Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving in 2016 is Monday, October 10.

Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October each year and it's an official statutory holiday - except in PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia - however federally regulated institutions do observe Thanksgiving in those provinces too. In the US thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November.

The original idea is to give thanks for the past harvest season but for many Canadian families the tradition has changed over time and the focus is now to get together with family and eat a large turkey dinner. Apple cider is a must for any traditional thanksgiving celebration as well as turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie.

The first Thanksgiving holiday was held in Canada in 1872 to celebrate the recovery of the Prince of Wales from a serious illness. After 1879 celebrations were held every year but not always in October - it used to be observed around Armistice Day in November.

At the Crawford Lake conservation area (Milton, ON) a path around the lake has pictures and short stories of native people and their celebrations. One of the stories is about thanksgiving; it starts with this sentence:

"Thanksgiving to native indians was a way of everyday life rather than a one-day celebration."

Take a few minutes to think about this quote. Thank you.

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Posted by Denise Dhaliwal :

As a family, we do not spend many times to sit around the table to celebrate. This is the one amazing time where we get to give thanks for anything in our lives with a lot of blessings. Something like the round table where everyone has to say what they are thankful for.. You may laugh and shed tears at times, but it is worthed along with enjoying your feast afterwards..

Posted by Rev Barb:

I am thankful for family both two legged and 4 legged. Happy Thanksgiving all. Pass it forward.


turkey makes me sleepy


I've heard it said many times that the Thanks Giving holiday originated from the day the white man won the war with Native American's and took ownership of all of their land. We are giving thanks for yet another war of our governments objective of committing legal murder and stealing land. This holiday is no different than Remembrance Day. I am not saying we should not give thanks to those who died thinking they were fighting for their country. They we lied to. United States' objective in every war was and still is steal land and take over the world.


On this thanksgiving day I give thanks to my children, my wife, my dogs, my parents, friends and work buddies.

Posted by Santaram Pandhoo:

I really love the Idea of a Thanksgiving Day.Its natural to be grateful in Life but Who did the Canadians thank on the Original idea who do they think nowadays and to whom should we be giving thanks. My natural answer if course we should be giving thanks to the One who allowed all these harvest.It would be God or people who have helped us. Is this what is being done? I hope and pray so. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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