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Posted by Marilyn Seabrook:

As a Health Care Worker, we are required to work shifts, weekends, and Public Holidays. To change the date of Canada Day to July 2 this year because the 1st. fell on a Sunday, does not take into account those that had to work On Sunday July 1st and therefore were not able to celebrate on the actual holiday. These individuals should receive the public Holiday pay for this date. Other employment that does not regularly work on a weekend, have always received a substitute holiday

Posted by roger:

I disagree with Petrov. Since the purpose of declaring a statutory holiday is to relieve people of the obligation to work, when a statutory holiday like Canada Day falls on a day that is normally NOT a work day, then a different day should be designated the statutory holiday on a day that normally IS a work day for those people, such as July 2 was this year. However, when a stat falls on a regularly scheduled work day, such as July 1 was for many shift workers this year, then that day should be designated the stat FOR THOSE PEOPLE. The problem here is not "which day should be the statutory holiday for everyone?", but "on which day should all people be given a day of rest?", and that will vary with different peoples' work schedules. To fix the date regardless of the effect is simply bureaucratic blindness to the very purpose of declaring a statutory holiday in the first place, and anyone with a union contract should make sure that this issue is addressed. After all, it's going to come around once in every seven years for every fixed date stat (Jan. 1, July 1, Dec. 25 and Dec. 26). Why should only people who never have to work a weekend get all the benefits?

Posted by Democracy:

The majority of Canadians work Monday-Friday so moving the holiday to Monday favoured the majority. I sympathize with anyone for whom this is an inconvenience, however, sadly, you are the minority. Had Canada day remain on Sunday it would have affected a lot more people. It's rarely possible to make a decision on the national level that pleases everyone. In a democratic society some people will be left disappointed, angry, etc. But democracy favours the majority and that's exactly what happened with Canada Day this year: majority got their way.

Posted by Connie Lim:

Monday is July 2 is a holiday in lieu of July 1 Sunday. I should say those who work on Sunday should get a stat pay because it is really a holiday, Monday is only in lieu of Sunday July 1st.

Posted by Kevin:

SO many people are posting that observing Canada on Monday deprives workers of the extra pay for working on Sunday, July 1. However, there are even more people who regularly work on Mondays, this much larger group of people would be deprived of the stat if it was observed on the actual day.

Posted by Samantha :

As an RN, I have worked the entire weekend and was expecting to get stat pay to make up for missing out on a long weekend. Now I miss all the events and festivities as well as the extra pay! Shift workers don't have the benefit of a Monday to Friday schedule, and moving the stat to accommodate this does not encourage staff to miss time with their families in order to come to work. The extra pay definitely makes up for missing time with friends and family.

Posted by Petrov Kilsivich:

Holy S@#t,people. This is not a complicated issue. Anyone who's asking why they don't get paid time and a half for working on a Sunday, if is a stat like Canada Day, is just obtuse. Think about the reasons why stat holidays were originally brought in for. They were meant to give people a break to rest, celebrate or worship. And if they had to work then they would be compensated for it. And who do you think originally put pressure on the Government, way back then, to mandate bringing in paid stat holidys. (Clue) Politicians didn't do it out of the goodness of their hearts or their love for the Canadian people. You don't work on the Monday but did on July 1st ( but didn't get time & half) the actual Canada Day? Tough shit! Them's the breaks. Maybe next time check your work schedule and get yourself on different days. By the way, most people get Christmas off. That's a Christian holiday. But there's still lots of people in Canada who have to work that day, folks who follow different religions, and get the extra pay to do it. There's a bonus right about scheduling. To those ones who don't celebrate Christmas, it's just another work day, except with much more money. What a deal! Anyway, today is Canada Day, July 1st always is. Remember when the PM said he was going to legalize pot on July 1st, Canada Day. So much for that plan.

Posted by Janice:

The stores don't close on Monday,( or whatever day Canada day falls on), the only stat holidays that stores close are Christmas day and New Years day,so if you work in retail, you're not guaranteed the day off to join in the festivities. If you have to work on Monday then you are getting the extra money, people who work Sunday are getting ripped off because they're working the day the actual celebrations are being held and not getting paid 1.5x I would count my blessings that I had a job,I've had to work stats, missing out on some festivities is not a big deal imo. Happy Birthday Canada!!

Posted by Eve:

This is extremely unfair to all the shift workers that normally would work the sunday and have the Monday off. This would include all the workers in hospitals, police and fire fighters that help people in a time of crisis. Many sacrifices are made by these workers and do not have the opportunity to enjoy Canada Day but also are not compensated for working on that day.

Posted by Tamara :

The most ridiculous idea ever. This particular holiday is for July 1st, not the second! The holiday pay should be observed on the holiday and lieu day for those that qualify, on the 2nd. Which politician came up with this??

Posted by Xstina777:

It’s horrible what they’ve done. It should be as it has always has been; everything is closed Canada Day. I feel bad for all the families attending the Canada Day festivities with a parent missing because they had to work. The businesses don’t have a choice! They have to remain open!! Try this down South to our neighbors and see what happens! Thank you all you government “know betters” and corporate execs, ruin the holiday for the nobody’s, just all us citizens that keep the country and your businesses going. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Posted by Maggie :

I still don't get that July 2 is the srar holiday. All the celebrations are being done July 1 but the people working that day get nothing. Work Monday and you get the stat. Makes no sense unless it has something to do with Sunday being a religious day for some

Posted by Ron Lambert:

With the July 1 being on Saturday or Sunday it means retail employees will work on Canada's Birthday and therefore they are unable to attend July 1 festivities. We take Christmas and New Years on the day it falls, why should Canada's Birthday be any different. I believe we should celebrate our country's birthday not make it an if you want to day.

Posted by Karen:

Many people work on Sunday - by moving the stat to Monday deprives those who work Sunday to time and a half pay. Every penny helps!

Posted by Rob Mitchell:

If Christmas falls on a Sunday, do the stores stay open and close Boxing Day? I don't think so. So why is Canada Day a work day and when everyone else is off on Monday the stores will be closed. It doesn't make sense. It never used to be that way, Canada Day has fallen on a Sundays before and I don't remember stores all being opened except for the Canada Day 7 years ago when we all asked ourselves that same question.

Posted by Ronald:

In Victoria, which is where one of the largest Canada Day celebrations is held, there is an enormously large population of people who work in the "service" industry. The assumption that most people have Sunday off is even more incorrect in a city where tourism is one of the largest sources of income. For all of the people that must suffer through one of the busiest days of the year, at regular time, I am sorry this decision was made.

Posted by frank iker:

Really strange law. If a business is open 7 days a week, they should be able to get the actual holiday off ie) July 1st. It makes no sense to have to work on Canada Day & get Monday off which is not a holiday.

Posted by Shannon:

I am outraged that those of us that work weekends are being punished and not getting compensated for working the stat holiday when we are required to work. This is extremely unfair and this practise needs to stop. If July 1 is the holiday, pay us stat pay on that day or give us the day off with pay. People that work Monday to Friday will still get Monday off with pay. This is very disrespectful to those that don't have the luxury of getting weekends off.

Posted by Rob williams:

Canada day is July 1. That is when the celebrations are! What is with having the holiday on the 2. Great I have the 2 off work, but I normally work on Sundays, so had to work on the 1, and miss all of the celebrations and not even get stat pay as compensation for missing Canada’s birthday. This is so wrong!

Posted by Just another voice:

I'm 57 years old, we've always celebrated Canada Day on July 1st period. Businesses always closed for a long weekend but the celebration day itself was one that mostly everyone had off. This allowed family to get together like xmas. Since when do we reshape the recognition of our country's birthday around when government says it's taking a day off? Have we moved to a government state where it's people just don't matter?

Posted by John B:

I am not pleased with this arrangement at all. I work in a medical facility where my shift begins at 2345 - that's 15 minutes to midnight. Then the last day of my work week is Sunday - regular pay. So I never get the extra pay working the stat just the stat day. I would only get the extra pay on Good Friday or whenever Canada Day would occur hopefully in my work week. So this year I will really miss out in that the celebrating is happening Sunday while I sleep and I won't be making the extra pay I usually get.

Posted by Maria:

What happens if you're open 7 days a week. Which of the two days do I pay my employees time and a half or is it expected of me to pay employees working both days?

Posted by Larry D fan:

Thanks @Larry D for your explanation!

Posted by Peter:

I don't understand why it just wasn't left up to business to decide when to close or why the statutory holiday has been moved to July 2nd when all the festivities are taking place on the first as they rightfully should. Forcing people to work irregardless of whether they are open 7 days when they would rather celebrate doesn't make sense. If businesses chose to take an extra day off let them! Kids are out of school, families are vacationing and we can all use more down time. I can't see shopping malls and businesses overwhelmed just because nearly everything will be shut down on Monday, that's what Saturday is for! Event organizers are likely to see a much smaller turnout as a result. Better to have left things as they were and give workers and businesses the option rather than adding more confusion.

Posted by Arthur:

I think if you work on Canada Day as I do you should get stat pay regardless of the changes. Canada's birthday is on July 1st and always will be.

Posted by Larry D:

Nobody is changing the day we celebratee July 1, just changing the day off people are entitled to. If you work that sunday you get a day off in lieu.. Just like Christmas .. if it falls on a saturday or sunday we still observe and celebrate that day, and then get the monday off.

Posted by Dylan:

I have enjoyed Canada day traditions with my community and my family for the last 10 years straight. This year, I'm scheduled to work a 10 hour day on Sunday and miss out on the festivities completely and have Monday off by myself. For my experience, this was a poor choice to move the stat. The presupposition that most people already have Sunday off is incorrect.

Posted by Qwert:

TO Kat: everybody gets a Holiday Pay. If you worked the day before the stat holiday and scheduled for the day after. Check with your employer and the Ministry of Labour.

Posted by Cheryl :

I'm confused,so if u work Monday but not Sunday which day do u get 1.5x your pay?

Posted by Crystal:

In reference to Not a Lawyer actually they can not give you Sunday off as stated above federal law states it is officially the 2nd of July this year. here is the the law from the labour website. Canada Day Marginal note:Canada Day 2 (1) July 1, not being a Sunday, is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of "Canada Day". Marginal note:When July 1 is a Sunday (2) When July 1 is a Sunday, July 2 is a legal holiday and shall be kept and observed as such throughout Canada under the name of "Canada Day". R.S., c. H-7, s. 2; 1980-81-82-83, c. 124, s. 1.

Posted by Ghislain Couroux:

Moving Canada day to July 2nd is a mistake. There is a difference to keep between the actual Statutory day and the common Monday off given to government employees and other employees usually working on Mondays. What about people that work on Sunday, July 1st where it should be considered Stat, but you open discrimination and loss of equity for those who have no choice but to work on a Stat day, regardless as to when the Stat is during the week. Canada day is Canada day, it cannot be on July 2nd, that is only a day off in compensation, not a stat day. I am working 12 hours on Canada day, and 6 hours on July 2nd. Therefore, I'm afraid I will not get the stat pay I should be entitled to, which is 12 hours, not 6. This is unfair for those who work full shift on Sunday, vice Monday...

Posted by stacey:

I work my 40 hours , FRI, SAT, and Sunday. Weekend Shift. With this change, The Day Evening and graveyard shift (8hr days)(5 Days a Week) get Monday off for the Stat with pay 8hrs. So they get a 4 day work week with no loss in usual pay. With this rule I have to work Canada day Sunday) 15hr at straight time. The get Monday off but I am OFF Mondays Already. and On top of that, There is no provisions to mandate my employer to give me an alternate work day off with pay. That I would have usually worked as they have for the general public that work mon to Friday. This is unjust and unfair.

Posted by Faye:

Remembrance day is om a Sunday this year. Guess that should be moved to monday too by your rationale. Stupidest idea ever. The holiday is the holiday on the day that it is on. The end. Why is this even a discussion much less a reality.

Posted by Stewart:

I like the way this works. My regular shift is Saturday to Tuesday. Last year I had to take a holiday because our business was closed on Saturday as required by law but the company was also closed on Monday to give the employees their day off. This year we are only closed on the Monday so I don't lose any holiday time. If your regular shift ends on a Sunday, the company is still required to give you the Monday as a paid day or lieu day. If you can take the lieu day on the Sunday. Easy!!!

Posted by Not a lawyer:

You really should check with your employer on this one if you work Sunday. Canada Day is a federal statutory holiday so employers can't just ignore it and won't give you time off but sometimes that's what happens unless they are asked or called out. All you have to ask is "hey, on this federally mandated statutory holiday what day will i have off (in lieu)?" Sometimes a simple question can bring awareness and show that you are not ignorant to the holiday act. Mention words like Labour Standards Act, labour board, federal and statutory, ministry of labour -- that'll scare them into thinking twice before robbing you off a holiday you deserve. Read the relevant acts and your own employment contract (which many people don't read in full before signing). It's your *responsibility* to educate yourselves about your own rights.

Posted by Sharon:

My normal work week is Sunday. I am totally peed off that they chNge the actual day of Canada day.. Does that mean that all the celebrations are on the 2nd? NOT! Canadians don't work Monday to Friday positions anymore, that Canada day rule needs to go.

Posted by Jennifer Law:

Canada Day should be celebrated on July 1st.whatever day it falls on.We do not change other Statutory holidays that move around on different days of the Christmas,New Year,or Remembrance Day.Another day off is usually given,and not always on a Monday.I for one will be celebrating Canada Day on Sunday July 1st.

Posted by Kat:

I work all weekend miss out on the Canada celebrations then don't work Monday. Then co workers who have the weekend off come back to work on Monday and get the stat pay. How is this fair.

Posted by Nancy Virr:

If they are going to move the holiday, they need to move the events celebrating the holiday as well. There is a lot of uproar around here by all of the people who have to work on July 1st and will miss out. Are these comments going to be viewed and taken into consideration for future stat holidays?

Posted by Anne:

What a bad decision from our government. It’s too bad because now not everyone can celebrate their country on July 1st. It’s too late to celebrate July 2d. July 1st everything should be closed so everyone can celebrate!

Posted by Sandra:

I have to work Canada Day but get the Monday off in lieu, my city is celebrating the day on July 1 so I miss all the festivities and get a day off with nothing to do.

Posted by Tammy :

Canada Day has always been a day for everyone to celebrate. All day there are events that now will be missed by workers who normally have had the holiday off. Now instead the holiday day is the day after the celebrations and events. Everything should be changed than so they are the same day.

Posted by Brian D:

What is the point of having July 1 as Canada Day if we are going to move the holiday for convience. If you birthday is on a Sunday you don't change the day to Monday to make it convient. We are one of the few if not the only country that moves it's National Holiday.

Posted by Cheryl:

I agree with the others. Canada Day should always be July 1st! Kind of a little unpatriotic don't you think.

Posted by Tammy:

Well this is really nice. I work in grocery store and was informed that we are open on 1st ot July, which we usually are but with stat pay. Well this year we work no extra pay and they will be closed Monday. They dint have to pay extra. Yay for the more fortunate ones and us low income at a part time job get screwed over AGAIN. Thank you to our government

Posted by Lucy:

i do not enjoy the fact that retailers do not close on the Monday like other places as they should.

Posted by tax payer :

July 1 is Canada and should be observed! We need to change this weird law to modern times. Closing retail mall's and stores on Monday July 2 is absurd!

Posted by Bambino:

Canada Day falling on Sunday is a weird one. Those who work on Sunday will be pay on regular rate. The 1.5 times only apply if you work on July 2nd the Monday, the official statutory holiday. Full time workers are not affected by this. If Sunday is your regular schedule, you are just working on the eve of a holiday. Monday is treated like any other statutory holiday where you get paid for the day off. Should you agree to work on the Monday, you are paid 1.5 times plus an entitle day off. Only part-time workers who are assigned to work either Sunday or Monday should be aware of the pay discrepancy.

Posted by Emma:

why upset and confuse people... what have you gained other than upsetting everyone. It has always been July 1st, everyone excepted and accepted how this would affect them. Now all those people that have to work July 1st will not have any compensation. Is Ottawa now celebrating Canada day on July 2nd???? Some people were counting on the lieu day they would earn which they now won't. It does not make any sense other than upsetting people that already have to work weekends and giving a bonus to those that work get to work mon-fri.

Posted by Dar:

Never been a problem for years....why now?

Posted by Darryl:

I see only government workers and bankers benefitting from this, those who would lose that day, big deal, they get Easter Monday and Boxing Day while most others don't

Posted by Costas Gamouras:

Canada Day should always be celebrated on July 1, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. It is the same as Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. This is another attempt by soft headed Liberal governments to turn the calendar to suit their purpose.

Posted by Adam:

If you observe July 1st as your holiday that fine, Anyone not working must be paid for that day. Anyone working, is given a day off with pay to compensate for the holiday pay they missed out. Usually this is the Friday or Monday of a weekend because it gives people a long weekend. You don't have to pay anyone time and a half for working that day. You just have to give them a day off with pay. Unless you have it written in your company policies in another form. If you do, it must follow the guidelines and 99% of the time work better in the favor of the the employee.

Posted by Yacint:

Please check with your HR department or boss about Canada Day. Some workplaces may have alternative arrangements if most of their employees work weekends or special hours.

Posted by Jay:

Makes no sense. Those who had to work on July 1st and getting paid 1.5 times their hourly rate are now not entitled to the premium??

Posted by Jessica:

Hi there, I'm working June 30th and July 1. But I am off on July 2, So I won't receive my stat pay... I'm not exactly sure how that is fair sense i'm working on the holiday.

Posted by Tanya:

This is beyond bizzare. I can not believe that as Canadians we are willing to change a holiday to when it suits specific people. I agree with the comments below. If the holiday celebrations(put on by the governments of each province and municipality) are stil on July 1st, then I should be compensated for that day for having to work and miss out.

Posted by Gee:

Absurd! Why is the Government making everything so confusing for the average small business person! Canada is July 1, and as such should be observed on that day! No matter when it falls. So not that we work 7 days a week, what day do are we suppose to take off? The 1st and pay time and a half for working Monday? Crazy

Posted by Suzan:

Our employer just told us that those who normally work on sunday must work the sunday and those who normally work on the monday must work the monday because it is not a holiday. No mention how we will be paid. For past holidays they always mention how we will be paid.

Posted by Molly J:

Absolutely ridiculous! How can you change a Stat day? Who benefits from this change? Clearly not the person working the weekend. Only the Monday to Friday person would benefit.

Posted by Jennifer:

Just found out today Canada Day has been moved?! My workplace is even labeling July 2nd as Canada Day, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Even though I personally don't work Sundays I still find this very unfair to those that do and I think it is unpatriotic for lack of a better word. It seems so wrong to celebrate Canada Day on a day that isn't July 1st - Canada Day. And the celebrations would still be going on everywhere on Sunday but now people have to go to work that day and don't get to celebrate it. What's the point in giving Monday off when you have to work Sunday instead? It would be something if Sunday and Monday was a stat. Otherwise Canada Day should remain observed on whatever day it lands. We make our work schedules far in advance and now we have to try to find coverage for Canada Day (July 1st) which no one wants to work.

Posted by Elliot:

Majority of Canadians working weekends? Hmm...I'm sure a lot of us do but not the majority, surely....

Posted by Bryon Nemlander:

This change of date for a national holiday seems absurd especially when ALL celebrations are still held on July 1st. The majority of Canadians are working weekends these days, and by switching to July 2nd, we rob those people the chance to celebrate with their families and friends just to accommodate the minority, who in turn, will get the Monday off either way. Who does this benefit? Surely not myself, who now must work and miss all celebrations and in lieu, I gain a day when nothing is being observed or celebrated. Yeah, great. Mostly, I am annoyed that we as Canadians allow this when I can can almost guarantee our neighbours down south would have a fit if we even implied not observing July 4th on the proper day. Thanks Canadian government for taking away my day to celebrate my pride.

Posted by Paul:

This is so incredibly stupid. The holiday falls on a particular day, you close that day, thats it. Whats to be confused about? Whats there to analyze or over analyze? An employee whos normally off that day gets paid, you work that day you get paid time and half. Whats the issue?

Posted by Kim:

I am so lost with this. I was just told by my boss that we would be open on Sunday July 1st due to the holiday being on the 2nd. Being that we are open everyday as a retail business I am confused as to if I have to work on the Sunday or not. That is when everyone is celebrating so I am going to have to work and not get paid time and a half.

Posted by Maunisha:

Yes I agree it's not fair for those people work on July 1st Canada day they all have family they also love to enjoy with family kids and grandkids kids at the park there is nothing going on Monday at the park to do my thinking is that it's CaNADA DAY every body who lives in Canada have rights to enjoy this day Canada is diverse country those you live in Canada all have rights to enjoy Canada day I personally love this day

Posted by Cary130:

SO...all the Canada Day celebrations are now going to happen on Mon July 2!!!! This is so Stupid

Posted by Tim:

Pat what are you talking about? The stat holiday is on Monday, and workers who work Monday get paid stat pay + time and a half for their hours on Monday. Those who work Sunday (July 1, Canada Day) do not get stat pay. Do you want two stat holidays? Moving the stat holiday to Monday HURTS businesses because the stat now falls on a normal day of operation.

Posted by Pat:

Just another way for companies to save money and force their employees to work on a stat holiday without paying us time and a half. Funny thing, our company will only have a part of the business open and have only a few staff members on, mostly management thus saving even more money.

Posted by Don:

ARE you out of your political minds?? Was this on your list of things to do while in power?

Posted by Gail:

Canada Day is July 1st. No matter what day it falls on businesses are closed. What’s to be confused about??? Moving a national holiday is just plain stupid. What’s next, move Christmas when it’s falls on Sunday. 🙄

Posted by Denise:

Being a part time worker in an "essential services" industry and working weekends I look forward to days where a stat falls on my work day for that little bit more income. July 1, Dec 25 are particular stats that keep to the number on the calendar. What is the big deal paying that little bit more to workers who give up those days of being with their families?

Posted by TJH:

Canada day will ALWAYS be celebrated on July 1.......This is not saying that it is being celebrated on July 2......the only thing it is saying is that since people who work on a Mon - Fri basis (which I believe is a majority)get July 2 off as their statutory holiday in lieu of July 1 which is a Sunday. For those who work on a different schedule, that workplace will decide when they will give their employees a day off in lieu or pay the appropriate overtime rates. Same for Christmas, it is ALWAYS celebrated on Dec 25, but if it falls on a weekend, the statutory holiday will be given on a weekday, usually the Monday following.

Posted by Ryan:

Retail will have to work on the Sunday which will be the actual day for celebration.....and then be off on Monday when nothing is going on....its sad!

Posted by Kim:

What about the people that usually work on Saturday?

Posted by Tracy Medeiros:

I take my children to Canada Day festivities every year to teach them about our history and culture and to instill in them a sense of national pride, and I am outraged that it was deemed acceptable to change the date of a holiday that is observed on the recurring anniversary of Canadian Confederation. July 1st. Are we going to move Christmas the next time it lands on a Sunday... to avoid confusion? It has caused considerable confusion in my workplace which is open 7 days a week. Also, my vacation for that weekend will have to be cancelled at my expense as I didn't save the vacation time to book it off. Very poor decision.

Posted by Bill Hooper:

I worked in 24/7 operation, so in a situation like this Sunday would at straight time and Monday would be holiday pay plus time and half overtime if worked

Posted by Rose:

I work for a retail company, since Canada Day felled on a Saturday last year, we were given a day off for that week, but not a specific day. Since it will fall on a Sunday this year 2018, then we will get the Monday off. For those of us who do not work on the weekends, we will get a long weekend. However, I do agree that it should be celebrated on July 1st...

Posted by Fiona:

Since Retail is open Sunday, and the holiday is on the Sunday, it should be closed. Who give the Government to change and move holidays? Retail people suffer, not office staff. Last year no one moved the holiday but this year they do? Listen, in 2017 and 2018 and for some time now, Sundays is now a regular day of work as part of the week. That means the holiday falls on the day it remains on that day. What is even more sad, is that those working don't even get 1.5 pay. Government has really started to take over and instead of being a "free country" we are now RUNNED AND CONTROL BY GOVERNMENT. Sad of what we are becoming.

Posted by Denise:

Canada Day is always July 1, why are we confusing people. Office staff have always had the Monday off in lieu of the holiday on the weekend. All celebrations should be held on the Sunday.

Posted by Lynda Larsen-Baldry:

Canada Day is July 1st and therefore should be observed on that day as that is the day that all celebrations take place

Posted by Tom:

In the USA, legal holidays which fall on Saturdays in a given year will typically be observed on the Friday before. Thus, using that rule, Canada Day would have been observed on June 30, 2017.

Posted by Louise Whetter:

Last year (2017) was perfect. Canada Day was on a Saturday, and that was the holiday. Retail workers, for example, got the day off or were compensated with extra pay, depending on the provincial rules. 2018, however, is another story. Canada Day IS OFFICIALLY ON JULY 2ND, due to the Federal Holidays Act. Provinces are forced to observe this legislation. So workers will be paid at regular rates on July 1st this year, and then be forced to take a holiday on Monday, July 2nd!

Posted by Craig:

This is totally wrong and the Holiday should be on the day that it falls on.

Posted by Jessa:

Is it true that the employer does NOT have to provide a stat holiday if it falls on a weekend? This year, 2017, July 1 was Saturday, so we did not get a day off. Now the same thing is happening with Remembrance Day, which is a designated stat here in Alberta! Is this legal that we do not get a day off in lieu of the stat being on a weekend!?!?

Posted by Bob:

If the holiday falls on a non-work day, there is no requirement in the law for another day off, although most employers do. The rule of thumb, as suggested by labor standards, for the day off is Friday if the holiday is Saturday and Monday if it's Sunday. Pretty easy. Except that no one seems to pay attention to it and most do Monday by default.

Posted by lynn:

my workplace decided to observe Canada day on Friday June 30. everyone else i knew seemed to be off in the Monday. i thought it was odd to have it on Friday as usually stats are on the Monday. i am glad that Canada day will be July 2 as this makes sense. i feel moving forward Canada Day should be observed on the Monday regardless of the date

Posted by Kevin:

A stat holiday shouldn't be at the descretion of the employer if it falls on a day when the business is normally closed. We had Friday June 30 off for Canada Day while everyone else had the Monday.

Posted by Justin Rubin:

Apparently, when I came to work the Saturday after Canada Day, one of the supervisors that hired me was away at the time, and I didn't have my paycheque that time, even though usually, I'd get paid every time I'd come over, because it's bi-weekly pay on Friday. The next work day, I get my paycheque, but it was only one. Shopper's Drug Mart's pay system is kinda strange to me at first...

Posted by Mark:

I dont work Saturdays at my job. We had to work both Friday and Monday and did NOT get paid for the STAT..

Posted by jay :

i worked on july 1 and i got paid stat & time an half . would i be get paid for monday if i didnt work .

Posted by Liza:

I was working that Day July 1,2017 , is my rate For that day is 1.5 / time in half.just confusing Thank you

Posted by pat:

We are normally opened on Saturday,therefore,for Canada Day we were closed.However, holiday pay was given to employees who were not scheduled to work on Saturday as well as those of us who were scheduled. They got a paid for an extra day...while we got regular pay.Pretty sure that's not right!

Posted by Billy:

I worked the Monday 11 hours while our company was closed for the holiday. I was only paid for the 8 hours stat.

Posted by Cecille:

My employer give me an off July 3-7 as part of my yearly 2 weeks vacation with pay but I worked last Friday. The Canada Day falls on Saturday. Will I be back to work on Tuesday(July 11) for the replacement of July 3? Thank you.

Posted by Jan:

Canada Day is July 1 and it's suppose to be taken on the DAY it falls, regardless if it's a weekend or not. We always observe it on July 1. So why do so many move it around..?? Makes me crazy.

Posted by dan:

Canada (1) jet circled around the region...really!..unheard of ever..they might as well as sent 6 remote control jets. Unbelievable!

Posted by Interested Reader:

Canada Day should just fall wherever it may, and extra days should only be given off to those workers who find themselves working on a national holiday. In other words, if you are in 24 hour care provision or shift work, then you should get a day of your choice off. Work it out with your employer. But Friday and Monday before and after should NOT result in closed banks, government officers or even small essential businesses like post offices. Just work it out people.

Posted by Aga:

Living in Canada for over 30 years I had to work for 3 days in a row of the long weekend Canada Day 150,for a minimum wage, isn't that something to celebrate? Couldn't afford one day off to celebrate with others the big 150.I am sure there are more people like my self. Shouldn't we all have chance to participate in it not just the one who got long weekend off?

Posted by JMM:

We got last Friday off when it seems the rest of the country got today, Monday.

Posted by Jackie:

We have to work as well. There not giving us Friday or Monday off either they make us work unless your weekend falls on it... I find that B'S. .

Posted by Paul:

As Canada Day falls on a Saturday, is this a long weekend taking in Monday?

Posted by Gillian :

30 seconds with Google and Wikipedia will show you that it was the British North America Act that confederated Canada in 1867, and that Trudeau (Pierre) introduced the Constitution Act in 1982.

Posted by Chad:

Why do banks close on July 1 and also take Canada day the following Monday also July 3 and will direct deposits during July 1,2,3, 2017 be delayed now due to them being closed for 4 days

Posted by Cindy Parrish:

Come on Canadians When did Canada Day get changed to July 3rd? Who signed any paper with that date on it? Is Christmas getting changed if it lands on a weekend? What about the other holidays? Nova Scotia stay true blue and hold your guns that Canada day is on July 1st no matter what. Don't follow the pack.

Posted by Sherry Nagy:

My husband had Friday off in lieu of Saturday. I have Monday off

Posted by Martin:

City and government employees will get either friday or monday off anyways, so the very imprecise labour standard is basically creating a double standard.

Posted by rae:

So what if Canada Day is on the weekend this year, people shouldn't be whining to get a paid day off just because the holiday lands on a weekend. Just deal with it, it is difficult enough to work around the city being shut down for one day, we do not need an extra random unneeded day of city-wide shutdown.

Posted by Devon:

I work Friday Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Which day should I be paid time and a half?

Posted by Leo:

I work Wednesday to Sunday at a golf course, my boss says that we only get paid .5 if we work on Monday, it's that so?

Posted by Carolyn Imrie:

I have worked for a year as a casual every Saturday. Now that Canada day lands on Saturday I am told that I don't get paid for the Stat as they are recognizing it on Monday? How is that even fair. I don't even get a day in lieu.

Posted by Larry&Linda Jackson:

Happy Birthday Canada We have a wonderful country..however we need to stand up for what we believe in and not loose what we have. The longest most important journey that we will ever make in our lifetime is from our minds to our heart. We want everyone to have a safe Happy Family Canada Day

Posted by Donna :

My boss told me he giving us a Monday off as favor. Can someone tell me is that truth? He is expecting us to pay him the time back we he need us to work for him with no pay.

Posted by Collie:

I usually work on Thursday Friday and Saturday. Canada lands on a Saturday this year. Do I have to work on Saturday? Monday is my day off

Posted by May:

Monday off for me, Friday off for my partner. Pretty silly but still better than nothing!

Posted by Stephen:

Alberta Labour standards: If you normally have Saturdays off and do not work on Canada Day, then you are not entitled to general holiday pay and are not entitled to an extra day off. However, you may receive general holiday pay or an extra day off if it is a part of your employment contract or a part of a union agreement. Please check with your employer.

Posted by George:

I've heard of other small business owners telling their staff that they don't get a day off, or days pay in lieu. These people clearly do not know the law! My wife and I both get Friday off. We both work for companies that have union employees (neither of us are union employees though), and it was put to us that if the stat holiday falls on Saturday, then we get the closest week day off and that is Friday. If the stat fell on Sunday then we would be off Monday.

Posted by Jose :

I work at the mall and we are obviously close on Saturday because its Canada Day. But we are open on Monday my colleagues and I are not familiar with the Law regarding Statutory Holidays in the mall. We would like to know like are we suppose to have a day off that day or if we will be working are we going to get a time and a half pay? Thank you so much

Posted by Rockin:

Friday off Happy Birthday Canada!

Posted by Chad:

Message for "Judy":If you are a full time employee, your boss must either give you a day off, or pay you in lieu of the stat.

Posted by Terrie:

My employer said I do not get a day off in leu,nor do I get paid for the Saturday because it is my usual day off.

Posted by Ben :

Craig Lewis , you missed the point of Canada Day you should celebrate it in Canada NOT travel to NY, this is against the spirit of Canada Day let alone the historical fact that BNA Act was meant to break away from the separatists in the US hhhh our employer is giving us Friday off.

Posted by Rob:

Judy, Your boss is wrong. It is the law that you get either Friday or Monday off. You need to report your boss. He owes every employee back-pay for all stat days he did not give you. Here is the law: "If New Year's Day, Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day falls on a Sunday or Saturday that is a non-working day for an employee, the employee is entitled to a holiday with pay on the working day immediately preceding or following the general holiday. If one of the other general holidays not listed above falls on a non-working day, then a holiday with pay may be added to the employee's annual vacation or granted at another mutually convenient time." You can find it here:

Posted by Jeff O':

My largest issue is it gives an out for non caring and unrealistic employers and dont give a crap about families etc or any planned special events. SO they are saying not required to pay anyone for any day we choose and we arent closing either day! You want it off take a vacation day! Really!! Needs to have legislative control to force idiot employers that don't care!

Posted by Edith:

Ours ia a day care.... We are off Friday and working Monday. But parents found a website that said Monday id observed Holiday. Does that mean we should be paid time and a half?

Posted by joe:

Bell Canada is designating Friday, June 30 as the Canada Day holiday...while most of the country is getting Monday, July 3, as the statutory holiday. Why in the world is this?

Posted by Angela:

Apparently our boss feels like we don't deserve a long weekend and giving all of us a different day off during the week prior to holiday. So wrong. Money money money! Greedy!

Posted by Fair:

The day off should be determined by the government when it falls on weekends so that all family members can be home on the same day.

Posted by Deb :

The office I work at in Alberta considers this a "lost holiday" and if we want to take off the Friday or Monday, we would have to use our banked overtime.

Posted by Jenny:

We get Saturday off. No Friday, no Monday. Only 4 hours. Kinda feel like we are getting ripped off.. again...

Posted by Rhona:

Judy, your employer is incorrect. LEGALLY, an employer has to choose a day as an alternate PAID day off if a statutory holiday falls on a weekend.

Posted by Neil David Fox:

My company doesn't want to give us Monday after or Friday before off. Is this Legal?

Posted by Mac:

In Alberta you are not entitled to any stat pay or an extra day off when the stat lands on a Saturday, unless to are working it.

Posted by Barry:

Any employer who refuses to recognize or PROPERLY PAY for Statutory holidays can be reported to each provinces, "Labour or Employment Standards and Canada Department of Labour Employment Standards. Also, if you suspect your employer of Pay Roll Irregularities, Failing to Provide a T4 or other Payroll slip, Income Tax Avoidance OR Evasion you can Dicretely or Not report and ask for investigation by Contacting and reporting to Canada Revenue Agency CRA at

Posted by N/A:

We don't get any holidays at the place where I work in Alberta. We don't even get Aug Holiday. They always Lie I am not sure what the hell is going on. They say that we don't get Canada Day off. I know what a Stat holiday is and that is stupid. Looks like I need a Office job

Posted by Concused :

Hi, Our company, boss, mentioned that he will open July1,2,3rd. 1) In this case, July 1 who works on that day can get premium:times 1.5? What about salary people? Does she get extra money? 2) Our office close on Sat and Sunday. If boss ask me to work on July 3rd, how can I calculate my payroll? Can I have holiday pay + I can get work hour times 1.5 on July 3rd?

Posted by Dezrah:

@Judy. I don't know who your employer is but labour laws state differently than what they are telling you. Stand up for your rights. Good luck!

Posted by Heather:

We do not get the Friday or the Monday off since Canada falls on a Saturday and this is already a regular day off. :( so sad

Posted by Simple:

Confirmation of Judy's employers claim that s/he does not have to provide a day off to a person that does not normally work Saturday can be found at:

Posted by hmh:

Question from US resident (Erie PA) headed to cottage in Muskoka area this weekend. With Canada Day on Saturday, which will be worse traffic heading up, Friday or Saturday? Guessing Friday but wasn't sure if most people will have that day off from work and be heading up Thursday night.

Posted by Marg:

Be happy you are working and that you get a day off :) There could be much worse situations to be in. Enjoy whatever time you have! Have a great day!

Posted by Roman:

Albeit it the Friday is technically closer to the holiday, I'm all for the long weekend that includes a Monday off. It's on hell of a way to spend 1/7th of you life, so as many as we can take, the better! Happy 150 to everyone!!

Posted by JC:

We were told the day off was supposed to be the closest business day to the holiday, so for us is Friday. It seemed to be driven by what seems like a reasonable rule as opposed to ulterior motives, but it sure seems like a lot of companies are choosing Monday. Fine by me, more chance a store is open on my day off and Monday will have less commute crowds, but it sure seems arbitrary.

Posted by Monique:

I work in a medical spa. I was told we are open Friday and Monday. I work in a medical spa. Can they do this?

Posted by Jiji:

I think both the Friday and the Monday should be designated days off due to the special 150th anniversary...

Posted by Joy:

Judy: your employer is doing something illegal. You must be given Stat holidays. No exceptions!

Posted by Ivan:

Our employer here in Alberta- Carstar Autobody- agrees that we are not entitled to a day off. We work in the AutoBody business with many auto parts stores and all insurance companies will be closed on the following Monday but us!! We feel That we are getting the short end of the stick.......

Posted by Dawn:

I love that it is optional so a business can give the day off that suits the majority of the employees or the work load. We have a payroll day on the Friday so it is more convenient to have the Monday off this year.

Posted by Sulaiman salami :

Government should make it mandatory for businessess to give the same day as holiday rather than giving the option to choose betweey Friday and Monday. This will enable families to be together during holidays. Family value is Canadian pride.

Posted by Carol:

My whole life everywhere I worked it was ALWAYS the Monday if a holiday fell on a weekend. Why do things have to be so complicated...

Posted by Wendy:

We were given a choice at my workplace but i think majority will take the Monday off.

Posted by Jay:

Our employer in Alberta says that legally he does not have to give us a day and he does not for any stats that fall on the weekend, Xmas and New Years also!

Posted by Dee:

I agree should make it one or the other, our employer gave us Friday when everyone's spouses are off Monday. messed.

Posted by Ruth:

I work retail we will get the 1st off no long weekend here.

Posted by Kimberly Penney:

At my work place they said we have to take Monday off without pay. Is this true. They said because Canada day falls on a Saturday we do not get paid on the Monday. Please respond.

Posted by BB:

Agree with Emily. It should be a set date. What fun is it when you can't have the same day off as your family.

Posted by Lynn:

It was better when the holidays were on the Mondays. Except Christmas and New Years. Ah! For the good old days. They were better in someways.

Posted by m.p:

Our company claims that its a saturday and they don't have to give the friday or monday off.

Posted by Alison:

Retail stores have to close On Saturday July 1st no 3 or 4 day weekend for retailers and staff, If Canada Day falls on a Saturday you take Friday Off if it falls on a Sunday You take Monday Off. I don't understand why banks are having Monday Off

Posted by judy:

Our employer in Alberta says that legally he does not have to give us a day and he does not for any stats that fall on the weekend, Xmas and New Years also!

Posted by Sonila:

I booked my ticket to New York for Canada Day. Monday I thought it would my day off as always Mondays are off days on these cases like this. Please Monday off

Posted by Craig Lewis:

We were going to take off June 30th but some business are going with July 3. May just take off both days in honour of 150 years.

Posted by njp:

Better to take the Manic Monday off :)

Posted by emily:

I agree - it should be a set date - we are off on Friday and most places are off on Monday. What fun is that?

Posted by Cheryl Healey:

I'm hoping someone can answer this for me because I'm finding conflicting information online. I work for a store that is open on Saturdays (not every employee works the Saturday though), so my boss said we will close on the Saturday. Do you not have provide the Monday or Friday off when the stat. falls on the weekend?

Posted by Noelsucks:

Noel all Canadians DO get the same stat days. But national holidays are not mandatory to have off. It is an issues with east coast employers and not the government.

Posted by Anna Biagi:

Were are a municipal government and they are having us observe it on Friday which is ludicrous because we're always told the holiday has to happen first.

Posted by Alice Colston:

If the holiday lands on a weekend I would prefer that it be on the following Monday. Every one loves Monday's off.

Posted by Crystal Chen:

Our employer decides that there is no day off. If the Canada day is Saturday, sorry, it is too bad.

Posted by Ginger:

We are in BC. We will be taking the Monday off, because it is always the first business day FOLLOWING the holiday that is observed. Always look at what the banks do - they are closed on July 3rd across Canada.

Posted by Noel:

Why in God's name can't our Govt set the stat day off and that's it. leaving it up to employers only allows them exploit it. Same with why all provinces should have the same and equal amount of stat days, Atlantic Canadians' have been screwed for many years only getting 6 stat days while most central and Western ones get 9 and 10 stat days. Are we a one country and all Canadians or more like all individual Countries with some so called Canadians being treated as lesser citizens ! AGAIN : All stat days should be the same and ALL Canadians should receive the same time off with equal pay to all.

Posted by Ken:

Retail shop will close Saturday July 1 , employee's usually off on a Saturday will get no additional time off or holiday pay. There will be no benefit felt by those employees.

Posted by Jimmy Nguyen:

I work Monday to Friday but my boss is making me work the following Monday and Friday. It's as if the holiday being on a Saturday means absolutely nothing to them. Is this right?

Posted by Silvi:

This should be a directive by the Federal Government since it is a Federal Holiday. They should choose which day to observe it and all of Canada has the same day off. Not have some companies observe it on the Friday and some on the Monday. In my case my company is observing it on the Friday. The spouse & kids on the Monday. If the government had made the decision then families would be together to celebrate this holiday.

Posted by JENNIFER :

I work full time not on Saturday. My store is not giving us the extra day.

Posted by Judy:

Our office works Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. We will be closed Saturday July 01,2017. Is the following Monday, July 03 considered the Stat?

Posted by Vu:

If holiday on Saturday we take Friday off , if on Sunday we take Monday of ,it have been in history. Please follow it ..

Posted by Carol H:

We are usually open on Saturdays, but some regular staff work Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. would we not get a Monday or Friday in lieu of? I live in Alberta.

Posted by Mel:

Friday and Monday should be a holiday! WE NEED IT.

Posted by Lesley Rizvi:

My firm will take Monday July 3rd

Posted by Rick:

I've heard that some companies in Quebec are giving their employees Friday June 30th off for the Canada Day holiday. In Ontario all companies give their employees Monday July 3rd off (ie. next weekday after the holiday date, if holiday falls on a weekend). Does any other province do what Quebec is doing??? ie. giving employees the weekday prior to the holiday when holiday falls on a weekend.

Posted by Laurie Hall:

No Helene, that is wrong, if you work Monday to Friday, the employers must give either Friday or Monday as the holiday.

Posted by Helene :

I have just been told that because July 1st is a Saturday - that there is no obligation to give a Stat holiday either the Friday or the Monday. Is this correct?

Posted by Marlo:

FYI - in Saskatchewan (and likely in other provinces), if an employer requires staff to work on a stat holiday (or the equivalent business day following like Canada Day this year or Christmas last year), they need to pay the employee their normal wage PLUS 1.5 times their normal wage for that day. In other words, you get paid normally as if you had the day off but beacuse you are working you get paid an additional 1.5 times what you normally get paid.

Posted by Carole:

Most banks are closed Sat July 1st and Monday July 3rd, 2017

Posted by Simran Rai:

Please give Friday and Monday off :)

Posted by Yvonne:

It's a payroll nightmare when some want to take the Friday and some take the Monday. It is a whole lot easier if when a stat falls on a weekend - it is recognized on the following Monday.

Posted by Glen:

I work for Bell and we don't get anything off.

Posted by Janine:

Working in Retail, we look forward to having a Saturday off.

Posted by Janice:

If Canada Day falls on a Saturday, is an employer required to offer a paid day in lieu?

Posted by JULE ELIA:

We think the holiday should be on the Monday

Posted by joe:

It is a Stat holiday

Posted by Adam:

Support staff in the Public Health Sector in BC (PHSA) observe Monday, July 3rd as a day-off with pay. Most government offices likely observe the same thing, in lieu of the Saturday stat. This applies only to support positions such as logistics, purchasing, HR, etc (clinical staff on shift work obviously work through stats). Ref: I work in purchasing/materiels management for a BC Health Authority.

Posted by Connie:

does a company have to give a day in lieu for July 1 2017 if lands on a saturday

Posted by mars:

I work in a hotel so it is opened 365 days a year. If we do not work, then we do not get paid no matter if it is a holiday.

Posted by Mitch:

@Nat It's a cost of doing business and its less than many other places in the world. If you don't have a business model that can account for these days, then you don't have a business. If you can't hold up to competition because of these days, then you don't have good enough product or service. As an employer, you are required by law to provide stat pay for those days. The fact that you are an employer without basic knowledge of the Employment Standards Act is disgusting.

Posted by Nat:

As an employer, I pay the employees for STAT days. The government makes the holidays which is great, I love holidays too. But it is on the employer's dime, the gov't does not reimburse companies for paying people their wage without having to work that day. It should be appreciated more from the employees stand point. I don't know if people realize that Stat holidays are paid to them by their employer. It is costly for business owners, especially small companies so when it falls on a Saturday, for those that are not usually scheduled work on Saturdays, unfortunately there is no Stat pay or long weekend??

Posted by Cathy:

My company may not give us Canada Day at all, it is felt it is not a Statutory holiday and don't have to.

Posted by Jean:

If you are in Ontario you can find what your legal rights are to the Canada Day holiday here: While some jobs are exempted, and certain part time jobs do not qualify, each province has its own legal standards; it is not up to the employer to decide. You should check out the standards in your province on the official provincial website.

Posted by Jen :

If holiday falls on Sunday then we get Monday off, if it falls on a Saturday then we get Friday off

Posted by Annonymous :

Our boss says that if it falls on a Saturday they do not have to give time off in lieu.

Posted by AB:

In my company more likely we will be closed on the Monday.

Posted by Dee:

My beef is I work July 1st but won't receive stat pay because they will move the day to the fri or sat that I am not working. I think this is wrong

Posted by Richard R. :

I agree. Most businesses will be closed on the following Monday.


Standard business practice is to take the next normal workday in lieu when the statutory holiday falls on the weekend. That will be Monday July 3rd for most businesses.


Because it's a Saturday it will be observed by most on the Friday. General rule is if a Stat. Holiday lands on a Saturday, it's observed Friday.....if it lands on a Sunday, it's observed Monday.


When is the holiday observed if July 1st lands on a Saturday as in 2017? Would it be Friday June 30 or Monday July 3rd?

Posted by Kirk:

On what date will Canada Day be observed in 2018?

Posted by Ed:

In 2017 the holiday will be observed on Monday July 3rd.

Posted by Me:

When is the holiday observed if July 1st lands on a Saturday as in 2017? Would it be Friday June 30 or Monday July 3rd?


In honor of our brothers and sisters in the north, from those of us in the south, we pay our respect to those who came before you to make your country great: I will celebrate with my favor foods Eating Poutine and Beavertails And a glass of inniskillin Vidal Icewine

Posted by Peggy:

Posting as anonymous on a public forum shows your true self. You paint everybody with the same paintbrush which shows you are lazy. Do your homework before making stupid remarks. You and people who think as you do, like to poke the bear and hide. I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and proud of it.

Posted by bill g:

i am Canadian to the bone and proud of it I believe that all Canadian and people that are here that are working to be Canadians should celebrate this day the birth of our Country the best place in the world so those people from Quebec that think that they should not take part in this well I thing that maybe should think about that because they dont seem to have any problem in in taking everything they get from the rest of Canada so it dont want to take part then maybe you should move from here and go to anouther country or suck it up and so the rest of use that your Canadian and jion the rest of us to make a great birthday for all Canadians.


Canada Day what the heck is that. Canada is a satalite country to the U.S. When looking was going to university, let had two professors and they both reffered to Canada as a semi Second world country. And let's face facts, lf not for all the American financial interests in Canada, we would cease to exist.

Posted by Ajf:

Since when do Quebecers have their own race? How would lumping all Quebecers be racist in any way?

Posted by Sam:

Jayden: Put some of those maple leaf stick on tattoo's on your face, wear a jersey, buy a case of canadian beer and fire fireworks at your neighbors. Thats what we do.

Posted by Brittany:

My boss also refuses to give us Friday July 1 off, and are giving us July 4th instead. Bunch of separatists.. bet they wouldnt be happy if they didn't get June 24 off.. but who cares if the English are unhappy

Posted by proud to be Canadian:

to NOT CANADIAN. Ya envy you think. Because in the US you have a greater chance of being a victim of a violent crime, greater chance of being in poorer health, have on average a lower level of education and income, and have a lower average life expectancy. But hey, you get to run around with a gun strapped to your hip making you feel like a man. No better country to live in then Canada my friends. Proud to be Canadian

Posted by Nicole:

To The Anonymous person Quebec does celebrate Canada Day and the majority in the province have always voted to remain in Canada. Putting all Quebecers in the same boat is like Donald Trump putting all Muslims in the same category as members of ISIS. Not very smart and a little racist.

Posted by not_murican:

Lol, yes we canadians envy your lack of gun laws, presidential candidates, your legalized corruption through campaign contributions/lobbying,your interference in foreign affairs and your rampant obesity problem. /s

Posted by Joe:

If Canada day falls this year on a Friday, but my boss want us to work and give us the following Monday off, should he still pay us regular pay or double time and a half as it is a stat holiday. Please advise


Have a Canada themed party, even if you don't know a lot of other Canadians living near or where you live. Celebrate by making or buying and serving Canadian things. Think Maple....ribs! ...think strawberry shortcake because it's red and white or bake a plain white cake, iced with white vanilla or buttercream icing and arrange fresh strawberries in the shape of a Maple Leaf(like the flag for dessert. Think Canadian wines, ie ice wines, or make a signature drink with a Canuck booze ie. Crown Royal...

Posted by jayden:

So I was born in canada, but I live in the United States of America and I still wanna celebrate Canada day, any suggestions?!


Reading the remark about Quebec city puts it all together they don't celebrate CANADA day because they are special and should be recognized for that reason they don't follow any thing the rest of the country does and pretty much has there own rules governed by the government, We should have a holiday just to celebrate them leaving our country

Posted by Not Canadian:

I lived in Toronto for two years. The anti-Americanism there was amazing, and based on envy.

Posted by Nina:

I'm from Ottawa, where Canada Day is obviously a big deal, at least downtown. Then one summer, I lived in Québec City. What a difference! Their big thing is June 23rd (the night before their Saint Jean Baptiste Day holiday), which I would summarize as "after drinking all afternoon, crowds draped in Québec/Patriote flags make their way to a massive concert on the Plains of Abraham, while chanting, cheering and sidestepping smashed beer bottles". Then everyone sleeps it off on the 24th. (That is so smart, btw. Why don't we do it this way for Canada Day...?) Apparently it's less intense elsewhere, but in Québec City it really feels like some kind of one-day revolution is going down. By contrast, on July 1st, NOTHING is going on. The federal government might organise a few family activities, maybe there's a swearing-in ceremony somewhere, but for the most part, it's just a day off with no meaning attached. Except for one thing: it's Québec's unofficial moving day. Most leases begin on July 1st in Québec, since most people have the day off and no plans. So on July 1st in Québec City (and presumably elsewhere in the province), all you see are quiet streets, closed businesses, and moving trucks.

Posted by Vicente Galarza:

I'm a Canadian living in Quito, Ecuador since 2001. Every year I do celebrate this year with my family and friends.


....yesss....yesss indeedy, ya gots to love living on this beautiful pristine land, regardless of who ya have to lie to, cheat, steal, or kill to get it and, furthermore, maintaining possession of it is or can be an even bigger thrill. We had our own little 'Trail Of tears ' of sorts up here in Canucky land - in one way or another(thank you very much). Canada is such an honorable place to live, and it always has been, even if it has its Parleement house built on unceded land, yet coveniently sweeps that tasty little morsel of info under the rug which is made up of recent and historical pay-no-mind lists...(Or,Pay mind lists,lots and lots of mindlists, after all, they's just redskins...Oouiz?

Posted by tony decorte:

I am Canadian living in Australia since 1968 I still fly the Canadian flag on Canada day and proud of it tony d.

Posted by uwe:

For me, it's about having a long week-end. We get one in May, nothing in June and nothing in July. Great summer.


Just an FYI @ pagan. Labour board and Unions do have a place, to protect employees from tyrants who think paying someone gives them special power or authority. Anyone with an invalid thought process like "Do as your boss says and keep your place" is EXACTLY who we need protection from.


If your employer is asking you to take a vacation or banked day in lieu of the holiday and you agree, it's perfectly legal. I don't believe they can legally force you to take July 3rd off but that's why they are "asking" you. Unless you want to be the one single person to fight this, I suggest you get ALL the employees to join together and veto this option if you want the July 1st holiday.


YAY! Feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful country and her people. Happy Canada Day to you all!

Posted by Jerry:

your company can take the Friday off instead per my understanding but can not obligate you to work the actual stat holiday on Wednesday, however if you work Wednesday you are entitled to your regular days pay separate from your stat day entitlement of 1/20 of you last 20 work days pay. I have a pretty good understanding but every business is unique and you may or may not want to test out your rights. Good Luck Cheers

Posted by FreeRyde:

The 'Me generation'...Geez. Why would the day we celebrate the anniversary of our Confederation be changed just to provide consecutive days off for some. Some people work weekends. Personally, I preferred my days off during the week. Just be thankful you get it. It's a day off or overtime pay if you work.


If you work nights what night should you get off? Tuesday or Wednesday ?


Maybe some of you should read the holiday act of Canada. If July 1 falls on a Sunday it is observed on the Monday July 2. So don't say oh it's July 1st we can't Change that. Your government already did


Easy = if you work on July 1 = you get paid for the hours. You still get stat pay on top of it so what is the big deal? If all employees like it; and who doesn't prefer a long weekend to one day Wednesday.


Wednesday is a humpday. So this can be a double or triple humpday. Happy Canada Day all!


No that's not right. If your company is working on Wednesday and taking Friday off, they have to pay you for the Friday as the holiday. Or pay you double time for the Wednesday (time at work and for the holiday) Then it is fair to not pay you for the Friday.


so ...if Christmas falls on a Wednesday, do you think it should be put off till Friday for a long different to me ..I believe the day is the day, no different from Mother's day or Father's day ..they are special days selected for special dates!!


Canada day as always is July 1st.. Does not matter what day of the week it falls under. As a statutory holiday you get the day off. The company can not change the date no matter what. they can not ask you to take the Monday or Friday off as a Vacation day/ day in lieu or non paid day. If the company closes on the Monday or Friday I would call Employment Standards as I believe they have to pay you since THEY closed up shop on a regular work day

Posted by Guest:

Why would Canada Day be changed if it falls on a Wednesday...Christmas and New Year's and Quebec Fete Nationale are not changed to make them fall on a Friday or a, people feel so entitled.


from a manufacturing point of view its kind of silly to shut every thing down in the middle of the week for one day , Lets take a Monday or Friday just makes more sence


I was born in Canada and I love Canada and its people and even though Canada Day falls on a Wednesday its still for cellebration.

Posted by IMO:

Companies must pay you the statutory holiday, no matter when they decide to close, period. Moreover, most of the Canada Day activities are planned for the first, so if you make on another day, people would miss out... just saying


What's hard to understand here? Canada day is on a Wednesday this year. Not on a Friday or a Monday. No long weekend. Too bad. Enjoy the one day off. Same thing if Christmas day is on a Tuesday and Boxing day a Wednesday, nobody things, oh let's change the days so it becomes a long weekend. Some years are better than others. 2015 isn't so good because you need to take two days off to create a (5 day) long weekend.


So wait if it's on wednesday, It doesnt become a long weekend tho? So would we just get one day off for Canada DAY ?

Posted by pagan:

Yes, that's right, tell your boss he can't or can do something and see your value as an employee skyrocket. Labour board has a place, but try using it and then expecting your workplace to be normal or your job security to be there. Do as your boss says and keep your place, or become your own boss.

Posted by Sarah:

Canada day is the Wednesday..........we are fortunate enough to have this day off, why all the confusion when to take it spoiled people? A day off mid week sounds good to me. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Carol D:

As Canada Day is a statutory holiday it should be a paid day off. If a company chooses to take the day on Friday that is up to them but it is also great for you because it gives you a nice long weekend. You should not have to take it as a vacation day, banked time or as an unpaid day. I would check with the labour board if you are in doubt. Legally they can choose to take the Friday.

Posted by Yelena:

Seems like a controversial topic but in fact it's very simple: Canada Day is on July 1st this year, period. Not on the 3rd or any other day.

Posted by Bev:

So when will we able to take the holiday on the 3rd or the 1st


No. Canada Day is on Wednesday. Unless all employees collectively agree to a change they can't force you to take Friday off instead of Wednesday.


Can a company change when they celebrate Canada Day to be Friday this year in lieu of Wednesday?


My company is taking the day off July 3rd which is a Friday and asking us employees to either take a vacation day or banked time or unpaid day. Is this correct and can they legally do this?

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