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Posted by Sabina:

I agree it should be in March. I think the 2nd Monday in March aka the day after the time change.

Posted by Evelyn:

To date, non of our Aboriginal holidays are stat or general holiday dates, therefore no one gets paid. They are only memorial dates, which only Aboriginals take the day off and it is only on the reserves that we are on. So in essence, it is only recognizable by the Anicinabe people. We are only paid stat or general holidays on which the government has considered stat or general holidays, same as everyone else, therefore our memorial holidays do not effect the businesses off reserve. We only recognize these holidays for our people because it is a milestone of what we had come out of. It is the government that tax the businesses not Aboriginal people. We have no control of who they are going to tax for stat or general holidays. If they do decide to make a new holiday, so be it. Lest we forget. Peace to all mankind.

Posted by LOL at these comments:

Kathy, may I remind you that Canada is originally Aboriginal land. This is why there are no stat holidays to reconcile the atrocities against other races/ethnicities...please don't forget that Canadian soil was stolen from the natives of our country.

Posted by Canít believe some posts:

Of course there should be a holiday for all on North American soil to remember what was done to the natives of this land unwilling to them. Natives were stripped of their land, culture And ultimately their whole way of live so others could live how they want with all power and disregard to other humans. I understand others donít feel the same way because they are most ignorant to what happen to natives and some are just plain nasty but natives belong to this land not any other race. Natives offered their land as friends and were totally disrespected and spit in the face by the newcomer. So yes they deserve a day, and a whole lot more.

Posted by michelle walker:

I think it should be a day of it's own, the end of September in all its colors is a time of beauty and healing with fall and winter as a time of rest and recovery, would be beautiful and symbolic time. Pick a date and make it a statutory holiday for all of Canada to remember, learn from mistakes and move forward

Posted by Kathy:

They are the only race who wants special treatment. I see no Canadian holidays around slavery of Africans or Irish. Yes Irish have St Patrick's Day but it isn't a stat, and is a day of celebration. Cater to this, there may be other cultures wanting a holiday for any trials and tribulations they had.

Posted by Mariam:

Let's put it in March since we have no stat holiday there :P

Posted by Gary:

With all due respect, our indigenous people our only one of many minority groups that have suffered in many ways over the years. But it seems our indigenous people are the only ones that keep receiving more and more concessions. When will it ever end.

Posted by overburdened taxpayer:

Residential schools were requested by natives, and most attendees have a happy memories of the experience, and it was successful in educating students. What would we be remembering, the entitlement of the current generation, or the pandering of the government/courts?

Posted by Torontian:

Definately this should become official holiday for all Canada and it should be observed by everyone, not only federal employees.

Posted by Mary Clair:

The Holiday should be for everyone to remember. Then there is no confusion. The make it a floating day. The fourth Monday in September. Or the third Monday in June, for example. This allows for weekend rememberance services, that more people can attend. This does not need to be difficult. Pick a day so we can begin the healing.

Posted by AJ:

Seriously, indigenous unemployment? Get a grip haters. Unemployment runs deep in Canada; no longer just amongst indigenous peoples. You ask when "we will stop paying"? When will they stop paying? When will our "so-called", all inclusive, accepting country understand what was taken and continues to be taken from these, and other people.

Posted by Rick Lizotte:

Who wants to remember the negative impact of residential schools? It was a horrible mistake, admitted, and apologized. If we celebrated all the wrongs the world and this country has made there would be a holiday of remembrance 365 days of the year. Remembering this would just add fuel to the fire to both sides of the equation.

Posted by Sonia:

I think it's an excellent idea. Like Remembrance Day, we should never forget. Future generations need to know the true history of Canada, and that includes the atrocities committed in the Residential Schools. Children were torn from their parents, many of whom were never heard from again. These events had an enormous impact on the First Nations people, and impact that affects many First Nations peoples today.

Posted by Tom:

Let's drop Victoria Day and put this somewhere between mid-May (say second Monday in May) and early June (say first Monday in June). I'm in my late 60s and born in Canada and Victoria Day means nothing to me. The new holiday should be when school is in.

Posted by loop:

For once in your colonizing life, respect the Indigenous communities. After all, this land belongs to them and them only. The least the government can do it listen to their requests and abide by them.

Posted by Louise Cardinal :

It's about time we pay homage to indiginous people for their suffering at the hands of others. It is time for indiginous people are treated with respect. We wouldn't have allowed these injustices to happen to our children. Why are reserves kept away from everyone. Wouldn't you call that segregation. Why are their communities so secluded from ours. Their youth are committing suicide because of the conditions they live in. Why aren't they allowed to be prosperous. Why don't they have movie theaters pools gyms malls good education clean water why are they treeated so deplorably its time for everyone to be educated on our past history and why we allowed all these things to happen to them.

Posted by Ken:

This country will tip over from a PC overdose. Lots of people have nothing but happy memories of their residential school days, and laughed as they took the money.

Posted by Donald:

Tired of apologizing. Enough is enough. What's next National Chinese day, Italian Days, Korean Day. Where does it end. I thought we are all Canadians??

Posted by cyndi:

As far as I'm feeling Statutory Holidays should be paid by the Federal Government,5 at least. They are coming up with all these new holidays. It's up to 19 holidays now. One a month would be nice. Please go back to having holidays on the day it was made. It makes more work for us small business people. Join some of the holidays together if people feel they are that important.

Posted by J.L.:

Finally. We need to treat this day with the same importance as Canada Day. It's taken long enough to get here.

Posted by n/a:

I am done apologizing. Move on.

Posted by Shane:

How long will the rest of Canada pay for indigenous unemployment?

Posted by Small biz owner:

Who will pay for this holiday? Especially for small businesses this is a significant financial burden. How much consultation took place? I didn't hear about this until now.

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