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Seems there is a Misconception. Most businesses in NS are still required to be closed on days like Thanksgiving and Remembrance day, but they just aren't paid holidays like in other provinces. Take that how you will.


It's not saying that we (Nova Scotians) don't observe Remembrance Day, it's stating that it't not a stat holiday for us -therefore not a paid day off.


Just to let everyone know the information provided on this website is completely wrong. If you would like the correct holiday list go to


I don't get why it says that Nova Scotia doesn't observe remembrance day. I can't speak for the whole province but here in Halifax everything shuts down for the day. We're considered an army/naval city.


Those that don't have nov 11th as a national Holiday cause people to forget those who have sacrificed

Posted by All Gave Some, Some Gave All:

Remembrance Day should be a National holiday and day of remembrance. If you don't agree I challenge you to visit the Menin Gate in Ypres and/or visit the nearby graves and memorials to the Canadians who 'Gave All'. Lest We Forget

Posted by Steve:

In response to Bobisudbury, I believe that had you ever served in the forces or known anyone who served you would not make stupid comments like this. 60 million people paid for our freedom with their lives, including my grandfather. I don't believe it is too much to ask that we take time to remember that sacrifice for ALL of us, that includes all the self-centered, ungrateful, ignorant people such as you.

Posted by Russky:

I think my birthday should be a holiday


i think remembrance day should be a holiday nationwide. where the heck would us canadians be if it wasnt for our brave solders. we all canadians live in this glorious country where people have rights. i just dont understand how stat holidays can vary so much from province to province.

Posted by BobiSudbury:

Remembrance Day, shouldn't be a stat holiday because it isn't a holiday. I would agree that anyone who wants time to go to a Memorial Service should be allowed.


@Anonymus (sic). It seems you suffer from a delusional condition that I like to call: "My-job-is-the-most-important-and-difficult-one-in-the-world" syndrome. Sorry but it is not, although it seems to me that 99.9% of the people around me on an everyday basis think this way. You may also be suffering from: "And-therefore-I-could-do-everyone-else's-job-better-than-they-could-ever-hope-to" syndrome. The latter you didn't actually state but merely alluded to with your mentioning management capability and will. I will tackle that right now by saying that, if you had the proper management chops, you would be out there looking to hire and train a farm-hand that could get to know your herd and take over from you and/or your son for those much needed breaks. I mean it simply can't be impossible to find someone who can take over that task for a few days at a time. I do know that it can be difficult to find the right people. My manager at our western Canada appliance distribution warehouse has been trying to fill in two positions now for 3 years. But filling a farm-hand position and filling this position aren't the same things at all. You could try to call me out by saying that a powered industrial truck operator has nothing on a farm-hand as far a requirements go. I have been a farm-hand and there is not much in the way of computer use and the farm machinery operation is so basic that my 10 year old son came out and did it on a few occasions. There is nothing like the speed and accuracy we have to have in a production oriented warehouse for a company that absolutely relies, everyday, on us getting everything done on time. You just need someone who is physically fit and cares about animals. And then I have my own business. I develop and design high-end web-sites. I have two employees right now. One of them is my daughter who fields most of my calls. And I have another girl, Sonja, who takes calls when neither I or Jasmyn can. Sonja is also a graphic designer and Jasmyn can do code.

Posted by Kerry:

I believe there should be a national holiday to honor those who work in the emergency sectors (firefighters, police, ambulance, etc.), showing our thanks and appreciation for their efforts. Where would we be without them?

Posted by Lynette :

Can anyone tell me if we are going to have one more day of for Boxing Day? As Boxing Day itself is a Saturday.

Posted by showkat:

We should have a optional public holiday for queens birthday

Posted by SteveM:

How about having a day off for National "Eh-Day"?


we are dairy farmers and I'm in mid seventies so my ability to work is diminished but my son has only had 3 days off in the past year . it takes a person with knowledge of the herd to take over - so please don't say " hire some one to milk ". the person must know your cattle . all i read is about the rich greedy protected dairy farmer these days . the truth is that 90 % of the public neither have the management capability nor the will to do this day after day twice a day . we have to work under all circumstances . most people do not live in the real world . you are ill prepared for the end of the world as we have known it for the last 65 years . the economy is a pyramid scheme . its collapse is coming soon ! there are no paid holidays for us . you dot know how lucky you are . we are only paid for what we produce . eddy


Boxing day should be a statutory holiday in all provinces of Canada. People need a rest day after Christmas.


I feel that Rememberance Day should be a National Holiday to respect put fallen solders

Posted by Lucie:

The 2nd of January is a statutory holiday in Quebec


I thought parliament made remembrance day a stst holiday last year??


If there was a guaranteed holiday each month that employees got to have the day off for, I feel it would give them something to look forward to. I think it would cost employers less as there would be less people taking sick days just because they actually need a mental health day.


Instead of whining in a forum like this, why not attempt to do something about it? Contact your local MP or representative.. create a petition.. etc


Shameful that Remembrance Day is not a National Statutory Holiday.


Holidays should be observed by all the Companies doing business in Canada regardless of their Head quarters whether they are from USA or some other Countries because usually the employees who are serving them are deprived of these Holidays.


I believe Remembrance day should be a stat holiday in Every Province. It is widely 'celebrated' however not everyone gets the day off.


my question is abt stat day for Remembrance day, it is of great significance and we need to keep it as stat and have a ceremony for those who gave their life to protect us. It is a national holiday except MB, ON, QC, NS.


This argument that giving the workers a little more ends up costing more is twisted. Canadians work hard, and have so very little time for personal pursuits. A stat holiday is not only healthy for people mentally, but good for the economy as families spend time together and PURCHASE things!!! There is a valid point, costs go up, HOWEVER, that is due to the greed of the people sitting at the top who are unwilling to share just a fragment of their wealth. Shame on those people. The workers create that wealth, and you should be thankful to them. Don't be mooch and pass the cost of the holidays back onto the people it is meant to benefit. Shame!!!!


Every time the governments create a holiday ,usually at the pressures of citizens and when the holiday is paid the costs to the industries goes up and the overall costs of goods ,commodities and products and foods increases and the taxpayer pays more and then complains that everything become unafordable and the poorer suffers a greater hardship. It's like wage increases that everyone wants almost on a yearly basis even if the productivity does not increase and then complains that prices increases. Soon the police and firemen will be earning over 200,000.00 per year


I believe that every Canadian should have the Holidays that the Government gets or the government should have theirs reduced to match the rest of us.


Why is boxing day Ontario only?

Posted by Linda Hansen:

I would like to know who in the government is in charge of scheduling our holidays. My question comes from our recent years of change to our May 24 weekend being a weekend before.

Posted by Mr. Leap Year:

It's a general misconception that *every* year is a leap year that is divisible by 4. There are two exceptions to this rule: If a year is also divisible by 100 then it's not a leap year *unless* it's also divisible by 400. So, every 400 years there are three years that, while divisible by 4, they aren't a leap year.


This refers to the information about a leap year. Leap year is when the year is a multiplier of 4. Therefore it can be a multiplier of 100 or 400 for certain years.


Does your employer only have to give you Family Day or Civic Day as a PAID holiday in Ontario? Or you only get one or the other but both are not a paid holiday?


If Canada day is midweek, does that mean we get a split work week, or will some e geting the following Monday (the 6th) off?

Posted by Lou:

Easter Sunday should be a stat holiday. Just because most upper level and government offices don't work on Sundays that doesn't mean the average Joe shouldn't get stat paid holiday on this day. If they are required to work Easter Sunday then it should be paid O.T. and stat pay too.

Posted by James McLaughlin:

Never mind payed holidays for government look at all the payed sick days they get for doing f a that we the working people have to pay for and the stats or should i say facts on how many sick days government workers take (payed) compared to people that dont get payed to stay at home cause theh just didn't feel like working the truth is sickening

Posted by Canadian born:

i find it interesting that the U.S Government and the Canadian government want to separate church from school and governing but they still get time and pay for religious holidays. It never mattered to me as i worked in the medical and people ill were 24/7 and i was there.IMO


I would quite enjoy working for the government, whichever level. It would be a refreshing change to be governed by fairness at work, rather than bull****.

Posted by Admin:

OK, let's keep the comments for holidays and stop the government vs. non-government fight - or if you strongly feel your comment about this topic belongs to this page keep it civil and have respect for one another.

Posted by Collin:

So what government has holidays when private sector workers don't. Do you really want to work for the government? Do you really want to live your life knowing that you are ineffective, overpaid and don't need to think much about your career? Do you want to have the constitutional right to strike and to disrupt traffic, etc? Is that how you want to live your life? Me, I like to work hard and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it, be challenged and get paid for my skills not for time spent behind a desk. I have the right to quit my job any time if I don't like it and use my skills to find a better job. I would never want to work for the government or be unionized.

Posted by Functioningbrain :

OK Master... And how does that mentality work out for the natives of BC these days? Back when they worked for 3 hours a day or whatever, where were the police, fire department, the roads, the hospitals, the indoor plumbing, the garbage collection etc that they and we enjoy? That's what working 8 hours a day pays for, not just the scary modern technology you so decry

Posted by Barry:

I came here to settle a disagreement on when March break is according to province ... as it is NOT the same Mar 16-20 .... (ie: NB was Mar 2-6 long gone !!!)


In Manitoba we observe the August long weekend, Remembrance day and Boxing day as well.

Posted by Prasad:

Excellent summary of the holidays. While coming to your website is a great idea, and it lists itself in the top search, it would be extremely useful if we could download the holidays to our calendars (outlook, Gmail, etc). You could brand the holidays as"brought to you by" This improves your branding and people who have downloaded this before will know where to come for the next round of downloads. Also, to make it easier for the viewers, it would be helpful to look at the different school boards and create schools board calendar downloads as well. Just s couple of ideas on how to make it easier to track.

Posted by John Paul Parks:

Regarding "breakfast," I do not think it is limited to Easter and the end of the Lenten fast. Until 1957, the Roman Catholic church required its adherents to fast from the previous midnight in order to receive Communion. Thus, many persons would go to church, receive Communion, and then come home and have "breakfast" or "break the fast."


Carl Cruz - Good for you! that's awesome!!! I agree with you. Unfortunately, although its not my choice, any together time in my house is spent watching movies, a LOT of movies. Even though cuddling on the couch and watching movies is enjoyable, I totally approve with getting out, going camping, seeing new places, even if only in the next town.

Posted by Master:

The western coast natives worked less than 3 hours per day and the rest was for leisure. 3/4 of that time was for food so if they had a Safeway store they would have only need work 45 minutes per day. We most definitely are in a rush to get somewhere with the crazy hours we work these days. I wish I had a clue as to where that is so I could make sense out of it. With the technology level we are at there is no reason to be working this hard. I think we would be better off taking a break and enjoying all the great things we have achieved.

Posted by Sally:

On my holidays this summer I plan on going camping at Algonqin with my husband and my golden retriever Duke. We love the beautiful drive up HWY 11 and always make time to stop at 3 Guys And A Stove in Huntsville, where we love the great atmosphere of this lovely local restaurant! We plan on hiking backcountry and taking advantage of the beautiful lakes for some fisihing and R&R. We live in the most beautiful in the world so every moment I have to enjoy it I will! :) Happy new year everyone!


Take holidays, as many as you can afford, as you go through life. Don't save yourself for your retirement, as life is too short after you retire.

Posted by Carl Cruz:

Another way to spend more time with your families is to stop watching TV shows and playing games on your phones. I know this doesn't apply to everyone but it does apply to many. Too many people spend time in front of screens while their families don't get the attention they deserve. I have two young children, two dogs and commute yet still find the time to spend lots of quality time with family and work around the house. I don't go to movie theaters, watch TV or have games on my phone. Some things can be done when kids are asleep, some things cannot. Set your priorities straight!

Posted by William:

In Regards to Annie's comments: As long as there have been families being raised and work to be done, people have had busy lives. Your parents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents have all worked long hours and most likely LONGER than those that you work, often 6 or 7 days a week, or with two jobs to make ends meet. I'm so tired of the current generation complaining about how they have so little time of their hands to spend with their families. Like the past generations of parents, you make time!! Make the best use of the time you have. I'm all for a 4 day work week so I could spend more time with my daughter, but it's not going to happen at least not with wages that will compensate for the loss of that day so thanks but no thanks. As for "anonymus" I assume that as soon as you learn how to spell you'll learn how to run a more efficient business and not be griping about having to pay out for statuary holidays. I say we need a long weekend in June, so tighten up those purse strings Scrooge!!!

Posted by Chris:

Anonymus:Stat days are hard on the employer paying out employee's for work not performed !! > Mange your business better, start tracking your employee's schedules to ensure nobody has worked 5 out of the past 9 preceding week day... Annie: It used to be like something close to this... then somebody either sent a wife to work and everybody was forced to earn double incomes... Angelina > What are the 2 statutory holiday days in December to which you refer?

Posted by Paul:

To "anonymous", people staying home on stat holidays not being paid are considered unemployed. We have enough of them already. I'll take my well-deserved paid rest.


Stat days are hard on the employer paying out employee's for work not performed !!.. Lets have stats as a day of rest where no one has to pay out!

Posted by annie:

In this day and age, why can't we have a four day work week, even twice a month would help. An extra day to spend time with your Family would be good for a lot of people. our lives have become busy, raising families, long hours at work. If you work in the child care field, you are one busy person also.

Posted by NB Mom:

March Break is not the same in all provinces. In Nova Scotia it is always the second full week of March (in 2015 it will be from March 9-13), in New Brunswick it is always the first full week of March (in 2015 it will be March 2-6).


Would be nice if they could push a 4 day work week! haha

Posted by Angelina:

I agree with Rob, one stat holiday per month (with the exception of the 2 holidays in December, that needs to remain that way). If Remembrance Day becomes one next year, we only need two more! March and June, let's make it happen!

Posted by Rob In calgary:

Why can't be have one national stat holiday per month? Is that so difficult? After all our political leaders work 5 months a year. Giving the working man and woman one holiday per month really that outrageous? I say, not! Lets make it happen!

Posted by Jeanette:

Is the march break holiday the same across Canada or does it vary province by province? I live in Ontario. Thanks.

Posted by DC:

Aboriginal Day is a stat in BC where i'am


Keep it simple.. Any year that is fully divisible by 4 (without any decimals) is a leap year e.g 2016 is completely divisible by 4 (4 X 504) but 2015 is not completely divisible by 4 (4 X 503.75)

Posted by CBP:

For BonnieD regarding Aboriginal Day. It is Celebrated nationally but is not a stat (observed) like it is in NWT.

Posted by MIchelle:

Boxing Day is not officially observed in most provinces. Most employers (which used to include retail stores) observe Boxing Day as a statutory holiday. This is likely why many people believe Boxing Day is a statutory holiday.

Posted by BonnieD:

Aboriginal Day, June 21 is celebrated Nationally not just in NWT

Posted by LibraryMike:

Years exactly divisible by 100 are only leap years when they are also exactly divisible by 400. So 1800 and 1900 were not leap years, neither will 2100 or 2200 be leap years. However, 2000 was a Leap Year. Since 1896 the Summer Olympics have also coincided with Leap Years. This could be because, in Greek Mythology, February 29th was Zeus' birthday.

Posted by Admin:

#NML: Leap year indeed means having an extra day in February but only every four years with some exceptions. The rules mentioned on this page essentially mean that there are 97 leap years every 400 years.

Posted by NML:

Your comment on leap year makes no sense. Divisable by 4 or 400 but not 100. Leap year means have an extra day in February. 29 days so the yearly total numbers of days eqals 366 instead of 365.


Boxing day shoujld not be a stat holiday. My wife works retail and because the stores are a zoo on boxing day, management makes employees feel guilty if they ask for it off. Most stores, malls restaurants are open and the malls are packed so where is the holiday?

Posted by Admin:

Boxing day is in fact, not a stat holiday anywhere else in Canada - only in Ontario. It is observed in many provinces as a paid day off or as a non-statutory holiday (for example in New Brunswick as per the Days of Rest Act) but it's technically only an official statutory holiday in Ontario. Welcome to Canada's confusing holiday system :-)


Boxing Day is observed in more provinces than just ON - BC & AB at least, you should check again on others...

Posted by David Oyen:

The Feast of St John the Baptist is also observed in Newfoundland

Posted by Admin:

Thanks for the correction, we've updated the calendar to display the correct date for thanksgiving in 2015.


Thanksgiving is wrong on the 2015 page, should be SECOND Monday in October (12th), the page shows the 19th which is the THIRD Monday.

Posted by Admin:

The 2015 calendar page went live today! We hope it will help all of you to plan ahead. Your comments are most welcome!

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