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Civic Holiday in 2014

In 2014 Civic Holiday is on Monday, August 4.

The Civic Holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of August and it's a public holiday in some provices and territories. It is known by many names in different provinces and municipalities. It's called Regatta Day in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan Day in SK, British Columbia Day in BC, Natal Day in Nova Scotia and PEI, Simcoe Day in Toronto, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, Heritage Day in Alberta and Joseph Brant Day in Burlington, ON.

The Civic Holiday is commonly referred to as the August long weekend. It is probably the busiest day on highways as tens of thousands of families go camping, to cottages etc this weekend. If you can, take Friday off and leave for your holiday on Friday morning or Thursday night and come back Sunday morning or early afternoon to avoid mile-long traffic jams on Monday.

Correction sent in by a visitor: Civic Holiday is not called "Simcoe Day" everywhere in Ontario, only in Toronto. Each municipality that opts to declare the holiday can give it a unique name. It's called the "civic" holiday because it's the holiday that cities have authority to declare.

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Posted by Cindy:

I believe the Civic Holiday (First Monday of August) is observed in Manitoba as well. Though not as a Stat Holiday

Posted by Jean:

Civic is the same spelled backwards :-)

Posted by David:

This holiday gets called Civic Holiday on calendars because it has various names in various provinces, and calendar-makers don't want to print them all. "Civic" not only pertains to cities, but to citizenship/nationality in general.

Posted by Imrana Vesamiya:

On civic holiday everyone should be getting of from work cause half of business are close anyways and also kids are home from school so parents could spend time together and in this generation we need to spend more time with kids especially working parents.

Posted by Karen:

St Jean Baptiste Day, June 24th, is also a holiday in St. John's Newfoundland, called St. John's Day. It is the day St. John's was founded, and so the city was named after the saint. Therefore, it is not only Quebec that celebrates that day. :)

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