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Victoria Day is not a stat holiday in NB. Stores choose to close, but businesses are not required to pay holiday pay for that day.

Posted by d.clarke:

Remembrance Day is not just a time off, it is to show respect and gratitude to our armed forces for a job only a few are willing to do and die for. This is not a "Hallmark" day. It and Canada Day is to show we are proud to be Canadians. I'm very surprised to find out not ALL of Canada celebrates our honour and history, that has given us our freedom to live and share with new Canadians what makes CANADIANS.No matter our diversity. That's what our Services fought and died for!

Posted by barry:

for most employed canadians;2 weeks vacation per year ad infinum and one 3 day weekend per month on average and maybe 3 sick days. very few company pensions now and not nearly enough discretionary income after taxes and basic living costs to pay into a real retirement fund. we are truly screwed as the baby boomers who held on to the last of the good jobs all retire leaving nothing for younger generations. those bailouts were the last of it


I for one work a job where I have to work many stat holidays, I work very hard on my feet all day and it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or not I have to work. I have worked Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Last year I had only my 2 normal week days off to celebrate Christmas with my family and inlaws, that means merely 1 day per side of the family so to say Canadians are lazy "Charlie" is a misgiving that only someone who does not truly have insight might believe, also to say that Canada is a poor country is another mistruth that you have represented in your uneducated babble. Canada is one of the riches countries in the world, at times even surpassing the American economy. Yes we have social programs here because aside from being hard working we also have a social conscience that does not allow us in good conscience to see our citizens left homeless and starving or in need of medical care. I would love to be able to spend more time with my family but unfortunately I believe in hard work to get what I want in life...isn't that the definition of good work ethic? Maybe the next time you decide to criticize an entire nation you should actually research the truth...guess it's easier (lazier) to perpetrate a lie as fact than it is to make sure your information is correct...maybe you should check your own work ethic first

Posted by 1867 :

I do agree with many of you, there should be one statutory holiday in every month. After all, this government takes about 4 months of pay from my paycheck in taxes every year... We need more breaks to better enjoy our lives, and not only think about work.


We need a public holiday on every month to keep our work life balance I really don't understand why the government, bank, and commercial industry can have Remembrance day off, but we as private and public company did not have this offer Anyone see this message to forward and let us to have holiday on November Thank you


To "twenty hour charlie"...... what's wrong with you? Obviously you have not done your homework before you ignorantly called all Canadians lazy chumps. Canadians are among the top hardest working people in the world. Sounds like you are from a country where your government doesn't care whether or not you have a statutory holiday off to spend with your family that you work so hard to provide for. Or maybe you are bitter and don't have a family to spend any time off with? The Canadian citizens that I know that do get to enjoy a government holiday off (many still have to work stat days) spend their precious time off tending to their homes, mending fences, doing laundry, helping our children with their school projects, etc.....the list is never ending. You go about your day ignorant and incorrect. Im about to go about my twelve hour scheduled work day with a smile, being a proud, hard working Canadian.


Your comment is rather ignorant "twenty hour charlie". I work extreamly hard for the small amount I make, I usually pull 50-70 hours a week. Your assumption that "Canada" as a whole is lazy you are very wrong and to be honest I doubt you are even Canadian. Every Canadian I know works a minimum 45hr work week. Also I'm sure you have heard that printing presses do make money and a good chunk of good paying jobs to take place at a keyboard. The only comment you made that is actually accurate is that money doesn't grow an trees. hell even at work 90% of of my job takes place behind a keyboard making money, so I guess that would make you very wrong. All in all there is no reason to be so hateful to a country that you probably don't even belong to, if you do for shame that your patriotism is not for your home country.

Posted by Twenty Hour Charlie:

Canadians are a lazy bunch with one of the poorest work ethics in the western world, not to mention the Far East. There are already too many idiotic holidays in this lazy country. "Children's Day??" Give me a break. What's next? Pet Day, Fatigue Day, Hangover Day (too many of those already)! This country is broke and unless its lazy denizens get off their lazy ar**es, you will be working until your last breath to pay off the banksters and the parasitic government for all your esteemed "social programs." LOL Get real, chumps. Money does not grow on trees. It also does not come from a printing press or a computer keyboard!

Posted by Susan:

Remembrance Day should be a nationwide day and there should be a Children's Day - maybe the first Monday in March ... they are very important people and they need to be acknowledged as so ...

Posted by Tiffany:

For rememberance day it's not like we have a choice to not work. The citizens in my area are trying to make it a stat holiday but the government refuses.


It is quite simple, Canadians work too much for too little. We have the third worst work schedule in the world. It should be 4 days of work with 3 days off every week. We are on this ride for a short time and those on their death beds never complain or share regrets of not working enough in their lifetime... When looking at the numbers it is actually beyond insane that Canadian's average between 92 to 94 percent of their year working (including statutory) ... a two day weekend is too short.

Posted by Colleen:

To bad we don't give employee's more regular holidays like Sweden 7 weeks proven less sick days better moral and much better production. So were lucky to grab all the stats we can


with regards to that Alberta august holiday...when Alberta first added family day, many employees were given the option of that February holiday or the august holiday. this was true for my then wife who was a federal employee, and is true of myself..


Don't know where you work Diana but it seems they are ripping you off because I live in Alberta and me and most other people will not be going in to work August 4th because civic holiday is a stat.

Posted by Diana:

I think this is crazy that Alberta does not get the Civic or Heritage day as a stat when all the other western provinces do. I work for a company & all the other retail stores they have get this day off but because we live in Alberta we have to work the full day, while the rest of my town is shut down. Absolutely ridiculous. Get it together Alberta.


Anonymus, you get two weeks vacation during your first five years of a job, then you get 3. You move up to more vacation when you stay with your employer. Sure, no fun when you're in a McJob, but good reason to stay on with an employer in your career versus always searching for greener grass (and wondering why you never find it!)


Why is there no stat day in June? June is the best month of the year in this country. Oh well, doesn't make a difference to me I guess. I still have to work those days, I just get paid a little extra.

Posted by BT:

Take time to enjoy the days off you DO have. Most people seem to be in too much of a hurry to get where? to the ends of their lives? Money is not the answer but peace, love and connection with the energy of the cosmos. Sound inane to you? Look inside yourself and reconnect. It is from the ashes of our illusions we find truth.


"Jesus" Said : There are plenty of holidays. Really??? Two weeks annual leave per year, plenty? Canada ranks 3rd, behind only Japan & USA, for the worst vacation time in the WORLD. Mind you, if money is your God, well then you are in luck ( Work, work, work, work) Personally, I think there is more to life than that.


Most provinces are trying to get it so that there is a stat every month of the year. It seems to me that all you people are wanting more stat holidays so you get paid for days that you don't work. When I was young and going to school the only holidays we had were New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday. Remembrance Day wasn't a holiday, we didn't have family day, there are plenty of holidays so why are you people complaining.

Posted by Jesus:

Ed T. I would like you to know that you can take your holidays whenever you would like - there's no need to tie yourself to our calendar. No one will mind if you work on Easter or Christmas, it's not a sin!


Remembrance day should be a national holiday, without a doubt. Family day is cool and all, but Remembrance day is a VERY important day and I can't believe ALL of Canada does not have it off

Posted by Glenn:

You might want to include that, except for certain exemptions, no retail is permitted on Easter Sunday in Ontario.

Posted by Ed T:

I find it disturbing that Canadians let certain Christians tell us what dates that we can take our spring holidays, and that they base their choice on the position of the moon, although they are officially opposed to astrological superstition.


Rememberance day IS and always has been a stat holiday in Nova Scotia - please correct. Tks Mark

Posted by William:

I think the provinces that don\'t regard Rememberance Day not as a holiday should be ashamed of themselves. Canada I thought was proud country and would stand behind those who fought in the war for us. Disrespectable

Posted by Cory:

There is more to life than being competitive enjoy your families on your paid days off. Thank you Canada!!!!

Posted by Moi:

@Mark no one stops you from working 365 days per year if you want to be competitive

Posted by Mark:

"The Government" doesn't give us any holidays....Government makes our employers give us holidays, making Canada less competitive if we have too many paid days off.

Posted by PU:

Marble Mountain in Newfoundland for March break 2014. Can't afford to go south!!

Posted by Melissa:

August 4th is also a holiday in New Brunswick (New Brunswick Day)

Posted by Celia Q:

We have the well known "Regatta Day" in St. John's, NL - It is the first Wednesday of August. Although, this day off can be moved to the next ones if the weather is not good since the rowing races are weather dependant :-)


Family day in 2014 will be perfect to watch the Winter Olympics!

Posted by Tim Popp:

Canada should have Vimy Day to commemmorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge. This should be celebrated on April 9th. Our government should be cluing in to what historic event that made us a nation and we should celebrate this as a national holiday.

Posted by Admin:

Announcement: The 2014 holiday destination poll is now up and running. Tell us where you'll spend your holidays this year and view results under the "Where will you spend your holidays in 2014?" headline on this page.

Posted by Lazy in MB:

Manitoba is missing a few - We get Monday August 4th off as a Stat. And since November 11 lands on a weekday we also get that day off as a Stat as well (if it was a weekend, we would not get a day in lieu). Finally, we also get Boxing Day Dec 26th off as a Stat.

Posted by Jim Fekete:

Some observances worth considering even though they are NOT National or Provincial holidays: 1/11 Sir John A. MacDonald Day 1/25 Robbbie Burns Day 2/15 Flag Day 3/8 International Women's Day 6/21 National Aboriginal Day

Posted by Squisky:

Hahah, aw maaaaan. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performances all fall on days that aren't holidays or that lead up to holidays. There's nothing better than ending a long stint of work days with a TSO performances. Then the weekend ends up being a relaxing one.


this is for jayme, in nova scotia there is no work so everyday is a holiday.

Posted by Jayme:

I wonder as well why we only get 5, there are other provinces that get 10! I didn't realize the comparison until looking at the chart for all provinces. NS 5, BC 10, AB 9, SK 10, MB 9, On 10, QC 8, NB 7, PE 7, NL 6, YT 8, NT 9, NU 9.

Posted by Sandra:

I would like to see NOVA SCOTIA and the maritime proviences included in the holidays! we have only 5 stat holidays in NS. that sucks real bad!!

Posted by Anna :

I am fortunate to be able to alternate where I celebrate Christmas, and I am looking forward to a warm Christmas with extended family and friends in 2014. I love that January 1 2015 is a Thursday, so I can get an extra long visit from just before Christmas to the first couple of days of 2015. That is fantastic!

Posted by Ellen:

What I like about 2014 holidays is Xmas being at the end of the week - this way I don't need to take any time off and still get a nice four-day long weekend. Ho ho ho!

Posted by Meaghan:

In 2014 we will spend our holidays at the same place we always do: in Canada! Why bother with the hassles of flying and the high costs when Canada has sooo many beautiful and interesting places to see! The cost of overseas flight tickets alone for a family of four will get you a week of adventures in Canada! And you gain two additional days of holidays because flying to and from Europe takes up a day each!

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