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Posted by Timmy S:

Where I am from its is called Bogan Day

Posted by Lorraine Brace:

In Couborg Ont the Monday of the August Long Weekend is called James Cockburn Day. He was a Father of Confederation and the first Speaker of the House (Federal Government.)

Posted by Hedley Clarke:

The first Monday in August is NOT regatta day in Newfoundland. The royal St. John's Regatta is just a boat race that happens around this time of year, usually on the Wednesday after this holiday. It doesn't have a name here.

Posted by Carter Amondsen:

My dad works for Walmart and they donít get anything. No day off, extra pay or a different day if the have to work today.

Posted by Lesley Ovens:

I don't have today off I work today 7am 3pm

Posted by Max:

It's not a holiday if I am not getting paid. Civic nothing, today is a regular Monday.

Posted by C hunter:

No.....and we are paid for only hrs worked....if boss decides to change hours employees are not notified

Posted by Anonymous:

I live in NS and work the holiday but get paid double time to do so

Posted by Vaughn :

I'm in Edmonton Alberta and I was told I need to work this Monday August 5th. My calendar says it's a civic holiday. Is Monday an optional holiday? I work for a web design firm.

Posted by Thomas Vogt:

Tim Sommers itís called Heritage Day in AB I donít get paid for it but I took it off since my wife gets it off with pay. It should be made into a paid stat for all its very unfair and itís the best time of the year for a long weekend Iíd trade family day for it. But I do enjoy snowboarding that long weekend.

Posted by Lesley Ovens:

I'm working on Civic holiday I working in a grocery store I've been in retailing bakery clerk 16 years Do I get status pay

Posted by Ismat Shaikh:

I think everyone should have the day off for Civic holiday, itís the long weekend, why not??

Posted by Aesop:

Used to have civic holiday. Ontario liberals promised holiday between new years and Easter to get votes. Did not tell voters oh ya, you lose summer holiday. oops.

Posted by Kato Lesane :

Im from oshawa and im declaring it be called.. Motor City Memorial Champions Day (M.C.M.C) or (M.C.M.D)

Posted by R Pearlston :

When I was working in banking, I didn't get the day off. In one of my jobs, in fact, we worked 1 July, but got the 4th off. I enjoyed the difference. It gave me the time to book medical appointments, etc, without missing work. For the record, although the US does not have a similar holiday to this one (no matter what it's called - I live in Toronto, and Gov and Lady Simcoe chose the site for the original settlement. That's why I grew up thinking of this coming Monday (3 Aug) as Simcoe Day.

Posted by Mo:

No, I work in Mississauga, and we don't get that day off.

Posted by Anonymous:

Apparently not in Alberta. We only get stat holidays as we work for an American corporation

Posted by Roz:

I live in NB and my employer is in ON - I get paid for the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Posted by Howitzer:

Regatta Day in Newfoundland is the first Wednesday in August. It is not the same as the Civic Holiday.

Posted by Lori:

I live in Alberta and our company does not close for this 'holiday'. We do not get an extra day off with pay, although it seems a lot of companies do give this as an extra paid vacation day to their staff. This year it was optional to work or not, but if you take the day off it is without pay, or if you have any vacation pay owed you can use that.

Posted by Peter Manian 3:

Visit my senior friends & go to the gym.

Posted by birtha:

Still have to work this holiday and employer is cheap and wont pay. This is Canada!! fix this and stop allowing corp companies to take advantage of their employee's.

Posted by Mark Stenabaugh:

Civic Holiday should be a holiday for EVERYONE. It's not fair that some get the day and others have to work. In fact it is the same with Easter Monday and November 11th - is it really fair when these days are mostly observed by employees funded from the taxpayers purse. And the people paying have to go to work?? Easter Monday & November 11th should be holidays for EVERYONE as well. Our society works hard and is filled with stress. A couple extra days off will be better for everyone's sanity and health.

Posted by Conrad:

I have this holiday off of work and didn't even know until now that not everyone did.

Posted by Costa A:

Civic Holiday in Mississauga should be called Hazel McCallion Day.

Posted by Rani Sandhu:

I work in Ontario but do not get this off.

Posted by Becca:

I still have to work and no holiday pay ... not fair it should be consistent!!

Posted by Joseph:

In Manitoba it's been Terry Fox Day since 2015.

Posted by Anonymous:

I have to work on this day and it is not considered a holiday and I live in Manitoba. Boo!!!

Posted by Sheila:

What is August civic holiday called in Alberta

Posted by Tim Sommers:

Civic Holiday Should Always Be a Holiday For All In Ontario

Posted by Anonymous:

We don't get the day off . Everybody in the office have to work. No holiday pay either.

Posted by Hayley:

Manitoba it's known as the Civic Holiday or August long

Posted by Nick:

St. John's Newfoundland gets Regatta day for the August holiday which is always the first Wednesday in August

Posted by ko:

No we don't but most of the employers in this profession do give this to their employees

Posted by Sheri:

In Newfoundland, the civic holiday is only called Regetta day in St. Johnís, where the long running sporting event has meaning. Other parts of the province do not refer to the civic day as Regetta day. Therefore I donít think you statement is correct for all Newfoundlanders.

Posted by Paula:

We did get the day off but when Heritage Day was made statutory our employer took away the civic holiday.

Posted by Rob York:

This is a state holiday in Manitoba

Posted by Paul:

Boxing Day should be a stutory holiday for everyone... the elected officials that our wages go towards paying make sure itís a stat for themselves ... I donít see why such discriminatory behaviour is still allowed and tolerated ... i am fortunate and receive this stat,but my wife does not so how is that bringing families together over the holidays ... this needs to be changed by the people we vote into office with the power to change ( and do not ).... shame on them for enjoying There families while we cannot

Posted by Deborah:

Why are you talking about August? The question is what do you do on Boxing Day & here in BC people are still confused as to is it a stat or not., well it's not unless you are union, bank, or government., So to work we minions go.

Posted by April Bailey:

I had no choice but to take it off. I missed a days pay. Working at minimum wage I cannot afford this. This should be statutory for every one.

Posted by KJ:

Yeah well I got it off but it is not a paid stat according to websites. So I get shorted a day's pay that last year my employer paid for. Next year I'll work it or something.

Posted by AJ:

The people that receive pay for this holiday are those that need it the least. Please make it equal for all... summer long weekends is the best time to enjoy the summer and family and friends.

Posted by Marc:

It should be a statutory holiday for everybody. Not discretionary at the whim of an employer.

Posted by CJ:

all employees at our company in NB get the holiday off

Posted by Mike :

I will be off because when I was young instead of whining and complaining about life not being fair and the rich get all the breaks I worked hard and smart to put myself in the position I am today. So if you're whining stop and do something about your situation!

Posted by Star:

All of those people who are complaining this holiday is for the rich. I'm not rich, I have today off. I'm very lucky that where I live and work we get every holiday off and paid for. So even holidays that are not stat holidays we still get them off because out employer believes in everyone needing a break before we all get burnt out.

Posted by Ontario Taxpayer:

Well, this is the first year I had it off in Ontario, probably due to changes in the labour laws in this province. I went in anyway because I thought my co-workers were joking; just to confirm I actually had it off. I would rather see Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday and give up both Family Day and Civic holiday. Additionally, some use to refer to this holiday as British Emancipation Day in the past, however I believe that actually occurs at the start of August.

Posted by Christopher J:

Ya, I have go work and don't get time and a half. Real nice "holiday". I- like other people have commented- do not appreciate all this talk about a "holiday" when it isn't one for the average Canadian. The people who are working harder than the ones who actually get these types of holidays off

Posted by JB:

Itís not called Natal Day in PEI. Actually PEI celebrates the next week during ďold home weekĒ, itís called Gold Cup and Saucer day after the trophy for the annual harness race. With that said, of course those feds still get the first Monday in August off, but thereís no name for it other than August long weekend. Everyone else parties the next weekend.

Posted by Cliff G.:

While I agree that this is a bogus holiday. My comment is for Sue R. who claims this holiday is for some people INCLUDING those in UNIONS. Sue, I was a Union worker for over 30+ years and never had this day off as a regular holiday. Your statement including Union people as part of the group who benefit from this holiday is as bogus as the holiday!!! Just Sayin!!!

Posted by Bob Wilson:

Itís a govt holiday they makeup these days the govt and everyone else has Togo to work. Think about it people of this country your the tax payer that pays these people to take time off with all the other rip offs we support as tax payers it should stop. No wonder weíre paying high taxes out of our ying yang. What a joke and yes Iím upset!! They wonít post this because itís all about politics and theyíre afraid and know weíre right.

Posted by veronica e langille:

I read comments . We can complain till we're blue. What can be done to change it. We know how this planet works. But to be fair to many companies, I had my own business and the employees go home at closing time. Owners work 16 or more hrs. A day to make sure you can work the next day.there is a solution but no one would be happy.

Posted by VT:

I've never heard it being called Simcoe Day, and I'm from the GTA

Posted by Wesley:

Non government job here, and we get it. I'm far from rich. So I'm going to enjoy getting a day of simply because my company decides to give it.

Posted by Dave peckham :

Totally agree. This is not a holiday weekend. But it is an opportunity for people who have a long weekend ie. Public workers banks and so on to come and visit me while I'm working the day in retail. Do what the Americans do. Holiday for all. Call it 'last chance to enjoy summer weekend".

Posted by David:

I'll be working unlike most of the non-government, banking or upper management employees. The Civic holiday isn't a holiday for the common people. It's a holiday for the rich.

Posted by GG :

I work at Home Depot in the Toronto area and this is not a holiday. We all have to work, and no time and a half.

Posted by Earl M:

Government should not get paid for B.C.civic day if the rest of us hard working Canadians don't get paid for it.

Posted by Pl:

Our company told us this week that we have to open on the Monday after all staff made plans. Now some staff are losing deposits for cottages that they booked as they can no longer go away. Yet the staff at our head office get the day off. Nice double standard they have.

Posted by SueR:

Either it's a holiday for all or for none. I'm tired of these "tiered" holidays that only government, unions, or CEO's get. Recently they asked people if they would work a ten hour day if they could have a 3 day weekend. That's nice if you actually get weekends off. Even front line bank workers are working Sundays now. This type of holiday only benefits people at the top, or people who are in a union.

Posted by Allen Scantland:

August long weekend is a BS holiday, because it isn't one. It is not a statutory holiday meaning that unless it is negotiated (i.e. Gvt, union, large company) your employer has no obligation to pay you for the "holiday" and not pay time and a half if you do work..

Posted by TiaM:

How fortunate for those that are employed. It sickened me a little to read how many complain and whine because they don't get a day off or are not paid (for not working)!

Posted by Olenza:

August Civic Holiday in London, ON should be named "Virtue-Moir Day".

Posted by Cj:

My employer does not give any civic holiday off. Or 10 sick days,with 2 paid sick days as per legislation as at Jan 2018.

Posted by Joan :

We get the day off unpaid. When the Gov't forced the Family Day stat on my employer; they took away the Civic holiday pay. he does not like to be told what to do

Posted by francisco perez:

why some pages said that day is statutory and some said it doesn't why should be the norm if company close, at will that day. should we get paid or not Please let me know thanks

Posted by Sally:

Our boss let us have the day off and closed the business but did not pay us because it is not a stat holiday. Should he pay us if he closed the business that day?

Posted by Cher Walcott:

Yes thankfully and paid for by my employer. I really believe it should be turned into a Statutory Holiday to avoid the confusion as so many employers now do pay for it and so many business are shut down. Government offices and most Beer Stores, LCBO etc are closed. Being in the accounting side of business it would make things so much clearer for employers/companies and not cause so much conflict on the employee side of this issue.

Posted by Cass:

I need to work or pay by myself. I feel it is unfair that some get August 7 off but many of us don't. If not a Stat. why public transit using holiday status?? I think it's time to make it stat.

Posted by Sarah :

No I don't get it off:( I work in retail and we work every day of the year almost.

Posted by Christa:

I didn't get the day off. I work at a seniors facility, so we're open 24/7

Posted by Will. :

My company told the employees they had to work the Thursday before the civic holiday. Is that legal?

Posted by Kim:

I will be working as we don't get the day off.

Posted by Sarah:

I am also working today, I think I'm the only office in my entire building that is expected to work today. If we do not get the day off, I feel we should be paid time and a half at least. We could be spending time with our families like everyone else, but we are working.

Posted by Cate :

I have not have this day off "civic holiday" in over 20 years! Make it a stat!!

Posted by John:

Hello Here in Alberta the company I work for used to give us both February's family day and August heritage day but now we do not get the August holiday anymore the second year now. I do phone support.....its quiet..I am not happy..cheapskates.

Posted by Demi:

Itis very unfair that employees of banks, government, and many corporations get this paid holiday off while the rest have to work. It should be either an official holiday for all or none at all.

Posted by Robert:

I won't be getting stat pay for the August Civic holiday, although I do have to work. And since I work in a public place of customer service, I will have to work extra hard, with no extra pay. Unfortunate.

Posted by Claire:

Did not receive the day off. Why is this not considered a actual stat holiday?

Posted by Ken Hanson :

Called John Galt Day in Guelph

Posted by Tired:

Working on that day. The problem is the gap between Canada Day and the next statutory holiday after is too big. Fatigue plays a huge part in any workplace and in my workplace it can be downright dangerous. Make it a statutory holiday, please!

Posted by Starving @ Food Bank:

Nobody i know or met on the street can tell me why its a long weekend. Everybody I talked to is getting drunk. Except me.

Posted by Brett:

Clearly none of you own your own business. Before we all agree it should be a holiday, let's consider competitiveness, when you mandate holidays businesses may decide not to set up in that jurisdiction, meaning fewer jobs. Also consider this from the point of view of a small business owner, this cost of labour is the largest input cost of a business, how long can a business sustain itself without output but still cover the cost. What ever happened to "a fair days pay for a fair days labour?"

Posted by Ann:

I would be absolutely thrilled to have a job to go to on August 7 (or any other day). I'm not sure if any of the people complaining about having to work on a Holiday realize how fortunate you are to have a job to go to and the stability in your life that it must bring.

Posted by sad_worker_is_sad:

Its funny how government workers get this day off... and they made the policy to enforce it for themselves only. What about the rest of us they they supposedly serve? Canada should have more holidays in general.

Posted by Connie :

Sorry. It's NOT called Regatta Day in Newfoundland Regatta Day is the day of the races in St. John's. Some businesses in and around St. John's observe this holiday but not all It is held the 1st WEDNESDAY of August weather permitting.

Posted by Denise:

All employees should be paid for civic and statutory holidays in Canada. Its only fair.

Posted by Constance Ramsey-Befus:

I get this holiday as a paid holiday. I think everybody should! Let's make today a statutory holiday. Canadians have earned it - especially those in retail & service industries working for minimum wage.

Posted by Kevlar:

What does Civic stand for? American who works AB, BC, ON, SK, MB, YT, VT

Posted by Wendy:

I am working a double shift

Posted by El Chapo:

Time for Government to pass legislation enforcing ALL holidays be recognized and respected by corporations and businesses! Modern day slavery needs to end!!!

Posted by Deb:

I believe it should be a statutory holiday, I work all holidays working in home health care.

Posted by christopher wickens:

No I don't. I feel it is unfair that some get August 7 off but many of us don't. I think it's time to make it stat.

Posted by Diana :

Tim Hortons never closes; therefore I will be working.

Posted by JAM:

Our company recognizes it as a civic paid holiday for our BC and ON offices, but not for our AB office.

Posted by Jake:

McLauglin day in Oshawa On

Posted by Rod Demerling:

I think I will take a day-long TechNOliday away from all devices and distractions.

Posted by Anup:

We did not get civic holiday as off at Broadconnect Telecom, Vaughan, ON

Posted by Ian Weniger:

On Beyond Colonization Day, I will celebrate Sir James Douglas, the first out "octaroon" head of government or state in the British Empire. Douglas is recognized today as an anti-social autocrat who refused to recognize indigenous title. He's also known as the only head of government who literally and publically invited African-Americans to flee slavery and settle in their jurisdiction. I particularly like to recount the militia Douglas formed with some of the US newcomers. He must have wanted the first thing the thousands of white California goldminers to see was an armed black militia.

Posted by KATE:

My employer chooses to be closed all Mondays to which all holidays are usually on. I guess it's her way of getting out of paying stats. Lol

Posted by Lana Jackson:

The Civic holiday is not a paid holiday, it is recognized as a public holiday but is not statutory. It is up to the employer if the business is closed, but it is not paid anyway.

Posted by Stefanie:

Not a stat, so no, technically they do not need to pay time and a half if you work on this day. I've never had the day off and have never gotten time and a half for working it. And really it's not a huge deal, there are enough stat holidays throughout the year, not having one in August isn't going to kill you.

Posted by Doug:

Whine whine whine to those complaining about having to work. You get paid. Maybe even time and a half depending on the provincial Labour laws. A lot of people get the day off with no pay and the next day, and the next, and so on. So if you have a job, you may be a lucky one. For Alberta: Optional general holidays If an employer, by agreement, designates additional general holidays for their employees,†all employment standards rules related to general holiday pay still apply. Employees should confirm this and any pay entitlements with their employer. What does the nation's capitol have to do with anything? Or being fair? If you want fair, start your own company and take the day off. Don' forget to pay your employees for the day off as well.

Posted by John:

The Liberals should make it a national holiday, and stop the confusion, a good employer will give you the day off, here in Canada our summers are short and we do not get to many holidays compared to other countries, an extra day off to relax or spend time with family and friends doesn't hurt especially in the summer.

Posted by Michelle Fitt:

First time in my 30 odd year career that I do not get the Civic Holiday in Ontario off as a paid holiday. Just more evidence of our eroding base of good, permanent employment.

Posted by Lisa Huisman:

I live in Edmonton, Alberta and as far as I know the first Monday in August is a government stat holiday (regular pay, paid day off if you're a government employee) with it being optional for other employers to give employees day off (non-paid day off). We call this day Heritage Days. Don't quote me on this, its just what I recall.

Posted by Lisa cormier:

Well for the first time in my 34 years of working I do not get the Civic Holiday off as my employer does not recognize this as a holiday.

Posted by D. Haughton:

Because I work in retail, they don't observe Civic Holiday as a holiday. We do not get the day off. It doesn't seem fair, I think it should be a stat for all provinces and employees

Posted by Martine Azevedo :

I worked. It's a stat in alot of provinces. Why not Ontario? The nations capital is there.

Posted by Admin:

Added Terry Fox day for Manitoba! Thanks for the correction.

Posted by Alexa:

I am excited about finally going to Casa Loma with my family.

Posted by sf:

Where is Manitoba on your list??? Its called Terry Fox day!

Posted by michael:

We call it Regatta Day around the Wabamun Lake area in Alberta as well. Likely due to the Seba Beach Regatta which has been on this weekend for 50 or more years now

Posted by Jack:

In response to Joan Allen report employees should appreciate their employers as well. Someone has put their neck out to run a business to give you a job, They have all the risk and stress and chances are very good they are making less that the employees.

Posted by J St Laurent :

It asked what will you be doing on the long weekend,what did you do last year? Ideas and yes...comments I'm sure there are places and or people you can complain about the pay your employees issues. Can this not be a good time page? I'm hoping to go camping with friends and finally catch a fish. Oh yeah, and good food too. Fingers crossed it works out this year. Don't forget the bug spray 😐

Posted by Regular Joe:

RE: Joan Ellen All employers know the cost of employees before they hire them. A sound business plan should account for these expenses so instead of complaining about employee related expenses this would be a non-issue. Part of having employees it the need to pay them. You would like to get paid for holidays and CPP, EI, etc. if you were an employee. I'm not saying it's easy for small businesses to support themselves but employees should most certainly not feel they are a burden due to related costs. That kind of relationship is not good for anyone. Make your employees feel appreciated and treat them with respect and they will work twice as hard for you.

Posted by Joan Ellen:

Why do people who make these comments realize two things: 1 - try owning a business and then make the comment about getting paid - you will see that each employee costs at least 10% more than their pay which does not include ANY benefits other than the company portion of CPP, EI, Vacation Pay and Statutory Holiday Pay 2 - we seem to separate the "government" from ourselves - WE are paying these private sector employees NOT to work which comes out of OUR pocket!!

Posted by Vernon Fewtrell:

Work for yourself then you can decide which holidays you have and how many

Posted by Cass:

I spend the time with my family and have to be back early so I don't lose the income. The civic "holiday" (and I use the term loosely)should not be listed as a stat holiday if it not actually one. Also why are we not honouring our military on Remembrance day, it should be considered a stat holiday so those of us can be a part of their ceremonies with out losing income if we take the time off.


Unions get paid. Join a union shop or unionize your shop..

Posted by jem:

then do not declare Aug 1 as a holiday, since there is no pay involved.


What if you are willing and able to work but the company is closed for the day. Should they have to pay me? I never got paid and I never had a choice


Respectfully to the person posting life does not owe you a living, North Americans have been programmed to live to work, not work to live. It's time the workers of this country threw off the shackles of capitalism and started demanding reasonable working conditions and holidays, and invested that extra time back into the family & community


No matter where or what are we working, if it's a regular full time job we all, should have all the holidays - civic or stat. What are we 'second hand people , if we are not working for government or government related companies..?? I'm working for a health care company - office stuff has all the holidays and We- field stuff, just stat,this is completely unfair and demeaning .


Exactly's on the listing as a Statutory Holiday, however, it is not. It shouldn't be portrayed as one!

Posted by Joe:

And the essential government workers are paid by taxpayers, and receive pensions, and overtime, and benefits, all paid for on the backs of those working hourly on this "non" holiday or stat ones.....government employees are the first to complain about something they don't get....ironic.


My boss makes us work on Civic Holiday. We are a software company with no commitments to the public. And he wonders why the turnover rate's high and employees don't like working here. Showing generosity to your staff goes a long way.

Posted by Anonymous:

In Windsor ON it's a Civic Holiday :)


Did anyone actually read the notice on the August long weekend? It is NOT a statutory holiday. If you want to take the day off, then follow your employers guidelines on taking a day off. Life does not owe you a living.


I went to my relatives' home @ Trenton,ON with my brother's family on Jul 30,2016. We went to sandbanks beach,ON. We played tennis.


That's a bit strange, but then it's Canada!

Posted by Jim Specht:

Well..Since Im an Old recovering work-A-Holic... I'm going to sleep-in until it feels like it's becoming a chore to keep my eyes closed..last year I worked extra days.. As every one else went to holiday, rest & rejuvenate.!? Apparently I was a slow learner.. So ..Take a moderate amount of time to enjoy the civic times.. & try not to become a fanatical aesthete...

Posted by Dawna:

Canadians use every excuse to make a "Holiday" out of nothing meaningful. C'mon


I am with Anna, Who else is with me we should all have more time off in the summer to be with our loved one.

Posted by WorkingOnALongWeekend:

Please stop calling it a holiday because it is a regular day. Provinces should declare this day a mandatory holiday. Calling all public servants (or as we call them now, politicians)!!!

Posted by Cj:

Why should government employees get August 1st. long weekend off with pay and rest of us have to work? This Holiday is not fair for everyone.


why is everyone so upset about holidays, if you dont get paid on them, oh well? find a better job, quit getting loans for things you cannot afford, and if youre going to have children atleast think of getting enough money to do so, this isnt 10,000 b.c


This should be a stat holiday, hourly workers that have to work that day do not get the overtime rate.. working in a call centre environment it is a regular work day stat day or not but atleast if working on a stat holiday there is a bonus on the next pay day!!!!

Posted by Anna:

I agree, we have very few holidays in the country. We live in a such fast paced country and we should get more Sat holidays. Especially the August lone weekend. Summer is short, allow people to enjoy it with family and friends.


I am a retired OW employee and I am so grateful for the wonderful years working for a great department with dedicated workers and would love for people to know how hard these folks worked to help their clients.


Lol, venting on a statutory holidays reference website

Posted by Curtis:

It's not an actual holiday, don't portray it as one


Government workers providing essential services work on every stat holiday.


Government workers don't get too much time off, the rest of us get too little. North America is the most over-worked developed country. This should be a mandatory holiday, as there is a big span without one from July to September.

Posted by DB:

Bullshit day, not a stat, others that benefit is government, and for the people that work, have hear about the long weekend that most of us do not get if its not a stat its not an official holiday, may as well just take a Monday off any time and make your own long week end.


Every holiday is just a time wasted. Self-employed workaholic without benefits.


I've never heard of it being called simcoe day!


Government workers get far too much time off regardless of whether or not it is a holiday . Usually it is the Government workers who get too much time off that tell us to stop whining about things like this.

Posted by Brian:

It's still called Simcoe Day in much of Ontario


We do the back yard long weekend. Save the hi-way carnage for others. We might even do a Vancouver baseball game on the Sunday prior to the 1st.


Would people in Ontario be required to work if they are scheduled regardless if it's not a stat holiday?

Posted by Andre:

Please make Civic Holiday in Alberta as a statutory holiday in Alberta. Because it's not recognized as a Stat, I have to work August long wile every one else is enjoying a day off.


August long weekend in BC IS a Stat Holiday


for those who complain or think government employees have more holiday days.. government employees do not get family day and public workers do so shouldn't complain about civic holiday really


The Civic Holiday is not considered "Regatta Day" in all of NL, only in the St. John's area...AND Regatta Day is taken on a Wednesday!


FYI provincial and federal employees pay taxes as well. Which means they pay a portion of their own salary.


My company recognizes the "Civic Holiday" as a stat holiday for our offices in BC and ON, but not in AB.


Why do fed and prov servants get holidays the rest of the working people do not? Our taxes pay for their wages, so why do we not get them. It doesn't makes sense, does it?


There are only 10 provinces in Canada...and 3 territories.


Totally disagree. If we make the religious holidays not a stat holiday then Canada will start losing its identity. if you want immigrate here, you immigrate into our holidays. I wouldn't go to the middle east and request that Ramadan and other holidays not be holidays. only a truly ignorant person would try to change the country they move to for their own benefit. Take us as we are or stay I your home country. no questions about that.


In Manitoba it's called Terry Fox Day. Nothing was mentioned in this blog????


It seems that the Civic Holiday is NOT a stat holiday. My company does not recognize it. Everything else is closed but we have to come in a read a book for 8 hours... I wish that Ms. Wynn would in fact make it a stat holiday.


hey Ontario consists of communities outside of Toronto... in Simcoe County (which is highway 9 north to the Severn River) ... its called Simcoe Day... for Govenor Simcoe who had a summer residence on Lake Simcoe in the hamlet of Shanty Bay (just outside Barrie).... The Townships of Tiny Tay and Flos (all in Simcoe County) were named after Lady Simcoe's three dogs.

Posted by anonymous:

Our company recognizes it as a holiday for our Ontario and BC offices, but not for Alberta. :-(


There should be 1 Stat Holiday every month in all provinces. I don't care what they call them. Religious holidays should NOT be a stat holiday. If you want a day off to celebrate something in your religion (Easter or whatever) then take the day off and don't make the rest of us take it. Otherwise we are in for a rude awakening when all the religions that make up our population start battling for equal time on the stat holiday front. No work will ever get done.

Posted by Leslie:

There is always confusion around the civic holiday. although it is an unofficial long weekend it is not a legal holiday. Therefore employers are not required to close nor are they required to pay holiday pay/time and a half. And on a national level employers are required to give 9 paid "general" holidays. Some employers give the option between Family Day and the civic holiday with holiday pay however if Family Day is observed as a holiday there is absolutely no requirement to observe and/or pay employees for the civic holiday.

Posted by Livewire:

All 12 provinces are part of Canada . Why do we have a different amount of holidays for some? Stat or not, all should be equal.


In the Manitoulin area, this holiday is referred to as "Haweater weekend"

Posted by Coastal:

Regatta Day, I believe is in ST.John's only, not the entire province


Regatta Day is a "townie" day off. Newfoundlanders will know that. For the rest of Canada, the St. John's area celebrates Regatta Day


PEI doesn't have a Natal Day. It is Gold Cup and Saucer Day. The 3rd Friday of August.

Posted by Tammy( bully hater):

WOW, in regards to Where fat ppl set up. Who thee hell do you thinnk you are? DO you ever think some people have medical conditions? Do you not know that some conditions are so painful and also medication can cause weight gain? Oh wait you don't I forgot how could you know that ? Your too ignorant. Your obviously not a proud Canadian! Shame on you! As for not sending kids to daycare Do you ever think maybe someone losyt their spouse and has to work ? Or maybe another circumstance came up? MY goodness You two ppl must be related!! Have a great holiday finding. The worse in it .

Posted by Mary :

There is an error in this article. Regatta Day in the first WEDNESDAY in August and has been for years and years, way before Newfoundland was part of Canada. The first morning of August is not kept.

Posted by Johnathan I.:

For some people holidays are something they take for granted and they spend the days at the mall and in front of the TV. For some, overworked folks - especially in the private sector - holidays are the time to spend quality time with their families. My point is, there are so many people, so many stories, background, social and financial backgrounds - there is no overarching truth or doing things the "right" way. Considering each other's needs and finding a good balance between work and personal time, overtime and unemployment -- it's hard to do. Don't judge each other so quickly. And don't bash government employees please. Maybe they put in less work hours than someone at a private company but they are also people and for the most part, well meaning, good people and they don't deserve the abuse from some self-righteous people who think they are better than others just because they have different holidays.

Posted by Selekia:

Love how the rudest people here don't put their names......big talkers hiding behind their computer

Posted by Steve:

Canada has to many holidays. Ontario especially. I would never set up where fat people want pay to not work

Posted by Db:

Working this holiday monday - least favorite memory - being run over by a car- most favorite memory ' camping with my wife and kids many times and always taking one night to go down to the beach and lie on picnic tables or a blanket on the sand and watch for shooting stars for about 1/2 hrs. There has been some grw st ones!


listen folks if your going to have a child then stop sending it to daycare and actually stay home and take care of the child yourself if you cant take care of your child because you have to work then don't have a child. You cant have your cake and eat t too.


If you're complaining that you don't get a paid holiday then you should have stayed in school and got an education that pays you for those days! It's your choice that you are where you are so stop complaining about those who have decided to do more with their life!

Posted by Dealmaker:

I think that this holiday is very unfair cause as usual your government workers get another day off when they already work short hours compared to private companies and I honestly don't understand why the banks are closed when retail workers in most cases are forced to work August 3rd, 2015. It seems that most of the holidays tend to benefit government workers whether provincial or federal while other industries don't get these holidays.

Posted by Rebecca :

I am from Ottawa and we do not call it "Colonel By Day" and now I live in the GTA and no one calls it "Simcoe Day". Just "long weekend" or civic holiday.

Posted by Cynthia:

It should pay less than minimum wage, because you're not working on welfare? Geez try going to another country and sit around doing nothing. Your starve.

Posted by Admin:

All respectful comments will be posted if they are relevant to Civic holiday but don't use all caps or excessive punctuation or course language. Those posts will not be posted. Let's have a discussion instead of yelling at each other.

Posted by Lizzy:

Wow there's a lot of hate in the world. Let's call this civic holiday "yay day" yay I live in Canada. The best country in the world. Because they have publicly decided that we should all take the day off and go to the beach :)

Posted by Kerianne:

I understand that for some, welfare is a hand up and not a hand out. I just get frustrated with others. When I had my first daughter, my girlfriend had hers and was on welfare. She told me she planned on staying home with her until she went to grade 1. I did not have the luxury of this choice as I had to return to work. It upset me that she had the choice while I helped pay for that choice (no matter how I feel about the benefits of staying home). I know many others that have chosen to keep having children because they would get more money and stay home longer vs. have to work. I also know hard it is to get off welfare as you never get enough to get ahead but just to barely exist where u r at. I think people should be forced to go back to it highscool, trade school, or academic programming in college/ a program that they can find employment in afterwards (not music or art....sorry). Student loans should be available to those on welfare without exclusion if they aren't already. I was a single mom....went back to school with 2 kids and obtained a degree in nursing. I had help with housing and daycare subsidies through local or government programs...and I got a student loan that took a long time to pay back but at least I was supporting myself and my family while I did.

Posted by Jay:

All the complaining about how "nice" a life people have on welfare is pure uneducated garbage. There is a lot of abuse and that needs to stop but the system itself pays far less then minimum wage and there are stop gap measures in place to insure the resident is looking for work and not abusing or they are cut off. The abuse needs to stop and needs to be looked at closer but the general whining about "I support x number of people" also needs to stop. If it really bothers you do some research ( and listening to talk radio is not research)

Posted by JT:

@CapSquid. I lamented that Vet's day wasn't a holiday in ON, till I heard this. Many people view this as a day off, with no regard to the sacrifice of our sons and daughters. Making it a school day allows young people to be taught of the WHY of veterans day. We don't do enough for those brave souls

Posted by JT:

Having a job is a privilege these days. If you don't want it, please give it to me.

Posted by taxpayer always:

working is not a perviliage its a resposibility and it should be a must for all people.... it would be nice to have a little time off, but i agree there are far too many people that count on me to help pay for them to stay home. whats the point in these people trying to get jobs if they get more money to stay at home with benifits and not have to pay for daycares or barley pay rent ... it makes no sence to have a job anymore when u reep more rewards not having one

Posted by John:

I would rather go to work. After all,there are 2 million welfare recips who depend on me. If NDP gets in in the fall, count on 4 million

Posted by 92:

Stop whining.... You work...good enough... Working is a privileged.... Not a right

Posted by Tom:

@Taxpayer: Where is the equality? If gov. workers get such and such financial benefits out of stat. holidays, the rest of Canadians should too!

Posted by JEnna:

DO ontario Workers get paid Time and a half on Aug 3rd 2015? Curious because on the chart there was an indication that it wasnt a " real stat holiday" Can anyone clear this up for me? I work a long day and want to know what Im getting myself into! - Jenna

Posted by Taxpayer aswell:

A government job is one many people have a choice to have. If you don't choose to have one, then stop complaining about people who do.


Can anyone tell me if this is a stat holiday in Toronto? as in mandatory we have it off?

Posted by Capt\'n Squid:

Sorry to see that Ontario does not observe Veterans Day. They use to at one time. Other Provinces do regard our veterans with a day off. Fantino does not feel it should be, then look at his track record. He is not a plus for the conservative party in the first place. It is Canada and their volunteer army that has kept this country strong and free.

Posted by Taxpayer:

I agree with anonymous and Ptooie. Why do government employees get paid for holidays, such as Easter Monday, and Remembrance Day when it doesn't fall on a weekday? I also take issue with the number of sick days and government employees are given and the fact they can bank those days!! Thanks for the chance to voice my opinion.

Posted by Ricky:

"If you can, take Friday off and leave for your holiday on Friday morning or Thursday night and come back Sunday morning or early afternoon to avoid mile-long traffic jams on Monday." This seems like a dumb idea. If you're going to take a day off to avoid the traffic jams and completely waste the Monday holiday, you might as well just do it on some other weekend.

Posted by Ptooie:

What really grinds my gears are the "government only" holidays. I have to work those, so I can pay taxes and pay those who make the rules to have the day off. Either make it mandatory for ALL employees, or go to work like the people who pay your wages.


Employer guy I have my own company and gladly pay my employees for holidays Happy employee = money in my pocket

Posted by aaron:

To the employer guy, if your employees heard you talk about how you don't get paid holidays or vacation days they would probably quit! Sell your business and be one of them then!

Posted by Employer:

I enjoy the comments about how folks should get paid for a civic holiday. As an employer who pays my staff when they stay home on statutory holidays, I say "no ENOUGH is ENOUGH" ! No one pays me for any statutory holidays or vacations days. Thank for volunteering us to pay for more time off but NO!


I have always received both Family Day and the August Civic holidays off working for different employers in Calgary.


In Alberta, you get 9 Stat holidays a year. So, if you get Family Day some companies work the Civich Holiday in August or vise versa. They do NOT have to pay you for both. Some companies will give you both with pay for one of them and your lucky if they pay you for both. If a company chooses to close the Civic Holiday they do not have to pay you if you have received the Family Day statutory day with pay.

Posted by Lindsey:

Civic Holiday is a Provincial Holiday, not a Statutory holiday. In Alberta, Businesses have the option to (depending on if they are Federally or Provincially Regulated) to give employees the Holiday. My business doesn't recognize it as a holiday, instead we take Family Day. At my previous employer, our guys didn't get Family day as the holiday, they got Civic holiday. Civic Holiday is Employer dependant, on how they want, not how the government enforces. Keep in mind this is for Alberta, I don't know about any other province.

Posted by Kelly:

It kinda sucks it not being a paid holiday in Alberta on August. 4 . The guys look forward to the extra money. Why is it not a holiday?

Posted by Colleen:

I had always thought Civic Holiday Monday was a stat holiday. It seems rude to give people the day off and then not pay them. This should be a mandated stat holiday like Labour Day is.

Posted by Andrew:

Seeing that the Civic Holiday is not observed as a stat holiday, what would happen if the company I work for chooses to close for that day, do they still need to pay me?


People ragging on the government...we don't get family day off. :/ boo.


More jealousy of state employees. If you think they've got it easy, then go to work for the government yourself rather than complain. The real elites love to make the working class turn on itself. Government employees are hardly economic elites. If you are too unskilled to get a government job, that's your fault.

Posted by Rob:

Reply to Juan: So your ok with on Family Day in Feb., gov't & postal workers have to work while you have the day off? It goes both ways. Know your facts before you go spouting off.


LOL @ all the complaints. These are the people who vote Conservative! If you want a holiday you're going to have to vote NDP or Green. Quit whining!


Not a holiday for everybody is a BS ,how can government employees benefit from this and not the general public,I guess it,s like guaranteed pension plans....way to go..if you want to demotivate.

Posted by NewfieGirl:

Regatta Day is ONLY a holiday in St. John's, Nfld., NOT the entire province and it is held on the first WEDNESDAY in August, not Monday. It is also held 'weather permittimh': if too windy, is held the next day.

Posted by Juan:

In Ontario this is a Fake Holiday, not stat, and unless you work for big business or the government, you don't get it off. Big load of ......

Posted by Becca B.:

haha thanks Jean, that fact made me smile :P


I spent my civic day at heritage festival as volunteer :-)


This holiday I feel related to Honda civic birthday


I am confused if the Civic Holiday is a stat holiday in Toronto?

Posted by luvpei:

I've never heard it called Natal Day on PEI. We call it civic.

Posted by Cindy:

I believe the Civic Holiday (First Monday of August) is observed in Manitoba as well. Though not as a Stat Holiday

Posted by Jean:

Civic is the same spelled backwards :-)

Posted by David:

This holiday gets called Civic Holiday on calendars because it has various names in various provinces, and calendar-makers don't want to print them all. "Civic" not only pertains to cities, but to citizenship/nationality in general.

Posted by Imrana Vesamiya:

On civic holiday everyone should be getting of from work cause half of business are close anyways and also kids are home from school so parents could spend time together and in this generation we need to spend more time with kids especially working parents.

Posted by Karen:

St Jean Baptiste Day, June 24th, is also a holiday in St. John's Newfoundland, called St. John's Day. It is the day St. John's was founded, and so the city was named after the saint. Therefore, it is not only Quebec that celebrates that day. :)

Posted by Andrew:

Just make this day a stat holiday. It's confusing as most people think they get the day off, time and a half pay, etc. Since many businesses close for the day, you have half the people treating it like a stat and the other half left wondering why it is treated like nothing.

Posted by Girl stuck working :

Can't believe some retail stores like Canada Computers don't get this day off. Its unfair to the employees. I never get to go camping :-(

Posted by Timon:

Jo, Quebec gets St Jean Baptiste day in June. No one else gets this day in Canada. It all evens out.

Posted by Jo:

So Civic holiday is not observed in Quebec. What do we get to make up for this? Seems like parts of the country get less time off than others. A bit unfair, isn't it?


This is the day when my cousins celebrate with the annual beef roast. Family and friends from Canada and the U.S. Try to get back to our camps and gather at home to enjoy ourselves and renew the family bonds between us. I have been unable to attend in recent years amd I miss them. But Civic Holiday has always had a special day in the heart of this Canadian who by chance happened to be born south of the border. Have fun everyone!

Posted by Sunil:

We are going camping! Hopefully there isn't a lot of traffic...

Posted by Nikki:

It's actually the first WEDNESDAY in August that is Regatta Day in Newfoundland :)


Seems like this comments area on the bottom of the page is should add it to other pages as well. I have a good story for another holiday but not for this one:(

Posted by Monica and Kim:

My husband and I will take Friday and Tuesday off and drive up to a rental cottage with our daughter and two dogs. That's our long-weekend strategy, to take one day off before and after the holidays to avoid traffic;) Also, it's the perfect cottage time - no mosquitoes or deer flies. If you live in the GTA we highly recommend you drive north past Algonquin Park; anything below the park is too busy, north of Algonquin you will enjoy more peace and more nature!

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