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Posted by Zrinka:

Yes, Remembrance Day need to be a stat holiday. Even in our little town of Cambridge and surrounding area, there are a lot of activities going on all month leading up to Remembrance Day. My son's in the Army Cadets and they are busy helping two local veteran's legions selling poppies around the town, holding overnight vigil at Hespeler cenotaph, participating in parades and ceremonies. So when Remembrance Day falls on a school day, not many cadets can make it and this year they really didn't have such a good turnout. Though I'm impressed at how many were excused from school.

Posted by Devangana:

All holidays should be the day after the actual even date (unless, of course, it is already succeeded by one, such as a weekend or another holiday) because almost all celebrations take place at night. This way, ever Tone can work the day of the event and celebrate wholeheartedly the night of without having to worry about having to go to work the day after when there are elevated chances of hangovers or tiredness or lack of sleep.

Posted by Trevor H:

Yes most definitely rememberance day should be a paid holiday for everyone, they are the reason why we are here today in this wonderful country and have jobs, houses, families etc... this includes the government people which Iím damn sure they are getting paid for it so all full time Canadians should get it.

Posted by Jake:

Mother's Day should be a National Holiday, in fact an International Holiday, because without a mother none of us would be here(to post a comment!!)

Posted by Dominic:

Remembrance day . should be a national holiday,as if it wasn't for the brave men & women who fought for our frebome we woulnd't be here for any of the holidays. Regardless of what is said I always take Remembrance day off as a sign of respect & to be proud of who we are and how we got here.

Posted by Reese:

As far as I am concerned, eid is a religious holiday for muslims, it has absolutely nothing to do with our proud, strong Canadian heritage, thank you.

Posted by Rick:

It's interesting your site shows August 5th as a Statutory Holiday, yet the Federal Govt site does not ( Our Golf Club allows Weekday Members to play 5 days a week except "statutory holidays". I am checking how they are treating August 5th!

Posted by Pierre:

I think for those who have endured, suffered and those who have perished as a result of these residential schools, no day will suffice. I think the first Monday in March would be a good day so we may all reflect, support, learn, educate and assist in helping these original people of Canada who presently and historically have endured any form of abuse and suffering.

Posted by Marie:

We are a very multicultural society. I think if your culture celebrates a certain day, ask your employer for the day off. One group cannot be favored over another as there are so many in Canada. My parents came from the Netherlands, every country has different holidays. You immigrate to Canada you can celebrate the stat holidays for Canada as a country and still celebrate your own culture (that is what vacation days can be used for or request a day off). There are many jobs where people still work on stat holidays here too. You left your country for many different reasons, just try to enjoy Canada as it is and sprinkle in your own culture as the icing on a cake. Many people do enjoy learning about other cultures through festivals, etc., especially here in Calgary.

Posted by Dan B:

I disagree with the sentiment that eid has no significance in Canada, because Canadians celebrate it. The question is, do enough Canadians celebrate it to justify it being a national holiday? The answer is no. Also, eid has no set date - it falls on different days depending on who celebrates it. So, it seems like it could only become a local holiday at best. I would suggest getting involved with your municipal government/representative first, before talking about even provincial/territory-scale laws, let alone national-scale law.

Posted by Derek McCallum:

Thankful for all the ones we get in Ontario.....I'd be nice as a nation for Remembrance Day to be one. It's a big part of heritage... We still have more people ready to serve us well...its disrespectful to them for it not to be a statutory holiday I believe...they're Canadas highest level of acheievers that fought and continue to fight for us without hesitation for our nation everyday ! Appreciation is being grateful and being able to attend....

Posted by Angi:

I agree with Brian, Eid has no significance in Canada and one should not even think of making it a Stat Holiday. I am sure (Ady) you do take a day off from work to celebrate it with your family.

Posted by Brian:

Eid has no significance in Canada and should not be a holiday just because some people personally celebrate it Ady.

Posted by Ady:

I would suggest to make Eid as a Stat Holiday due to high number of population who celebrate it. Thanks

Posted by Greg:

Mitch is an idiot. Closing Sundays is so dated. This isn't 1930.

Posted by PATRICIA :

Seriously, who in Ontario is not for a paid day off created to spend time with your family?

Posted by Baby daddy:

How about everyone stop complaining and enjoy your holiday my goodness. Bunch of babies on the internet

Posted by Gerald Brown:

Remembrance Day is July 1st in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Posted by mich:

Feb 18 2019 is family day the dumbest holiday of the year. every day is family day, why not go back to being closed on sunday so every week can be family day and not the one day of the year.

Posted by William Campbell:

Indigenous Day is on June 21 throughout all of Ontario not only NWT

Posted by Ray Stewart:

it shows 'Civic Holiday' as a statutory holiday but you post "Civic Holiday in 2019 In 2019 Civic Holiday is on Monday, August 5. The Civic Holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of August and it's a public holiday in some provinces and territories. The civic holiday is not a statutory holiday although it's a day off for many employees across the country" so I am confused, is it a statutory holiday in Ontario or isn't it.

Posted by Scott:

Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day are not stat holidays in PEI either.

Posted by Peter Beckett:

Why can't just all holidays be defined like Labour Day where it's the first Monday of a given month? That way we could keep it all in mind ever year!

Posted by Admin:

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