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Posted by Peter Moss:

Last BBQ or Canoe trip ? A lot of Canadians spend Thanksgiving at the cottage on the lake. I know plenty of people who BBQ all year long, That's Canadian.

Posted by Mike:

"on Labour Day all stores are closed including retail stores,...". Really? Not anymore!

Posted by Jane:

Why would you describe Labour Day as a "holiday [that] officially celebrates workers and the labour union movement, however, most of us only think of it as the last long weekend of the summer". I notice you didn't say Easter is officially a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus but most people think of it as the harbinger of Spring and a chance to eat chocolate, which is just as true. Are you biased against labour unions? That's the way it reads to me. I definitely enjoy remembering the huge benefits many people enjoy as a result of labour union work .... like the statutory holidays on this site.

Posted by No:

All stores are closed on Labour Day? When, in 1950?

Posted by Stanley:

I give this holiday a 10/10

Posted by Tanya:

2016 was the first year I ever recall there being school prior to the long weekend here in Alberta. I have lived in Alberta all my life, and my eldest child is in grade 5. It sucked. I think it may have had something to do with taking a week off in November. They sent out a survey last year asking everyone if they would be willing to start school a week early and then take a week of in November in lieu, we voted no, but the Government made us end summer holidays early anyway making it a half week instead of a full week without a vote by parents. (But hey, bet you didn't know any of that he/she whom made the redneck comment.) You should really educate yourself on the history of a situation before running off like that, it gives less merit to your point. And if you don't like us "rednecks", please, find another province to move to and free up some jobs for those of us who love Alberta.

Posted by Winston Barrett:

My name is Winston Barrett, jamaican citizen. I am planning my vacation with relatives and friends in Canada this September 2017. How can I be a patt of your labor day program? Can I volunteer?:,

Posted by Eduardo:

Not everyone gets labour day off. Everything is not closed. Most malls and retail stores operate on a sunday schedule and you get time and a half. Not everyone gets a day off in lieu either.

Posted by Freespirit:

ALL so-called "holidays" should NOT be FORCED on people. .It should be completely up to individuals and businesses to decide if they want to "rest" or "close" or not.


I work in a factory. They are making us work "mandatory overtime" on LABOUR DAY of all holidays! Unfair!!

Posted by Mike:

Then ship on out if we "rednecks" are ruining your kids lives with two or three days of school before a long weekend. It's a good way for them to ease back into the year after two months off if you ask me.


The Tuesday after Labor Day has ALWAYS been the first day of school since I can remember. That is, until we moved to Alberta. It's ridiculous. This year they go for work days then get a long weekend. Ridiculous rednecks

Posted by Dior:

People who have to work on labour day take it back another day: police officers, pilots, nurses, doctors, etc. When you are a new hire, it is another story. You are compensated differently.


There are many many industries that don't receive labor day off. It would just not be possible. That's why we have increased pay for those who qualify. Holidays are not a human right, the economy still has to run on days where teachers and office workers decide there lives are too stressful and its time for some "well deserved" relaxation time.

Posted by John:

Are businesses required to close. I own a store that definitely would not be an exception to anything. Would I be allowed to keep my shop open if I worked myself (as the owner, no employees)


Not everybody gets labour day off. Just not possible. Police, Paramedics, Farmers (Yes animals still have to be cared for), Power Generating stations, Dr's, Nurses,


Should have all businesses closed for this one day, give everyone a rest day!

Posted by Abe Thomas:

Labour day without labour:)


Not all retailers are closed on labour day.. I wish they were.

Posted by woosh:

Summer is flying by so quickly- as a child each summer felt like an eternity but now: wooossh!

Posted by Theo:

Finally a holiday that is the same across Canada in every province, territory and city. (even in the USA). Phew, no more guesswork about eligibility, overtime and holiday pay :)

Posted by Devon:

Nadir, the best possible road trip in canada is cape breton (scenic drive)

Posted by MJ:

I find it odd that they call it labour day on a day when you're not supposed to work. Every other day should be called labour day and this one called rest day.


Last long weekend before school starts!

Posted by Andras:

I used to live in a former socialist country in Europe and I remember that labour day was a big holiday there. I was only a kid when we moved but my parents tell me that it was mandatory to participate in the May Day parade, which was a huge military parade but there were also a lot of fun activities for people like dancing, marching bands, etc. We didn't call it the labour day or labour day long weekend, we called it the "celebration of labour".

Posted by Nadir:

Labour day is the perfect time for summer holidays! I hate the hot summer (anything over 25C and I'm sweating buckets) so this is when I take most of my holidays. Does anyone know of any good road trip routes?

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