Family Day 2015 in Canada

Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February except in BC where it's the 2nd Monday of February.

In 2015 Family Day is Feb 16 (Feb 9 in BC)

Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday.

Since this is not a federally established holiday all federal workers work on Family day including post office employees and public servants.

Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.

As mentioned above, unfortunately, not everyone gets Family Day off, which makes it a debatable holiday in many provinces. Why can't the whole country simple agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays remains a mystery and a good indicator of just how overcomplicated our laws are.

Common Family Day activities include skating, playing hockey, snowboarding/skiing and going to various winter festivals. But the best best thing about of Family Day must be beaver tails and stuffing ourselves silly with pancakes with maple syrup!

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Posted by Liz:

Would be helpful for employers to know how many days need to be worked in order to be eligible for the stat day.

Posted by Newton Figley:

Now that we're all confused thanks to James, let me clarify that Family Day is not celebrated in Manitoba. Louis Riel Day is celebrated on the same day as Family Day, the third Monday in February and not on February 3rd as James has said. Also, with regards to Canada's complicated laws and such, things could be much worse for you James, you could be living in the U.S.A.

Posted by WJP:

My comment to the question of holidays is that all holidays here in Canada should be Federally regulated Statuary holidays and we should have 10 days per year. Every employee including civil servants and all government including MPs should observe. NO MORE UN-EQUALITY BETWEEN ANY ONE IN CANADA.


What a shame federal employees work on family day. One such poor soul left me a message on my answering machine which I cannot respond to because it would be illegal. My business must be closed today, at a cost to me, so my question is this. If employers are closed today who the hell is our government looking after (calling) and at what cost?? Well I guess they are not doing any less than usual. I wonder how many called in sick today??

Posted by JC:

Why is it so hard to get a single, country wide, Family Day? Why must we always place regional differences ahead of national unity? Why not share a common bond, united in harmony rather than pushing individual agendas? Canada is my adopted home, I'm proud to call myself Canadian and it saddens me to see so many obstacles placed in the path of national unity but then, at 72 I should know better the silent majority will never come out and speak its mind, so sad.


If it is called Family Day, then it should apply to all workers not just to a select few. If it does not apply to everyone, then it should not be called Family Day.

Posted by Don:

Family day in Alberta was established when Alberta Premier Don Getty ( 1985-92) decided Alberta needed a "Family Day " after his son was arrested for cocaine possession . In his public address he stated that he and his wife had failed his family and he wanted to correct that by changing the August civic holiday to February . People were furious with many stating " what the hell can you do with your family in February ? You can't go camping or have a BBQ !" Eventually the Alta. Govt. kept the old Aug. holiday as well as the Feb/ Family Day.

Posted by John:

What is wrong with each province making its own decision?


Speaking as a struggling small business owner that makes up a really good percentage of true (Canadian) owned business,We have families too.It,s hard enough to make a living whithout yet more paid holidays. Time to be satified with what we got and be happy to have a job.Make Saturday and SUNDAY family days. Keep small business afloat and don't be greedy.

Posted by James Sheldrick:

What is it about family day that makes everyone so confused? Is there any sense to it at all? Family is not a statutory holiday and it is observed only in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Two other provinces have February holidays: Islander day is celebrated in Prince Edward Island on the third of February and Louis Riel day is celebrated also on the third of February in Manitoba. Since Family Day is not a federally established holiday, all federal workers go to work on Family day including Public Servants and Post Office employees. Family day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families, but it also provides a day off during the three month interval between New Years Day and March Break. As mentioned above, not all provinces celebrate Family Day. It is a mystery why all provinces cannot agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays and this remains a good indicator of our complicated laws across the country.

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