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Posted by sad_worker_is_sad:

We should have more holidays. Its not like our productivity goes down with a break.

Posted by Dave:

I agree with Dawn's comments. Get rid of the religious holidays, since 95% of you aren't Christian anyhow....

Posted by Negan :

We as Canadians get way more holidays than the Americans,we should be happy with what we have.

Posted by Stephen Long:

Remembrance day is NOT a celebration of war! It is a remembrance of those who died as a result of the folly of war and the falure of diplomacy. We hold this day in remembrance because if we fail to remember our history we are doomed to repeat it!

Posted by Dawn:

We should do away with all these religious and war-related days and emphasize family and comfort. War begets war and celebrating it is sick.


I vote for a 4 day work week (10 hour days). It would be more rewarding to work 4 on and have 3 off.


If New Years day falls on a weekend is Monday then a holiday


Tired of hearing people complain about Remembrance Day. If it's important to you take the day off and DO SOMETHING. "Paying respect" is such an empty term. You're not doing anything except making yourself think you've actually done something.


Christmas day falls on sunday and boxing day falls monday dues it means that tuesday is non working day to exchange for the christmas day?

Posted by Don Cuthbert:

It seems odd that Ontario should not have Remembrance Day as a holiday, yet they have Boxing Day? There appear to be a few examples here that show convenience or comfort is more important than the remembrance of important historic events when choosing statutory holidays.


Permanent daylight saving time would be nice.


I don't understand my Remembrance Day is not a National holiday, the veteran fought and died for Canada, this day should be a day for remembering the men and woman who served, why would it be okay for most Provinces but not all, we should be a united country, not a divided one.

Posted by Denny:

Some people have commented that they get more days off that what is listed, such as Charlotte in NB saying they have Victoria Day and Thanksgiving off. If you have these days off and you are paid for them, it is because your employer is being generous. They are not required to give the day off or pay for it.

Posted by IQPunisher:

Before whining how DST makes you go to work & home "in the dark", do yourselves a favor and read this As for the "united and one in mind country", why don't you read all the relevant history, then obtain legislative power and bring us a better uniting platform.


Can we be done with the daylight savings already? Who wants to go to work and back home in the dark?? Seriously, what could have induced this foolishness?!?


I think it's flipping ridiculous how a purported united and one in mind country has separate things for each province. From taxes to percentages to laws to f-ing clocks. Some of the dumbest things to come out of a group of human minds. And these douches you all keep thinking we NEED


The years 2100, 2200, 2300 are all divisible by 100 but not by 400. Thus these 3 years will not be leap years. Every 400 years, 3 years will not be leap years.

Posted by Charlotte:

I live in NB and we get Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day off, but not according to this list.

Posted by Maureen :

I thought Thanksgiving was a stat Canada wide hmm NS, NL and NB don't get the stat . Was it always that way?

Posted by Tom:

The explanation of leap years is confusing. All years divisible by 4 are leap years with the exception of years marking the turn of the century. These are leap years only if divisible by 400. The year 2000 was a leap year, but the next century year to be a leap year will be 2400.

Posted by Frustrated parent:

The first day of school in the Halton School board (west of Toronto) is a PA day! Hahahaha! This is as funny as it is sad. Teaching should be a noble profession, a special, responsible and challenging one. They made it into a joke and. It's nothing more than a bureaucratic "milk the system" kind of job now where kids are secondary, strike action and "get us more time off and money" are what it's all about. Makes me sick.


Since when has NS,NB,&NL not celebrated Thanksgiving????

Posted by High School Math:

"divisible by 4 or 400 but not by 100." How could a year possibly be divisible by 400, but NOT by 100? 400 800 1200 1600 2000 2400 2800 3200 Which of these is not divisible by 100?

Posted by Philippe:

They missed one, Discovery day (sparking the Klondike gold rush)in the Yukon, the 3rd Monday of August.

Posted by Rz:

I am new immigrant in Canada. But now Canada is my home and I love here.I wish it always was Stand-up and United. God bless Canadian and our land

Posted by Work to Live or Live to Work?:

Stat holidays are fine, what Canadians need is more vacation time. Many Canadians have only 2 weeks/year which is not enough. The minimum should start at 4 weeks and increase over time to be equivalent to European standards.

Posted by Optimist:

Let's make everyday a holiday and abolish money and everyone works for free and gets everything they want. Sound good? lol


I'm white but a " white man's " day is ridiculous..I believe all races are equal ..Let's just all try to get along ..


I want the best for all Canadians, especially equal rights.

Posted by Proudly Canadian:

O Canada! Our Home and Native Land!

Posted by Amitav:

There should be statutory holidays to celebrate the Queen's birthday and also the birthdays of all key members of the Royal family. And there should be a holiday tom celebrate the birthday of that great Loyalist, Mr. Robert Busby Esq.!


Who's the ugly posting about how there should be a white mans canadian day? This country isn't/wasn't even yours in the first place. "true born" ? No, your people just came and stole. This isn't truly your land, therefore white people get no holidays for them, bye!


Not all 'Canadians' are "white", its amazing the ignorance that is still at large in this country. The problem with prayer in schools, is that it is not just an individual praying, it is forced upon an entire group without consent of religious freedom, whereas a turban issue involves the individual, who is not asking the entire RCMP to don turbans, merely for the right of their own.

Posted by S:

always someone that whines about something. you should be happy you get holidays at all.

Posted by Mahekan:

Lol white man's day, isn't that bout Kanata day which Canada used to stand for..(clean), should be mandatory clean up your province day

Posted by Tiff:

To SMarion: Remembrance day and Civic holiday are not statutory holidays in MB. This list is talking about statutory holidays, but in MB these 2 days are not days where stat pay is required.


Aboriginal day should be known across Canada. As a white man living in southern Alberta, there are a lot of Aboriginals that work in our communities and should be recognized. Also, I'm fairly certain that boxing day affects Alberta as well, are you sure this is updated and recent?


There should be 12 stat holidays per year, one a month, for all provinces and territories. For March/April, because Good Friday can be in either month, there should be a floating holiday for whichever month doesn't have Good Friday.


how about white man's/woman's true born Canadian Day- how about going back to our old fashioned values that allow our children to say the lords prayer - funny how we can't say the lords prayer in our public schools due to religion but someone can sue our RCMP to wear a turban for religious purposes - BS


The holidays should be standardized across the entire country. In other words, Canadian holidays.

Posted by SMarion:

Manitoba has has August 1st as a Civic holiday for more than 20 years! Rememberance Day is also a holiday in Manitoba...been that way for decades. Where did you get your information?


Canada is a land of refugees, not immigrants. There should be one holiday called refugee day.


I'm from NB, Victoria Day is a holiday, as is Boxing Day

Posted by whichwhatwho:

Canada has good number of immigrants from Asia now. There should be one holiday for Islam, one for Jews, one for Sikhs.


You also need to re-check the Good Friday and Easter dates... and distinguish between federal and provincial stat holidays. For example, federal stat holidays include Good Friday and Easter Monday but not Family Day.

Posted by Amber:

My father-in-law made a good point this evening...Canada does not have a stat holiday that honours our living veterans. We choose to group them together with honouring our dead on November eleventh. Food for thought. Which also brings back to mind for me the idea of the white poppy as a symbol of peace- could be a new representation of the peace they fight for past and present, commemorated on a day meant to pay tribute to the veterans still with us. I think that kind of appreciation could go miles for those who might feel forgotten. :)


August 1 - aka Civic Holiday is not a statutory holiday in Alberta. Not a very good list to have under a heading for statutory holidays and then include a bunch of days that are not stat holidays for anyone.

Posted by DannyC:

Another trick for remembering leap year is that it coincides with the summer Olympics. Granted, the divisible by 4 or 400 but not by 100 will stand the test of time better for when the day comes when we no longer have summer Olympics...


This is ridiculous, how can a parent not have a holiday with kids?😠


I'd like to see Canada's holidays become federal holidays because where I work we only get federal holidays because our contract states that and we are owned by an American company. I know it will never happen, but I'd like to see it, unity and all.

Posted by schmergushburg:

you're wrong about August 1, Monday in AB. It is not a stat holiday. see >


Family day should be a National Holiday as well as Remembrance Day. If you live in Ontario you are forced to take St. Jean Baptiste day and lose the August 1st Civic holiday. Not good!


23 days only. That's less than a month. Over here taking a break and getting some days off is like fishing a whale

Posted by A. Nony:

I think we should have more stats to make up for our slave-driver employers. Most new employees only get 10 days of their own holidays per year until they have been at the same place for a few years before getting an extra 5 days. We are way behind europe who give their employees way more days even though maybe not so many stats. Long story short... europeans get more time off per year, north america is very stingey with its days off.

Posted by Newfie:

Newfoundlanders take Victoria day off. I notice it says 'except' but we observe it.

Posted by Yup:

Completely Pointless Holiday To be help on February 29th so it is only held ever 4 years. Its purpose is to celebrate consumerism and how spending plays a part in our modern society. On the day before everyone has to go out and purchase the cheapest item they can to then give to the first person they see (aside from family and friends) on the 29th.


you people are horrible calling for all holidays to be cancelled! how miserable is your existence that you would want to cancel days for people to use to spend time with their loved ones?

Posted by Myrna:

Easter Sunday is a National Holiday that falls on a lot of roles normal day off. Therefor some observe Easter Monday in Liu! Not all companies give employees sick, maternal or other such time off. So I don't think it fair to say we have enough days off. Most don't. Get as much time off as a person can and enjoy a little life before you are too old or decrepit to!


Fred Knott: Everyone gets stat holidays, even you. If you have to work that day, too bad. You should be getting compensated under the labour standards act and if you are not, then that's an issue to take up with your employer. Canceling all civic holidays will not change whether you are working those days or not, but will ensure you no longer receive extra pay for working on that day. Good job shooting yourself in the foot on that comment.


If you are healthy....every day is a holiday!

Posted by Cathy Nolan:

There should be NO holidays period!!! This excludes Christmas and Valnetines Day..We sure don't need family day nor do we need the other stupid holidays either...Sorry but I am NOT a holiday person


Why don"t they make holidays the same across the whole country??????

Posted by Ewa:

Bilal Ahmed: - We have constant and moving holidays. Christmas is always on 25 of December, but Easter is a movable feast, and sometimes is in April, sometimes in March. In 2015, Good Friday was on April 3 and Easter Sunday on April 5. This year, respectively 25 and 27 March, while in the 2017, Good Friday will be on April 14 and Easter Sunday, April 16 :)

Posted by Ewa:

If Sunday. Easter is the most important Christian religious holiday and widely regarded as the second most popular holiday in general after Christmas, why it is not a national statutory holiday ???

Posted by Fred Knott:

We ought to cancel all civic holidays - government employees get enough sick days, pro d days, and mat/pat leave and vacation - the rest of us usually work the long weekend anyway.


There should be 6 National (Statutory) Holidays: 1. New Years Day - Jan 1 2. Family Day - Feb 15 3. Monarchs Day - 3rd Monday in May 4. Canada Day - July 1st 5. Labour Day - 1st Monday in September 6. Veterans Day - Nov 11th -- If the National Holiday falls on the weekend the following Monday is a Statuatory Holiday. -- With the exception of Canada Day, Provinces may change the names of these holidays. Eg. New Years Day --> Broken Resolutions Day Then there should be 6 Personal/Religious (Statutory) Holidays per calendar year: -- These are chosen individually, for any reason. -- Need to be selected on the commencement of any employment and may be changed yearly on December 1st, for the following year. -- Eg. I can take St. Patrick's Day, and the day after, as 2 of my Personal/Religious Holidays.


Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. That is why the date can vary so much from year to year.


"Breakfast is a religious term!" No, breakfast is a religious _experience_. There's a difference. :)


I suggest we have a National Internet Comment section holiday. Everybody could gather around in the public square and shout things that clearly aren't true. "You're all wearing red shoes! Remembrance Day is May 2-4! Breakfast is a religious term!"

Posted by john:

Welcome to the country Bilal.....Easter is celebrated on the first full moon after the spring equinox, when the sun is shining on the Earth's equator and the celestial equator. Kinda like splitting the earth in half from north to south, resulting in almost equal day and night

Posted by Bilal Ahmed:

Isn't Good Friday and Easter Monday in the first week of April ? I am just curious.

Posted by Connie:

The August Civic Holiday is also observed in Manitoba.

Posted by marce:

I think there should be a holiday for the private sector only. We could sit on our porches and watch civil servants going to work.

Posted by Dean:

February 29 - Leap Day - should become a stat holiday. Every four years there would be an increase of 1 additional long weekend during the winter months of February and March


Breakfast has got nothing to do with Easter or Lent - it is breaking the fast we do everyday between the evening meal and the first meal of the day


Family Day should be a Holiday in Québec as well.

Posted by Bonnie :

We are having a dispute about The upcoming Family Holiday. Does everyone get this off , business shut down , all stores close etc. Like December 25. Can factories make their employees work it ?

Posted by MacGyverRick:

BC's Family Day is a week earlier because... More than 30,000 people submitted their choices online to help the government determine which Monday in February should be chosen for the new public holiday. The main question was whether Family Day should fall on the third Monday of the month, the same date as holidays in other provinces and Presidents' Day in the United States, or if B.C. should have its own Family Day on the second Monday when ski resorts and other holiday spots might be less crowded source:

Posted by JLT:

Because for BC, family comes first

Posted by M:

I agree!! FAMILY DAY should be the same day for all provinces.... Why does BC have to be a week earlier?

Posted by Andrew:

Mother's Day is listed as "Not a stat holiday." Father's Day is listed as "Not a holiday." I sure hope my children, who I try hard to father, do not dismiss this day I cherish!

Posted by Meghan Teschke:

Jack Knoff.. since when is Wikipedia a reliable source? Anyone can edit the page. Calm down and do actual research before getting offended.

Posted by Jack Knoff:

Do you do any research before making wild claims? The term breakfast is literally breaking the overnight fast. Its not religious in origin, nothing to do with Easter, just the simple concept of eating after a nighttimes sleep! Please do better.

Posted by Drewski:

Only BC takes Family day on Feb 8th instead of Feb 15 like the rest of the country. How stupid is that?

Posted by Jeff Hammond:

February 15th (1965) is Canada Flag Day. It does not get enough attention. Feb. 15th should be a national holiday! April 17th (1982) is Canadian Constitution Day. It is also a very important day & deserves more attention. April 17th should be a national holiday! We do not properly observe & celebrate enough national holidays (days of importance) in Canada. These national days are our Canadian identities!


Some of these are incorrect. I live in NB and both Victoria Day and Thanksgiving are holidays, and have been my entire life of 68 years.

Posted by Mark:

Hey! What about Groundhog Day!


Remembrance Day may be National holiday.

Posted by DMac:

In response to those complaining Labor Day is not a national holiday, please look at the chart again - it is. New Year's Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas Day are the 4 National holidays across Canada. Good Friday is National except QC. Victoria Day is National except NB, NS, NL.

Posted by DMac:

Re: Queries about holidays that fall on weekends. If your normal schedule is Monday-Friday and a paid holiday falls on Saturday is usually observed on Friday; a paid holiday that falls on a Sunday is usually observed on Monday. In case of Christmas and Boxing day this year, most Monday-Friday organizations would observe the holidays on Monday Dec. 26 & Tuesday 27, 2016; but some organizations may choose to observe Friday Dec. 23 & Monday 26, 2016.

Posted by JonR:

So with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, there's only one public statutory holiday this year? In 2015, you got Friday and Monday - in 2016 just Monday? Seems... harsh! And that's only the case for me as I'm in Ontario. This suggests all other regions get no time off at all!

Posted by scott:

Remembrance Day should NOT be a National holiday. I support Kate Johnson reason. ALL business should be closed from 10 to 1 to allow the person to attend there local service (if not then employee should be compensated by 5x there normal rate).

Posted by Stephane:

In Northeastern NB there is Acadien Festival Day on Aug 15th. "La Fete des Acadiens" A lot of local businesses are closed on this day. There are Parades and also a tradition of Tintamarre. (Tintamarre is an Acadian tradition of marching through one's community making noise with improvised instruments and other noisemakers, usually in celebration of National Acadian Day. The term originates from the Acadian French word meaning "clangour" or "din".)

Posted by Tanya:

I think that it is a disgrace that if your not a government employee in NS then you are required to work Natal Day. Over half of our town closes that day and half work

Posted by Mitch:

I'm a government employee in BC and from what I understand, we get off Monday Dec. 26, 2016 in lieu of Christmas Day and Tuesday Dec. 27, 2016 in lieu of Boxing Day.

Posted by kate johnson:

Remembrance Day should NOT be a National holiday. Remembrance Day services have the lowest attendance in provinces where it is a stat. It would be better to have all businesses close from 10-1 to allow people to attend the service of their choice and possibly visit the legion afterwards. It would be terrible if the whole thing turned into the "May 2-4 of Remembrance" and no one was at service because they were closing up the cottage.

Posted by ehi:

I support that remembrance and family day should be national holidays.

Posted by Jackie Mackie:

Labour Day & Remembrance Day should absolutely be National holidays. What a complete embarrassment for Canada that they are not!

Posted by Bill:

Talk like a pirate day is September 19 AARRGHH

Posted by N:

To the person who thinks Easter & Christmas should be days off -- for sure that's a good point and I personally think 31st of December should be a day off because it lets us prepare for the biggest celebration of the year and be with our families. Also I think Mother's (and Father's) days should be days off.

Posted by Uber Duber:

I think Labour Day should be mandatory. It frustrated me an associate, and frustrates me as a manager that a holiday designed to thank workers for their contributions is one they don't get to take off. I find it ludicrous and insulting to workers to have them work on Labour Day.

Posted by Raymond Matthews:

I think that Remembrance Day should be a nationally recognized holiday ...

Posted by Silas:

July 9 is a holiday in Nunavut as it was on this day in 1993 that the signing took place in Kugluktuk, Nunavut to create the territory of Nunavut. Government of Nunavut employees are allowed a half day and all other organizations are given the full day as a holiday.

Posted by Heather:

Make Louis Riel Day (in Feb), Victoria Day (in May), Aboriginal Day (in June) and the first Monday in August (call it something patriotic) national holidays. Calling it the same thing only different in the various provinces, or having it be a holiday in one but not in another province (e.g. Victoria Day) is just silly. Or calling it the same thing but having it on a different day (Family Day, where BC holds it a week ahead of other provinces) is just silly. And yes, let's ditch Daylight Saving Time since it doesn't actually save any daylight and just messes with everyone's internal clock.


In response to Remembrance Day being a National Holiday. My experience in High School Nearly 40 years ago now is that then no student had a relative that had served in a major conflict/war for Canada, or no memories of a relative that had died in one. It ended up just being a day off of school and they were all out in the malls or goofing off. Back then they changed it and we were at least in the classroom learning about the sacrifices Canadians and others made serving the country, and at 11:00 am the entire school stood and went silent for the observance. I truly believe that is a better observation of the men and women who served or died for Canada then another day off of school.

Posted by Susan:

I think that Easter Monday should be a statutory holiday it is one of the biggest religious celebration. I also think that Christmas Eve should be a statutory holiday as it gives people an extra day to prepare for the birth of Jesus as many of Christians celebrate going to mass on Christmas Eve. This extra days will give family and friends a day to travel to be with loved ones to celebrate this religious feast. Remembrance Day should aslo be a nationwide holiday since these brave men and women fought for our country Canada, they did not fight for just selected provinces or parts of Canada.

Posted by Paul:

St. Patrick's Day and Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday


Drop the time changes in spring & fall, they make everyone angry, why do we do it.


Rememberence day should be National as most provinces recognize it that way anyway. Boxing Day should also be recognized as a national holiday (without pay if you want) as most provinces do it that way anyway. Just make it official.

Posted by Barrie :

How can we take effective action to simplify and bring this to the house of commons?


I think whenever a new government is sworn in, there should be a statutory holiday


I would make two changes to our holidays in Canada. First of all, Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday. Second, Halloween should always be celebrated the last Saturday of October.


I definately think that Remembrance Day should be a Statutory Holiday. Lets remember what it stands for and it that does not deserve a full day of Remembrance, I don't know what would.

Posted by donna:

I think remembrance day should be statutory holiday nationwide since these men and women fought for our country. lets honor and remember them. I also think Christmas eve should be statutory holiday. this allows family 1 more day of togetherness and celebrating the holiday--the day jesus was born. I also think easter Monday should be recognized as a statutory holiday. it is a religious holiday for many Canadians. I know the government workers take this day as a day off.

Posted by Renata Oman:

someone told me that they (the government) are going to remove Christmas and Easter as stat holidays. If this is so perhaps that is why Canadians don't want any refugees or immigrants coming here because all they want to do is change our Christian ways and take over our country. I hope I die before this happens.

Posted by Weiss Family:

Finally! Canada day on a Friday! It should always be a Friday or a Monday! Love it!

Posted by MJ Wright:

Look at all the exceptions for the different provinces! Can't this be simplified? Why doesnt the government declare nationwide holidays?

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