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Posted by Ken Chartrand:

My mom is gone to Heaven but I still can feel thankful to her as love continues.

Posted by Debbie:

We used to get coupons on the box of cereal for free ice cream from Dairy Queen. So we would all get together for ice cream on Mothers Day. Now it has just become a thing that we do. My Dad used to take us. Now they are gone. I take my family. Happy Mothers Day MOM!

Posted by Shrikant Potnis:

My mother was a really wonderful woman. She used to be busy all the time doing something either for my father or sister/s or for me. Extreme hard worker and loving human being. She was having a very kind heart for poor. Invariably she used to give cloths or food or whatever she can to a poor who used come to our door. God bless soul of my dear mother.

Posted by Keith:

Visit the cemetery with flowers and supper at her favorite restaurant we always took her to

Posted by Lisa:

We are a large family of 10 children now all grown-up with each our own children and grandchildren. This day is all about Mom. The family has always celebrated Mothers Day together in one location. All the Moms may go to a movie or spa provided by the children/husband/grandchildren. They all get together make a menu together and cater to the Moms. We all get a rose or carnation at the start and onwards to appetizers wine, main meal and desert. Afterwards the Dad's and children clean-up. The same goes for Fathers Day.


Champagne and orange juice in the morning with a few of hr favorite chocolates and order out for dinner. Her choice!

Posted by C.M:

Hello Treasure and visit your Mother's often. I am German but have been living in Canada for 30 year's..... I was on able to go visit once and that was 20 year's ago. My Mom is turning 78 this year and all we have is letter's and phone conversation's...all just due to circumstances. I would give anything to see my Mom again and I will never give up hope:) Happy Mother's Day tomorrow, I love and thank you.


I love my mother all my heart... I am far away from her, but she is always in my heart... Love u Mother... Happy mother day in advance... Kiss ur hands


I don't know what to do yet. Got any ideas?

Posted by Barb:

I don't ask for a lot for Mother's Day. I would just like to eat out or order in food. Moms shouldn't have to cook on Mother's Day.


My mom wants a plant for her garden. Better than cut flowers.


Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent (For Orthodox Christians in Europe and elsewhere. It became an occasion for honouring the mothers of children and giving them presents.


I just lost my mother and do not hesitate to tell your mother how much you love her. After all she brought into this world..........I LOVE YOU MUM MIKE


I think mother would just be happy if we remembered to call her.

Posted by Danielle:

Ask mom what she wants to do that day...forget all about your friends and keep that day just for mom..breakfast in bed and no dishes or cooking for mom that day


My mom always says "I don't care if you forget my birthday but don't forget mother's day". I never understood this as a child (how can someone not care about their birthday?) but now, at 33, with a family of my own I understand what she meant.


I always buy my mother flowers even though I don't like cut flowers myself, she likes them and it's her day after all. Breakfast in bed is not something we do in our household, instead we try to go for a family picnic if the weather is nice.


Yes, breakfast in bed is a must. How about lunch and dinner also? And of course do the dishes, too!

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