2017 Canadian Statutory Holidays

The next holiday is Good Friday in 22 days.

On what date and which day of the week are holidays celebrated in 2017? Find out all about holidays on this page.

On Canada day we are celebrating our country's 150th "birthday" this year. The Canadian Confederation took place on July 1, 1867.

Keep in mind when you plan your holidays that Parks Canada is waiving entrance fees in 2017. Annual passes purchased the previous year are effectively valid for 2 years.

It's also worth noting that Christmas in 2017 is on Monday and Boxing Day is on Tuesday. This makes it much easier to figure which day is a day off and which one isn't. In the past few years Christmas was on the weekend and that created some confusion.

Easter in 2017

Easter in 2017 is April 16, Sunday. Easter is the most important Christian religious holiday and widely regarded as the second most popular holiday in general after Christmas. Read more about Easter traditions, games and origins

List of Canadian holidays in 2017

Holiday Date in 2017 Observance
New Year's Day January 1, Sunday National
Islander Day February 20, Monday PEI
Louis Riel Day Feb 20, Monday MB
Heritage Day February 20, Monday NS
Family Day February 20, Monday (Feb 13 in BC) BC, AB, SK, ON
Valentine's Day February 14, Tuesday Not a stat holiday
Leap Day Not a leap year -
St. Patrick's Day March 17, Friday Not a stat holiday
Good Friday April 14, Friday National except QC
Easter Monday April 17, Monday QC
Mother's Day May 14, Sunday Not a stat holiday
Victoria Day May 22, Monday National except NB, NS, NL
Father's Day June 18, Sunday Not a holiday
Aboriginal Day June 21, Wednesday NWT
St. Jean Baptiste Day June 24, Saturday QC
Canada Day July 1, Saturday National
Civic Holiday August 7, Monday AB, BC, SK, ON, NB, NU
Labour Day September 4, Monday National
Thanksgiving October 9, Monday National except NB, NS, NL
Halloween October 31, Tuesday Not a holiday
Remembrance Day November 11, Saturday National except MB, ON, QC, NS
Christmas Day December 25, Monday National
Boxing Day December 26, Tuesday ON

You can download the 2017 holiday calendar in a PDF format or view it as a printer-friendly page.

Daylight savings time is from March 12 to November 5. Which way to turn the clock? Easy: spring forward, fall back!

In the mood for a quick poll? Tell us how would you change Canada's holiday system? Tell us what changes you would like to see to our convoluted stat holiday rules.

Finally: 2017 is a not a leap year.

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We should only work 6 hours a day and get the same amount at if we were working 8 hours a day. It is more productive and the people are not as tired and produce more work. It is a proven fsct in many other countries. Bonus more time spend with our family members as well.

Posted by LRG:

Your missing Heritage Day in the Yukon..a stat holiday for the Territory Feb 24 this year. 2017

Posted by Waseem:

We should work 10 hours/day for 4 days, and every weekend should be long weekend.


It would be nice if B.C. could celebrate Family day the same day as they're out of province families!!! We are Feb 13th and every one else is Feb 20th. Nuts!! Does not even make business sense!

Posted by Why are the provicnes not equal in stat holidays:

What is the since to make comments if no one in gov't is reading these questions or responding to the questions other than those making the comments. If you tally all the stat paid days off for each province you have AB 10,BC 10,SK 10,ONT 10,PEI 9, NWT 9, NU 9,QUE 8, MB 8, NB 7 NS 6, NL 6 WHY IS THIS NOT EVEN ACROSS CANADA? only 6 in NL and NS ?? Thanks Giving and Victoria day are family days , time spent with each other. These two days should be stats in NL and NS Which would bring the days off to at lease 8. In feb there is family day but NL employees does not have the privilege to have this day off with their family's. There is carnival day but if it is not consider a statutory holiday by the gov't then some employers will not give that day off or give it off without pay which most of us can't afford to do. So I think the stat holidays should be more even across Canada. Everyone should have Thanks Giving, Family Day and Victoria day off as Statutory holidays with pay and a family day should be for all of Canada not just for some provinces. Most companies I worked for was generous enough to give you 10 stats off with pay regardless of the gov't 6 stat days for NL. But when you find yourself in a company that can afford to but won't because the owner stats that the Gov't is only allowing you to have 6 statutory days off with pay then the Gov't should step in and make these stat holidays even across Canada and not leave out NL or NS. It's time as 6 is just not enough when you have everyone enjoying Thanksgiving with their family's and some of us are not so fortunate to be able to take the day off without pay.

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