Proposed new statutory holiday: National Truth and Reconciliation Day

A new statutory holiday is proposed by the government to commemorate the legacy of residential schools fulfilling a recommendation made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

If the bill is passed, the National Truth and Reconciliation Day will be on September 30. At this point it's unclear if this is going to be national statutory holiday or up to provinces and territories to adopt it and if it will apply only to federal employees or everyone. It is also not known what year will the first observation take place.

Indigenous communities oppose to using September 30 for this new proposed holiday because September 30 is when Orange Shirt Day is currently observed and the indigenous leaders feel that combining a day of celebration with a day of reconciliation is "inappropriate and disrespectful".

June 21 was considered as the alternate day for this new holiday, which is currently the National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is only ten days away from Canada Day and would make the two stat holidays too close together.

What do you think? Is it a good or bad idea to create this new statutory holiday? Is this the best way to keep alive the legacy of residential schools? Share your comments below.

It's already hard to keep track of which holiday is celebrated in what region. The National Truth and Reconciliation Day may not be adopted by every province and territory, which will add confusion to the already convoluted holiday system. Also, what rules will apply when September 30 falls on a weekend is yet to be seen.

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What do you think about the new proposed holiday to remember residential schools?

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Posted by Admin:

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Posted by One Canadian:

No one expects people like “John Wick” and “Get on with it” to understand the issues, racism and generations of debilitating experiences First Nations people have suffered. Ignorance along with the privilege both of them clearly enjoy has given them a false sense of righteousness. Bigoted comments against First Nations is very common in Canada, and these two have proven racist sentiments are alive and well even today. If they had the ability to learn about the history of this nation instead of throwing around ignorant comments and opinions on the internet, I would say there could be hope for them. The First Nations people survived the genocide perpetrated by people like “John Wick” and “Get on with it” clearly come from. We are not going anywhere, I’m sure your ignorant, racist existence is offended by that. So if you don’t like the fact First Nations people are getting some help in this country, then why don’t you pack your bags and go back to where you truly come from. Trust me, no one will miss you here.

Posted by John Wick:

I can only sign and re-hash what the first poster "Get on with it" already wrote - we don't need another burden on the taxpayers. I really don't understand the point of this holiday observation and also this endless apologeticism about what happened 50 or 100 years ago. Let's write all that in the history books and teach our children what happened so that it never happens again - and that's it. Stop complaining, stop abusing the benefit system, stop living in the past and start **working**. If you don't want to work - that is fine - but then don't expect someone else to pick up your tab. With all its many problems, this is one of the finest countries in the world and if you don't like it here, you're free to pack your bags and take off to wherever you feel is a better place for you. You're even free to slam the doors behind you, should you feel so inclined.

Posted by Taylor:

June 11 would be best because we need to have a separate day to honour those that didn't survive and those that did. this wasn't just an assimilation but it was abuse and we need to remember that. Put yourself in indigenous shoes and imagine if you were ripped from your parents arms and put into a school that abused you, didn't care for your health, made you speak a different language without any "subtitles" or a "translater." what if you weren't allowed to see any of your family until you were 18 years old. We need different dates so everyone knows what ways the first nations suffered

Posted by Get on with it:

What I don't understand is this: Almost always an invading/new force (army) takes over existing land in such a hostile manner that little, if anything, remains of the existing culture if they can't successfully fend off the invasion. That's it. They are assimilated and nobody apologizes a century later, there are no tax exemptions or treaties. So why is it that in this case this is still such a big deal? The French and English came and conquered. The end. Let's move on. Let's treat everyone equally. And this equal treatment means no special benefits. Go get a job. If you do good work you will be promoted and the next generation will be better off. So either, give everyone tax benefits and special deals and let's everyone block railroads and complain, complain and complain OR let's get on with it. If anyone wants special treatment, do something special. Being the ancestor or people whose land we live on is not a special achievement. It's no longer your land. It's Canada's land. Millions of people who come to Canada get to practice their religion freely, speak any language they want and they are happy to call their new home Canada. I'm sick and tired of turning on the radio and every day hearing this never ending "but I was here first" argument. Yes you were here first. That was then. It has changed. Now we're here together. Thank your lucky stars you live in Canada, which is a damn great country and get to pursue whatever it is you want in your life.

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