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Posted by Sage:

Yeesh. We don't all drink beer, you know.

Posted by John Cox:

I remember Canada from the 50's and 60's when Victoria Day was a celebration of Canadians' special place among emerging Commonwealth Nations, and the Fourth of July was a celebration of U.S. independence from it. These days I really can't tell the difference between either and the ubiquitous North American Consumer.

Posted by Steve Orolin :

Living and working in Central Pennsylvania, I would always schedule Victoria Day Monday off as a "personal day" and in the 80s would leave Friday night after work and drive the 300 miles North on US219,and the QEW to go for a "long weekend" in Toronto to see 3 Blue Jay games. After the last pitch on Monday, I would head back to PA. Would listen to cracking and fading AM radio broadcasts on CFRB of Jay's games after sunset until the next Jay's home weekend or the Canada Day weekend to do it again. I remember one special weekend where I missed the last ferry from Toronto Islands and spent the night around a campfire on Lake Ontario with newly acquired friends until the first ferry back in the morning. Quickly shower, then take the subway and Bathurst streetcar to Exhibition for the next game. Weekend passes on the TTC,and great 5 dollar (2 dollars in the covered outfield seats) tickets even at par exchange rate was a deal. 30 games,one season. Tried for World Series tickets but had to settle to watch them on TV. Still love the Jay's, but miss the "EX", even in April and May sleet.

Posted by Marguerite G.:

I was born in Newfoundland in 1938. Prior to Confederation, on May 24th which we called Empire Day we celebrated with a grand parade in Grand Falls. I remember that one float held Britannia drapped in the Union Jack and holding a trident. At her feet sat a little blonde headed boy holding a symbolic stuffed baby seal Everyone got the day free from school and after the parade the Girl Guides broke from the ranks and went on their first hike of the season. I remember singing that little song, too... "May 24th is the Queen's birthday and if we don't get a holiday we will all run away". It was a wonderful parade with two bands, the CLB (Church Lads Brigade) and the Salvation Army. Anyone else from Grand Falls remember the good old days on High Street?

Posted by Hilary Dickson:

When I was a kid in Ontario we called the 24th of May "Firecracker Day". These days of course we know that colonialism and playing with firecrackers are both bad ideas.

Posted by Jerry Keats:

In Newfoundland it is always called the May 24th weekend.It is generally the start of camping season which ends on labour day weekend

Posted by Laura:

Always called it Victoria Day in my 64 years. My great grandfather was an orphan in England and Queen Victoria named him and gave him her birthday as his. He was sent to Canada at 12 years old in 1892 & lived 96 years & told us about Her Majesty. Therefore Victoria Day has always been special to me.

Posted by Smiley:

In Alberta, for the past 20 years we've called it May Long. Like, "what are you doing May Long"? Answer: "I dunno but it will involve a 2-4".

Posted by Maximillion:

People who drink a lot call it the 2-4 weekend - after a 2-4 of beer because that's all alcoholics think about is drinking.

Posted by Joanne:

Always been called May 2-4! At least in my 62 years!

Posted by P. Steve:

I am from Newfoundland, 55 yrs young, and growing up it was always referred to as Victoria Day Weekend or the Queen's Birthday, in recent year's it has been referred to here as the May 2-4 Weekend, and it is the kick off to the summer camping season.

Posted by Chad Payne:

In Newfoundland is always called May 2-4 weekend, its the kick off to the summer camping season.

Posted by Michelle DiNovo:

I am 55, born in Toronto, ON, and it has always been referred to in the 'cases of beer weekend', at least in my circles (hmmm). I have rarely, if ever, heard it by any other name and I had no idea that it was only Ontario that refers to the holiday May 24 weekend as "The May 2-4 Weekend". Also known as "The May 2-4" and usually is simply referred to as "May 2-4". What are you doing for May 2-4?

Posted by robert:

I too have never heard of the holiday being called may 2-4. I've experienced this holiday in bc,alberta,sask and manitoba. Always being called may long weekend

Posted by GG:

I live in Ontario and it’s ALWAYS referred to as May 2-4!!! If you lived in Ontario and didn’t know that, you must have been living under a rock!

Posted by Mississaugan:

I have lived in Mississauga and Toronto the last 15 years and it's very common knowledge that the May long weekend is called May two-four. I have also heard the same phrase used commonly in Ottawa.

Posted by FknClassy:

We Ontarians don't call it "2-4 DAY", we just call it "May 2-4" :)

Posted by Shan:

I live in Ontario and it has always been referred to has May 2-4 ... as teens it was always the first long weekend for camping where we camped ..rain or shine ... and yes consumed Beer!

Posted by Ontarian:

Definitely an Ontario colloquialism. I've lived in several places throughout Northern and Southern Ontario and it's a common phrase.

Posted by Mike Foote:

Maybe somewhere in Ontario it's called a 2-4 weekend but not common for the rest of Canada as the author has stated. I've lived in BC and Alberta, have many relatives, and never heard anyone call this a 2-4 weekend. We have friends from Newfoundland that we camp with every year and they call it May Long Weekend just like us.

Posted by Mike Cobb:

May Long, 2-4 is definitely a common reference in Ontario to the long weekend and the connection to a case of 24 beers is inescapable.

Posted by Don Armstrong:

"May 24" :-) Canadiana Listen to Rush (Lakeside Park)

Posted by It's call May Long.:

As a Canadian who has lived in three provinces and one territory, and visited all of them more than once and I have never heard anyone refer to this as 2-4 day. I'm guessing it's the author's "cool" Canadian cousin that does this and only his one cousin and no one has bothered to call them on it.

Posted by JIll Breer:

In NB at two-four is called a flat.

Posted by Donna Gorday:

The province of Alberta was named after Princess Louise Alberta the daughter of Queen Victoria. Not many people celebrate the Queen on this day but it is first long week of the start of summer.

Posted by Richard Toporoski:

Victoria Day is established by statute on the Monday before 25 May. The Queen's Official Birthday in Canada is established by proclamation (annually from 1953, permanently from 1957) also on the same Monday before 25 May, and so is a second holiday on the same day. But because the Queen's Official Birthday falls on the same day as Victoria Day, and neither governments nor the media give it any publicity, it passes without public notice — in spite of the artillery salutes in Ottawa and the provincial capitals and the flying of the Union Flag, if there is a second pole, at national government buildings (a few others also join in in this practice, like the Provinces of Manitoba and Ontario at their legislatures, and the C.B.C.). The Queen's Official Birthday in Britain in June often gets television coverage here in Canada, but practically nobody knows that we Canadians also have our own observance of the Queen's Birthday!

Posted by Leo DeSorcy:

The use of 2-4 to name the first summer long weekend may have something to do with beer practices by province. When I was younger I lived in Alberta, at that time beer was not available in 24s. When I moved to Ontario in 1981 I was introduced to the 2-4 weekend and beer in cases of 24. Since then I have celebrated the Victoria Day holiday with a 24 and lots of fun in Ontarios lake district.

Posted by Siobhan:

I've been one of the exhibitors at the Victoria Highland Games for the last five years. There are many things for children to do whilst parents enjoy the pipe-band competitions, sheepdog trials, Highland dancing competitions, etc. Its unfortunate the individual posting under the name "Scott" didn't take the time to explore the grounds, otherwise he'd have noticed the bouncy castle, face-painting, etc made available to the younger set. Maybe Scott should bankroll/put on a Highland Games if he's so experienced in doing better. Jim Maxwell and his team do a fabulous job in Victoria *every* year, and have tens of thousands of visitors. Let's see if "Scott" can do better. Otherwise, sit down, and be quiet.

Posted by Roger Thomson:

In the old days the kids would say "The 24th of May is firecracker day and if we don't get a holiday we're all gonna run away!"

Posted by Eric:

Damn a lot of buzz killers in the comments here

Posted by Itspeter:

This is postitive criticisim so maybe they will Try. Victoria Day in Victoria? Pretty Pathetic Honestly. No Fireworks, No Evening Bands, No rides for my kids. Just Stands to spend money at. You think they would put a little effort in like... :( Rating- .3 of 10.

Posted by Scott :

For all those people that don't like stat holiday . Get a life there is no should such person as Santa Claus but I bet you people enjoy the time off then So stop complaining and just enjoy life

Posted by Ed Smith:

We shall stop celebrating Victoria day. Canada is no more British colony and no fun in spending tax payer's $ on celebrating or welcoming the so called royal family. Even the Governor General is a white elephant.

Posted by Erma Siteman:

Gee, what a Month for me, Mother's Day, Quee's Birthday, and dmy age 90 th. birthday on May 21st.

Posted by Ken cooke:

Well guys,enjoy your beer but remember that the long arm of the law will be watching,no booze drinking in camp grounds this year,i like my beer but looks like one hand on the bud and one eye looking out for the law. Have a great weekend all you sippers.

Posted by Dave:

Have a Great Long Weekend everybody wherever you are in our Great Canada. Out here in Northern Alberta it always rains so many of us don't get too worked up until it's finally here. When the sun breaks, it's on!

Posted by Rebecca:

Well I live in Ontario and I've always heard either "May 2-4" or "Victoria Day". The name "May 2-4" is meant as a joke because Queen Victoria's birthday is May 24th and coincidentally we also refer to a 24-pack of beer as a "2-4". Over the long weekend most people around here like to get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful spring weather with camping, cottaging, bbq's and fireworks. It just so happens that beer goes very well with those activities.

Posted by HJ:

May Long has always been May Long for many of us here is SK. Never heard of May 2-4. Perhaps my focus has been on enjoying the weekend relaxing, visiting, doing spring cleanup (if the snow is gone) or getting into baseball season for the children. Not much into focusing on it being another weekend of boozing as some do. A 2-4 (24 pack) of beer is far from my thoughts. Whatever floats your boat, be sure to so it safely. Please keep yourself and others safe.

Posted by john mb:

Never heard of 2-4 bit always May Long, but same anyways, first weekend to hit the campgrounds and lakes.

Posted by Wayne Hawco:

It is not a paid holiday in Nfld and the government has lost its focus and with everything that goes with nfld we get less 6 stats paid in Nfld lowest in the country again

Posted by Shannon:

I have Known May 2-4 weekend since I was a child! Its is the mark of cottage and campsites opening for the summer season. It is welcomed with open arms and open cases of beer of course!!!!! I actually take that weekend and two extra days off on that weekend booked holidays!I am in Ontario we do celebrate both Victoria Day and "May 2-4 Weekend"

Posted by Inga:

Someone mentioned they've never heard of May-long as May 2-4. I've never heard of May-long and I've always heard May 2-4. I've lived in NL, NS, NB, ON, and AB, and that's all I've ever heard, and I'm 48. Weird how things can be so different for different people.

Posted by Andy:

This holiday has always been referred to a May 2-4. It is exactly as what is written. Those with cottages go and open them for the season and it is also done tongue in cheek with the idea of a 24 case of beer. Its basically their way of making it a family day Canadian style. Its fun. As it should be.

Posted by Charles:

The name of the holiday should be changed to something that better represents modern Canada. The British Crown has done nothing but oppress true Canadians.

Posted by Joe from NL:

I am not sure where your information comes from but Victoria Day has been a stat holiday in NL as far as I can remember...and as others said we are not part of the maritime.

Posted by Tom Shanahan:

Let's have a NEW Canada-wide holiday and call it " First Nations Day ".

Posted by Duff:

Living in several different Canadian cities over the last 40 years, I have never once in my life heard anyone refer to May-long as "May 2-4 weekend".

Posted by Andrew:

Re:Posted by Nickyninetoes : Before you criticize Canada learn your history. Victoria died well before WW1. She was (until recently) the longest reigning Monarch. Her titles included Queen of Canada and Empress of India. She was the Monarch at the time of Confederation, therefore we celebrate her birth. Celebration of someone that sent "colonials" to die for empire? I think you are confusing that with your Memorial Day celebration.

Posted by Ian:

Newfoundland is not a Maritime province for the record. It is an Atlantic province only.

Posted by Sean:

As info Newfoundland (NL) is not part of the Maritimes

Posted by Rachel :

Man! I don't really get why kings and queens are so important in Canada. But, I do like the name Victoria.

Posted by Canada Guy:

I love the Monarchy. That's the reason why we as Canadians have universal healthcare and the Americans don't.

Posted by Nickyninetoes :

Victoria day. Sure celebrate a monarch who was basically useless. She sent all the colonies under her control to fight so she could remain a monarch. Yes many commonwealth men died and so did many French and Americans. Yet Canada remains tied to this archaic holiday. You are now free and independent of Mothers "teat" Britain. Become like us Americans resourceful and vigilantly independent. I love Canada and the USA. Commemorate WW1 not a queens birthday.

Posted by Dale Forest Wind:

Always love a sense of humour, it keeps life refreshing. The mention of the two four holiday has inspired me to marinate my steak in beer. Am rather bemused with those who believe that only those who embrace the British colonial aspect of our history are somehow more 'true' red and white than those who enjoy diversity. Have spent decades researching history and enjoy it immensely without becoming a sour lemon. When one has lemons, make lemonade! One can appreciate the historical aspects of history without being a monarchist. For those who wish non-monarchists to leave the country, we will not and I will continue to flip my coins over to avoid viewing the Queen of England. (Prepare for seismic rumblings of outrage from the monarchists, as I said the Queen of England and not Canada.) Always entertaining to view the outrage when other Canadians do not always embrace the monarchy. ;-) I for one, will read a tome about the 1837 Rebellions. At least we ended up getting Responsible Government as a result of having the Rebellions, even if many of the rebellious ones were sent off to a penal colony in Australia. Today, we don't risk being shipped off to Van Diemen's Land for having a differing opinion. Perhaps, a few will want to ship me off the the Klingon Penal colony of Rura Penthe for my robust independent thinking. Will have to take a two four just to keep me warm, should they ever catch me, which is unlikely. As for leaving the country, why bother, as sometime in the future, Canada at some point in time will inevitably become a republic, but, one can always keep some parts of a Parliamentary system, thus making Canada a true hybrid, a mixture of fascinating things, with Question Period and the end of our colonial links. That will rattle the tea cups at The Empress during Victorian afternoon tea! Pass the scones. Shirley, we were a colony of Great Britain in the past. However, times have changed and we have evolved from colony to nation. Some need to get over the fact the the country has moved on. Growing up consists of accepting a variety of viewpoints and not pretending that there is only one Canadian perspective. Morris, hate to be the bearer of factual news, but Canada was built by a variety of people, not only white Anglo Saxons. A day also for gardening, the frosts have finally left, bringing a humidex of 36 C. (Well, except for the snow that some out West are experiencing.) Brrr! Happy Holidays.

Posted by Ed:

What could be more Canadian than complaining about complaining? Happy Patriots' Victory Day or Queen Dollard Day or whatever it's called. Happy free Monday!!!

Posted by T.J.:

When I read the words ' true Canadian ' , I feel so ' fake' for those who used them and I regard those so pathetic to label as such . Are there ' not so true' or ' fake ' Canadian ? Go back to school , take a ' critical' or 'logical' thinking class , get educated . T.J.


Shirley is a typical Canadian. Basically saying if you don't participate you are a bad person, then she shames and blames because she has the 'right' to. You are a bad person after all (sarcasm) how dare you not want to celebrate a holiday. Then she makes you look like the devil because she has pride and you don't. Then she reassures us she is a good person, and in is indeed you - that is the bad one because she says "have a good day" - and that's what good people say. Canada is properly black and white. Maybe that's why - Shirley - people develop alternative points of view and opinions.


Again only Quebec would celebrate something different than the rest of Canada. Am sick of their attitude! How soon can the rest of Canada celebrate Quebec's independence? That won't come soon enough!!


By the way it's not a stat holiday in UK, and we are not a colony but a free country


Just enjoy the holiday!!! Don't be ridiculous about what the meaning of Victoria Day. If you don't like it, so just do whatever you want to do, if you want to work, just go ahead....don't complain and become immature!!

Posted by Caesar Augustus:

So many idiots on this post, Canadian antipatriots and otherwise. It's a sad day and I am embarrassed to call these ignorant Canadians my countrymen today. All I have to say is God Save the Queen and happy Victoria day! I am proud to be considered a part of the British Empire along with the vast majority of real Canadians. We appreciate what the Great Victoria has done for us and this is the weekend we celebrate that, if ignorant rednecks want to believe it's more about a 24 case of beer I applaud you for being the ignorant minority and allowing your uneducated brains to actually believe it, but this is the intellectually challenged minority of our great Canadian population. God Bless the Queen and our monarchy that has been with us since our founding. I for one am very loyal and I won't turn on those who made our lives a possibility just to look like a rebel for the rest of the world who may choose to judge our position for their own ignorant reasons. I am loyal and I am Canadian, so the monarchy is a part of me, period. Happy Victoria day and God bless all those who are true Canadians and respect their roots

Posted by Lizzy:

Just enjoy the long weekend whether you are Canadian or not. Take a break from your routine days. You should respect the Canadian statutory holidays because you live in Canada. It doesn't make sense you don't like Victoria Day if you live in Canada.

Posted by Kevin:

First, we don't have a 'true' and a 'false' Canadian; everyone who works hard here, pays taxes and cares for this country is a TRUE CANADIAN. Second, to those who think Canada is still a 'British Colony': please come back from 19th century, Canada is a 'sovereign' country. Third, no need to insult people here, we are all 'grown ups', some like to pledge their loyalty to a king or a queen while a lot prefer to pledge it to the 'Great People of Canada', we are living in a free country. Fourth, I prefer to debate about the stat holidays in Canada.


I don't care what its for a weekend off is great all around, and if I want to work on that day I can.

Posted by Shirley:

True Canadians are happy to celebrate this day. If you are not a true Canadian you will complain about every little thing Canada tries to accomplish. Time to grow up and be happy. We are a colony of Great Britain and a proud Colony of Great Britain. Enjoy the day everyone.


Victoria Day not only celebrates Queen Victoria's b/day -- the Mother of Confederation but it also celebrates Queen Elizabeth's b/day. So, two Queen's are honoured. It is a day to honour the Canadian Crown. is also the start of summer so there is alot going on. Lets have a good time.

Posted by Proud:

Bravo to Canadians that are open minded and inclusive enough to celebrate many cultures, and holidays including British ones with Victoria Day Celebrations.

Posted by Giovanna:

I think people should respect a tradition without polemics about either religious or political issues. If you don't want to celebrate, don't. Go to work or do something more useful than complaining!!


Because Canada is a colony of Great Britain and it's government is a constitutional monarchy, that's why. If you hate Britain and the Queen so much go live in a republic.


The country's productivity is reduced and employees paid for a public holiday to celebrate the birthday of a 300 year old English monarch which is of no significance to Canada and it's independence...are you joking? Thisvisvth


I just don't understand why we need to celebrate this phoney holiday. It is just totally ridiculous. And besides, Britain has the habit of raping other countries dry. Tell the Queen to take a flying Leeper.


Newfoundland is not a maritime province.


The 3 Maritime provinces include NB, NS and PEI. The 4 Atlantic provinces include the 3 maritime provinces plus Newfoundland and Labrador. This info is incorrect in the article.

Posted by Stokes:

The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday! If we don't get a holiday we will all runaway - what every child of school age used to say.

Posted by Jim:

It;s definitely the 2-4! Usually first hot weekend and official start to summer. In the good old days the Stanley Cup had been awarded by this time (yeah early 70s). This was also the weekend that many, many young girls entered womanhood! When I was a kid up by Sauble Beach then the OPP establishment would go from 2 officers to around 150. The only time they got involved if someone was getting or going to get hurt - fight, road races that kind of thing. There sure was nothing Royal about the May 2-4 but sure lots of fun.


The holiday for our service men and women that died fighting for our country is called Remembrance Day and the highest award for bravery is the Victoria Cross introduced by the same Queen Victoria in 1859. Her 63 year reign saw the expansion of the British Empire and the royal family becoming a constitutional monarchy giving power to the House of Commons. She had a strong interest in Arts and Science and saw the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. She had the Royal Navy in West Africa intercept slave ships and freed over 150,000 slaves. During her reign Britain exported settlers to Canada, Austrailia and New Zealand... so thinking about it although a figure head our country didn't do so bad with her as our Queen.

Posted by Erik:

A holiday meant for remembrance of a long ago deceased British Queen who instilled & supported an era of repressive, moralistic values but not for the more than 100,000 Canadian military personnel who gave their lives in the "name of the Queen". Think about it.

Posted by Nina:

I'm curious about Québec calling Victoria Day "Patriots' Day." I mean, it's understandable that they wouldn't want to honour the British monarchy, but can you give more details about these patriots and what they did?

Posted by Admin:

Thanks everyone for your support in your comments!


As an American, I enjoyed this page. Obviously, #NotAllCanadians are beer-guzzling, poutine-eating hockey fans, but not all Americans have eagle/flag tattoos. I mean, I do, but I'm sure I'm not the majority...


I like the description. It is accurate, and provides a little insight into Canadian culture. I don't see how it's "stereotypical" when the majority of Canadians enjoy it as such.

Posted by Jan:

I'm glad we celebrate and remember the life of such a person as Queen Victoria. She was an example of family devotion and upright moral character. She knew what it was to suffer from great loss and continue forward. Her christian faith inspired her to the end.

Posted by Brenda, Mississauga:

Lighten up everyone. Did you do something to commemorate Queen Victoria? It's the first long weekend of the warm weather season. Enjoying it with family and friends is what it's all about.

Posted by sam:

As an expat living abroad, I can tell you that our ability to laugh at ourselves and take pride in it, is what sets us aside from the rest of the world. Good for us! Let everyone else take themselves seriously! What I hear in the various countries where I have worled is "ah, Canada, very good".

Posted by Tom B:

I thought the article was both informative AND amusing. Especially when some of us here in the shop did not know it was a Holiday for you, until one of our co-worker(from Canada)brought 2 boxes of muffins for us! Much appreciated article. Tom in Chelsea, MI USA

Posted by Dave:

As a Canadian I have always been proud of our sense of humour and our ability to laugh at ourselves. This characteristic is what endears us to those I've met from other cultures. The stuffy persons who decry the "stereotype" are those who are emulating the behaviour of our neighbors down south who are so vain. If you are so worried or sick of being stereotyped - move to the US. For me - I can take it EH! It's my culture, my heritage, my reputation and I will own it so that others can respect us for being down-to-earth and friendly.


Our connection to the monarchy makes Canada look like a joke an american visitor asked me how the mother country was for Christ sake.


I thought this was totally refreshing to read. Nobody needs to be getting in a huff about about the mention of our sweet Canadian nectar.

Posted by Roy :

Victoria Day...what will all the critics of this post be doing today I 2015 this story is funny. I know its her birthday but lighten sound like Monarchists. Btw the real shame is that we should be honouring all of our fallen Armed Forces by making it a National holiday...most of us can only pay tribute at work at 11am with others who dont even know why we do this or even care! We should honor our dead as the US does....

Posted by Canaduck:

Boy, some people can be assholes, eh? Holy jeez! Waytago Admin...very funny take on Victoria Day. Now, gotta go and get that cottage open. Take care!!

Posted by AF:

Victoria Day is "NOT" a stat holiday in ALL 4 Maritime provinces. It however is a federal holiday, therefore all government establishments would have the day off with pay. Also, a good portion of non government employers will give their employees the day off with pay. Mine, however does not give me the day off as I am working right now.

Posted by immigrant:

I like the fact that Quebec differs from the rest of Canada & celebrates Patriots day instead of Victoria day.Personally I think Canada sucks up to the British like it has no spine. The Americans & other countries that kicked out colonial rule rock.


your description of the holiday is fun and accurate. it's also the weekend when lots of people plant gardens, chase the mice out of their cottages, haul out their summer furniture. Keep in mind though, it can often be cold and rainy, but Canadians don't care. lol As for what day we celebrate? pshaw--at least we do celebrate. Most Canadians under 25 probably don't even know who Victoria was.

Posted by Lynx:

True Canadians have a sense of humour. The others,well..they're retentive. as shown by the comments below. (except he he's comment of course). My friends and i all just about may 2-4 and Timmy's. I found the page;Refreshing-Informative and amusing.So there.

Posted by Darren:

He *is* amusing *and* informative. He found an easy way to make people remember Queen Victoria's birthday (which did not float around falling on whatever Monday preceeded May 25th each year), and everyone around here does think of this as the start of the cottage season.

Posted by Jordan:

If you're offended by this description, that's just plain and simple ignorance. There's a reason it's so often referred to as "May Two-Four" and not "May Twenty-fourth".

Posted by Tom:

Thanks for 2-4 beer info - never heard that one before and I love it - if only beer would not be so expensive in Canada we could make it a 4-8 or even a 9-6 day ;-)

Posted by Just Me!:

Oh give it a rest all the curmudgeons out there. This gives foreigners a much more realistic view of what life is Canada is like than all the nonsense about Queen Victoria's birthday. He just forgot to mention that this is the weekend Canadians can start gardening! It's Planting Weekend! When all danger of frost is finally past! Woo hoo!


Very poor events in Victoria Day(Ontario).Long weekend and nothing to do! As usual.enjoy yourself...


chill out ppl. Admin is just trying to keep things light :)


The term May 2-4(in reference to beer) for the holiday is a central/eastern Canadian saying. In British Columbia this is an uncommon term and only rarely would you hear it and if you did it would be from an eastern Canada transplant. The holiday weekend in B.C. is widely known as Victoria Day long weekend. As stated, the holiday celebrates the mother of Canadian confederation in Queen Victoria while also recognising the birthday our current head of state in Queen Elizabeth(her actual birthday is 21 April. In addition to it being the time that people feel summer begins.

Posted by Paul from Canada:

Man, people need to lighten up. Of course it is called the May two-four in reference to a case of beer. Those who find that reference somehow offensive a) are easily offended and b) are free to continue to call it the Victoria Day long weekend. Heck, two-four itself is a strictly Canadian expression. Ask an American or Brit to pick up a two-four on the way to the cottage and they will just look puzzled. What could be more patriotic than naming our premier summer long weekend after such a quintessiantily Canadian thing? Just sayin....

Posted by Tom Arnold:

When it comes to beer consumption on a per person basis annually, Canada ranks 25th and the USA ranks 14th. Austria and Germany rank #2 and #3 but the Czech Republic is Numero Uno. This is out of a list of 50 countries. So while we are not a bunch of beer guzzling yahoo's, Canadians do love their beer. And why not? It is a great beverage and a lot of it does get consumed at cottages and campgrounds during the spring/summer/fall seasons. Telling the truth should not be considered offensive. Everyone has the right to decide how they will spend this long weekend. Maureen...and others... you need to lighten up. Hockey, Tim Horton's, Maple Syrup, the Canada Goose, the Loon, the Beaver and yes... Canadian Beer are all part of what makes us Canadian. I am proud to say I am a Canadian and I am very happy with the international image that Canada has with other civilized countries.

Posted by Dylan:

I think you are Funny Andy and for the anonymus who is ashame of what we are ...maybe you can loose it up a bit and be proud to be Canadian ...better be hockey lover than a stuck up who is not even men enough to put is name when blasting someone... hopefully we are not all like you are probably this kind a person who is face will crack if he sense of humour at all probably look way older than your age ...


It's not a stereotype of its the majority of the people who actually do love Tim hortons hockey and beer. If you don't like it that's fine, but who are you to say the rest of us don't like that stuff? I don't drink but I do recognize that a lot of other people here do. It's not wrong, just different and I know I'm in the minority and that's ok.

Posted by Derek :

Blah, blah, blah, "I'm offended"... Blah, blah, blah, "I'm outraged". Get over yourselves.


he he i thought it was funny im a canadian and definately may 2-4 wknd is about the start of summer and good times and alot of canadians book the holiday off and go to campgrounds and drink to kick off summer! some people have no sense of humour i thought it was hilarious!

Posted by Admin:

I know not everyone agrees with the "tone" of this page - I'm just trying to make it different from the cookie-cutter, and IMO rather boring, official yadayada that you read about just about everywhere else about Victoria Day. Anyone with suggestions of content to include in this page feel free to share!

Posted by Bev:

The queen's birthday was the 24th of May. So the holiday should be the closest Monday to that date. Shame on us

Posted by Maureen:

Your description of the Victoria Day weekend holiday is uninformative, unnecessarily stereotypical and offensive. What does the beer reference have to do with it? Canadians are not just a bunch of beer guzzling drinkers. May 24th weekend is a national family holiday recognizing the official birth-dates of both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. For most of us it is a welcome Spring break after a long cold winter - a time to enjoy the cottage and outdoor activities like gardening.


Maybe you think it's amusing, Andy, but that sort of nonsense is overdone and does nothing to improve the image of Canadians on the world stage. I, as a Canadian, am getting sick of the stereotypes and roll my eyes whenever I hear any sort of a reference talk about Hockey, Tim Hortons, or any other crap that I'm not even into.

Posted by Andy:

Really? I thought the references to "24's" and "beer" and "hard-working" Canadians were low brow, unnecessary and VERY amusing. What's wrong with injecting a little humour into an official site? I also didn't read "hard working Canadians" as sarcasm. If the phrase sounds ironic to you, that says less about the author and more about your pre-conceived notions of Canadian work ethic.

Posted by Kaycee:

Having it on the 25th meant that it would coincide with Memorial Day weekend in the US, which is a rare occurrence. Typically, Victoria Day weekend preceded Memorial Day weekend, which allows travelers on both sides of the border to enjoy back-to-back long weekends (as a Canadian working down south, it's a nice perk to have)

Posted by Sandy:

I also find it strange it's not on the 25th this year. Maybe we had a little too much beer,eh? Sorry, couldn't resist.


The references to "24's" and "beer" and mockingly "hard-working" Canadians are low brow, unnecessary and not amusing.


Its for someone's birthday. Why would you celebrate it a week after the actual date??


Who cares, its still a holiday which ever date it falls on. Quit whining!!!


I do not understand why it's not on the 25th then. Makes no sense at all to me. What better than having it on the actual day. ???

Posted by Alex:

Big country problems? Germany fits into Canada many times over (land mass wise), has 16 federal states that make up the republic, twice as many people as Canada, different dates for when the death penalty was abolished by each state AND has national and non-national holidays. I guess it's just that humans need to separate themselves in groups and hate everyone that is different from their group even though they really aren't all that different. For the equivalent of the beer-2-4 definition in Germany look up the wikipedia article on Father's Day for example. Just that that's bound to 40 days after easter and thus also keeps moving around ob the calendar.

Posted by Chris:

I find it odd that the Holiday is not Monday May 25 this year. It is for the Monday Preceding the May 25 I understand but man that was close. Good thing for my job I get the May 24 weekend off (May 18) as well as the Memorial Day weekend off. Yippie.

Posted by Diegs:

Randie I propose we take it further and say that if a holiday falls on a weekday then the shortest number of days to any given weekend are also holidays. Tuesday means Monday is also a holiday. Thursday means Friday is also a holiday. And on Wednesday it's like a jackpot, you get the whole week :D

Posted by Phil:

Morris, Quebec was built by people from different religions, races or country of origin. But thanks for your racist comment anyway!

Posted by D. Lewis:

John, I could not agree more and for more than just the legit points you make. This may not be the time or place to vent our anti- foreign government control of our own but, thought I'd let you know there are others who agree whole heartedly.

Posted by Randie:

The date for Victoria Day should be the last Monday in May!!! Too often with the current rule the holiday weekend is too early to have good weather. Tough on cottagers and gardeners.

Posted by Morris:

Victoria Day is celebrated by English Canadians in Quebec. Because the Quebec government, (unimpeded by the federal government), is busy revising history. Politically correct or not, it was Christian, white, British subjects who built not only Quebec but all of Canada. NOBODY ELSE !

Posted by Phillip:

I vote for John to be the next Prime Minister.

Posted by John:

Why is it we must celebrate Victoria Day? Is it not high time we cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy and the British Commonwealth? we send them ( The biggest welfare family in the world )five million dollars per year just to remain as part of the Commonwealth; that money could be better spent else where. No to mention, that at this moment Camilla and Charles ( The biggest Fore flusher )are in Canada, and we are paying for it; while we have thousands of our own people living and starving on the streets, they are staying in the most plush accommodations and wining and dining on the best food. Those are our tax dollars and the government does not care.


It is called May two four,because a canadian case of beer comes in a 24 pack ! nothing to do with any ancient queen,and it's the first real guaranteed ,to be nice weather,of the summer,95% of canadians,could care less about the british monarchy, that's the "slang" surrounding the nickname for the holiday.

Posted by Frankie:

If you look on the list on the left 2014 Holidays it shows the holidays for each province. Victoria Day is a national holiday so all provinces get the day off with pay. Quebec though has the holiday but keeps on changing the name...PQuistes party doesn't want anything to do with the Queen so they called it Fête de Dollard until 2003 and changed it to Journée nationale des patriotes (to honor the rebellion against the British in 1837)

Posted by Jules:

Confussed !!!!! Some stores in PEI are opened and some are not. So if you don't work do you get paid? And if you have to work do get anything extra? dbl. or time and a half?

Posted by JJ:

Some conflicting info about Victoria Day in New Brunswick: This page says it's a federal stat holiday, this one says it's not a paid holiday at all.

Posted by Michael:

Victoria Day while celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday is also the day Canadians celebrate the Official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada. So, its a double birthday celebration. Victoria was queen when Canada became a confederated country in 1867 and she chose Ottawa as the capital of the new country. Happy Victoria Day....May 2-4 and firecracker day.

Posted by Mike:

It' called May two-Four because Queen Victoria's birthday is may 24. We always celebrate a long weekend around that date. It started as the long weekend on the 24th, so a slang is "Two-Four". We do drink then, even all year long. It's the beginning of the cottage and camping season. Campgrounds, trailer parks and private and rental cottages traditionally open. A holiday Monday across the country.

Posted by Mike:

It' called May two-Four because Queen Victoria's birthday is may 24. We always celebrate a long weekend around that date. It started as the long weekend on the 24th, so a slang is "Two-Four". We do drink then, even all year long. It's the beginning of the cottage and camping season. Campgrounds, trailer parks and private and rental cottages traditionally open. A holiday Monday across the country.


Holidays vary by province and territories mainly because there are disagreements between the provincial and federal government. This also has to do with when they joined Canada, as well as political status prior to joining and after joining. So...yeah; it's complicated.


its a holiday in NL as well!


Actually, if you do your research you will find that Victoria Day is not a stat holiday in NB. It's an optional holiday, titled a "prescribed day of rest" but not a stat.

Posted by Queen Victoria:

Hey Allen - good news! Victoria Day IS a holiday in New Brunswick. So yeah.


More than half of this page is about going to the cottage and beer LOL. Thumbs up bro!

Posted by Allen:

How is it that Victoria Day isn't a holiday in the Maritimes? Actually, how is it that it isn't a holiday in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland but it's a holiday in PEI? So many holidays are different from province to province and I find it confusing and a waste of money. I guess it's a curse of a big country.

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