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What are your plans for the thanksgiving long weekend? What did you do last year? What are you favourite activities in October? Do you have any comments or ideas related to thanksgiving in Canada?

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Posted by Lee:

I can be thankful without having to believe in a "god". One does not have to be thankful to any person or thing!

Posted by greg m:

Always assumed Canada had Thanksgiving earlier because the weather gets unpredictable later in October. Having the holiday earlier would assure the ability of people to travel to be with friends and family without worrying about snowstorms.

Posted by Jenny:

Iím thankful for everything I have including my health. I have a good job, family & friends to count on, live in a nice home and can afford to buy whatever we like to eat. Iím thankful for being able to travel to see extended family and enjoy vacation time. I worked very hard when I was younger, living on a tight budget...I know what it means to go without. We are very lucky to call Canada home and live in a peaceful society. Iím thankful for living a good life. This Thanksgiving I want to give back to those who donít have what I have, and give them

Posted by Sadie:

LogicalJim - I always thought that the difference in dates between Canada and the US was due to the timing of our harvests. Being farther north, Canada's harvest is earlier.

Posted by LogicalJim:

With so many Canadians having relatives or dear friends in the U.S.A. I have often wondered why this day has should be so far apart in each of our counties? Is there any reason for this difference? If so, I'd be happy to hear a logical explanation.

Posted by Akhlaq :

Thanksgiving a day selected to sit together exchange greetings bring something at your choice and serve by the persons whose house you gather. Enjoy relax make good wishes for others around you. A sign of love cooperation and affiliation. A good day became rememberence. We done.


We can have thankful hearts toward God even when we do not feel thankful for the circumstance. We can grieve and still be thankful. We can hurt and still be thankful. We can be angry at sin and still be thankful toward God. That is what the Bible calls a ďsacrifice of praiseĒ (Hebrews 13:15). Giving thanks to God keeps our hearts in right relationship with Him and saves us from a host of harmful emotions and attitudes that will rob us of the peace God wants us to experience (Philippians 4:6Ė7).


I am thankful that governments have learned over the years a better way to negotiate disputes between countries than war. Mahamid Gandhi once said "It isn't violence or nonviolence, it is nonviolence or self destruction." Maybe it all starts in our very own back yard...

Posted by Feeling Sad:

I guess our Maritime Provinces don't have much to be thankful for! Why isn't it a stat holiday in our provinces. I know that in PEI the government recognizes it but no other employer is forced to recognize it, why? I believe we have a lot to be thankful for and it is unfortunate that we can't be home to celebrate our blessings with our family on this day.


I love it. just a day off from work. Isn't it nice?

Posted by Denise Dhaliwal :

As a family, we do not spend many times to sit around the table to celebrate. This is the one amazing time where we get to give thanks for anything in our lives with a lot of blessings. Something like the round table where everyone has to say what they are thankful for.. You may laugh and shed tears at times, but it is worthed along with enjoying your feast afterwards..

Posted by Rev Barb:

I am thankful for family both two legged and 4 legged. Happy Thanksgiving all. Pass it forward.


turkey makes me sleepy


I've heard it said many times that the Thanks Giving holiday originated from the day the white man won the war with Native American's and took ownership of all of their land. We are giving thanks for yet another war of our governments objective of committing legal murder and stealing land. This holiday is no different than Remembrance Day. I am not saying we should not give thanks to those who died thinking they were fighting for their country. They we lied to. United States' objective in every war was and still is steal land and take over the world.


On this thanksgiving day I give thanks to my children, my wife, my dogs, my parents, friends and work buddies.

Posted by Santaram Pandhoo:

I really love the Idea of a Thanksgiving Day.Its natural to be grateful in Life but Who did the Canadians thank on the Original idea who do they think nowadays and to whom should we be giving thanks. My natural answer if course we should be giving thanks to the One who allowed all these harvest.It would be God or people who have helped us. Is this what is being done? I hope and pray so. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Please consider saving a turkey next year. You can buy a few beers instead.? Rather have my kids eat a Turkey rather than them turning into Alcoholics.

Posted by Libby:

Every year we go around the table and everyone gets to share something that they are thankful for mom started this tradition when people started to focus too much on eating and partying, and making non family plans for thanksgiving.. this is the real meaning of thanksgiving... and the little kids get to go first.


I totally agree save a bird guys on vegetarian for a day!! Also for health reasons it will be good!!

Posted by Bonnie MacLean:

I wish Nova Scotia would add Thanksgiving as a Statutory Holiday, the office I work in is closed, Government hired employees get paid, I don't because I work through a staffing agency. This is not right it should be equal for all.


In the US this day is called Columbus Day.


Re your post on the main holiday page: "Thanksgiving, of course is turkey season, which we, the editors, don't like or understand. Why are millions of animals killed every year on the day we give thanks to what we have and bless the fall harvest? Please consider saving a turkey next year. You can buy a few beers instead." How ironic that this comes from the largest hunting country in North America. Even if people abstained from turkey, do you think they would suddenly become vegetarian on a public holiday?

Posted by Helen Robertson:

I am having a huge plans for holidays.... i want to spend this weekend with my family after a long time..... so wish me luck.....


I remember last year there was a sentence on this page that went something like this: "everybody should drink a beer instead of eating turkey this year". I loved the drink a beer, save a bird idea. Let's do it!


Why is it that people can spend an entire afternoon/evening on thanksgiving day drinking and eating and talking about anything and everything but nobody ever stands up and says "hey, great year, thanks everyone for making it so". Every holiday is about food and booze and gifts and money - people have forgotten the meaning of things.

Posted by The Dixons:

We carve pumpkins around thanksgiving. They'll go bad by Halloween but then we carve some more! :)

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