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Posted by Elizabeth A Mason:

This is a direct quote from another person. As I could not have put it in words any better than "Kim", I give you her quote. "Such an excellent idea!!!! What a fantastic way to acknowledge the progress we are trying to make to heal our relationship with the Indigenous people of Canada. I propose that we put the day of Reconciliation in March and the day of celebration on June 21 and make both statutory holidays for the entire country." This is such a clear choice for all Kanada/Canada!

Posted by Joe:

It would be a great idea

Posted by Doug:

No thank you

Posted by Kim:

Such an excellent idea!!!! What a fantastic way to acknowledge the progress we are trying to make to heal our relationship with the Indigenous people of Canada. I propose that we put the day of Reconciliation in March and the day of celebration on June 21 and make both statutory holidays for the entire country.

Posted by Lorise :

September 30 and June 21 should be considered as statutory holidays

Posted by Natalie M:

June! We need a holiday in June.

Posted by Mat:

make it in june. there is nothing in june

Posted by Karen:

I propose that we make November 11 the Stat Holiday. Only banks and government are closed on this day. Let everyone remember - and not just veterans new and old - all people that have died in the line of duty for our country: fire, rescue, police, etc. I agree that Orange Shirt day is not appropriate.

Posted by Admin:

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Posted by One Canadian:

No one expects people like “John Wick” and “Get on with it” to understand the issues, racism and generations of debilitating experiences First Nations people have suffered. Ignorance along with the privilege both of them clearly enjoy has given them a false sense of righteousness. Bigoted comments against First Nations is very common in Canada, and these two have proven racist sentiments are alive and well even today. If they had the ability to learn about the history of this nation instead of throwing around ignorant comments and opinions on the internet, I would say there could be hope for them. The First Nations people survived the genocide perpetrated by people like “John Wick” and “Get on with it” clearly come from. We are not going anywhere, I’m sure your ignorant, racist existence is offended by that. So if you don’t like the fact First Nations people are getting some help in this country, then why don’t you pack your bags and go back to where you truly come from. Trust me, no one will miss you here.

Posted by John Wick:

I can only sign and re-hash what the first poster "Get on with it" already wrote - we don't need another burden on the taxpayers. I really don't understand the point of this holiday observation and also this endless apologeticism about what happened 50 or 100 years ago. Let's write all that in the history books and teach our children what happened so that it never happens again - and that's it. Stop complaining, stop abusing the benefit system, stop living in the past and start **working**. If you don't want to work - that is fine - but then don't expect someone else to pick up your tab. With all its many problems, this is one of the finest countries in the world and if you don't like it here, you're free to pack your bags and take off to wherever you feel is a better place for you. You're even free to slam the doors behind you, should you feel so inclined.

Posted by Taylor:

June 11 would be best because we need to have a separate day to honour those that didn't survive and those that did. this wasn't just an assimilation but it was abuse and we need to remember that. Put yourself in indigenous shoes and imagine if you were ripped from your parents arms and put into a school that abused you, didn't care for your health, made you speak a different language without any "subtitles" or a "translater." what if you weren't allowed to see any of your family until you were 18 years old. We need different dates so everyone knows what ways the first nations suffered

Posted by Get on with it:

What I don't understand is this: Almost always an invading/new force (army) takes over existing land in such a hostile manner that little, if anything, remains of the existing culture if they can't successfully fend off the invasion. That's it. They are assimilated and nobody apologizes a century later, there are no tax exemptions or treaties. So why is it that in this case this is still such a big deal? The French and English came and conquered. The end. Let's move on. Let's treat everyone equally. And this equal treatment means no special benefits. Go get a job. If you do good work you will be promoted and the next generation will be better off. So either, give everyone tax benefits and special deals and let's everyone block railroads and complain, complain and complain OR let's get on with it. If anyone wants special treatment, do something special. Being the ancestor or people whose land we live on is not a special achievement. It's no longer your land. It's Canada's land. Millions of people who come to Canada get to practice their religion freely, speak any language they want and they are happy to call their new home Canada. I'm sick and tired of turning on the radio and every day hearing this never ending "but I was here first" argument. Yes you were here first. That was then. It has changed. Now we're here together. Thank your lucky stars you live in Canada, which is a damn great country and get to pursue whatever it is you want in your life.

Posted by Keith:

June 11 sounds good to me. There are some lessons to be learned from this history that continues to impact all of us today. Sure we cannot be responsible for the past but we can learn to understand how the past influences the present situation and what is required to move forward towards peace and reconcilliation.

Posted by Aggie:

If Rembrance Day was a stat holiday it could be used to remember both our veterans and idiginous at the same time in an effort to come together in honour of peace for all....?????

Posted by Justin T:

This doesn't need to be a holiday. Enough with the constant guilt of the alleged sins of our forefathers.

Posted by Matthew:

Instead of a holiday I think it wold be more appropriate to have an Indian history month where an emphasis on truth an reconciliation would be observe.

Posted by Jenna Okotoks, Ab:

June 11th. That's the anniversary of the date the federal government finally apologized for the atrocities.

Posted by Andrew Daniels:

Aboriginals are perhaps the most neglected minority group in Canada and the one we should make the biggest effort for. I think we should have a day, I don't see the issue with June 21st, seems like still the best day for it. Also to clarify to Fran - I don't think the "Japanese lost a lot of land" - very few did, and not a lot.

Posted by Jenny:

Personally I've never understood why Remembrance Day isn't a statutory holiday. So many Canadians, of all backgrounds, (including indigenous) lost their lives in the world wars, and I know that many people given the chance would attend a Remembrance Day event if they had the day off. I agree with the National Truth and Reconciliation Day, but if they do pass a bill to make it a Stat holiday, and Remembrance Day ISN'T, then the government is basically saying it's more important to recognize that we're sorry for the way Natives were treated than to recognize all the people (indigenous included) who sacrificed their lives to make Canada a free country in which we all now live.

Posted by gary smith:

They should just scrap the entire Idea come up with something better like Heritage day would be a appropriate holiday commemorate what are ancestors to make this country great.

Posted by Poule :

I think the entire subject is crazy.The event was horrendous but is passed & done! In those SAME yrs & SINCE, Dads,Uncles, Brothers etc have been raping, sodomizing,torturing,killing, hiding & burying babies, little sons & daughters!! THOSE victims were robbed in its TOTAL LIFE SENSE, not just molested but they aren't remembered or recognized with special orange shirt day, families given land, gov't- paid APOLOGY $$$, subsidies etc!!!! Do these orange shirt folks want a Green Jeans Day or New House Day too? Enough, already! Parish Priests, Deacons, Bishops... to the Pope have apologized orally & in writings in VAST amounts ,they fasted for reperation, prayed, offered compensation ...the family rape & torture victims (& stranger violators) get prayed for by a Priest at the funeral & that's it. Haulocaust victims & their families have been remembered but rec'd nothing. No SPECIAL day or anything else. War victims the same. The broken survivors moved their feet by inches, mourned alone, had nothing,were skin & bones, no food/clothes/home/town, some with no relatives to be found, etc but in that horror, broken in spirit, no hope, nearly insane with their grief & fear found their sanity & picked up life and rebuilt their lives; moved forward and only looked backwards as a lesson to never be repeated. So this indigenous story is done, over , finished, many or most of them deceased. Millions of men,women,boys & girls of every age have suffered their fate and after looked FORWARD toward healing. Let the old record album stop skipping at the same scratch and move on. Pleeeeeez! Enough special treatments. God bless every victim but change the mentality.

Posted by Lori Gauthier:

I think the day they decide to make make the stat should coincide with the Spring Equinox. In many indigenous cultures Spring is looked at as a new beginning. I think it's time to start a new and for those of us affected by colonialism and it's inter-generational effects to let go and start again. I think the National Indigenous Peoples Day should remain just that. A time of celebration and pride. Whereas the this holiday should be a time to reflect and remember those that came before us. I think remembering all those that attended residential schools is a way to honor their spirits and and strength, much like Remembrance Day is a day to pay respect to those who fought and triumphed this should also be a day to remember, mourn and unite. I don't see this day as a day to celebrate but a day to reflect and give thanks to our ancestors for all they have endured.

Posted by Maria:

I think that this proposed holiday is a good idea. I agree that it should not fall on the same day as Orange Shirt Day, but I think it could take place on the day after that, as a day of remembering and mourning. It should be optional for each province, but very strongly recommended. Finally, it should allow all Indigenous people to request and receive work leave; however, leave from work would be optional for those who were not affected by residential schools. Moreover, Orange Shirt Day should make its way into a brief classroom announcement at every Canadian school as a method of continuing the reconciliation (two of my teachers covered the topic in order to bring it to our attention, despite the fact that it was unrelated to the curriculum). An indigenous representative should approve all decisions.

Posted by Fran:

I agree very much with violets comments, except do not just give them the land. Other wise fine. The Japanese lost a lot of land. We do not hear them complaining.(not that that was the right thing for Canada to do}. No They have real Pride. They have worked very hard to get where they are with no thanks to the Canadian Govt, or most Canadians.Natives could take note, and try a little work, and stop the demands. So many natives treat white people like crap, it is hard to be pleasant in return. the Japanese lost there land when they were sent off to camps

Posted by David Duchene:

It is very important to remember what transpired against the Native peoples of Canada. Also, to celebrate indigenous peoples to what day that will be and whether those two precepts are incompatible - I'll leave that to those above my pay grade. PICK ONE!

Posted by Cynthia:

I do think this day needs to be remembered but if this was to be a holiday I feel Remembrance day should be made one. The orange day needs to be discussed more in school. My kids are in grade 5 and still don't know what it is about.

Posted by Kathy:

Historically, a statutory holiday is a day of celebration. I would much rather see a holiday to celebrate the indiginous / aboriginal HERITAGE, not the horrors of historical residential schools.

Posted by Michael:

If this is to become a national holiday, then are we to CELEBRATE the facts linked to the residential school system? We will rest on that day and be thankful to the events that created the holiday... In my humble opinion, remember it, yes; a stat holiday, no.

Posted by Alyssa:

This should be a holiday FOR SURE. Not on orange shirt day or national aboriginal day. Out of respect for the history of Canada, this deserves to have its own day to remember the lives that were taken but not forgotten.

Posted by Violet:

Enough is enough. Residential schools were not nice, but I wonder what would have happened if the Canadian gov't of that time had simply left aboriginals on their own, up north somewhere to fend for themselves. Would they be better off? I also find it funny that no mention about the aboriginals that were enslaved by other aboriginals, or so many killed in tribal wars? What about the British children who were spirited away from London and brought to Canada to become basically slaves? What about their day? If the natives want to have land back, give it to them. Give them a space that is no longer any part of Canada, we are no longer paying them the billions we have, and let them look after themselves. Isn't that what they want? Land? Have it.Like I said, enough is enough. Nothing will ever be enough when one thrives and makes a living off victim hood.

Posted by Violet Kern:

Reply to Neil Roth: internment camps. The fear made good sense. Takeo Yoshikawa was living in Hawaii and was a spy for Japan. He began by familiarizing himself with the principal Hawaiian islands and their military installations.To explore the places Japan wanted info on, he frequently relied on a cab driven by John Mikami, a Japanese-Hawaiian. Other times, the spy used a 1937 Ford chauffeured by Richard Kotoshirodo, a nisei consular clerk. It's unfortunate, but at that time it made absolute good sense to place 'some' people into internment camps. Not nice, but that's war for you and Canada did not start it.

Posted by "Tired of it":

I absolutely do not agree with the need for this to become a stat holiday.

Posted by John P Monaghan:

Attempting to reach back into the past to redress what is now seen as immoral is an exercise in futility. It cannot be done and should not be attempted.

Posted by John P Monaghan:

It is my feeling that we should not impose our beliefs cultural and otherwise on a previous time. We cannot look at what was done what decisions were made and why. It should be just left alone period. Just walk away from it . More later No time now.

Posted by Larry Hills:

We should have the holiday in June, then have one at the end of September to remember all the Canadian citizens we put in internment camps during WW 1 and WW 2 out of ignorance, prejudice, and fear.

Posted by Neil Roth:

I think June 21 should be just fine as a statutory holiday. We have Christmas and New Year’s 7 days apart so why be concerned about 10 days before Canada day?

Posted by Veronica:

June or November as it needs to be recognized as its own day not mixed.

Posted by Dorothy:

This holiday should be given nationally and be in June. I could be a floating holiday like Victoria Day, Thanksgiving, or Labour Day. Say the second Monday in June as an example. This would give every one a chance to have a break. We could think of those who were treated poorly, and how we can ensure this terrible treatment does not happen again. Our country, Canada, is beautiful and the First n\Nations were the keepers of this land before confederation. We need to salute these wonderful peoples who lived here before Canada

Posted by Dean:

September already has Labour Day, and Thanksgiving is not far into October. This holiday, if it is created, should fall around the 10th of June (a month which is devoid of holidays). That would keep it about 3 weeks away from both Victoria Day and Canada Day, and it should be clear of collateral celebrations.

Posted by John Redcrow:

Move it to around April 21, so as not to interfere with other holidays. Also, to be all-inclusive, let's name it: National Guilty Liberal Apology Day.

Posted by Erin:

100% agree that we need this Nationally, but couldn't it be earlier in June or in Nov? It's a special day in and of itself, so pairing it with an existing day shouldn't be important. In fact, wouldn't we want a unique date to avoid taking away from existing days?

Posted by Fredrick:

I feel we have beat this drum long enough. We the taxpayers have paid millions of dollars in compensation for the victims and their families for this terrible ordeal. Enough is enough. It is time to accept the Government of Canada’s apology, forgive, but not forget and move on. There have been many many other groups of people that have been hard done by, but none have carried on over and over like this has. As a Canadian, I am sorry for what has happened, but we need to move on.

Posted by Caitlynn:

This sounds great

Posted by Graham :

I totally agree either month

Posted by Dana:

I propose that the date should be June 21st, in order for community to be involved in events celebrated for the National Aboriginal Day festivities for natives and non-natives.

Posted by Barbara:

I can't believe you would observe residential schools and not celebrate Aboriginal day on June 21st with those provinces the do. This happened in the past and with Human Rights will not happen again in Canada. Why can we drop the mistakes of the past and celebrate the future? If you want to remember the past make Remembrance day a stat holiday and remember those who died for our freedom. This celebrates all people including the indigenous community!

Posted by antistat:

There is nothing wrong in celebrating Indigenous People of Canada by having a holiday for Canadians to participate....the big question is how is that celebration furthered in any way by requiring businesses to pay their employees for not working on that day? Same goes for any stat holiday to be honest. Several mandated days off during the year entirely makes sense. Employee required to work on any of those days, make the employer pay double time. Making employer pay even though employee is not producing anything for the business? Makes no sense at all, especially since employees already get vacation pay added to wages.

Posted by Jacob Ma:

It would be a blessing to have a celebration stat holiday on Jun 21 and if the indigenous do not object, a truth and reconciliation stat holiday on Sep 30. For Ontario, it has the least stat paid holidays in Ca. because Civic Day, Remembrance Day and Easter Monday are not public holidays. Please also consider it seriously.

Posted by Rita Quaw:

It would be a blessing to have truth and reconciliation as a holiday. It will symbolize the relationship between non natives

Posted by Mary-Kay Perris:

I concur with Donald N Paul - Remembrance Day is only a holiday - most people dont know what is being commemorated - bring back the minutes of silence and remind people why they are being reminded about that tragic time in history - same with the residential schools - be aware and move forward to a future with more compassion and understanding of all peoples, races and religions.

Posted by Treena Brown:

If indigenous communities oppose the proposed date of Sept 30 due to what they see as inappropriate then I believe this must be respected. As mentioned, June 21 Is 10 days away from Canada Day, however Sept 30 Is 14 days away from Thanksgiving Day. Seeing that March, June and November are the months without a stat holiday...So June or November would be highly suitable months for a statutory holiday.

Posted by Theodore Tugboat:

I didn't steal any land. I didn't put anyone in a residential school. I live in the present and plan for the future. I'll take the holiday and I'll be paid for it. And to those reserves who decide that they don't want to do anything more than ask for more handouts, I suggest that you talk to the reserves who have money, make their own reality and plan for the future. If you don't, you simply victimize yourselves and I'm not to blame for that either.

Posted by Pitawanakwat:

For all of you people who disagree with this "Holiday", and say enough is enough. Why don't you go to a reserve and stay there for at least one week! I doubt you could even last one weekend! Then come back and tell me we are all Canadians... I'm not. The British gave us that label. We are Nishnabek who were forced to give up our language, traditions, and customs. Why don't you try and learn our language like we did yours. Miigwech.

Posted by Regis:

Land stolen from aboriginals? In most other placed in the world after an invasion of a land people are (forcibly) assimilated and get no concessions whatsoever and lucky to have any freedoms at all. In Canada, we give tax exemptions and a myriad of special deals and special treatment and no matter what we give it's never enough. Perhaps the chiefs should look at how similar "stolen" land issues are dealt with elsewhere and realize that the deals they get are actually pretty sweet. I'm supportive of keeping traditions and languages alive as part of our/their heritage but it's been long enough since the "stealing of the land" and at some point we need to stop the special treatment and give all citizens the same allowances and responsibilities. This, of course, also means providing good education, welfare and access to services. But no tax breaks and special deals.

Posted by Donald N Paul:

I disagree with any day becoming a national holiday where the point is to remember something tragic. For this reason I am against the new proposed holiday to remember residential schools being a national holiday. If it is a named day but not a holiday I am fully in favor of it. However, I live in BC where we have a holiday on November 11 for Remembrance Day. Very few people seem to take much cognizance of that day other than to wear a poppy and even that seems to be on the decline. As a child I remember going to Remembrance Day assemblies in my school on Remembrance Day. That stopped by the time my children (who are now in their 30's). I also remember when it was not a holiday in BC that everything stopped for 2 minutes in offices, on the road, etc, and for 2 minutes, at 11:00 a.m. we stood in remembrance. I think that both a Residential Schools Day and Remembrance Day would be more meaningful if they were not holidays but that we used school assemblies and mandatory work ceremonies, traffic stoppages and ceasing of store operations for at least 2 to 5 minutes and preferably 15 to 30 minutes to remember these past issues would do far more good than proclaiming another holiday where people just enjoy themselves and do not think about the issues that gave rise to the holiday.

Posted by Sabina:

I agree it should be in March. I think the 2nd Monday in March aka the day after the time change.

Posted by Evelyn:

To date, non of our Aboriginal holidays are stat or general holiday dates, therefore no one gets paid. They are only memorial dates, which only Aboriginals take the day off and it is only on the reserves that we are on. So in essence, it is only recognizable by the Anicinabe people. We are only paid stat or general holidays on which the government has considered stat or general holidays, same as everyone else, therefore our memorial holidays do not effect the businesses off reserve. We only recognize these holidays for our people because it is a milestone of what we had come out of. It is the government that tax the businesses not Aboriginal people. We have no control of who they are going to tax for stat or general holidays. If they do decide to make a new holiday, so be it. Lest we forget. Peace to all mankind.

Posted by LOL at these comments:

Kathy, may I remind you that Canada is originally Aboriginal land. This is why there are no stat holidays to reconcile the atrocities against other races/ethnicities...please don't forget that Canadian soil was stolen from the natives of our country.

Posted by LOL at these comments:

Kathy, may I remind you that Canada is originally Aboriginal land. This is why there are no stat holidays to reconcile the atrocities against other races/ethnicities...please don't forget that Canadian soil was stolen from the natives of our country.

Posted by Can’t believe some posts:

Of course there should be a holiday for all on North American soil to remember what was done to the natives of this land unwilling to them. Natives were stripped of their land, culture And ultimately their whole way of live so others could live how they want with all power and disregard to other humans. I understand others don’t feel the same way because they are most ignorant to what happen to natives and some are just plain nasty but natives belong to this land not any other race. Natives offered their land as friends and were totally disrespected and spit in the face by the newcomer. So yes they deserve a day, and a whole lot more.

Posted by michelle walker:

I think it should be a day of it's own, the end of September in all its colors is a time of beauty and healing with fall and winter as a time of rest and recovery, would be beautiful and symbolic time. Pick a date and make it a statutory holiday for all of Canada to remember, learn from mistakes and move forward

Posted by Kathy:

They are the only race who wants special treatment. I see no Canadian holidays around slavery of Africans or Irish. Yes Irish have St Patrick's Day but it isn't a stat, and is a day of celebration. Cater to this, there may be other cultures wanting a holiday for any trials and tribulations they had.

Posted by Mariam:

Let's put it in March since we have no stat holiday there :P

Posted by Gary:

With all due respect, our indigenous people our only one of many minority groups that have suffered in many ways over the years. But it seems our indigenous people are the only ones that keep receiving more and more concessions. When will it ever end.

Posted by overburdened taxpayer:

Residential schools were requested by natives, and most attendees have a happy memories of the experience, and it was successful in educating students. What would we be remembering, the entitlement of the current generation, or the pandering of the government/courts?

Posted by Torontian:

Definately this should become official holiday for all Canada and it should be observed by everyone, not only federal employees.

Posted by Mary Clair:

The Holiday should be for everyone to remember. Then there is no confusion. The make it a floating day. The fourth Monday in September. Or the third Monday in June, for example. This allows for weekend rememberance services, that more people can attend. This does not need to be difficult. Pick a day so we can begin the healing.

Posted by AJ:

Seriously, indigenous unemployment? Get a grip haters. Unemployment runs deep in Canada; no longer just amongst indigenous peoples. You ask when "we will stop paying"? When will they stop paying? When will our "so-called", all inclusive, accepting country understand what was taken and continues to be taken from these, and other people.

Posted by Rick Lizotte:

Who wants to remember the negative impact of residential schools? It was a horrible mistake, admitted, and apologized. If we celebrated all the wrongs the world and this country has made there would be a holiday of remembrance 365 days of the year. Remembering this would just add fuel to the fire to both sides of the equation.

Posted by Sonia:

I think it's an excellent idea. Like Remembrance Day, we should never forget. Future generations need to know the true history of Canada, and that includes the atrocities committed in the Residential Schools. Children were torn from their parents, many of whom were never heard from again. These events had an enormous impact on the First Nations people, and impact that affects many First Nations peoples today.

Posted by Tom:

Let's drop Victoria Day and put this somewhere between mid-May (say second Monday in May) and early June (say first Monday in June). I'm in my late 60s and born in Canada and Victoria Day means nothing to me. The new holiday should be when school is in.

Posted by loop:

For once in your colonizing life, respect the Indigenous communities. After all, this land belongs to them and them only. The least the government can do it listen to their requests and abide by them.

Posted by Louise Cardinal :

It's about time we pay homage to indiginous people for their suffering at the hands of others. It is time for indiginous people are treated with respect. We wouldn't have allowed these injustices to happen to our children. Why are reserves kept away from everyone. Wouldn't you call that segregation. Why are their communities so secluded from ours. Their youth are committing suicide because of the conditions they live in. Why aren't they allowed to be prosperous. Why don't they have movie theaters pools gyms malls good education clean water why are they treeated so deplorably its time for everyone to be educated on our past history and why we allowed all these things to happen to them.

Posted by Ken:

This country will tip over from a PC overdose. Lots of people have nothing but happy memories of their residential school days, and laughed as they took the money.

Posted by Donald:

Tired of apologizing. Enough is enough. What's next National Chinese day, Italian Days, Korean Day. Where does it end. I thought we are all Canadians??

Posted by cyndi:

As far as I'm feeling Statutory Holidays should be paid by the Federal Government,5 at least. They are coming up with all these new holidays. It's up to 19 holidays now. One a month would be nice. Please go back to having holidays on the day it was made. It makes more work for us small business people. Join some of the holidays together if people feel they are that important.

Posted by J.L.:

Finally. We need to treat this day with the same importance as Canada Day. It's taken long enough to get here.

Posted by n/a:

I am done apologizing. Move on.

Posted by Shane:

How long will the rest of Canada pay for indigenous unemployment?

Posted by Small biz owner:

Who will pay for this holiday? Especially for small businesses this is a significant financial burden. How much consultation took place? I didn't hear about this until now.

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