Proposed new statutory holiday: National Truth and Reconciliation Day

A new statutory holiday is proposed by the government to commemorate the legacy of residential schools fulfilling a recommendation made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

If the bill is passed, the National Truth and Reconciliation Day will be on September 30. At this point it's unclear if this is going to be national statutory holiday or up to provinces and territories to adopt it and if it will apply only to federal employees or everyone. It is also not known what year will the first observation take place.

Indigenous communities oppose to using September 30 for this new proposed holiday because September 30 is when Orange Shirt Day is currently observed and the indigenous leaders feel that combining a day of celebration with a day of reconciliation is "inappropriate and disrespectful".

June 21 was considered as the alternate day for this new holiday, which is currently the National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is only ten days away from Canada Day and would make the two stat holidays too close together.

What do you think? Is it a good or bad idea to create this new statutory holiday? Is this the best way to keep alive the legacy of residential schools? Share your comments below.

It's already hard to keep track of which holiday is celebrated in what region. The National Truth and Reconciliation Day may not be adopted by every province and territory, which will add confusion to the already convoluted holiday system. Also, what rules will apply when September 30 falls on a weekend is yet to be seen.

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What do you think about the new proposed holiday to remember residential schools?

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Posted by Graham :

I totally agree either month

Posted by Dana:

I propose that the date should be June 21st, in order for community to be involved in events celebrated for the National Aboriginal Day festivities for natives and non-natives.

Posted by Barbara:

I can't believe you would observe residential schools and not celebrate Aboriginal day on June 21st with those provinces the do. This happened in the past and with Human Rights will not happen again in Canada. Why can we drop the mistakes of the past and celebrate the future? If you want to remember the past make Remembrance day a stat holiday and remember those who died for our freedom. This celebrates all people including the indigenous community!

Posted by antistat:

There is nothing wrong in celebrating Indigenous People of Canada by having a holiday for Canadians to participate....the big question is how is that celebration furthered in any way by requiring businesses to pay their employees for not working on that day? Same goes for any stat holiday to be honest. Several mandated days off during the year entirely makes sense. Employee required to work on any of those days, make the employer pay double time. Making employer pay even though employee is not producing anything for the business? Makes no sense at all, especially since employees already get vacation pay added to wages.

Posted by Jacob Ma:

It would be a blessing to have a celebration stat holiday on Jun 21 and if the indigenous do not object, a truth and reconciliation stat holiday on Sep 30. For Ontario, it has the least stat paid holidays in Ca. because Civic Day, Remembrance Day and Easter Monday are not public holidays. Please also consider it seriously.

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