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Posted by Jay:

Yeah wouldn't that be a great family day if all malls, stores, restaurants and so on be completely close as anonymously commented! Hey kid's lets go to the beach then we will stop for lunch and later go for ice cream. Oh wait we can't everything is closed...... But i do agree that while some get the day off others don't.

Posted by notapublicservant:

"It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off." Well, considering that Public Sector Government workers earn, on average, 10% more than their private sector counterparts (not including benefits, pension, etc), they earn 315 days worth of wages for 287 days work..well, days of work minus the 13 (avg) days of work absence, 14 vacation days (that's 3 weeks) which is what you get to start, as well as the volunteer days, self development days, or whatever....yeah, I still think the Public Sector is coming out ahead.


lol 6 days a week


I think is very unfair for people whom work for federal companies on this day and not getting pay like the non-federal companies, which that means whomever are working on family day in whichever the provinces that have this holiday will not get pay as holiday pay. This country only have 5 days federal holidays in total, so how fare for the people whom are working for federal companies compare to non-federal companies?


I think it should be made more clear that even though a dentist or chiropractor may choose to have their office open on Family Day their support staff is still entitled to the day off are they not? or offered another day off. It should be made clear that this is a provincial holiday and just because the civic holiday in Aug is given does not mean the support staff is not entitled to Family Day as well. This is a holiday that everyone should have. It used to be family day was Sunday but with the retail being so greedy to not acknowledge this day of rest I think that when the province is trying to make a special day they should make it for all.

Posted by Theresa:

Haha article says that federal employees don't complain in the comments and then....boom....complaining. My company is a "federal employer" but nothing ever happened on family day so we shut down too because it cost us more money to operate.

Posted by Gord:

Interesting comment on Family Day. "too bad not everyone gets Family Day off' The Service Industry works all holidays. I think the government should create Statutory Holidays for all Canadians. Every business is closed. All malls, gas stations, restaurants, etc. Everything shut down in the country for all Statutory holidays. Then it would truly be a holiday. Not just for the rich.


Are you serious? Federal workers don't complain?! They complain like crazy about not having family day off. Too bad. They get Remembrance Day, Easter Monday and the August long weekend. Plus 90% pay for mat leave, benefits and a pension. Cry me a river.

Posted by furyman:

Family day should not be a paid holiday. There are too many holidays already. Everybody should work 6 days a week and Sundays should be a mandatory day off. There are far too many lazy people in Canada now who expect something for nothing.


I do believe that everyone should get family day off. Why call it family day if part of the family stays home and the other part has to go to work. It makes no "family"sense to me


Some of the comments here are adorable. Clearly nobody who has bothered to comment here has worked in the service industry.

Posted by Brian:

It's just fine and dandy if you're a government employee...the money you receive is our tax dollars , the small business is not making anything when we close .Goods can't be sold , profits can't be made therefore private citizens income is diminished .Bring back Sundays the day of rest ... unless it's essential or you're the actual owner and you're willing to pay double time.


I think Ground Hog day should also be considered, no make that, should be made a national holiday. That would give us 2 days off in one of the dreariest months of the year. I love sunshine coming through the office window, doesn't happen much in February.:(


Sure everyone can six weeks off. Unpaid since you are not of commercial interests like your job.

Posted by Tanya:

Family Day used to be called SUNDAY Nothing was open except movie theatres, corner stores and a few restaurants...


@gwen - I agree but if you think we're lucky, you should look up all the stat holidays that are observed in Japan.

Posted by Dawn Gray:

I think this should be a holiday for all. I am a Federal employee and I have a Family. I know here in Manitoba it is called Louis Reil Day but that shouldn't make a difference it should be holiday for all. My husband and family get the day off and I have to work. How is that. A "family day"

Posted by Benjamin Redden:

My Birthday is a holiday. I just don't go to work on that day. It is simple to make your own holiday. Join me on Aug 26th. I will call your boss for you if you can't do it. Be a leader and celebrate what is important to you instead of choosing just a few dollars more. Working a stat day pays for your day off.

Posted by Ed:

Family day was a great introduction as the standard work schedule is an outdated, drone-driven, five-day work week built to support greedy capitalism. What really disgusts me is that we owe everything to the people who died in WWWI and II, and yet most of us do not get Remembrance Day off to observe and give our thanks. Why do Government workers get the day off, and not the rest of us?


Stop all the complaining please , we are lucky to be Canadian . So the holiday happens to conflict with your life , get over it and just enjoy the day regardless . We are privileged, it makes me sick to hear petty complaints when we have so much, and if you happen to be blessed with children then all the more reason to be happy.

Posted by pablo:

we need more holidays - I say at least 6 weeks of the year for everyone. Too much time is spent at the behest of commercial interests - I saw Easter decorations for sale yesterday (january 30). It's rather disgusting how all our observances have devolved into celebrations of commerce.


I think it is ridiculous that we have this holiday in Ontario to spend with our families yet many have to work. Children are off from school so we pay for daycare and go to work...not spending anytime with our children.

Posted by Katie:

Business should go back to being closed on Sundays. Sundays should be family day. The only stat holidays should be Christmas Day , Good Friday , Easter Monday and Canada Day

Posted by Shireen Odho:

Family Day should be a holiday for everyone as most of us have family's so my not make a statutory holiday, I work in the retail and the hours we work and the holiday we can not participate are becoming more and ferquent. Most of our us and are family member are feeling short changed


Family Day is a good theory; unfortunately, it interferes with some vital work where time is of the essence: Cremations. A family member of ours passed away the day before Family Day. Her cremation was delayed 3.5 DAYS because of the number of bodies awaiting cremation. While families were out having fun with their kids, ours was sickened by the knowledge of the awful, deteriorating processes going on in her body. Some legislator did not provide thought for about essential services like this. Or have alternating crematoria operate in revolving order on Family Day to preserve the respect for the dead.

Posted by Gwen:

We are very lucky to live in a country that has so many Statutory Holidays. It would be nice to see some voices of appreciation, instead of condemnation. We have different provinces, because there are slight differences, and that is an inspiration to see our beautiful country thrive in acceptance of it all.


I think it's ridiculous that all of Canada dosen't have the same statutory holidays,especially on Rememberence Day. Of all the stat holidays this should be one that all of Canada should respect together .Now more than ever ,the way things are around the world!


How can we expect employers to continue this. Everyone wants to get paid for not working. This government is a great example of our future. How to progress without putting in.


"(It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off.)" Private sector workers outnumber public servants 15 to 1, so the likelihood of private sector workers commenting is much greater. There's really nothing interesting or conclusive about that observation.

Posted by Louis:

Are we supposed to get pay for this holiday?

Posted by Elliott:

If we had Sundays like we use to we certainly would not need such a holiday...I miss family Sunday dinners. We use to do a lot more "family oriented" gatherings with family as there were no stores open just corner stores and some tourist spots.

Posted by Admin:

I added the sentence "It's interesting how public servants don't complain..." to spark a debate. It worked. Often I see comments about Easter Monday, for example, when private sector workers work and public servants don't, remarking on the unfairness of such holidays. What can I say? The holiday system in Canada is c*r*a*z*y! Hence this website :-)


Nova Scotia celebrates this holiday as well

Posted by Dan:

I work decommissioning a federal nuclear site. They say we are federal employees so we don't get Louis Riel day off. Interesting how we are loosing our federal pension due to contractors taking over but we are still Feds when it comes to loosing General holidays

Posted by Susan Brewer:

Employers should be required to give family day off. My son only sees his dad on weekends and this weekend he should have been able to spend the long weekend with his dad but his dad's employer doesn't give family day off.

Posted by Jane:

Now that we have a new Prime Minister, perhaps it's time to petition him to lobby for Family Day to become a national statutory holiday for ALL Canadians? I work for a public company that is federally regulated and hence we don't get the day off. 1. This is supposed to be a day to spend with family and it's so hard to leave the house for work when the rest of the family are at home (and most of the city too), 2. Transit is on a 'holiday' schedule. 3. It's such a long time between New Year's Day and Easter, surely we deserve a bit of a break at this midpoint?

Posted by Rodney:

Too many holidays. People should be at work . It shows you how lazy society has become. Scrap family day, civic holiday in august also. Time to go to work!!!!


Public Servants don't have it any better than the private sector. I should know having worked in both. It's just a few whiny people who want to see Public Servants reduced to the lowest common denominator. Just jealousy I suppose. There was no need to add the comment about Public Servants in the article. It was just an opening for someone to take a swipe at them.


You are not really free in Canada. "True North Strong and Free" what a load of b.s. Our Government serves only corporate interests. It doesn't matter who or what party we vote for. In the end they answer to private bankers which we are indebted nationally too the tune of 700 billion dollars and climbing. In 1976 it was only 5 billion. Our politicians gave up our right to print our money in 1976 if we wanted to join the G8 . I read somewhere that our mint doesn't print our bills they are printed in Germany. "Family Day" what a joke two tier system. Legislation states at employers discretion. Yeah we have rights in Canada The right to shut up. Move to another job what jobs. Side note : The main stream news company' are also bought and paid for. Oh and with the new "radical laws" in Canada I am almost afraid to post these comments.


People working on holidays is a fact of life. If your customers are overseas or in the US where the holiday doesn't apply you have to work. Transportation is a great example. Its not about being greedy its about serving your customers that pay your bill. You should get a day off in lieu. Government workers are lucky that all their customers are local and they can take the day off, plus they have no competition to worry about, great to have a monopoly on services.

Posted by earl hope:

I voted for Christy Clarke only to keep out the NDP and would vote for her for the same reason on next election day but, I don.t think even the NDP would be so stupid to have made the 2nd Monday of February the Family day instead of the 3rd Monday like the rest of the sane Provinces. Our Premier makes "many" stupid decisions !!

Posted by Katherine Fairfield:

I find it insulting that this website has content such as "(It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off.)" I don't find it interesting! Obviously this worker, and I use that term lightly, should find a job in the private sector and see what it is really like out here. After all we do pay your wages!

Posted by Jill:

What good is the holiday if you can't do anything as a family. Too cold to take little ones out for long and not all of us have winter festivals anywhere near. I have called numerous locations and everything is closed. So what do i do with 4 and 6 year olds. I can go to work and forget this day as it is a money lose. No museums etc are open(we have the air museum locally) so just a baby sitting day for me


Family day is also celebrated in NS as of Feb 15,2015. It We should be listed on here as well!

Posted by JH:

totally agree with JM's comments inserted again here... BTW Is this a personal blog?! In which case, there's absolutely no credibility to this website on legal issues such as stat holidays. "It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off." Obviously written by an overpaid, entitled public servant. Public servants have benefits and pensions that those in the private sector can only dream of, and all of us in the private sector get to pay for those entitled public servants and their benefits, but those public servants aren't paying for my wages and benefits. "


It is disciminatory, injust, that only english provinces can celebrate Family Day..we all have familiies in Canada don't we?

Posted by Doug Smith:

Family Day was first proposed by the Students of the Federal Provincial Simulation held at UW in 1967. Students from High Schools from all Provinces participated. The idea has caught on to some extent but not with the enthusiasm the Students showed at the Centennial.


Government workers don't complain, that's rich

Posted by Office worker:

Government offices are OPEN


Family Day is a joke. Some get it off, others have to work. In The City of Vaughan, salaried employees and management get the day off, with pay. All other employees must work time and a half but no choice; it is a mandatory work day. I guess that the Mayor and his council can stay home, admire their fat paycheques and gloat. What a joke!


Nova Scotia is celebrating a provincial holiday Feb. 15 called Heritage day, I think this is the first year. Sorry about those of you who don't yet have a provincial holiday in Feb. Maybe Valentine's could be a national holiday and that would simplify the job of naming each province/territory differently and give provinces a common a common bond. Those who print the calendars would probably be a bit happier as well.

Posted by Sandra:

I work at a retirement home and if we didn't work holidays the residents would go hungry lol😂


I am a Public Servant. I can tell you that this Holiday is a sore spot with the majority of Public Servants. I take the constant abuse from my employer, the constant cut backs, the extra work because they are not replacing retirees, but what really pisses me off is when people think they pay for my pension and benefits. Maybe you should ask a public servant how much comes off their pay a month to pay for the benefits and how great their medical is, you may be surprised to find its not what you thought. Enjoy your day off, I 'll be working and yes paying taxes as well.


I had 52 famely days now I have only one what happen to 51 God ?


I am single, but, although I have neither spouse nor children, I still have a brother and sister with whom I'm happy to share some time on 'Family Day'. I also have a couple of friends I consider family. At my age and with my health problems, I doubt if marriage is in my future, but not having a special 'Singles' Day' doesn't, nor would it have, in younger, healthier times, bother me. After all, isn't Friday evening through Sunday morning Singles' Time? It's all about putting a holiday in February, anyway, isn't it?


Can't you just leave the worms in the can alone and stop complaining.


i think Canada Post should observe Family Day across the board. it might be hard for us to deliver mail the next day but, it would really boost moral and support for the corporation as a whole. while Canada post observes other Federal Stat holidays, i feel it is wrong for us letter carriers to be seen walking the streets while our families have to be without us.


Nova Scotia now has a stat in Feb as well. This year its Joseph Howe day. Feb 15

Posted by Uncle Doug:

Since the date of this holiday was established to coincide with the US markets closure for Washington's Birthday/President's Day why wasn't it called John A Mcdonald's Day or Prime Miniters Day?


public sector works harder and longer hours, that's why we may complain more!

Posted by Matt:

"I work for a municipal government community centre and find it unfair that the government office has Monday off. I feel that Family Day should be nation-wide if the idea is to spend time with our family." With respect, the public sector has it very, very good. Extraordinarily high pay for labour and skills that simply are not worth close to what the government pays, outside of the public sector. This includes ancillary perks such as phenomenal benefits, the pension, and job security because of a strong human resources system. I don't hold public sector employees in contempt even if it may sound that way. But those government workers also need to be respectful that private sector employees need to "take what they can get" and if it's one holiday that you do not get, believe me, when the balance of the ledger is taken into account I do not grieve for your loss.

Posted by MG:

What a strange website to have political commentary. Why is there a little aside that attacks private sector workers within the stat holiday write-up?


There is a misconception in this country that government employees are overpaid and have a plethora of benefits. I pay dearly for my pension ($5k per year). My benefits covered more when I worked pay time in a grocery store. I net $1500 every two weeks..but on paper I make $60k a year. For a job that requires education. Not a great wage in a country with a high cost of living.

Posted by landra:

so if the holiday is on the Mon the fifteenth are we supposed to be paid on the previous Fri and does anyone know how many days in alberta they have to pay you when you are dismissed ?


I work for Canada post. Yes I need to work on family day while my kids and husband are at home. I'm quite ok with it. I'm grateful I have a job and it gives my husband some one-on-one time which is overdue. I'm off Saturday and Sunday every week so very happy I have those two days off every week to spend time with my family.


I work for a municipal government community centre and find it unfair that the government office has Monday off. I feel that Family Day should be nation-wide if the idea is to spend time with our family.


Does Quebec have family day?

Posted by JM:

"It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off." Obviously written by an overpaid, entitled public servant. Public servants have benefits and pensions that those in the private sector can only dream of, and all of us in the private sector get to pay for those entitled public servants and their benefits, but those public servants aren't paying for my wages and benefits. Easter Monday? I get to pay for you to have a day off, yet school is closed, day care is closed, and I go to work for regular pay. I doubt any public sector worker would give up their job to go to the private sector for one lousy stat, cause they know they got a good thing going, like pigs at a trough. How many paid sick days does a postie get? Boxing Day? Easter Monday? Public servants have no right to complain, they don't know how good they got it, and wouldn't last a second in the private sector.

Posted by classified :

so why isn't their a single day, a day where single people have to enjoy their day, there are many holidays that include family's or couples yet there are no single people holidays why is that ?? so if you have a family you can celebrate these holidays yet if you are single there is not a single holiday that is based on that, therefore if you have kids perfect if you are single well there is only one thing I can think of and it is vulgar but in short "fuck you' or to bad.


How can a holiday that is available be insulting and unfair? If anything, it is your employer that is unfair. Work elsewhere and you may get family day off. (Polite way of saying "If you don't like your employment, then leave")

Posted by Irene:

I also Sunday should be a day to spend with your family,like it used to be.why does CEOs have to be greedy for the almighty $$!! Quality time with family is so important,maybe our children can grow up believing how important this is.1 day a week is not too much to ask for.Give the young people a time and purpose with family and their children.The young might have a little more respect if they have family bonding.people have children but don't get quality time raising their too busy working to give kids them immaterial things and then they get into trouble.TEACH THEM THE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE.LOVE RESPECT HONESTY.

Posted by Jocelyn:

My company recognizes family day which in turn means my pay is shortened and living on a two income family we depend on my full pay. If this is to be a true family day as the government puts it and some employers abide by it then us as employees should not suffer by losing our so important full pay checks.

Posted by Nava:

In Italy there is still every week family day. In fact, each Sunday, everybody with their family and friends, from child to elderly people get together, in the morning to evening doing fun activities together and spending very healthy bonding family time together that its memories last for their entire life. A fantastic relationship that support and comfort each other in the moments of difficulties, as well as in their joys. This is what I'm missing here in Canada. I hope on day in Canada too, we could have one day per week as statuary family day that everybody, especially members of the same family could be really all together in one day to enjoy each other.


I work for a national company - not government. There's no union, so no special pay for having to work. We all have to work and we all have families. This "holiday" is insulting and unfair.

Posted by dmc:

I suspect BC's Family Day (2nd Monday of Feb.) was chosen for consumerism. U.S. President's Day holiday(3rd Monday of Feb.) allows visitors to B.C. to shop when all retailers are open...and vice-versa


Oh yes, the ole mighty dollar, I remember when Sundays, everyone had off, and was a much happier world, we should all world wide refuse to work on Sundays, and go back to how it was.

Posted by Paula :

I was just thinking what I saw posted by Anonymous.....Family Day = Sunday.

Posted by Peter Kellett:

Sunday is the original Family Day and should be celebrated every week.


I'm not complaining at all! I live and work in alberta and get both BC day and family day off as paid holidays :)


I agree with annonymus! I find it absolutely bizarre at the need to create a holiday, to spend with family. It's pathetic actually..goes to show you where our priorities have fallen away. Annonymous!

Posted by preston :

every holiday over time, double time, triple time, witch some people cant quite fathom ,lunch breaks were all fought for tooth and nail on picket lines in the cold by trade union members, to say a few es ,even union bashers , benefit from there blood and sweat. if the young people of today new Canadians, as well aren't care full it will be gone right before there very eyes wake up they have stripped away most of the good decent brother hood using one against the other.


I work minimum wage serving pasta in a mall and I get time and half for working this day, which is good for myself. The buses don't run, so that's very inconvenient for people who have to work.

Posted by Brian Colgate:

Sunday is still a Family Day if you want it to be ... that's up to you. Unionised employees don't get paid double time when it is not a statutory holiday for them. The various Family Days and their other-named ilk in PEI, NS, and MB are Provincial holidays, which don't apply to Federal employees. BC should change the day back to Heritage Day so people would not complain about the day it is celebrated :-D


I agree 100000 % that we used to have a family day every week and it was called Sunday Right on


I remember when there was a family day every week. It was called Sunday.

Posted by Randynvan:

I question the bias of the author. Union workers get paid double time when working a holiday, so why would they complain?

Posted by Cathy:

I moved to B.C. from Ontario. How ridiculous that B.C. has Family Day on a different day from other provinces. What if you wanted to get together with your Family from a province that celebrates Family Day on the 3rd Monday in February?! This was actually originally Heritage Day which was fine and appropriate. Thought the idea was supposed to be to get a holiday break from winter for all. Not everything is closed so the merits of this holiday is pointless. Oh yes, The U.S. has a holiday the 3rd Monday in February so for business this would be helpful to coordinate but of course the B.C. government is out of step with common sense.


Do you actually think federal MP"s are going to work on Family Day??


I live in Vancouver, BC and my family live in the UK. It's a bit too far to go even if I make a long weekend of it.


I am a Federal Government Employee and think we should have BC Family Day off! Our collective agreement terminated 2 years ago !


I never take it - I opt to take the August long weekend instead (which is not a stat here in Alberta). I am NOT a winter person so a long weekend in February is useless to me! lol


I wish Family Day was celebratedon the SAME Monday in February by all the Provences who participate!


"...shut down retail and live like families again!" Well put. True words to live by.


Go figure. One - Not sure where you get your conspiracy information from. But that is not correct. Two - Your comment is completely invalidated by the fact there is no such thing as "Presedent's" day....its actually spelled precedent. Which isn't even a holiday...I think what you meant was 'President's day".... Posted by Go figure: The US masters wanted it this way to match presedent's day.


Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families and yet, it is not a holiday, therefore the parents have to go to work! That makes so much sense.

Posted by Jerome:

I have noticed that Family Holiday is not posted for NOVA SCOTIA

Posted by Go figure:

The US masters wanted it this way to match presedent's day.

Posted by Amer Sattar:

Statutory holidays are paid holidays for helping employees to enjoy. Temporary employees are again at loss on these occasions also. Industries usually lay off temporary employees just before statutory holidays, on one pretext or other. This saves them the holiday pays, which otherwise have to be paid. I was working for 3 months as temporary employee and was just laid off before Christmas and New year holidays. How on the earth I am going to enjoy these holidays? Remember there is large section of Canadians who are temporary employees.


Yeah why not make all Saturday and Sundays family day, shut down retail and live like families again!

Posted by scott:

the federal government gets off Nov 11 and we have off family day (fair is fair) would like some time off to attend services though BUT NOT THE WHOLE DAY.


Figures the shortest month of the year has a stat. Way to go


Newton Figley REALLY?! "Also, with regards to Canada's complicated laws and such, things could be much worse for you James, you could be living in the U.S.A." At least the U.S.A. celebrates holidays in unison and not broken up by territory. Before you bash another country you should research and look at your own.


I would also like to point out something. Why doesn't Saskatchewan also celebrate Louis Riel Day? Isn't Saskatchewan more of a history for Louis Riel compared to Manitoba?

Posted by Liz:

Would be helpful for employers to know how many days need to be worked in order to be eligible for the stat day.

Posted by Newton Figley:

Now that we're all confused thanks to James, let me clarify that Family Day is not celebrated in Manitoba. Louis Riel Day is celebrated on the same day as Family Day, the third Monday in February and not on February 3rd as James has said. Also, with regards to Canada's complicated laws and such, things could be much worse for you James, you could be living in the U.S.A.

Posted by WJP:

My comment to the question of holidays is that all holidays here in Canada should be Federally regulated Statuary holidays and we should have 10 days per year. Every employee including civil servants and all government including MPs should observe. NO MORE UN-EQUALITY BETWEEN ANY ONE IN CANADA.


What a shame federal employees work on family day. One such poor soul left me a message on my answering machine which I cannot respond to because it would be illegal. My business must be closed today, at a cost to me, so my question is this. If employers are closed today who the hell is our government looking after (calling) and at what cost?? Well I guess they are not doing any less than usual. I wonder how many called in sick today??

Posted by JC:

Why is it so hard to get a single, country wide, Family Day? Why must we always place regional differences ahead of national unity? Why not share a common bond, united in harmony rather than pushing individual agendas? Canada is my adopted home, I'm proud to call myself Canadian and it saddens me to see so many obstacles placed in the path of national unity but then, at 72 I should know better the silent majority will never come out and speak its mind, so sad.


If it is called Family Day, then it should apply to all workers not just to a select few. If it does not apply to everyone, then it should not be called Family Day.

Posted by Don:

Family day in Alberta was established when Alberta Premier Don Getty ( 1985-92) decided Alberta needed a "Family Day " after his son was arrested for cocaine possession . In his public address he stated that he and his wife had failed his family and he wanted to correct that by changing the August civic holiday to February . People were furious with many stating " what the hell can you do with your family in February ? You can't go camping or have a BBQ !" Eventually the Alta. Govt. kept the old Aug. holiday as well as the Feb/ Family Day.

Posted by John:

What is wrong with each province making its own decision?


Speaking as a struggling small business owner that makes up a really good percentage of true (Canadian) owned business,We have families too.It,s hard enough to make a living whithout yet more paid holidays. Time to be satified with what we got and be happy to have a job.Make Saturday and SUNDAY family days. Keep small business afloat and don't be greedy.

Posted by James Sheldrick:

What is it about family day that makes everyone so confused? Is there any sense to it at all? Family is not a statutory holiday and it is observed only in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Two other provinces have February holidays: Islander day is celebrated in Prince Edward Island on the third of February and Louis Riel day is celebrated also on the third of February in Manitoba. Since Family Day is not a federally established holiday, all federal workers go to work on Family day including Public Servants and Post Office employees. Family day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families, but it also provides a day off during the three month interval between New Years Day and March Break. As mentioned above, not all provinces celebrate Family Day. It is a mystery why all provinces cannot agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays and this remains a good indicator of our complicated laws across the country.

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