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Posted by Brad:

I think you should have the option to work 6, but paid time should be what you work. 8 hours a day is not that long, I know many people who put in 10-12 just to pay bills.

Posted by Al:

You mean Easter Sunday??? Because it's a Sunday.....

Posted by Tim:

Why is Easter is not marked on the calandar as a stat holiday

Posted by Salman:

Scandinavian countries and some governments have adopted this model and say the results are increase in productivity and lesser absenteeism

Posted by Xeniah:

The Yukon celebrates discovery days in august. It's our equivalent of the civic holiday. Also the Yukon heavily celebrate's aboriginal day. Maybe not as a stat but it is a huge part of the Yukon culture and heritage. #respectthepeople

Posted by Anon:

I agree with the 6 hours a day, if you want to work more fine. It's sad how much time is spent working. I realize having a routine and working is necessary but it takes away from quality of life and family time. Like PP said 6 hours per day is more productive than 8. The brain functions better and time is spent focusing. The amount of smoke breaks, coffee times, socializing and twiddling your thumbs that goes on at work some times is equal to that two extra waste of time hours your forced to do.


We should only work 6 hours a day and get the same amount at if we were working 8 hours a day. It is more productive and the people are not as tired and produce more work. It is a proven fsct in many other countries. Bonus more time spend with our family members as well.

Posted by LRG:

Your missing Heritage Day in the Yukon..a stat holiday for the Territory Feb 24 this year. 2017

Posted by Waseem:

We should work 10 hours/day for 4 days, and every weekend should be long weekend.


It would be nice if B.C. could celebrate Family day the same day as they're out of province families!!! We are Feb 13th and every one else is Feb 20th. Nuts!! Does not even make business sense!

Posted by Why are the provicnes not equal in stat holidays:

What is the since to make comments if no one in gov't is reading these questions or responding to the questions other than those making the comments. If you tally all the stat paid days off for each province you have AB 10,BC 10,SK 10,ONT 10,PEI 9, NWT 9, NU 9,QUE 8, MB 8, NB 7 NS 6, NL 6 WHY IS THIS NOT EVEN ACROSS CANADA? only 6 in NL and NS ?? Thanks Giving and Victoria day are family days , time spent with each other. These two days should be stats in NL and NS Which would bring the days off to at lease 8. In feb there is family day but NL employees does not have the privilege to have this day off with their family's. There is carnival day but if it is not consider a statutory holiday by the gov't then some employers will not give that day off or give it off without pay which most of us can't afford to do. So I think the stat holidays should be more even across Canada. Everyone should have Thanks Giving, Family Day and Victoria day off as Statutory holidays with pay and a family day should be for all of Canada not just for some provinces. Most companies I worked for was generous enough to give you 10 stats off with pay regardless of the gov't 6 stat days for NL. But when you find yourself in a company that can afford to but won't because the owner stats that the Gov't is only allowing you to have 6 statutory days off with pay then the Gov't should step in and make these stat holidays even across Canada and not leave out NL or NS. It's time as 6 is just not enough when you have everyone enjoying Thanksgiving with their family's and some of us are not so fortunate to be able to take the day off without pay.

Posted by Wanda:

It's shameful that ALL Provinces don't recognize Rememberance Day as a Stat holiday. There are many in Ontario that would like to attend the ceremonies but can not.

Posted by Redsone:

I think there should be a long weekend in every month. I work 6 days a week in stretches and would like to relax for a day instead of getting caught up with chores on my one day off.

Posted by Debbie:

Heritage Day in NS...but the people in power did not advertise who we are celebrating this year of 2017


Wondering why you say New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland don't celebrate Thanksgiving and Victoria Day as a National Holiday? We certainly do. And why Nova Scotia doesn't celebrate Remembrance Day? As far as I know they certainly do.

Posted by John Smartman:

Hey idiot stick who thinks there are too many holidays , you must be the owner of a poorly run company

Posted by Shaun M.:

just wondering why a few provinces dont include Remeberance Day as a stat?


Too many holidays, and everyone expect to get paid by staying home, I think holidays should be cut down. You already have at least 2 days off every week.

Posted by Jim R. Warner:

I recently heard that the Federal Government is scheduled to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000.00 on celebrating Canada's 150th. anniversary. If that figure is accurate, I'm very disappointed they couldn't better spend it on things more urgent and necessary then a party of sorts. I'm all for a celebration to recognize our great country's history but I feel it's very much in excess for such a thing when it's so badly needed elsewhere.


I love Canada . Canada is one of the best countries in the world, and I think Christmas Day and New Year day are some of the biggest and most important days in the country and Canadian work so hard for a full year and looking forward to have these days off. I think these days should be considered as stat holiday and every working citizen of Canada should either get paid for it or get a day off regardless of which day of the week it falls in to ! It's disappointing that many employers don't compensate for these days if they fall in to the weekend or if it's not employees working day! I hope government of Canada changes the rules in this regard.


Why is it that BC's long wknd in Feb does not sync with the other provinces. I wish this could be changed somehow, it would make things a lot less complicated.

Posted by Parkpass:

The free pass is only for federal park not for provincial parks. Just wanted to clarify. Cheers.

Posted by Greg M:

If a holiday falls on a Saturday then office employees should get the Monday off. I know that in Ontario both Monday & Tuesday are stat holidays if Christmas and Boxing Day both fall on the weekend.


What happens when a holiday falls on a Saturday? Do companies give the Friday off?


I just want you to know that Canada is a "Christian or Catholic" from its inception. So, if you came here lately, don't change whatever the "Canadians" do... "If you are in Canada, do what the Canadian do."

Posted by Shirley:

Would it be possible to synchronize Family Day in BC with the rest of Canada. Much better for coordination of business, family holidays, etc.


If someone wants to take Eid off as a personal "religious" holiday then do so and forfeit another "religious" holiday like Christmas.... Most collective agreements allow for a member to have such a day off, but there should be some give and take... it can't always be a one way exchange there has to be some give and take. I've worked emergency services for over 38 years and had to work many Xmas while others were able to enjoy them with family and loved ones. Its part of the job and if you move to a country that doesn't share your views.... too can always go somewhere else...

Posted by Greg:

Victoria Day is a holiday in Newfoundland...we just call it May 24th weekend (or May two four), and go camping in the snow. I have set up a tent on a nice day, and woke up with it covered in snow...but we're all still drunk and/or hung over, so we don't mind.


Tuesday, January 2nd, 2017 is an observed holiday in Canada, no?


Are we going to have a day off on Jan 2 since the New Year Day is on Sunday the coming year.


Further to EID, this country is likely amongst the most tolerant and respectful of other cultures and has demonstrated it time and again but as mentioned it was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. If the nature of those beliefs includes tolerance and acceptance, it is certainly not intended to do so at the detriment of those beliefs. Openness to respecting and celebrating multiple cultures is not intended to be interpreted as altering our Judeo-Christian fundamentals. Other religions are welcome here to practice and observe as they choose but to interpret this as acquiescence of our fundamentals is to alter these fundamentals and change the very nature of our country that so many find more inviting than their own. And as someone who has friends with numerous other religious beliefs, I find they are quite accepting and respectful of ours and not inclined to think we should transform our holiday observances. From my experience these issues are typically raised by either religious radicals or by overzealous "Christians" who cannot differentiate between accepting other beliefs and altering our own.


A truly multicultural democratic country, if you are interested, is Fiji Islands. They respect and celebrate all cultural occasions including EID and CHRISTMAS.

Posted by Cynthia:

Should a day in lieu for Remembrance Day (on a Saturday in 2017) be the Friday (Nov 10) so families can gather and prepare to attend the service on Nov 11? It's not a celebration that needs to continue until Monday.


Actually if you want to be technical about it Easter and Christmas were pagan holidays to begin with anyway.

Posted by Mrs. D. :

Will Canadian companies be giving their employees another day off in lieu of November 11 as it falls on a Saturday in 2017?


A comment regarding Eid. While I have the greatest respect for ALL cultural beliefs, I would have to say that recognizing Eid as a national statutory holiday is not appropriate within in a society founded on Judeo/ Christian values. May I also respectfully submit that if you feel so strongly in your convictions that you look into perhaps finding a Muslim country to live in. Surely there is one that is tolerant, and respectful to all it's citizens. One that holds equality between men and women, freedom, and acceptance of all beliefs at its core? Please post what find. Perhaps I will move there and ask for Christmas, and Easter to made into a nationally recognized religious holiday. And don't forget to pay your respects on Remembrance Day, after all those guys that we are remembering are the very reason we can even have this conversation.


I think we are losing sight of the real issue. There are only 2 holidays which are based on Christian holy days. That is actually Good Friday and Christmas day and as a Christian I have worked more holy days in my life working in healthcare than I have had actually off. One might think my duty is to my faith, but my duty is to ensure that those most vulnerable had the right care regardless of my faith. After all my faith would want me to do the right thing and not worry about observing a holy day which by the way you can observe your faith on any day. Remember nothing is a right it is a privilege and as long as we think it is our right then we will always feel discriminated against. And if you are a true believer, than you will know it is a privilege to serve those that need us regardless of a day on a calendar as there are way more holy days than there are holidays.

Posted by A very open minded Christan supporting other religions but not to the demands that go against the fa:

I love it that the guy posting Eid should be a stat.....because it's a "HOLLY" Holiday.....well sir....HOLLY is a plant and used significantly at CHRISTMAS. If you are celebrating a "HOLY" day, then you are not really celebrating it as a is a period of religious reflection. As a Christian, I have a right to celebrate what I believe to be religious days however I please, but I do not have the right to tell anyone that I should, or should not have them as holidays that are enforced by a government and imposed upon those of another religion. The only reason they are actual holidays, is because Canada was founded on "Christian" values and expectations. It is no different that what might be celebrated in a country that was founded on the Muslim religion and values and I can guarantee you that while I MAY be allowed to practice my religion there (Doubtful) I would never be allowed to form any democratic practice that would allow me to go before a government of a Muslim country and demand a holiday for a Christian holiday. So while I am happy that Canada does allow you to practice your religion as we are a free and democratic country, please do not insult me, or yourself by saying it's your right to have it made into a holiday.


I celebrate Eid and I dont want Eid as a National Holidays. I do take this day off but from my personal vacation allowance. Realistically it does not make sense to have National holidays based on faith otherwise we would be having so many holidays without any connection with the masses.


I personally believe that if you want Eid as a stat holiday move to a country that observes it as such. If I, being a catholic, ever moved to another country that don't celebrate catholic holidays I would not think of celebrating catholic holidays as my "right". This is what happens when a country - in this case Canada - takes rights and equality to extreme levels to the point where expectations of its citizens become unrealistic. Dare anyone say this out loud and they will be labeled a racist. So I will leave this comment without adding my name so you can't label me as such. Even though I think this is not a matter of racism - it's a matter of being realistic and not abusing your privileges.


I personally believe that Eid which is celebrated by all Muslims should be stat holiday for those whom celebrate it. It is not fair that we have to work on that holly holiday that is to celebrate with all the loved ones and attent the Eid prayers. We respect other celebrations of different cultures so ours should be respected as well. I am a Canadian citizen so why don't I get my holly holiday off. I got the same right as any other religion.


be satisfied with what you have and stop your whining and complaining about days off that you don't have. If I was your boss you would have nothing !!


Boxing Day is only listed as Ontario because it's not a stat in all provinces.

Posted by Kelly:

There should be a STAT for every month of each year! March and June are always missed. Move Mothers day in May to March and then Fathers day that is in June, could become STATS! After all, if it wasn't for moms & dads, where would we be today? AND.... All employers should give their employees the day off for STATs, NOT another day in lieu of. My husband always has to work the stat holidays and my employer honors them, so Family Day, Remembrance day etc. we can never celebrate together. Something definitely wrong with this picture!


Responding to the previous comments: For the national holidays that follow on a weekend, you are given the Friday (if holiday is on Saturday) or the Monday (if holiday is on Sunday) off. Boxing Day is NOT a stat holiday for all of Canada. The company I work for in AB does not give Dec 26 off (and I'm not in sales). And I do agree that Remembrance Day should be a stat holiday for all provinces. We need to honor our veterans!


2 national stat holidays fall on a weekend and Remembrance Day falls on a weekend too. That is 3 stat holidays in my province which fall on a weekend. That is the total year less -3 holidays which is a lot for the year! Hope the stress levels don't skyrocket in 2017 and take a toll on the healthcare system...


I just realized xmas will be on sunday :(


Boxing Day is a national hliday, not just for Ontario.

Posted by Beverly:

Please Give Respect to our Veterans...Remembrance Day should be Stat Holiday...families should be together remembering why we have a Free Beautiful Country...Get Rid of Family Day! It's a Disgrace to our Veterans!!


Its a disgrace that Remembrance Day November 11th is not a Stat Holiday Observed by EVERY Province and Territory in Canada !!!! If these men and women hadn't given the ultimate sacrifice where would we all be today !!!! It is bad enough that we treat our Veterans with Zero respect yet we take advantage of their sacrifices !!!! Shame on all you true so called Canadians for not stepping up and Forcing our Government to pay Homage to these great Canadians for what they gave to us and our Nation !


Stats which fall on a weekend should be carried forward to the following Monday. What's the point of calling it Statutory if it falls on a day when most people are already off.


Rememberence Day for November 11 should be a stat holiday for everyone.

Posted by Larry:

I actually served in the Armed Forces but because my employer doesn't allow time off for Remembrance Day (I live in Ontario) I have to sit at my desk all day. Others I know who did NOT serve but whose employers allow for time off in Ontario take the day off. This seems vastly unfair to me. I believe that either Remembrance Day should be a statutory holiday coast-to-coast or not at all.

Posted by Larry:

When Canada Day falls on a weekend, I believe that the Friday previous should be considered a day off so that Canadians can take a long weekend and enjoy the country in our brief summers. Life is short -- why not try to enjoy it a tiny bit? For the Tories reading this, I'm sure that Tourism would benefit financially.

Posted by Anonymous:

Any Stat Holiday by province that is on the weekend will have the following Monday off in lieu. If your province does not consider Remembrance Day as a Stat Day then no alternate day will be provided by law, but some employers who give this day off regularly to employees will most likely follow the Stat rule.


Why isn't January 2nd considered a stat holiday, since New Years Day is on a Sunday? Aren't we supposed to get January 2nd off? This is ridiculous.

Posted by Ron:

Where is APRIL FOOLS DAY? the most fun

Posted by Dan:

Remembrance Day is on weekend in 2017 and it's been on a weekday for at least the last nine years, so I'm unclear. In 2017 in BC, is Monday Nov 13 considered a stat in lieu? We're not exactly "celebrating" Remembrance Day, and because it's marked at very specific date and time on the Saturday, I'm wondering if it's inappropriate to have a day off on the Monday. Any input?

Posted by Cheryl:

When is Remembrance Day going to be a National holiday? It is about time is it not?

Posted by Jon C:

Canada Day in 2017 will be a long weekend leading up to July 3, as July 1st will be a Saturday. One could expect Friday, June 30th at work either to be a quiet day or a day filled with rushes to get last jobs done before the long weekend and the end of the month!

Posted by J Schmidt:

I think 2017 will be a really good year of celebrations for many Canadians - since it is the 150th Anniversary of Confederation: 1867 to 2017 . I clearly remember 1967, the Centennial of Confederation, and the celebrations. That was also year I got my first and only job, which led to moving to a smaller community, becoming part of the community, marrying, raising a family and retiring here.

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