Proposed new statutory holiday: National Truth and Reconciliation Day

A new statutory holiday is proposed by the government to commemorate the legacy of residential schools fulfilling a recommendation made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

If the bill is passed, the National Truth and Reconciliation Day will be on September 30. At this point it's unclear if this is going to be national statutory holiday or up to provinces and territories to adopt it and if it will apply only to federal employees or everyone. It is also not known what year will the first observation take place.

Indigenous communities oppose to using September 30 for this new proposed holiday because September 30 is when Orange Shirt Day is currently observed and the indigenous leaders feel that combining a day of celebration with a day of reconciliation is "inappropriate and disrespectful".

June 21 was considered as the alternate day for this new holiday, which is currently the National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is only ten days away from Canada Day and would make the two stat holidays too close together.

What do you think? Is it a good or bad idea to create this new statutory holiday? Is this the best way to keep alive the legacy of residential schools? Share your comments below.

It's already hard to keep track of which holiday is celebrated in what region. The National Truth and Reconciliation Day may not be adopted by every province and territory, which will add confusion to the already convoluted holiday system. Also, what rules will apply when September 30 falls on a weekend is yet to be seen.

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What do you think about the new proposed holiday to remember residential schools?

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Posted by "Tired of it":

I absolutely do not agree with the need for this to become a stat holiday.

Posted by John P Monaghan:

Attempting to reach back into the past to redress what is now seen as immoral is an exercise in futility. It cannot be done and should not be attempted.

Posted by John P Monaghan:

It is my feeling that we should not impose our beliefs cultural and otherwise on a previous time. We cannot look at what was done what decisions were made and why. It should be just left alone period. Just walk away from it . More later No time now.

Posted by Larry Hills:

We should have the holiday in June, then have one at the end of September to remember all the Canadian citizens we put in internment camps during WW 1 and WW 2 out of ignorance, prejudice, and fear.

Posted by Neil Roth:

I think June 21 should be just fine as a statutory holiday. We have Christmas and New Year’s 7 days apart so why be concerned about 10 days before Canada day?

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