Christmas on weekends

Do you get a day off in lieu of Christmas Day ? Or get no day off in lieu but receive (extra) pay? What if you normally work on Sundays, will you get the day off? What does your company do about Christmas on weekends?

If you get paid (extra), how much? Is this included in your employment contract?

We'd like to hear from everyone whose work is affected by Christmas Day being on the weekend!

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Will you get a day of in lieu for Christmas when it falls on the weekend?

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Posted by Brenda Aelick:

I work P/T for a municipal government, I worked 5 hours on the 27th am I entitled to time and a half plus the % of stat holiday pay for the 25th...I was paid the % for 25th but just reg pay for the 5 hours on the 27th and told I am ONLY P/T so the rules are different?????


I'm in Alberta and am not getting stat pay for either Christmas or New Year's Day. Is this right?

Posted by James:

It is very bothersome to read employers complaints over ten stat days for people to spend time with their families, I ask do you not value your workforce and their right to enjoy time with their families? Are they not worth this? These gestures from any of my employers make me work harder for my employer as I feel appreciative for the time off, If your employees are not deserving of such treatment to make you revenue, possibly look into replacing them with personnel that are. Its disheartening to read such angry posts when the employees generally will do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done and done right, for the employers benefit, and this is lost when you complain over ten days that our government has declared as family time.


Less Holidays would be better, Alberta seems to love giving these "paid" days off to empolyess, not realizing the effect if has on empolyers workload and then they still have to pay!! not right. If you have a Monday to Friday business and the holiday falls on the weekend, it should not be to let them have a weekday in lieu. Too bad, that should be a bonus to employers! for once! you can sure tell who the employess are.. want it all for free, including their sick days. that's my rant.


Christmas is on Sunday this year, we are giving our staff Monday off, in lieuand paying one Stat Holiday pay. Boxing Day is not a Stat Holiday in Alberta. Employers cannot afford to pay these extra "holidays" to everyone and Employees shouldn't just expect to get paid or get the day off!


I think if you work on Christmas day , you should be paid extra because noone will want to offer to work that day, so your stuck to work on the holiday with no benefit while others are out having time off on the holiday. I find it unfair. If you work on the weekend on Christmas you should be paid extra. Not the day before, not the day after.

Posted by Sue:

When Christmas falls on the weekend eg. Sunday then you would get the following day off, as Boxing day in on the Monday then you will receive Monday and Tuesday off.


The Holiday Act says: "you can have a holiday on the working day immediately preceding or following Christmas". I love it. Preceding or following. Every act is so vague, no wonder people are confused!


When Christmas is on the weekend then you get Friday off if it's Saturday and Monday off if it's a Sunday. Simple as that. Boxing Day doesn't move no matter what day. That's how I've been looking at it for the past 10+ years and never got into any trouble.


Read the holiday act, be familiar with your rights. Don't let your employer tell you what you can do and accept it as fact!

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