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Posted by Elisha:

Mothers and Fathers day should be closed to closely be in touch with each other and spend time with each other

Posted by Chris:

Diwali Should be a public holiday. It is celebrated beautifully with good reason

Posted by Denise:

Boxing Day is observed nationally, not just Ontario.

Posted by Margaret J Borden:

I firmly believe that November 11th should be a national holiday in respect of ALL war veterans who have lost their lives, not only from the first world war, but also from other wars that followed. People need that reminder to keep them cognitive that war at any time is haneous.

Posted by rob:

here in N.L Thanksgiving is a holiday! most if not all businesses are closed !

Posted by Harry:

We need a public holiday for Diwali as well

Posted by Christopher J:

Holiday is a modern word that doesn't mean "holy day", nor is it spoken as "holy". "holiday" is being used correctly as it's definition includes any day of recreation lol

Posted by Secularity Please:

Could we limit the use of the word holiday to days that are in fact "holy"? The rest are vacation days, no religious connection. Thank you.

Posted by Hi:

We actually do celebrate remembrance day in ontario....

Posted by Ashley Findlay:

You have actually made this more confusing. Especially since the provincial and national websites say different things. I now have to work on both the Sunday and Monday, but will not get stat pay for either.

Posted by Richard :

Why do we need to change the stat for Canada day??? Just because it lands on a Sunday is not a reason. Now everyone that works retail and possibly other jobs now have to work on July 1st. All the Canada day celebrations are still being held on the 1st so we all can't attend any of them now. Are they going to do extra celebrations on the 2nd for all of us working the 1st? I doubt it... I guess I can watch some fireworks through the windows at work while everyone else is enjoying themselves.

Posted by Anne-Marie:

Rememberance day and Easter Monday need to be holidays so very important days!!

Posted by Joel Merkur:

Canada day is and will always be July 1. Date of Confederation is July 1, 1867. I am sure of that. Just so you know this is not coming from someone who does not understand what he is talking about I am have a degree in Political Science from York University. I know when our Country was established

Posted by Brandi J:

I don't believe that Remembrance Day should be a Holiday. The men and women that fought for our rights and freedoms deserve to have this day off to remember and give thanks to those whom have fought for us. Unless everyone is taking the day off paid to go to ceremonies, it should not be a Stat Holiday.

Posted by Julieta:

I totally agree with the time change. It is unhealthy and not worthy at all. We should accept things as they are.

Posted by Jim:

I think it is time Canada got back to work. Christmas Day off and then 5 1/2 day work weeks once you hit 40, until 40 6 day work weeks. Canada has become full of slackers!

Posted by vin:

Each month should have 1 statutory holiday. It motivate you to work.

Posted by Jeff:

Remeberance Day should be a National Holiday accross Canada no exceptions. And Family day should also be Canada wide as family time is so very much important.

Posted by KG:

We need a public holiday for Diwali as well.

Posted by John:

make easter monday, rememberance day, and boxing day a stat all across the board

Posted by Jonathan:

Please can we forget about this time change nonsense? It is not only very expensive but it is bad for your health and for some people, downright dangerous (increased rate of suicide)

Posted by Dorinna:

why can't we have Dec 26th a stat like Ont. they get both us here in BC should have that as well and what about St Jean Baptiste were french here in BC we should be able to celebrate and have that as a stat as well

Posted by Liz:

I wish BC would have its family day on the same date as every other province. Its kind of sad that my family in other province and myself in BC cannot celebrate family day together. What kind of family day is it if you cannot celebrate family day at the same time across the provinces?

Posted by Ave:

In Saskatchewan Remembrance Day is a Stat Holiday. There are always civic celebrations honoring veterans which are very well attended. At my home we bought a dark feather wreath. We pin poppies to it. It hangs on the front door til December, when we exchange it for our winter wreath. We do put our Christmas lights up outside, but they are never lit until December out of respect for veterans. Veterans should be better looked after financially by the federal government. They are an important part of our culture and should be treated as such.

Posted by A.F.:

I wish people would show more respect for our veterans and not put up Christms displays until after Nov. 11 or at least not light them until after. There is such a big rush after Halloween that no one thinks of Nov. 11 as day to show respect. God bless all those who serve/served our country and their families.

Posted by Abe:

I believe we should pay more respect for the past and recent heroes on Rememberce Day. I feel like we are just to busy to do that.

Posted by D.T.:

My work almost always changes a stat holiday to a Monday if it falls on a Sunday. We are open Mondays-Saturdays, so if we close on Monday we get two days off, Sunday and Monday, but if the holiday falls on a Saturday, we just close for sure and get Saturday and Sunday off. The only exception to this rule was last year, and the beginning of this year, where Christmas Day and New Year's Day landed on a Sunday, which is already our day off. But we needed to be open on Christmas Eve day and New Year's Eve day because those can be our busiest days because we are a deli and bakery and do many catering and meat orders for the holidays. So, what my work did, since the Saturdays and Sundays were are most busiest days for the season, we were open on the 23rd and 24th of December, and closed the 25th and 26th of December to make up for the weekend days off. And, since we were open the 30th and 31st of December, we got January 1st and 2nd off to make up for those weekend days. So, we didn't get a long weekend or anything, we just got two days off as we normally would have on a holiday weekend, but it was in the middle of the week instead. And for Canada Day 2018, we'll be open the Saturday, and be closed the Sunday and Monday, so we're still only getting two days off, whereas most people get 3 days off for a long weekend and still complain about it. There are those of us who work every Saturday of the year, so don't complain when you only get two days off in a row, instead of three!

Posted by MW:

My issue with moving Canada Day to July 2 is when will all the celebrations take place? I now have to work on July 1st and have July 2nd off so no long weekend for me. If all celebrations are on the Sunday, people who have to work on Sunday and get Monday off will not be able to attend.

Posted by Jamie muller:

Rememberence day in Canada should be a holiday.

Posted by Josh:

They arent saying canada day is the 2nd. They have had to reallocate the holiday only superficially for payroll and avoiding time in lieu. Im pretty sure the celebration will still take place on the sunday the 1st. Everyone on here who attacks the thread with such conviction without real facts and uneducated opinions should really stop. Just from reading the first few comments ive seen nothing but complaints and negativity. Are we really canadian?

Posted by Ann:

Just wrong changing Canada day regardless of what day it falls on! Rediculious.

Posted by Melissa:

You're saying that Canada Day is July 2nd because the 1st falls on a Sunday. Canada Day IS July 1st regardless of what day of the week it falls on. It's like saying Christmas Day is going to be Dec 26 and boxing day Dec 27 if they happen to fall on weekends, not so. An employee still needs to be paid for the stat day even if it falls on a weekend so they aren't missing out on pay, just a day off and unfortunately, if you aren't a gov't employee, you may have to work it.

Posted by Emm:

Family Day is a Provincial Stat in ON introduced by the McGuinty administration, which means offices are open for business as usual for the Feds. Many just happen to use a vacation day off. If you don't believe me, call or visit your local passport office.

Posted by MG:

Government employees still get all the stats off, while hardworking Canadians still get shafted. I would like to see all Canadians get statutory holidays instead of just the government bums. And why is BC separate from the rest of Canada when it comes to Family Day? I have no idea why we get it a week beforehand when it's the same holiday; it really messed with individuals in the business sector as they still have to work on that holiday in BC as the rest of the country is open for trading during that day.

Posted by Ray McLaughlin:

It has been talked about for a while now that there would be a stat holiday every month. I believe that there should be. I also believe that Boxing day should be a stat holiday in every province of Canada. I know when I was growing up and in my 20's & 30's Boxing day was always a holiday.

Posted by Natalie:

You are saying that Canada Day is Monday, July 2nd, but on 2018 Canadian holiday calendar is still saying July 1st???

Posted by Jenny:

Isn't Civic holiday a holiday in all provinces except for Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Yukon?

Posted by Annonymous:

Canada Day is actually Monday, July 2, 2018 since July 1, 2018 falls on a Sunday

Posted by Lexi:

No stat in april or in june, how upsetting for me every year. I think boxing day should be a stat everywhere ;) I guess I will have to make my own days off in april and june.

Posted by susan:

2018 is going to be a great year the Olympics are back

Posted by anonymous:

2018 has a new holiday in New Brunswick, Family Day, which I don't see denoted here.

Posted by Annette:

The winter Olympics is in 2018!

Posted by Anon:

Manitoba has renamed the civic holiday to Terry Fox day since 2015.

Posted by Adrian Ward:

2018 is boring. No Olympics, no special celebrations like last year's 150, no solar eclipse, no election, no free national Park entry, no leap year, seems boring and plain.


Between New Years and Easter there is only family day. I always feel burnt out that time of the year but don't want to use vacation days because it's too cold and not much to do.

Posted by Admin:

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