get an upfront and personal history lesson. I think it should be a national day of respect and mourning...not a "holiday", as such, but I can also see people treating it as just another day off.

Posted by Dave :

Remembrance Day should not be a 'holiday'. It is a day of remembrance to those who fought and died for Canada. It is not meant to benefit people by another day off work at the expense of the employers. Only on the federal level should it be acknowledged, because the soldiers fought for Canada, not a province. Federal employees should be free to leave their jobs to attend a service but return to work after. It should not be a holiday, because to be a holiday is not what it is supposed to be. It isn't a day for a barbeque, raking leaves or washing the car. People who want the day to acknowledge it should be allowed to use vacation time and observe it. The eleventh hour of the eleventh month of 1918 is significant. It should be kept that way, not made into another long weekend or day off work.

Posted by Ian:

I am in favour of making remembrance day a holiday with large scale commemorative events where we celebrate the freedom that those who died fought for, by being free to not have to work!  We could use the day to spend time with our friends, family and community and honour those who died for our freedom! Obviously we can't make people participate, but are we really going to have that many kids who don't know what remembrance day is, if it's a statutory holiday in Ontario? The school boards should just do it a different day that week! It's a federal holiday, a holiday in a number of provinces, in several other countries. Should we in Ontario not have the right to enjoy that freedom too?


Even though students are receiving education about why we have Remembrance Day why is it only the teachers responsibility to do it all?? Now not only are we therapists, nurses, mothers, fathers, nutritionists and babysitters now we have to be war historians and be responsible for what they should be learning through attending the ceremonies and hearing form family members what the war was about. Shopping for Christmas and putting up decorations should never happen until after this day. Yes the day is off but as in most provinces very little stops. Walmart and the like were open so money making will always happen but this day should be revered.

Posted by (902):

Welcome home!what does that mean to you?some have no idea. Others have had to kill others and watch thier comrades die to really truly understand.Lets remember those who didn't return home and respect the ones that did. . .

Posted by carol:

I agree with Jason, there was far more participation around this day when children were in school, even others at their jobs. Time was taken to share the history and appreciation of the men and woman that gave everything to give us freedom. They lost their lives doing their jobs, they did not have a holiday till they accomplished their mission. Those that were lucky enough to come back to their loved ones, still really got no holiday, as they had to fight demons of war for the rest of their lives. I believe to honor the lives of the folks that gave all their hopes, dreams, and lives, is to work hard to keep our country safe and free no matter the hours in a day, days in a week or the lack of a holiday. People need to be more like those they are honoring. Work hard and ask for nothing.


Our soldiers fight everyday for our freedom and we can't take one day to honour them?? Our government puts them in the front lines but won't stand behind them to make Remembrance Day a national holiday to thank them for what they won't do?? Our world is messed up and it all begins at the top. Sad.

Posted by Irritated in Alberta :

My Alberta employer forces us to choose between Remembrance Day and Boxing Day. If you take Nov 11 off, you do not get paid on Boxing Day. Boxing day at our work is a 'mandatory shut down date' where the entire company goes home that week without pay for most of the days. The general feeling is that if you do 'not' work Nov 11, then you are letting the rest of your peers down. There's this enormous pressure to go to work that date. Not once have I been afforded that day off in all my years of work servitude there. Not once have I been able to enjoy any of the many services on that date with my family.

Posted by Rob in Calgary:

2014 Nov 11. This day should be a national holiday from coast to coast. There are those that say no, and then the others that say yes. For the greater good, the yes is more important than those that say no. One could argue about Easter, I'm sure 100 percent of the population aren't Catholic/Christian yet we have the Easter holiday. Some say people use a holiday to sleep in, well, tell me people don't use the other holidays to sleep in and not partake in the ceremonies. There will always be people that use any holiday to sleep in. Let us not lose our focus. We see the television commercials, we see people wearing poppies, we see people attend the ceremonies who aren't at work. Lets stop letting the corporations running this country as we know corporations don't like holidays for their workforce. I say stop and look at the big picture. How many must suffer being at work only to wanting to be at a ceremony to honour our veterans. How long must this abuse go on? Yes, I have had family serve, and yes I have a friend in the army, and I thank them all. We MUST have this day a national holiday.

Posted by Carole:

In Saskatchewan it is a provincial holiday and over 10,000 people attended the ceremony at SaskTel Place (formally known as Sask Place) I believe it is Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec that do not recognize Remembrance Day as a provincial holiday. All three territories deem it a public holiday.

Posted by Lesley:

It is interesting to read the posts and to see the ones listed above as being given more merit than others. Remembrance Day is important because as a celebration of hope and peace. It is a reminder that peace and stability are not easy and that many people sacrificed in order to provide the quality of life and relative safety we enjoy in Canada. To change it to a family day because "it is a much more appreciated break for families" would be to minimize its importance historically and culturally. Remembrance Day is not about providing an extra holiday for people. What a selfish and thoughtless idea. Remembrance Day certainly is 'a reminder to all of us that for the remaining 364 days we need to focus our discussion and actions to ensure that future generations won't have to fight in wars at all'. Anyone who doesn't understand that, has also missed the intent of the observance. Remembrance Day should be statutory across Canada.

Posted by Ian:

It is a shame that all Canadians can't agree that Remembrance Day should be a day of reflection and respect to the 100,000 Canadian men and women, and the thousands of others around the world that gave their lives so as the rest of us could live our lives free of the horrors that War is. Their no question that it should be a truly national Holiday for reflection.

Posted by Genny:

I really don't think of Armestice Day as a holiday - it is a day of remembrance. We are all human and it will become just that if it is deemed a holiday. Rather - perhaps employers could be encouraged to be flexible with their employees on Nov 11th.

Posted by Raisa:

I would agree that this Holiday should be a statutory day, not because we can stay home, but because it is important for everyone to participate in ceremonies. also we need to teach a young generation to value their freedom, which is not that free. a lot of people pay with their life.


Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday in every Province.What a disgrace that people in those provinces stop for only 2 minutes to think of our veterans who have given so much for our country. Neil Arnett from BC

Posted by worker:

I think it should be a stat holiday. people lost their lives for us. family day should not be a stat its not important but remembrance day is. We should be thank them by making it a stat. everything should be closed that day. buying stuff on that day is so wrong at a mall . IS THAT SHOWING RESPECT. very sad that people think this is okay. I have to work this day because people are so stupid and do not get it. that day is about them not us.

Posted by Gary :

I think it is disgusting that some government offices allow their employees an option to take November 11th off or January 2nd like the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.


I am a teacher and I DO NOT think that Remembrance Day should be a holiday. I teach in a small community and we meet with other schools, legion members, soldiers etc. and march down the highway, through the town and to the cenotaph and participate in the ceremony that takes place. I think it is important for children to attend this. This is an event where the community comes together and it is moving to see old and young all together. Parents in this community probably would not attend this ceremony and the children from kindergarten upwards get to experience this.

Posted by Larry:

In reply to Jason, the reason you can enjoy "family Day:" in the middle of a long cold winter, is that our troops fought and in some cases sacrificed their lives so you could live in a FREE COUNTRY like Canada where things like Family day are possible,,, its unbelievable how selfish we have become

Posted by cms:

Why is it that we would celebrate murder. It doesn't matter how you paint it... People killed each other. Murder is never the solution for peace! Those who we are supposed to remember made a choice for suicide in the name of peace. Calling it WAR is no excuse for murder.

Posted by Sandra:

I am visiting Calgary and was shocked to find out that, although Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday in Alberta, many employers here require their employees to work on Remembrance Day and take a day off during Christmas week instead. I am very opposed to making Remembrance Day a national holiday if people are going to disrespect the military and treat it as just another day off.

Posted by Kat:

I read a comment above comparing it to family day, what a disgrace. What do people do on family day? What people's sacrifices are being honoured on family day? And why is the discussion about one or the other? Remembrance day should be a national stat in Canada, this will give people an option of whether they want to take part in celebrations. I work in an industry that is 24 hours a day (and I understand the need for these operations) but when I do have the day off I always enjoy going to the local functions.


it should not be a stat holiday anywhere - cause most of the people moving to Canada don't give a rats ass about our soldiers who fought and they get a day off with pay. Even on Canada day - i go religiously to the all celebrations that are celebrated near a mostly all east Indian neighborhood (huge neighborhood) and guess what. out of thousands of people you rarely see any east Indians celebrating with us but when it comes to their religious march - street are shut down for them!!!!


Please do not make Remembrance Day a holiday. Because schools are open on November 11th, the children and their schools study their history, and go to Remembrance Day Ceremonies. If schools closed on Nov. 11th, then the children will not learn what the day commemorates, and the history will be lost. Children are our future, and if they are not taught, then it will be forgotten quickly.

Posted by Osbourne:

Our young men gave of themselves withouth fear, some of them paid the ultimate price by being cut down in the prime of their lives to secure freedom for all. I believe it is only fitting that the entire nation of Canada observe Rememberance Day as more that a ceremonial day. Rememberance day should be a national holiday.

Posted by Rodney G Galambos:

Maybe the reason that there is a family day for Jason and his family to celebrate is because there were those veterans that made it possible for him and his family to enjoy their freedom.

Posted by anaonymous:

I'm tired of the government adding new "Stat" days to the calendar, only to find out I have to work because my employer is too cheap to give us the day off. So while the government workers are enjoying the day with family and friends, I'm working to pay taxes so they can reap the benefits of my hard work. Shame on the government that they should even have to poll for answers!!! This day more than any civic or family day should absolutely be a mandatory day off with pay so that the entire country can pay proper tribute to those who fought and died for us and others. It's a real travesty that all we can give is one minute of silence one day of the year. Shame!

Posted by Patrick:

It is a disgrace that it is not a national holiday. Instead our malls are open to full a consumerism society. Why should only certain people have the day off. Shouldn't all of us have the oppurtunity to go to ceremonies and honour those who have served for our freedom.

Posted by Jennifer:

I love how in Ontario the government employees observe this is a holiday as no bank, court or other government office is open however, the rest of us here in Ontario are to take our own vacation day if we want to spend the time observing the commendable heroics our veterans. Maybe the Ontario government workers should have to work Family Day in exchange? If the government observes a day as a holiday, the rest of the province should be able to also.


I believe that it should be a stat holiday in all of Canada. We have all had or currently have someone that has served in the armed forces and should pay our respects as a nation. If no one agrees to this then why keep it as a stat holiday in the provinces that do honour our war vets and armed forces, I say we all agree to this as a nation and try and work together to make it a mandatory stat holiday.

Posted by Cindy:

Paul, I think your being slightly presumptuous and a bit harsh on Jason. He may be under the impression that in order for provinces to get Remembrance Day off that the Family Day weekend would be taken away. For small businesses adding another statuary holiday to their payroll could be financially devastating. I do not think that those brave soldiers who fought for our freedom to live, work and play would feel jilted by the fact that this day is no longer a stat in certain provinces, especially if in doing so negatively impacts those who cannot afford the extra stat holiday to be added to payroll. The reason we can go to work or school where we want and have the choice to participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies or not is what our vets fought for and by going to your work or school honours what they fought for more so than having a day off which people may or may not use to honour them. I agree with one of the other commenters that if being part of the ceremonies is important to you then take the day off as a vacation, floater day or otherwise if allowed to do so. I think the likelihood of the majority of the population taking the day as a bonus day off with pay is more realistic to the number of people who will truly observe this day by attending the services and ceremonies in their communities. It seems to me that this stat holiday could come at either a high cost for struggling small businesses or could result in one of our other stat holidays being removed from the calendar. I could live without Boxing Day myself but the new Family Day weekend Jason spoke of is very important to the health of the many people who suffer from SAD and without that weekend, there are no holidays between Christmas and Easter which is a long time during the most depressing months to go without a break. I respect our war heroes and although today is a day to honour them, I feel as though we should show our vets the respect that they deserve throughout the year and ensure that they are provided with the best care and financial support possible instead of allowing those who suffer PTSD and other mental illness or physical traumas to fall through the system cracks and end up on the streets or abusing substances. This should be on the forefront of government policy makers discussion table, not whether to make this day a stat holiday or not. I salute and celebrate the brave women and men who serve or have served us and would fight for their right to be supported by our government and our tax dollars should they need help with recovering from mental or physical injury while serving us. Just to be clear I'm of Irish/English decent and am not a supporter of a supreme race or of Aryan blood or anything to that nature, in case you see my reluctance in supporting adding today as a stat holiday as neo-Nazism or unpatriotic. I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing, just pointing out some of the possible issues that could arise. Lest we forget.


The birthday of a 200 year old Queen is a national holiday, but taking the day off to remember veterans still among us is difficult to agree on? What is this even a discussion about? It's 60+ years overdue.

Posted by pitu69lfm:

Remembrance Day should be Stat Holiday. I would like going to the ceremony with my daughter but unfortunately is a school day in Quebec and working day in Ontario. We Ottawa people cannot participate at the ceremony... Is this only for Government so that only THEY can participate to the events...

Posted by Jamie:

Are we not a country as a whole? Why some provinces and not others? In light of the recent loss of one of our reservists, standing guard over a memorial site in this province, we are doing a disservice by dismissing Ontario and 3 other provinces. It's like "forgetting" as day to day life goes on as usual while the rest of the country remembers. Sad, disgusting and needing to be changed!

Posted by Louellen:

Either Canada makes it a statutory holiday as a whole...for every province in Canada...or it makes it one for none. Every province is part of Canada and every province had members of their province as part of every war fought. It's not correct that kids learn more about it by being in school That is done no matter what. It is taught. We need to be a country as a whole and either all provinces have the holiday, or none. (Those who are afraid of having their children home during a holiday to look after, that's your issue.)

Posted by Cliffird boosteom:

We are taught to stand behind our troops. Yet our government does not on a national level. What a disgrace.

Posted by Summi:

I see it a day where unity gathers to remember their Heros, the people who sacrificed their lives for their future generations. In provinces where it is a satutory holiday people just sleep the whole day instead of participating in the rememberance day events. I suggest a next Monday as a family weekend instead of rememberance day holiday but all, being one nation, should follow the same.

Posted by Anita:

Today is November 11, 2014. I just sat at my work computer and watched the Remembrance Day Ceremony on the screen... how I would have loved to have been there in person! Thankfully, this time, the office phone didn't ring at 11 am, like it has in past years. Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday in the few places where it isn't currently so in Canada. I think most people understand the importance of this date. Most of us Ontarians have to watch the ceremony on TV well after its done, while sitting down to watch the news. I am sure our fellow Canadians in the other provinces who currently work on Remembrance Day are doing the same thing. Schools may put together a presentation, and perhaps bigger businesses may put some sort of policy in place for Remembrance Day; in most smaller places of employment the work usually doesn't stop, especially if customers are involved. That is the sad truth of our current situation. This is not conducive to giving the day the respect it deserves.


It is a Stat here in Alberta and our children in school always reflect and honour the past and present with a ceremony on an alternate nearby day. The best of both worlds, a learning experience in the institutions, conversations of remembrance had throughout the whole week instead of just one day and an opportunity to create individual family traditions on the 11th. Definitely should be a National Stat.

Posted by Eric:

Is a disgrace and embarrassment that Remembrance day isn't already a Stat across Canada. Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories should be ashamed. It should have been a national stat since the first one in 1914. Any body who disagrees should think long and hard how we have peace!


I live in BC so it is a holiday for me. I typically have celebrated in two ways: 1.) I attend a parade/ceremony. 2.) More recently my friends and I have set the day aside to go on a hike. We plan things around being somewhere with a view at 11am. We take a moment of silence at 11am and spend that time reflecting over what's in front of us. We discuss how lucky we are and thankful we are for what our service men have done for this country.


My husband is a serving member of the Armed Forces. I gave worked and not been able to attend the ceremonies and find it horrific. That as a family we give our loved ones into peril and our government does not give her citizens a day to mourn for all that have given so much. Even if they don't loose their lives overseas fighting. War changes the soldiers and families.

Posted by Yuri Meronyk:

Remembrance Day should be observed nationally because it signifies our freedom and current way of life and also from Thanksgiving to Christmas is too much time without a holiday

Posted by Brenda:

I do believe Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday not for us, but for ALL people in the army. If not for them only God know how our country would be like. Our lives would be chaotic if not for our Soldiers in the army. They deserve to be remembered and we should Never forgot.

Posted by Ahmad J:

To honor all those who sacrificed their lives and to remember their devotion to the whole nation in Canada, it would be reasonable and respectful if we have it as a statutory holiday. A Canadian citizen

Posted by dorad:

Yes make November 11th a statutory holiday across the country. Let's allow families who normally are unable because of work to participate in local Remembrance Day events. While school children do learn and appreciate our veterans on Remembrance Day, there are opportunities to do this during National Veterans Week which begins November 5th. This is the public's opportunity to honor the past and grateful of freedom because of our troops.

Posted by Di:

Where I live, Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday. Schools, all Government offices, most retail businesses are closed. Students have ceremonies on the last school day before Remembrance Day to teach them what it is about. Today's ceremony had about 300+ here which is an excellent turnout for our small town and it was very moving. Lots of families with their kids there. I think it should be a national stat holiday. Everybody should be able to attend their local ceremonies if they wish. Can't do that if you have to work. Also, if people choose not to go, then they have the FREEDOM to do so and that is an idea these conflicts were fought for.


I would just like to say that I don't think it is necessary to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday. The government discontinued the holiday about twenty years ago

Posted by Dan Humble:

If days of religion can be considered stats... Like Easter and christmas... That not everyone celebrates... Then a day that effected the whole world should be a stat.


It should be a statutory holiday throughout all our Canadian provinces. As we move on as a nation we want to instil values of this memorable day to our young people who are the future of tomorrow and make sure they do not forget the glorious bravery of the people who fought and died for us to have a good life. On Remembrance day we should take a day off to honour such bravery and give the families of these passed soldiers a time of healing and appreciation which will not compensate for their lost but give them a feeling of dignity that all was not lost.

Posted by Oreste:

It really is time to show the respect that our forces deserve. Especially, those that have lost their lives in the wars that have plagued humanity for such a long time. These brave souls put themselves out their, not for money, fame, but simply to protect our land, freedoms, and to bring peace to other parts of the world. We need a National Statutory Holiday, so all minds, in Canada, are on one page that day, plain and simply. Oreste.

Posted by Heather :

This should be a statutory holiday everywhere in Canada. The majority of the provinces get this statutory holiday, with the exception of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and North West Territories. Every province and territory should have this as a statutory holiday. This use to be a statutory holiday on Ontario, and then it was taken away. The soldiers who fought and died in this war so we could have freedom today, and the soldiers who risked their lives every second of every day in this war who did come home, some of them maimed for life, deserve this much gratitude and respect. I think it is a disgrace of the highest order for it not to be a federal statutory holiday for all of the country. To put this in another perspective, how would you like to go to war and lay your life on the line for your country, and then not be given the respect of having November 11 a federal statutory holiday to at least show some measure of respect for your sacrifice? November 11 is a day that honours not only the people who fought in World War 1, but also every war to follow, and soldiers who have lost their lives in Peace Keeping duty as well. Let's show some respect for these men and women who served in these wars, and show them we care and are grateful they risked, and gave their lives so we could have our freedom. We owe this respect to them.


I lost my father in 1944, never got to know him, stat or no stat I will always remember

Posted by Paul Rowe:

Remember Jason, you might not have a FAMILY, if not for our troops who liberated France & went on to terminate Hitler's Army. Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday, so people such as myself, who work can go to services to REMEMBER our troops who gave, so we could go on. Jason are you from Aryan stock?, or any member of your family? If not, you would have been terminated by Hitler & his Nazis. Enough said. My Father was a World War 11 Vet & I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Posted by As:

It should definitely be a holiday, we have holidays for everything but for something important we call it a normal day.

Posted by bob:

Watch the crowds; shows the success/failure of 'multiculturalism'.

Posted by anonymus:

wow, people only want the stat holiday for selfish reasons, just another paid holiday off in canada, try paying your employees with all these stat holidays,its ridiculous. All people do its use it as another long weekend to go to the states. They do not go to the services or celebrations etc. Remembrance day would get better recognized in the schools for sure if they were at school . Typical spoiled canadians looking for another day off.As for retail, there is a reason alot of places need to open extra time and days, its too compensate for all the holidays. If there is services, absolutely close for an hour to go, that is very reasonable but no need for the whole day so you can do your housework, yard work, or your weekend away , which is what people absolutely do.


Of course it should be a national holiday. When I was younger and in primary school,the meaning of each holiday was taught to the class.In this way,all youngsters would learn of the deep sense of duty and love of thier nation and family these young men and woman share.A valuable lesson for all,even first generation canadians.

Posted by William:

I guess I'm JUST old enough to remember when Remembrance Day in Ontario WAS a statutory holiday. On this day, I would usually be up early, and me and my grandmother would head to downtown Toronto to get a jump on our Christmas shopping. However, I remember that at 11am EVERYTHING came to a halt. We were in the middle of Eaton's or Simpsons and everyone in the store, everyone in the Subway, everyone stopped for a moment of silence and observed the reason for the day's vacation. My grandmother explained to me why we do this, and that was enough. I didn't need to watch black and white newsreels of WWI or WWII, I didn't need to be inspired by recent tragic events. My grandmother pointed to veterans adorned proudly with their medals and berets and told me that it's because of men and women like that, that we continue to enjoy the freedoms we all cherish. And that was a lesson I've held dear for a lifetime. We have all kinds of holidays, why not bring one back that honours the soldiers of the past and those who currently are willing to lay it all on the line to protect our nation and out values around the world. We don't need school ceremonies where the kids who aren't interested hide and snicker in the dark corners, or who yawn at the speeches or films that they are still too young to comprehend the true meaning. Stop every bus, subway and streetcar, put every stop and crossing light on red and show the world that for 1 minute on the 11th day, of the 11th month and the 11th hour we can all pay a silent tribute to those who have fought, will fight and protect, or who have fallen for our nation and our people. Ensure that your kids understand for at the very least that single minute of silence, what it is for and hopefully they will pass it down from generation to generation to come. The ignorant people will always be so, but the rest of us can do our soldiers this one respectful deed. So little to ask for those who have given so much. It shouldn't take "recent events" to make this a prominent thought in the minds of our leaders or people. Whether a soldier stood on the ground on D-Day, fought through the sands of Iraq or Afganastan, or was respectfully guarding the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is not the issue. It's that there are men and women who feel a duty to serve their country and protect our way of life, when others shy away from that responsibility. Please bring back the holiday and let us teach our children the importance of the day. My understanding why Ontario cancelled the holiday was that they had interviewed young people and those on the street and asked them what Remembrance Day was and why we had a holiday. And the answers were often sad, ignorant and disrespectful. The same teachings can be taught in schools the day before or during the week leading up to November 11th. When I was in elementary school we created poppies out of construction paper and wrote out the words to the famous poem "In Flander's Field". It can be done.


As a small business owner I struggle with each stat holiday as each one costs me $1750. In holiday pay X 10 = $17500. Per year as it is I don't really want to see another stat holiday added


Today we remember the lost soldiers in the two WORLD WARS and its because of them we are all living in this country peacefully, so lets salute to them. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL, LIVING AND PERISHED. If a statutory holiday is declared for November 11th, it should be only recognized for memorial day for the people and all businesses should be closed of that day.


why is boxing day held as a stat holiday when we don't respect our vets with a stat holiday.

Posted by CindyBB:

Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for the entire country not just select provinces. Agree with a previous posted, not sure what "Jason's" comment has to do Family Day. Remembrance Day would be in addition to not replacing Family Day. Everyone should be able to take the day for honouring the veterans not just government employees.


I do not believe that Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday for anyone including those who work for the government. The thought would be nice, however I do not believe that people would use this day to pay their respects, I think most would just view it as a bonus day off. If people really wanted to pay their respects and participate in the day then they would find away to do so (vacation day, floating holiday etc.) and if there was really no option but to work you can still pay your respects by wearing a poppy, observing the 2 minutes of silence and making sure the next generation respects and upholds the freedoms that we have today.

Posted by Stephen R.:

I have always been surprised that Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday in the province of Ontario. When I think of this day and it's meaning... 2 min. of silence is simply not enough. It is important that we take this time to honour the memories of our fallen, and those still in service at home and around the world. A stat holiday would give us the time to with our families and friends, and discuss the long history and importance of our military contributions. As well as our continued commitment to securing a free and democratic global society.


After being raised in New Brunswick where they recognize remembrance day as a stat day. I am absolutely embarrassed that Ontario where I raised my family does not. As a child I always remember having a big service in our gym the day before remembrance day with essay contest poems,Veterans past and present who shared there stories with us. We were taught respect for our service men and women at a very young age. On remembrance we would go to the service in the town square where we would leave our poppy on a cross and remember and reflect all that was lost and all that we have because of them. I really think this is a no brainer we need to have some class as a province.

Posted by Edna:

I, along with all of my co-workers have been pleading with our employer to be permitted to close our doors from 10am to 12noon on Rememberance Day in order to attend the ceremony. Believe me when I say that we don't want your money. We live in a town closest to one of Canada's largest bases and we are embarassed to admit that we are open on Rememberance Day. The decision to be open is not ours, it is of the Corporation which employs us. In the end though, it is not shame that has me bow my head. I bow in prayer as I reflect on all of the sacrifices made by our service men and women. I will remember them.

Posted by Trisha Jury:

It should be a Stat Holiday! We should all be able to see the memorials! They are such an important part of our free lives! If you don't want it to be recognized as a "STAT" then you should work. BUT those of us that enjoy seeing and hearing the stories of the heroes of our lives should be allowed to. I do agree that there should be no shopping on this day either.

Posted by anonymous:

Remeberance day should be a statutory holiday in Ontario. it would be nice to pay tribute to those who have died to give us our freedom. It is up to us as parents to ensure that our children pay tribute as well... and just because the children will not be in school doesnt mean they wont pay tribute and respect! that is what the day will be for!

Posted by Brenda:

Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday - no question!! The veterans and current serving men and women deserve the respect for the service they have given us. What upsets me more than anything are the companies that make their employees work Nov 11 just so they can take another day off at Christmas! That is so disrespectful.


I feel it should be a holiday everywhere because we should honor those who have fought for our country, doesn't matter where. Thank you


As a child and teen in Ontario I remember the beautiful ceremonies that took place every year. We sang and played "in Flanders Fields," there were usually 2 war veterans that came and told us about some of their story, and the principal on behalf of the school would thank them. Class by class we would bring up our wreaths. This is honour. I guarantee none of that happens at home, most of us wouldn't even turn the channel to a remembrance program, much less observe the 2 minutes of silence. I miss those times, the days we honoured our heroes. Now it just seems like another excuse to sleep in, living in Alberta, where people don't even realize what goes on in other parts of the country to honour the vets. I think it should be a day of remembrance. And I think the schools should organize it and those parents who work jobs that aren't 7 day a week critical should have the right to go in the schools to observe along with their young. Make it truly beautiful.

Posted by Thomas:

Remembrance day should be a stat holiday too many people gave there lives for are rights and freedoms so they should be remember by all for there honour. I am a vet i have been out almost 10 years and been able to go only 2 remembrance day cermonies in that time because of work


Here in Quebec all government offices and banks are all closed, what is funny is that some companies give it and some don't, I work in the investment industry which we deal with banks all day and cannot do much on this its a very slow day and not busy because the people do not know if we are opened or closed, so yes it would not be a bad idea to declare it a National Holiday...I agree.


One country - one Remembrance day for every Province. I live in Quebec and hope we will have Remembrance Day s Stat holiday here too.


Rememberance Day should be a stat across Canada. My father was a WWII Japanese prisioner of war from Dec. 25, 1941 till being liberated by America after VJ Day Aug 1945. We should be remembering what these soldiers as well as past and present soldiers have done for all of us. No, we should not being go to the local mall for the best sales deals. Don't rely on teachers to teach YOUR children about the Wars, take your childs hand, spend some family time together and teach them yourself. Kids are curious, they will listen. Military daughter, wife, mother.

Posted by George Rudanycz :

It is time to make it a holiday so to attend the services They died for us !! A better significant holiday then other dates. We can never forget that their blood paid for democracy . Shed a tear and remember them.


Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday no matter what people chose to do. Many chose to attend services, like I do every year. But there was one year when I asked for the day off (booked vac day) and was denied. So could not attend a service. This is WRONG. If a stat holiday then you would not have to ask your boss for the day off, you have it off to remember in any way you wish to.

Posted by janet:

I think it should be a stat. Jason commented that family day would be a better choice any time a family can be together is family day. This is a day that could be a learning day , so that young people can learn why we have the rights and freedoms we all enjoy today. Everyone should remember.

Posted by Elvin:

I would really appreciate another day off, but when I think what is remembrance day and what are the activities at school for this special day I would rather say "NO" don't make it a stat holiday..or else it will be just another day off for the kids and kids from the next generation will lose the meaning of Remembrance day. Being at school at least they will be doing some activities and the will always be awae of what is remembrance day..


Remembrance Day should be a day of Honour and Respect and to remember those who have lost their lives and those who are fighting for our Freedom! I remember when I was young our mother took us to the War Memorial downtown so we knew what Remembrance Day stood for and we respected those who served and lost their lives. I repeated that tradition so my children would know what Remembrance Day meant and they to do the same the same with their children. LEST WE FORGET!

Posted by Skye:

Remembrance Day should definitely be a National holiday! The hardships that the veterans have endured: anxiety before going, the horrors of participating, the mental and emotional aftermath, not to mention the stress on the families are just a few reasons why they should be honoured. These special people should be recognized by all who benefit from their personal sacrifice. My only prayer is that we all treat others as we want to be treated. World Peace begins within all of us.

Posted by Audrie:

I agree with Jason, however, if they want to allow people to take time to observe it why not go back to the way things use to be done. Have the morning as the 1/2 day stat and allow businesses to be open in the afternoon. Or, make it mandatory that business allow employees 2 hours off between 10 and 12 to be able to go and observe Remembrance Day.

Posted by Doris:

Note - Not everyone gets to take the Family Day stat holiday in February either and this might end up being the same for Remembrance Day then. Many places have contracts where there are other designated days off (e.g. Civic is not a stat or the company grants more days between Christmas and New Years). I have had co-workers whose child care facility was closed for that day and family Day cost them money for alternative care since a vacation day was not an option.

Posted by Francis Rupert Legge:

There is not a more important day of commemoration than Remembrance Day. It surprises most Canadians that the Federal Government has failed to move in Parliament for its institution as an important National Holiday for such a long time. I would like the Government of Prime Minister Harper to correct this lapse by its installment this year. It is appropriate, indeed important in the education of our young generation, that they may understand and cherish the selfless sacrificial heritage of those Canadians who served in Wars in far-off theatres of military action in defence of human liberty all over the world. I trust this voice is no longer ignored for this necessary institution.


Isn't it enough that our freedom to wish Merry Christmas has been squashed because of of some people being offended by the Christ. I thought the fight for our freedom should allow us to continue with our beliefs. Children will learn from their parents and if fortunate, from their grandparents about the meaning of Remembrance Day. It should be a National Holiday so that we as a country, can remember those who have given their lives so we have our freedom today. Lets salute them and give them the respect they so deserve. I for one think we should observe this day. I hang my head low and Thank them for all they have given in the name of freedom THANK YOU. You will be remembered. Carmen


yes remembrance day it should be a statutory holiday for all Canadian. Hu fought for Canada? not the government, so should be for every one or no body.Wen this day comes I'm very upset my grandfather died in first world war, he never comeback


Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday everywhere,the schools in Quebec do not even honor the ones that fought or are still for us ! We are proud Canadians at least let us show our kids how we got to live in such a beautiful Country and let's educate them the proper way.

Posted by Scott Landry:

After what happened in our nations capital and in Quebec to another soldier both died much too soon; as a act of unity joining together on this day off nationwide would show that we honor those who have made the sacrifice in our defense. We are peace loving nation and realize if you don't remember history you are likely to repeat it.


I feel it should definitely be a statutory holiday. As a nation we need to instill the importance of this date and all those who have made is special and honor them. We need to instill these values in our children and continue to cherish our freedom. Thank you to all those who sacraficed and continue to do so.


I believe it should be a holiday. we have holiday's for many other silly things out there. This would help people remind the importance of this holiday and to be thankful for having those individuals who risk their lives everyday just for us. It would bring families closer together on this day as well.

Posted by Angela:

In light of what has happened, we should remember the solider's who sacrifice their lives for us, however I don't agree it should be statutory holiday, my son attends school, and every year they learnt about Remembrance Day, my son has been a participate, I fear that if the schools are closed, some of these children who are in school well stop learning, this is not considered to be a DAY OFF, it's a day to Remember. Everyone I asked said they would love to have the day off, we are not respecting any solider by this.

Posted by oob:

Remembrance should be a stat holiday every year i take the day off without pay and my older kids to the ceramony my younger ones have theres at school when i was young it was a stat holiday here in ont till they brought in holiday shopping


It certainly should be a holiday. It just goes to show how people like Jason should not even be allowed to live on Canadien soil. How inconsiderate can people be to make a comment like that after all the soldiers gave up there lives for us to have what we have Don


It certainly should be a holiday. It just goes to show how people like Jason should not even be allowed to live on Canadien soil. How inconsiderate can people be to make a comment like that after all the soldiers gave up there lives for us to have what we have Don

Posted by Étienne:

I'm in the army cadets in Québec. I did the remembrance parade 2 days ago (sunday) and I think that we should have a stat Holiday all across Canada! I'm not saying that because i'm in the army cadets, but I think that it is important to commemorate veterans, family, our troups, etc. Why? Because they protected us and it is the only reson why we're living in a country with liberty, freedom and pride perseverance!You can go to work, but I think I will remember them on a cenotaph and think about why I was born in a free country! I'm proud to be Canadian! Are you?


Today I texted my 10 year old niece who just moved to Ontario, asking if she was thinking about the Remembrance Day ceremony, and going to hear her dad play the pipes tomorrow. I was shocked when she said she had to go to school. Our family has always attended these events, in honour of my dad who was a vet, and of all the others who unfortunately had to serve in those wars. It's not a "fun day". It's a day to think about our values and the cost of keeping them. 100 years to think about, and the kids in Ontario will spend another day in school, instead of learning through participating in life. Very sad. Where is a sense of Canadian tradition?

Posted by Centi:

I should be a Stat holiday all over Canada to honour the heroes of the two WW1, WWII, Korea and Afghanistan The people who sacrifice their lives and their time to give us freedom.

Posted by Anonymus 300:

It should be a Stat Holiday all over Canada, to honour the heroes of WWI, WWII, Afghanistan.


I feel it is certainly a time to reflect upon those that fought bravely for us to be here today. However, I do think it should be a stat holiday due to the fact that if students don't have school on this day and we gotta pull regular routine and hop off to work a 5 am it should be more than worth our while time ad a half sounds good :)

Posted by Szo:

Yes it should be a holiday to honor our heroes of two world wars plus afghanistan in all Canada without discrimination


Yes Remembrance day should be a Canadian holiday for all the provinces. As we are a united Country and should at least pay a moment of silence in respect for our war brothers and sisters who gave there lives standing up for what our country stands for.

Posted by (902):

Canadian. . . Always doing what's right Let's not forget. Missing you granddad!!

Posted by Bernard A. Hutchinson:

If we Canadians can't have a day to remember & honor our dead & living, especially those military personnel who are injured; (physically and/or psychologically), which is a mandatory holiday in the whole of Canada for all Canadians or non Canadians, then we as a nation should be ashamed. We expect our military to get into harm's way, give of themselves, their lives if necessary & and often their livelihoods & then not give the whole nation a chance to attend ceremonies without losing a days' pay, then something is very wrong wrong!


Absolutely should be a stat holiday for the whole country. With this holiday all businesses should be well.


I believe Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for all provinces in Canada! I am a teacher in a province where Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday and every year we have a ceremony, involving students, on a different day. This ceremony is in addition to any other ceremonies or activities families engage in on the actual Remembrance Day. Our school ceremony provides an opportunity to open the dialogue and increase participation in activities to highlight and augment the seriousness and reflection and hope characteristic of the actual day. Remembrance Day involves a state of mind, an increased focus, for the days around Remembrance Day to learn about, remember, and focus on relevant issues. It doesn't matter if some people stay at home and goof off instead of attending a ceremony. The point is that we, as Canadians, are marking this day and what it stands for as important to our sense of identity, history, values, and future well-being. Most people will engage in the process of remembrance in their own ways, with families and their wider communities. It is the marking of the day and the sense of ceremony, respect, and importance, that is crucial for making this a stat holiday. In most people's lives, there will be some years where they are very active in their engagement around this day and other years where they may be less active. The point is to include this day as a mark for reflection, important regard, discussion, and remembrance. There is something powerful about being part of this, weather a person simply sits on the sidelines or is much more actively involved in ceremonial proceedings. If it is a national stat holiday observed in all provinces, the values and sacredness of the day and what it stands for will live on for generations.

Posted by Cyril David:

Remembrance day should be declared a Statutory Holiday in Ontario as well as all over Canada. Our troops who had made sacrifices all through their lives should never be forgotten by all Canadians. In the comment Jason mixes up Remembrance day with family day which is quite irrelevant.Once again we shall remember all our Veterans on November 11 in a very special way by declaring a Statutory Holiday for all Canadians.

Posted by Joe:

Trough out my school years i never saw anything significant in remembrance day just the moment of silence is not enogh and its not held every where. Its importent to make it stat in ON for This generation.


Nov 11 should be a stat holiday across Canada and all business should be closed to respect those who fought for us, no exceptions!

Posted by Dave:

Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday as our veterans fought in behalf of all of Canada. It is a true shame we don't have this day so that everyone has the ability to honor those have given up their lives or fought on our behalf and still do. Stores should be closed and other such things. We should be aloud to worship the loss of so many and the giving of so many in the services. We can watch the services from our homes or at the different services given. We celebrate other days that we think are important and why not this one which represents all of us. We live in a country free of dictatorships and other forms of oppression. Our service personnel deserve this day of honor. We get to sit in our homes in comfort while they take risks on our behalf.

Posted by Beverley:

I would simply appreciate having the hour off work to attend the local service without being penalized by a thoughtless employer who has no respect for the tradition of remembering what the cost of his freedom has been. But what should we expect from people who are not really Canadian. I was told I would have to make up the time lost by going to the Cenotaph. Incidentally my son is a Veteran of the Afghanistan conflict - 3 tours. How many Canadians were lost in that war? Far too many.


I find it appalling that Ontario does not celebrate this, it is hypocrisy at its best. To make things worse, my company here in BC has clients mostly in ON and they force us to work on Remembrance Day because they do. So I also don't have an opportunity to attend any Memorial Service or watch it on TV, which I most definitely would do. If people choose to make it a shopping day that just shows how self centered this generation has become. Recent events should stir some sentiment in people lucky enough not to have experienced war.

Posted by Kassidy:

I believe that Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday in the province of Quebec, and all over the country. It's a day to reflect on all of the soldiers who fought to make Canada a better place. I am a patriotic person, and I find it appalling that we have to sit through classes (I am a university student), instead of honoring and paying respect to soldiers and veterans alike. Without these brave and courage souls, we would not be the strong and free country that we are.


This should indeed be a statutory holiday. I have never experienced war. I have not been in the military. But I truly respect what these men and woman gave up for us to Live in a land that allows you to speak freely on any subject you choose. To walk around without the problem of harassment from government. To be allowed to make a living without obstruction. We do honor these men and women with ceromonies; but would not making this day a holiday be the ultimate respect? We need more patriotism in our schools, government buildings our own homes. We must get back to our roots and traditions as Canadians , free Canadians. Bring back the values that made this country great. Respect for a person in uniform, Sunday church, Sunday dinner with family.


I come from a small town in Ontario, and member of the Legion. We have a church parade every year on the Sunday before Remembrance Day. We have small service at our war memorial. I something have to work on Remembrance Day and even if it becomes a stat holiday , I will mostly likely have to work on that day and being a stat day means I will have harder time booking that day off. In my work place we take the time at 11 am for moment of silence, in past years that I have worked we have customers that are upset because we do not serve them during this time. Last year I worked and it was the first time we didn't have customers upset but they stop and took the moment of silence with us. The reasons why we should not make Remembrance Day a stat holiday, I truly believe in time people will use this as another day off work and not attend services. You can't force people to attend a service on Remembrance Day but we can give time to those who want to even in the work place. Maybe make it that workplaces can not open up until noon, or have to shut down for an hour or two. A few years a go I would say yes to Remembrance Day as Stat day but now I don't for so many reasons. I know many vets, some our relatives and some our friends. We all have our own reasons for wanting it as Stat day or not as a Stat Day. It doesn't matter if the Remembrance Day is stat holiday or not. The legion poppy campaign begins the last Friday of Oct to Nov 11. We observe most of thanks, we remember those who fought in wars the most during this time but OUR VETERANS DESERVE TO REMEMBERED EVERYDAY OF EVERY YEAR.

Posted by Bob Thompson:

In light of recent events, it is time to make Remembrance Day a Stat holiday in Ontario. Years ago, when I worked in Ottawa, I lived very near the War Memorial but could not attend the service. Plus I had to walk to work as the busses were off their regular schedule. Truly disgusting since I worked for two war vets. Have some class, for god's sake!!

Posted by Murielle:

I am still hoping that one day all the heads of states will find a way to get along so that innocent people, soldiers & civilians will not lose their lives for the profit of the few.

Posted by Dusty:

Make Remembrance Day a stat holiday all across Canada. I live in Ontario, but spent 36 years in BC where it is observed as a stat, and everything is closed. I have attended ceremonies every year, no matter where I have lived. It is important to remember those who fought and lost their lives for the freedoms and comforts that we all enjoy today. It is a time to reflect, honour, remember.


I find it ironic, that Provincial employees get this day off, while the rest of us have to work. If the Province does not make it a statutory holiday for all, then provincial employees should have to work as well. As for the comment from Jason, I am not sure where the "good point" that this writer eludes to is in Jason's statement. Rememberance day has nothing to do with the family day off, nor should it. They are two completely different events derived from totally different circumstances. If it not for the men and women that stood strong for our country, Jason would probably not be enjoying any day off, and would probably be speaking German right now. It is a time to appreciate what others have done for our country and the world. If one wishes to spend their time playing video games or sleeping in, so be it. But others would enjoy participating in the commemoration of those that had fallen for us. I would be one of those who would give thanks to all those that gave their lives so that we could become the Nation that we have.


I believe it should be a stat, however I also feel that with it being a stat holiday, that ALL BUSINESSES should be closed as well, so they cannot take advantage of making money that day. It would give those of us whom work a chance to spend the mornings with our families at the memorials in the city as wall as the parades. 2 min that day is certainly not enough time to reflect.


do you remember when WW2 ended ? I do I was 5 years old and scared to death. The Air Rraid sirens went off I thought we were being attacked pretty bad when you live at the end of a Shearwater runway d

Posted by Efy:

Here in Quebec we unfortunately do not have it as a statutory holiday; Jason is lucky he has Family Day - not in Quebec. When I managed a café, years ago, I shut down the lights at 11am and customers (even older ones)- sad. I think that businesses here should at least make it a point to recall and remember those who have fallen and those who serve to make our world safer. This could just be by keeping the silence at 11am or as simple as sending off an email during the week prior to remember and to wear a Poppy. Either way, whatever your political, ethic, or religious beliefs we should all respect those who serve and protect our Country.

Posted by Ayesha Yazdanie:

Stat holidays should be the same all over Canada.Why should we be deprived in Ontario.Would appreciate a Holiday Thank you

Posted by Holly:

After reading many posts on the subject I find just about all who commented really don't get what Remembrance is all about. Remembrance is not about one day a year to remember and honour our Veterans. This should be an ongoing part of daily gratitude.

Posted by Edward:

Is Remembrance Day celebrated with solemnity and reflection or is it an excuse to sell cars and promote businesses like Veterans' Day in America?

Posted by Holly :

My father is a WW11 veteran who is still alive and well. He expressed to me that he did not make this sacrifice so people could have a paid day off to shop and drink and party. He suggested to me that if we make it a stat holiday then EVERYTHING should be closed. From my personal observation this has NOT increased observance and attendance in other Provinces and Territories.

Posted by Donna from Ontario:

Remembrance Day should be a mandatory Federal holiday throughout the entire country. To honour those who gave their lives, served and serve today to protect and preserve the way of life in Canada. Life is short and precious. No one is more fortunate than we to live our short lives freely, as we choose,in this beautiful country.


I like the British idea. In that way everybody win. In all honesty, I would find something else to do

Posted by Glenn Webber:

Remembrance Day in Canada should be a stat holiday nation wide. We must remember the ultimate sacrifice made and the service given by all of our members of the Armed Forces, both past and present. We need to teach our young about the past... "Lest We Forget"!! If not for those that answered the call, went over, fought, died and the survivors that came back and had/have to live with the horrors of war... this Jason character would not have the choice to complain and moan about "...long, cold depressing winter..."!! True North strong and free! Then, now and always!

Posted by Dr. Canada:

Canada should have this day as a statutory holiday across countries or in every province. Reasons: 1. to remember those who defend or fight for Canada, including those during the peaceful years; 2. it is almost divided into between Thanksgiving and Christmas; 3. residents of the country should have this day for break as many other reasons and holidays that we already have.


I would say NO. If November the 11th was a stat then people would just use it as an excuse to party. Younger generation would not think about why they have the day off just that its a paid day away from work to go have fun. Its nice to stop in the office at 11 for a moment of silence to remember what happened.

Posted by Debra:

Remembrance Day was a stat and should be again, our children need to understand what those before them lost for our freedom.

Posted by Adrien:

Remembrance day should be a stat holiday with a parade in each city to commemorate those who fought for our freedom and to join all of us together as a nation as we do with Christmas which is observed as a national stat holiday, not all will celebrate it for religious beliefs but join together to enjoy time with their families and yes there is a parade. Same goes with St. Patrick's day, although this one is not observed as a national stat holiday, people from all walks of life join together with a parade and celebrate getting drunk off green beer. If we observed Remembrance day just the same as we would as other national stat holidays we'd be able observe it more and practice a sense of culture and history though celebration united together on the busiest streets of our hometowns and be together with our families and remember those who fought for our freedom for more than just a 1 minute of silence.


Remembrance day should be a statutory holiday for all provinces. We all need to remember what our soldiers did for our country and what they do every day for our country. It is not just for the schools but is important for everyone. I vote for a national holiday.


Please make Remembrance day a Stat holiday just out of respect for our soldiers and veterans. Especially since the government has reduced in so many ways the Veterans Affairs Department. At least give them that respect.


I believe that Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday across Canada. In light of recent events I am humbly reminded of the fortitude and dedication of our military, and would like to observe this day by attending a memorial. Children do not necessarily have to be in school on the particular day to learn about the our military and their sacrifices for our freedom.

Posted by Justin:

To be honest, yes another day to ourselves would be nice. Naturally, anyone who says that this is not in their minds when they think of the day, is lying. I'll admit, it would be nice. However, when I would have this day off, its not because of some silly religious holiday, a random day for family, or anything like that, I feel that if Remembrance Day was to become a Holiday, I would honor it, due to the fact that these people survived, died and fought to get me this day, a day of peace, a day where I can live in a country and play games, hang out with friends, see family or just sleep in, because THEY earned that freedom for us. If that is hard drilled into peoples heads, then yes, make this day a Statutory Holiday, and FORCE everything to be closed. So yes, a Ceremony is nice, sure, a moment of silence is cool and all, but in reality, its more forgettable. People should enjoy the freedoms we have been bestowed by our soldiers.

Posted by Frank:

Remembrance Day should be made a Stat Holiday in Ontario. We have holidays for so many other things, none which honor something as significant as our veterans who risked their lives to keep us safe today. 1 Minute of silence does not benefit anyone. After October 31, many people forget about Remembrance Day and begin preparing for Christmas. For many people, they forget about Remembrance Day, and that should not be so. I believe that we should give Remembrance Day the appreciation it deserves. By making it a Stat Holiday, everyone will remember that day and remember the many that gave their lives for us.

Posted by Colin :

Remembrance day should be a Holiday to mark respect to all current and past armed forces after all thats way there is freedom in Canada and across most parts of the world so do the right thing and make it a stat holiday in Canada and Ontario. Thank you to all Serving.


Remembrance Day in Canada should become a statutory holiday. Jaosn's comment does not make sense. He states that Family Day is a much more appreciated break. I can guarantee that most individuals just think of it as a free day off to relax and sleep in. Remembrance Day, on the other hand, is not treated the same way though. Even outside of our schools and jobs, there are many ceremonies and events that take place during this significant day. People do respect, honor, and dedicate this day to the Canadians solders, who had helped free Canada. In schools, jobs, and other places in Canada, they usually just hold a small assembly or gathering to talk and honor Remembrance Day, and afterwards, people then go onto following their regular schedules for the day. Remembrance Day is a very important, significant, and respected day in Canada. This "holiday" should be remembered and be honored for the entire course of the day. It is morally wrong not to hold Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday in Canada. Although Remembrance Day is a "federal" statutory holiday, not a provincial or national holiday. Why is that? In other countries, this day is observed on the national level throughout the day. So why not Canada?


This should be a stat day everywhere. I have family who died and fought in the wars and work for an employer who doesn't recognize this. My daughters school has been celebrating this day all week, they dont need to be at school for this one day. Why not be at home and go through family photos of grandparents lost in the war or visiting their memorials?! Instead I wear my poppy proudly but have to put up with talking and noise through the 2 minites of silence in my workplace.


without these brave veterans, we would not have the freedom or perhaps families to spend the day with. The very least we should do is take one day out of 365 to thank the soldiers , past and present, for the tremendous sacrifices that they have made and continue to make every day to keep our country proud and free! Jason your small minded comments are just pathetic,

Posted by Melanie Haverstock:

I feel it should be a statutory holiday everywhere and the schools do have ceremonies the nearest day before so there is education and remembering done there. More confusion arises when we have these days when some have it and others don't. We should all have the day to remember and pay respect. One full day is not much to ask for those who gave so much more than that.

Posted by Angie:

I am a Nova Scotian and I will add my outrage to that which has been voiced concerning Remembrance Day as a stat holiday. I'm not so concerned about the "holiday" part of the issue as I am the "remembrance" piece! Nova Scotia has deployed more than our share of soldiers, including my father in WW2 and my daughter, who is an infantry platoon commander, where she and her 50 men got shot at everyday of their lives for 8 months. She returned, injured but ok. Some of her men did not. Understand the feelings of the soldiers who returned, but their platoon members (family members) did not. And the pain and suffering of their loved ones. It saddens me when I see our population fighting for a "holiday" when the soldiers and families feel forgotten, or right down neglected. Worse yet are those that say "what are the armed forces doing there anyway! We should...." (Insert whatever rude thing you like here).. A holiday is on order people, but so is remembering of the freedom for which our women and men have so bravely given it all so that you and I can make our own choices preserve our way of life. Living in Canada is a privilege and is why folks from other countries seek to live here. In the process of sharing our great country with others, they also need to be taught that their new found freedom is worth fighting for and observed when others pay the ultimate cost for their freedom as well. If you spend the time and money to get here, take out citizenship, then join us. Learn what it means to be a Canadian and be one.


Ontario should make it a stat holiday,one minute to remember and then carry on with your day is not enough.I use one of my personal holidays if I'm working on the 11th so I can go to to pay my respect for those who paid the ultimate price. I was lucky my father came back from WW2.Day off or not I will still remember.


It is morally wrong not to observe Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday in all of Canada. We all should pay respects to our fallen soldiers and this is one of the better ways (it not the best) way to do it.

Posted by P.S.:

our soldiers came from all over Canada. They should be remembered ( all over Canada) " Lest We Forget" So I would say yes. Why leave it to just children when adults should set an example of caring instead of not caring- or say it was to violent to remember?? We should remember so that it would not happen again but it is happening again. We need our services men and women and we should remember they have signed to give their lives for Canada - we should Never forget that.- I have noticed a lot of young people in the air cadets probably do to video games-- in cartoons they never experience death or maybe it gets them too used to it... go figure.

Posted by Vince Sundara:

It should be a Stat. Holiday. Jason's comment is wrong. We do celebrate Rememberance Day in schools, communities, legions, place of work etc. before and after Rememberance Day. Just like Christmas we make an extra effort around this time of year to pay our respects to Veterans who gave for us. Jason does not need to worry about what I do or anyone else does on Nov. 11. It's none of his business. It's not spend time with your family( we have thanks giving, christmas, etc.. ) it's pay your respects to Veterans Day... Families may choose to go to memorials or legions to pay their respect. Can't do that if dad or mom is stuck at work. Food for thought folks. Why it is not a Stat. in Ontario / NS is beyond me. Maybe big brother Jason can tell us.

Posted by Lez:

Remembrance Day should be observed in Canada as it is in Britain, where I am originally from, Scotland to be precise.Britain is where this tradition started and thats the tradition that should be followed. The Sunday closet to 11/11 is set aside for Ceremonies , and at 11 mins past 11am on the 11/11 everyone observes a 2 minute silence, where ever you are and whatever day it is. This makes people think about it much more than if it was a holiday , like many have said too many younger people dont get it. By the way , resident of MB

Posted by Nephew of a veteran:

Count me with those readers who do not think Remembrance day should be a statutory holiday. It's one thing to respect the military and their sacrifices. It's another thing to make political hay out of those sacrifices, which is what I believe has happened in the last several years in Ottawa. It would be better for schools and workplaces to have brief ceremonies of observance at 11 a.m. on November 11th, than to have everyone stay home and watch our fearless leaders parade and lay wreaths on television.


Yes it should be considered a stat due to the large numbers of veterans needing time to honor their loved ones the whole day is needed.


It should be holiday at least for students so that they will get the background knowledge about this day. If it is holiday everyone is eager to know why er are getting one and they search online about it. A holiday will spread awareness among the youth


Keep Remembrance day! Soldiers fought and died for us to enjoy freedom! So fricking enjoy it and quit complaining and honor their day, their efforts for us, and salute them on remembrance day in some way. Yes, Ontario should get with it and give their people freedom bought and already paid for! with blood.

Posted by Earle Macpherson:

We observe labour day as a stat holiday and not Remembrance Day ,what a joke . Labour over our soldiers who fought and died for this country. Drop labour day.

Posted by T Parnell:

No other chosen day of the year begs us to heed the lessons of the past and to recall events which granted us the freedom we know today. School is where the young MUST be on such a day - to learn, to be involved in dialogue, and to gather in respect for the fallen youths of yesteryear! To deem Remembrance Day a 'stat holiday' muddies ALL that the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month represents.

Posted by Dale:

A motion has recently been introduced in Ottawa declaring Nov. 11 a national holiday. In my mind this is a bad idea. In both Buford and Mississauga on Nov. 11 when I spoke at the Cenotaph children from schools would be bussed to the Cenotaph where they learned about the horrors of war. In Burford the family of one Canadian pilot gave me his medals and the telegraph that the family received announcing their s...on had been shot down over France. I will never forget the line up of children that came forward to hold that scared piece of paper. Then Rita Mophat a WW II,vet one of the ladies memorized in Brantford’s cenotaph came forward to speak. Make it a holiday and all of those teaching moments will be lost. If I can make the following analogy, Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays, yet how many students can articulate the significance of those days, even if you remove the religious aspect of those days there is an historical significance worthy of consideration. I would also point out teachers have clearly stated that they feel students do not have enough time in the classroom to cover the mandated curriculum. This will be a teaching moment that is lost, creating chaos for parents struggling to find daycare. This idea needs someone to address it. It’s wrong if I can quote from the diary of a WW1 vet, “Barbed wire, no man’s lands and the use of poisonous gas obliterated any notion that war was noble.” From Flander’s Fields,” If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flander’s Fields.

Posted by johnroberts:

As a person who lost Uncles in WW2 and Great uncles in WW1 I am entitled to an opinion. I was raised in an English village of young widows which was very sad.I later served in the British Army as part of the UN Army of occupation in Germany and got to see what we did to each other.More widows and orphans not to mention the "collateral" damage.This when as a young man I became a Pacifist.I have been a proud Canadian since 1974. When I go to Europe I note that the World Wars are very much in peoples minds including and especially the young people who say with one voice "no More". When I come home to BC I find the opposite. The way to remember history and learn from it is to not forget it.Remembrance day should be a Stat. People may not go to the Cenotaph, they may do other things but the fact is they will know it is Remembrance Day and may ask "remember what?"


By not making it a stat holiday it cheapens the day. A lot of people sacrificed their lives so we could live in a free country. Canada needs to observe this day and remember the price of freedom. It should be a day of quiet reflection.

Posted by Olga:

Remembrance Day is not a Federal stat holiday in Canada but Family Day is!!! Are you humans insane??? The world is overpopulated by humans who wouldn't be here if veterans did not fight for these lame citizens rights!!! Have some respect!!!

Posted by Pam:

Remembrance Day is a holiday here in Saskatchewan and we frequently have the highest attendance at local ceremonies of anywhere in Canada.

Posted by MARY:

I have just read the comments of not having Remembrance Day as a stat holiday. I cannot believe people really feel this way saying that others would stay home, play cards or play video games. Maybe people would actual get a chance to go join or view the Remembrance Day Parade or go honor their past loved ones at a graveside or get together with their families and talk about what it means. It would be up to the individual how they feel. Not all of us would disrespect the day by doing nothing. Those soldiers fought so that we would have the FREEDOM to decide what we would do on that STAT HOLIDAY.

Posted by TimB:

It should be a Stat Holiday. But I also agree that business does not need another burden of expense and another current stat should be removed. Family day would be my choice to unload because if it were not for those that fight and have fought for for us there would be no family day.


The more paid days off I get from work the better Lol... but seriously by 2040 there will be no more WW2 vets left.Only a few really would celebrate the day as rememberance day.I think we should get the day off work to celebrate our freedom which ever way we choose.

Posted by Carol:

I agree everyone across Canada should take the time to honour and respect those who fought and gave up so much for us. I have read a lot about how schools should handle the day teaching our future generations but do you NOT know this is already being done? And has in our Sask schools for as long as I can remember? Reality is if a day off is given for any reason our society will use it for their own personal needs. We spend so much time working and just living we need to take some time to reflect and breath in what ever fashion comfortable to us! I too agree all provinces should have the same day and it irrates me that we are not the same .


It should be a stat holiday for people who would like to attend the services these men and women died for us they should be remembered as for family day Maybe we should go back to having everything close on a Sunday seeing as this is when families used to spend the day together


Of course. A country day as Canada should be united in this endeavour

Posted by J:

It should be a day of rest, to remember that we are a free country. Therefore it should be a statutory holiday to show respect and in memory of those that fought for us to save our country. Thank you

Posted by PJ:

I don't think Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. I think it should be mandatory that all Canadian businesses are not allowed to open until 1:00 p.m. (1300) on Nov. 11 so that everyone who wants to may attend a ceremony. This would be a lovely message to our armed forces that we care about them and the sacrifices they are making. It also shows respect and sets an example for the next generation without turning the day into a "holiday".

Posted by Aleks:

I agree that much of the younger generation would not properly observe this important day in the calendar if they received an entire day off to do nothing. However, this day should also be spent in quiet thought. My proposal is that primary and secondary schools receive a half day at school. In the morning, students are mandated to arrive at school, and a recognition ceremony will be held at 11, along with the 2 minutes of silence that are commonplace by now, in whatever way the administration of the school see fit. After this, the students will be let out of school at 12, and be allowed to spend the rest of the day at home. This way, the younger generation will experience the importance of this holiday, as well as time to spend with their families, and veterans in their families.


I do not think that Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday. I think that everyone should go about their business and at 11 a.m. everything stop for remembrance for 2 minutes. To make it a holiday does not mean anything, it is a holiday - time to sleep in, play cards, walk dogs, and otherwise idle the time away. From the daughter of a sailor killed in World War II


Remembrance day should absolutely be a holiday but in lie of one of the existing stat holidays being dropped. Business should not have to pay anymore stats than they do now. Drop family day or labour day and have remembrance as stat.

Posted by Tom Allen:

Do not make this a stat holiday - it would cheapen the day.

Posted by Morley:

In reply to another comment by "Amy", having Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday would not and could not possibly have any effect on children understanding and appreciating the true meaning of the day. In my experience, schools make a great effort in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day teaching students about the wars, heroes, and brave people lost, not to mention that they deserve honour and respect from everyone who lives in freedom today. Saying otherwise is simply preposterous. Give schools, teachers and students the credit they are due...which is exactly what they will be giving the courageous people who fought for all of us.

Posted by James Ebear:

I believe that we should honor those who gave their lives for the greater good. As Commander Spock said- The lives of the many should out weight the lives of the few or the one- I believe our Vets understood this so therefore we should honor this.

Posted by Taabet.:

I know! I'm brainstormed! I encourage the idea of having Remembrance day a National Holiday for the future generations as well.

Posted by Yas:

Yes, it should be a Stat holiday. It is meant to show respect for the fallen, wounded and brave soldiers that fought for US. So WE can live with freedom!!


I am an Ontario resident and would like to see this day a Stat Holiday. Soliders deserve to be honored in this way -- they have and will fight for our country in a way that many Canadians would never want to.


it should make the day off everywhere across Canada, this way will make every Canadian to get a better remembrance that the day come from 100000 solder's sacrifices, i.e. without their sacrifices there won't be the day off.

Posted by Polly:

I believe we should celebrate Remembrance Day as a holiday, not only for to sleep or whatever but to remember all those young men & women who sacrificed their lives for us to have freedom and we should respect that. Think of it this way if you didn't have that freedom where would we be?

Posted by Tyler:

Should be a stat holiday!!! so we can be off work reflecting on what our brave fellow Canadians had to go through. and For it to be a stat holiday in one province and not the next is just outrageous!!Seems as if the government is saying, only these veterans in these provinces deserve to have the entire day to reflect. Really doesn't make any sense. Really Needs to be addressed!! Tyler

Posted by John:

I am appalled at the complete disrespect of some people in this country! to even suggest that Remembrance day and Family day be compared as even close to being equal in nature is utterly absurd in my opinion. you have all year to spend with your family if you feel you need a day to spend extra time with them I guess you could take a day off. we have 1 day a year to "Remember" what brave men and women sacrificed and still sacrifice today for our safety and freedoms that we enjoy. I still am in disbelief that even our nations capital doesn't consider this to be a statutory holiday. What is wrong with our society these days?


I think it 100% should be a stat holiday. I attend a ceramony every year and have to take a vaction day of work to do so. For me Rememberance day is the most important holiday.

Posted by Winston:

I agree with the comment that the question of Remembrance Day shouldn't even be a question; Remembrance Day is about more than another day off to sleep in, or about a ceremony at school. The day is also about showing respect for the men and women who have served and continue to for the country. They don't serve with the idea in mind of not recognizing Ontario or Manitoba; it's for the whole country, and the country should show them the same respect.

Posted by Shelley:

Of Course it should be a Stat... if it were not for those brave men and women that fought for us, we would not enjoy the life we do, as to the people that want a day off in the winter instead, I say shame on you!!!! It is not a day of fun, it is a day of Rememberence, hence the name!!!!

Posted by Michelle:

What is the difference between Veterans in Nova Scotia and Veterans in the other provinces? Why doesn't every province have this? Its just to show respect. Nova Scotian's must be the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to people fighting for our country. Make this a stat holiday in Nova Scotia!!!

Posted by Pawan Chankotra:

Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday to pay our respect for our great soldiers. They sacrificed their precious lives for us so that we can live in peace and honour.

Posted by Amy:

With a stat holiday on Remembrance Day, I fear children will lose the important time to reflect and learn about November 11th. Working in child care, every year I take the time to ensure children understand and appreciate that brave men and women gave their lives to ensure our freedom. I believe workplaces should not give staff the day off but instead ensure that staff have time that day to attend any commemoration ceremonies they desire, even if the workplace votes and attends it together. Unfortunately by giving everyone the day off, i feel the meaning will be lost on the younger generation and it is so important that they are educated on the costs of our freedom. If one of my employees wanted to leave for 2 hours there would be no problem on my part. I cannot speak for other businesses and I understand that not everyone agrees... Maybe they had Remembrance Day as a stat holiday growing up...


Based on what i hear from radio, tv etc. it very much sounds like this will be a stat in time next year's ceremonies. All parties support the NDP bill to make it a cross country mandatory holiday.

Posted by Vera Hancock:

The question being should Remembrance Day be a stat holiday in all of Canada, should not even be in question. Considering we are honouring the men and women who fought for our freedom, for their country that being Canada. Every Canadian should have that freedom to attend the sacred gathering to show our support for all soldiers in our country. They gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives so the least we can do is commemorate this, with the freedom they so valiantly fought for. If some provinces in Canada have the time off to attend and show their loyalty it should be country wide. Granted some will not use that time given to be a part of this day, that said everyone gets Christmas of, but do not celebrate it. But given the privilege to dedicate Remembrance Day with the day off we will get more people to take part. Not all but then not all celebrate the designated stats that are Canada wide. Some companies arrange a bus to transport employees to attend the local Remembrance festivities then bus them back to work with pay. If in the morning, they return to work in the afternoon, if it is an afternoon event they work until the time of the event. Bottom line is everyone should be given the right to attend and honour our heroes.


As I believe this is a day to remember what happens years ago as a small business owner I disagree with having to pay staff members yet another day. We have to face the facts that malls, restaurants and other stores still stay open. At the end of the day if small business have to pay out more than they are making they will close - next the small company with 20 employees are looking for jobs now slowing the economy or putting said employees on E.I. Is this counter productive even though the heart is in the right place. I think so.


I am a military spouse who moved from one province (where Remembrance Day is a stat) to another (Ontario which it isn't a stat) due to a military posting. I was unaware of the differences of the stat-or lack of. I didn't realize until the week before Remembrance Day when my husband asked me to go to the parade he will be in for Remembrance Day to show my support for him and our country (he doesn't receive much notice on these things). Once I realized that Remembrance Day isn't considered a stat in Ontario, I had to request a vacation day to the company I work for. It got rejected because I need to give two weeks notice. I will be taking a sick day to show my support for our troops. I am so shocked that the province of our nation's capital does not recognize the importance of showing support and respect for our troops! I think anyone and everyone should be given the opportunity to show our military support without having to decide between work and paying respects.


Remembrance day should be a sat holiday. It makes us remember the past sacrifices. It is an important holiday and they are no sat. holidays at this season.

Posted by Sheila:

"Please REMOVE Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Saskatchewan. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter. Remembrance Day is better observed in a ceremony at your school, community center or place of work." I agree 100%, we do not need another day off work.

Posted by Kathy:

Absolutely this should be a statutory holiday. It is a time to honor and reflect through education, parades and programs on TV just how we achieved the quality of life that we are so fortunate to have. Many people sacrificed their life to give us the freedom we have today.


Please make it stat. holiday because life is getting busy day by day and we keep forgetting lots of things in our life, even sometime I forget my wedding ceremony, anyway so at least for one day we will remember our heroes. Thanks.

Posted by Teresa:

The thought that schools won't cover Remembrance Day if it's a holiday is ridiculous. What happens when it falls on a weekend? Do schools not cover it then? Of course they do. I'm a past Sgt-At-Arms of one branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and I've gone to schools to do presentations before 11 Nov.

Posted by Bev:

Although you report Remembrance as not a Stat in MB it is covered by the remembrance day act-Which requires Employees who work on Remembrance Day are paid for at least half of a normal work day at 1 ½ times their regular wages. For example, employees who work two hours on Remembrance Day, but normally work an eight-hour day, are paid four hours at 1 ½ times their regular wage. In addition, employees also receive a regular day’s pay for working on Remembrance Day, or 5% of their gross earnings in the 28 days before Remembrance Day if their hours vary. Employees who work more than half their normal hours on Remembrance Day are paid 1 ½ times their regular wage for all hours worked, plus a regular day’s pay Per employment standards

Posted by Lisa:

Yes Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for ALL of CANADA. Just like Canada Day. It is a very important day and should be treated as such. Children should be taught at home not at school to remember and respect Veterans that fought for our country.


Yes Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday for ALL of CANADA. Just like Canada Day. It is a very important day and should be treated as such. Children should be taught at home not at school to remember and respect Veterans that fought for our country.

Posted by Bernard B:

I think we should have a national holiday to recognize those who died for our freedom. We should not judge those that do not want to participate on that day. After all they dyed so we can do and say what we want in this country with in the guide lines of our social perimeters. I put the question to you , would you have gone over to defend us and risk your life all you know and all you would ever have knowing you may die They did!


Of all provinces Not to observe Remembrance Day as a holiday, this year Ontario should make it a holiday in light of what has happened in the past few weeks. Let's start a petition to get Kathleen Wynne's government to change this.


it should be recognized as it is, in schools, cenotaphs and with a moment of silence on radio stations, etc. Any change should be to allow people who work to have paid time out of office to attend ceremonies held locally in their communities. Mandate time like we do for elections - allow people the time to take part not check out entirely with a day to themselves.

Posted by Jaime:

I live in BC where it's a stat. Schools have a Remembrance Day Assembly on the school day prior to the 11th. They still have a moment of silence at 11:00am. I think having a day off allows people to attend other ceremonies in their community. Our kids are in guides and scouts and will be participating in ceremonies at a legion. The day off work/school allows us to participate as a family. I don't think making it a stat will change how people honor the day. They either do or don't.

Posted by Concerned professor:

I believe that this should be a statutory holiday in Canada, and that the school system should be required to teach about WW I and WW II in advance of the holiday, preferably the week before. I am a professional biographer and researcher (cultural history, WW II) and it is hard to believe what the Canadian soldiers endured and died for in the War, especially in the Western Desert (North Africa). So many of them were young and without families to remember them. We need to consider the cost of our freedom, and value it highly. That includes being alert to government issues like unwarranted surveillance. I think it is useful to continue to have CBC and cultural programming about Remembrance Day because otherwise these airmen and women,military and navy people will be forgotten, not to mention the broken hearts and lives of those who suffered their loss -- that continues intergenerationally. This is one way to address those losses and the continuance of our freedom.

Posted by Jennifer Harrison:

I believe it should NOT be a stat holiday. When I was in school, Remembrance Day was an emotional day and having veterans come in and share their stories is something I will never forget. Every student in this country should experience the service offered every November 11. We owe more respect than one day and making it a holiday people will only take advantage and that is not what Remembrance Day is about.

Posted by Too many days?:

Maybe they don't want to make it a stat because then Ontario would have too many holidays? As it is there are 9 stat holidays here and civic holiday is off for many people.

Posted by KEG:

Its a very important day with lots of meaning but having the children in school to commemorate would be better. I suspect, most people won't do anything special if it became a stat holiday. Not trying to be insensitive but I only get so many holidays in a year so this will take away one of my summer floater holidays (Family day already took one away). I'd much rather have a day off in the summer than a day off in November. I can remember in my own way .. the government doesn't need to force it.

Posted by Peggy Lambert:

My father received the Memorial Cross. For any of you who do not know what this is, it means you had to die for your country in order to receive it. I have a real problem with making November 11th a STAT holiday. Currently there is acknowledgement in the schools, at the cenotaphs and businesses often shut their doors for a period of time on this day. No one can convince me that parents of school age children will take the time on November 11th to set aside the moment of silence or insist they watch the programming on TV. It's a 'holiday' will prompt selfish plans for many. If the Veterans and the Legions DO NOT WANT this to be a STAT holiday for fear of 'forgetting', I think we should respect them and choose another day in November as a STAT and call it what you will. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Lest we Forget.

Posted by Kat:

I think Remembrance Day should be a Stat Holiday here in ON. I grew up in NS and every year, whether we wanted to or not, we had to go to the ceremony. We were brought up to respect our veterans and were taught that it is very important to go. I now have a son of my own and would also bring him up the same way.

Posted by Patricia James:

I am appalled at the lack of honour and respect that is taken away from those who fought for our rights and freedom world-wide. Have you ever read about the horrors the veterans of war lived through day by day? It wasn't just the fighting, but the hunger, disease, varmints, illness from the cold, and emotional tolls of watching death, dismemberment and suffering of other men and women. Have those who choose to not have Remembrance Day as a stat holiday ever considered joining the army, navy, air force? Why Not? Are you not willing to give up everything that the enlisted people do? Well then, give them the decency of a day to recognize their gift to us. For those who choose not to use the day as a day of remembrance, shame on you.

Posted by Mike Ciriello:

Remembrance Day should be a holiday. I have heard some comments on the radio this morning saying that it should not be and that it is better that children stay in school and learn about this day in history. They also say that parents will just make it a day to go shopping across the border. All Canadians should attend Remembrance Day. I hope the federal politicians do the right thing by making it a Stat Holiday in Ontario.

Posted by Sue:

Should NOT become a national holiday. It should be a special celebration at school for the kids since most families are too self-involved to care about teaching their kids about why this exists in the first place. They'd be out shopping or sleeping in instead or remembering. The day would lose it's meaning. Also, don't you think teachers and students have enough days off during the year?

Posted by Jude:

I think some good points have been made. What will people do with this day off? I think there are many of the older generation that will honour the day as a day of remembrance, but I think the younger generation are not so interested. Maybe if more people were off work, attendance would improve at these ceremonies, but with the passage of time, the reason for this holiday is likely to be all but forgotten. Freedom is more valued when you have lived without it as many of our immigrants coming from war torn areas can attest to. Maybe a special day to recognize that when we remember our veterans and military personnel, we are also remembering that we do have freedom that many in the world still do not. I vote yes to add it to the Stat list of holidays. Otherwise we will forget once all the Second World War vets have passed on.


I am concerned that if it is a holiday people won't use it for the intended purpose unless the opportunity to shop etc is taken away. I think the only way to avoid it becoming a day to run errands is that absolutely everything is closed with exception only of emergency services. I think another solution may be just to have the morning off or a bracket of time such as 10am - 2 pm when everything is closed for employees to stay put and participate at in house ceremonies OR make a short journey to a local monument. It is important whatever is done that it is put in place on a national level. We are united and all provinces should be the same on this. After all we don't go to war representing separate provinces so we should be together in our time of reflection.

Posted by M Jones:

I grew up in New Brunswick when Nov 11 was a holiday but not in Quebec. I moved to Ontario in 1979 and found out that Ontario also did not have a holiday on Nov 11th. It is a very sad country when only the Government Employees have the right to observe the WAR DEAD. What B.S. Instead they create a Family Day holiday, which by-the-way we have 52 families days a year, it is called Sunday. Yet our WAR DEAD are ignored. (except for the government employees who were the only ones whose relatives died in war)

Posted by Rosemary:

I always say and believe that Rememberance Day should BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. LOTS OF FAMILY DAD, husband was in the war. No one for me was in the war and because I work at the bank I was lucky to have that day off. When others who could not get the day off. Don't really understand who made this ruling.


Sarah is a prime example of why we have the Taliban and ISIS running streets red with the blood of innocents. Not only am I grateful to the veterans, past and current, I'm grateful that I'm no relation to Sarah. What a tragedy that someone so young has no concept.

Posted by Retired military:

With reference to Jason's comment that "Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families", Remembrance Day is not intended as a break but rather an opportunity to stop and remember that the freedoms you have are thanks to our Armed Forces. Did our troops have the luxury of a break in the fighting when they represent Canada overseas? Could they send a note to the Taliban when our troops were dying that they needed to stop fighting for Family Day as they'd appreciate the break?

Posted by Deanna:

YES Remembrance Day should be a national holiday in all of Canada! Fear of losing all of the wonderful work teachers and students do in schools if it becomes a holiday is ridiculous. It simply wouldn't happen. Schools do copious amounts of celebrating leading up to ALL the holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. Not to mention, what about adults who want to observe Remembrance Day but can't because they have to work? Seriously. The country owes a day off to honour it's military men and women who serve and protect us.

Posted by Denise:

Remembrance Day should be a day where all people in Canada can go to commemorate all the fallen soldiers that have fought and died for our freedom! People have become too far removed from the events of WW1, WW2 and the Korean War! We need to remember how precious and hard fought our freedom it!!

Posted by Rev. Dale Renout:

In my mind this is a bad idea. In both Buford and Mississauga on Nov. 11 children from schools would be bussed to the Cenathat where they learned about the horrors of war. In Burford the family of one Canadian pilot gave me his medals and the telegraph that the family received announcing their son had been shot down over France. I will never forget the line up of children that came forward to hold that scared piece of paper. Then Rita Mophat one of the ladies memorized in Brantford’s cenotaph came forward to speak. Make it a holiday and all of those teaching moments will be lost. If I can make the following analogy, Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays, yet how many students can articulate the significance of those days, even if you remove the religious aspect of those days there is an historical significance worthy of consideration. I would also point out teachers have clearly stated that they feel students do not have enough time in the classroom to cover the mandated curriculum. This will be a teaching moment that is lost, creating chaos for parents struggling to find daycare. Finally I know I have sworn off face book but this idea needs someone to address it. It’s wrong if I can quote from the diary of a WW1 vet, “Barbed wire, no man’s lands and the use of poisonous gas obliterated any notion that war was noble.” From Flander’s Fields,” If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flander’s Fields.


If the Ontario government does not feel that Remembrance day should be a statutory holiday, why, then do all the government workers get the day off? Jeanette

Posted by Blair:

RESPECT !!! Its seems today much of our morality is lost,lets start today by setting a good example. Of frickin course it should be a stat. Show some leadership politicians.


Canada is ONE country - either ALL provinces have the stat holiday or NONE. Simple.

Posted by R. Routley:

The importance of remembering our soldiers who fell in battle is as important as remembering those soldiers who served our country and survived . That designated day of November 11 should continue to be observed on the day and should be observed by all Canadian provinces and territories.


Why Veterans in Ontario force school kids have remember day in school but other province the kids has day off. If remember day is Statutory holiday kids will remember that day is a holiday and they will go with they parent paid respect to the soldiers at the National Memorial instead another day in school.


100% should be a holiday to remember all of the brave people who faught and spend time with family who have served never understood why its not a holiday !

Posted by Cindy:

This day should never be a holiday in any province or territory of Canada. It is shameful that we show so little disregard for soldiers by taking a day off. More respect would be shown by gathering in the workplace for a moment of silence and remembrance. As much as I enjoy having the day off in Manitoba, I would rather not as I don't believe that it is much more than another day off to many people.

Posted by Martha:

Every year we watch the ceremonies from Ottawa and listen to all the politicians, and religious leaders go on and on about the fallen soldiers. But yet it is not a day of rememberence through out our country. It should be. We should also be instilling civic classes back into the schools so the young people will realize just how lucky they are to have the freedoms they have. We owe it to our veterans to acknowledge them every day with an emphasis on this day.


I remember a time in Ontario, where Remembrance Day was acknowledged in Catholic Elementary schools by having a day off. My parents and sisters would gather in front of the television to watch the Live coverage of the solemn remembrance day ceremonies in Ottawa. My father was a World War II vet and it meant a great deal to all of us. How, when and why - November 11th was removed as a holiday, I will never know or understand. It gave us all the opportunity to remember and honour all our foreign soldiers. I am saddened and disgusted that this tradition did not endure in Ontario. I hope the federal politicians do the right thing by making it a Stat Holiday in Ontario.


I work for the federal government of Canada in Manitoba and we DO NOT receive remembrance day as a stat holiday. The fact that a federal government organization does not show respect to the people that served our country and continue to serve of country is a disgrace.

Posted by Bonnie:

I agree with the former comment that family day is a nice break in the middle of a harsh winter but our soldiers are on guard for our families and country 24/7 year round. They stand fearlessly and have given their lives for the sake of our families. Will their widows be excited to celebrate family day. Remberance Day should be a federal stat. holiday with no questions about it. Parents should not hesitate to enforce the holiday and educate their children on how fortunate we are to live in a safe country.

Posted by susan:

Of all places, I cannot believe Remembrance day is not a Holiday in Ontario. Most of the rest of Canada, I hope will either attend a ceremony or watch the coverage live from Ottawa...This is a special day of remembrance & we need to teach our children that this is just not another day off, but a day to remember, and reflect on those who have served our country in the past & to support those that continue to protect our nation & our rights

Posted by Anonymous :

Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. My kids are in cadets and do their duty at the cenotaph and are not in school . Our office does nothing to observe that day or that I minute of time. All military persons past and present need to see the support from their own country. If it wasn't for them, our country would not be what it is today.


I have lost family members who fought for our freedom, we as a nation owe them. Without the sacrifice those brave men and women gave where would we be? This should be a national holiday. I work for a company that is so much into making money and increasing production they will not stop for two minutes silence. I however at 11.00 on Nov.11, will stop work bow my head and give thanks. We still have soldiers fighting for our continued freedom. Let us at the least take two minutes to pray for them all. And those who do so please remove your hats, place your right hand over your heart, and say thank you for being able to do that simple gesture, Lest we forget.


Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday. We had both men and woman give their lives for this country and they should be remembered. We should also not forget those who returned but were forever changed by war. I also believe that all business and educational places should close for the entire day. This should be a day of Remembrance and reflection, not a half day for retail to increase their profits. The only business that I believe should be open are the Legions to honor those who have fallen and those who serve. Lest We Forget.


Although we have very few veterans left from World War II we continue to have men and women injured or killed while defending our freedoms. When are the private sector employees able to pay respect to all the fallen veterans. Only municipal and other government workers have this opportunity. It should also be a national stat, not only one that is decided by our provincial politicians.

Posted by Linda:

if it was a stat holiday I would be at the local memoral service paying my respects and honouring those who gave up so much! which is more than 1 minute of silence could possibly do.

Posted by A.:

AS far as I'm concerned, any Province that doesn't follow the rest of Canada and have this day as a STAT Holiday is disgracing the memory oh our fallen solders and current serving members of our Armed Forces

Posted by Scott:

I think it sad in this day and age, that we even have to have this debate. But, thanks to those who fought and died for our freedoms, we can, openly, without fear of persecution. In my opinion we owe them all a debt! The only way I can even remotely think to repay this debt, is to take it upon myself to instill in my child, all that it means to be "thankful", and never forget! Oh, and by the way, the school board here is taking the Friday for a P.A. day that week! Long weekend for the teachers?! We will keep taking our son out of school, and down to our towns cenotaph, each November 11. Lest we forget.


With respect to Jason's comment...I work at an American company in Canada, and we don't really observe the day in the office. Many offices here close until after the local remembrance day ceremonies are complete to allow their staff to participate, which I wish we would do, because I would attend. Since there's nothing mandating this...I'm stuck.

Posted by Martin:

It should be a Stat. We now give the soldiers a minute; seems little to thank them for our freedom. We would be under Nazi rule or dead! I lost two uncles who were in the Black Watch in WW2; Plus my father also served in that war in France; fortunatley he lived, however he was a troubled soul until his passing. A Scottish born - but Canadian!! for the past 50 years. Regards Martin

Posted by Eli Graham:

I smell money behind your not wanting to make Nov 11 a statutory holiday. Afraid a few big stores won't make even more dollars? Shame on you. Didn't the events on Parliament Hill teach you anything> Your argument against is basically that Canadians are basically lazy pigs and will use the holiday selfishly. That is a pretty disgusting way to look at us.


Remembrance Day should be a National Statutory Holiday. There is no good reason why schools could not assemble students the day before, to commemorate the sacrifice made by all of our veterans, in all of our wars and peacekeeping missions. More people who desired to do so would be able to attend ceremonies. "Angry Canadian Preteen" has it wrong (as children often are). We can look back in both gratitude and in sorrow for the fallen—as well as equally look forward to a day when humanity no longer wars upon itself. It does does not have to be an either/or approach. Lest We Forget.

Posted by Wanda:

I can not understand why Remembrance Day is not a National Holiday. Over the years I have actually taken time off work to attend the ceremonies. All provinces should recognize this as a National Holiday in appreciation of the service these men and women did and continue to do for all of us. I also believe that only that day, Nov. 11 should be the day off and if it falls on a weekend, an extra day should not be taken. Both my parents were in the military in WWII and I am truly brought to tears during the 2 min. silence. I have always held this day as a very special day. Now that my mom and dad are no longer with us, I no longer take this day off, but would definitely go to the ceremony if I were given the opportunity.

Posted by Neil Mudde:

Having been born in The Netherlands in 1939, were some of my Uncles were in the underground movement, 2 were shipped off to Germany for slave labour, the fact the so many young Canadians gave their lives for freedom in Europe, makes me never to forget to make November 11 a special day, and I make it a point to attend a public observation of this fact, I think it ought to be compulsory for Canadian students to observe and remember this. Freedom is never free, just look around at our current world situation. Thank you Canadians who gave your life,so that I and millions of others may enjoy freedom, and thank you family members who had/and have to suffer their loss 'LEST WE FORGET'


Yes remenbrance day should be a holiday. We all lost a dear one.i think family should get together And show our children, grand children we must remenber our ancester, It is because of then we are here and have a better life. Remenbrance Day should be a holiday.

Posted by Susan:

Prior to the early1980's Ontario did recognize Remembrance Day as a stat. Education Minister Bette Stephenson reviewed stat holidays in Ontario schools in order to reduce them. She approached the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion about taking Remembrance Day off the stat holiday list. The Ontario Comand's words, "scrap it". My father was a WWII veteran. I volunteer for a Canadian WWII veterans association. We all agree it should be a National Day of Remembrance. I cherish my family every day. I cherish our veterans every day. When McGuinty bypassed Remembrance Day for Family Day, I was appalled. Why do the politicians and crown corporations get the full day to observe Remembrance Day and the private citizens of Ontario do not? Every year my children attended school, I wrote a note to their teachers stating that they would not be attending school November 11th. They would be at the parade and cenotaph with their family.

Posted by Gaetan :

There the one who fought for us it should be a statutorily holiday they give us r freedom

Posted by Dima:

I wasn't born a Canadian. I came here when I was 20 years old. I wear a poppy to thank Canadians who served to make Canada a free country today and to allow me to raise my children well.

Posted by landon d:

All of canada should have the day off to remember all who have sacrificed there lives for this country and pay there respects

Posted by Jackie Dery:

Remember each fallen hero who gave his or her life Remember those left behind who lost a husband or wife Remember each soldier with a heart so brave Remember those weeping at a fresh dug grave Remember each warrior who made it back not quite whole Remember those trying to heal a loved one's broken soul Remember each hero who seems to have returned all right Remember those trying to ease the terrors in the night Remember each young person whose sanity is broken Remember those who cannot deal with the demons that were woken Remember each person who brave and scared went off to war Remember those also who were left behind waiting on the shore


In NS most businesses are prohibited from operating on November 11. There are exceptions or accommodations for some businesses like: farming, fishing and aquaculture, power generation, drug stores, service stations, hospitality industry, hospitals, policing, fire services, dairy production and newspaper publishing


In Nova Scotia all schools, government offices and most retailers and businesses are required to close but it is not a "holiday" and employers are not required to pay their employees who are not working. Businesses and services that are permitted to operate on Remembrance Day must suspend operations for 3 minutes starting at 10:59 am on November 11. On the day before Remembrance Day there are also Remembrance ceremonies in the schools. When my sons were in High School band they played at the cenotaph ceremony in a different community each year. The services were well attended. When they attended university in Ottawa they were shocked that classes were held on Remembrance Day. Most years they managed to attend services at the National War Memorial. We now attend the service in our local community where the cenotaph bears the names that are still known in the community. Then we come home to watch the service at the National War Memorial. Last year as the camera panned the crowd I was proud to see my son standing in the crowd that reflected the generations and ethnicities of Canada.

Posted by Lorna:

I think Remembrance day should be a chance for all Canadians to reflect in whatever chance they get. My father fought in world war 2 and I always went to the service or if it rained I watched it on tv at least. If you make a holiday it should be for all or no one. Why is a government worker any different from us. As for family day I do not get that holiday, what do you mean I don't get that holiday I have family too// Do you not think everyone deserves family day after all if half the family works and the other half does not what sense does that make

Posted by Mark:

It should not be a holiday. I am a civil servant in Ontario and we do get it off. I feel very guilty about that...why should I get the day off? reward is the freedom I have and we should ask for nothing more.

Posted by Moe Winters:

The sight of people on the bridges over Hwys 407 and 403 on Friday paying their respect is the strongest proof that Canada is and will be a free country. Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo: may you both rest in peace.

Posted by George:

Dear Sarah, I am willing to defend your right to remain ignorant. Dear everyone who thinks that school is the place to learn about Remembrance Day and therefore it shouldn't be a proper Stat Holiday. Remembrance Day is not the time to learn about the sacrifices made; it is the day to honour those sacrifices. The majority of Canadians are no longer in school and still need the opportunity to pay their respects. School is one place to do that; your Legions, Military Museums, Cenotaphs, Veterans' Hospitals, Reserve Units, CAF Bases and anywhere else that a Memorial Service is held are a lot more. Those who choose to "sleep in" may still realize what a privilege that is. But to gloss over the day, forced to work it, with no observance at all, would be an unforgivable betrayal of the very freedom we enjoy.

Posted by Lori:

How can anyone presume they know that all immigrants, do not honour or care about REMEMEBRANCE DAY!! most of our fore father's were immagrants!! I do agree that a national day of recongnition would be best , a parade, a national moment of two minutes of silence, should be honoured. A day off, well we are a country with freedoms and if Canada's free people choose to go shopping, maybe that is what freedom means to them. for those of us who honour our past family members, who fought for our freedoms, we go to the cenotaph for ceremony and thank vetrans that still are alive. We try to feel what a solidier might of felt, by hearing stories of those days, while Canada was at war. SOme people do not reconize the history and the death and sacrifice, but everyone has choice to act in a way they choose. If this is made mandatory, how is it a choice? I truly wish everyone would gather to experience memories that cannot be expressed by the written word alone, but I am more focused on how I can set an example, and not how i can rag on how people dont care enough!!- Lori B

Posted by Lori:

I would totally agree that we should never make Remembrance Day a holiday in Ontario. The whole meaning would definitely be lost. School is where we as children usually first learn about who and what Remembrance Day is for. Schools go into why we need to give respect and they will usually have an assembly and or mass in which parents are welcome. I am willing to bet that more than half of us wouldn’t attend anything if this day were deemed a statutory holiday!! -Lori Malton Ontario


In a country full of immigrants that don't care about our history and are only here to draw off of our good fortune rememberance day means nothing !!!

Posted by Mike:

Jason doesn't have a clue, does he?


Remembrance Day should be stat across the country, we have all lost family and friends. The younger generation has no concept of this other than the moment of silence carried out at school, and unfortunately this tradition has been dropped at most work places. The celebrations are held during the day when we most of us are at work, it would be nice to attend and not be concerned about what I should be taking care of at the office or having to rush off as quickly as possible to get back to work when I do attend events, if lucky enough to have a Boss that will allow you to attend the events.


Instead of making it a statutory holiday, we should make it mandatory to observe two minutes of total silence at 11 am (not music, and not using up three quarters of the time explaining it to the kiddies, or other "filler" but actual silence) on radio, TV, etc., with the Last Post to be played at the end of the two minutes. I also think workplaces and schools should provide at least a short ceremony of remembrance for the workers and students, and when not inconvenient, have them process solemnly to the memorial grounds for that city's or region's war dead.


If this day were dedicated to the many *victims* of war, including our so-called enemies, the world would be a saner and more peaceful place. If that was true, I'd be happy for Remembrance Day to be a stat holiday. Sadly...


Should remembrance day be a stat holiday? To me it's about educating those that do not have military and veteran families about the sacrifices these people make for our country. Stat holiday means no school. No school means no remembrance day assemblies in schools where our youth learn about the meaning and the reason for remembering those who have fought and died for them to live in Canada. To me this is more important. Today's day in age I would assume most, not all, but most children in provinces that recognize November 11 as a stat are not paying their respects with a moment of silence at 11am, therefore shifting the point of November 11 as a day to thank our fallen and current military to one they get to sleep in and not go to school.


As an active RESERVE Military Officer I appreciate the Day OFF - not to lay in bed and watch TV, but to attend one of the many ceremonies held accross Calgary to represent those who have come before my service to my country who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom I enjoy today. The other comments are terrible about thinking EVERYONE takes a day off just to relax. This should be a truly National HOLIDAY so people can show their respect by attending the many Cenotaphs and ceremonies held accross the nation.


to the person who said that people only become soldiers to kill, get a clue. People become soldiers for the chance to make a difference in the world, the sense of brotherhood and national pride. Not everyone is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their fellow man. It is the governments that create the wars. War happens when world leaders fail to communicate and threaten each other. As a member of the military i can vouche for most others when i say, yes we are trained \"to go in harms way\" but hope to never do so. There is an old saying \" the best soldiers are the ones that are ready but never used\".


As a Brit I was unaware that the majority of Canadians celebrate Remembrance Day by taking a day off work, and I have to say that to a large extent I disagree with the idea. We used to attend school and gather, all 1300 of us, as a whole to remember family members and ex-pupils who gave their lives in the numerous conflicts Britain has been involved in. Regardless of whether the act of war was rooted in false pretences or the protection of the "free world", we came together to remember those who volunteered their lives to allow us the future we squander today. I understand that most Canadians will be a lot less likely to count veterans who fought in WW1/2 as part of their family, but to me having an extra two hours in bed and a four day week seemingly does little to remind us of how lucky we all are.

Posted by Robb:

I can understand why whoever wrote this section, and defened the many emails regarding making Rememberance Day a stat holiday. Yes, I completely agree with the comment posted by "Jason." So then make everyone go to their regular place of business or school. Do not allow the over paid, under worked labourless government and select other industries to take the paid day off. That is disgusting. If you are going to preach true rememberence, which is what those unfortunate honourable souls deserve, then perhaps question the hypocrasy behind allowing select citizens the right to a paid day off and not others. Way to go Canada. Even on a day of great sorrow our glorious nation still divides us.


No war has ever been conducted to protect freedom and that includes WWII. Lets remember those drafted during the two world wars but its kinda odd expecting people to remember and honour dead professional soldiers. Why does someone become a soldier? To kill... that's that and let's not sugarcoat it.

Posted by fiwi:

Many of us need reminding that people lost their lives (and continue to do so) to ensure freedom throughout the world. Whether we look back or look forward is incidental. It is a day of respect. We can no more force people to treat it as such than we can force feed turkey on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn't matter what country you are from, what race or what religion. We have all been touched by wars...or the outcome of them. But for our veterans many of us would not be celebrating the other stat holidays. Let's get our priorities right.


Well it is unfair that the only Province that doesn't get Family Day is Nova Scotia. Yet we have Remembrance Day Act in place however it is up to the individual employer to allow opening or closing which makes no sense. It is simple either your closed or your open. I think both holidays would be a nice break Feb and again in October.


I believe that all of Canada should honor and respect rememberance day, and make it a stat holiday.For without these brave and tormented soles fighting for our country, THERE WOULD BE NO CANADA. Family day? Really? more important than our vets? pffftttt! EVERYDAY should be family day if you are treating ur family right. Just another excuse for a day off work with no meaning to the reason for the day off...Rememberance day? Now that's a reason to celebrate and give thanks.All these men and woman who fought for us,came back from war a shattered sole, but not acknowledged by the rising uneducated youth of our communities or the government that sent them...two minutes of silence for our fallen soldiers per year...sickening...two minutes for our remaining vets to be honored and remember how many of their friends and family member never made it back to START their own families...because they died fighting for OUR freedom...A stat holiday for family day instead of Rememberance Day? only in Canada

Posted by melissa:

I would love to spend the entire day in remembrance of my great grand father who was also in WW2!!!, and visit cenotaph! but I work full-time days, and simply cannot. I think that there are other stat holidays that should not come before this day! clearly one of our own mistakes that for some reason, we are not correcting.

Posted by Piper:

All this discussion of making it a stat holiday or not is kind of crazy. Not everyone relates to Remembrance Day - but for those that do, as a work-around, why not plan ahead and take the day off? If employers see enough employees taking the day off to observe Remembrance Day, they might think about making it a holiday. I work in Ontario, but my company's head office is in BC, where it is a stat holiday. As a result, we get Remembrance Day off and believe me, we observe it properly. Canada's patriotism is unfortunately not as strong as we'd like to think. We celebrate Canada day, yet we do not observe and respect those men and women who gave up their lives so we could sit here and have this stupid debate. Cart before the horse anyone?

Posted by Paul:

Please DO NOT make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a much more appreciated break for families in the heart of the long cold depressing winter Really!!!! How selfish can you get, these men and women gave up their lives so you can spand time with your families in a free world.. Two minutes on a special day that is all that is asked. Remeberance Should be a World Holiday not a national or provincial. Sorry I am just proud and lucky to be free...

Posted by Peter Booth:

I help a veteran from the second World War even everyday, so I do think of the sacrifice they have done for others 365 days a year. I just feel that November 11th is a special day. If I had the day off I would be able to take him to the cenotaph on that day for services. Helping my friend out is on my own time. I work full time.

Posted by RD:

I believe that Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday all across Canada in order for all Canadians to honor our fallen. If it wasn't for those who fought all the wars, we wouldn't be here today free to discuss this. We should honor these men and women every day but we should have at least one day in the year to remember them.

Posted by The more we don't understand...:

People who have fought in wars or know someone who has will always have a fundamentally different perspective on what the nation should be doing on Nov 11. (It's like parenthood: people with no kids will never quite understand what it is like to have kids so for them Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Family Day will always mean something different.) This ongoing argument whether or not to make this day a stat holiday in Ontario will never end unless everyone experiences war firsthand - unlikely. War cannot be explained to anyone who hasn't been there. This also means that the more we - as a nation - don't understand or want to celebrate Remembrance Day the longer we have gone without wars! By all means let's keep the conversation going but let's remember also that respect cannot be made, it can only be earned. Disrespectful comments from both camps aren't helpful.


In Ontario, we pay our respects to the labourers who toil for the betterment of our country. Why is it that the Ontario government does not pay such homage to the fallen who gave their lives for our country?


It needs to me made a staturory holiday! For one we are the last generation to hear about it from our grandparents. It needs to be made a nation wide statutory holiday out soldiers deserve to be remembered. Provinces that don't have it as a national holiday the employers don't care they show there 2 mins and then the day is forgotten and it's back to business. Employees are not given the time to remember and attend ceremonies in remembrance with out being penalized by there employers! The next generation needs to be made to remember and to do that everything needs to be shut down and people need to be told the history the truth of what happened, why we are able to have what we have today and who was responsible for that and who continue to fight for that freedom.

Posted by Peter Booth:

Yesterday I met a dutch women who told me about the atrocities the Germans inflicted on people during the second World War, this summer I heard an Afghanistan man recount the sad story of how the Taliban took away his parents. I met someone from Croatia whose family was killed by Serbs. Need I say more? Our veterans did not start the wars, they were in another country to free victims of tyranny. We need time off work so we can go and show our respect and give thanks to those who interrupted their lives to end the suffering of people they didn't even know! Most employers don't even give time of day for even two minutes of silence. This is why we need a day off.

Posted by Edmund:

It should be a holiday or perhaps a half day holiday allowing people to go to their local cenotaph in order to attend local ceremonies. In many places of employment they don't believe in stopping work for even two minutes the reason I often get is that they have no relatives who were veterans so why should it affect us. Another reason I got in some places of work is: too busy, no time to stop, etc. I had a boss who came from a country that was not part of any conflicts therefore he didn't understand why I had to pause for two minutes. This is why it should be a paid day off.

Posted by in Rememberance. :

This year in Victoria, both my daughter and I noticed the significant number of young people wearing poppies. It meant something to them. In fact, amongst her friends, the social network was abuzz with comments that no one better be see wearing a white poppy. I asked her what was this thing about a white poppy. I was told that some prof from Ontario was promoting the wearing of a white poppy to protest the glorifying of war by those who wore red poppies. My daughter said how ironic it was that the red poppies her friends and her wore were in remembrance of those who gave their lives for the freedoms that even allow for idiots to protest buy wearing white poppies. To say that Ontario's youth would not recognize the meaning of this day without being kept in school, at the same time professors in Ontario universities denigrate this day is the greatest irony of all.

Posted by Michele :

I am ashamed and sorry for anyone who is so self indulgent they can not take at least a few minutes of their year to say 'thank you' to all those who made the ultimate sacrfice so they can live in a country that guarantees their freedom -even to be so crass. My father was a WWII vet and nothing moved me more that standing holding his hand at Remembeance Day ceremonies as he quietly cried for so many friends lost. My father was not a cultured man but a prairie farm boy who cared for his family, friends and neighbours and would give the shirt off is back to help a fellow human. Do not make his life unrespected or undervalued by your 'me first' selfishness!

Posted by Cheryl:

Would like to see Remembrance Day as a Stat Holiday for all Canadians. I believe that our Veterans and present Military deserve to be honored and recognized for all they have done and all that they presently do. I like to reflect on our past and look forward to our future knowing that as a nation "We Do Remember" Some Provinces also have a Family Day as a Stat which in Alberta is an excellent mid-winter break. The focus is then on our present families which is a gift from our past.

Posted by Brad:

To be honest with you, i'm thankful for the opportunity to go to work,and have the freedom to do whatever i wish, live and love life with my family , friends etc...I don't have to wait for November 11th on a yearly basis to be appreciative, thankful and remember those who sacrificed their life, time, families. Thank God we have the freedom to even discuss and partake in such a topic. Sadly though,even TODAY, others are less fortunate! I have my own personal moment of silence. I will never forget you.............Thank you.

Posted by Alex:

There have been many years when my family wanted to go to certain memorial services around the city but were not able to do so because of work. So I agree with many of the other comments that just because some people will sleep in and play games (which is fine if they choose to do that), it does not mean that everyone will do that. Should we not have a choice at least? In the USA their veterans day is a holiday for everyone. They are extremely patriotic, Canada needs to be WAY more patriotic,and not making an important day like Remembrance Day a holiday is part of the reason that many people in this country don't care enough about their country.

Posted by A Patriot...:

SO everyone posting here is all about the day off, sad really, for those like the preteen and Sarah you have your cellphones and computers and internet to troll on because of the men and women that died to serve their country, and while war is a horrendous entity it is an unfortunate reality. Let me tell you why they should be respected Sarah, they fought for our freedom the freedom and luxury you enjoy today you spoiled little brat, you have to sacrifice nothing, they were separated from their friends and family some had babies they never lived to see, so that you and your disrespect could be tolerated on sites like this one. The poppy is the same because it is tradition, and you can't have it grow a poppy because the particular poppy from Flander's Fields is an opiate, the key ingredient in making opium a devastating drug so while your idea is a good one not feasible why should you care that they had to fight, because if they hadn't fought you your family, who obviously didn't teach you any better would not be able to lead the privileged lives that you do today. They died so you didn't have to, and as far as being drafted, yeah they were drafted towards the end of WW2 to replenish the ranks, but the first 6 years of the war were people who willfully gave their lives for our so show some respect. Those of you who are here saying you deserve a day off, Why? What was your contribution to your country other then you were born here? What have you sacrificed? Do you actually provide a benefit to this land or are you here just taking up space? You want a day to lay around and drink beer with your buddies? I think the only people who should have the day off are veterans and Military contracted civilians other then that we should all just be grateful that individuals like Sarah aren't in charge of our country (yet) and hopefully by the time they are I won't be alive to see it. the preteen that says war should not exist you're right it shouldn't but it does so we have to take time out to show respect for the people who've had to fight them.


Rememberance day should be for everyone or no one get it. Why should the banks and Gov't staff get it as a Stat and no one else get it. I would like to see it change for 2014.

Posted by Ryan:

I think it is unfair that depending on which province you reside, you will or will not be able to pay respects to our soldiers/vets. Every Canadian should be given the opportunity to show his/her patriotism. A lot of us have relatives who fought in these terrible events, and because we don't work in a bank or a gov't office, not able to attend any of these memorials. These people fought and died for our country and continue to do so, so why isn't the entire county able to remember?

Posted by Steve:

It is beyond me that there is even an issue about whether or not Rememberance Day should be a Stat. Holiday - I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings about Jason's comment - it has always been my understanding that a Stat holiday is usually in place to commemorate an event that has a greater than average degree of significance to us as a nation, apparently Jason's day off in the winter is of much more importance to him than recognizing the thousands of men and women who gave their lives so that we can have the freedoms that,apparently, many of us take for granted. Sorry Jason, while I couldn't agree more that family day is a much needed break and there should be a day set aside to celebrate family, I just can't bring myself to give it even close to the significance that Remembrance Day should hold in our lives. I agree with you the day should be marked with ceremonies throughout the community and simply by that way of thinking it should be a holiday so that people are free to attend these various ceremonies. To the angry pre-teen, you make a valid point in that we should spend time and energy preventing future atrocities, however if you neglect to recognize what has happened in the past you will soon find out that history has a remarkable tendency to repeat itself and only by recognizing the terrible events that have taken place in the past will we be able to maintain focus on preventing a repeat of them in the future.

Posted by Rob:

Remembrance Day, Should be a Holiday to be respected, for all those who gave their lives for OUR freedom( that includes you Sarah). When I say Holiday, its all about respect and should be a time to be with family and celebrate our Freedom that all those who helped us have the life we have today....because just think what the world may have been like if we didn't stand up for injustice to our fellow human beings. The lack of respect that the younger generations have for the soldiers that went to fight or gave their lives for our FREEDOM is deplorable! They dont realize that most of these young men were teenagers or young men in early twenties, who most were drafted and had no choice but to go and fight and did what was good for all of us today( that also includes you Sarah). My Children have been brought up WITH THE RESPECT for all those who went and fought that war. Even today they have some Veterans that come to the School and talk to the students of how it was then and my kids are fortunate to still have their great Grand father alive and able to tell them about it. To all those who thinks that Remembrance Day is a waste of time and shows know respect ( Yes Sarah you and the other ignorant people who share your opinion) crawl back under the rock you have been living under

Posted by Private sector employee:

At the train station this morning the parking lot was half empty - for a second I thought the train was cancelled and I didn't know or something else is up because the lot is normally 3/4 full by the time I get there in the mornings. Then it hit me: government folks have the day off while private sector folks go to work. Aha! Another day for the already overworked government workerks who already take many, many more sick days than people whose job is to be productive vs. be at the desk.

Posted by Matt:

I think sarahs comments show why we need rememberance day. She clearly has no clue about what has happened in the past to allow her to speak freely, no matter how ignorant her comments are. For those who read her comment dont be upset or disheartened. It is for those freedoms wars were fought. Free speech is for both the informed and uninformed. God bless those who sacrificed and fought for the rest of us.

Posted by McStrooge:

People just want a paid holiday and a long weekend. Period

Posted by Richard:

I believe it is absolutely shameful and disgusting some of the comments placed on here. It is too bad some of these people do not appreciate the freedom they actually have to say such disrespectful statements. This day is such a small way of taking stock and remembering why it is we all have the right to think and speak openly. The men and woman who gave their lives and that lived horrors and hell of war so that some completely disgusting ungrateful grandchild or great grandchild could spout off saying "get ovet it" and "they were drafted anyway". It's unfortunate the interent allows annonymitty to make such statements. Rememberence Day should be honored and celebrated by all companies / employers. If you don't want to celebrate it, then enjoy the day and shut your mouth and show some respect for those that made these sacrafices for you to able to be able to have that loud mouth.

Posted by Tammy:

To Sarah; How dare you say we will NEVER RESPECT them. Please have courtesy and speak for yourself. I hope that one day as you are enjoying your FREEDOM that you will remember all those that fell for the FREEDOM you are ENJOYNG, Nov 11 SHOULD be a stat holiday everywhere in our FREE country!!!

Posted by Angry Canadian Preteen:

The point of Remembrance Day, as I see it, is to show spiritual gratefulness for the people who were forced to fight in awful battles so that WW1 would end. Right? But I think Remembrance Day misses the point- why are we having wars in the first place? Aren't we humans smart enough to find better ways to solve conflict, even if it's major. People are greedy for power, that is the problem. While I definitely agree that war is tragic, unnecessary, and wrong, it is not preventable because there are so many bad people in our world who don't care for their own species. So while I feel empathy for those people dragged into the bloody slaughter of warfare, and feel that should be remembered, we're focusing on the past instead of the future. We never knew these people, and it's too late to save them. We need to accept history as history. But we can save ourselves today, and our children in the future-if we stop war. There are wars, mostly civil, going on in parts of the world today, and both national and international tensions in most of the world. Other problems, like economies, and global warming, are increasing these tensions as we lose resources. If we don't unify the world regardless of minor conflicts of interest, there WILL be wars for resources, and modern weapon technology that governments, big corporations, and other powerful entities are hiding from us ensure that very few, if any, people will survive. That's because adults alive today don't give a damn about future generations like mine who will be put in this hole of slaughter by them. I've heard it first-hand before. I think this 'Remembrance Day' holiday should focus more on finding ways to eliminate war from our planet and and get rid of the vile subspecies of people who think it is right to let war happen for their personal benefit. "I don't know what World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

Posted by Khloe:

This comment is directed at the Sarah chick that has no respect to the people who fought for our freedom. Canadians weren't drafted, they volunteered to put their lives on the line so we could live the lives we live now. An it would be disrespectful to change the red poppy after 80yrs of it being the symbol of Remembrance of the lives that were lost. You hav obviously never looked into the eyes of a veteran an heard them tell their story. You need to show some respect for the people that fought so u could be here today to live ur life.

Posted by Rick :

Remembrance Day is not a Stat Holiday for all of Canada, yet our politicians have the day off and they are allowed to attend the ceremonies in Ottawa and get paid for it. While the working class, us folks that keep this country running have to work. We stop and Remember for a few minutes but this to me is not enough. I for one, would be at the cenotaph with the great war vets. The Government should be ashamed of themselves completely ashamed of themselves. If there is nothing in it for them, they are not interested. One of the politicians of the past said Us Canadians have enough holidays as it is. What a complete laugh that is. A politician telling the working man he has enough holidays. By the time they get back from their Christmas break, it is damn near Valentines Day. This country should stand proud and together on Remembrance Day and not be divided from one province to the other as we are know. Wake up Ottawa you blind idiots!!!

Posted by Don:

I work with a larger company in the Toronto area. On Remembrance Day I am on the intercom at 10:56 short speech - 2 minutes silence - followed by short speech and a "thanks for participating ". One year a Saturday meeting on the 11th we still did a ceremony. Began long before I was hired. If your group does not do this YOU can get it going. It is better than a ' day off'

Posted by Praveen Sawh:

What an awful thing to say. People already work 5 days a week for the corporations. That is way too much already, don't insult us further by posting this garbage. The more days off we can get, the better, end of story.

Posted by Sarah:

Rememberance the most important holiday???? FAR FROM IT!!! Is that why we cant even stray from the old boring poppy that has been the same for 80 years?? We cant even have a biodegradable poppy (that PLANTS A POPPY WHEN DROPPED) because the old, dying veterans think its wrong to change it??? Considering they were DRAFTED to the war, why do i care that they had to fight. Sorry to the Generation... we were lucky enought to have ancestors that didnt want their children fighting in sensless wars. Thats why WE were never drafted, and WE will never have respect for them. Get over it!!!

Posted by Cam:

Well, I for one think it is ridiculous that Remembrance Day is not a holiday everywhere in Canada. This was my big surprise when I moved from BC to ON this year. How am I supposed to honour our fallen heroes? By going to the workplace and keep making money for others??

Posted by Sheila:

Victoria I couldn't agree with you more!! It sickens and saddens me that people look at Remembrance Day as a holiday. It is not a holiday. We have been given a day to remember (thus the name REMEMBRANCE Day)those soldiers that FOUGHT and DIED in order for all of us to HAVE holidays like Family Day, Labor Day and yes, even Christmas!! Our military men and women were definitely not having a holiday while they unselfishly defended the rights and freedoms for all.

Posted by frank:

There is no argument. The reason we have remeberance day is because brave people DIED so that you could have your LONG DEPRESSING WINTER. MAN UP, and show your RESPECT. And Victoria makes the best point written here: "The arguments that others make when they say that people would just use the day as another day to waste and be lazy are ridiculous. This same logic can be applied to any holiday and therefore cannot be used to justify this exclusion of Remembrance Day from the STAT list."

Posted by HJ:

We are not machines, just because "YOU" would waste a holiday like Remembrance Day sleeping in and drinking beer does not mean we all have to celebrate at work. Take some pride for yourself rather than having the government do it for you.


The arguments for Remembrance Day on both sides of the equation have their good points, however I was told in public school (a long time ago) that the reason Remembrance Day was being taken away was because too many people were using it as a personal day and wouldn't attend the ceremonies at the cenotaph in their own communities so the government felt it was best to discontinue this holiday. My only question is why do all the government employees still get this as a stat holiday why were they not included in this ban...what makes them so special....I know of quite a few government employees that DO NOT partake in the ceremonies of the day instead they spent it starting their Christmas shopping or sleeping in. The only time I can attend the cenotaph and partake in the ceremonies of my city is when Remembrance Day falls on a weekend and those are few and far between.

Posted by Victoria:

The arguments that others make when they say that people would just use the day as another day to waste and be lazy are ridiculous. This same logic can be applied to any holiday and therefore cannot be used to justify this exclusion of Remembrance Day from the STAT list. Remembrance Day is the most important holiday of the whole year because it is a time to pay respect to those who died in WW1 and WW2 to give us our freedom and way of life, and it could be argued that we have veterans to thank for every holiday we have. How can Labour day, which is a federally recognized stat holiday, be more important to observe than Remembrance day? Without our Canadian vets and those of Brittan, France, USA, and others, we might not need labour day because we might not have jobs and workers' rights to fight for. Many people attend their local Remembrance Day ceremonies to pay their respects to those who died for us. At least where I am from, it is held mid morning in accordance with the 11/11/11 time when WW1 ended. Because this is not a holiday, most of us cannot attend. It is true that children attend ceremonies at school, but it would be as effective (if not more) to have children accompany their parents to their local cenotaph for a community ceremony. This also shows modern day vets that we appreciate them. To say we shouldn't have the day off because most people won't bother to attend is disgraceful. I doubt the average US citizen shows such apathy! It is also worth noting that the US has TWO stat holidays, Memorial day to commemorate the dead and Veterans day to thank all vets both living and dead. Also, I am not saying I am pro-war. I hate the idea of war and hope for peace. To those who don't support vets because they say they don't support war: WW1 and WW2 were not imperialistic wars; we were fighting for peace and to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others. Also, if you don't agree with modern-day wars we are involved in, hate the politics, not the soldiers! It's also worth mentioning I'm not in the military and neither are my loved ones, but it doesn't mean I care any less. To me, it seems our priorities are mixed up when we value eating turkey, opening presents, and practicing dated traditions like Labour/Victoria Day before respecting the dead.

Posted by Zoltan:

When I was at school (in the 1980s in Hungary) on national holidays all kids went to school: we watched movies about history, sang together, listened to our teachers talk at various events and were very proud to be a part of the celebrations. Had we all stayed home we probably would have played video games instead.

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