Can't take a break from holiday gear

Christmas decoration, treats and gifts are in stores immediately after Halloween. Sometimes even earlier. Is this right?

When should stores start selling Christmas gear?

Before Halloween
Between Halloween and Remembrance Day
In November but after Remembrance Day
Beginning of December
Within two weeks of Christmas Day

Stores have surely crossed a line. The commercialization of every holiday, every day is sickening. While shopping for Halloween gear you will likely come across Christmas decor near the end of October. Then, the day after Halloween, Christmas marketing is in full gear. At department stores employees wear festive shirts early November. Aisle after aisle after aisle: full of Christmas decoration and treats.

November 3 Christmas decor
This picture was taken on November 3rd.

After Christmas we get a break for a few weeks then everything all of a sudden is about Easter. In January! Then after Easter it's end-of-school deals and Canada Day then back-to-school madness then immediately after that it's Halloween again.

Corportae greed makes special less special.

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Posted by Ron:

Remembrance Day should be a holiday and it is up to the caregivers to observe it and inform their children of the importance of the day. Enough of sloughing it off to the school as some lazy people think should be done. The Legion should rethink their stand on this and reinforce the importance of this day to the ADULTS! As for certain provinces not observing this day as a holiday is downright disrespectful; they should have both-a Family Day and Remembrance Day-has holidays as they certainly go hand-in-hand. Once you realize the only reason we have a Family Day is because of why there is a Remembrance Day!! I am not a "Vet" however I realize what Remembrance Day stands for! As for Christmas shopping and displays before Remembrance Day-JUST DO NOT BUY!!

Posted by Barb:

Remembrance Day is the most important day for me. I think employees should be permitted to take paid time off work for an hour and a half to attend a Remembrance day ceremony at 11 am. I don't think think Remembrance Day should be a holiday as many people do not think about or do anything related to remembrance on November 11 which is highly disrespectful. I agree that for families and others, Family day in February is a needed break - what a dismal grey winter was 2019.

Posted by Lee:

In my opinion, Remembrance Day is one of THE most sacred days we have. It should not be treated any less important than Christmas, Labour Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday. I think it should be a holiday across Canada and our children and their children be taught what the day truly means. As for the Christmas decorations, I don't think anyone is asking people to forego their freedoms - just the opposite, but for a mere 11 days after Halloween, to simply remember these brave women and men who fought and died for us, before starting your holiday season. "Lest we forget".

Posted by Linda:

Well said andre,could not have put it better,we are an armed forces family,and are split on this, but we have been given the freedom enjoy it

Posted by Andre:

People should be able to decorate their house with Christmas decorations any time they want. The point of serving this country is to ensure that we as citizens can be free to live ours lives. Stores are run by people, who themselves have goals, desires, dreams and freedom to manage their business how they see fit. As a serving member, I have no objection to allowing freedom. Wear the poppy, take a few moments to reflect, say thank you. Don't destroy your freedom, embrace it.

Posted by Mee Too:

Correction on spelling: it is aisle, not isle. An isle is a small island or peninsula. I think it needs to be a law that CHristmass stuff does not hit shelves until November 15 minimum.

Posted by Andy:

In this diverse world of ours. I believe a holiday is what you make of it. If you are a material person then you buy into the commercialism of it all. I like to celebrate our holidays as a world holiday. A time to put a smile on everyone's face. Presents come from the heart. We picked names this year and set a limit. My son gives experiences for a gift( 2 tickets to a concert or show ,time at the fun park for the kids). Nothing. To unwrap and throw away. This year I got my grandson swimming lessons.

Posted by Stan Leonard:

The nice thing about Remembrance Day is that we have the FREEDOM of putting up our Christmas Decorations the day after Halloween. Remembrance Day is too somber for little children. We should always consider shutting off our outdoor Christmas lights the night before Remembrance Day and until after 10:00 pm out of respect for the veterans at service.

Posted by Missy:

Stores sell Christmas decors very early coz some people buy them.. (Filipinos for example). They are a business and they want to make profit. If you'd rather not have them then dont buy.

Posted by Lisa:

I think it should be illegal to put Christmas decorations in stores before Remembrance Day. If it was not for the people that fought for us we would not have the lives we have. Respect should be shown to these people and Remembrance Day is the day we do it.

Posted by David Polich:

When should commercial establishments start promoting the Christmas Season? IMHO at least not until after the Canadian Thanksgiving and PREFERABLY after REMEMBRANCE DAY (veteran speaking here). The reality is that businesses usually make or break their year during this season....and....many employees (especially SEASONAL) make or augment their living from being employed by these businesses. It is unfortunate this commercialization is OVERDONE and thus making any holiday period less than special. I personally don't buy gifts or goods based on commercial hype...I buy all year round and mark holidays with a card. As with anything in life, be it commercial overindulgence...attending to the charity of one's this democracy we call Canada....we are free to participate or not.

Posted by Stephanie :

ALL HOLIDAYS ARE OVER-COMMERCIALIZED, because of this I thank all the store and business owners because I don't have to waste any money buying anything cause no holiday is seen as special. It's nothing but cash grabs watch the prices go up and up as the holiday nears than.... wait for it.. a half price cut when the day is upon us.

Posted by Debbie:

Christmas items should be mid to late November. If this is about stores selling merchandise, and making a profit, I have to ask - where am I, the customer, going to get more money to shop? I only have $X.XX to spend at Christmas. Just because you have the product out early, doesn't mean I have more money to spend!

Posted by Respect the past as well as the future:

I was raised in a business but we also took the time to respect Remembrance Day. We did not put Christmas shopping before the people who died so that we can have the peaceful country we have today - even 150 years later! Thank those young people who died at Vimy Ridge to make Canada for the future generations. It is only one day for heaven sake!

Posted by Heather:

I agree that stores have to merchandise and make money, but at least wait until Remembrance day is over. Coming from a family of Veterans-- that is all I ask!!!

Posted by Eli:

Yeah that's nice but that's how stores make money. What am I going to do? Hide my merchandize?

Posted by Jilian:

I even saw christmas decor out before halloween was over!!!

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